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Friday, June 08, 2007
Raw Politics: Stem cells ... again
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Congress passes another stem cell funding bill, which President Bush vows to veto again. Candy Crowley reports. (Click image at left to play video)
Posted By CNN: 10:15 AM ET
Well, yet another day of Raw Politics proves at least one thing...Washington is as discombobulated as it's ever been. I hope someone, someplace, will tackle the Immigration mess once and for all. We can put a man on the moon but can't find a solution for what to do with our borders. That is just unacceptable.
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 11:27 AM ET
Hi Candy,
Bush vows to veto stem cell research. Same ole same ole BUSH! He is ALWAYS predictable. Personally I am tired of his redundant rhetoric raping my ears.
I predict that the Presidential candidates will be Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. Wouldn't that be a fun election?
I hope this will stir up some racy comments, it looks like this blog needs some action!
Have an fun, action packed week~end everyone!
adios from MX~
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 11:51 AM ET
Honestly, we are tired of officials being up there and not having an idea of what we the lay people go through, they just sit there and come up with all their bills. as regards immigration, am just so fed up. we the people that want to respect this country and the immigration laws filed our cases and we have been waiting years to be approved for greencards. we paid lots of money and went through the himiliation of interviews and now we are waiting up to five years for approvals?? i know people that have been waiting more than 10 years and are being told backlog. the issue is, first fix the root problem which is that people at INS are not working, not doing their jobs and no bill is going to fix that from capital hill. how would you expect all the illegal imiigrants to even go for legal status when all they have seen is injustice done unto us who have tried to become legal? i assure you, in this country its almost better to remain illegal for those who come form near than wasting your time filling because they are going to take 10 years to answer you anyway. people are deported after 10 years, after they have wasted their time here and lost their family ties and paid taxes, how do you explain that? that bill they are trying to pass will not work, you want to knwo what will work, go to ins offices and see the lines of poeple there and ask them how long they have been waiting, people that are professionals that are not even here to have babies and reap you off of your social benefits, people that just want to make a decent living and go back to their homes enriched by america some day, people whose papers have been sat on for years but they are still patiently waiting. poeple like me who love this country and will never pose as a threat whose papers are stuck in so called FBI name checks, you guys sit here and tell us about your bills, do you even know what it means to be a good perosn who just wants ot do the right thing and you are made to look like a terrorist??? this country is unfair and i just dont see the point. look at the illegal imigrants, they can come in here, and the system wont recognise them, but when they give birth, their kids become american citizens while we wait, us who wake up everyday and go to work and pay taxes and are not even in a hurry to have kids and reap you system off, we even had to get visas because our countries are to far for us to swim. if someone is illegal and they give birth, shouldnt their child be illegal too?? and you think they will pay $5000 to legalise? why legalisew when they can have their kids in your schools and then they can swim back home and wait till the kids are 18 years olld to file for them to become citizens??? do you even have an idea how immigration works in ths country?
Posted By dina malaka, carlifornia : 12:03 PM ET
I have to applaud Congress for trying to pass another piece of stem cell research, but it all seems like a total waste of time and energy when they know it will be vetoed by President Bush. I wish they would use all this energy to pass legislation that would benefit those states that are struggling with bad economy or affected by drought and other natural disasters.

I sometimes wonder what President Bush would do if one day a member of his family came down with something that, with this stem cell research, could have been eradicated. This inquiring mind would like to know.
Posted By Marcia Warren, MI : 12:49 PM ET
I think Bush should be vetoed out of office. With all the "alledgedly" illegal things that have taken place in his administration it is too bad Pelosi took impeachment "off the table". The head of GSA is going before congress this week for "alledgedly" violating the Hatch Act, Scooter Libby is going to go to jail (unless he pulls a Paris Hilton act) and Gonzales is still barely hanging on to his job. And Rove - well, is still Rove. Pathetic. At least the election is less than a year and a half away and we will get a fresh start with a whole new crop politicians and appointees.
Posted By Kay Temple, TX : 1:44 PM ET
Here is a question I want to pose to all of you pro-lifers who oppose stem cell research. IF you are truly a pro-life supporter, the why are you not opposed to invitro-fertilization? Don't give me the whole it's not the same thing arguement. It is, both are playing with embryos. Invitro-fertilization creates many embryos that will never be used and will eventually be discarded. That my pro-life friends is a abortion minus a mother's body. You should be appalled, yet you fully support that science. Instead of discarding those embryos (which will be tossed anyway), they could be used in research that could save thousands if not millions of lives. I honestly do not understand your objection. Please enlighten me.......
Posted By Melina - Gilbert, AZ : 4:19 PM ET
You think there's any connection to the opening of a illogical "creation" museum, all presidential candidates claiming faith in superstition, and Bush threatening to veto?

We need intelligent and rational minds making decisions in this country. Sadly, the way things are looking right now, we'll just get more of the same--no matter which party wins our next election.
Posted By Bob, San Francisco, CA : 4:47 PM ET
The reason the President doesn't support embryonic stem cell research is that a living human embryo is killed in the process. Regular stem cell research on adult cells is done from skin, fat cells, bone marrow, umbilical blood, etc. and this second type of research shows more results so far, in finding cures.

Adult stem cell research has shown results to help people with diabetes, skin disorders, some immune disorders, some eye diseases, and to recover stroke victims, among other conditions. Using adult stem cells in cures has also shown to generate muscle tissue.

So it appears that there's no need to use embryoes, is there?
Posted By xtina - chicago IL : 1:25 PM ET
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