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Thursday, May 10, 2007
Raw Politics: Republican candidates' hidden talents

(Click image to play video)
Posted By CNN: 10:53 AM ET
Do you even realize that not everyone in the world has high-speed internet access? Maybe you fancy smancy New Yorkers can view any video you want or download podcasts at will without 12 hour timeframes but it doesn't work that way for everyone.

Here's an FYI - yes I have an iPod but it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to download a 3 minutes song. I am unable to download the podcast on dial-up. I also cannot simply watch it on my computer as I have the SAME freakin' DIAL-UP.

So what is CNN going to do for me, so that I can enjoy some of these special added features?
Posted By Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 11:03 AM ET
Dear Em,

I wish I could solve the many complaints you have with CNN. Perhaps it would be best if you searched for something a bit more suitable to your not so hidden talents.

Or, to put it another way: ASK NOT WHAT CNN CAN DO FOR YOU, but rather, what can you do for yourself?


Posted By MAGGIE , GVMO : 12:20 PM ET
I'm with EM on this one...can't believe I'm saying that!! I have a new 2007 computer and I still can't watch the podcast. It says I need to download a player. Yet I have all the new ones on here.

CNN needs to work on that!!!
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 12:25 PM ET
Who really cares what "hidden talents" they have? When the republican candidates get drawn into a debate ran by a left wing news organization, then they are going to be asked stupid questions by stupid people.
Posted By Perry, Dallas, Texas : 12:42 PM ET
While we're all complaining about the CNN AC 360 Blog-site's technical difficulties/issues, I would like to complain about the dumb "new" comment submittal form & window--it's prone to crashing & timing out errors, and is problematic. "Don't fix it if it ain't broke!!" There was nothing wrong with the old comment-response submittal form-system. I say let's go back to the old one. Anyone else out there experiencing frustration and disappointment with the new fancy-schmancy (troubled-problematic, "downgraded") comment submittal form-window?!? It's so quirky that I have gotten into the habit of 1st copying my comment text before hitting the "Publish Your Comment" button so that I don't have to re-type all the text in case of the inevitable glitchy CRASHES/TIME-OUTS the dumb new comment submittal form-window has!! CNN, please back to the old comment submittal form-system, thanks!!
Posted By Sally, Sarasota, FL : 1:47 PM ET
Dearest EM,

You are one of my FAVORITE bloggers here at AC 360 blog! Your comments are always thought-provoking, and your writing style is very creative, unique, and entertaining as well. I hereby award you the honorary title of: "Master Blogger". Congrats!

HOWEVER... Your comment yesterday re: your IGLOO melting in Canada, coupled with your today's comment re: your slow dial-up Inet access has left you WIDE OPEN for some colleagial teasing! Perhaps it's time to "upgrade the igloo", eh?!? ;-) Or, perhaps they don't have DSL or cable Inet access in the Igloo Villages of remote Canada?!? Tee-hee! And "Touche"! At least you'll have lots of fresh water from all the melting! You'll be "living rich" with all the fresh snowmelt water while us poor Californians will be suffering from DROUGHT conditions and LACK OF WATER!!

~Mark the Moderator~
Posted By Mark, Sacramento, CA : 2:04 PM ET
Dear Em:

Maybe it's time for you to come out of the pre-historic Ice Age Igloo and join the rest of us here in the 21st Century!! You can do it Man!! "Ditch The Dial-Up" and UPGRADE YOUR IGLOO with DSL or Cable!
Posted By Cindy, Cincinnatti, OH : 2:06 PM ET
I find that I'm able to play the podcasts on iTunes and Quicktime, and if I downloaded additional components, I could do it on RealPlayer. Windows Media Player doesn't seem to support the medium.

Em, I, too, have dial-up, but luckily for me, I have a fast wireless connection at school. Maybe one of these days, when I go out into The Real World, I'll invest in the high speed internet connection.
Posted By Lyn F., Durham, NC : 2:07 PM ET
Dial-up, Igloo, ahhh, yessss!! "The Simple Life"!! Good for you, Em! :-)
Posted By Wendy, New York, NY : 2:08 PM ET
Hey, everyone who is complaining about internet speed and such:

There IS a war going on in the Middle East.

Maybe just watch the program if you can't watch the Podcast.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 2:32 PM ET
"Fancy smancy New Yorkers??!" Uh.. I'm in Chicago and can easily access the podcasts, video, etc. I was also on dial-up until recently, but for the same reasons realised it was high time to switch to DSL.

Complain all you want, the inevitable is here--you can change with it or be left behind. Don't mean to sound harsh--it's just reality. What CNN is doing is the norm--from New York to Chicago to where ever. Might want to look into getting rid of that Kodak Instamatic as well--I know they don't make flashcubes anymore.

Cynthia--do you have one of the players listed on the 'Learn about Podcasting' link next to Anderson on the main page?
Posted By Dave Sumers, Tinley Park, IL : 3:14 PM ET
To Sally Sarasota, Fl

I feel your pain! I too have the same problems with the comments on blogger. You never know when it will work or not. I also copy my comments before I send them just incase it locks up, throws out the error message or what ever. I hope that CNN or whoever, fixes this soon. It really gets on my nerves!

BTW...I have high speed DSL...didn't mention that in the previous comment I made.

Dave...I do have one of the players listed! It is CRAZY!!
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 4:07 PM ET
I hate to break it to the people who seem to think they know better than others what's available but they don't offer high speed internet EVERYWHERE.

It would be nice if CNN would offer alternatives for those of us who are having trouble or don't have access to high speed.

But it's nice for some of you to feel superior for a while isn't it?

BTW, I'm taking to CNN not any of you, I'll ask for you opinion when my IQ falls.
Posted By Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 4:07 PM ET
Wow the comments over here are fascinating today. I have Broadband and one of my browsers (Firefox) won't play it, while my IE will. And yes, I have to wait ten minutes for it to load.

Personally I would like to see this IGLOO of yours EM :) And I think Mark the Moderator hates me because I almost never get posted :( I must save all my good comments for Dr. Gupta's blog or something.

Oooh, and if we're going to be complaining, I have a complaint (big surprise). It's directed right at Anderson. I'm glad Anderson has developed a good case of blogorrhea. I like the way he writes. Unfortunately they're practically promos. CUT IT OUT ANDERSON!! I don't want to read a promo. I want to read something that... isn't that.
Posted By Sharla Dawn Jones, Stratford, NJ : 4:38 PM ET
Digital Divide?
Sometimes webmasters forget that only near 50% of internet users in the USA have access to broadband connections. And that the connection sometimes is not 100% stable, which means you might be paying for a High Speed connection, when in reality your computer is connected to a very lower rate.

And its not the user´s fault, the service is not wide spread throughout the country.
Other things that affect is that designers create pages and videos with and for top of the line equipment. Not everyone has a 2GB ram computer, the average user is stuck with basic Windows XP and 256 of RAM.

Wise internet designers and webmasters take the "idiot proof" approach: design without frames, won't abuse Flash, embedding and friendly enough to work with Dial Up with a 56K modem. Because not everyone has a T1 connection at home!
Posted By Valeria Lippman NYC, NY : 4:58 PM ET
As long as we're into the complaining mode today, I'd like to complain about a video being posted on the blog which is preceded by a commercial. Why do I have to watch advertising to participate in this blog?

I have high speed access and no problem with the the CNN player or the podcasts. But the commercials on the blog annoy the heck out of me. Thanks for the rant. I feel much better now.

Oh gosh, have I already forgotten the good feelings I had yesterday from Miles Levin's blog?
Posted By Barbara, Los Angeles, CA : 5:00 PM ET
Is anyone here posting about the topic? I thought so. Well, neither am I.
I just want to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy each and everyone of your comments, well, almost all. We are all are so colorful, eccentric and
nutty. In other words, you are all my kind of people!
Hell, anybody can be boring! I think we ALL have RAW talent!
Good job ya'll!
Betty Ann
P.S. I do like that preview part of the comment box though.
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 5:11 PM ET
Well, a blog comment from another Canuck, should I have brought my armour? SURPRISE! I am in the 21st century with what we call "HIGH SPEED" I get the pod casts, videos, even sound !! I don't live in a igloo, drink bottled water and don't need the arctic meltdown to survive.

But on to more important dribble. "REPUBLICAN HIDDEN TALENTS" in my mind they are still hidden. In fact, they are hidden so deep infra red will never find them. Now if they could just hide Mr. Shub errr I mean Bush, Cheney, Rice, and all the other Republican idiots till at least the end of 21st century I would be one HAPPY Canuck! Are there really Americans out there who still endorse these yokos? I mean who could have credibility in Georgie's Childish school boy grin?

OH and yes I too have probs with the new comment system...Copy & Paste every time....
Posted By Tricia Charlottetown PEI Canada : 5:11 PM ET
Hey Em in the Igloo in Canada, does your Igloo also have an 8-track player?? Typewriter?? What about a phonograph and vinyl records?!? There is such a thing as "too much technology," so don't feel bad and enjoy your life with dial up :-)
Posted By Glennys, Manchester, England : 5:21 PM ET
Wow...there's a whole lotta PMS going on today. I, however, appear to be exempt from it. I can't complain about too much. I'm not a wonderful 18 year old intelligent and compassionate kid with cancer who has the brightest outlook on life despite having a fatal condition, right? So from where I'm coming from, I don't see the lack of high speed internet, lack of podcasts, too many commercials and a higher degree (very slight, I might add) of difficulty posting comments as very significant today.
Do any of you need a glass for all that "Whine???"
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 5:29 PM ET
As long as everyone is still complaining I've got one more thing to say....

I am with you Sharla from Stratford, NJ...I want Anderson to blog on one subject! I don't need a rundown on the nights show. I will be watching it I don't have to have a preview! It doesn't make me watch or not watch as to what Anderson blogs.

I think Anderson is a great writter so why waste that on telling about the night's show! Shoot I'd settle for what he did that day than what is on the show! Even if it was just "napping" all day ;-p JMO....
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 5:49 PM ET
To Tricia (and Em) in Canada. I'm thinking of *defecting / escaping* to Canada to GET AWAY FROM BUSH and colleagues!! Most of us in the United States George W. Bush (just check the polls). All the photos I have seen of the Canadian mountains are STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! Most Canadians are good people I have met and very likable. I visited Vancouver, BC in the early 80s and was impressed at how beautiful and CLEAN it was for such a large city. Bravo Canada! And the term "Republican [Hidden] Talents" is a CLASSIC OXYMORON!! Lastly, I'd love to visit Em in his "green" igloo!! Sounds comfy on a cold winter's night!! :-)
Posted By Sam, Houston, TX : 5:51 PM ET
Betty Ann in Nagodoches, TX: I love all the bloggers here too!! Yes, we ARE a great family! Very diverse, which is a *good* thing!

This summer, I'm planting OKRA for the 1st time--my friend's mama is from Texas and she made the fried okra dipped in egg batter and breaded with 50/50 mix of corn meal and wheat flour--->>> YUMMYYEEE!!! I can't wait to harvest my own Okra and fix it up! (PS--My mom's also from Texas and will LOVE when I bring her some fresh Okra!!) Ciao!
Posted By Mark, Sacramento, CA : 5:55 PM ET
Hey--it's OK for all of us to "take a break" today from all the "heavy-duty" politics and issues and bad news and such stuff. I'd say we're all having FUN today, for sure!

Hello from Boise, ID!! "Home of the Boise State Broncos"
Posted By Hank, Boise, ID : 5:57 PM ET
Ouch Em! That hurt! But, as usual, in a delightful sort of way. hehehe
Posted By Cindy, Cincinnatti, OH : 5:57 PM ET
Darn! I just wrote this long, ranting comment re: the Republicans and the stupid comment window gave me an error message and wiped out my comment. I know, i know-------copy and past 1st just in case!
Posted By Mandy, Dallas, Texas : 5:59 PM ET
sharla in nj, what is "blogorrhea"?? does it mean ac dislikes and avoids blogging?? or does it mean ac likes blogging?? he had quite a blogging run earlier in the week. i guess he read all the comments about all of us being abandoned here on his blog (in favor of the *cutesy* podcasts!! hahahahaa!
Posted By Luis, Los Angeles, California : 6:03 PM ET
Thank you commenters for reminding me of how self absorbed our soceity has become! Do you really think the CNN is here to cater to your individual internet needs? This website is here to deliver news, news changes day to day and so do website formats, I was at my public library today, saw that their computers would not load the video, and you know what I did? I said " oh well, guess I'll just have to wait to get to another computer after work" How much energy have you all wasted getting pissy over slow internet connections? and how much time have I now wasted rolling my eyes at each and every comment posted? too much energy my friends, haven't you learned from the blog below that these trivial things are not worth getting upset over when the air is fresh and flowers are in bloom? Take a deep breath and get over yourselves. Much love from another Fancy Smancy New Yorker...p.s this is the "copy paste" version of my comment because as expected there was an "error processing your request" go figure...
Posted By Naomi Mac Millan, Island Park NY : 6:04 PM ET
I feel like I should complain about something but can't think of anything. Drats. Oh, re Republicans, yesterday I heard a presentation on the dangers of fructose--we can blame Nixon because we are all getting fat. His hidden talent is that he made sugar cheap. It is good to have something else besides Watergate to remember him for.
Posted By Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 6:05 PM ET
Em in Canada, just curious if that's your whole name, or short for Emory ? Or Emmitt ? EMbellish, EMbarrassment, EMbolism, etc. I guess Em could be a whole, real name, yah ok thanks. I've never known or heard of Em before. Maybe it's uniquely Canadian or something???
Posted By Phoebe, Phoenix, AZ : 6:06 PM ET
woo-hooooo!!! yes the blog poster / blog master kinda had a "day off" today with all the great, crazy commenting! lighten up! yessss!! right on all of you!
Posted By Stan, Seattle, WA : 6:07 PM ET
OK I lied...once more and that's it...promise..

Naomi Island Park, NY

You need to CHILL OUT!! We don't think the world revolves around us, or CNN has to cater to our every need. We are just stating the obvious, laying back and HAVING SOME FUN!!

Maybe you need to try it sometimes....

BTW...I'm not in an ill mood I am extremely happy...maybe you ought to try that too!!
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 6:59 PM ET
Let's see now, Republicans. Ever since Lincoln, Republicans have been waging war on someone. Maybe not all of them, but think about it. The far left Democrats are nothing more than communists by any other name. The Republicans practiced genocide on the Native American Indian and called it progress. Oh well ... politicians are all liars. Why do the extremely rich have to run this country? Seems a middle class person could probably do just as well, someone organized so we could cut the political Fat that prevails. If we can't get a good moderate Democrat, we are all in serious trouble. Republicans - since when "liar" become a hidden talent. This gov't is all bass ackwards.
Posted By Mark, Kingsburg, CA : 7:07 PM ET
Yes, sometimes we just have to lighten up. Would anyone like a little cheese with the whine? Say the "Serenity Prayer", breathe deeply, and let the petty stuff go. Honestly, who cares what talents the presidential hopefuls might have anyway? Oh, he can dance the Tango? Can he get us out of the maelstrom we're in overseas? Guessing maybe not.

Totally shifting gears again (ADHD is kicking in obviously today), this Google /Blogger thingy really is aggravating at times. I have a new Apple MacBook, videos and podcasts are great, and yet, with my high speed internet on this laptop, it's still freaking out (an ISP problem). It's not a site/CNN problem. It's a problem with my internet. I'd hope CNN has better things to do with its time than be concerned about catering to my inner nerd.
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 7:38 PM ET
WOOOO!! Are we having fun or what?!?You know,having the capacity to adapt is a sign of intelligence.:-D I also had the "error processing your request".BUt the other day,in frustration,Yeah,it is SSOOO annoying LOL I gave a hit to the mouse and it got back to the top of the page and it said"Your comment was received,blabla)and my comment was posted. So,check it out.
AH yes, I love all the bloggers too,especially Betty Ann,Mark the moderator and Debbie. And thank you to the ones reading our posts and letting us have some fun today. As for Sam in Houston,come on over!We are only 37 millions on the second biggest country in the world in superficy. There is lots of place!I'm sure Em would love to have all of you over for lunch:_DD
As for me,little Canadian,I have ditch my igloo a long time ago.It is so "Passé". Now,I live in a log cabin in the deep woods and I still have high speed internet!LOL
Have a nice evening everyone and Anderson,I hope you are not too depressed to see wich kind of viewers you have !!:-)

Joanne R.
Laval QUebec
Posted By Joanne R.Laval Quebec : 8:41 PM ET
One more thing~
To: Sharla NJ~ I did not get the same impression as you. It seems to me that Anderson was trying to kick up the blog a notch by writing for us since we all enjoy it. Whatever, he has put a lot of work into it lately.
To: Luis,Los Angeles~The cure for blogorrhea is blogimodium. Just in case you ever need the cure. You'll probably know it when you need it~
To:Phoebie,Phoenix~Maybe Em is for Ema?
To:Em~Well, are you a girl or boy? Hell, I don't care, I like you! You are a sparkler! And if you are into geneology, did you know my Grandmother was the oldest lady in Texas when she passed away last October at the sweet age of 112 and 1/2???
To ALL: Haven't we had fun today? You made me laugh out loud!!!
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 9:12 PM ET
Luis: Blogorrhea is a rather rude way of saying that someone has suddenly started posting a lot, usually ranting and raving.... sometimes people call it "diarrhea of the keyboard." I think I have THAT, personally.

And yes, apparently the moderator is in a jolly good mood. I've never seen the comments section like this.

Um... I think it's way more fun this way, actually.... hey Anderson! Make a post like a normal person- your personality is stellar and you frequently crack me up when you're being yourself. Nice sense of humor you've got there...
Posted By Sharla Dawn Jones, Stratford, NJ : 9:28 PM ET
Hi Sam, and thanks for your kind words about we Canadians. :-) Never been to Houston but if the majority of people are like you it's indeed a place I'd like to visit. And by the way, I love Canada too. And also Em. :-)

Thanks to all the bloggers. I'm sitting here smiling and chuckling. And anything that can bring a smile or chuckle to lives today is a GREAT thing. It is so true, that politics, and small gripes are such a waste of time in our daily lives. I too am thankful that I don't have a serious or life threatening illness, witnessed or was a casualty of a shooting, etc. etc. We do need to be thankful for our blessings today in life. Errrr but I have to make one exception...I just can't find in it me to be thankful for Bush. Sorry..I hope I'll be granted absolution. Have a Great Day All...Time to copy and paste!
Posted By Tricia Charlottetown, PEI Canada : 9:40 PM ET
Are there no moderator's out there tonight?? I think it's pretty cool that our Canadian friend has dial-up in her igloo, let alone high-speed wireless! Do you have a TV in there too?

All kidding aside, I think a lot of us take it for it for granted that everyone has wifi or cable modem and a computer that can accomodate all programs. I'd be interested to see a report on where some of the hits come from on this blog, I'd bet we'd all be suprised.
Posted By Arachnae, VA : 11:09 PM ET
While you guys are complaining about slow-speed internet and podcast, they didn't destribute podcast yesterday and Anderson did not tell us to go to iTunes.

There are some people who find it hard to DL podcast, but please remember that most of us appreciate your service.
Posted By Mio, Oita, Japan : 12:48 AM ET
While I realize that this comment won't see the light of day and will end up in 360 blog limbo and read by no one, I feel better just getting this off my chest and since Thursday seemed to be a day of complaints, I've got one or two. The disclaimer on the blog says that not all comments can be posted because there are so many received. However, there are some commentors who seem to get posted EVERY SINGLE TIME and on EACH AND EVERY BLOG POST. This seems to be the case even though their posts are, well, less than scintillating. It would be interesting to know why some people have no trouble at all getting their comments posted and others can't ever get past 360 blog bouncers. This place reminds me of Studio 54, with a few chosen ones getting in and others left crying on the curb.

I'd also like to say that as another pathetic soul still on dial-up, it pains me when Anderson does his nightly podcast promo saying how it can be watched on the computer. I'm always screaming, "NO AC, it can't!"

Anderson, keep on blogging about whatever you want (not that you need ME to tell you) but I really don't get all the complaints about your choice of topics. I enjoy your posts, you're a wonderful writer; we're fortunate that you choose to blog at all.
Posted By Red, Las Vegas, NV : 4:07 AM ET
Good afternoon from "Southern Canada".

Maybe Joanne from Laval Quebec "has the capacity to ADOPT" Em from Toronto! hehehe! lol!

TGIF from Boise, ID !! "Home of the Pickup Truck" !
Posted By Hank, Boise, ID : 3:08 PM ET
Thank you, ~Mark the Moderator~, for posting Red from Las Vegas's comment. Congratulations!, Red! You made the big time!

Now simply copy & paste the URL addrdess up in/from the "Address" window-bar in IE and you can send it to all your friends and family to show off your AC 360 Blog posting!!
Posted By Sally, Miami, FL : 3:22 PM ET
To Hank,Boise,ID:
NAAAHHH! Thanks but no thanks.I think I'll pass.My motherly instincts are extremely strong but I think that falls in the category "I've reached my limits".:-D
I have family all over Ontario and even lived there for a while.So,maybe we are distant cousins! I can hear Em gagging from over here! HEHEHE!:-D
No,really,Em,yeah,I'm talking to you,what can I say,I'm fearless:-)However the times you whine,complain and tell us to take a hike,I appreciate the fact that you make people react.
As for those wondering if Em is a man or woman,I think she is a woman because of a post she did months ago.
Man,I hope my comments will be posted so that Em know that I won't be coming looking for her this week-end,I'm too busy,and those igloos? They all look the same!:-)Plus,it would give something to Red,Las Vegas to rant about. Yeah,there are always regulars on blogs. How sweet it is that life is a bitch!!:-D

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Joanne R.Laval Quebec : 7:38 PM ET
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