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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Raw Politics: Edwards defends 28K square foot home

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Posted By CNN: 11:01 AM ET
I guess when he talks about "two Americas", we know which one he wants to live in!
Posted By Steve - Peoria, Ill. : 11:38 AM ET
Granted, that much square footage in a home is overkill. It might even waste some resources, but it's the Edwards home to do what they please with. In my opinion, that's what makes America so great. Your home is your castle and the free choice to build it to your lifestyle is really an American dream that I congratulate anyone on achieving.
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 11:41 AM ET
Let's all do ourselves a favor and not try to understand politicians. We can dicuss their words and actions until the cows come home and in the end, they're all still a bunch of deceitful topic please.
Posted By Chase, Malvern PA : 11:42 AM ET
I don't see how any of the other candidates can point their fingers at John Edwards and how he lives...look at their lives!
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 11:48 AM ET
Good Morning 360~
Sha~zam! John Edward and friends must have a lot of fun at his house. Can you imagine the possibilities playing hide and seek? I think Edwards had a good answer and I love his charming accent!
Bill Clinton. He always makes me chuckle. For heaven's sake, crossword puzzles? Billy is smart, caring, and a little bit mischievous. You just gotta love him! Well, you don't gotta, but I do!
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 11:49 AM ET
Why do we care about Edwards and his money? The man was successful in his private life, and to hold that against someone is hypocritical. He's living the American dream, and I'm sure like other wealthy men, he gives a significant portion of it away to charity.

Who cares if he buys $400 haircuts and a $10 million house? As long as he's spending his own money to do it and not the taxpayers', that's his right and nobody can criticize him for it.
Posted By Ryan, Austin, TX : 11:55 AM ET
Sure, the Democrats preach to us to scale back our energy consumption, but easily justify their lavish, consumptive lifestyles because they've EARNED it. They're better, more elite, more deserving of the big house, the private jet, the $400 hair cuts, than the rest of us.
Posted By DH, Lake Barrington, IL : 11:57 AM ET
Only the jealous could be negative about this. I'm jealous, but try to be reasonable. It's his/their money. Spend it as you wish.
Posted By B. Clark, Decatur, IL : 12:15 PM ET
LOL! THis guy's living in his own little world... funny CNN should feature Mr. Edwards' lavish spread today. We see the report of Fort Dix being plotted on by Muslim radicals. Didn't Edwards say there's "no such thing" as the "war on terror"? Maybe Mr. Edwards can't find his way out of his 28,000 square feet of house to get out here into the real world!
Posted By Patrick Moore, New York, NY : 12:18 PM ET
Sure, it is his money. He can spend it as he wishes. But this is yet another example of how out of touch with the reality so many Americans, let alone politicians, are. We consume, consume, consume. There is no concept of what is enough. We are obese because we consume past satiation, we are continue to pay $4 a gallon gas for our humongous SUVs, we have to own 14 purses, 20 suits, and at least one wide screen TV. When do we ever reach "enough?" When do we ever stop to ask if we really NEED something rather than giving in to some childish whim of "but I WANT it!" I'm sorry Mr. Edwards, you just lost my vote.
Posted By Kathryn, Seattle, WA : 12:40 PM ET
You don't have to be poor to be a Democrat.
Posted By Barbara, Los Angeles, CA : 1:02 PM ET
Why not show us the house that Cheney and Bush are living in and how much they spend? With the millions he and the Bush family have made off of oil, I'm sure they live very lavish lifestyles as well. At least I can say for Edwards, he is a selfmade millionaire by being the first in his family to attend college and become a trial lawyer. He's living the American dream so I don't care where and how he spends his money - he earned it.
Posted By Mei Lan, Costa Mesa, CA : 1:10 PM ET
I agree with Kathryn from Seattle, WA. It is exactly this type of gross, vulgar consumer over-indulgence that causes the rest of the world to hate and despise us here in the USA. We are a greedy, self-centered and BLIND culture and society. Noone can "think for themselves" anymore. It disgusts me to observe the whole "shopping mall" mentality: people actually "go shopping" for recreation and entertainment in this country!! GROSS!! How "sicko" is that?!? Think about it, folks! The whole "fashion" industry is another BIG JOKE!! New clothes every season?!? Wasteful. I don't really blame the Islamic/Muslim world for hating and despising us--we are an empty, shallow nation with no moral substance. Consume, consume, consume. Truly we are "slaves to the corporations." They have us EXACTLY WHERE THEY WANT US!! Having to have everything!! Especially having to own the "latest thing!" We live our lives running around frantically in circles, chasing our tails, rushing to the next titillation and stimulation....get out of my way!!, you're on "my road"!!...the next burger and fries, "supersize me", can I have my Twinkie now?!? May our miserable souls be blessed. Good luck to us all. Greedy, materialistic lot we are... Shame on us all! Proud to be an American?!? NOT!!
Posted By Mark, Sacramento, CA : 1:58 PM ET
When you see consumptive overindugence like Edwards' house, it's no wonder the rest of the world laughs at and hates us!
Posted By Samantha, Atlanta, GA : 1:59 PM ET
I agree with Mei Lan,

If CNN is going to run such a story on John Edwards why not show us how Bush and Cheney live, with the billions that they have made from the post war recontruction contracts, ties to Saudi oil etc.

The Edwards are entilitled to spend their money how they wish, this is America for goodness sake!!

Did we not elect a president who has no qualifiactions and a silver spoon in his mouth -TWICE ?
Posted By Reena, Phoenix AZ : 2:00 PM ET
Their money - their house - their business. I just hope it was built with the newest environmental techniques to conserve on electricity, etc.

With everything that Elizabeth Edwards is having to deal with in her life, I hope she enjoys this house for a good long time.
Posted By Annie Kate, Birmingham AL : 3:31 PM ET
I guess when he talks about "two Americas", we know which one he wants to live in!
Posted By Steve - Peoria, Il

HAHA at that comment. Oh Edwards. Didn't like him alongside Kerry, don't like him now. Looks like a nice house though...
Posted By Sarah, Grantham, PA : 3:31 PM ET
John Edwards can do whatever he wants with his own money.

I'm more concerned with politicians like Bush and Cheney who have taken war profiteering to an entirely new level. They are giving contracts to companies paid for with taxpayer money. This should concern everyone.
Posted By Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 5:14 PM ET
Ummm...wait a minute....isn't that your 2 million dollars loft spead across the pages of Instyle magazine Anderson?

Wasn't it just reported (inaccurately) that you receive a salary of 10 million dollars a year Anderson?

Weren't you talking just the other night about having to have the iPhone immediately when it comes out Anderson?

People who live in glass houses. Which reminds me of those (fake?) pictures of you NEW apartment on top of a building in NY. How much did that cost Anderson?

I'm not sure that "American Royalty" who was born with a "silver spoon" in his mouth is in any position to sit in judgment of anyone else.

Do you donate to charity Anderson? Do you help the less fortunate? And charity lunches for exorbitant costs that average people simply couldn't have a chance. You even cancel promised appearances, especially when average people will be there. You're certainly not in a position to point fingers Anderson.
Posted By Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 6:16 PM ET
John Edwards is entitled to live whatever way he wants; just don't lecture the rest of us on energy conservation, John.
Posted By S.Hanek - Chicago, IL : 7:20 PM ET
There's nothing wrong with John Edwards living in a house the size of Giants Stadium. Where the problem comes in, is that he wants to tell everyone that they need to conserve energy, blah, blah, blah. Al Gore too.

You need to buy carbon credits(which Gore owns a stake in), sell your SUV's buy hybrids, buy fluorescent light bulbs, etc. But John Edwards and Al Gore live in humongous houses, fly private jets (which put out ridiculous amounts of CO2) and use more energy in 2 weeks than the average American does all year.

Now there is nothing wrong with success, and there is nothing wrong with the way they live, but to tell everyone to cut back and they do whatever they want is disgusting.
Posted By Nestor, Austin, TX : 2:08 AM ET
Adding to Nestor fr. TX comment -

buying credits is just a rich person saying, "up yours - I can use as much fuel as I want and then buy my way out"
Posted By DH - Lake Barrington, IL : 1:12 PM ET
For christ sake people !
How much stash do the Bushes have?
Oh - Did Poor ole Ronald Regan die in poverty?
The truth is - like it or not - all governments have always been created by, and for those with something to spend.
"Ain't no mo po boy's ever gonna get a chance to be a president or a city councilman. It cost a fortune just to say "My name is Abe Lincoln and I approve of this message."
A working man ain't got the time or the money to do anything but die working - and pray one of those rich fellers up there has a little bit of a social conscience. So get real! and Get over it!

Dawna Carroll
Houston, Texas
Posted By Anonymous : 4:24 PM ET
The folks who point to Bush or Reagan are conveniently (or ignorantly) missing the point -- Bush and Reagan never used the rich/poor divide as a wedge issue during a campaign. That (and the energy/global warming stuff) is what makes Edwards a hypocrite.

And for those who say Edwards made his money honestly and it's his to spend -- do some research. Edwards made his money from class-action lawsuits, and in one famous case won a judgement by duping the jury with a lie about what caused a birth defect. That ain't no honest living, folks.
Posted By David, Tulsa OK : 4:53 PM ET
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