Monday, July 09, 2007
V-mail: Is the surge working?
Pentagon is expected to release an interim report this weekend on the success of the new strategy -- "The Surge" -- in Iraq. Do you think the surge is working?

Send us a short video with your thoughts on this question. We'll take the best submissions and air them on "360."

Posted By CNN: 5:12 PM ET
Can I ask a question? Is Anderson going to stop reading our comments from the blog on the air and just do these v-mail things? Because really I could care less about being on tv and taking the time to do a video and uploading it! And if he isn't going to use any of our blog comments then what is the use of leaving them here? Is it a waste of our time? I hope not!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Cindy : 5:51 PM ET
Hey 360~
This blog used to be hoppin' and rockin'. First the format changed, then podcast was added, now V~mail. Frankly, I think it is all very cool and high tech, which is also part of the problem.
I like the idea of V~mail and I plan on doing it just as soon as I figure out how! I'm with Cynthia, I do hope Anderson keeps reading comments on the air but first they need to figure out how to get them back on this blog!
So you guys there at 360, lets keep the audience participation going, its fun and surely it generates fans! ;-)
Stay Cool~
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 6:43 PM ET
Still working on the courage get to do a V-mail. I only give permission to go on the air, if I get paid for it by CNN (kidding Hahaa!) Is a web-cam recording okay too?!

Is "the Surge" working? What do you think? It is all war, death and misery! No matter what strategy the pentagon will come up with next, the only outcome I see is: more dead and injured American soldiers, more orphans, more displaced refugees etc. All over the extended period of time.
Posted By Ratna, New York, NY : 6:57 PM ET
I second Cindy's question - is the blog comments and the emailed feedback going to be phased out for this? I hope not.

I know the show must at times get negative feedback - after all you can't please everyone all the time. But at least they are watching. If they can't put in feedback and feel like they are at least being listened to they might stop watching.

Not everyone has the means to do a v-mail. To have that kind of equipment I would need to go without groceries for a while since I'm on disability and that income is fairly well FIXED. Plus I wouldn't want to be on tV and honestly if I want to see someone other than professional reporters and their interview subjects I'll go look at the junk on youtube.

Finally, AC360 has since I started viewing a tradition of letting its viewers have input - with v-mail you restrict that down to a select few (not as many people as you think have the cool gadgets to do this or the time to do it). To lose the ability to dash off a blog entry or a feedback via your email form would cut out a lot of folks.

I enjoy the blog as much as the show. I find the comments of the reporters on their stories insightful and thought provoking. I'd hate to see it go away for something that could turn out to be similiar to America's dorkiest home videos.

Thanks for the chance to add my 2 cents.
Posted By Annie Kate, Birmingham AL : 7:01 PM ET
My nephew is in Iraq; from his reports no its not working. I find his assessment superior to that of the current administration.

And I concur with Cindy on the v-mail and blog. I hope the blog stays. I hope we won't be subjected to much of the v-mail. I tune in to AC360 to see news, not my neighbor.
Posted By Merrill P., Vestavia Hills, AL : 7:03 PM ET
I agree with Cynthia from Georgia. It's pretty cool having the possibility of AC reading your blog comment on-air, I do hope that v-mail won't eliminate that. I don't think v-mail is a bad thing, but I hope those of us who want to comment but don't have the equipment or desire to be seen on tv aren't left in the dust.
Posted By Tina C, Santa Fe : 7:17 PM ET
This is in response to Cynthia in GA.

Please do not tell me you wait around wondering if your blog will be aired on 360?

I feel the AC360 is and can be an intellectual blog dispelling our various views. Blogs serve a purpose: it is an avenue to voice our concerns/opinions in a world where we feel we have no voice.

I enjoy watch AC360 because of the cutting edge journalism. Please do not discount it with questions of blog "reveals".
Posted By Liz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 7:20 PM ET
Is "The Surge" working? I can name that tune with ONE note: NO. Come on, this isn't brain surgery. Challenge me, will you??

I don't really understand why so many people are so upset about this V-mail thing. I may try to send a v-mail; I haven't decided yet. the meantime, if the blog ceases to exist as we know it, I don't think the Earth will stop rotating on its axis and fall out of its orbit only to be swallowed up by a black hole (the nemesis of all things decent and good in the universe)where it will eventually explode into billions of particles of dust.
But I could be wrong...
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 7:20 PM ET
ok .... while I’m not leaving a v-mail.... I would like to ask if the troops are just now getting there, as the commanders are saying, then what's the point of this debate. Congress and the senate have wasted enough of our tax dollars - still waiting on the keeping them honest about how much time and money was wasted while the Dems showed Bush they wouldn't back down from an Iraq spending bill that he said he would veto - but I digress. I don't like Bush, however this last ditch, give it everything we got plan is the best idea he has had since going into office. Give it a chance to fail before harping on the fact that it is or is not working.

What happened to September? Too close to the mid-term elections I guess.

I hate politics!

Actually it is a very interesting sport, but it gets really annoying sometimes.
Posted By Marcy B, Mobile, Al : 8:44 PM ET
I think it's not up to us to play arm chair quarterback. If the surge fails or succeeds, it will be on the word of the commanders on the ground that I will honor. If they say it's a failure, then that's it. If they say they need more time to hold their postions, then so be it. Draw troops back? Perhaps...It's just my opinion, but I want their words to be the voice of "Is the surge working." I thank all of them for their service and endless work.
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 9:36 PM ET
If you want us troops out of iraq so badly why dont you call for troops to come home from germany and south korea as well, they have a stablestable democracy. so its about body bags. Its ok to stay in other countries as long as no one dies.
Posted By Robert from the caribbean : 9:54 AM ET
I liked what Cynthia asked about her concern about textual blog comments going the way of the doh doh bird and

turning completely video but I'm up to the challenge. I'll have polish up my digital video skills. I like the idea

that everyone has the opportunity to produce and be a part of the news.
As for "The Surge", I think most of the billions would have been better spent on education, healthcare, sustainable

housing and protecting the environment.
Posted By Annabelle Echo, Chicago IL : 4:24 PM ET
Can't I just leave a regular response? I don't want my picture on TV.
Posted By Missy, Fairfield, CT : 5:07 PM ET
Is the surge working? When you land in quicksand you're either sucked under or you have to be pulled out. We're now up to our necks!
Posted By T. Balin from Atlanta,Ga : 6:11 PM ET
The surge is clearly not working. What was the intention of the surge in the first place? The surge was meant to stop Iraqi politicians from killing each other and force them to talk peace. They have made no progress on that front. Violence continues. The Sunnis hate us because we took out Saddam. The Shiites' best friend is Iran, our potential foe. No one in Iraq is with us.

No US Private is going to admit defeat, therefore, no 4-star General is going to do that. Why are we keep saying that it's up to the generals and commanders to dictate when to withdraw troops? It was the politicians who started this war. They should be the ones to call off this war. I don't remember a General taking 150,000 troops to Iraq to start a war without the consent of our politicians.
Posted By Jason P., Houston, TX : 6:29 PM ET
Is the surge working - duh, no.
More killings, more Americans dying, more casualties, more money, more time. This is year 5. You don't need to be a President (monarch) to figure this out.
Posted By Curt, Bartlett, IL : 10:24 AM ET
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