Tuesday, July 03, 2007
V-mail: Question of the Day
Question: No attacks since 9/11: Has the U.S. been lucky or do you credit the Bush administration?

Send us a short video with your thoughts on this question. We'll take the best submissions and air them on "360".

Posted By CNN: 10:24 AM ET
I like this concept.......but woulsd honestly rather have a live second hour of 360 instead.

Just my personal opinion!!!
Posted By Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 11:44 AM ET
I credit our Government, our intelligence community and our military for working very hard to protect us. I would imagine luck and very hard work has been a factor in keeping another attack at bay. I'm not privy to what goes on behind the scenes, so I'd never assume it was just luck. I think many people are breaking their backs to stay one step ahead of the terrorists. And I thank them for that.
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 11:45 AM ET

Darn right those crazy events have been changing our daily lives since 9/11. About “Terror plot changes plans” – Reading some of the comments that were posted yesterday, I think people do not realize how not over the Islamic threat is throughout the world. One of the questions asked in the comments was “Why Britain seems to be more targeted than other countries in Europe?”. Seems most likely that for the longest time, France, England and even here in Canada, we’ve had an open-arm policy for different cultures and today I believe we are paying the price for it. In doing so, we have opened the door to changes in our own rules, hence increasing the dangers of control on the part of other groups. Just a few weeks ago, with the Knighting of Salman Rushdie by Her Majesty the Queen, we saw how unfree we have become in expressing our ideas or wishes, for fear of “insulting” muslims in particular. Warnings were given that attacks were going to be perpetrated agains England in particular AND any other countries that sides with the US and them. Are we to bow down to those who don’t share our ideologies? We don’t know what the new Prime Minister in England stands for. Let’s just hope that his policies will not be one of political correctness…
Lyne, Laval, Qc CANADA
Posted By Lyne, Laval, Qc CANADA : 3:13 PM ET
We miss our live second hour of 360. Give the viewers what we want, no viewers no 360, think about it.

Sandy Belvin
Posted By Anonymous : 4:54 PM ET
Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought that all of the attacks in Baghdad against US troops have happened since 9/11. It's true that there haven't been attacks on US soil (unless you count the Islamofascist lunatic who shot 5 or so Jewish women for being Jewish in Seattle, and there are probably others like this that go unreported).

There are probably a number of attacks that have been prevented or postponed because of our being slightly on the offense. But the fact is that US interests overseas are being targeted and attacked on a weekly, if not daily basis. Let's not forget that even though most Americans haven't had to make too many lifestyle adjustments, the islamofascists are at war with us, like it or not.
Posted By Nestor, Austin, TX : 5:12 PM ET
Great for people who like their 3 minutes of fame. I feel insecure about making a video of myself and would put lots of make-up on (camera shy). I tried this on a dating website. I'd rather submit questions in writing to CNN. Yoohoo! for those whose question will be put on air.
Posted By Ratna, New York, NY : 7:01 PM ET
Great for people who like their 3 minutes of fame. I feel insecure about making a video of myself and would put lots of make-up on (camera shy). I tried this on a dating website. I'd rather submit questions in writing to CNN. Yoohoo! for those whose question will be put on air.
Posted By Ratna, New York, NY : 7:01 PM ET
I don't think luck has any part in it. I know that police,intelligence,from many countries are working jointly to prevent more attacks. US and Canada do it,and they both share infos with other countries as well. And people are more aware.
I think the threats are even more present and not only for the US. You are the #1 on their list,no doubt about it. But any country involved with the US in Iraq,Afghanistan,businesses or some line of thoughts are at risk also.
They are recruiting where they know they'll find youths with no options in front of them(not saying that turning to terrorism is ok,just that they are more vulnerable). Plus,you have more homegrown terrorists. So,that's a mighty cocktail.
Change of topics. Anderson,will you adress the many complaints of your viewers about the second hour being a repeat? I'm not complaining personnaly,but I'm wondering if it's not for the summer only. More time off.
As for the v-mails,you should have thought of that before!We could have "performed" our choices of political songs!!!Ykes!
I type fast so it doesn't take long for me to write a comment. I would have to be touched profoundly or pissed to do a v-mail but it is a nice concept.It will give you the opportunity to see your viewers and for the regulars on the blog to put a face on a name.
Have a great show. The new page is very beautiful. And the head picture of you in the field is a good idea.
Joanne R.
Laval QUebec
Posted By Joanne R.Laval Quebec : 7:19 PM ET
Sorry - no v-mail. Some of us don't have the means to do it. Are you intending to cut us out of the 360 conversations or will the blog continue?

2nd hour as a repeat stinks. Don't guess CNN cares what the viewers think though.

As far as the question goes - no credit to Bush; all to luck. IF Bush had concentrated on Afghanistan and getting ben Laden rather than getting us into an uncalled for war in Iraq, terrorism might be down rather than up (by 7 times Peter Bergen said on your show). No, no credit to Bushs
Posted By Annie Kate, Birmingham AL : 10:02 PM ET
This could be an interesting new segment, but I would rather have second live hour of 360.

As for the question, I don't credit the Bush administration with anything. Our soldiers are paying a heavy price to keep us safe here at home, but I do wonder why there seem to be so many more attacks (or foiled attacks) in Britain. Is British security worse than ours? (doubtful) Or is their intelligence better, that they are able to make more arrests? (possibly) Or are there more Islamic sleeper cells there than here? (doubtful) Or, as your question asks, are we just lucky? I don't believe in luck, but I don't believe in the Bush administration, either.
Posted By Barbara, Las Vegas, NV : 3:53 AM ET
So, is AC360/CNN telling those of us without video equipment that our opinions are no longer welcome. (I'm not sure all of mine were anyway!) Ah, well, you're sort of stuck with me aren't you!

Lucky or Bush? You must be joking! You mean the borders that aren't secure? The fighting men and women we have scattered all over the world, some with almost no one to cover their back? Or maybe those countries we trust so much that we're willing to sell our outdated planes and itty-bitty nuclear secrets to? Mangoes ARE so much better, but then I don't like mangoes.

This is just a little peek at the egotistical, have to screw their socks on, who are getting rich and endangering the country at our expense.

Why bother to attack? If things aren't turned around soon our enemies can take us anytime they feel free to do so. Who's going to help defend us? We deserved better than this bunch of disgusting bunch of fools.

It's hard for some to understand why we can't impeach right now. There just isn't enough time to get rid of them all. I have alternatives, but then I'm not Paris Hilton so they would lock me up and throw away the key!

We just need to hold on and contribute all we can.

Posted By Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 9:03 PM ET
We have more than enough video-bytes in today's media.

I don't watch CNN to see people playing dress-up, we have a President to watch for that. Instead, in these programs I look for reasoned, fair commentary and well written, literate responses to such commentary.

Ditch the v-mail. Otherwise you will be excluding many older viewers who still read and write to communicate.
Posted By James Lenon, Chuckey TN : 1:06 PM ET
I have to agree with those who protest the repeat of the second hour of 360. It's kind of boring sitting through the same show twice in a row.
And as far as V-mail goes, it's great that you have a way to offer that to viewers, but not everyone has the necessary equipment.

As for the question, I think it's a little of both. Certainly fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan has kept some of the terrorists distracted. However, with the incidents of homegrown terrorism in the UK, it seems like some luck was involved that these plots didn't occur in the US.
Posted By Kat, Rochester, NY : 2:49 AM ET
What do you want to answer?
It's funny event.
It was just luck no credit to Bush.
Posted By hyo kyung/Jung : 8:13 AM ET
Of course the answer is both: Luck and the changes policy changes implemented by the government. There are so many holes in our security still that I stand in awe that there has yet to occur another attack. However, never before in history has the mindset of an entire nation changed in so short a time as overnight. The government and President Bush have set into motion enormous changes in policy and security precautions that have, undoubtedly, made us safer since 9/11.
Posted By Kyle, Mt. Morris, MI : 9:50 PM ET
Giving credit to the Bush administration for the lack of another attack would be like saying the fox that guards the hen house has a conscience. This administration I am sorry to say does not, nor have they showed any concern given the amount of unchecked cargo that crosses our borers and makes its way all over the country. I don’t care how many new agencies and enforcement they say they have working on security, if they take any credit for the lack of another attack, they are just again taking credit for something for their own gain like the gutless lying wonders they have proved to be. I’m sure when one of our troops puts themselves in harms way to protect another they don’t go around taking credit for it, but you can bet Cheney would-hell he let the other guy apologize for getting shot in the face and went and hid somewhere.
Posted By Dale, Madison, Wisconsin : 11:56 PM ET
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