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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Bill Clinton: I get nervous for Hillary
Here is a clip from last night's interview with Bill Clinton:

-- Watch: Bill Clinton nervous for wife
Posted By CNN: 11:23 AM ET
Dear God, help us.
Posted By James, Raleigh, NC : 11:42 AM ET
Aww that's cute. Bill gets nervous for Hil and Hil gets nervous for Bill. Whether or not you agree with their political philosophy, Bill has a right (legally) to raise the big bucks for Hillary.
Posted By DH - Lake Barrington, IL : 11:50 AM ET
Dear CNN,
Thank you! It's nice to hear someone with some intelligence and a sense of reality speak about the war. Man, I miss Bill!
Posted By Terry Tompkins, Malvern PA : 12:08 PM ET
Thanks for interviewing Bill Clinton. He is such a character and I mean that in the most positive way! I think it is so sweet that Hillary and Bill get nervous for each other when the other one is on the line. How Cute! They sound like best friends! That is probably why their marriage has lasted.
I am certainly looking forward to furture "classic" moments with Hillary and Bill AND with Anderson Cooper being the interviewer! Thanks~
Great Interview!
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 12:19 PM ET
I enjoyed Anderson's interview with Mr. Clinton last night. How remarkable is it that the wife of a former president is now running for president! I think it's sweet that he's nervous when she's in debates and vice-versa. I always enjoy Mr. Clinton's perspectives on Iraq, the environment, the elections, foreign relations...actually...I enjoy hearing him talk on just about everything! He's such an intelligent man and I hope to see Anderson interview him more often. Thanks CNN!

Posted By Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 3:34 PM ET
It sure was great to listen to an intelligent perspective from a US President once more. People can say what they want about them. The Clintons are one of the smartest couples out there, and I can't help but think the struggles have made them stronger and better. I would welcome another four years of the Clintons (or even eight). God knows we're sorely hurting for something different, brighter, and less obstinate in the Oval Office.

Anderson, thanks for doing the interview. I look forward to hopefully hearing what Sen. Clinton says in hers.
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 3:56 PM ET is easy to win over the heart of the average American: say all the right things, push all the right buttons, and you will have them fall all over you. Clinton has mastered the art of saying the right things and making the people feel good about themselves. Ahh...that's why he is a good politician.
Posted By Ross, Fairmont, WV : 4:45 PM ET
After the past six and a half years of lies and manipulation which have led us into a disastrous war (Iraq) where so many U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians have either been maimed or lost their lives, I long for the days of the Clinton Presidency when the only lies we had to worry about from our President involved his personal sex life.

President Clinton had consensual relations with a woman who was not his wife. President George W. Bush has screwed the entire nation.
Posted By Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 4:45 PM ET
I too would welcome the Clinton's back in Washington. Lets hear it for Hillary as President and Bill as "Ambassador in Chief" traveling the world trying to clean up the mess made by the Bush Mis-Administration. Bill is and was a respected world statesman and if anybody can help straighten things out-he can.
Hillary would make a great president but whoever follows GW Bush will have an almost impossible mop up job to do after eight years of one catastrophe after another. HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT!
Posted By Susan, Fort Pierce, Florida : 5:07 PM ET
The longer Bill Clinton is out of office, the more I find myself liking him. I still rarely ever agree with his positions or approve of his personal decisions, but his charm is undeniable.

I'd love to see him moderating peace talks in the Middle East, if it weren't for the fact that his sex scandal probably ruined any credibility he would have had with hard-line muslim governments.
Posted By Michael Neeland, Cedar Rapids, IA : 5:29 PM ET
I agree whole heartedly with Joseph K. We all have our favorites in government, we all have a few that we wouldn't trust
with a hungry child and only one slice of bread in the house. Guess which one.

Bill is an excellent speaker, very clear,calm and patient. Bush stutters and twists words until finally all he can think of that we can understand is the usual BS. (I'm THE decider!) When someone is accustomed to working in BA why did we expect anything else?

Clinton , on the other hand is someone I have the utmost respect for. He made it to the presidency and you can't do much better than that!

Posted By Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 6:18 PM ET
Hi 360,
It was so nice to see Mr Clinton again looking so loose, happy, and as handsome as ever!
He is such a nice man, its so sad that he was not appreciated much by Americans when he was in power.
I hope one day cnn will show all the good things he is doing in Afrika, with his Clinton foundation. He is a great Humanitarian, we love him over there, and we miss his leadership, a true leader of the world.
Long live Bill Clinton.
Posted By subira Pontiac MI : 9:23 PM ET
I'm a Canuck but if I was an American I'd be voting for Hillary. I have the utmost respect for her and Bill. They have three excellent qualities, They know how to tell the truth, they are great leaders, and captivating speakers.
Given Bush's stuttering, stammering, and insulent repetitions they would be a welcome change!

I agree with Joseph K from PA, and thanks for the smile!

I apologize, but I'm sick, sore, and tired of hearing about Bill's Sex Scandal and it ruining his credability. George won't have to worry about losing his credability you can't something you never had.

What President or Politician hasn't had a sex scandal in his closet? The only difference is they didn't have Big Mouth Linda Tripp on their pay roll! Let he without sin cast the first stone.

Next to Georgie's Scandals a mere moral infraction looks pretty weak next to World Disaster and Devastation! And if you then compare Georgie's Capabilities and Talents with Bill's it's like choosing between a cowpoke and a Prince.
Posted By Tricia Charlottetown PEI Candada : 1:15 AM ET
I say, "You go, Bill!" It looks good to see you feeling like a husband sometimes instead of a fundraiser or strategist. Sen. Clinton is top-notch presidential material. Besides, men have never been very good at cleaning up after other men; that's "women's work." And we sure need a tough woman in the Oval Office to clean up the mess the Bush Administration is leaving behind.
Posted By Gypsy an American in Mexico : 4:35 AM ET
What Bill really means is that he gets nervous that Hillary will find out that he is doing something that will tick her off again.
Posted By Dave Rayner, Merritt Island, FL : 7:41 PM ET
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