Tuesday, April 03, 2007
The Shot: Officer shoves skateborder

(Click image to play video)
Posted By CNN: 10:24 AM ET
Well, I guess it proves the officer and the skateboarder are good athletes! He fell real well and the officer has an powerful arm! They should take this act on the road.
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 11:00 AM ET
The officer did what many of us have often wanted to do as skate boarders whiz past us or dangerously cut in front of us--just give the kid a shove to teach them a lesson. However, as much personal satisfaction as you might get watching the kid get what was coming to him, the officer should have waited at the end of the wall and held up her badge and said "you're busted." She should have given him a ticket and confiscated his board. This would have had the parents in a snit of course, but would have been more defensible and appropriate. Darn. It sure is not as much fun being the adult here, as it is being the kid skating illegally and living dangerously.
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 11:29 AM ET
have they heard about using their voice
not force
just because they carry that badge does not mean they can't be human beings
Posted By Anonymous cs citrus heights ca : 11:42 AM ET
There is no doubt that the police officer's action was a security. gaffe. She certainly infringed upon the skateborder's right to pursue pleasure but it appears to me that it was sheer impulse. I think the officer was utterly gutted to watch a skateborder's slipshod moment. However, her apology to the victim would be germane.
Posted By Anonymous Boaz Were, Kalamazoo, Michigan : 11:43 AM ET
I believe it was racially motivated. Doubt she would have done that to a black skater.
Posted By Anonymous Moesha, Flint, MI : 11:46 AM ET
As mother of 4 and 2 being skateboarders..I find this Officers actions deplorable.
What her mouth doesnt work? She couldnt wiat for the boy to finish his ride? She obviously doesnt know how hard and how much talent it take to even pull that ride.
Bad cop...bad bad cop.
Posted By Anonymous Kelley Boyd, Satellite Beach Florida : 11:47 AM ET
What is the crime in skateboarding? I think the officer's behavior in this video is criminal.
Posted By Anonymous Heidi Nalwasky, Leonardtown, MD : 11:56 AM ET
I was listening to your lady news announcer this morning. She took the side of the poor skateboarder who actually fell maybe a foot off a marble ledge (slow news day). I'm favoring the cop. The cop lady loved this park - she knew how much it costs the taxpayers in her community. The young jerk knew he it was against the law to skate where he was. Why is it OK for him to ruin what other people love and pay for? As for the shove - didn't look too hard to me and I'll bet he's taken much much worse falls voluntarily.
Posted By Anonymous Annie, Beaufort, SC : 11:59 AM ET
That was funny!
Posted By Anonymous Skip Smith, Boston, MA : 12:00 PM ET
The chimpanzee swinging in the commercial before the shot is played is really funny. I never pay attention to commercials but this one is clever.
I did not see anything wrong with the officer pushing the boy into the brush. He popped back up like a jack-in-the box! I'll bet that skateboarder was a repeat offender. It was apparent from the video that the officer thought that kid was a trouble making punk. . . but well balanced.
Posted By Anonymous Pollie Anna, Shreveport, LA : 12:02 PM ET
These skaters are a menace and their 'sport' destroys public property (ever checked out the ground-down edges of virtually any concrete object in an urban area). If it were me in the cops place, he would have ended up on his back on the concrete for having the audacity to break the law right in my face.
Posted By Anonymous Gary, St. Paul MN : 12:06 PM ET
This story has been totally overblown. I live in Charleston and saw this 2 weeks ago, and didnt think it was that bad. While the officer should not have touched the kid, the shove was minor. I would not also have doubted if this was staged.
Posted By Anonymous John, Charleston, SC : 12:08 PM ET
It's somewhat disturbing to see so many cops simply abuse their authority. Regardless of how she feels about the individual skate boarding, the matter could have been resolved without force by simply writing a ticket. If that same cop witnessed someone act as she did, that person would have likely been arrested.

I listened the skate boarder saying that if the city doesn't have a skate park then the city is a skate park. I would hardly think the tax payers of that city have a duty to provide a skate park to keep people from breaking the law. If they want to solve that problem, increase the fine and confiscate the board until the fine is paid. If the fine isn't paid within a reasonable amount of time...auction the skate boards and apply the funds toward public parks all the citizens can enjoy.

The thought process isn't much different from Iran making demands under the threat of becoming a nuclear power or illegal immigrants demanding citizenship after breaching our border...at some point a boundary has to be created because you simply can't please everyone.
Posted By Anonymous Joe - Port St. Lucie, FL : 12:11 PM ET
Well done officer!!
Posted By Anonymous Rick, Baltimore, MD : 12:15 PM ET
ucalled for and unnecessary use of force. from the video, it looks as if the skater isn't even aware that the officer is there. It is unprovoked force like this that makes allegations of police brutality in OTHER situations that much more believable.
Posted By Anonymous Mara Alexander, Dallas, GA : 12:16 PM ET
Doesn't matter if there is a skateboard park or not. Let's get real here. If I was a kid and had a park to skateboard that would not be the only place to skateboard for me..BORING after a while. The kids will seek other thrills in the cities.
Posted By Anonymous John, Binghamton, NY : 12:20 PM ET
What's with 250lb cops messing with 115lb little people? What part of Chicago was this?! haha
We must Abbate this growing problem.
Posted By Anonymous Delgado. King George, VA : 1:22 PM ET
Its nothing when the cop pushes a kid into the bushes. Now if the kid got back up and pushed the officer, that would have been construted as assaulting a police officer and he would have been brought up on charges. Lets get real here law enforcement is abusing their power. the kid is not a gun toting gang banger.
Posted By Anonymous Don W. Utica, NY : 1:23 PM ET
If that police office had a police dog with her, that skater would have never gotten up. I can't agree that the actions of the police officer were the right choice. Who is to say though? We are only seeing a tiny clip, and the skater was breaking the law.
Posted By Anonymous scott schlueter Nashville TN. : 1:26 PM ET
The police officer should not have been suspended for ten days for pushing the boy off of the skateboard. She should have been suspended for two days! Eventhough the boy was in the wrong, she should have ordered the boy to stop. He could have been seriously hurt. If the boy had not stopped then she would have had a case. Unfortunate!
Posted By Anonymous Madeliene Bolden, Atlanta, Georgia : 1:29 PM ET
That was hilarious. I don't understand why this is making news headlines. It's not like the police officer had a K-9 dog that she allowed to bite the skateborder, it's not that racially motivated to wear she arrested him for no reason. I don't agree to with the officer being suspended with no pay for two days.
I guess this comment is coming from the Los Angeles California and that's nothing compared to what I witness police officer's doing on a DAILY BASIS!
Posted By Anonymous Staci Boss Angeles, California : 1:30 PM ET
If she tackles the suspect she witnessed committing a crime, rather than pushing him to the ground, does that make it ok? Like it or not liberals....it was a suspect committing a crime with an easy route to a faster getaway vehicle (it has wheels, its a vehicle (not motor of course). I say don't suspend her, congratulate her for getting the perp!

Posted By Anonymous Rich, Phoenix, AZ : 1:33 PM ET
I am surprised at the comments that support the officer. Is this action appropriate for people who litter or break traffic laws? What about crossing the street illegally? By the way, not all kids that skateboard are punks.
Posted By Anonymous Sherri - Harrison, Ohio : 2:41 PM ET
While the officer should have waited and then reprimand and ticket the skateboarder, I'm sure this kid skateboarding has taken worse falls than this.

The young skateboarder knew the park was off limits and he was the one who first stepped out of bounds.

All I see as necessary here is a verbal apology by the officer and also a verbal apology from the skateboarder after he receives his ticket.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 3:12 PM ET
Appauling, that officer should be reprimanded.
Posted By Anonymous Andrea Montes Lake Jackson, Tx : 3:20 PM ET
I have to admit that the officer probably should have just held her arm out, to stop the kid, rather than pushing him over. Still, the kid was the one breaking the law at the time. Ticket him and confiscate the skateboard.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Vernal, UT : 3:26 PM ET
The skater's know they are not supposed to skate in the park but they do not respect the law so they do it anyway. Maybe this will make more skater's realize they should respect the law. Good job officer!

I'm usually not an advocate of five O, but they should be respected like everyone else.

To Moesha in Flint good guess but I think your absolutely wrong. I think the officer was just a little fed up with the kid's not showing respect to someone in uniform. The kid knew the officer was in the area before he started the grind.
Posted By Anonymous Darren, Atlanta, GA. : 3:38 PM ET
I could not believe that I saw this yesterday on TV. Are we living a civilized society? Is the officer educated in some degree? If my kid was treated by a police office like that way, I would be really upset. What if the kid got injured? I understand he should not skate there, but unnecessary force used was so wrong. I am thinking that some people are really out of control somehow. Everyone needs to calm down!!!
Posted By Anonymous Sally, College Station, Texas : 4:28 PM ET
I concur with Rick from baltimore...Well done Officer!
Posted By Anonymous juli in springfield : 4:32 PM ET
Re: Skateboarder getting his!

Most cities have laws that prohibit skateboarding on public sidewalks, parking lots and many streets.

Arrest them? Have you ever tried to arrest a group of smart mouthed kids/teens who split and run behind whatever they can find as soon as a patrol car shows up? It isn't as if no one has asked them politely or reminded them of the law.

Hey, better the skateboarder than me!

Love my PD,
Posted By Anonymous Maggie, GVMO : 5:22 PM ET
No matter what,she shouldn't have pushed the kid. That was uncalled for from her part(and job).
Yes,it is annoying to see them skatebording everywhere,but as a mother,the first thing I noticed,he wasn't wearing an helmet. THAT is stupid!!!!Wich makes the action of the officer even more stupid also.

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne R.Laval QUebec : 5:58 PM ET
The cop was protecting public property from a vandal as far as I am concerned.

The kid looks like a punk and he deserved it. He knew he was doinig something he wasn't supposed to. I've wanted to slug one of these punk skateboarders many times myself. I am sick of these kids who have no respect for other people's property, let alone the law.
It's not just parks - malls, public streets, business buildings, and I've even seen them skating on people's cars (not theirs, of course). But in our society, the punks and criminals have all the rights and the cops are handcuffed. Its an old, old story.

What is the big thrill about skateboarding anyway? If the brat put as much time and effort into his school and his studies as he does into that stupid skateboard, he could get a really good job and make alot of money instead of being a nuisance to society.

But this is what our young people are today, and why every other country in the world is overtaking us as all of our jobs are given to foreigners - because they study instead of wasting their time and energy on stupid stuff like this.
Posted By Anonymous Bob T, Philadelphia : 6:41 PM ET
Is this the best you could come up with today? Not much going on in the world, huh?
Posted By Anonymous Joe Philiponis, Norristown, PA : 7:04 PM ET
I can't believe people are bringing up police brutality in reference to this officer's actions. It looked to me as though she thought he was going to fall into her and that's why she pushed him. And how do you all know that she didn't "use her voice" before that? Skater mothers: How about teaching your kids some respect for authority and property?
Posted By Anonymous Cecilia, Houston Tx : 10:12 PM ET
A police officer should not result to force unless the offender is causing a general threat to the public. So what if the kid fell into bushes? What if he really didnt have the skill to fall how he wanted and ended up getting seriously injured? I cannot watch the video at the computer I am using at the moment, but in the still shot it appears that there are no bystanders around that are being threatened by the "evil" skateboarder.

Would you approve of the cop shoving a young child on roller skates, if they were roller skating in a public park?
Posted By Anonymous Melissa, West Chester PA : 10:06 AM ET
The types of attitudes displayed in the responses of this blog "shot/shove of the day" just display the attitudes that adult populations seem to hold toward the youth culture.. menace??? looked like the kid was just riding along to me. no wonder the youth culture doesn't respect authority. the youth rarely recieve any respect. as for respect being earned... exactly! age is just a number just because your old doesn't mean your deserving.
I'm glad the cop got suspended, maybe she should take anger management classes while she's at it. She looked like the menace to me.
And as for Erica Hill and John Roberts reporting of the situation "probably the easiest fall he's taken on that skateboard" way to make light of police brutality towards children.. I think Charlie Brown had it right "blah blah blah"
Posted By Anonymous Shelly M, Pic River, Canada : 10:23 AM ET
As a man that cannot stand those jerk skate boarders, I have no problem with anything bad that happens to them.

In my opinion, that kid should have been arrested for vandalism.

Law abiding citizens= 1

Dumb skate boarder= 0
Posted By Anonymous RD Rogers, San Diego, CA : 4:23 PM ET
It's Clear that this is a racial issue. What if the cop was white and the kid was black? Oh my goodness racisism! Call the NAACP! Sue for a million bucks! Seriously, the kid got caught doing something stupid no matter what his color, most do, the police woman made a quick decision that could have been handled better, no matter what her color. I say lets forgive and forget. I love kids and I love the police, my dad and uncle were one. Let the first person who never made a dumb mistake step forward.
Posted By Anonymous Dave, Lake Mary, Florida : 7:54 PM ET
I imagine seeing a nearly identical video where the officer does not stop the kid from skateboarding and the kid, shocked from seeing the officer, falls off the ledge and cracks his skull on the pavement. I can see the headlines then: "Officer sees youth breaking law, does nothing, child dies."

The same people who are criticizing now would be saying "Why didn't she just push him into the grass or something?!?"

We are treading on very dangerous ground as a society when we rebuke people who are trying to do good things and are successful to that end. Let's remember -- the kid wasn't hurt!
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Colorado Springs : 10:13 AM ET
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