Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Can people change from gay to straight?
The news today about Ted Haggard got us thinking: Is it really possible to change from gay to straight? Many people scoff at the idea, but before you dismiss it, here is what one person who says she went through just such a transformation told us earlier today:

"When I lived homosexually, I was homosexually identified, my attractions, my feelings, thoughts, my behaviors, all centered around a homosexual identity, and I can say that all of those things are radically changed now, where I'm a heterosexually identified women," said Melissa Fryrear. "I'm attracted to men. I even look different. I think different, feel different."

Melissa is a Christian who works for the conservative group Focus on the Family.

"I realized as early as age 11, 12, 13 that I was struggling with my sexual and gender identity," she told us. She lived as a lesbian until she was 26 years old and found God. She grew disillusioned with her homosexual life and wanted to change.

"That was a decision that I wanted to make in my own life," Melissa said. "This was a process of many years, several years for me of going to counseling, professional counseling, connecting with Christian ministries that could help, talking with other men and women who had been on a similar journey, and was able to work through the issues in my own life that contributed to homosexuality."

This is the first person I have spoken with who considers him or herself "Ex-Gay." We'll have more about the this on the show tonight, but I am curious to hear your take. Is it possible for someone to change their sexual orientation? Has anyone you know tried to change from gay to straight?
Posted By Jim Spellman, CNN Producer: 5:10 PM ET
I don't think it's possible to change from gay to straight and I've noticed that the people who usually try to change are those who have changed decided to convert to a religion that doesn't allow homosexuality. If you're just doing what your religion tells you to, how real can it be?
Posted By Anonymous Ashley, Las Vegas, NV : 5:39 PM ET
As the ex-wife of a gay man, I can tell you from experience that it is not possible to "overcome" being homosexual. My ex-husband and I were together for 18 years and I never suspected a thing. He was a professional man with a very strong identity and will, but in the end he could not overcome who he really was. Nor should he have had to.

Throughout our ordeal I came to understand so much about what being gay means. (Perhaps more than I ever wanted to know, at first). But the experience made me a stronger person and it taught me that people are who and what they were meant to be; and nothing, or no one should make them feel ashamed of that. It is not our job as humans to judge one another.

Can someone overcome homosexuality? I personally do not believe it is possible. If anyone could have done it, my ex-husband could have. He tried very hard for many years. I feel if there are people who state that they have, they are simply not being honest with themselves. When my husband admitted to me that he is gay, I was upset, but even moreso, I was relieved. He deserves to be who he is and not live a lie. We remain close to this day.
Posted By Anonymous Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 5:45 PM ET
Hi Jim,
I think we all have to live in the skin we were born with. I don't think people can change being gay or straight. It's something each human being must decide for themselves. My gay friends tell me they can't change. And I believe them and don't question their lives. I have enough trouble minding my own business in this life, I don't want the burden of what if's or why's when it comes to other peoples private life. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 5:52 PM ET
That's total crap. I believe your sexual identity is biological and you're born with it. Anyone who decides they're not gay never really was. But this is the kind of dangerous thinking that contributes to anti-gay sentiments and eventually hate crimes. It reinforces the belief that you can turn it off and on like a light switch. And the general public is sometimes dense enough to believe that.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 5:57 PM ET
I think it is entirely possible for a person to change their orientation. This all boils down to the issue of is homosexuality genetic or not. My personal opinion on that one is that it is not genetic, and that homosexuals decide to be who they are. A lot of times I have found in my gay friends, that they had an unhappy childhood in one way or another and I wonder if that makes them lean one way or the other?

Now, I wonder how much hate mail you will get....
Posted By Anonymous Sharla Jones, Stratford, NJ : 5:58 PM ET
You may be able to modify your behaviors, but you were born straight or gay...and that cannot be changed. It's only the religious folks who believe that you can "change"..it's easier to believe that than knowing that God made some people gay, which conflicts with their narrow beliefs. If you believe that God made some people gay, you would then need to accept it, which "they" have been conditioned to believe is sinful - therein lies the issue.
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Sacramento, California : 6:06 PM ET
If it was possible to change, I doubt that millions of gay people would choose to remain in a lifestyle where they are insulted, assaulted, discrimated against, spat at, and hated for who they love.
Posted By Anonymous Christy, Gainesville, FL : 6:07 PM ET
Can people change from gay to straight? We are all in control of our own actions, yes. We are all responsible for our actions. Gays have been in the closet and fathering children successfully for a very long time which leads me to believe that homosexuality really is just a preference, not a biological straightjacket. The choice IS theirs.
Posted By Anonymous Rod C. Venger, Colorado Springs, Colorado : 6:08 PM ET
It's not a matter of can one change, but why should one change?

Anyone can stop sleeping withh/dating someone of the same same sex, but why should they.

Imagine if we were told we shouldn't like a favorite food anymore. sure, we could stop eating it, but why should we?
Posted By Anonymous Brendan Gately, Chicago, IL : 6:10 PM ET
Are we back to pray away gay? Is ac-dc possible? Can one addiction be replaced by another? Can one embrace celebacy? Can one live a state of denial?

We already got the definitive answer from those seeking the End of Days. Three weeks in the desert and you can declare 'situational acting-out'. So much for 12-step programs.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 6:10 PM ET
I don't believe you change from gay to straight, this woman was probably attracted to both sexes, or has been brainwashed to be straight, I bet if she had a couple of drinks and she was hit on by an attractive (to her) gay woman she would have problems resisting. Sexual attraction is not something you can just turn on or off. When religions say they can change people it makes me laugh.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Levittown PA : 6:10 PM ET
Might it be more difficult for men than it is for women?
Posted By Anonymous Yvonne, Los Gatos, CA : 6:11 PM ET
I don't think it's possible to change your inherent sexual orientation. I think it's something that's completely hard-wired into the brain and that there's little that you can do about it.

I also think it's poisonous that people, usually those that believe in a monotheistic male interpretation of a divine figure can't get their heads around this fact. We've had homosexuality before the Greeks had their civilization. Homosexuals have lived their whole lives without anyone knowing about their sexual orientation, and never ever being able to live in truth to themselves. By "making someone an ex-gay", these usually Christian groups are destroying any positive self-image that that person might have had because apparently Jesus's love does not extend out to people who are not straight and living in married relationships.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin Convery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 6:11 PM ET
I think it's much more likely that people can go from gay to denial. Some closets have revolving doors!
Posted By Anonymous Barry, Ft. Lauderdale : 6:12 PM ET
The whole paradigm in this discussion needs to be shifted. According to the Kinsey studies done in the '50s, we ALL exist on a continuum of sexuality, at one extreme "straight" and at the other "gay". A vast majority of people on the planet are somewhere between the extremes and those in the middle could go either way and often do. It makes perfect sense that socialization could push a person one way or the other; in other words,that person could choose not to exhibit the "gay" tendencies, all the while still being very "bi-sexual" (for lack of a better term) at their core. We humans do ourselves a great injustice by attempting to label each other with such broad definitions, but such is the way it's always been. It's just easier, particularly in the dumbed-down media, to define subjects quickly and without any real thought.
Posted By Anonymous David, Long Beach, Ca. : 6:12 PM ET
All I know is all the religion or counselling in the world couldn't change a straight person into becoming gay, so why would anyone think a gay person could become straight. You are what you are.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 6:13 PM ET
Change from gay to straight - or vice versa? No way. Can you adopt another lifestyle? Sure. Have people grown up straight and then turned to a lesbian or gay lifestyle in their adult years? Absolutely - it's called life. While there can certainly be tendencies either way and more often than not at least some periods of questionable identity within a person, there really is no gray area when it comes to what is in your heart. That's like saying that a person can be Caucasian during their youth and then decide to be African American when they hit adulthood. You are what you are. You may decide to expound upon or portray openly different areas or aspects of your life at any given point - but does it change the person you are inside? No. The fact that these two people (Haggard and Fryrear) have stated that the "transformation" has taken place simply indictes to me that organized religion has done it's job of thoroughly and implicitly eradicating the true nature of the human being behind the name.
Posted By Anonymous Liz Freeman - Dallas, TX : 6:13 PM ET
In response to Sharla, no hatred about your point of view, just consider this: Why would anyone "choose" to be gay? consider the effects 1. Higher suicide of gay teens 2. Likely to be kicked out of the house, and live on the streets 3. Likely to be fired at work if found out 4. Likely to be beaten-up in many neighborhoods 5. Few legal protections, if any. Sodomy is still on the books in many states.
Gosh, when you think of all the good aspects, it sure makes sense that someone would "choose" to be gay! Bad childhoods happen to all races, religions and demographic backgrounds; why that would cause you to be "gay" escapes me....
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Sacramento, California : 6:14 PM ET
Is it possible to start loving sprouts and hate strawberries ? "With the help of God" ? Sorry, I have some pretty serious doubts about it.

Only religious fanatics will actually want to "change" orientation. I can understand that some gay people want to be low profile, but you can't change what you are.

I'm definitly straight, but I'll never understand why gay people would want to change orientation if that is what they are.

I also think Haggard is on a P.R. spree.
Posted By Anonymous Patrick Jean, Montreal, Quebec : 6:14 PM ET
From gay to straight. NO! The reason I say this is at 15 years old I was placed in a Psychiatric ward in a private hospital for months. I also had to see a Psychiatrist for 3 years after I was released. That was 1968 and it is now 2007. And I'm still gay. So you see if they tried to 'change me' at such a young age, and it didn't happen i doubt very much if it will later in life. By the way, I figured out that hey I like myself. And if anyone has a problem with me being gay "get over it"
Posted By Anonymous Robert Novak, Minneapolis MN : 6:14 PM ET
I have read alot of information on this subject and it is absolutely a changeable behaviour. Most people proclaiming to be gay, had conflicting feelings going back to childhood. It is widely believed that a missing bond with the opposite sex parent, not necessarily abuse, is key to finding most root problems for homosexuality. With the high incidence of divorce now in our country, a child may be missing that link that helps to secure their sexual identity when one parent is not always available in that child's daily developmental life. A good resource on this subject is the DVD "Love Won Out" with commentary from an ex-gay man and woman, and also Anne Heche's mother whose husband died of HIV.
Posted By Anonymous Sheri Wilson Indianapolis, IN : 6:15 PM ET
I see sexuality as a long continuum, with gay folks on one end, and straight folks on the other, and most of us somewhere in the middle. For most, it's probably not a choice, but for some, I think it can be, and maybe those are the true bi-sexual people of the world.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 6:16 PM ET
Sexuality is a biological given, such that changing from gay to straight is as absurd as changing from straight to gay. The titillation that some people get from toying with the possibility might seem 'harmless'. However, working as a trauma counsellor in Sydney, Australia, I get to see the horrendous damage inflicted upon gay men by a cruel and unaccepting world. It is time to finally bury all this arrant nonsense about conversion or reparative therapy and instead, let us embrace and celebrate the diversity of our sexual lives.
Posted By Anonymous Stephen Kilkeary, Sydney, NSW, Australia : 6:19 PM ET
Yes, it is possible for someone to change from same-sex attractions to attractions towards the opposite sex if the person has the right commitment and recognizes that this attitude is in a way disordered and unnatural. When have you seen two homosexual men produce a child by mere sexual union and two lesbians produce a child by the same method? Unless our physiology changes to asexual reproduction, this is not in accord with the laws of nature.

Our culture has inculcated for a long time in the minds of people, especially on people who struggle with this issue, that it is a normal process in our human growth and that there is nothing wrong for a man to feel attraction towards another man and for a woman to have interests in other women. These people should not be condemned because the "attraction" part is a weakness and it CAN be corrected, regardless of what others say. We all suffer from weaknesses and unfortunately, they have been burdened with this. The union part, on the other hand, is completely wrong because of my point earlier. We as a society must work together to change our beliefs and attitudes about this issue and help re-orient the lives of those people who suffer from same-sex attractions IF and only if they are willing to be helped. When our culture and society accepts that homosexual relationships are just another way of life, we as a society have lost our sense of value for the family.
Posted By Anonymous Mario, Findlay, OH : 6:19 PM ET
You are all buffoons. There is no such thing as "gay" or "straight" - you should change the topic of this debate to focus on why we think people have to be one of two polarized choices. 'Homosexual' and 'heterosexual' are adjectives, not nouns. This story hinges on a ridiculous framework of discussion.
Posted By Anonymous David Angelo, Chicago, IL : 6:20 PM ET
Gay people who really try and be straight can do it with a small degree of success, but they'll never meet their own expectations in doing so, and will probably only make themselves extremely miserable in the process. Probably why so many of these ex-gay types require religion to fill the resulting gaping holes in their own psyche.

Being gay is only a major morality question because we're always told it is. In reality it's no more unusual than being left-handed.

If you really want to make life hard on yourself, go ahead. But you are what you are, and no amount of pretending nor praying is going to change that.
Posted By Anonymous David Hulse, London, UK : 6:24 PM ET
Can people change from gay to straight? hell no, but some people are both.
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 6:27 PM ET
It's pretty sad to see there are still some out there who think being homosexual a choice.

It's like saying that being born a redhead is a choice, or going bald is a choice, or growing to a certain height is a choice.

The ones like Haggard and Fryrear have simply suppressed their true selves partly because of their real fear of getting sent to Hell, and partly out of hatred and embarassment for who they really are.

Yet, if they believe that a guy named Jesus turned water into wine several, according to storybooks written by ordinary men a couple thousand years ago, then I guess they'll believe in anything.
Posted By Anonymous Oscar Owens, Portland, Oregon : 6:28 PM ET
I came out of the born-again Christian movement when I finally accepted myself as a lesbian. I'm sure there are many gays in the born-again movement who suppress their homosexuality just like I did for close to 20 years. I guess if people want to live that way that is their business but sooner or later the lid will blow. I don't believe you can change your sexual identity - only suppress it.
Posted By Anonymous Susan Saunders, Sacramento California : 6:30 PM ET
This must be a joke. You cannot change form gay to straight OR straight to gay, the most you get is being Bisexual. She is honestly just going to live a life of misery and deniel. A gay-women like myself can like a guy and hug them along with other things yet I cannot feel the same I feel for a women. Most gay's and/or lesbian I have spoken with had said they got 2 attraction ones being the friend attraction reserved for the opposite gender mostly and lover attractuion reserved for the same sex. You can't jump around this, You're born gay or straight or Bi you cannot be like yo me is straight today 'cause Sir wouldn't you belive if all of us 'homosexuals' could do that we would of already then to deal with prejuidice and hate and so many horriable things?

I do not think anyone decides to get beat up and mocked and hated instead of being able to live nice and "Normal" with no hate but just acceptance...

Posted By Anonymous Suki from New York City, NY : 6:31 PM ET
We all live according to how we think. A change of the mind has no other choice except to bring about a change in behavior whether it's sexual or otherwise. No one has to have sex with anyone, it's all a matter of choice. I've never heard of anyone dying because of a lack of sex. That goes for those who have embraced either homosexuality and heterosexuality.
Posted By Anonymous Debi, Rex, GA : 6:31 PM ET
Why is it that we want to label people, when the one thing that is consent in life is change? We falsely believe, once something, always something, when life keeps proving to us other wise. Astronaut today, unglued tomorrow, why do we keep trying to make a moving target, stand still. It is a defeating task. Change is life, and labels are an unrealistic way of living and looking at life. We are what we are today, and tomorrow that might change, that�s what life�s about, it is learning through the process of change.

Posted By Anonymous Lynn, P.P. Saskatchewan, Canada : 6:33 PM ET
Not possible to change your sexual orientation, trust me, I tried and tried. That is the way I was born. I am 58 years old and raised Southern Baptist and it was not okay to be gay so I wasnt...at least not on the outside. I have been married twice and have two children and I tried, prayed, went to lots of therapists, and did everything I could to make the internal feelings go away. I could change my behavior but not who I was or what turned me on no matter how hard I tried. At 40 years old, I decided to live my life in accordance to what I felt and who I was attracted to and wanted to love. And be loved completely, spiritually, and physically. It took 7 years for my family to ever talk to me again when I came out to them as an act of love. I wanted them to know why I had gotten two divorces, been on anti-depressants and cut off all of my feelings. Believe me...I have tried. And if it is a choice, when did the straight guys make that decision? How old were they when they consciously decided? Did they get turned on by another guy at a certain age and just changed their internal desires and it just went away? Did they notice both men and women and weighed the decision to be or not to be? Not for me.
I now have a life partner and we met late in life. I was 45 and he was 50. He had been married for 20 years also. We have been together for 13 years and all of our children and grandchildren love us. I truly am living the life of my dreams and am very grateful and happy that I finally accepted myself just as I am...to borrow from an old Baptist hymn.
Posted By Anonymous David Manning, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, MX : 6:34 PM ET
I was nineteen years old and my mother, at my dad's insistance took me to see a psychiatrist because they suspected that I would turn out gay. After sitting with the doctor for 45 minutes or so he suggested that it should be my mother that needed help, he found me very well adjusted and happy. I have been in a secure loving relationship for years and my parents are a happy part of our lives. I really wish these religious radicals left the world alone and not try to poison society with their warped and sick sense of what they consider right or wrong!
Posted By Anonymous Jose Lopez, Canoga Park, Ca : 6:35 PM ET
Well, first of all I believe that if you've ever had a Gay Relationship, you are not straight, and never will be. At the least, you are bi-sexual and may choose one life style over another. The idea, that you can "become" straight, or choose to be is ludicrous. I think that certain religions do a great disservice to many people, by not allowing them to be who they are, and "guilting" them into trying to change. If I, were to live in a world where homosexuality was the norm, and had religious groups telling me it was a sin to be straight, I don't know how I could deal with that. I know there is no way I could ever change to be gay...nor would I want too. I'm sure most gay people feel the same way.
Posted By Anonymous Danny Dixon, Dallas Texas : 6:35 PM ET
you may not be able to change but you can change the behavior
Posted By Anonymous Cindy Pasadena CA : 6:35 PM ET
Can people change? Definitely! We are all products of our upbringing. If we conclude (by the way, without scientific evidence) that some people are hardwired to be gay, why can't we also CONCLUDE that other people are hardwired to be polygamous, or whatever...drug addicts, dullards etc. We are who/what we choose to be.
Posted By Anonymous Karla, Columbia, MO : 6:39 PM ET
Anyone can choose to ignore their sexual tendencies. I would question how happy someone really is when they are trying to force themselves to live in a situation where they ignore their own reality. Many people have lived as heterosexuals only to come out later in life because they could no longer pretend. If you can lie to yourself and live with the lies then yest you can pretend to be heterosexual if you were meant to be homosexual.
Posted By Anonymous Anne, Tucson, AZ : 6:39 PM ET
I am a heterosexual woman. I am also a Christian. If there was a law that said I HAD to be sexually attracted to women or suffer the consequences, I'd have to suffer the consequences. Homosexuality is not a sin and heterosexuality is not a virtue. It's how God made you. And if you cannot honor that, you dishonor God.
Posted By Anonymous Niquie from Westlake Village : 6:39 PM ET
Show of hands please. How many of you as children made the conscious decision to decide your sexual orientation?"Hmmm. I think I want to be heterosexual." Do you remember that momentous occation ? I don't.
Live and let live, and if you don't like it, perhaps its time to change your attitude, which is a matter of choice.
Posted By Anonymous Doug, Ventura Ca. : 6:40 PM ET
Absolutely not. All Haggard has done is go back in the closet, in his own mind, by resuming denial of his sexuality as it was given to him by God. He has been trained all his life to hate himself as he was created, by people (Evangelicals) who refuse to understand sexuality as it really is.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan, Lancaster, NH : 6:40 PM ET
The short answer is no. Can you choose to live a lie? Yes, its been done for years and for many reasons including but not limited to religion. If this person feels so compelled to follow a path that required her to deny who she is then she should certainly do so.
Posted By Anonymous Paula ,Sandpoint Idaho : 6:40 PM ET
If we're willing to entertain the idea doesn't it also mean that someone can switch from straight to gay, feeding into the notion that people pick their sexual orientation. But I ask other heterosexuals, at what point did YOU choose?
Posted By Anonymous Jerene Carlson, Phoenix, AZ : 6:42 PM ET
If being gay were completely genetic, then in the case of identical twins, both would be straight or gay. This is not how it is, so therefore, sexual orentition is in part decided by nurture. If nurture is part of the equation, then one can make a choice. It is possible to change your orientation.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Connell, Bemidji, MN : 6:42 PM ET
I agree with Pati and Debbie when she said "what a load of crap". You can't "change" who you really are. You can live a lie but can not change how you feel.

I am a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children and who has not seen or been in contact with my father for 28 years. Growing up I always wondered why my father left. My mother would always say he was just a dead beat dad and to never try to make contact with him. I never understood her animosity towards him or why she was so adamant about me never to locate him or reach out to him. When you're that young you just listen to what your mom says and do what she tells you to do without question.

When I was about 18 it finally "came out" that my father was a gay man.
He has such a hard time living with who he truly was he decided to just leave me behind to really be who he wanted to be, with no one judging him.

It's funny you mentioned in this post that this women "Found God". God made her who she is...it's this religion she found that is trying to change that.

Being gay is not a "threat to the family and to civilization", trying to change someone is. I should know. What is a threat is making someone feel so ashamed of who they are live a lie.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel, Albuquerque, NM : 6:43 PM ET
In the mid-90s, Christian anti-gay groups were running ads featuring "ex-gays" who were "cured" by faith-based treatment. College newspapers were common forums for this marketing. One of the prominently featured ex-gays was later outed by alert patrons at a gay bar. Certainly, the relapse of a single individual doesn't refute the efficacy of a treatment. However, no peer review studies have found treatment to "cure" homosexuality to be effective.
Posted By Anonymous Lara Avara, Livingston, Montana : 6:43 PM ET
You can set yourself up for denial, but only a bisexual can live a gay or straight life.

If you are gay, you are gay. There is no way to change that without brainwashing.
Posted By Anonymous Sonia, Lowell MA : 7:19 AM ET
No, you're either born gay or straight.
I'm a Christian, and I don't think you can change what you are. You can, as a Christian become free from the gay lifestyle by the grace of God. But you are what you are. We all have genetic dispositions. There is evidence in the bible that states we carry the sins of our fathers and mothers for many generations. That we are the children of Adam. Homosexuality is not a choice. Yet God does not hold that against them. He does seek to free them. Not to become hetro, but to be free of sin. God can set you free from your addiction or genetic disposition.
Crack babies and children of alcoholic mothers are born what they are. They will always be addicts, but can be set free and empowered to overcome by faith the power of God's Holy Spirit.

God Bless,
Posted By Anonymous John, Woodbridge, VA. : 7:22 AM ET
I don't believe anyone is 100% anything. I also don't believe the issue is nearly as clear-cut as gay vs. straight. Are those really the only two choices?

My own physical relationships have been about 95% heterosexual. I generally bond with women and not with men - however there have been exceptions. I think it's a rare person who really has no preference between same-sex and oppostite-sex relationships and I believe anyone who claims to be 'formerly gay' is predominantly straight.

Just my opinion, but anyone introspective enough to examine their own sexual behavior may find that at times in their life they've had The Bad Thought and never acted on it - or maybe they did. I've heard a lot of people tell me they were either 100% heterosexual or 100% homosexual but I've been left with the impression by these folks that they lacked the insight required to honestly examine their own sexual behavior.

As I said, I'm about 95% straight. I have The Bad Thought sometimes. On occasion I've acted on it - but I if I have to pick one label, I'm gonna choose the one that says 'None of the above'.
Posted By Anonymous billy, battle creek, mi : 7:23 AM ET
I,m surprised that the posted comments do not include any scientific statements. All right wing Christians will flock to a hospital and believe all the doctors have to say on all diseases and situations except for the proven fact you are born as you are. The science is there for all to see but if you are born with MS or some other genetic affliction it's okay with them but you just can't be born a homosexual. If you are willing to accept one piece of science you must accept the other as well. I use this point only to validate the science behind it. Homosexuality is a condition the same as heterosexuality and is not a disease and doesn't need to be cured but accepted as a normal part of life. To further debate it in the face of the scientific proof is senseless. The question is, Will the religious right wingers leave people alone to decide what is best for themselves? God made us, God loves us and Jesus died for "all" of us regardless of what the religious right might choose to think.
Posted By Anonymous Harold Rice, Lakeville Corner, NB : 7:40 AM ET
I don't think that sexual identity is as black and white as people think. Some people are born with a homosexual identity but then there are those who could go either way. I have a cousin who was a lesbian and lived with a woman for many years. A few years ago she met a man, fell in love, married and now they have a baby! I also know of 3 marriages that recently broke up due to the man "coming out" as gay! I guess those guys just couldn't hold it in any longer...
Posted By Anonymous Erika, Beverly Hills, CA : 7:42 AM ET
I was born gay, have always been and always will be gay, and am very happy being the way I am. I have never had a heterosexual inclination whatsoever - even though I fully respect and love women, just not that way. I feel absolutely normal and have a very happy, full and inclusive life. I work hard, pay my taxes, contribute positively, and enjoy life. I am the youngest of seven siblings (all of whom have children), so there's no danger that the world is going to become gay simply because I am. Not a single one of my friends or the many gay people I have met in life are unhappy being gay. If "ex-gay" people are unhappy, then they should mind their own business, do what suits them and leave other folks alone.
Posted By Anonymous Sam Adams, Washington, DC : 7:42 AM ET
The general public only think of the sex act when it comes to gay or homosexual people. What about the loving relationships, being a good companion,Gay and Homosexual people love each other just as heterosexual people do. God loves us all.
Posted By Anonymous j,reynolds bp, mn : 7:44 AM ET
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