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Monday, May 07, 2007
The deal with the duck...

An image of Greensburg after the tornado hit.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I'm sure by now you've seen the images from Greensburg, Kansas. Even though I've seen tragedies like this before, each time, I find the images so startling, so sad.

We will of course have the latest from Greensburg on tonight's program. The city was literally wiped-off the map. The tornado was at least a mile wide and the wind speed was more than 200 miles per hour. We'll talk to survivors and see what was behind this monster Midwest outbreak.

We'll also bring you the tornado video taken by a man named Reed Timmer. He is a storm chaser. He's also a hell of a lucky guy. On Friday, his pursuit of a tornado nearly killed him. The video he shot is incredible, and shows perhaps some the most remarkable images ever taken of a tornado. Have you ever been close to a tornado? I'd be interested in hearing from you what it was like.

In Washington, it's a busy day and night for President Bush and his royal guest. Queen Elizabeth II is in town for her fifth visit to the United States. The president and first lady will host the queen for a state dinner tonight. (Remember don't shake hands with her unless she offers her hand first. As for pats on the back? Not a good idea. If you have an extra ticket, let me know.) By the way, we noticed that while the president's approval rating continues to be rather low, the queen is polling pretty well. She continues to win fans in America. Check out this poll.

We will also bring you senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin's inside look at the real CSI. In the NYPD crime lab, you won't find Gary Sinise. But you will find some interesting characters who explain why the reality of forensic science is much different than what we see on TV.

And finally, the deal with the duck. "The Shot" on Friday was some adorable video of a duck and dog that have become best friends in China. In case you missed it, you can watch it here. I made a lighthearted remark about what may happen to the duck in the future, and while a lot of you had a laugh about it, apparently some of our viewers were offended. I am certainly sorry if you were. And to the duck, I’d like to take the time to issue this personal apology: quack, quack, quack.

-- By Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 3:40 PM ET
Jeff Toobin is sure an asset to 360 and CNN. He's intelligent and very witty not to mention game to talk about all types of legal issues from the wacky to the serious.

Sounds like a great show tonight. Sorry that people were offended by an obvious joke. I'm sure the duck will accept your apology!
Posted By Lisa Tampa, Fl : 4:39 PM ET
Nice to see you get back into the swing of blogging!

I always wondered what made some people want to chase storms. Reed Timmer better consider himself one lucky man after that mishap! Looking forward to seeing your report on that!

I figured you would get in trouble with the duck comment! I thought it to be funny..but I know some animal lovers wouldn't. Thanks for being a man and stepping up to say your sorry...

And the quack, quack to the are so nutty!
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 4:51 PM ET

Looks like you got busted by the duck pc police. Look out or you might get sued for $120 million!

Posted By Barbara, Los Angeles, CA : 4:55 PM ET
I am enjoying the almost daily blog updates by Anderson. Please keep them coming, so long as they are actually written by Anderson. I wouldn't want there to be a Katie Couric Notebook incident at CNN.
Posted By Sarah - Chicago, IL : 5:00 PM ET
Your apology to the duck is cute. It brought a smile to my face!
Posted By Patricia Pace, Madison, MS : 5:00 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

It is very sad to see the images from Greensburg, Kansas. Based on all of these recent weather related disasters, I think it is safe to say Mother Nature does not discriminate. I wonder if any meteorologists think global warming might have something to do with all of these tornadoes. I hope FEMA comes through for these poor people. Mr. Timmer is certainly lucky; his video is so incredible it looks unreal!

Frankly, I don't understand the interest in Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the Royal Family. What is it they do exactly and why do people care?

I am really looking forward to Jeffrey Toobin's real CSI report! It will be interesting to see what a crime lab really looks like and to see the comparisons between the real CSI and the "CSI" shows.

Although I was taken aback by your "duck comment," I did realize that you had said it in jest. Maybe you did not realize some of our "complaints" were also meant to be humorous. I tried to appreciate your "apology," however, you don't fool me, I have the sneaky feeling your "quack, quack, quack" was really aimed at complaining viewers; shame on you again!

See you tonight!
Jo Ann
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 5:01 PM ET
Your heart's in the right place, and you do have good manners -- but that duck speaks Chinese (mandarin no doubt . . . .).
Posted By Mac, San Jose, Calif : 5:02 PM ET
Long Lives The Queen!
Posted By Ratna, New York, NY : 5:02 PM ET

I'm glad you're covering the tornado story because while hurricanes are horrible, at least they can be tracked far in advance. I am terrified of tornadoes because they seem to appear out of almost nowhere and there is usually nowhere to hide from them. The destruction is unfathomable.

I need to give a shout out to the winner of the Kentucky Derby-(I hope you will too) Calvin Borel. He's from St. Martin Parish, Louisiana-not too far from my birthplace of Iberia Parish. He will visit the President with the Queen at the White House.

Oh and I didn't see the duck video, so I can't be offended by your remark, although something tells me I wouldn't have been anyway. It takes alot to offend me.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 5:04 PM ET
I'm one of the people who thinks your duck comment was amusing. Your apology to the duck was better yet.

With all of the horror we see every day in the news like the Kansas tornadoes, we need something to make us smile every once in a while.

Anderson, don't ever lose your wonderful sense of humor.
Posted By Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 5:05 PM ET
I'm in school studying meteorology and as much as I am fascinated with tornadoes, I don't think I could ever be a storm chaser. Some people may think that storm chasers are crazy, but I am glad there are people like Reed Timmer out there who are brave enough to get so close to a storm. He and other storm chasers can help us understand the dynamics of tornadoes better and, in turn, can help improve warning systems and save lives.
I'm sure the duck accepts your apology Anderson =)
Posted By Despina, Charlotte, NC : 5:05 PM ET
I cannot quite fathom losing a hometown in a matter of minutes. Scary. Although the good is that they found someone alive. I have never been in a tornado. Hurricanes, yes. Tornadoes, no. I think I prefer the hurricanes (at least you can prepare in advance). In grad school in MS I had the opportunity to go tornado chasing one night with some friends from meterology, and I turned them down (practicality trumped reckless abandon).

I would love to see the Queen in person. Women of her generation will never be repeated. There is a sense of grace, class, decorum, and style women today are rarely allowed.

And as for the duck, people really need to lighten up. In South Louisiana the duck probably would have eventually been shot in season (or not), and become a stuffed and mounted wall hanging for a game room (if it was pretty enough) or part of the Christmas gumbo (if it was tender enough). And had the dog been a hunting retriever, the duck might not have even made it that far.
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 5:14 PM ET
The Royals have come a long way since the death of Princess Diana. Too bad it takes a tragedy to make people change. As for the duck didn't you make a similar remark about a bear at the Berlin Zoo who had a pet cat. I loved the video and it shows eveeyone can get along no matter what the species, why I even had a cat that brefriended an injured bird, and no she did not eat it.
Posted By Grace, New Orleans : 5:17 PM ET
LOL...thanks for the laugh Anderson! I'm sure the duck forgives you! I'm happy that you've kept your sense of humor amid all the hard stories you cover.
Posted By Mei Lan, Costa Mesa, CA : 5:17 PM ET
With all that's going on in the world today, it blows my mind over what some people choose to get offended over.
Besides, I'm sure the duck had enough sense to let it roll right off his back...
Posted By Stacey; Ottawa, Canada : 5:19 PM ET
Mr. Anderson Cooper yes we have seen the images from Kansas and it's not good to see this. Mr. Anderson Cooper do they need some volunteers there? cause I'm planning to go there but I don't know where should I go or where to start. is there any way that we can help the people out there how can we help them.

I'm sorry to tell you that I have'nt encountered any tornado in my life.

thank you for the tips regarding to the Queen I'd really appreciate that but sorry again but I don't have tickets for this event. how come that you don't have a ticket?
journalist like you should be in the no. 1 list for this event.

regarding to the puppy and duck yes I agree with you, in the future they will be in the food chain.
Posted By Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL : 5:24 PM ET
Who cares about the Queen and the #@*@#$%) Royal Family in Britain?!? That is so disgusting (although it's NOT their fault), the whole royalty thing. It's time to END IT NOW. It is sooo unfair--people starving, and the "Royal Family" is born into the "Silver Spoon"--disgusting!! They never have to lift a finger... Buncha baloney. And the foolish citizenry actually support it, encourage it... Royalty is RIDICULOUS!!

The duck was cute--good job!
Posted By Mark, Sacramento, CA : 5:24 PM ET
The world is losing its mind. Apologizing to animals is insane. Until animals can help is cure disease or help fight the war on terror or deliver my pizza and count back my change correctly they will not be my social equals.
Posted By John Malvern, AR : 5:25 PM ET
Anderson, I thought the dog/duck thing was hysterical last week! Ah, some people need to kick back and relax!

On a more serious note, the town of Greensburg is about the size of my town. I cannont imagine if my entire was destroyed in minutes. It is, as you say, "truly mind-boggling." I saw the Reverend on Newsroom this morning and he brought tears to my eyes. So sad...

I have to tell you though, I don't know how these storm chasers do it! I just don't have the guts.

I'm liking the daily posts! Thanks!
Posted By Annette L. Alpha, NJ : 5:27 PM ET
Mr. Cooper:

I just watched the clip of the duck/dog. Duh, I didn't see the link earlier. If anyone was offended by your joke, they obviously don't have much to worry about.

I had a chihuahua that once tried to nurse our kittens. It failed miserably because HE was quite anatomically incorrect. But he got an "A" for effort.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 5:28 PM ET
Anderson while your apology was very sincere and heartfelt, it was not unnecessary. You made a funny remark which was true. I have been to China and I had Peiking duck (which was fabulous by the way).

I feel absolutely horrible for the people in Kansas. It must be horrible to have everything you own just fanish in a few moments. My prayers to everyone who has lost love ones.

As a subject of the Queen as a Canadian - I am thrilled that the Queen and Prince Phillip have been visiting the United States.....long live the Queen!!!!

Have a great show tonight Anderson, we will be watching.

PS - I love that you can speak duck - can you speak whale like from "Finding Nemo" LOL
Posted By Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 5:28 PM ET
It wasn't the joke about the duck, I was more worried that there was something coming re: the puppy!
Posted By Ashley, San Francisco, CA : 5:32 PM ET

Glad you are getting back into the swing of blogging!

I always wondered why people would chase storms. Reed Timmer better consider himself a lucky man getting that close and not being harmed! Looking forward to your report on this tonight.

As far as the duck comment goes I thought it was funny! But I knew you were going to get in trouble! I knew some animal lovers would pitch a fit! Thanks for being a man about it and saying you are sorry!

As for the quack, quack to the are so nutty!!!
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 5:32 PM ET
I'm so sorry to make a big deal about this, but he's been bugging me all weekend about it... apparently my dog was offended by the implication that he- or others as furry as he- would take part in the animated consumption of a friend.
I believe his exact words were "Woof, &$%^in woof." He's bilingual, you see, and also accepts the apology.
Posted By Kayli, Tulsa, OK : 5:33 PM ET
Hey AC: Remind the American people that the Queen's visit will cost mucho dineros...and for what I might ask? I don't realy care about her (I'm sure though that she's a nice person and a funny one too...) and we're are too asking the Government of Canada to abolishing the position of Governor General: she costs us, all honest tax payers like us, a lot of money too, by doing what: redorading her mansion, drink expensive wines, entertaining... Anyway...What will FEMA do for the town of Greensburg, Kansas? Are those trailers still alive? They need food and water NOW not in 1-2 years...I finally watched the LK special, very good interviews...As for the duck, no offense but I ate some magret this weekend...ummm... it was good too with a cranberry and orange sauce...No offense I hope. Take care and long live the duck! Josee
Posted By Josee (Montreal, Canada) : 5:35 PM ET
I'm not only afraid for the duck but also the dog. Was there not a story about dogs being used for food in China a few years ago? In any cse, you did predict you'd get emails about the duck for dinner joke, Anderson. It was an adorable video beyond words. Feelings are feelings, so I guess your professionalism calls for an apology to all those offended viewers but, really, come on, you were just kidding. And those of us with a similar sense of humor (me!) chuckled hard.

I'm looking forward to your reports not only about the devastation in Kansas but also the survivors, heroes and the community coming together to heal and plans for rebuilding. Those are the stories I look forward to the most. Thank you Anderson, for your refreshing sense of humor. See you tonight.
Posted By Mariela, New York, NY : 5:39 PM ET

I was in a tornado once when I was in school.

The alarm went off and they made all of us sit in the hall with a book over our heads. I was looking up and through the class door to the outside. It was pouring down rain, then it got very still and quite. All of a sudden the whole sky turned green as if the grass had grown over the windows. The the wind started whipping, the electricity went out, it got very dark like at midnight, and it started pouring down rain like it was being poured out of buckets. It seemed to go on forever...finally it stopped.

Come to find out the tornado totally destroyed every house all the way up to the school, jumped over the scool and came back down and demolished the houses on the other side of the school.
Posted By Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 5:40 PM ET
You're forgiven.
Posted By Duck, Boston, MA : 5:41 PM ET
The scale of devastation in this weekend's tornados is astounding. I look forward to tonight's coverage.

As one who speaks fluent duck I'm still not appeased by your apology. It lacks true sincerity.
Posted By Phebe, Phoenix, AZ : 5:42 PM ET
Hi Anderson. I've never been in a tornado, but I have been in a couple of downbursts, which can produce similar damage. Back in 2000 we had a downburst that brought softball sized hail. It completely totaled out my car and I had to get a new roof on my house (as did basically everyone in the area), but luckily no injuries. Tis the season to log some time in the basement.

A journalist fluent in duck. Now I've heard of everything.
Posted By Stacy, St. Louis, MO : 5:46 PM ET

Your apology was certainly heartfelt and brought a tear to my eye. However...your "duckspeak" was a little off. I, being quite proficient in the language, can offer the following correction: "quackety quack quack quack." What you said, roughly translated, means: "they use various duck parts as fillers in sausage."

...opening the wound, stirring up controversy...I need a fork.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 7:10 PM ET
I have, luckily, avoided any encounters with tornadoes in my lifetime, though there have been some close calls. I'm originally from a town near La Plata, Maryland. La Plata was hit hard by an F5 tornado in April 2002. The damage was phenomenal and heart-breaking. It takes a long time to pick up your life after such a disaster. My prayers are with the people of Greensburg, and I wish them all the best in the no doubt difficult weeks to come.

As far as the duck was HORRIBLE. That sad little duck. You should be ashamed...(insert sarcasm here.)

See ya on the TV!

Posted By Sarah, Grantham, PA : 7:18 PM ET
Isn't there a huge backlog at the labs? People are probably sitting in jail waiting for the match or should I say waiting to see that the don't match to be released.

Great now I'm hungry for duck and cornbread stuffing.....thanks Anderson. :P
Posted By Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 7:37 PM ET

I have never been up close and personal with a tornado, but did survive hurricane Opal that came inland a few years back in Georgia and that was enough for me.

I wonder why the Queens popularity is higher than Tony Blairs? I think we all know why the Presidents keeps falling.

Looking forward to the CSI report this evening. I have always been fascinated with this kind of science and how DNA can either convict or set free a suspect.

As for the duck story, people need to get a life. I think most sane people realize that you were joking. I think we look forward to seeing the funny banner you have with Erica, when so many bad things are going on in the world.
Posted By Jana, Terre Haute, IN : 7:41 PM ET
Hey Anderson

Hey Anderson,

Aww, you apologized to the duck. It's nice to have a little chuckle after waking up feeling sick. Thanks, I needed that.

Thanks also for reminding me of the Royal State Dinner tonight. I like the Queen and all things royal and British so I will be following it every step of the way. I wonder what happened to chivalry and being a gentlemen. Both the first lady and Queen came down the stairs without being offered the arm of the Prince or the president. I guess the age of chivalry and manners really is dead. Thanks for the tips on meeting the Queen; now when someday comes and I actually meet her, I'll know how to behave. Do these same rules apply to meeting you? You can be sure if I had tickets to the dinner, you would be my first choice to share them with. By the way, do you think we could convince the Queen to take her colony back? I don't think we're making it on our own.

Now for the sadder news, as much as I would love to report to you, I've never experienced a tornado. Probably a good thing, because if I did I would be a basket case and not able to put a coherent sentence together. Tornadoes have got to be the worse natrual disaster there is. I freak out at regular old thunderstorms. My heart goes out to the people of Greensburg.

Thanks for blogging
Posted By Christina, Windber, PA : 7:48 PM ET
I was actually one of the people amused by your comments on the duck video. Your apology to the duck actually made me laugh out your sense of humor.
Posted By Sharon, Cincinnati Ohio : 7:50 PM ET

The realization of how little we are truly in control of hits home as we mortals look upon the devestation that has hit the midwest. Only prayers can help now. The complete destruction of an entire community makes us all know that our days here are numbered and we never know when our time is up. By looking at the amount of destruction it's hard to believe hundreds and hundreds weren't killed by this massive outbreak of storms. May the prayers of this nation rise in intercession for all of the families that have lost homes, businesses, friends and family members at the hand of this killer tornado.
Posted By Zann Martin, Tennessee : 7:55 PM ET
I've seen tornados from a distance in the horizon, but thankfully have never experienced one firsthand. I'm amazed anyone survived such devastation. I hope it doesn't take them years to get back on their feet, too.

I'm glad we'll finally get the see the CSI piece. It sounds fascinating.

If people were offended by the duck joke, well, they're in for a long hard life if that's all it takes to upset them. But if you really want to apologize properly to the duck, in Mandarin it's "gua gua". Good thing you didn't go down that road with the pup...
Posted By BJ, Bangor, ME : 8:02 PM ET
Hey Anderson. I can't imagine what these people are going through. Personally, Tornadoes are my BIGGEST fear. I am so afraid of them that I will start crying every time I have to go into the basement... luckily, a tornado as never hit my home, but there has been some tornado's in my town. It is the scariest experience ever, and my heart goes out to everyone that lived there.
Posted By Amanda- Waterville, Ohio : 8:05 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

The closest I've been to a tornado was May 27, 1997 - can't believe it's been ten years - an F5 tornado hit Jarrell, TX about twenty-five miles away. I remember it got dark and terribly windy here. It was a devastating event in Central Texas.

Now for some lighter news. A gecko surprised me in my dining room this weekend. I said "eek" or something like eek. I got two plastic punch cups from my pantry and trapped the little thing in the corner. I told him to "hop in" and encouraged him by making those stupid kissing noises. He actually seemed to listen to me - probably thought I was going to eat him. That brought my dog running to see what was going on. I scooped the gecko up, trapping him between the cups and took him outside. He and I must have had an ESP experience because he'd already turned green to go into my flowerbed.

Keep on making jokes. Even animals have a sense of humor. Take care.
Posted By Kay - Temple, TX : 8:17 PM ET
Since The Shot segment mentioned that the duck was given to a child as a gift, I was confident that its odds of being paired with orange sauce were quite slim, for the short term, anyway. However, I enjoy your wry cynicism (I recall the healthy Rubik's cube skepticism, as well) and wish there was an auxiliary program of some type that could showcase your humor on a semi-regular basis. The occasional talk show appearance is not enough.
Posted By Michele Jackson, Northridge, CA : 8:20 PM ET
Posted By KATHY, CHICAGO,IL : 8:31 PM ET
I lived in tornado alley for over 20 years - now I live in earthquake territory. I would much rather live in earthquake territory cause I never know when they are coming and then they're here and then they're gone! I was probably 10 years old before I found out that our second home was NOT the tornado shelter at school. Tornadoes do sound like trains, I remember the sounds quiet well.

Quack, quack!!
Posted By Wynona, San Diego : 8:39 PM ET
Clearly,global warming causes unusual weather.

Let's follow puppy-duck's friendliness and cooperate to save the earth.
Posted By Yukako,Aichi,Japan : 8:47 PM ET
I thought I would never see the day when there is a single blog post about tornadoes, the Queen and a duck and quaking?

Let's give it up for the 360 hodge podge.
Posted By Kimberly, Seaford, NY : 8:58 PM ET
Hey ANderson,
My heart goes out to the citizens of Greensburg. It must be so overwhelming to see your life destroy in minutes. I am afraid of 2 things in life. Spiders and wind. I was never caught in a tornado but in very strong winds where electrical wires fell on trees and it caught on fire. I just freaked!
As for the Queen,and being Canadian,I am one of many that would like to get rid of the all monarchy. Josée,Mtl is right. THe governor General is spending OUR money on her family and friends!!LA BELLE VIE!!THere is a phrase I just love: "Even on the highest of throne,the king(or queen) is only sitting on his/hers a...(ok,I'm being polite). I don't have an extra ticket,but I could send you a canadian loony. The Queen is on one side and guess what's on the other side?!?YES! A DUCK!!!:-D
I hope your duck is still around to receive your apology! I thought it was funny friday. And those offended,I'm curious to know how many of them were still digesting their supper...full of meat?!?!
I think I feel sarcastic tonight. Must be my british blood!!Keep on blogging Anderson. It is your blog after all.
Quack,quack,:-) I'm still laughing!

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Joanne R.Laval QUebec : 9:13 PM ET
Wouldn't you guys have loved to be a fly on the wall for the meeting between the Queen and President Bush? I mean think about it, a year ago she would have just been “the queen” now she’s a grandmother about to watch her youngest go to Iraq, whether he fights or not, whether he goes or not, he’s on the list. It would have been very interesting to witness.

Don't stress on the duck, I'm sure the duck is in seclusion and is waiting to go on Larry right after Paris gets out of jail.
Posted By Marcy, Mobile, AL : 9:45 PM ET
Some things get lost in translation, but here goes:

In response to your quack (庸医), quack (庸医), quack (庸医) ...

apology accepted (道歉被接受) ...

BTW - it's great to see a little of the old "fun" side - even in the midst of what seems to be never-ending devastation (i.e. - Greensburg) ...

Take Care,
Posted By Megan, Los Angeles : 9:55 PM ET
Hasn't anyone ever heard of "Peking duck"? I hear it's yummy!
Posted By Joan, Lansing, MI : 9:58 PM ET
Not in the elements but yes, being from MA it was pretty close.
It was 1999, and I was living in Boulder, CO. I was at a mental health hospital working on lock down units with criminal and psychologically sick 12 - 18 year old boys when a code warns all of us through the loud speakers to move into the main hall in the center of the hospital. The whole hospital waited in the hall for it to pass.

I laughed, thinking... Wow! A real tornado. Fun! And, I get to hang out with these guys... behave!

Thanx for everything Anderson. Take care.
Posted By Karen, Boston, MA : 10:02 PM ET
After the utter pounding North Carolina took in 1999 after three hurricanes, a tropical storm and four feet of rain in as many weeks, I wrote a college essay that later went on to be printed in a national magazine called “Preparing for a Super-Disaster” (Law enforcement Technology magazine 8/04). It is utterly appalling how unprepared we are with or without a war. What upsets me most about the Kansas tornado is that it utterly wiped out the communities fire station and all of its emergency apparatus with it. That is utter negligence for a fire station to be as vulnerable to a natural disaster (in that region no less) as the surrounding community it was supposed to be there to protect. I’ve advocated that such buildings be round or octagonal which allows the wind to go around them like those grain silos that are still standing right in the middle of the town. We need far better municipal buildings that combine fire, police, and medical facilities in a hardened bunker of a building that can withstand anything. Our police, ambulance, and fire units need to have lightly armored vehicles that can go offroad, around such debris, and that are even amphibious in other areas. To think that they must go in when hurricane winds go over 45 mph is appalling. This un-preparedness and lack of concern pervades our very society. People living below sea level, over the most active fault lines on the planet, and on the tip of Florida like a hurricane bull’s eye. How stupid are we? At the rate things are going, we’ll likely die off from our own stupidity long before some terrorist has had a chance to blow us up in some sort of attack.
Posted By Chris Eldridge, Harrisburg PA : 10:06 PM ET
I am a Brit studying over here and I love the Queen. I do not consider myself to be a moron or part of the ‘foolish citizenry’ and am all for the abolition of the monarchy when she is gone but in her majesty’s defence, I feel I should point out some facts about her worth:

1)Having a ceremonial head of state, separate from elected officials means that, as a nation, we always have and always will be able to mercilessly attack our government and policies without feeling or being accused of being unpatriotic. The Queen is good for free speech and democracy and, as long as we have her and she is representative of our essence as a people, we are able to show disgust with our political leaders without being labeled ‘anti British’ and ‘wanting the terrorists to win’ etc etc.

2)The amount of tourism that she attracts to our nation every year more than pays for the civil list which, in recent years, the Queen has been at great pains to streamline. She boosts the economy so why would we get rid of her?

3)Although having led a charmed life in many ways, she came to the throne in her very early twenties, weeks after her beloved father died and has served our nation without complaint or hesitation ever since.

4)Finally, she represents what I am most proud of about my nation and what was very much on display in the days after the 7/7 London bombings: a quiet sense of dignity in the face of whatever life throws at her, an example which many public figures would do well to follow

She is an institution and the majority of Britons (royalist or not) love her.

I feel better now.....
Posted By Anni, NY, NY : 10:24 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

My co-worker and I were watching AC360 Friday, she and I had a good and needed laugh at work over the duck and puppy (they sure were cute together). Oh, and we are both positive the duck forgives you…ha-ha...

Thanks for the smile….

Take Care
Posted By Tracy-Marie Anderson, N.S. Canada : 11:39 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the tornados. What a terrible devastation they've endured.
P.S. On a different topic..I doubt if you'll be invited to the Magic Kingdom anytime soon..I think Huey, Duey, and Luey would have a say in that! Donald and Daffy too. You know those tempermental Ducks they hold quite the grudge. They have a way of waddling with their nose in the air. You'd think they were down right Royal....Take Care.
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif : 1:15 AM ET
Hi Anderson, my heart goes out to the people of Greensburg, Kansas. It disturbs me that these killer tornadoes are the norm this year. This is what, the 18th tornado this year? With about 68 fatalities so far this year? And it's only May. When does it end? On the show tomorrow, can you please let everyone know how we can help? I'm sure some people already have (donated to Red Cross, et al), but it might be a good idea to give people some phone numbers and websites of humanitarian organizations so everyone will have an opportunity to help.

On other matters, the details on the Queen's visit was quite entertaining. The President's faux pas...too funny. The Queen handled it with her usual grace.

Thanks Anderson for a good show. I'll go to sleep now.
Posted By Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 1:21 AM ET
1 out of 3 on the etiquette quiz Anderson? I do not think you will be having dinner with the Queen any time soon...

By the way, I did not see anything wrong having fun at he expense of ducky. We all need humor and a bit of laughter now and then…
Posted By Hanna, San Francisco, CA : 2:19 AM ET
When you see the pictures from Kansas, remember that the US forced the UN to leave the part about increased tornado strength etc. out of their climate report.
But like with all other things, denying it doesn't solve the problem.
Posted By Christian Maier, Aalen, Germany : 2:24 AM ET
Well personally I laughed hysterically at it.

Duck a la orange. Yumm.
Posted By Sharla Dawn Jones, Stratford, NJ : 9:51 AM ET
No apology necessary, Anderson. If we want other cultures to respect Americans, we should embrace the lifestyle choices of others. The Peking Duck dish is the epitome of Chinese cuisine. In preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, there are contests held to create the best tasting duck. In the ten days I was in China last month, I never saw a live cat. On a food street in Beijing, however, I was offered the heart for lunch. That's the reality of their culture, just as veal is strangely ours. Still, we don't have to include it on our dinner plate.
Posted By Rebecca, Chicago, IL : 10:43 AM ET
As a former resident of the notorious Tornado Alley(Oklahoma City), I have not witnessed any natural event with such destruction. I wish them well and am happy to see that so many survived something of that magnitude.
I knew about the bow, but assumed that I was to stop eating everytime that the queen paused to speak(or to do anything for that matter)
Remember: Never sit on your tails!!!

What? The puppy doesn't get a bark for slander? Perhaps it's a vegetarian. (Yes, there are vegetarian dogs out there...please don't ask; as I'm still wondering why myself). Good luck with the show.
Posted By Jemaul Hunter, Savannah Ga : 10:47 AM ET
Hello Anderson

So was your personal apology accepted?

Long Live the Duck!
I get the point, right?
See you tonight.
Posted By Gui-Hyun Nahm / South Korea : 11:04 AM ET
Now Ive heard everything. You're aponogizing on behalf of a duck. How far the mighty media person of the year has fallen.
Posted By Steve - Peoria , Ill. : 11:35 AM ET
Anderson your apology to the duck had me laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair! Of course you were only joking...come on people.
Posted By Lisa, Winnipeg MB : 11:38 AM ET
You quack me up. You know Anderson, things aren't always what they are "quacked" up to be. Sorry, I enjoyed your duck comment I think a wee bit too much.

I have to agree with one of the other comments. It was nice to see a warm and "fluffy" Shot of the Day in the midst of tornadoes and wars and all the other negatives we see.

On a more serious note, I hope that the people of Greensburg will rebuild and that all will come back home safely.
Posted By SP, Villa Hills, KY : 12:04 PM ET
Thank you once again for covering news that matters, while flipping through the stations last night, yours was the only show not drooling over Paris Hilton going to jail or President Bush having a five course meal with the Queen. Who cares about who Paris will be a cell mate with or who the Queen sat next to when you have an entire city has been once again wiped out by a natural disaster?! Thank you again, for reminding us that there is a crisis going on and that these people need help and not sweeping it under the rug as so many other news stations seem to be doing.
Posted By Naomi Mac Millan Island Park, NY : 12:52 PM ET
Anderson, I think the duck and dog video were very cute and funny and was not the least bit offended by your remark, cuz I knew you were kidding. But, it is cool that you apoligized..LOL!
Posted By sherry, cleveland,oh : 12:55 PM ET
To Joanne R., Laval, Quebec: Since you asked, I have been a vegetarian and animal lover for many years. I would be uncomfortable knowing an animal had to die for me to live. I have always felt that if I can't stomach watching something being made from start to finish, I shouldn't eat it. Having said that, I don't force my choice on anyone else.

Anderson is a big boy, I don't think the so-called "complaints" bothered him; I'm sure he can handle it. I did realize that his duck remarks were meant to be humorous, and as I said in my earlier comments, my "complaint" was made in jest as well.
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton,Ohio : 2:26 PM ET
The duck thinks that if you do a top ten of Shots of the Day (like Letterman) then this segment should be right up there in the top 5.....sort of like a memorial.....was a great piece and your comments were absolutely hilarious. Good show!
Posted By Annie Kate, Birmingham AL : 3:24 PM ET
Anderson, I cannot understand the fascination that some people have with the Queen and the Royal Family. Here in this country we do not recognize such titles thanks to the efforts of our fearless Forefathers. I am glad that I was not invited to dine with the Queen as I would have caused an international incident by my refusal to curtsy!!!! (And I probably would have offered my hand first!!!)
Posted By Judy, Hatfield, Pa : 3:33 PM ET
Anderson, I do not understand the fascination with the Queen and the Royal Family that some Americans seem to have. We, in this country, do not recognize Royalty thanks to the fearless efforts of our Founding fathers. I am glad that I was not invited to dine with the Queen as I would have undoubtedly caused an international incident by refusing to curtsy!!! (And yes, I would have offered her my hand first!!!)
Posted By Judy, hatfield, Pa : 3:49 PM ET
Living in Iowa, I’ve seen my share of tornadoes. As a child I remember watching some dark, swirling clouds and seeing a tornado form. The tail dropped down and it touched the ground, moving in the general direction of our house. Fortunately, it dissipated before it got too close.

Years later, I met my future husband standing in a crowd watching a large tornado wipe out a small town a few miles away.

My favorite tornado story, however, is humorous. A couple of years ago, we invited my dad over for homemade pizza to celebrate his birthday. It was May and the day felt and looked like tornado weather. I was preheating the oven, not realizing that I had left a pan with a paper towel on it in the oven the night before. I saw smoke coming from the oven and as I opened the door (stupid), flames shot out. I screamed for my husband who was outside watching the clouds. He came running, grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Just as my dad walked in the door, the house filled with smoke, the tornado sirens sounded and our smoke alarm went off. As we all headed to the basement I had to laugh, thinking that if the tornado did hit our house, at least it wouldn’t burn down and that this would be a birthday my dad would not forget.

By the way, it was very sporting of you to apologize to the duck. The people that took offense, however, need to lighten up. What’s the point of life if you can’t laugh once in a while? Thanks Anderson for a good laugh.

Oh, and I think Richard Quest should have a regular spot on 360!
Posted By Tish, Ames, IA : 4:16 PM ET
The duck's people called. The apology wasn't enough. He wants residuals now, too.
Posted By DH - Lake Barrington, Ill. : 9:10 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
My friend was in a tornado in Cincinnati. She was telling me the sky turns a horrid yellowish green color before the actual tornado comes. In addition, there is dead silence before the winds start to pick up. It's as if the whole ecosystem recognizes there is devistation coming.
About the duck- very cute clip. Pecking duck is yummy and so is Moo Shu Duck is too! Now I need to get some take-out!
Have a great night!
Posted By Pamina, Pittsford, New York : 9:14 PM ET
The duck joke was alright. It was the Lou Dobbs joke right afterwards that got me.
Posted By Michelle C., Atlanta, GA : 4:35 PM ET
I was in a tornado when I was five. I can't really say I was IN a tornado beacause it didn't hit us. But we'd travelled to Kansas City, MO to visit my great aunt and were staying in our travel trailer. All I remember is the trailer swaying back and forth, and mom and dad praying, and even a five year old knows that combination is not good. That's all I remember from being 5. My dad believed in driving until you couldn't tell where the road was so I've been through a couple storms. Odd thing is, I kind of like them now. I could imagine chasing storms, but I think it's very important to remember how powerful and devastating Mother Nature can be, and NEVER lose respect for her or take her for granted. Thanks for the hound and duck clip. That was so cute. And thank God for anchors with a sense of humor and a little light heartedness. Someone's going to find fault no matter what you do.
Posted By NaomSchroeper-Couch, Axalp(Brienz), Bern, Switzerland : 3:01 PM ET
A tornado came through the parking lot of my high school my freshman year. We huddled under our desks. There weren't any windows to see outside, but the tornado was extremely loud!
Posted By Barbara, Las Vegas, NV : 8:14 PM ET
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