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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Missouri town deserted after flooding

Sunrise over the swollen Missouri River.

Correspondent Sean Callebs, photojournalist Ken Tillis, and I arrived in Big Lake, Missouri, at about 3:45 a.m. local time.

Flooding caused by the swollen Missouri River and several levee breeches has made much of this area impassable. When we got on the ground, it was pitch black.

Sean and I put on our waders and ventured into the belt-high water. It felt like that scene from Star Wars where Luke Skywalker is in the Death Star trash compactor. You can never tell when your next step is going to drop off. You can also feel things moving at your feet but have no idea what they are.

Corn washed up on Highway 159.

This is corn country, so a lot of the debris that's washed up near Highway 159 (where our camera is stationed) is comprised of corn husks and cobbs.

About 150 people live in Big Lake, Missouri, year round and they've all left town. Most of the houses we can see from here are either under water or surrounded by water.

-- By CNN Producer Eric Marrapodi
Posted By CNN: 10:26 AM ET
With all the extreme differences in weather over the US alone (let alone the rest of the world), I just do not understand how there are people who not believe that global warming exsist. Wake up people, it is right in front of our eyes everytime we turn on the news.

Eric thank you for your blog and the photos, I hope you and your team stay safe.
Posted By Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 10:51 AM ET
Global warming is bunk. Weather like the economy is cyclical and you can't blame either on the President. It's cold every winter and warm every summer. Oh and I particularly like the way the weather just ends at the border between Canada and the US on the CNN weather maps. It's always comforting to know that we won't get those storms that y'all get. :P

Those people should have known better than to building and live on a flood plane.

Same issue with New Orleans, duh people it's below sea level so when the sea levels it's going to be below it.
Posted By Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 11:43 AM ET
I'd have to disagree with Em. Cyclical meaning recurring isn't applicable in the least bit to the happenings concerning the weather. These events may have happened before, but I believe that Megan was shocked by the "DEGREE" to which these normal events have changed. Hurricanes, floods, and other phenomena are measured yearly and the extent and number of occurrences in a different league all together from what they were years ago. If I knew that the President could possibly control the weather, I'd be in the runnings too. I'd always wanted to show Storm(x-men) how to do it correctly. ^_^
Posted By Jemaul Hunter, Savannah Ga : 12:10 PM ET
What a tragedy. I figure Barack Obama and his cronies are going to figure some way to politicize this tragic event and use it to disparage President Bush. I am sure this will be attributed to global warming and the president pulling us out of Kyoto. I am sure that Obama will get his statistics wrong...somehow. It is a sad day when our grubby politicians will even use acts of God to paint their opponnents in a negative light. I hope all goes well for the people who have gone through this tragedy.
Posted By Jeff Jones, Las Cruces, NM : 12:19 PM ET
True, the MIGHTY MO is on a rampage once again. It isn't as bad this time as we thought it would be, but then we aren't through are we?

I'm far enough from Liberty and Independence to keep the waters away from my door. Unfortunately, when the water backs up far enough, the surrounding towns are required to boil their water, or buy it, so we all participate in the inconvenience. No water on the shelves anywhere.

I think it has rained here everyday for weeks. We're sick of it, the dry states pray for it. I may be forced to learn to swim, as they say there's much more where that came from!Anyone want to help with an ark?

It's rather funny. Everyone wants to move to a "paradise" state. They ignore the changes in our world and won't believe me when I tell them to stay put for MO will be a paradise state in time! Who knows what will happen to everything else!


OT Antibiotics in fish? I can see it now! Call your doctor, he says "take two fish and call me in the morning."
Posted By Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 1:11 PM ET
Wow I hadn't realize just how many AC360 viewers have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Remember the ice age? It happened ini the past and isn't happening now. Now we are on the warming end of that cycle, see how that works?

I will be really upset when my igloo melts and I can't run my dogsled anymore tho..;)....and if you believe that, you must be the same people who believe EVERYTHING they read on the internet, no matter how bizarre.
Posted By Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 2:26 PM ET
Hi Eric,
Nature's wrath can be so devastating. It is intriguing how something as simple and innocent as droplets of water can cause mass destruction in an instant.
Isn't it simply incredible how water can be the giver of life and also take it away?
I feel for all those who have lost their homes and I am hoping you will let us know how we can help.
Be careful out there Eric! Not only do you not know when your next step is going to drop off, you never know what is in the water or exactly how strong a current may be. Don't take chances!
My prayers are with all those who have losses in this tragic flood.
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 3:30 PM ET
So how is the US Arm Corps of Engineers explaining the levee breaches of the Missour River?
Posted By Sharon D., Indianapolis, IN : 5:32 PM ET
Now, now children! Let's not fight with each other! No name-calling and finger pointing! Be Nice! Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. :-) Peace.

~Mark the Moderator~
Posted By Mark, Sacramento, CA : 5:33 PM ET
I loved Betty Ann's comment about water - it's wonderful and terrible at the same time. We were hiking one day and by brother got cut by a sharp tree branch and it drew blood. He went by water to "wash" the cut, and said "Im going to use God's miracle cure"
Posted By Sarah - Evanston, Ill. : 5:38 PM ET
To: Mark the Moderator,

EXCELLENT POST! May I have the position when you are on vacation or sick for the day?

Wouldn't you just love to read some of the stuff the blog poster get to read? Some of these folks just take themselves TOO seriously.

Hey, Mark, if you want a good laugh read Richard Quest's blog on CNN. He blogs about getting stuck in a shower at the airport. It is too funny. Then read the blog response from Greg in Germany. You will be rolling out of your chair!

To the Blog Poster:

I am sending you a life long supply of HEAD ON! Trust me I know you need it! Thanks for all you do to keep the blog up and going.
Posted By Renee Bradenton, FL : 5:50 PM ET
Dear Missouri:
You all will make it through this.
I've been their I 'am writing from New Orleans La. You feel like you can't go on at this point, but you will. The faith, strong will, and support of your community will bring you through this. Come together as one and use the resorces given to youand you will make it. I hold on to what a 90 year old woman told do durning the aftermath of Katrina, She said "The lord will take you to it, to bring you through it", and we have and we will continue to rebuild.
Posted By Mike, New Orleans La : 7:35 PM ET
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