Thursday, April 12, 2007
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Posted By CNN: 11:52 AM ET
"New Orleans officials plead for dollars":

I think we should send more federal tax money to Mr. Nagin, after all this WAS a federal disaster. However, please ask the mayor and governor to make a rough list of how the many millions already sent have been used. Just curious.

p.s. is the "workforce development program" another way to say "free education for adults who didn't think it was important to finish school"?
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 12:02 PM ET
RE: New Orleans

It is sad that the chief of police has to beg the USA for money to help with crime!! It seems that they should give it freely so NOLA can get back on it's feet. But what can we expect...look at how they handled the after effects of Katrina!
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia Covington,Ga. : 12:06 PM ET
ENOUGH WITH THE IMUS STORY!! How long is Anderson and 360 going to continue to beat a dead horse! You've said all that can be said about it 50 times over!! GIVE IT A REST!
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia Covington,Ga. : 12:09 PM ET
I have a comment about the Imus story. How come is such a big issue when he used the words "nappy-headed hos" to describe basketball players from Rutgers and when African Americans used the term to describe African American female its not such a big deal. I view this as double standard. You object to what Imus has said but no one is objecting to the words when rappers, actors and comedians use them everyday in their songs, stand-up routines and shows being shown on t.v. Are we planning to boycot the rappers, comedians or actors who those words. We need to change our views if we want others to view us differently.
Posted By Anonymous Angelique, Virginia Beach, VA. : 12:11 PM ET
RE: Sheryl Crow

Another celeb going green....IS SHE REALLY..LET'S CHECK HER HOUSE!! It seems everyone is jumping on this bandwagon.
Posted By Anonymous C.H. Conyers, Ga : 12:17 PM ET
Imus should not have been fired. What he said was very inappropriate. But, what makes Al Sharpen and Jesse Jackson exempt from the same type of comments. This is definitely a double standard. The team from Rutgers had an extrodinary season. One comment should not cancel the extreme accomplishments and if the team lets it, that is just wrong. The coverage of a 20 second horrible comment received more coverage than the Iraq war for the last week. That is just wrong. The media hyped this into a mega story and for whatever reasons the employees at NBC dislike Imus and contributed to his firing. I hope these people can sleep at night. Imus has been a strong proponent of keeping critical information on the war, the white house and the medical treatment or lack thereof for our military personnel in front of the country. Where it rightly belongs. Also, all the charities that he supports and personally contributes to. A rush to judgement was a mistake, the sponsors no matter what the NBC president said was the tipping point. That is sad. I was very sorry to hear Keith Oberman say last night that he was one of the staff that didn't like Imus. I've enjoyed his show, but now MSNBC is off our TV viewing schedule.
Posted By Anonymous Donna H. Chicago, IL : 12:22 PM ET
Imus didn't say anything racist. Since when is nappy headed a racial slur. P.C. in this country is getting out of hand. Every black comedians routine is about nothing but making fun of whites. Thats racism.
Posted By Anonymous Dan Clinton Twp, MI : 12:25 PM ET
"Imus: 'I've apologized enough'":

Yes he has! Why are we piling on this one guy?! Get back to me when Jesse Jackson apologizes to the Duke lacrosse players!
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 12:29 PM ET
Re Iraq bombing:

My God, when will this all end and how will it end? Good thing for McCain he wasn't in the building. How would he spin this? I am going to buy one of those Bush backwards key chains and start counting down until the end of this horrific administration that makes Warren G. Harding look good.
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 12:30 PM ET
Please let me know if you have changed your show's format. You have spent more time covering Imus and Anna Nicole Smith than Iraq or any other real news story in the last few weeks. If this is what I wanted to watch I would tape E or entertainment tonight and not 360. I hope to see more Michael Ware and Jeff Koinage or just turn your show over to Leeza Gibbons and stop waisting my time.
Posted By Anonymous Cat Seltmann, Middleburgh NY : 12:37 PM ET
Its bad for Don Imus to make racial slurs toward Rutgers players but its cool for rap artists to say much worst in songs. This is hypocrisy and its amazing how much media coverage this story has received. This story is more important than the Iraq war, the homeless, the unemployed, the uninsured and mentally ill in this country.
Posted By Anonymous Dennis Smith, Columbia, SC : 12:43 PM ET
I am not a fan of anyone who is offensive and cruel. That is something we should NOT support as a society and it should be stopped, however; here we are doing the same exact thing to Imus. I agree that we should discuss and examine the hows and why this hatred is in our culture and get it out so we can heal but, Imus has been condemded, character beaten, and destroyed. I think he is a sad and pathetic human being who we need to feel sympathy for instead of participating in the same reprehensible behavior he exibits. I honestly hope Imus finds love and peace in his heart but with all the hatred spewing at him right now, I fear his scorn and malice will be fueled. Should we kick someone when they are down, or hold out a hand to help?
"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up." ~Jesse Jackson
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 12:48 PM ET
I'm getting a little tired of the 'well, rappers say it' defense. It's like the 'Abu Ghraib' defense - 'yeah? well? Saddam Hussein KILLED people.'

Since when is 'other people do other bad things' an excuse for your own bad behavior? Try telling it to the judge when you steal a car. 'Yeah, well, those Enron guys stole MILLIONS, so I'm not so very bad.' Yeah, that'll work.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 12:50 PM ET
I still say Imus should be fired. Don't hide this behind freedom of speech thing. MSNBC made the right decision, but I think he's just become too big of a liability for them and he should just go. I don't really care to hear another apology or see an interview with him. I just think it's time for more definitive action.
And that interview with Jesse Jackson...what the...? I don't think he would have gotten the point if it had crawled up his pant leg and bitten him on the ass. Those Lacrosse players were put through a hell that will follw them their whole lives. And if he had said "men paying women to dance naked" ONE MORE TIME, I was determined to change the channel. Does anyone have the gun that was put to that stripper's head when she danced for them? Are you kidding me with this guy??? Women CHOOSE to strip. I owe a crapload of money in student loans and I put myself through college WITHOUT stripping. (not that anyone would pay to see me naked) There are too many ways to get money for school that don't involve stripping. And should we look to the Reverand for moral guidance??? How about NOT cheating on your wife to start???
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 12:55 PM ET
One can feel satisfaction for the Duke lacrosse players and their families now that their innocence has been established. The accusation of rape and the aftermath were certainly nightmares for those young men. But the larger and largely ignored nightmare is the party which occasioned this destructive series of events. It's hard to think of anyone in that off-campus house as really innocent, and the wilder any party, the more likely someone will have to pay the piper.

Similar socializing is routine on many if not most campuses. I hope this case compels more attention by schools, students and families to the harsh realities of campus and school-related socializing.
Posted By Anonymous M.S. Hogan, Branford, CT : 1:04 PM ET
Imus: I have Apologised Enough
I am a black guy and I think that Imus has apologised enough. The only people he should apologise to are the female basketball team.
I am sick and tired of seeing Sharpton and Jackson on t.v. Who are they representing?
We have black lawyers and politicians who can speak on this issue.
CNN, MSNBC, and FOX have empowered these two men (Sharpton and Jackson).
Blacks, I can tell you confidently, have little or no respect for them.
Posted By Anonymous Ade, Nashville, Tennessee : 1:10 PM ET
I'm glad New Orleans will be back in the spotlight. Why it keeps fading from the media is beyond me. Can't we help that region once and for all. Solutions are needed, not more talk. As they say "Less talk, more actions."
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 1:34 PM ET
If I hear "Don Imus" or "Anna Nicole Smith" one more time I swear I'm going to throw something at my TV. I'd much rather hear about the REST of the world and what is going on...

The situation in New Orleans is deplorable. It's terrible, disgusting, and pretty much a disgraceful reflection on our nation because of the way it's being handled. It's just... pathetic!!

As for global warming, going green, and save the environment... I personally don't think suddenly using a permanent strainer in my coffee maker (instead of paper), or using cloth napkins is going to cut it. Methane is actually a usable resource gained from stuff rotting underground. Therefore it's not entirely useless. If we really wanted to do something, we should all revert to using candles and riding horses instead of driving cars. Not likely to happen. I'm addicted to my computer and I like electricity a lot.
Posted By Anonymous Sharla Jones, Stratford, NJ : 2:21 PM ET
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