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Friday, May 11, 2007
Raw Politics: Did Bush blink on Iraq benchmarks?

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Posted By CNN: 11:23 AM ET
I think he did. Praise be.
Posted By Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 11:42 AM ET
Raw Politics indeed. I have family and friends of both political parties. I respect each and every one of their views. I pray someday soon, we can once again become a country where we all can have a different take on politics and stop beating each other up over those differences. One day soon..I hope. Take Care
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 11:46 AM ET
I like this raw politics. Bush? He is so redundant. He's like a bad song on a loop.
I like Rudy. I am also a catholic and although I personally don't like abortion, I belive in freedom of choice. I believe in gay rights too! ( HOLY COW! I hope the pope is not reading this as I might risk excommunication! ) There is some weird energy in the universe. Could it be? I might consider voting republican? It will be an interesting campaign!!!
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 11:57 AM ET
It's about time, don't you think? Maybe the message is finally getting through. One can only hope!
Posted By Ann. Bellingham, WA : 12:23 PM ET
Have enjoyed your coverage, but have an 'issue' that doesn't seem to get the spotlight.

One of the benchmarks is the Iraqi Oil Deal that is being discussed as an issue of revenue sharing. The real elephant in the room from my point of view is the 'Carlyl Cabal clause' allowing the 'colonialist' foreign control of Iraqi oil production. The fact that Cheney went from Iraq to UAE (the new home of Halliburton CEO) would make me, if I were an Iraqi or especially an Iraqi worker that went on strike against such a deal, more convinced that the foreign oil corp. control of Iraq rocks on.

Last night AC interviewed Mowaffak al-Rubaie, Iraqi Defense Minister. AC did confront the DM with some tough questions. I would like to see these Iraqi movers and shakers introduced with their street creds. This Shia guy was an expatriot (England) who was brought back with Bremer and Chalabi. He was out and is now back in under al Maliki. Does he have an agenda? In my mind he definitely has an agenda. I would say that his history and the fact that he wants the USA to build an Iraqi army, navy, and air force makes him a person that wants to build his own power base by 'using' the USA.
Posted By linda, bella vista : 1:27 PM ET
No I dont' think Bush blinked, I think Democrats and even many of his Republicans shocked him into reality.

Too many Republicans siding with the Democrats re: Benchmarks and ending the war in Iraq left Bush without any options. Hence his decision to patronize the benchmark seekers and possibly up his ratings. (Like that's going to happen Haha)

The world knows Bush doesn't concede on any issue unless it has something to offer Bush. On the Bush Priority scale it is 1) My Image 2) Iraq Oil 3) Gotta win the war (my image at stake) 4) War Funding (Gotta get the money to fund war(My image at stake) 5) Can't leave office as failure (My image at stake) The sad truth is no matter what he does now there is no chance of improving his image or credability!
Posted By Tricia Charlottetown PEI Canada : 1:51 PM ET
Just lieu of the "America Divided" segments can we have "America United" segments?

I know seems silly to some. Don't we need the media to get on board to the fact that we need to unite this country and bring people together?

Think about it. 360 could be the breath of fresh air that people need in America. At home then each and every one can make up his or her own mind.

Don't forget to spend time with your Mom this weekend!
Posted By Renee Bradenton, FL : 3:32 PM ET
How DEPRESSING!! Especially for a Friday/weekend!! After ALL THE FUN WE HAD YESTERDAY, today we get a poisonous dosage of GEORGE BUSH!!

Please spare us any more coverage of ANYTHING GEORGE BUSH'ISH!! Bushies?? NOT!!
Posted By Jim, Louisville, KY : 3:48 PM ET
To ~Mark the Moderator~:

Can you please persuage the blog poster or blogmaster/webmaster whatever you call him or her, and tell them to stop posting stuff about Pres Gorge Bush, thanks.
Posted By Susan, Monterey, CA : 3:50 PM ET
Blink? Don't you have to have your eyes open in order to blink? Seems like Bush's eyes have been closed for quite some time.
Posted By Barbara, Los Angeles, CA : 4:07 PM ET
"W" is annoying, depressing, etc. only if we give him that power over us. Sorry. the counselor in me couldn't resist.

I don't like what's happening in Iraq or "W"'s ego getting in the way of any sense of rationality. At some point this country is going to have to stop enabling Iraq's dependence on us. It amazes me how they want us there but have no respect for us (Anderson's interview last night was further proof for me). I just know one of my friends in the military died because an IED set off by some militant over there went off, injured him horribly, and those injuries killed him after he returned to the States. He believed in his cause. I think his life was worth more than that cause. We have to stop terrorists. I know that. I'm just not sure letting our soldiers die for an ungrateful government is the answer. "W" can play politics and freak out about benchmarks and pull outs all he wants. In the end it's not his son or daughter dying over there simply so his pride can be stroked in his own mind. I think at this point we don't look like wimps for leaving. Instead we look like moronic lemmings for staying. Let Iraq fend for itself. We've done enough to try to help people who obviously can't and/or won't be helped. Call it a loss, pack it up, and call it a day. Spend our money in our own country helping our citizens. Honestly, in this case, I'm not sure isolationism is such a bad thing.
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 5:47 PM ET
Man! What happened?!? The blog is "dead" today, like are we being *punished* or something for "having too much fun here yesterday"?!??! :-)
Posted By Mark, Sacramento, CA : 6:26 PM ET
stop showing coverage of Bush? what would the point in that be? He's in the news, and news needs to be shared, fine, yes he's one of the world's most vile leaders, but closing your eyes and sticking your fingers in your ears isn't going to make him go away...
Posted By Naomi Mac Millan, Island Park, NY : 5:45 PM ET
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