Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Can sexual predators ever be cured?
A couple of thoughts.....

First, last night we had a really interesting voice on the growing scandal at the Walter Reed Medical facility -- Tammy Duckworth. You probably remember her as a decorated Iraq war veteran. Duckworth's Blackhawk helicopter was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade. The attack left Duckworth a double-amputee. She later became an outspoken critic of how the Bush administration has prosecuted the war. In the mid-term elections, she ran for the 6th congressional seat in Illinois and lost. Last night, in the context of the growing scandal about the quality of care and conditions at the Walter Reed Medical Center, Duckworth talked to us about her 13 months of care. She had praise for her physicians and therapists at Walter Reed, but did say the number of war-wounded is overwhelming the under-staffed facility. She's now director of the Illinois Veterans' Affairs Department.

Next, can we really keep our kids safe from monsters? Given the thoughtful three-part series on sexual predators in the New York Times this week, we've been mulling whether predators are hard-wired to be predators and whether they can ever really stop. More and more states (New York could be the 20th) have passed civil commitment laws which effectively keep convicted predators off the streets even after they've served their prison time. The idea is to commit them to rehabilitation programs in secure facilities. It is nearly 5-times as costly as incarceration. But perhaps more to the point: There seems virtually no evidence predators can actually be "cured." Discussions about this sound like alcoholism in that you can never be cured but the key is to control the urge. Today, when a Florida jury convicted John Couey in the monstrous murder and abuse of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, we realized we should pull all these strands together for tonight. After all, Couey has a history of preying on children. He couldn't stop. With everything we know now, our special tonight is called, "Monsters Next Door, Can They Be Stopped?"
Posted By David Doss, "360" Executive Producer: 6:19 PM ET
What you said about alcoholism being like a predators sickness seems to make sense. I think that people have always had these urges, it didn't just get popular. What we have to find out is when did it become okay for pedophiles to act on these urges? What makes it okay today and not 30 years ago? Offenses against children were not as prevalent then. What has changed? Is it a more permissive or open society? Images in the media of children that would have been banned years ago (beauty contests, movies, reality tv)? Maybe all of these things make the sickos think that it is worth the risk to act out and attack children. The only way I think they can be stopped is for us to keep our children as close as possible and to actually teach them that these monsters exist.
Posted By Anonymous Cecilia, Houston Texas : 7:07 PM ET
Can Sexual Predators Ever Be Cured?

Consider all we've seen, read and heard about these despicable pieces of humanity, I would say the answer is "Obviously not".


Why should we pay for their incarceration? And incarceration is exactly what it should be. Lifetime, no less. One incident per person. Do you really want to wait for a second?
Registration hasn't been successful, mental health treatment doesn't work.
Know what I really love about these "civil" commitment areas? MALLS?? You must be kidding. (So they can keep in practice?)Then we spend more to be "civil" than most of us are trying to live on.

Then we learn the truth about our military hospitals and darned if we don't find we're treating sexual predators better than our men and women who are risking their lives to keep the scum free. Many of their injuries are "lifetime" free.

Of course, the small percentage of predators who actually make the effort to control their urges, and succeed, pay the price just like those who don't. Sorry, that's how the game is played.

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 7:33 PM ET
Hi David,
I think there is enough evidence now to show that these sexual predators cannot be either helped or healed. It certainly isn't worth the life of even one more child to give these animals a chance to re-offend. They should never be allowed to see the light of day again.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 7:49 PM ET
I don't believe a sexual predator/ child molestor,whatever you want to call them, can be rehabilitated. And I think it is just a waste of the taxpayers money to even try. I agree something needs to been done with them to keep them off the streets so they can't harm any more children. But I don't think rehab is the way...what happens when they finish rehab? They are let out and most will molest again. Maybe, they need to be put away for life in a type of jail/halfway house type of deal...they live there and can't leave. Kind of like a monastery, but it's gaurded like a jail.
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 9:10 PM ET
They cannot be cured. They need to be watched the rest of their lives.
Posted By Anonymous Daivd, Los Angeles, California : 9:11 PM ET
This may be a stupid question but were there always predators. I mean of all the things my Mom talks about growing up and all the stories my grandmother would tell her, I don't remember these kinds of things happening. Was it just something people didn't talk about? Or is it the fact that the news media now is so pervasive and instantaneous that we hear about more crimes than we used to?
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 10:17 PM ET
Why can't convicted predators be forced to wear some RFID or an ankle bracelet or whatever. A child could then have with them some RFID or Ankle Bracelet "identifier" so that the creeps can be ID'ed & avoided by the children.
Posted By Anonymous Bob in Naples, FL : 10:47 PM ET
Is it a reasonable approach to castrate those convicted of such a crime?
Posted By Anonymous Mike Hatley, Boring, Oregon : 10:47 PM ET
I don't believe that it is the right thing to lock these "sexual predators" away for the rest of their lives. I do believe it is important to educate parents on keeping their kids safe but there is a reason rehabilitation isn't working; pedophilia is a sexual preference like homo- and heterosexuality, it is just unpopular, not necessarily wrong. Give these guys a break if they've served their time.
Posted By Anonymous Desiree Las Vegas, NV : 10:49 PM ET
Why is it we never hear ANYTHING about what contributes to men's devious sexual behaviors such as child molestation? Let's talk prevention. What causes it? How can we eliminate it from the start?
Posted By Anonymous Molly Badgett, Decatur, GA : 10:49 PM ET
My Daughter was assaulted by a predator about 5 years ago. And he is still on the run with a Gun. And the Law still can't find him. This is his 2nd of offense and all they gave him was probation for the 1st.So you see were our system is.
Posted By Anonymous Rebecca,Florida : 10:55 PM ET
A critical piece of the sex offender issue is that not all are predators or pedophiles. True child predators represent only 3% of all sex offenses. According to the Bureau of Justice, only 3.3 percent of Offenders against children reoffend. The vast majority of offenses (approximately 90%) are committed by a family member or family friend. Additionally, there are thousands of so-called offenders whose offenses involved teenage consensual sex or ridiculous indecency charges because of peeing in the bushes or "mooning" somebody.

Yes, we do need to find a way to deal with true predators who are likely to reoffend. However, current policies only serve to isolate and destabilize all offenders regardless of offense or level of risk, thus increasing their chance of reoffense, sexual or otherwise.

We need to put down the pitchforks and tailor consequences and policies to reflect the crime. All offenders are not the same.
Posted By Anonymous Lee, Charlottesville, VA : 11:15 PM ET
these sexual offenders should be rehabilitated or at least an effort should be made because eventually they will be let back into our society, and without an attempt at rehabilitation this will be just a vicious cycle in which children are the vulnerab;e victims.
Posted By Anonymous Nobukhosi Mafu, Surrey bc : 11:21 PM ET
Sex is a physical urge. Why not cure a sexual predator through castration? especially the ones who say they want to be cured. If you get rid of the urge you get rid of the behavior.
Posted By Anonymous Henry- Peabody, Massachusetts : 11:45 PM ET
Wesly Allen Dodd provided volumes of valuable information prior to the execution of his choice in Washingtion state. Two of the three quests tonight were accurate, on point and deserve hours of talk time. Berlin & Goldenflake's collective knowledge incorporated with what Dodd left humanity may allow 'us-we' to stop re-inventing a well worn, well established wheel. Dodd in summary, "hit us hard and hit us young, take us seriously, help beyond the ages 14-15 is not help, we can no longer be corrected."
Posted By Anonymous Giovanna Hillsboro Oregon : 11:45 PM ET
I don't believe they can ever be cured nor trusted. When you abuse someone so innocent and helpless as a child; I feel they should be locked up forever. Maybe have prisons set up just for sex offenders. No TV's, no books, nothing! Let them just sit in a small cheap cell and rot! I want more rights for our children and less for these offenders. Afterall, I believe they lost their rights when they chose to molest the most innocent and helpless members of society. Lock them up in the worst conditions possible and keep them there for life! To hell with them!
Posted By Anonymous Cheryl, Hudsonville, MI : 11:46 PM ET
I have a very simple and inexpensive solution to the problem of sexual predators. They need to be neutered (castrated). I am a veterinarian. It is standard procedure to ROUTINELY neuter male dogs and cats to make their behavior acceptable in our homes. This simple surgical procedure removes the testosterone that is responsible for behavior that we consider innapropriate in pets. Certaintly, you can argue that human behavior is more complex than that of a dog or cat. However, testosterone is a strong force behind sexual behavior and certaintly, eliminating it's source in these men would make controlling their behavior SO much easier.
Posted By Anonymous Margaret Monachelli, D.V.M., Merrimack, New Hampshire : 11:51 PM ET
The issue of laws tightening controls on sexual predators carries a flip side that needs to be carefully weighed. What of the innocent people wrongfully convicted of this awful crime? One can't help but wonder if stricter laws will further inflame the witch hunt mentality that follows allegations of child sex abuse. Have children been abused? No question. The very sad story of Jessica Lunsford, the little girl who gave us Megan's law and countless others tear at our heart strings. However, the legislators who draft these laws and the officials who enforce them have a very serious responsibility, that of recognizing that our children are smart, in fact very smart, and they reach an age where they recognize the power these laws give them. Our lawmakers need to acknowledge that children can and do use these laws as weapons against their parents, teachers and other adults who make them angry. When innocent adults get trapped in this web, their lives come crashing down. The people who prosecute these crimes believe to their very cores that children never make up stories of sexual abuse. This myopic viewpoint chases ration away, therefore requiring Herculean strength for an innocent adult to break free. What happens to the family during this battle? They suffer severe emotional trauma at the hands of the process and financial decimation at the hands of the lawyers.

The scenario I've just outlined is more than my opinion; it's fact. My family has been caught in this very battle for nearly two years. On the word of a child, my husband has been indicted on three first degree charges that carry a maximum of forty years in prison. There's not a shred of evidence to show anything happened; in fact the child recanted. But here we sit, nearly two years later still trapped in this web, a once high- functioning family reduced to all but rubble. The emotional cost has yet to be measured. Years of therapy will serve as the yard stick. The financial price tag ... $120,000 to date and still counting.

If, God forbid, my husband is wrongfully convicted, he already faces Megan's law, assuming he lives long enough to be released from prison. Should these new laws be enacted, he would never be released. I can't help but ask what is right about any of this for the wrongfully convicted.

Based on our horrific nightmare, I would argue that lawmakers need to fix the existing net before they find ways to further tighten the noose.
Posted By Anonymous Jan , Wayne, NJ : 11:56 PM ET
They can only be stopped if you tell someone about it. That is part of the problem the little girl or boy is too scared to tell anyone. Sometimes for 8 years as it was in my case, the worst thing was it was a family member, who had done the same thing to my sister and mother. I regret to this day not telling anyone for years and not doing anything about it.
Posted By Anonymous Chelsea Hester, Acworth, Ga : 11:59 PM ET
The question isn't if these kind of people can be cured, it's if they want to be cured. The way i see it is, people who want to quit smoking, have the will power,dedication, and goal to quit smoking, As apposed to child molesters, they enjoy what they do, and choose not to quit weather or not they lose there own life in the process. So i believe they can't, won't, and aren't going to be cured.
I believe the goverment should implanment a law that automattically sententences a person to a minium prison term.

by the way i enjoy your show
Posted By Anonymous Abdi khalif, ottawa, ontario, canada : 12:05 AM ET
A heavyhanded punishment for first-time offenders may fail to prevent repeat crimes, by giving offenders nothing further to lose. On the other hand, an insufficient punishment may be insufficient to deter first-time offenders. However, regardless of where this fine balance lies, the idea of fluorescent green license plates is a joke. Since children should not be taught to avoid any strange vehicles more than others, the idea of branded license plates is merely a tool of redundant humiliation that places an unjust burden for single-vehicle families who are forced to bear the label on their only car, while wealthier offenders with multiple vehicles could circumvent this punishment entirely. Forcing neon license plates on sex offenders would be a crass and pointless exercise.
Posted By Anonymous Lulu, New Haven, CT : 12:07 AM ET
Whatever it takes in almighty dollars to ensure the highest level of protection for children, teens and adults alike from these sickly predators is the action that needs to be taken and enforced.
I had to leave the room as I couldn't bare to hear any more of the details about what happened to sweet young Jessica. And what I did hear engrained images in my mind that will stay with me for a long time.I can't imagine the pain her parents must have and still are enduring. Anyone committing this monstrous deed has no conscience or value for life. I don't know that there is any hope of instilling either of these moral values in such a troubled soul. So to rehabilitation? I am a very compassionate person. I feel for the troubled and downtrodden. I at one time was strongly against the death penalty. Now, I'm not so sure that it may be the only means we have to protect innocent victims from these violent, horrendous assaults. Maybe had I more faith in our Justice Systems I'd view the death penalty differently. But how does one garner faith in a system that continuously allows repeat offenders to roam the streets again? I just can't understand how Justice Systems can allow this to happen and sleep at night. Our modern day state of the art tecnology can put men on the moon but they can't keep these derranged predators off our streets? What's wrong with this picture?
Posted By Anonymous Pat, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada : 12:11 AM ET
Ok here are the problems I have with so called predators and pedophiles:
1) It paints an entire gender with suspician. No longer can a man be alone with a child, befriend a child, defend a child or show any interest in a child without doubt or suspician of motive.
2) It paints all male professionals with suspician. No longer can a man love a child or show special interest as a teacher, coach, father, uncle, etc or any type of male mentor loves a child for that childs special gifts or thirst for knowledge or thirst for guidance or thirst for male understanding....etc.
3) It also forces a distrust of older men and authority figures. No longer can a child show deference to an adult but now it must be explained there are limits to authority figures.
4) Lastly I can remember high school. You know when your 16 you love everyboy and you have crushes, puppy love, etc all the time. I remember boys and girls having crushes on teachers, on their friends parents, etc...and I think its awful that we are in a way taking something that is inherently NORMAL and criminalizing it to various degrees...from heresay to actuality, etc.

I dont condone pedophilia whether its with the female gender or the male gender though it does inherently seem that boys with older women are considered lucky and girls/boys with older men is considered criminal and that again plays into a gender war.

On the contrary, I think that we need to stop this gender war against men and boys, consider the context and weed out those people and situations that are the most damaging. I do not agree with the entrapment and lifelong predatory list.
Posted By Anonymous Elsie, SyracuseNY : 12:34 AM ET
Whether committed against a male or female, a child, senior citizen, or anyone in-between, rape and sexual assault are acts of terrorism, acts of anger/rage against, and of control over the victim. I cannot/will not/do not believe that chemical or physical castration will render a predator incapable of rape or sexual assault. One need not possess a penis to rape; there will always be hands and fingers, broom handles, soda pop bottles and more at the perp's disposal to vent his or her rage. This is not a rehabilitable crime.

I do agree that each case should be handled on its own merit and that both the death penalty and life without parole should be used liberally. It is an outrage that this week in Chattanooga, a music teacher was sentenced to 6 months for sexually assaulting a young male student at least once a week for the past year or so. What is wrong with our "system" other than it doesn't always work very well? This boy has certainly been through more than 6 months of hell; it will take years to work through this IF he is helped by counselors who specialize in this field.

Cure a monster? No way.
Posted By Anonymous Yolanda Lea, Knoxville, TN : 12:55 AM ET
While there are some sexual predators that can be "cured" through methods that range from counseling and therapy to being sent to an asylum, there are others who cannot. Those who cannot be cured should be locked up for the rest of their lives in order to protect the rest of society from these horrible people.
Posted By Anonymous Jared, Boston, MA : 1:32 AM ET
I am a 20 year wife of an offender and mother of the victim and I am infuriated by the system who has failed all of us altogether and especially Jessica.I believe that the goverment is responsible and that prison is not the answer for this sickness.Prison has not stopped these people from reoffending but I feel it has made them worse becoming bitter and resentful and without treatment suceptable to eventually murder.I am writing a book now and This is the first time I have spoken out. It is obvious that the offender is the individual responsible,however if the goverment can spend 100 billion on a war,THEY CAN FIND a cure.Also,why are they spending 100,000 a year for treatment if no one is released?Plus 26,000 a year to house inmates? We are the victims of this crime and were left with 1,400 for one year from the government for transitional compensaton as he was a member of the military.He recieved a 17 year sentence.I have alot of news on this issue. Too much to say perhaps.Forget Justice.There is nothing that is fair anymore that I've experienced.My daughter was only 9 years old too.She of course lives it forever.The government IS responsible to FIND a cure!This is an epidemic!
Posted By Anonymous Von,fort walton beach,Florida : 1:38 AM ET
I believe the penatly for sexual crimes agianst children should be death, I believe with such harsh punishment there would be a massive drop in these acts
Posted By Anonymous Patrick piggott arkansas : 1:45 AM ET
My concern is for those adolescent sexual offenders that are currently in very expensive therapy to the tune of $8000 per month for some school districts in the country. If the philosophy is one of,"If they have offended, they are always capable of reoffending." it would appear that they would never be fully treated. A child who has offended and is incarcerated at the age of 14 will have a very dim outlook for his or her future. The license plate idea might be an opportunity for hate crimes.
Posted By Anonymous Dianne Bey, Mt Pleasant, UT : 1:46 AM ET
Why not give treatment a chance? It's cheaper than incarceration ($4,000 per year for treatment versus $20,000 to incarcerate them) and actually addresses the root of the problem. People cannot let their emotions overwhelm them and they need to understand that the best way to protect their children is to address the root of problem instead of throwing offenders in jail and allowing them to re-offend as soon as released. Pedophilia is a mental illness and should be treated as one.
Posted By Anonymous Erin, Torrance, Ca : 1:52 AM ET
The only answer to this is to stop skirting around the issue and require and expect our state and federal legislators to impose tougher punishment across the country. Not 10 years in prison for the 18 year old having consenting sex with a younger classmate thats not a sex crime thats poor judgement. I am talking about the real child sexual abusers. Stop protecting these vile low life individuals. Wake up America, Child sexual predators should be treated as public enemy #1 The death penalty, life in prison these would be powerful deterrents.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Newport News,VA : 2:12 AM ET
I can't believe the politicians take this crime so lightly. These politicians are supposed to be grown men, what is wrong with a mandatory death penalty for someone who harms another persons child ? I really don't understand why I must live with known sex preditors on the street and the politicians think they have done their job because they have alerted me about the potential danger that lurks and could harm my child. Is this what living in a free country is all about? We are not free, we are living in fear of preditors and thugs because the law protects them. It is too bad there aren't any real men making the laws in our country. We seem to be able to go to war over the communists in Viet Nam or the Iraqui in Quait but we can't exterminate a cancer from our great land because these animals have an American citizenship and are protected.
Posted By Anonymous Cliff Righetti , Morada Ca. : 2:22 AM ET
There is only one way to cure these men and that is to castrate them. Take away their manhood and then see how they like it. They take away things from girls and others, so why not take away the thing that gives them that power? I say that castration is the only way to teach them that it is wrong. if they won't agree to castration, then don't release them.
Posted By Anonymous Helen Bloomington Minnesota : 2:22 AM ET
I do not think that sexual predators can ever be cured because once it is in them, they will always have that desire to go back. I think it is DISGUSTING to watch the way we are handeling sexual predators. We waste hundreds of thousands of dollars for their basic upkeep. If a man like this has tortured this innocent little girl and her family and basically found pleasure in burrying her alive, killing her, I think we should sentence him through a death penalty. It does not matter that giving him a shot will put him through pain, he deserves it. What did this little girl do to get that pain? And her family? I do not understand how the world is becoming lately with the fact that we are being so liberal on these cases. If not the death penalty, then at least stop wasting money and letting killers live on with their life, and give them a life sentence in prison.
Posted By Anonymous Layla, Los Angeles, CA : 2:28 AM ET
Chemical castration has proven to be overwhelmingly offective to reduce the residivism of sexual preditors who have volunteered to be subject to the procedure in lieu of imprisonment. Is this too brutal to enforce without consent? Why is this solution not considered more humane than capitol punishment.
Posted By Anonymous Kristi Youngblom Minneapolis MN : 2:38 AM ET
America does not have the stomach to really stop these predators because the only real solution is physical castration or death for the convicted offender.
Posted By Anonymous B.J., farmington,KY : 2:45 AM ET
All these brutal attacks and murders on children and anyone for that matter! When they know they have the preditor, I firmly believe in the death sentence. They should immediatly be sent to there maker for judgement on their soul. We are not murdering them, we are protecting our love ones and letting God judge the soul.
Posted By Anonymous Tammy,Brainerd,MN> : 9:02 AM ET
I feel like we have turned 'Sexual Predator' into the Witch hunt of our century. 400 years ago, people were burned at the stake because they were thought to be a threat to the people of that society. History has proved that many innocent people died that way.

Of course there are people with problems, who are threats to our children. But we need a better way to identify them.

We must be careful that we don't label innocent people as Predators. It is so easy to ruin someone's life by that label.
Posted By Anonymous Anne, Boulder Colorado : 10:02 AM ET
After watching last night's broadcast I am more confused than ever. There is no treatment that works, but you can't have these guys back on the streets. And yikes, the rehabilitated offenders that say they can function in society by avoiding temptation? If I was the mother of that teenage boy on the bus that your guest got off of, I would be beside myself worrying about what might have happened. As a parent you can be vigilant and drum into your kids what they should and shouldn't do, but the reality is that you are not with them 24/7. So to answer your question, from what I heard last night, sexual predators cannot be cured. And protecting our children is more important than anything so sorry, lock them up and throw away the key. Or shackle them with ankle monitors or whatever is it they use to put people under house arrest. Whatever keeps these guys under constant surveillance.
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte D Stockton CA : 10:41 AM ET
Alot of people on here have talked about castration. Rather it be physical or medicinal I don't think that'll work....the urge will still be there. Then they will resort to other means.....
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 10:43 AM ET
Good point. In my college Victimology classes and Social Deviance classes, we've been discussing very similar topics. I believe these people are VERY sick, I don't know so much if they are "hard wired" to be a predator, but they do have something WRONG with them. It sickens me when a child is hurt like this. Someone very close to me just recently experienced this and I think the person that harmed them and all others like them should have the full force of the law thrown at them, and I do NOT think they should be allowed on the streets. It's a scary world we live in and it just keeps getting scarier.
Posted By Anonymous Mae, Moberly, MO : 10:51 AM ET
When you get done curing the pedofiles, how about taking a shot at the homosexuals. Damnit, everything is not a disease. You can't "cure" all that ails this society.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, Decatur, IL : 11:05 AM ET
Why is it that the big picture is never seen by the law makers? We're being asked to fund green license plates, more police, public defenders, social programs and more to protect society from sexual preditors. It seems that the facts are clear that these individuals are a threat to society on so many levels, so why can't we have self-supporting prison systems to keep them isolated from society? Besides the benefit of having a safer world for everyone, wouldn't it actually cost less than all the money we throw at trying to protect ourselves from the obvious threat they pose?
Posted By Anonymous Jamie Case, Newport Beach, CA : 12:25 PM ET
I am much more afraid of the misinformation and hatred on this forum than I am of an identified sex offender. They are on the registry regardless of their level of offense (in most states), so once they have been convicted I know who they are. I can't warn my children to stay away from people whose views are based on emotion rather than facts. This show focused on the worst of the worst - a very scary population, indeed, but one which represents a minute percentage of all sex offenders. However, these comments clearly demonstrate that the public does not know the difference and cannot think rationally about this issue.

I would BEG Anderson Cooper to explore how sex offender policies impact recidivism and public safety as well the ability of a variety of offenders (not just this small group of predators)to be successfully reintegrated into society.
Posted By Anonymous Lee, Charlottesville, VA : 12:57 PM ET
Predators are attracted to children. Trying to cure them or dissuade them would be like trying to make me favor men over women. It just isn't going to happen. I don't care if they're cured or treated. Once we know who they are get them away from the rest of us and protect their future victims. You can't save everybody and there are more worthy people of our limited resources.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Youngstown, OH : 1:53 PM ET
Pedophiles are just one of many "symptoms" of how sick we are as a society--greed, $$, selfishness, self-centered, consumer/consume everything all the time, seriously ADD our entire lives, shallow, etc. In other words: "We Suck"!! You don't get so many pedophiles in OTHER CULTURES/SOCIETIES!!! We are ROTTEN TO THE CORE, and pimples like pedophiles are just another expression of our illness.
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Sacramento, CA : 2:53 PM ET
Your piece and most of the current laws focus on sensational behaviors while ignoring the true nature of most sexual crimes... those done within the family/friend context. We aren't willing to address this... which involves generational and entire family dysfunction. Also look at Canada's Communities of Concern, giving a released sex offender a network of supportive and observant people to meet with weekly. They give healthy ties to the community and an alert ear to potential problems.
Posted By Anonymous Joanne, Spring Mills Pa. : 3:02 PM ET
Such act cannot be forgiven and they need to be punished.

However in the world where Viagra is prevailing I'm curious to know if there are any research made in the medical field to find about Sexual predators and see how medical you can prevent them. Sexual predators obviously have some hormone and/or chemical imbalance in their body due to which they act the way they act. Is there any independent research group which have done any case study to find it and the antidote for the same.
Posted By Anonymous Priya Junnarkar , Fremont , CA : 3:10 PM ET
I don't think people understand that pedophilia is a sexual preference and that is the main reason why it can't be "cured" to peoples liking. You can't change who you are attracted to.
But with that said, I don't think that our playgrounds should become like a singles night at a bar and it is ABSOLUTELY(!!)important that parents are educated and protect their children. But I don't think that people should go after every single sex offender like lynch mob demanding their heads. They ARE people with pathological maladjustments and if they serve their time leave them ALONE. Did the masses forget about civil liberties and civil rights
Posted By Anonymous Desiree Las Vegas NV : 3:23 PM ET
Has it ever occured to anyone that the reason why sexual offenses, such as pedophilia, are handled so pathetically may have a great deal to do with the fact that the majority of it's perps are White males? I believe sex offenders who are sincere in their attempts to modify their behavior can indeed change. However, the real change needs to happen in our often racist and classist justice system.
Posted By Anonymous Johnathan Iverson, NYC, NY : 3:32 PM ET
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