Thursday, March 22, 2007
Elephant tosses colleague like ragdoll
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Let me just start out by saying Jeff Corwin, the wildlife biologist who is part of our "Planet in Peril" series, is ok. But there were a few moments earlier today when I wasn't so sure. You'll see the video tonight, but basically, an elephant grabbed hold of Jeff's arm with his mouth and tossed him like a ragdoll. Jeff had warned me that while elephants can be very playful, they don't know their own strength. He was certainly right about that.

Here's what happened: We were helping some handlers bathe the elephants at Cambodia's Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center, when one of the elephants slowly got hold of Jeff's arm. I say slowly, but it also happened really fast. I know it's a contradiction, but once you see the video, you'll understand.

We thought Jeff's arm was broken at first, but once we were out of the water it became clear that it had just been badly twisted and was deeply bruised. Jeff was able to continue working, which I found kind of amazing, and afterwards we stopped off at a clinic so a doctor could check out his arm. It's now in a sling.

Other than that disturbing event, it was actually a pretty good day. I got to help Jeff bag some pythons, we hung out with some bears, and I got up close and personal with an elephant's trunk. All the animals at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center are victims of the illegal animal trade or habitat loss. If it wasn't for the center and conservationists from the Wildlife Alliance, these animals would all likely be dead.

When we arrived at the center, veterinarians were just about to sedate a young elephant whose foot was ripped off trying to escape a poachers' snare. It was very sad to see this little orphan elephant missing one of its feet. His name is Chook, and he's only been at the center for about two weeks. He is still badly malnourished and the wound is still being treated. Despite the best efforts of the Wildlife Alliance folks, he may not survive.

Tonight on the program, we'll show you all of this, as well as continue our reporting on the trafficking of women and children into prostitution in Cambodia. Dan Rivers reported last night on the program about the large number of child abuses cases here, and tonight he has a story about a little girl who has been through an unimaginable nightmare in Cambodia's child prostitution industry.

We'll also bring you the latest on Elizabeth Edwards condition and her husband's decision to continue his presidential campaign. It's going to be a really interesting program, and I hope you are able to watch.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 5:56 PM ET
Jeff better be careful, he will end up like Steve Erwin. Some seemingly "safe" creature will catch him by surprise and poof! Gone forever.
Posted By Anonymous Jacob, Wise, Virginia : 6:08 PM ET
Best wishes to Jeff for a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see the show. Come home safe everyone!
Posted By Anonymous Becky, Cleveland Ohio : 6:08 PM ET
Oh man, poor Jeff! I hope his arm heals quickly.

Anderson, I've loved reading your posts all week! Thanks so much for keeping us informed. I can't wait to see tonigt's show.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Elizabeth and John Edwards and their family.
Posted By Anonymous Annette LaCanna, Alpha, NJ : 6:11 PM ET
How do you know that the elephant is not reacting to how he was treated previously?

I'm glad everyone came out ok! Looking forward to the show tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 6:11 PM ET
I'm enjoying the behind the scenes sketch on your southeast asian journey reporting on suffering. It's amazing how truly evil humans can be. If it weren't for my belief in God (and an eventual end to all the grief & suffering) life would simply be too overwhelming.
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie Evans, Chattanooga, TN : 6:13 PM ET
Goodness!! Poor Jeff! Glad to hear he's alright, but please don't sacrifice yourselves in the name of 'up close and personal' reporting. Yikes! Careful around the bears, too--they recently got put back on Stephen Colbert's "Threatdown", so watch out. *wink*

I've been watching all week; the shows have been great and informative. Keep 'em coming, and PLEASE stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous C. Williams, Las Cruces, NM : 6:14 PM ET
Although it is interesting and sad to learn about the plight of these wild animals; you all should remember that they are what they are that is, WILD ANIMALS, governed soley by instincts. Be careful you guys.
Posted By Anonymous Liz, Howell, NJ : 6:17 PM ET
Wow! This "Planet in Peril" series seems to be putting you all in peril.
First there were spider fangs and bug eggs and now a playful elephant. You all need to be more careful. We all enjoy your reports, but the safety of you and your crew is obviously more important. I am really looking forward to the wildlife segments tonight-- the wildlife black market is so sad and so cruel. Thank you for all of your hard work. Maybe you all should steer clear of elephants for a while. Good Luck with the rest of your travels.
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly Miller, Hiram, OH : 6:18 PM ET
Wow, you're afraid of frogs but don't mind bagging pythons? Interesting. Perhaps your lack of judgment stems from the jet lag?
Posted By Anonymous Fran, Dallas, TX : 6:18 PM ET
Glad to hear that Jeff is alright! He's probably used to that kind of should see him on his show! got close and personal with an elephant did you? HHMM Anything your fans would be jealous of!? LOL

Now I'm really looking forward to tonight's see Jeff's mishap and your up close and personal elephant adventure. And also to see Dan Rivers report. It sounds very interesting.

Be careful!! There's ALWAYS trouble when Jeff's around! ;-) Stay safe and continue the great work!
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 6:24 PM ET
My thoughts and best wishes go out to Jeff and I'm thankful that he's doing better and am amazed he is continuing to do so well! Thank you for all of your reporting, Anderson, the 360 team, Jeff and the rest of the correspondents. This has truly been an amazing adventure thus far and the stories are phenomenal. Take care!
Posted By Anonymous Aruna, Minneapolis, MN : 6:26 PM ET
People need to understand that wild animals and just that wild and unpredictable. I hope Jeff doesn't blame the elephant for what happened, it just didn't know it's own strength or maybe he looked heavier to the elephant than he really was. ;)

Much, much better post. I'd rather hear about the work, stories and animals than anything else.

It's just too bad that the comments are rarely about the topics. The fawning is truly nauseating.
Posted By Anonymous Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 6:28 PM ET

Please send Jeff positive thoughts from all of us. Yeah, you never know what to expect from wild animals especially those types you don't encounter too often.

The shows have been fantastic this whole week, the variety of topics has been amazing. Keep up the good work and stay safe all.

PS Next time take some good luck charms to ward off the evil spirits.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren Mi : 6:30 PM ET

Poor Jeff! I hope he is okay! Elephants are very cute, but a little odd. You never know what is going to provoke them into doing something weird. Once, at the zoo when I was little, an elephant threw hay at my dad (which did not make him happy, standing there with a trunk-full of hay on his head), and the trainers said it was because my dad was on eye level with the elephant (my dad is 6' 8"), and it was intimidated by seeing someone almost as tall as it was. Granted, he didn't end up with his arm in a sling from that encounter, but it was still sort of interesting to see. The elephant basically ignored the rest of us, focusing on my dad. Animals are funny that way. Please give Jeff my best wishes for healing up soon!

Thank you for giving us all the behind the scenes looks this week. I know I aprreciate it, and I know many others do as well.

Looking forward to tonight! It sounds fascinating! I might tune out for the python thing, though...snakes make me squirmy! Ick. *LOL*

Take care, you guys! Keep up the good work!
Posted By Anonymous Mandy, Boston,MA : 6:33 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Well, I can't honestly say being tossed around like a ragdoll by a overactive elephant is just a typical day at the office for most of us. Glad to hear Jeff Corwin is ok and no doubt he's back in the saddle to speak. An elephant is going to be an elephant, and we humans are going to be humans...We both have our bad hair days. I look forward to hearing about Chook. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 6:33 PM ET
I bet being around those elephants was a little scary. I am glad that Jeff is alright. I am sure it must have scared him. It sounds like you all had an interesting day. Thanks for blogging everyday. It gives us a way to follow your trip. I hope you are getting some sleep. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Terrie Ford Prince George, VA : 6:34 PM ET
Wow....4 blogs from you in one week. Now we will expect to hear from you more often=)
Best wishes Jeff, can't wait to see the video tonight of what happened.

See you tonight--be careful 360 crew.
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, Milwaukee WI : 6:36 PM ET
I am glad to know Jeff Corwin is ok. I want to know what can be done to stop them from hurting innocent animals. what can we do to stop them. i am almost addicted to 360. I watch it everynight. I like how you don't shy away from delivering raw news. Thank you for everything you are doing for people whose voices can't be heard. Good luck on all your future projects.
Posted By Anonymous Sanjida Alam, Woodhaven, New York : 6:36 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Sheesh, you sure have exciting and action packed days. I so want your job! Glad to hear that Jeff is okay. He is one tough cookie! (Should I go there and say that the karma was against him after all the mean stuff he did to you in Brazil? Nah, I won't bring that up, that would just be wrong of me. =)

Can't wait to see the show tonight. LOVE the animal pieces and the "up close and personal with an elephants trunk" has me enthralled.

Chook sounds adorable, but what a pity that he lost a foot. Sure hope he survives his ordeal. Thank goodness there are amazing people over there to assist in horrid situations such as this. Please give us info on how we may support these folks and their important work. Thanks!

Having heard only bits and pieces regarding the sex trade in Asia, I had no clue how horrible life is for these girls. Good job exposing this situation for what it is and not sugar coating it. Difficult as it may be to see and hear, it MUST be so that steps are taken to end this attrocity against humanity. Children should be safeguarded, period.

Anxious to hear how Elizabeth Edwards is fairing. She must be an amazing woman to support her husband's race for the White House admidst her own health crisis. God Bless her, I wish success for them both.

Be careful over there and All The Best!
Posted By Anonymous Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 6:37 PM ET
Hey Anderson~
Jeff was lucky. Any time you deal with large animals you run the risk of getting hurt. Small animals can be dangerous too, just ask Neil and Phil! I am just relieved to hear Jeff is alright.
I know that you have talked about elephants and poachers but have you discussed why poachers want to kill elephants? Or, did I miss that? It is my understanding that elephants are killed for their tusks of ivory. It is also my understanding that if an elephant is maimed or killed by a poacher, the family of elephants stay near and mourn the loss, shedding real tears. Sadly, this makes the rest of the family of elephants vulnerable to the poachers. I think this is correct. You might get Jeff or Steve to verify. I also believe the numbers of elephants have declined more than 50% in the last few decades. I would like to learn more about these giant (gentle? playful?) passionate creatures. Thank goodness there is a wildlife rescue center in the region to help these misplaced animals.
Thanks for the update. I love the Planet in Peril series. It sounds like a great show tonight! Stay safe.~
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 6:38 PM ET
Aaaah! I wasn't *serious* about you guys having to stop at Stanford Medical Center on your way home!!

Glad to hear that Jeff's okay, if banged up. Please let him know that we'd (and I'm sure his family) would appreciate if he can avoid coming home from at least one "Planet in Peril" trip without being different colors. First, the dye markings, now, bruises...

I loved the elephants in Cambodia; they're very sweet creatures, but the first time one licks you from shoulder to fingertip and doesn't need to move it's head, you get a sharp reminder of just how big they really are.

Stay safe and, seriously, try not to win any Darwin Awards, okay??
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth, San Francisco, CA : 6:39 PM ET
As usual, I am looking forward to your show this evening, and glad to hear that Jeff Corwin survived his elephant encounter!
I'm sure you have heard this many times before, but the work you are doing in covering stories that are not "front page" news is phenomenal. I know it must be tiring and at times frustrating, but the value of bringing these stories to light is immeasurable.
Thank you and your team for doing such valuable work, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Posted By Anonymous Phyllis Miller, Lancaster, PA : 6:41 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Sorry to read about Jeff's scary incident! I'm glad he wasn't hurt any worse than he was. It probably helped that he is in such great shape. I love animals, but they can be unpredictable, it just goes to show you that even the experts get surprised sometimes.

Let's see now, you jump away from frogs and bugs, but get enjoyment from bagging pythons and hanging out with bears, interesting. I can't wait to see your encounter with the elephant's trunk!

I'm very interested in seeing the Phnom Tamao Wildllife Rescue Center. If they take donations and you have an e-mail address please post it for us. Your description of Chook and his condition was heartbreaking; I hope he survives. If you can, please give us an update on his condition. Thank you for not only bringing us the reports of animals in trouble, but also of the people that are working so hard to save and protect them. It is great to know that there are people out there doing this important work.

I am anxious to see tonight's program! Please tell Jeff to stay out of trouble, you too!

Take care,
Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 6:42 PM ET
Mr Cooper and the Crew,
Could you please try to find some news? These stories are told so many times by my backpacker friends. The next time could you please try use some other research material than Lonely Planet? I'm sure you have booked nice tour with your 25 suitcases, have a nice holiday!

Ever heard about National Geographic?
Posted By Anonymous Anna D'Well, Helsinki, Finland : 6:46 PM ET
Eeeeeeeeeek! Jeff, hope your arm will be OK! Guess you won't "lend a hand" to those animals again...Get better soon.
To comment on John Edwards' decision to continue in the presidential race, although his wife seemed to agree with this, I think Mr. Edwards should rethink his priority. Says a lot about what his presidency would be like, should he be elected. Then again, it's only an opinion!
Posted By Anonymous Lyne, Laval, Qc : 6:53 PM ET
I'm glad Jeff is alright. Although trained elephants seem like they are docile, they are still wild animals and one never knows what will set them off.

The show has been excellent this week and I'm enjoying watching.

Be careful...
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 7:02 PM ET
You mess with wild animals no matter what your intentions are you are subject to either a violent attack or a violent action due to the animals disproportionate size to yours. In any event trusting a wild animal or for that matter a so called domesticated one is absolute stupidity.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Montgomery Waynesville, Missouri : 7:03 PM ET
Hi Anderson, Jeff is very intelligent and so informed regarding wild life, however, you should stay at least three car lenghts from him. As you found out today wild animals are damgerous and as New York "City" kid, you are at risk. It is not quite the same as the little snakes that you had as a kid.
See ya tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage Brooklyn, MI : 7:06 PM ET
I've been watching the show for quite some time now and surprised that I can watch it in it's 2 hours for two days now. I'm used to seeing only the first hour. So do you guys have anything to do with that?

Child prostitution, trafficking particularly of women and selling of animal body parts are some of the major issues that I think should be given a deeper look. Flesh trade is a cancer in a society that exists since time immemorial but what is alarming is the fact that they are getting younger and they are peddled like household wares in brothels. These illegal or should I say "legal" businesses are like cat and mouse with authorities. They continue to exist mainly because there are always "hunters" and corruption is handy. Countless organizations are helping the victims of these atrocities. But they can only do so much and their hands are tied. People like you can only do so mush by reporting it for the whole world to see and perhaps make a difference. Is it conclusive to say that "POVERTY" is the root cause of all of these? Awareness maybe can help as well as tougher laws and strict implementation of it. But what help can be done if some were forced and sold even by the smallest unit of a society?

Most animals are nearing to extinction precisely because they are being killed for their body parts. They are hot commodity items and even exported. Dried seahorses for example are sold by the some chinese drugstores for medicinal purposes and not just that but these small sea creatures are known to be "aphrodisiacs". It's a lucrative business. Exotic chinese restaurants offers turtles, snakes( the edible ones I believe) and eels are offered as cuisines. These places will not thrive if there are no customers.

Demand meets supply. High demand yields high supply. In the place called market, it there are buyers there would always be sellers. If the buying stops, the killings will.

Your program is interesting. Looking forward for meatier reports and have a good day to all of you. I hope Jeff Corwin is alright.
Posted By Anonymous Beth Castillo, Mla. Philippines : 7:08 PM ET
As a state and federally permitted wildlife rehabilitator I can assure you that each animal is as different as each person. We should never be surprised when an elephant acts like - an elephant. It's who he is and that is a wonderful thing. I'm sorry about the banged up arm. Mine too is full of talon holes; it happens despite our training. I am never angry about this- the animals defend themselves until they're sure we're helping. Keep opening the eyes of the world to these wonders.
Posted By Anonymous Linda Chalk, San Bernardino, CA : 11:48 PM ET
Looks like Jeff got a dose of his own medicine (remember when he pricked your finger with that sharp needle from a tree while you guys were in the Amazon?). Seriously, Jeff, I'm glad you're OK. Take care, you guys.
Posted By Anonymous Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 12:08 AM ET
Thank you for being where you are and reporting on both the "sex slaves" and the frightening state of affairs where those beautiful,endangered animals are.The whole world needs to take notice and make changes.I am so disturbed by it all-isn't that the point! How do WE help?
Posted By Anonymous Margie,Caledon,Ont.Canada : 12:25 AM ET
I have just seen the Jeff Corwin Elephant experience on CNN three times and unfortunately Jeff was not looking where he was putting his arm, instead he was looking at Anderson while reaching his arm back toward the strange elephant."Strange" meaning both Jeff and Anderson are strangers to these elephants so they had no business being in the water with them. The caretakers are at enough risk working with wild animals but at least there is a familarity with them.I am glad that Jeff is okay and I hope he heals fast because the work he is doing now with CNN is vital;just keep a safer distance please the world needs you alive and well!!
Posted By Anonymous Christine Hocking, Laguna Beach, CA. : 12:30 AM ET
Elephants, tigers and bears...OH MY! What a wonderful show tonight. So sorry that Jeff's elephant didn't pick on someone his own size, but hopefully he will recover quickly. Anderson, whatever shampoo you use must be intoxicating for the elephants!

God bless Elizabeth and John Edwards and their family. After 30 years of marriage, to be so obviously in love--to have your husband look at you as John does Elizabeth, must be a great asset as they meet this challenge together.
Posted By Anonymous Pixie, Muncie, IN : 12:32 AM ET
I am thrilled that Anderson Cooper is reporting and exposing the illegal wildlife trade,and motivating people worldwide to possibly do something to stop it..
Posted By Anonymous Jill,Tampa,Fla. : 12:37 AM ET
Hey Anderson, I am really loving this show " Planet in peril", it is educational and I am hoping it will give some insight into the problem of animal trafficking. Tonight when you said we will show you what happend to Jeff, my heart pounded and it took me back to Stever Irwin's death. I hope jeff's arm will heal soon. But true to his passion, he never complained that it was the elephant's fault. We really need more people like him. But I know he is one of his own kind and we sure will not take him for granted. So I pray that all of you be safe out there and thank you for doing this for all of us fellow animal lovers.
Posted By Anonymous Betty Alem, pickerington, oh : 12:38 AM ET
Urgent re Jeff Corwin's tendon injury. If he has a complete rupture of the biceps tendon, he must be seen by an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Sports Medicine pronto. It should be reattached within 2 weeks.
One man waited 4 weeks and it was too late to do the surgery. He lost the use of that arm. This is very serious.
Posted By Anonymous Jo Mitchell, Clinton Twp., MI : 12:54 AM ET
Thanks for your story. I am following this story in the states and how I can help with this issue. I'm glad Corwin is OK. He's a smart environmentalist. Lots of knowledge and education...that one
Posted By Anonymous Tomoe, California : 1:14 AM ET
Like usual, the truth of human trafficking in Cambodia is being twisted and draped in American moral self-righteousness. If your team had done any real research into trafficking in Cambodia they'd realize that the majority of Cambodian trafficking cases are not for sex but labour.

Generally speaking, Asian men prefer lighter skinned women, which Khmer women are not. If you want to do a story on the victims of trafficking go to Vietnam: Cambodia is a source country for labour trafficking (to Thailand and beyond) and a destination country for Vietnamese women. While the trafficking of humans for labour is certainly evil and should be stopped, it does no good to report that the problem is predominantly one of sexual exploitation because it isn't.

Where and how did your reporters do their work? I expect a higher standard of journalism and so should the viewers of your show.
Posted By Anonymous Martin, Calgary Canada : 1:18 AM ET
I think people should give animals more respect the way they do for colleages and close friends.
Posted By Anonymous israel, raleigh, nc : 1:40 AM ET
Anderson, this is another important story that must be told -- and, of course, we can thank you for being at the forefront of it. I'm a former journalist who went into j-school because Wolf inspired me covering the first Gulf war. Watching you, I want to jump back into reporting. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Cara Good, Irvine, Calif. : 2:27 AM ET
Ok, Ok, you win, I give up... you finally got me. I like 360, I watch it almost every night, but I guess I am a bit of a cynic. I find a lot of your stories interesting but over-dramatized for effect. Tonight, however, the story about the 5-year old girl with HIV did me in. This time, I was the one watching the story with tears in my eyes. There was no dramatic music in the background, no cuts to symbolic photos, just a person sitting down and telling the story of this little girl. That was all it took to put me away.

Can you include Dan Rivers more often on 360? I don't think I have seen him before, but I found the stories he covered, and the way it covered them, really interesting.
Posted By Anonymous Carol, Hesperia, Calif. : 2:58 AM ET
Hello Anderson

Jeff said ; [ Every 20 minutes, a species becomes extinct on our planet.]

We are not waiting for our turn on the extinction list, are we? And the answer is up to human beings, right?

I am glad that Jeff is ok. You and playful elephants were marvelous, which was a certainly colorful show! Take care... I truly mean it.
Posted By Anonymous Guihyun Nahm / South Korea : 3:18 AM ET
thats amazing! not mean to bring the spotlight on my dad home country, but im glad you have visit Cambodia. its interesting to hear news about it. being born in the U.S. its hard for me to comprend whats it like over there. but in the summer I'll be visiting Cambodia for a full month. just want to say thanks again.
Posted By Anonymous Thany, Irving, Texas : 3:19 AM ET
Wow, I sit down to watch CNN, and you guys are live 2 blocks from my house. I rode by on a motorcycle and was going to stop in to get Jeff's autograph for my kids, but I thought he might be a little sore. Thank you guys for helping to shine some light on a part of the world that many people would like to forget
Posted By Anonymous Bill Phnom Penh Cambodia : 6:19 AM ET
Hi Anderson,

People are getting hurt in the making of the series of "Planet in Peril."

For these wild animals, it is all a fight for winning their territory back.

I am used to watch Jeff Corwin in his shows getting bitten by venemous snakes and reptiles, but getting tossed around by a territorial giant is something else. I've watched a documentary in which elephants viciusly plan their murders on people who have invaded and are crossing to their territory. Having a trunk wrapped around your neck: pretty risky!

I remember a friend owning a male domestic cat spraying out his territory. To watch a giant wild cate spraying out his territory, pretty gross and must have smelled very stinky!
Posted By Anonymous Ratna, New York, NY : 7:14 AM ET
Brave of Corwin to be casual. I love animals so I will say that humans ought to be careful. Wonder Why the elephant got provoked?pru..ind
Posted By Anonymous prudence, andhra pradesh, india : 7:44 AM ET
After watching Corwin's experience, it was kind of nervewracking to watch the other elephant videos where at one point, an elephant was wrapping its trunk around Anderson's neck! I gather that those videos were shot before the one where Corwin was roughed up?
Posted By Anonymous Alice, Sarasota, FL : 8:07 AM ET
Wow! Watched the show last night and am still thinking about it this morning. Was that tiger pee aimed at the camera or did I imagine that? I was really enjoying watching you guys frolic in the water with the elephants, looked like you were having a great time right up until that elephant mistook Jeff for his favorite toy. Hope he is ok and hope you are still having fun while bringing to light a very serious situation for the animals, women and children of these places. Thanks again and safe travels to all of you. (p.s. perhaps you would have been safer bathing the tiger pee soaked cameraman)
Posted By Anonymous Liz, Baltimore, Maryland : 10:02 AM ET
I am alway's amazed to see Jeff Corwin at work, but I do have to say that what I saw last night made me jump up out of my seat. Quick responce Anderson I am glad you and your crew where there to help him out. Glad to see and hear Jeff is ok!
Posted By Anonymous Dolores, Austin, Texas : 10:18 AM ET
Glad to hear Jeff is ok! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

I appreciate how you are opening our eyes to the reality of human trafficking, especially in Cambodia in your reports this past week. I was there a year ago to date and watching your show brings back so many horrible emotions and heartbreaks that I experienced as I traveled through the redlight district and the streets of Phnom Phen. It literally makes you sick to see all the girls on "display".

Although they are the biggest 'money-makers' and the most widely reported on, the women and young girls who are up for sale are not the only ones enduring this form of slavery, young boys are also being sold in this sick market. Several times a day as I ventured around Phnom Phen I was greeted by a pimp who offered me a young boy.

Many people do not realize how widespread the sex trade is, the media puts alot of focus on the women and young girls, who are the majority in the sex trade industry, but often leave out the young boys. We need to give a voice to the young boys who are also going through the same form of slavery.

I hope all the media attention that has been focused on Cambodia and the sex trade in recent years will eventually force the Cambodian government to stand up and take action against the pimps and brothel owners.

Don't let this "Planet in Peril" be the end of either you or Jeff! Be safe.
Posted By Anonymous Keri, Orange Park, FL : 10:24 AM ET
Hello Anderson Cooper,

Your show was wounderful, I'm glad your crew member Jeff is doing find. I like elephants. My family tells a story about me every time we get together with other fmaily memebers, that when I was about four or five years old I had a play elephant and I called it ele, well our pet dog Bella chewed up my ele and I cried all night for my ele. Next time you all should be very careful because elephants are very strong. I hope all the animals can be save. And Anderson you looked cute with the elephant. Have a day.
Posted By Anonymous Penny Farria Missouri City Texas : 11:00 AM ET
It was purely accident.
Jeff hand was on the way when elephant moved his/her trunk and put it on its mouth. The elephant did that all the times when took a bath.

My advice was to let elephant know your hand there and then such accident should avoid.
Posted By Anonymous Eng, Regina, Sask. : 11:19 AM ET
If you watch the video carefully (using pause and replay several times) it looks like the elephant thought Jeff's arm was something to eat, then spit him out (shaking its head) when Jeff started screaming. You can see how the elephant gradually draws Jeff's arm towards his (her?) mouth. The word "attack" seems a bit strong to describe this event. You can get bitten just as badly, or worse, by a horse if you're not careful. Bottom line: people are more dangerous than animals, but mind your body parts when around animals! Hope you feel 100% better soon, Jeff.
Posted By Anonymous Gwen M., Boston, MA : 11:22 AM ET
I saw the show. It seems as though "Rag-Doll" Jeff wasn't the only one with a close scrape. When that elephant had its snout wrapped around Anderson's head, he could have popped his head right off! I hope Anderson realizes he got away with one.
Posted By Anonymous S. Griffith, San Antonio, TX : 11:59 AM ET
To Jeff Corwin, Hoping for no serious damage and a speedy recovery. Folks can say what they will about any wild life documentarian but in our opinion, Jeff Corwin is amongst the best in the field. Example, Jeff was injured by this elephant but made a point to indicate in his public message the plight of these animals and the importance of bringing this information to the forefront. Mr. Corwin is a class act! If not for people like Jeff Corwin, the planet would be devoid of most if not all wild life and the rest of us would be trying to figure out how to recover from the global environmental damage that would cause. Keep doing what you do Jeff, we're behind you!
Posted By Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. C. Stromberg, Lake Zurich, IL : 1:03 PM ET
Anderson....when you signed on with CNN, I know you did not have an idea as to what lay ahead for you! Around the world...inside breaking world wide news, holding peoples feet to the fire down in NO...[hey...they still need your help down there...!!]. and now a tussel with an elephant! What next?? And please, stay out of Iraq & and John Roberts are very valuable, and we don't want you blown away by some stupid bomber!!! Carry on dear boy..enjoy..and come home safely!!!

Posted By Anonymous Judie Cook, Dumfries, Virginia : 1:42 PM ET
It was really great to see Jeff is doing well after the incident. He's a great hero for letting us know how bad the animal trafficking is. I believe education is one of the crucial elements to ensure that these animals can still walk on this planet. I myself is a Chinese and am fully understand that how naive and ignorant people are in that part of the world by thinkiing eating wildlife can cure illness and diseases. The reason is simple: they are not educated! Luckily my mom only fed me "pig brain" when I was a little boy because she believes it will make me smarter. Keep up the good work and I enjoy watching your show everyday in Sweden.
Posted By Anonymous Andy Lo, Stockholm, Sweden : 2:06 PM ET
I'd just like to say that I can appreciate the amazing richness of life in the Animal Kingdom without hot shot hosts getting in the faces of the animals they stalk to prove something. I stopped watching Animal Planet years ago because of this blatant in your face animal 'docu' drama crap. Elephants 1 Corwin 0.
Posted By Anonymous Margie, Dallas Texas : 2:23 PM ET

I watched the show last night and seeing the endless reruns of the elephant grabbing Jeff's arm and using it like a toy started to seem a little exploitive and excessive. Once or twice, fine, but really. We didn't need to see itover and over again. Elephants are huge, powerful creatures and maybe you should not have been playing with them that way. I cringed when I saw you with the elephant's trunk rapped around your neck. It's a good thing that elephant didn't feel playful right at that moment. I appreciate what you are doing by providing us with on the scene reporting, but you and Jeff should really be more careful. We need you both healthy and well.

I was really upset about the so-called animal activist who said that the little baby bear Newt should be killed. What kind of animal rights activist would say something like that? Especially given the fact that these polar bears are becoming extinct. They can raise him and, hopefully, mate him so that they can keep them from becoming extinct. He was so adorable, even though I know he will grow up to be a big, strong bear. Shame on that man for even entertaining such an idea. Experts have been raising wild animals domestically for quite some time.

It is truly heartbreaking to see these animals become endangered due to the careless and reckless corporations polluting their habitats. It makes you ashamed of the greed that drives this and the lack of concern for the damage done to our natural environment and its creatures.

Thanks for the series Planet in Peril. I am looking forward to future stories. This is an issue that we should all be concerned about.
Posted By Anonymous Mindy Chatsworth, Ca. : 2:36 PM ET
Elephants are unpredictable. What they do to each other in fun can kill a human. They don't mean anything by it (for the most part, some are just cranky)

However, the way humans control them is unbelievably cruel. Despite their seemingly thick skin, elephants have very sensitive skin. The handlers beat them with bats and a device called an ankus, which is a very sharp hook. They use this on the backs of their knees and on their genitals. Often elephants are kept in enclosures too small for their needs and die young in captivity. At least the Asian elephants don't get stuck in small zoo corrals or circus cages, but they are treated inhumanely on top of losing habitat.

Maybe something can be said on your show about how these intelligent and sensitive animals are being handled and contrast it with the more humane protected contact method in use at some of the more progressive institutions
Posted By Anonymous E. Richards, Oakland, CA : 3:07 PM ET
Hope Jeff Corwin's arm fully recovers soon.
People who didn't see the show last night and have access to just that video need to see Jeff later, his arm in a sling, talking to Anderson and showing that he's mostly okay. The video CNN is showing only the elephant attack/rough-housing; it should also show that Jeff wasn't too badly hurt.
Posted By Anonymous JW, St. Paul MN : 3:09 PM ET
I hope for a speedy recovery to Jeff.

Anderson..I'm glad to see you came to his help, unlike the men that stood around the bar while the police officer beat up that bartender.
Posted By Anonymous Becky, Thornton, Co. : 4:12 PM ET
Glad Jeff is ok - but,just like with that stingray, I think the animal world is sending a message to mankind -stop teasing us!!
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Los Angeles, CA : 4:14 PM ET
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