Thursday, February 01, 2007
Iran using 'Green Beret' tactics in Iraq

There's been a lot of news this week about the alleged role Iran has played in the ongoing violence in Iraq. Click on the image above to hear CNN Correspondent Michael Ware's take on how, nearly four years into the war, Iran is not only involved, but has been a major factor since the very beginning.

Ware has been reporting from Iraq since the war began in 2003. What started as a war between Coalition and Iraqi forces, according to Michael, has turned into four separate wars: the war with insurgents, the war with al Qaeda, the civil war between Sunni and Shia and this fourth war with Iran.

Michael was in New York last week and sat down with Anderson to discuss the various wars being waged in Iraq. The clip above is taken from this conversation. We're airing the entire hour-long interview tonight, and it's truly the most raw, sobering and frankly scary discussion I've heard on the Iraq war.
Posted By Chuck Hadad, CNN Producer: 5:10 PM ET
Hey Chuck,

This piece with Michael is astonishing on so many levels. He is brilliant at making sense out of a deadly and confusing situation. Absolutely frightening, but I understand it all so much more after listening to Michael. He is a gem and kudos to you all for putting this package together and allowing him to tell his story.

Frankly, if our government was intelligent and thinking straight, they would call on Michael as a consultant, understanding that he is an expert in this area, and perhaps take to heart what he has to say. From my lips to God's ears, I know.

Thanks you guys, keep up the excellent work, and ya'll stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 5:41 PM ET
Thanks to Anderson's conversation with Michael Ware I now have a better understanding of what is going on in that area of the world. And I truly think that this interview should be required viewing for every member of Congress and the current Administration. Hearing the history of the region and the problems there past present and future from someone involved in the reporting of it is really better than all the military jargon spouted by generals over there.
Michael gets to the point without sugar coating it
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren Mi : 5:46 PM ET
I think Michael Ware's interview with Anderson was great. He is so knowledgeble in this subject. I think there is so much information out there that the public is unaware of. Thank you Anderson and Michael for bringing it to us.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 5:56 PM ET
Hi Chuck, Glad to hear you are repeating this hour with Michael Ware and Anderson. I have read many books on the subject and am a news junkie but this interview helped me understand very clearly what is really happening in Iraq. I am in awe of Michael Ware's courage and his ability to report to us the true picture. May God and his beloved angels keep him safe.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage Brooklyn, MI : 6:15 PM ET
Hi Chuck,
OH NO, not another rerun! Oh well, if you have to constantly have reruns, at least this is a very good special. I'd heard about Iran being involved with Iraq a few years ago. It certainly isn't a new issue. However, it is just one more conflict being thrown into the big pot of turmoil. Michael Ware has a lot to say and tells it very well. I'd say to anyone who hasn't seen this interview to watch. I just wish someone would have solutions...We know it's dire, but if it's not hopeless, then where are the answers? Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 6:25 PM ET
Dear Chuck,

I was delighted to see that you have decided to air Anderson's fascinating and insightful interview with Michael Ware again tonight.

If you believe the Bush administration, you would think Iran is just now beginning to become involved in the war in Iraq, when anyone with common sense could tell you that they have been involved in some way, as Michael said, from the very beginning. By starting this war, George Bush played right into their hands.

One of the most chilling things Michael said in the interview was that the parties involved really have no reason to compromise in any way. If we cannot win militarily and there is little possibility, if any, for compromise, I would be interested to know what he thinks our real options might be.

We need reporters like Michael who give us a unique perspective on the war and help fill in the deliberate gaps left by the governments involved.

Anderson handled this interview expertly, allowing Michael to just tell his story aided only by occasional questions and subtle direction. Please continue to give us more in-depth interviews like this one.

Please send Michael our regards.

Thanks again,
Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 6:26 PM ET
Its really hard to know what to say.

It just appears to me that when you have so many rival groups led by bully leaders fighting for control of a weakened and submissive people,you have layers upon layers violence precipitated by complicated personal greed, a skewed sense of loyalty to a group through a seemingly patriotic stance, and an unwavering religious stance in which neither group can agree which form of worship is the truest.

Mr. Ware has so beautifully categorized the Iraqi war into four different wars. I can see what he is saying, but isn't it really just one war of different oportunistic sects trying to gain the upper hand? One bully leader is cleared out by force and then a whole new group takes over. This new group puts their bully leader in control. The bully leader violently forces their doctrine on others. This doctrine causes a whole new set of problems added to the old set of problems. The bully leader is taken out, which then clears the way for another whole new group to take over. They have their bully leader and so on. Its like a never ending cycle.

The people in Iraq don't have a single set of governmental principles that they can stand on and measure their actions against, so their government is unstable. Because there is no one set of ideas that everyone can agree upon, they cannot build a strong government either. The Iraqis look at every decision and every action in the prism as dictated by the Islam of their beliefs, which further exascerbates the problem, because every Iraqi does not agree on the kind of Islam that is the truest. So deep cracks develop, and bully oportunists take advantage of the weaknesses that the cracks provide in order to control a nation.

Some people feel that the answer to the problem is democratization. I don't know if democratization is the answer because they can't even agree to disagree on their religious beliefs. If the Iraqi's can't tolerate each others differences in such a personal part of their lives, how are they going to come together on a large concept like democratization? How can you convince a people on vastly different philosophical beliefs that are supposedly going to bind a nation into one whole, when they can't even look at each other in tolerance?

So they fight.

And we fight.

And they die.

And we die.

It's really hard to see how this conflict can be concluded by a people who have a totally different view on religion, government, and social interaction. Much of the answer may lie in the Iraqi's themselves. The problem is that collectively they are not strong enough to subdue their enemies on their own; also, they are not farsighted enough to see that they are only making their own situation worse.

American forces, whatever the strategy may be to bring peace to the region, democracy to the region, a government to the region or some combination thereof, is going to have to subdue all of these rival forces and a seemingly submissive people. They are going to have to make them understand that positive and uniform collective thought is the answer to the barbarism that they currently face. American forces are going to have to help Iraqi masses develop a more positive self concept about themselves. Not rooted in the Judeo-Chirstian thinking, but in the Islamic thinking. I just think that this task is nearly impossible. Maybe it can be done, I don't know. I don't see any of this conflict coming to an end anytime soon. Possibly even not in my lifetime.

The United States needs to rethink their position on this war. They need to study the situation more carefully and look at things through the lenses of reality and not through hubris.

Look forward to the interview again.
Madeliene Bolden
Posted By Anonymous Madeliene Bolden, Atlanta, Georgia : 6:32 PM ET
These terrosrists atacked us with box cutters and pens! How do we retaliate, by dumping millions into a war that we (our government) does not understand.
Posted By Anonymous John Doe, Reno, Nevada : 6:33 PM ET
Keep Michael (and Arwa) talking. I'm listening. Also, liked the 'in the field' about the growing Sunni-Shia insurgencies through out the ME. How about bringing that in to expand the conversation?
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 6:36 PM ET
Is this news? Who is suprised about this?
This could have been predicted in detail in 2002, if the administration cared to think beyond "shock and awe" to the regional fallout.
Posted By Anonymous Don Slish, Burlington, VT : 6:57 PM ET
Michael Ware's first hand information about what's going on in Iraq is the first clear, concise, and informative report I've heard about what's really going on in Iraq.

I appreciate Michael's dangerous work and thank CNN for providing a platform for his voice.

But Michael should be giving his first hand testimony directly to our Congress. This is what our elected representatives need to hear in order to make informed decisions about how to proceed with the war in Iraq, and hopefully, prevent a war with Iran.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 6:58 PM ET
What's the "insightful story" here? Michael is explaining ground conditions in the region that are basically well-known to anybody who has the intelligence to investigate the facts.

Where have all you people been for the past four years?
Posted By Anonymous Jazz, Brooklyn NY : 7:03 PM ET
how would he know what a green beret tactic is?
this stuff makes me sick....why not talk about how many innocent Iraqis and Afghanies we have killed with our bombs and by our negligence....these attacks btw happen between 70 to 180 times a day in Iraq!
Posted By Anonymous chris Orlando, Florida : 7:04 PM ET
One more American trained and with US weapons equipped "enemy" Viet Saddam......etc...etc...
Posted By Anonymous Ralph Hofmeier , Miami Florida : 7:05 PM ET
Our administration has been saying that Iran is orchestrating the violence in Iraq, not the Iraqi people. You chose not to listen until it was convenient to do so. So now you will say, "our gov has it's head in the sand when the real threat is Iran". Wake up, Iran is the reason we are in Iraq, to have a buffer that is not radical. What's next? If Bush takes any action against Iran, people will then say, "he should have been more diplomatic". He has done that. Should he have went to Iran and asked for help in Iraq? I guess now you can see that would have been stupid since now you are reporting that they are behind all of the violence. Be fair, please, the American people deserve it.
Posted By Anonymous Cecilia, Houston Texas : 7:08 PM ET
When George W invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam, he removed the finger from the dyke and let the Shiite genie out of the bottle... of course Iran is involved.. but their objective is Mecca/Medina whose custodianship they believe they have been denied for 1400 years.. if the Wahabis and the Americans stand in their way, so be it.. inshallah...
Posted By Anonymous Pravin Banker, Greenwich, CT : 7:13 PM ET
Another reason to be grateful for a free press in the US, the truth being told about this war finally from the viewpoint of someone in the midst of it. I only hope the right people are listening and take proper action to keep our troops safe and get them out as quickly as possible. At some point somebody has got to get this before we lose another 3000 soldiers. I would not want to be any of you in Iraq right now. But I am so thankful you tell the stories and show the horrors and make this real so that the world knows what our soldiers and Iraq's innocent people go through every day. One day human life will honestly matter to our "pro-life" president and members of Congress. One day this will just be a really bad decision in history that cost our friends and family their lives.
Posted By Anonymous TA Cheramie, Berwick, LA : 7:31 PM ET
I am rather dubious about the claims. Most journalist spend their time in what is known as the green zone and get Iraqis as their proxies to get info out and they repot on that. In ocassion the venture out beyond the portected zone along with a military convoy....which is not the kind of interaction that allows you or anyone to make such claims. I like to see specific evidence. I have been following the Iran influence topic that has suddenly emereged lately. I question it's timing in light of the pressure on president to deliver the promise on Iraq.

As far as I know, US Military has yet to show any medium to large cache of Iranian military supply. They have shown images of weapons with Arabic writings (which is not the same as Farsi) as evidence at best.
I think the administration is trying to blame their problems on Iran and not face criticism on the badly executed Iraq plans the blunders made.
When we invaded Iraq papers from Times to others reported on the yellow cake and Iraq plan for nuclear weapon. I see the same thing again....
Posted By Anonymous sam, sacroment CA : 7:32 PM ET
Again? Come on! If you are regular viewer we've already seen this!
Posted By Anonymous Patti - Jackson, WY : 7:33 PM ET
Hi Chuck~
THANK YOU for airing this important interview with Michael Ware AGAIN! Keep playing it until George War Bush can understand. Is he capable? I'm not sure.It may have to be played a couple more times. A couple million!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 7:47 PM ET
Hey Chuck,
The conflicts between Shia & Sunni has been going on for decades, it will continue long after U.S. is gone. Al-Qaeda & Iran spreading death in Iraq? They can say a big thanks to Bush and the way he started that war. The insurgents,they have nothing else to lose,not even hope. And U.S. soldiers and civilians are paying the price.

As for Michael Ware, I admire him so much. He is the one I listen to concerning what's really going on in Iraq. He has an insider look at the insurgents and their families. I've read his articles in Times and listen to him to explain to us with a clarity not found in anyone else.
Michael, you do a magnificient job. Stay safe, my prayers are with you.
Anderson, that interview was amazing. It was like listening to two friends talking. It did not feel like an interview and was so enlightning and powerful,emotional. Great job.

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne R. Laval Quebec : 7:48 PM ET
No one said anything about the millions of people who braved all these factions and thugs and voted in their first elections. Who speaks for them and that they might be worth fighting for? Michael and Anderson--it's not just about the violent factions...
Posted By Anonymous Mark Adams, Aptos, California : 7:49 PM ET
I just wanted to thank AC 360 for this piece. I had no idea that it was that bad in Iraq. I mean, I know that it was bad but I was way off. Micheal Ware is an excellent reporter and a very brave man. Put that together with Anderson's unparalelled reporting and we ALL learn something.
Posted By Anonymous Andy Summitville, IN : 8:01 PM ET
Anderson Cooper is a major part of my nightly lineup and watched faithfully everynight. Michaels interview was very accurate assesment of the crisis in the middle east. Although a republican Im no longer a Bush supporter. His stubborness and refusal to listen to his advisors has worsened the situation. Instead of acting on good advice he replaces his generals. Vietnam all over again. The middle east problem has been in developement for centuries. It is a volitile region with a dangerous mix of values and cultures. We and our allies cannot change the situation. Michaels insight was the best assesment yet to be given and Bush should replace his so called advisors with Michael. Thank you for the best program since Nightline's coverage during the Iran hostage crisis. Thank you Michael for your insight and courage. We need more men like you.
Posted By Anonymous Garry Lewis Parker Colorado : 8:14 PM ET
I watched this show the other night and thought Michael did a brilliant job of explaining things clearly. Sadly it seems there is no "good" solution to what is going on. Now I know how my parents felt during Vietnam. Although at least the reason we went into Vietnam wasn't a BIG LIE.
Posted By Anonymous Becky, Fairfield, Ohio : 8:22 PM ET
It's time to wipe Iran out. They have been involved in covert shipments of IEDs and other powerful bombs that have killed our troops. Now these manics want to develop nuclear "power." They need to be dealt with.
Posted By Anonymous Ibrahim, Detroit, MI : 8:32 PM ET
It looks like Iranians are better than us in training the Iraqis, they are more knowledgeable about the culture than we are, and they have been more successful. They have been subject of Saddam's chemical weapons and they lost about 1 million soldiers fighting him. Remember before Kuwait, he invaded Iran. While we are satellites away from Iraq, Iranians share a vast border with them.
It goes without saying that Iran has a greater vested interest in the stability of Iraq than we do.

Further reasons for the administration to work with the Iranians to bring some sort of stability to the region.

Let's be pragmatic for once and do what is right for the Iraqi people and our soldiers, and not what the special interest wants.

James S.

Hope the editors deemed my comments appropriate.
Posted By Anonymous James S, San Diego CA : 8:52 PM ET
So, what you are saying is that let's totally forget how US helped Saddam's regime to deal with Iran during the 8 years of war between the Iran and Iraq. Let's not even mention about how Saddam poured chemical weapons over teenage and preteenage Iranian soldiers and melted them into the desert. It is not OK for the Iranians to take revenge! How self-rightious we can be!
Posted By Anonymous Mary, San Francisco CA : 8:58 PM ET
The west needs to wake up to some history. The Iranians were attacking the west ever since the Persian Empire, and that has never abated.
Posted By Anonymous Robert King, Cary, NC : 9:28 PM ET
From what I've seen of Michael's report, it is informative and insightful. I think the interview is truly sobering and should be required viewing for anyone interested in the War in Iraq.

I'm a 14-year-old aspiring reporter and Michael is a huge inspiration. Good job!
Posted By Anonymous Cait, Alberta, Canada : 9:43 PM ET
Thank heavens for tivo. I watched the piece when I got home and it is a real eye-opener. It certainly doesn't paint a very positive or good picture. I hope the White House has someone watching as well. We need to start working on some kind of plan that doesn't involve great losses. My parents are buried in a VA cemetery in Fla. I visited them this morning before I left for home. It appeared that they were adding new sites above ground for new arrivals. It is so sad to think we may be sending in thousands of brave men and women that could end up in this cemetery. Thanks to Michael, AC and all who work so hard to provide these stories.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 9:48 PM ET
The great "Iranian invasion", by the fearsome "Iranian Green Berets", and the "Iranian CIA". I'm shaking with fear already. Do you have any crocodiles in this story?

Utter nonsense, and as usual, not a shred of evidence. It's always somebody else's fault.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin, Dallas, Texas : 10:45 PM ET
Thanks for airing this interview again. Wars never make sense, but the conversation between Anderson and Michael certainly did, explaining the complexity of it all. Only wish Michael's conclusion had been more hopeful. Great job.
Posted By Anonymous Kristina, Boden, Sweden : 12:17 AM ET
The US needs to understand the Shia/Sunni situation. A lot of Sunni's have Wahabbi thinking, witch look at Shia muslims as non muslim. All that comes from Saudi Arabia, friend of the US. The US can't ignore Iran and build Iraq while focusing on Saudi's interest. Every time Iran does something Saudi Arabia spends millions on Sunni Madrashas in Pakistan and other anti Shia stuff, witch some come out as terrorist. Not everybody with a gun is a terrorist, the US needs to back the Shia in Iraq and ask Iran for help.
Posted By Anonymous David Phoenix, AZ : 12:25 AM ET
Michael Ware has it all figured out - how do we get him to talk to the powers that be?
Posted By Anonymous Pat McAlister Springdale AR : 12:35 AM ET
I hope you're planning to re-air this full hour soon. I missed part of it, and it's very informative and compelling - would like to see it in full. Thanks.
Posted By Anonymous Don, Houston, TX : 12:40 AM ET
Why don't you interview Iraqi Sunnis and Shias and Iranians about Iraq? How can a wetsern reporter have an authentic view about Iraq when he cannot get out of his hideout in Green Zone? Why are all these posted comments so identical and one-sided with no opposing views. Why do you censor opposing opinions? Stop legitimising the US govnt's horrific crime in Iraq.Maybe you are preparing for another war by such interviews.Have we not had enough US soldiers lynched in Iraq? Have you no shame? What happened to the dignity of free press? We have lost 3000 American lives on lies. You are not even a good liar. Leave politics and stick to weather and sport reports, that is what you are good at. I don't know why I have bothered, you're not gonna post this anyway.
Posted By Anonymous Anthony from LA : 12:53 AM ET
"Iraq -The Hidden War" - superb heart-wrenching piece of coverage by Michael Ware! He is brilliant and explain like it is. Congress and the White House should consult with him and stop playing politics. Thank you so much for airing this piece. Michael, be safe and careful, my prayers are always with you. Why can't the US army has intelligence like him?
Posted By Anonymous Terence, San Diego,CA : 2:55 AM ET
It is rather amusing, that when the Bush administration policy changes to be antagonistic against Iran, the news media also finds Iran behind every Iraqi bush.

Before the war with Iraq, Saddam's warehouses were filled with arms. After the war, the military, thanks to the brilliance of Rumsfeld strategy, didn't secure the arms depots, Iraqis helped themselves to these arms, now they are using it against the US.

The last thing any one needs to export to Iraq is arms, heck there are reports that they buy them from the Iraqi army.

As far as I can tell about these Iran influence in Iraq.... if it walks like propaganda, if it talks like a propaganda, then it is nothing more than propaganda.
Posted By Anonymous daius, Seattle, WA : 3:09 AM ET
What an outstanding piece of "journalism" by Michael and Anderson, very enjoyable and enlightning. Michael's "Steve Irwin" passion, mannerism and insight as to what is really going on in Iraq paints a clear and vivid picture that I now understand muach better. This type of interview (info) should have been conducted a long time ago and is a must "see" for anyone who wants to really know what's happening in Iraq today. Superb work!
Posted By Anonymous Ken Buchy, Virden, Manitoba, Canada : 3:18 AM ET
My effort to undertsand the situation in Iraq would have been inconsequential if not for reporters like Anderson Cooper and Michael Ware. The hour special last night shed new light of the enormity of the Quagmire in Iraq. It is hard to imagine all the double talk and political correctness going on in Washington, while our troops continue to face threats from Iran (who China is heaviily trading with and is on the NYSE).The end of this snowball efect in Iraq is unforseen from the vivid depiction of the frontlines of the quadfold of the Iraq war. But now we must focus on some form of accountability for the sake of our troops and the Innocent Iraqi citizens.
Posted By Anonymous Ana Atille, Ocala FL : 3:31 AM ET
I am an Iranian and I have not good feeling about what our governors doing in Iraq , Lebanon and Palestine. Iran has had a major role in Iraq since 2003. Our money goes to Lebanon , Iraq and Palestine. I don`t understand why? Iran is very rich country but many people lives in poverty, and Ahmadinejad (president) is planning for other countries!!
I want to say It`s not time to wipe Iran out (as Ibrahim from Detroit said, similar to what ahmadinejad desire about other countries) but It`s time to help Iranian people to achieve their own real democracy.
Thank you Anderson.
Posted By Anonymous Idin , Iran : 6:34 AM ET
Perhaps the goal of the war from the very start was to start a rift between Sunni and Shite and bring Saudi Arabia into conflict with Iran through Iraq.
Posted By Anonymous GeeDee Halifax NS : 10:03 AM ET
While on a 1988 Somolia tour, my wife and I had our lives threatened by a chanting mob of Muslims. When my wife cried out why! The leader of the mob replied; "We kill all Americans, we rule the world!" Thank God for our body guards! Believe me folks-this war with Iraq is only a skirmish-they (the Muslims) think they can defeat America. The real war has yet to begin.
Posted By Anonymous Charles Raymond Woodstock, Ga : 10:13 AM ET
Michael Ware's interview last night was the best explanation for what's going on in Iraq I've ever heard. I strongly encourage you to do more at-length interviews with him where he can take the listener through complex Iraq and political issues in a meaningfful way. Bravo!
Posted By Anonymous Bet Mulligan, Inverness, Fl : 10:45 AM ET
Last evening's report from Mr. Ware brought clarity of the Iraqi situation in a way not before reported. As dramatic as his personal experiences were, the characterization of all aspects of our current situation was even more impactful. Is it your feeling that this show can/will have meaningful impact on the executive leadership and Congress! Is there a way to expand even further than last evening's show on the visibility of Mr. Ware's observations? How can this be brought to a greater number of American citizens, and how can we use it to bring more pressure on the administration to alter its current, disastrous course.
Posted By Anonymous Richard Sanderson, Chicago, IL : 10:51 AM ET
Time to wipe Iran out? Oh yeah, that's brilliant, pick another fight with another country that will turn into another losing war besides Afghanistan and Iraq. Have people not got it into their thick skulls yet that you can not bomb, shoot, bully, and force people into Democracy! If you have to do those things, then you're not setting an example of democracy yourself! You yourself have become a terrorist!

Besides, I don't hear the Bush administration talking about attacking North Korea at all. In fact, North Korea has demonstrated that they have nuclear warheads and have actually detonated them! But GWB wants a "diplomatic approach" in talking to them. But Iran? He acts like he can't speak to Iran, but is ready to use force if necessary against them? Does anyone not see the stupidity in this nonsense. All at the expense of innocent human life.
Posted By Anonymous D. Solomon, Lindenwold, NJ : 10:54 AM ET
What a great informative interview. One suggestion! Could you play both nights segments on one night??
Kudos to Michael and Anderson. Oh and Anderson, you're no Paris HIlton.!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Yancey Prosser Little Rock, AR : 10:56 AM ET
This was the most illuminating, informative, and thorough discussion of the war in Iraq that has been broadcast on any network. Anderson Cooper asks the questions that we all want to know and Michael Ware is the most oustanding of all the reporters covering Iraq. Excellent special- keep up the great work.
Posted By Anonymous Heidi H. Perkins, Georgetown, MA : 11:03 AM ET
Putting his life on the line to get the real story...what a man this Michael Ware is, a great journalist, through and through. The only hope I have is that his life-risking effort will not go in vain...that this very important informations he gathered will be used to better understand this war, this part of the world. He cannot put it in more better perspective that this. I lived in this Baghdad as a Christian businessman and I easily understand whe he is trying very hard to expain to the people that should matter: our government, our legislators..who pretend to understand, but not at all.
You would think that before anyone plan to invade a country, they would study it extensively to understand the people, the culture, the religion, the politics of that country. Instead we went blindly, in ignorance and of course, we failed. More power to your program. Let's pray it will make a difference. Good luck.
Posted By Anonymous Fawzi, San Francisco, CA : 12:31 PM ET
Hey AC and Mr. Ware: Thanks for broadcasting this remarquable interview again. Thanks to Mr. Ware, I have a better understanding of this crazy war. I believe that you give us the very good reality-check of what's really going on there. No bullshit and facts, that's all we want to hear, no sugar-coating. I really got the chills listening to him when he was suddenly was. How do you recover from this? I admire you Michael Ware for your indepth reports and hope you stay safe. Good luck!
PS. This is the BEST interview I've seen in a while. Thanks AC! Josee
Posted By Anonymous Josee, Montreal (Canada) : 1:49 PM ET
This was an amazing presentation and so clearly explained the Iraq situation. I have tried to tell so many people about it but it would be so much better if you could present the 4 parts war again but do it on a weekend when most people who have to get up early can watch it. It would be wonderful if you could show it again on a weekend AND advertise the fact that it will be shown so that we can catch it. I think that it is actually good enough to warrant being presented as a special by itself.
Posted By Anonymous Sue H, Castleton, NY : 3:19 PM ET
Hi Chuck,
Anderson Cooper's interview with Michael War was fantastic!
Never have I heard a better or more concise description of the situation in Iraq.I doubt we would ever get this
info from the government.
The Senate and the Congress should be
to watch the entire show. From the
interviews a few have had on TV it looks like they have little idea of what is going on in Iraq.
I would really like to have a copy of this whole interview and would be willing to purchase it if it were available.
CNN has become our primary TV station!
Keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Al Clark,Louisville,KY : 4:18 PM ET
I did appreciate this interview. I now understand what's going on there than I ever did before. I don't think the Bush Administration carefully planned the Iraq business. They thought people would just welcome them with open arms and thank them for saving them. Instead, they made it worse and played right into the hands of the radical islamists. Michael Ware was right. The US's attack on Iraq gave the terrorists cause and just made them stronger.
Posted By Anonymous Regina L., New York, NY : 5:10 PM ET
I just watched the new Secretary of Defense inform the Nation that there are 4 wars going on in Iraq. Gee I wonder where he heard that!
No comparison to Paris Hilton at all Anderson, you're much better looking!
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Ont. Canada : 5:31 PM ET
So, did you guys catch the 'Gates' analysis of the wars in Iraq today (Friday). Is he listening when Michael speaks? Would think MW is too busy to catch all the US coverage, so send him a quick feed.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 5:42 PM ET
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