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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Thrift-store 'Pollock' riles art world
So, I've met a lot of colorful characters over the years, but Teri Horton is high on the list.

A few years back, this former truck driver bought a painting at a thrift store. The price was $8. Teri got it for $5. She didn't particularly like the painting. In fact, she bought it as a gag for a friend. Now she thinks she could sell it for $50 million. Why? Teri believes she purchased a Jackson Pollock painting. The abstract expressionist was one of the most influential American painters of the 20th century. His pieces have recently sold for more than $100 million.

Teri is convinced she owns a Pollock. But the art world disagrees. Tonight, we'll show you the interview, which originally ran on 60 Minutes, and let you decide if her painting is a Pollock or not.

Also tonight, we're introducing a new segment, "America Divided," where we look at an issue that is splitting the country apart. This evening, we'll focus on evolution vs. creationism. It came up, of course, most recently in last week's Republican presidential debate. It's one of those issues where you really see the differences that exist in our country. Where do you stand?

We're following a few other stories as well, including the alleged plot to kill soldiers at an army base and how tornadoes have given way to flooding in the Midwest. We will also have an exclusive interview with one of the main suspects in the growing pet food scandal. He's being held in a detention center in China, accused of selling tainted protein to American companies. Tonight, find out why he says he did nothing wrong.

Plus, on the lighter side, it's now the queen's turn to host the president and first lady. CNN's royal expert, Richard Quest, will once again give us a play-by-play of tonight's get-together. It should be insightful and entertaining.

By the way, we noticed last night's White House dinner in honor of Queen Elizabeth II featured this dish on the menu: Arugula, Savannah Mustard and Mint Romaine with Champagne Dressing and Trio of Farmhouse Cheeses. I don't know about you, but in New York, we call that "salad."

-- By Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 2:32 PM ET
I dunno Anderson. I've seen some pretty weird things they call "salad" in New York...
Posted By Sharla Dawn Jones, Stratford, NJ : 2:43 PM ET
I saw the 60 Minutes piece with Teri. It was great! She seems to be such a hoot! Can't wait to see it again.

Can't wait to see what Richard has in store for us tonight! Last night you'll were hilarious. Hope tonight is more of the same!

I'll have to pass on the queens "salad" I'd rather have some REAL food! LOL ;-p
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 2:50 PM ET
YES! I'm so happy that Richard Quest is going to be on again tonight. He's hysterical! Looking forward to tonight's show.
Posted By Daisy, Long Beach, CA : 2:51 PM ET
Terri Horton is a hoot, I saw her on Letterman and was charmed. She reminds me of the characters I came to know and love while I put myself through college working at a Truck Stop...they call'em like they see'em!

As for Salad..hmm I think Terri would agree that sounds like a pretty snooty salad. Where we come from, salad isn't salad unless it contains iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing :)
Posted By EM SLC, Utah : 2:59 PM ET

How could anyone deny evolution, whether or not you believe in a greater power. Evolution happens is every species and is evident in everything-even in the womb. You can embrace both theories, but it's the extremists on both sides that have brought this debate to the ridiculous stage. How could anyone believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old in spite of the existence of fossils that are MILLIONS of years old.
That British guy you had on last night is a hoot. I look forward to seeing that witty banter between the two of you.
That salad: in Louisiana, we call that PRETENTIOUS.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 3:00 PM ET
Salad with uptown ingredients perhaps - salad down here isn't quite as grand.

Looking forward to more on the queen tonight from Richard Quest. Any more quizzes? Last night's reports were very enjoyable.

Evolution vs. creationism. Not sure why it should even be an issue. It shouldn't be an issue to believe what you choose to believe in this country. It is one issue, I agree, that is polarizing society but there are other issues in there too.

Of course, if you asked the candidates if they didn't believe in gravity and they raised their hands, we might have a real problem with their grasp on reality.

The Pollack piece is really good; I saw it on 60 minutes. I've seen things like this happen; at a church "white elephant" sale someone sold for $20.00 what appeared to be a fake Tiffany lamp. The buyers took it home, cleaned it up really well, and discovered it was a real Tiffany (had it certified). So it happens.
Posted By Annie Kate, Birmingham AL : 3:03 PM ET
I'm like you here in Denver we also call it a salad and "shame" on you, after your upbringing you should've have known that etiqutte with the Queen, besides after all it is how a gentleman acts around a lady, great show keep up the good work.
Posted By Kim, Denver, Co : 3:06 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

I really loved your "60 Minutes" report on Teri Horton and the "Thrift-Shop Pollock;" the little "lady" truck driver against the elitist art world! As I am sure you are aware, stranger things than this have happened in the world of art.

As an art history major, I would have to agree that this painting looks too compact and contained to be an authentic Pollock. However, artists have been known to change and experiment with styles during their careers, so I would be hesitant to declare or deny authenticity based solely on style or manner. You didn't mention whether or not the materials, such as canvas, paint pigments and binders, as well as Pollock's well known use of foreign objects, had been analyzed and tested against authentic Pollocks.

To some extent I can understand why the art world relies so much on scholarship as opposed to forensic evidence because after all Pollock's work is all about "The Process" of creating, but I fail to see why they cannot both be used to authenticate the painting.

I am curious to know why you chose to do this particular story, but I am glad you did!

In regards to the question of evolution vs creationism, voters may allow the candidates to flip flop on other issues, but in my opinion, this issue does not qualify as a "conversion of convenience."

The rest of tonight's reports are also deserving of our attention.

I am really looking forward to the return of Richard Quest, I love him; he is truly entertaining! You're right, that "featured dish" does sound like salad to me. Do you think McDonald's will add it to their menu in Her honor?

See you tonight!
Jo Ann
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton,Ohio : 3:11 PM ET
Teri Horton is a hoot and I really enjoyed your interview with her on 60 Minutes. I don't know much about the art world but I am not sure how finger prints can not give cause to think that Teri actually owns a Pollock.

Richard Quest is on again tonight. Fabulous!!!! He is an absolute pleasure to watch and he sure does give you a fit of the giggles. 2 hours of Richard and you would be so funny. Maybe he can do future segments for 360 about etiquette.

Have another great show tonight Anderson.
Posted By Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 3:18 PM ET
Sweet deal for Terri if it is a Polluck! You never know though, I've seen some pretty nice paintings by my little cousins that could be compared to some of his insult intended towards Jackson. Well, maybe a little bit. I didn't see the interview on 60 Minutes though, so I'm looking forward to that!

As far as the "America Divided" issue of the night goes, I'd like to see the gap between creationism and evolution close at least a little bit. It disheartens me to see people place God and science on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Personally, I believe God is the author of science and that the two should be looked at in relation to one another. I know that is only my opinion, but I wish people would keep an open mind on the subject before labeling it an absolute this-or-that issue.

Okay, and last night, I have to say I was HIGHLY amused by Richard Quest and his commentary and white tie attire advise. I loved his accent. Can't wait to see him again.

Looks like it'll be a good show!
Posted By Sarah, Grantham, PA : 3:19 PM ET
It looked like a genuine Pollock to me, although I can't claim to know much about art!

The segment with Richard Quest and Anderson was a blast; Quest's voice is a force of nature.

Glad to see Anderson continuing his blogging rampage.
Posted By Fay, Vacaville, CA : 3:24 PM ET

I am glad you are back to your blog on a regular basis. Hey, I am glad you read your e-mails. Keep up the good work!

I sat my son down to watch 60 Minutes on TV telling him that I wanted him to see an artist he hadn't seen.

So he sat down and before you could utter a word, she said, "Duh, Mom, I already know this artist Jonathan Pollack." Remember you showed me him before plus we studied it in Art class. Then he said, "Mom, they are really bleeping this show are you sure I should be watching?"

Thanks for another "Duh, Mom" moment. Good luck to Mrs. Horton!

Your post would not be complete unless we had a "shout out" to the entertainment at the White House last night. None other than Itzhak Perlman.

Mr. Perlman is great. He summers on Shelter Island, NY and winters in Sarasota, FL. There is no such thing as retirement for his fine musician and Mrs. Perlman. What they do to tutor and mentor young musicians it beyond wonderful!

Finally Anderson, enough of that negative self talk about being 80! Come to FL and I will introduce you some 80 year olds and I'll tell you they all THINK they are 40!
Posted By Renee Bradenton, FL : 3:27 PM ET
Where do you stand?
I have an enormous respect for all religion. It is either the biggest, most elaborate hoax of all time or a truly great phenomenon. I'm partial to the former.
I feel more grounded and more certain in evolution. There's so much evidence and truth and beauty to it that, when people become hostile to the idea, it worries me. How is there any doubt?
I hope you'll take note of some of the language within the evolution/creationism debate. "Believe," I think, is the worst. I used to live in Texas and, in high school, I had a fantastic biology teacher. Because some students didn't "believe" in evolution they wouldn't study for some of his tests. He tried to make it very clear, though, on our first day of class that he didn't "believe" in evolution because that's the wrong verb. He trusts and understands and sees the credit in the study and knows not to belittle it with cautionary words others use to make unwarranted controversy.
...Of course, when we skinned and dissected rats he didn't "believe" that giving them names was creepy, either. ;)
Posted By Kayli, Tulsa, OK : 3:29 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Teri sure is a character. I loved her spunk! I surely hope that she is successful with having the painting authenticated.

"America Divided" sounds fascinating. I so enjoy that fact that you at AC 360 do not shy away from the tough topics. We need more of that in this world. Kudos.

As a Christian, I of course beleive in creationism. It sparks some very hot debates to be certain, and will continue to do so. I am interested to see what your report has to say as I am always interested in all points of view.

Glad to see that you will have Richard Quest on again tonight to discuss the Queen's visit. He is another character and always entertaining. I guess you did not get a ticket, huh? You will just have to put your bid in now for the next time.

Heh heh, at least you got hold of the menu, yep, here in PA we call that "salad" as well. At least they did not serve "duck"! You are a riot! Just be careful of you will end up apologzing to a salad next!=)
Posted By Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 3:45 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Naturally I believe in elolution. How much more evidence does anyone need? What difference does it make anyway? We are all a projected masterpiece of a higher being and I believe that we are all meant to project ourselves out in a loving an peaceful manner to others. We might just be taking a test. I want to pass it.
When you started describing the menu for the Queen at the White House, I was afraid you were going to say they served duck! That would have been foul timeing, huh Anderson?
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 3:56 PM ET
Creationism and evolution are not mutually exclusive.God is why, Darwin is how. I work as a machinist,the customers requirments are why a part is made, the work of my colleges is how it gets made.
Thomas C. Bogan Laconia N.H.
Posted By Thomas C. Bogan Laconia NH : 3:59 PM ET
Last night's White House dinner in honor of Queen Elizabeth II featured this dish on the menu: Arugula, Savannah Mustard and Mint Romaine with Champagne Dressing

When I used to live in the South, we called that stuff "greens".
Posted By Barbara, Los Angeles, CA : 4:03 PM ET
Evolution vs. creationism--fair warning--this is only my opinion, but frankly, I don't see why it matters whether people believe in one or the other. There are so many things that are much more pressing right now and I hope the evolution vs. creationism debate doesn't take away from issues that really matter at the moment, like global warming, poverty, AIDS, etc.

I really enjoyed Mr. Quest last night and I hope you have him more often in your show. Judging from the other posts on this blog, it looks like he was a hit!

Thanks in advance for showing your 60 Minutes piece on Ms. Teri Horton. I missed it last Sunday as I was traveling. I look forward to it along with other topics you'll be discussing tonight.

Thanks Anderson as always and have a fabulous show.

Posted By Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 4:04 PM ET
Hi Anderson: 1st thank you a great edition of 360 last night & am anxious to see what you're covering tonight. I can't really put my finger on one particular thing, but it seems like you have "kicked everything up a notch" in recent weeks; two things that come to mind immediately are your frequent appearances on the blog and that you let out the lighter side of your great personality more often. Last night's segment with the delightful Richard Quest -- what a special treat & any man who can give you several giggle-fits makes it to my 360 A-List. The new segments you are planning, "America Divided", should offer many, many topics of interest & exploration -- Good Idea! Am anxious to see the kick-off, "evolution vs creationism". Thanks so much for all your hard work that brings so much every night into our living rooms.
Posted By Diane Behr, Tustin, CA : 4:08 PM ET
I wanted to comment on the alleged plot to kill soldiers at Fort Dix. I just finished watching an updated report concerning this, and I was struck by how intricate the planning for this attack was.

My initial reaction to this new information is one of outrage, not only at the men who planned this attack, but at our government for continuing to perpetrate the myth that if we do not continue fighting in Iraq, the terrorists will "follow us home." When is this administration going to admit the fact that they are already here?!
Posted By Phyllis Miller, Lancaster, PA : 4:12 PM ET
I'm a true believer of evolution and the food chain... let the ducks have the Arugula and I'll have the Arugula stuffed duck!

I really liked your Teri Horton interview, love her attitude against the "art establishment" and its "snobbery". What a refreshing story! the only thing: the clowns' art! I hate clowns!
Posted By Valeria Lippman, NYC, NY : 4:25 PM ET
I absolutely adore Richard Quest. He is so exuberant! A breath of fresh air!

I agree with you, Teri Horton is a very interesting character. My question to you is, if she wants $50M for her painting and she firmly believes its a Pollack, why wont she allow other experts to examine it?

I understand the elitist art world but who in their right mind in that community would refuse to acknowledge an additional original Pollack? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Now you've done it! All this talk about the menu and now I'm hungry! That salad sounds wonderful! LOL!

I hope, being from NJ, that you cover this alleged terror plot that was uncovered today. Its very disconcerting to think this kind of activity is happening in your back yard!
Posted By Annette L. Alpha, NJ : 4:27 PM ET
Hi there! I saw part of the 60 minutes segment and she'd one savy lady to get the experts to authenticate the Pollack fingerprints on the back of her painting.I paint mainly in the form of collage paintings and abstract expressionism and have been fortunate to show and/or sell some of my pieces in some gallery and museum shows. Of course creating art is satisfying but it must be amazing when works reach the critical success that Pollack and his talented wife, Lee Krasner experienced. Now regarding the fancy, shmancy dinner last night, your Brit colleague is quite the wit! His take on the dinner was great. Anyhow, it's probably a change from old ranch friends sitting by the fire singing "Bog Down In The Valley, Oh" salad days.
Posted By Carol B., Frederick, MD : 4:35 PM ET
Greetings, Anderson!

OK, the queen started with a salad. What was the main course, DUCK?! Quack! Quack!
Posted By Helene Rochester, NY : 4:38 PM ET
That's "salad" in Chicago, too. Trader Joe's sells it in one convenient bag. They call it arugula, mustard greens & romaine with cheese & champagne dressing. The bag retails for $3.29.
Posted By Rebecca, Chicago, IL : 4:47 PM ET
If you found a precision timepiece (i.e, watch, clock), would you conclude that it was formed by a chance blowing together of some dust particles? Intelligent design with a purpose makes much more sense to me than the theory that the first living organism developed from lifeless matter without intervention of a Creator. If a clock is evidence of intelligent design, how much more so is the far more vast and complicated universe!

Belief in either evolution or creation by intelligent design/designer does profoundly affect who we are (whether or not we are running for public office). For instance, how we treat others, how we choose to live and see the future. Those who believe that humankind was created by God may more likely feel a sense of accountability to Him, while those who say they are a product of chance/organic evolution may feel they are accountable only to themselves.

Regarding Teri Horton, she is quite colorful, with her tough, rough attitude and dirty mouth, maybe even a little intimidating. She's my grandma's age and drives a MAC truck! See you tonight.
Posted By Mariela, New York, NY : 4:49 PM ET
No duck? (on the Queen diner menu I mean)
Posted By FrenchinHouston : 4:52 PM ET
Hey AC: What? No duck à l'orange with a crown of mousseline potatoes and its julienne of carrots??...How shocking!!! Sorry, could't resist...I'm sure that if the guests have to stop eating when she does, they'll stop a burger joint and have some take out (but no ketchup - watch for the stainson the shirt...)before the official dinner with her Majesty...Take care! Josee
Posted By Josee (Montreal, Canada) : 4:53 PM ET
What happens if the Queen gets E. coli?!? A "Royal ___??"
Posted By Sam, Houston, TX : 4:57 PM ET
OMG!! AC MADE A TYPO!!! Anderson, you forgot the 2nd "U" in Arugula!!!

"The pedestal is now cracked!!"
Posted By Mark, Sacramento, CA : 4:58 PM ET
mmmmmmm Arugla, Savannah Mustard and Mint Romaine with Champagne Dressing and Trio of Farmhouse THAT sounds like an expensive salad. Good to see our tax dollars at work.
Posted By Rachel-Albuquerque, NM : 5:00 PM ET

Your contibution to 60 minutes now puts you in a higher league, I admire your energy , what a quirky gal Teri is , she didn't sell out , she's got DNA proof from two experts , her story is interesting ,regarding the alleged plot to kill soldiers, call it what it is "Islamic radicals "sleeper cells" , these terrorists lived next door to someone, in someone's neighborhood, they imbead themselves into our culture/ society them try to carry out an attack, this time law enforcement prevailed..( On another note I don;t get why the Queen carries around that little purse of hers? )

San Jose, ca
Posted By Maritza, San Jose, Ca : 5:07 PM ET
Evolution and Creationism...although it's true neither can be proven without a doubt, evolution has scientific data to support the theory. All creationism has to back it up is blind faith. Evolution should be taught in science classrooms and leave creationism where it belongs, in a Bible discussion.

Ah yes...salad...too common a name to be used on the menu for a Queen. Perhaps, you could ask Richard Quest what the Queen eats on an average day. Richard is always a fun guest.

As always, you and your show are great, Anderson...
Posted By Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 5:08 PM ET
Hi Anderson, My mother always bought original paintings but she never passed the desire on to me. I wouldn't know an original from a fake. However, I do know Terri Horton is an original and hopefully she will get the full value of the painting.
See ya' tonight.
Posted By Judy Stage Brooklyn MI : 5:09 PM ET
America divided.

Are we really? I think most people believe in both. It is just that those on either side (opposite sides) of a debate seem to be noisier than those in the middle.

Life is more fascinating with God and science swirled together. I wouldn't want to miss out on believing in either one.
Posted By Tiffany, Schnecksville, PA. : 5:34 PM ET
As far as we have always been concerned mustard was mustard. It's nice to know that Savannah mustard isn't just French's from the local supermarket. Looking forward to seeing Richard again.
Posted By Jemaul Hunter, Savannah, Ga : 6:17 PM ET
Hey Anderson~
You have really been working on this blog lately and it shows! I think you are so smart to get audience participation. It's fun. Some of US like to express ourselves, and I love reading other people's comments, except when they rag on me! Anyway, I just want you to know that your efforts are appreciated! Thank You!
Betty Ann
P.S. I am having trouble focusing so I hope this makes sense. You see, my housekeeper is vaccuming under my feet and smiling sweetly at me as I type this. She does not speak good english and I don't speak good spanish so I am smiling sweetly back at her and continuing to type. I must be annoying her! OOPSY!
I guess I'll get my butt out of her way and get busy! Adios~
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 6:31 PM ET
Do you think the Queen will make any blunders to show everyone is human?
Posted By Barbara Kozlowski, Phoenix, AZ : 6:39 PM ET
Good for Teri! She should keep on keepin on! If the finger print on the painting really is Pollock's, she should fight for it.
The country divided series sounds interesting- there certainly are many issues that divide us, as well as many that unite us.
The salad featured with the queen sounds great- what a funny description!
Looking forward to tonight!
Posted By Pamina, Pittsford, New York : 6:46 PM ET
Its funny, as a Christian the church makes you feel as if your faith is tainted or not authentic if you even make the slightest suggestion that you believe evolution to be true, I just don't understand why religion and science can't blend together? Why am I told I can only believe in God or I can only believe in science? Why can't I see God in science and find answers in both? Why does it matter if a politician believes in evolution or not for that matter? Are the suddenly deemed more intelligent if they do? Would people respect Dubbya if he was an evolution supporter? I know there's alot of controversy over creationsim being taught in school and there's fear that if a highly religious politician is voted into office that they will enforce teaching creationsim, but if creationism is another way of explaining how we got here, why not cover that in school ALONG WITH evolution and let the individual decide what they want to accept? Maybe I'm way off here, but it's just a thought...
Posted By Naomi Mac Millan Island Park, NY : 6:47 PM ET
I'm glad to see Richard Quest is going to be on again tonight. Having him practically yell at me through the TV about the Queen was hilarious. I can't wait to see the interview- I missed it on 60 Minutes!

And if I am ever to visit the white house (in the twilight zone, perhaps) I hope they serve something more interesting than a salad with champagne dressing.
Posted By Ashley, Raleigh, NC : 7:00 PM ET
I forgo to mention, as far as the Queen's menu is concerned, I think there's some unwritten rule that her royal highness cannot consume anything that, when spoken is less than three syllables.
Posted By Naomi Mac Millan, Island Park, NY : 7:04 PM ET
Ms. Horton sounds like one of those people who, lacking a good education, gets one piece of information and doesn't want to know beyond that. She must accept that the painting could be a forgery. She must face the facts that being narrow-minded about it is living in denial that the possibility exists that it is a very good copy.
And finally , if she is so knowlegable about art that she knows for certain the painting is really a Pollock, where did she acquire this art knowledge?!
Posted By DH - Lake Barrington, IL : 7:18 PM ET
Maybe Teri thinks she's worth $50 million, or maybe she needs it for something?

Faith Hill - Fireflies - "I believe in fairytales, and dreamers dreams - like bedsheet sales, and I believe in miracles, and anything I can to get by."

Sounded like a good salad.
Posted By Karen, Boston, MA : 7:24 PM ET

Having just made my way through the impressive array of media trucks and police personnel in front of the British Embassy on Massachusetts Avenue here in DC, your posting brought a smile to my face and an answer to what was with all the excitement. Can't wait for Richard Quest and Anderson Cooper, part deux.

Oh, and on my last trip to the Big Apple, I found that salads had another name, $25.00 a serving!

Cheers and have a great show tonight!

Posted By Carolyn, Washington, DC : 7:25 PM ET
I guess they just wanted the salad to sound more! I say, "whatever"!LOL!
Posted By sherry, cleveland,oh : 7:51 PM ET
I guess at a white tie event for the Queen you have to primp up the salad description on the menu to make it sound more impressive. I was a bit surprised you don't own a white tie tux. It just seems like something one should have just in case that invite suddenly comes like it did for Peyton Manning. Being a native Louisianian it was just pretty awesome to see him and Calvin Borel at that dinner. There's always so much negative about us. These guys prove there's a lot of positive, too.

Onto more serious things, creationism versus evolution should be a topic of debate. It is frightening to believe that in the 21st century with all the evidence out there people don't believe the science. I think God created the science. It's a perfectly good compromise in my world. And do we really want a leader who can't buy that the science does work or that some Higher Power created the science? Pretty scary if we choose someone who just sticks to a literal interpretation of a creation myth.

Finally, speaking of using perfectly good science, I watched the piece on the Pollack painting the other night. That woman is a character. I am not sure a fingerprint on the back constitutes authenticity. What if someone else painted it and Pollack just stuck a finger on the canvas? It would seem the art world would be excited to find another painting of his no matter who owned it if indeed it is a Pollack original. Or is the art world more snooty than I realized?
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 7:52 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

I haven't seen your segment on 60 minutes,I'm trying to cut back on TV during the week-end:-)So,I look forward to it. I love art. Hope you won't have a segment like "Antiques road show" though!
I am an evolution kinda girl! I don't believe in any God but I don't judge those who do. But why does it have to be a battle for everything? It's one side or the other,and one side is always pointing fingers at the other side. Geez,can human beings agree on something?
So,the Queen is hosting the Pres. and first lady?!? Is she cooking?!? And that salad? I would have time to eat it before you finish saying the name!!I've been to many "high class" dinner,and I don't like it a bit!!!I'm too down to earth to enjoy it.
You know,I'm Canadian,but you guys can keep our QUeen if it means that you'll have Richard Quest every night. NO,go ahead,keep her! He is so funny and I hope he'll give you another test tonight. And you better have done your studies,mister,or you'll be grounded! No duck for you!!
Have a great show Anderson and keep the blogs coming.

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Joanne R.Laval Quebec : 7:58 PM ET

Enjoyed your report on 60 Minutes. Pollack caught my attention back in high school art class. I thought punching holes in paint cans and spattering paint on canvas was really an inventive way to paint. Teri's painting is very controlled, but who knows, maybe Pollack tried to paint it without smoking a cigarette. I wish her luck in selling it.

I believe God created the universe(s) by whatever means he felt like using including evolution. I just wish people (mainly church leaders) would focus their energy on things we can do something about - tending to the poor, the sick, etc. and most important, that God is love.
Posted By Kay - Temple, TX : 8:44 PM ET
In terms of the art, it does seem as if stranger things have happened. Maybe, just maybe, someone made a mistake along the way and this woman does in fact own a Jackson Pollack. Then again, she more likely just owns a crappy piece of artwork.
I just wanted to say that I have been studying abroad for the past two weeks and it is so great to be back in the U.S. and be able to watch your show. We never had a chance to read newspapers or watch television, and I really missed being aware of what was going on in the world. I'm looking forward to Richard Quest's report tonight, anything royal is pretty funny.
Do you think they use a special fork for the "Arugula, Savannah Mustard and Mint Romaine with Champagne Dressing and Trio of Farmhouse Cheeses"?
Posted By Kimberly Miller, Hiram, OH : 8:47 PM ET
I read what was on the menu at the White Tie dinner last night at the White House and I honestly don't know what any of that food is. You should do a segment explaining the rest of the dinner courses... I'm glad your clarified the salad.
Posted By liz y toledo, oh : 9:00 PM ET
LOL at Anderson's "salad".. the Queen is pretty down to earth, though, even tho she DOES have that title thing going. I believe the Queen would have enjoyed seeing the Crawford ranch and eating some righteous "que".
Posted By David G - Niles, Ill. : 9:04 PM ET
Hey Anderson - I wonder what kind of response Teri would get if she had someone else take the painting to get authenticated; someone they consider more acceptable, or have the police take it to be appraised as though it were stolen goods.

I'm glad you are having Richard Quest on again tonight. I was disappointed when he was on the day of her arrival in Virginia and the anchor kept interrupting him. He is a wealth of information and is always interesting. It would be great to have in on oftener, but don't let him relocate to the states, he'd lose that great "Wisconsin accent"!

By the way, Arugula, Savannah Mustard and Mint Romaine with Champagne Dressing is salad in PA too. But you have to admit it sounds so much more impressive. If you knew the price of Arugula, you'd also know why they fancy up the name!

See you tonight
Posted By Christina, Windber, PA : 9:08 PM ET
Hey Anderson - I wonder what kind of response Teri would get if she had someone else take the painting to get authenticated; someone they consider more acceptable, or have the police take it to be appraised as though it were stolen goods.

I'm glad you are having Richard Quest on again tonight. I was disappointed when he was on the day of her arrival in Virginia and the anchor kept interrupting him. He is a wealth of information and is always interesting. It would be great to have in on oftener, but don't let him relocate to the states, he'd lose that great "Wisconsin accent"!

By the way, Arugula, Savannah Mustard and Mint Romaine with Champagne Dressing is salad in PA too. But you have to admit their way sounds so much more impressive. If you knew the price of Arugula, you'd also know why they fancy up the name!

See you tonight,
Posted By Christina, Windber, PA : 9:12 PM ET
"Arugula, Savannah Mustard and Mint Romaine with Champagne Dressing and Trio of Farmhouse Cheeses. I don't know about you, but in New York, we call that "salad."

In Los Angeles, we call that dinner!
Posted By Kellie, Santa Monica, CA : 9:21 PM ET
I definitely like the idea of the America Divided segment. Maybe it will help us not be so divided if we sit down and try to kind of understand the other guys' position.
I resent the comment someone made that implies that people who give more credit to natural selection and evolution feel accountable to only themselves. I trust in that idea more, however, I feel accountable to the world as a whole, not just G-d. Making generalizations like that don't make us any less divided.
That salad sounds great though. Maybe I'll have a (less expensive) version of that for dinner...
Posted By Carrie, San Diego, CA : 9:44 PM ET
I truly hope Teri Horton has the real deal. Let those snobby collectors eat arugula salad.

As for the creationist/evolutionist debate: if God created us in his or her image, surely we would not have unwanted facial hair. Judging from what's staring back through the cracked mirror these days, the monkeys are winning.

Don't you just hate it when the hostess of the fancy dinner party is on Weight Watchers? Betcha Taco Bell near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was busy after midnight last night!

God save Richard Quest! He's brilliant.
Posted By Lori, Chapel Hill, NC : 10:05 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

First,you did better on the queen's test. Plleeeeaaseee,bring Richard Quest back on,he is a delight! Very funny man!
I also saw for the first time your story with Teri Horton. Fascinating. And you were in my part of the woods. In Montreal,where the researcher works. That's something we are proud of in my province. The quality of the researchers,in the medical,criminal,etc..areas.
Funny thing that with solid evidence that even the courts would agree on,the art world won't budge.

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Joanne R.Laval Quebec : 11:03 PM ET
Hey Anderson - great show tonight but we need more missouri river flood coverage - we are getting wiped out again.
Posted By Anne Kansas City, MO : 11:29 PM ET

What a night

I have to mention you and Richard last night were great, I laughed so hard my co-worker thought I was nuts!

Where do you stand?
First off, I have a massive amount of respect for all people for who they are and believe in. I am a very open minded Christian.

I believe in Creationism-In the beginning God created the world. However, in my opinion though of today, I see where science and creation might link together in creating where we are now.

Take Care,
Posted By Tracy-Marie Anderson, N.S. Canada : 11:58 PM ET
Regarding the would-be Pollock, the fingerprint evidence was conclusive as far as I'm concerned. In fact, it gave me chills to think about the telltale smudge lying there for half a century, awaiting discovery. Still, the fact that Teri wouldn't give her permission to have an independent expert verify the fingerprint match raises a red flag.

She's already been offered $2 mil. If she wants more than that, if she wants to start a bidding war that will actually raise the value of the painting to something even approaching what SHE considers its fair market value, she's going to have to submit that painting to the closest scrutiny -- perhaps, repeatedly. She can't wait until a serious buyer comes to her. She has to give them the objective proof they need to beCOME serious.

Once you enter the $50 million dollar ball park, caveat emptor no longer applies
Posted By Michele Jackson, Northridge, CA : 1:09 AM ET
Mr. Anderson Cooper tomorrow morning I'll go to thrift store so that I can find a painting like that. wish me luck!

the evolution vs. creationism topic well my sister ask this before because it is been discuss in her class well my answer is creationism. I really like that topic because when I was in highschool if you notice I don't know if you have that here because I finished my highschool at Manila anyway the biology books at first pages there are topics about life where is it came from? there is the story of evolution, the creation from God and many other stories where life came from.

regards to all staff and crew of AC360.
Posted By Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL : 1:30 AM ET
The fact that we have politicians that do not believe in evolution worries me greatly. Contrary to some of the comments on your blog, it is critically important for one reason.

The same people who do not believe in evolution also believe that the earth is 6,000 years old. Why do they believe that? Because they believe in literal interpretation of a bronze-aged text known as the Bible.

What makes the hair on the back of my neck stand is the knowledge that these same people also literally interpret the Book of Revelation, which claims that global conflict must break out before Christ returns.

So how can I trust a politician to create a sustainable future for the international community when it is no exaggeration to say that they would see a silver lining in mushrooom clouds dotting the Middle East landscape?

I will not vote for a politician who is incapable of or unwilling to understand evolution because it interferes with their vision of an American theocracy.
Posted By Mark, Saint Louis : 1:32 AM ET
Hi Anderson,
To be, or not to be a Pollock? Creationism or evolution...If it were me, I'd pray to God the art world sees the light soon, before I'd evolve back into an ape. I'm no expert, but I think the fingerprint and the canvas both will have dissolved into dust, by the time they all think it to death. Take Care
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 2:02 AM ET
I really liked the gutsy truck driver lady and her story, but my gut feeling tells me she may not have the real Jackson Pollack. I did get a chance to see a replica sometime ago, after staring at one piece for good 10 min. my brain started buzzing, so I gave up trying to understand it….. any way I am rooting for her and I hope she gets her wish.

Arugula, Savannah Mustard and Mint Romaine …. hey? Ok, clearly someone has too much time on their hand going to such a great length to name a Salad. It was fun watching royal expert Mr. Richard Quest these past few days. He is very enthusiastic and seems to have so much energy enough for everyone…
Posted By Hanna, San Francisco, CA : 3:45 AM ET
Fun fact you can quiz Richard Quest on... Arugula (Rocket Lettuce - translation from Italian) is a staple on some dieter's menus for it's, uhmmm, cleansing qualities!
Posted By Christina, Carlsbad, CA : 6:29 AM ET
Dear Anderson

America Divided: The talk was fascinating. In my opinion, God is interested in science so much that God set evolution working. Anderson, your next guest should be Jesus, who can give us a straight answer.

Eventually, the year 1776 led to a lovely and loyal atmosphere. By the way, in South Korea, we call that "mild kimchi" with extra cheese.
Posted By Gui-Hyun Nahm / South Korea : 6:43 AM ET
In response to Mark's comment from St. Louis, many, many people who DO NOT believe in evolution also believe that the earth is millions of years old. There are different perspectives of creationism. So it's not fair to lump everyone together and say that people who "do not believe in evolution also believe the earth is only 6000 years old." That's just wrong and unfair. Furthermore, theocracy means rule by God. The United States of America is not ruled by GOD, far from it! Just because the United States declares itself a "Christian" nation, does not mean it is a theocracy. In fact, often times, deeds and the word ("I'm Christian") do not go hand in hand, by both religious leaders and their followers.
Posted By Mariela, New York, NY : 11:34 AM ET
Someone above used the word "proof". Whomever buys that painting is entitled to proof of authenticity. What is the present owner hiding? Wouldn't both the seller and buyer WANT authenticity? If the fingerprint could be matched- viola! What is the owner hiding?
Posted By DH - Lake Barrington, IL : 1:09 PM ET
It's been almost 150 years since "Origin of Species" and we're still talking about evolution as just another system of belief - an "alternative" point of view. Never mind that it is one of the best documented concepts in all of science. I never hear it asked of politicians whether or not they believe in gravity or that the earth orbits the sun. To ask if one "believes" in evolution is just as absurd.

I think people get confused when they hear the term "evolutionary theory." That is, that evolution is just one of several competing theories, each of which is equally valid. Well, evolution IS a theory. And it is also a fact. (Facts are the world's data - the evidence used to support a theory, which is the construction used to interpret and explain the facts.) No scientist denies the fact of evolution. That it has taken place and continues to do so is well established. But because there is a healthy scientific debate about HOW evolution occurred, many people seem to think that evolutionists are at odds with one another over the very concept they are trying to understand. This is not the case. To quote Stephen Jay Gould, "Einstein's theory of gravitation replaced Newton's, but apples did not suspend themselves in mid-air, pending the outcome."

Like it or not, humans evolved from apelike ancestors whether that was by Darwinian evolution (natural selection), by some other scientifically established mechanism, or a combination thereof.

Our political leaders may believe that apples will start rising from the earth, but that possibility does not mean physics teachers should devote classroom time discussing it.
Posted By Angela, Sunnyvale CA : 2:56 PM ET
As regards evolution vs. creationism, it's only being used to scare people into voting for one side or the other because the evil opposition will "force things on us". As usual nothing will come of it in the long run, but in four years the same people will find something else to use as a scare tactic (gay marriage, abortion, women's rights, whatever). Why people don't see through this and focus on the important issues (on either side) I don't know.

I really want some of that salad, though. Mmmm...arugula...
Posted By Charlene, Calgary, Canada : 2:56 PM ET
If scientists and sociologists worked together to calculate the actual time spent in pondering these questions -- Where did we come from? Where are we going? -- the computer holding the data would explode!

Also, I cannot understand how religious people who believe an all powerful God, do not understand that in denying evolution they also deny some of God's power. In my view, the one true God, creator all things seen and unseen, has the ability to set both things in motion: creationism and evolution. Just because "we" may not understand every nuance of it does mean it is not possible ... for an all-powerful God.
Posted By Jenn Philadelphia, PA : 11:45 AM ET
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