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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Raw Politics: 'I Love B.O.'
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Correspondent Tom Foreman runs through the day's top political news, from opposition to the immigration compromise to an unusual campaign slogan -- "I Love B.O." (Click image at left to play video)
Posted By CNN: 11:09 AM ET
Whoosh zoom. Another lively encapsulated look at the day's news from TF. I love BO? Hmm, I don't think I will be purchasing any of those items. I do need to buy my Bush Backwards key chain however. LOL from your BFF.
Posted By Charlotte D, Stockton Ca : 11:44 AM ET
The first part of your video link-

I think there's a common thread in this whole Immigration Bill: FEAR.

Some fear that millions more will "hop the fence" now that word is out that America will reward the lawbreakers.

Some fear that our country's schools, hospitals, welfare services will be overwhelmed with the increased number of "immigrants".

Some fear that the "immigrants" won't come out of the shadows.

The "immigrants" fear that this is a trick by the government.

Some fear that we won't enforce the new laws.

Some fear this system will prove unworkable.

The second part of the video link-

LOL ! Don't mean to rain on the parade of those who "love" Barack, but how can you call someone a leader who doesn't have any accomplishments yet and hasn't lead people in any way?
Posted By xtina - chicago IL : 12:00 PM ET
Oh, goodie fun with initials! "I love B.O."! OK~ not so flattering but funny!
My initials are B.A.T.! My daughter's initials are C.A.T.!
AND, I have a friend whose initials are P.U.!
Gottcha~ I made that last one up!
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,Tx : 12:11 PM ET
Tom Foreman and Raw Politics are a match made in heaven! Please keep him on it!

Although I can see the pros and cons on both sides of the immigration issue I still feel that if this bill passes the illegals will be getting ahead in line of the people who are trying to become citizens the "real" way. And how fair is that!?

Oh and BTW...Did somebody mention they love B.O.? I think you may need some deo.. LOL
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 1:15 PM ET
Personally I feel Obama might have done better by following Hillary's lead and asking Americans to vote for his theme song. Just my opinion.

I suggested a theme song for Hillary that I thought was perfect for her. But they didn't add it to her list selection? ... I suggested "Simply The Best" by Tina Turner...Cause I think she is .... ! :-)

No Offense to Obama. I think he is a very intelligent, political savy, candidate. Also a great speaker and Diplomat. I just dont' think it's his time right now but I do feel his time will come in the not too distant future.
Posted By Tricia Charlottetown PEI : 1:20 PM ET
Hey TF!

Always look forward to the LD from you on AC360 on CNN. Good grief! See what you made me do now? You guys are too much fun! But we LOVE it. LOL, ROFL, GFETE (grining from ear to ear - yeah, I made that up, but feel free to use it!)

One of the many things that I love about you guys is that you do not take politics or yourselves too seriously. It makes all the difference in the world. Sincerely, life is too short and with the state of things, if we cannot laugh at ourselves, we are sunk indeed.

Love your "Raw Politics" Tom and all that you do on 360. You surely seem like a fun and delightful person. Say hello to Anderson and the gang.

Keep on keeping on and keep 'em laughing! "I love BO" indeed! Too funny! Kind of scary too. I mean who would care to approach someone who is wearing that T-shirt? Uh, yeah, not me. Obamarama! You kill me. :-)
Posted By Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 1:22 PM ET
I'm sorry! I've heard so much, seen so much and read so much garbage lately that my brain simply cannot handle all the cute, all the criticism, and all the plain ignorance thrown about lately. The politicians aren't helping much either.

It's kind of like a checkerboard cake, but when you cut it, you realize it's a blob of chocolate here and a blob of vanille there. I have no idea what the third part is.

If there's nothing new to say and there's no real contribution to add to the space we occupy, why bother?

Something sort of like THIS comment!

Think I'll take two fish and go to bed.


Posted By Maggie, GVMO : 3:14 PM ET
If you don't have any boundaries in your own life (you don't take laws seriously, you ignore laws to the expent that you can get away with it) then your country itself will begin to erode. Our own borders chip away like a few rocks falling off a cliff. Use your imagination to know what comes next.
Posted By Steve - Peoria, IL : 6:39 PM ET
Hi TF,

THere are even rap songs composed by B.O's supporters:
Posted By Ratna, New York, NY : 7:07 PM ET
Change is in the air! Not another Clinton, not business as usual, not another Republican or Democrat-- cut out of the perpetual "cookie mold"--- An opportunity has been afforded us to think outside the box and I believe America is ready to do so. In B. O. the USA has a unique invitation to vote for something different. Democrat--yes but his individualism speaks volumes. Change is needed in our country. Can this wonderful country continue to bear the burdens of the world while we fall in academics, inventions and research. B. O. is a lighthouse in the dark, someone guiding America to a brighter place. He offers hope to the hopeless. I believe most American's are ready to embrace change. Same old, same old politics are on their way out, as are same old, same old politicians. You Go--B. O. run that race with the "Audacity of Hope" that you might actually win!
Posted By Zann Easterwood Martin, Tennessee : 8:32 PM ET
Tom's enthusiastic approach to politics is appreciated ,given the democrats choice of candidates, with the exception of impressive Bill Richardson, Here is a man who's resume stands on merit, long standing experience, years on the job. His track record and positions he has held such as UN Ambassador,energy secretary , hands on experience on issues of foreign policy/diplomatic "know how" are all qualifications that help lead a country in this day and age , america needs a leader that supports a strong military defense, a leader with all of the prerequisites, not some slick marketing creation endorced by the Hollywood left, not some fast hand moving,"quick maneuvering as I give a speech" Barak Obahma' Who cares if Oprah endorses him " It takes far more serious insight to the many issues that America faces , the Iraq war and how to gain any ground, gain control of in the Middle East, complex, far beyond an empty suit.

Posted By Maritza San Jose, ca : 11:22 PM ET
If we can find 12 million mexicans to give them a "Z" Visa, then we can find 12 million criminal mexicans to deport them.
Posted By Perry, Dallas, Texas : 3:10 PM ET
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