Thursday, January 18, 2007
Would you e-mail during sex?
Posted By Randi Kaye, CNN Correspondent: 12:54 PM ET
this is news, eh?
Posted By Anonymous Brant, Madison, Wisconsin : 1:12 PM ET
I would E-Mail only before sex and after sex; just like a cigarette....if I smoked, that is....
Posted By Anonymous Christina Williams, Hemet, Ca : 1:17 PM ET

I just had to go to after you did your report last night and my DH and I look at the report and laughed. My husband said, "What's new? I knew this already. ie: what men want and need."

Both of us agree, if he or I check our e-mail or answered the cell phone or house phone we would be dead! He would be on the sofa for a few nights alone!

Then again, neither one of us are roving reporters or news anchors. So at our house "breaking news" is when you forget to lock the door to the bedroom and you hear little feet! Ug and sigh!

We did come up with an interesting funny last night. Do you think the President has a door hanger at the White House which says, "Privacy Please?" when you know they are ...well busy. If they do was the Clinton (Dem.) signal the same as the Bush (Rep.) signal?
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 1:17 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Perry, Dallas, Texas : 1:33 PM ET
No, seeing as I don't own a blackberry or laptop, I think it would be most inconvienient. Unless, of course, I was sitting at my computer at the time. Then I would...hey, I keeping it honset!
Posted By Anonymous Natalie, Ontario, Canada. : 1:39 PM ET
This is taking multitasking to an extreme level!
Posted By Anonymous Dannie, Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada : 1:52 PM ET
This may be hard to believe,
but the "other" person involved in the act may notice if a Blackberry, PDA or cell phone is being accessed.

But then again, maybe this "other" person is accessing their technology at the same time. What has happen to intimacy?

Who were these 1700 readers? What were the demographics? Do men "gander at the goods" at a different rate on the West Coast compared to the East Coast. Do we all really want to know?

It's bad enough that the buzzing, mooing and vibrating of these technologies are already disruptive. They are also very annoying during.....!
Posted By Anonymous Sharon D., Indianapolis, IN : 2:00 PM ET
Hi Ms. Kaye:

I am 70 years old and have just gotten a black berry to keep up with my kids and grandkids. They want Mom wired.
They gave me an IPOD last summer for my 70th birthday.

In the old days, when telephones came out we had "party lines" and the men were so excited about the phones they would jump up to answer them. Well, honey, my husband did that once and once only in 50 years of marriage!

Your report last night was funny. Anderson said something about why do we need to know this or something?
You said, "You asked." You held Anderson accountable.

We had a group of ladies at the condo last night and you had all of us blushing and laughing. We think of Anderson as one of our kids. Keep up the good work, Ms. Kaye. Soon we will name you one of our kids too. Glad to see you on TV more.
Posted By Anonymous Mimi Longboat Key, FL : 2:01 PM ET
First I have to agree that is isn't a very newsworthy story, however, I must say that I would never do that. I have better manners and morals for that matter.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 2:12 PM ET
No way.
Posted By Anonymous Billie, Birmingham, AL : 2:22 PM ET
If anyone emailed while having sex with me, would never have sex with me again.
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 2:24 PM ET
Hi Randi,
I can't say that this is a question in which I've expended massive amounts of brain power to ponder. All I can say, is that some people must be very dexterous! Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 2:28 PM ET

I always thought of myself to be a good multi-tasker.....but I'm not that good :) I just could never do that. That is taking multitasking to a whole new level.

Great report last night though!
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 2:33 PM ET
That this question should even be posed is evidence enough of CNN's total irrelevance to the world of journalism. This subject might belong in "Teen" magazine, but not here.
Posted By Anonymous Rod C. Venger, Colorado Springs, Colorado : 2:35 PM ET
Randi, If you are emailing/BBing during sex, you either need a new partner or an intervention.

Do you think, since the survey is non-scientific, that some answered yes to this question for fun? I just can't imagine! OY! What's the world come to?
Posted By Anonymous Maya Elena, Easton, PA : 2:43 PM ET
I am clueless about something in your piece.

What does it mean that women participate in the "M" word two and HALF times a week?

I would say most women in America must be pretty unsatisfied.

Let's get back to the news.
Posted By Anonymous Liz C., Milwaukee, WI : 2:45 PM ET
As I have said for years now: "TMT--Too Much Technology." We are a nation of sick, spoiled little brats (age matters not) seeking constant titillation and stimulation. Most people are heedless of their fellow humans around them on the roadways as they selfishly consume whatever it is that's distracting one, two or more of their five senses as they hurry frantically to their next burger, twinkie, obesity clinic, or work. This is how dysfunctional and *sick* we have a become as a culture and society. We have *serious* problems psychologically and otherwise!! But, the corporations have us right where they want us!! If someone EVER did that while with me, I would "rightfully" throw them and their clothing OUT OF MY HOUSE. We have gone WAY TOO FAR, folks. This is sick-o stuff! Isn't e-mail during sex an "oxymoron"?!? May God have mercy on us sick puppies!
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Sacramento, CA : 3:02 PM ET
Hey Anderson and Randi, If you guys answer the question, then I will!
Posted By Anonymous J.A., Parma, Ohio : 3:15 PM ET
Funny, funny report. I don't think I ever would consider either answering the phone or emailing during sex. Aren't you kind of busy?

Raises the question that if you have time or inclination to answer the phone or email during sex, perhaps your sex life is not where you want it to be.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Sutton, Arlington Heights, IL : 4:01 PM ET
No. But I WOULD make up my grocery list. Mentally, of course! Ha, ha. Your report and Anderson's faux (?) embarrassment were hysterical.
Posted By Anonymous Laurel, Leonardtown, Maryland : 4:01 PM ET
Hi Randi~
This may not be a newsworthy story but you definitely have our attention! I can't imagine why anyone would WANT to e~mail during sex! If you find yourself e~mail during sex I wouldn't brag about being a mult~tasker, I'd say something is very wrong with your sex life!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 4:13 PM ET
Not if it's good.
Posted By Anonymous Libbey P. Jackson, MS : 4:22 PM ET
If the man I was with ever tried such a thing, he would become VERY good friends with his right hand and/or his Blackberry, because that is all the sex he'd be getting for a long time!
Posted By Anonymous Joan, Lansing, MI : 4:25 PM ET
Yikes, Randi! Did we see AC blush, or was it just the red backdrop! I'm not coordinated enough to handle both, but I can imagine some CNN anchors and reporters might be guilty of trying (just kidding) . I did get a spa day for Christmas and it includes a massage. I'd better sign up for that puppy now. Thanks for the story and have a great day!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 4:34 PM ET
I most certainly would not e-mail during sex!
First of all, it seems to me like a very rude thing to do, seeing as all of your attention is supposed to be on your partner.
Secondly, can you imagine the typos that would ensue?
Posted By Anonymous Olivia, Dover, NH : 4:47 PM ET
No offense to you, but that's a stupid topic and a stupid thing to do. If you are willing e-mail during sex, then you're probably the jerk that causes accidents by text messaging while you're driving.

This is what's wrong with society, no etiquette.
Posted By Anonymous EJ, Atlanta, GA : 5:17 PM ET

I guess it all boils down to who you're having sex with? It doesn't say much for the choices we are making now does it? To be honest, if an email is better than the sex you're having why bother? Like my mom always said, "give IT all you got or just don't give IT." Thanks for the laugh Randi - It's always nice to see a grown man blush.
Posted By Anonymous Cheryl Welch, Raleigh NC : 5:35 PM ET
I have never in my life until now heard of people answering phone calls or emails during sex. There are some situations where technology doesn't need to be, I would say being intimate with your partner is one of them. As for the folks who keep commenting with get back to the "news", I say this is least to me. If you want to go on and on and on about the war, politicians, kidnapping, and such, just look at the front page of CNN. You're the one that stopped to take a peak at this story. What did you expect?
Posted By Anonymous Brandi, Lincoln, NE : 5:35 PM ET

I agree with Maya that the participants in the survey may have been having a bit of fun with the questions. However, we are talking about Esquire and Elle magazines. I think you would have gotten different responses if the two magazines were Better Homes and Gardens and Field and Stream. Are you reading the Kinsey Report for fun?
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte, Stockton CA : 5:50 PM ET
Ew, tacky and disrespectful have people become towards each other and themselves?
Posted By Anonymous TA Cheramie, Berwick, LA : 6:00 PM ET
I'm sorry, but if someone tried to use email while having sex with me, that email device (Blackberry, laptop, etc.) would quickly become an insertive sexual device. :-)
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 6:07 PM ET
My partner and i both have e-mailed and taking phone calls during our need to relieve stress sex. Saying that when it's our time to reconnect and love each other sex never.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa,Norfolk Virginia : 6:27 PM ET
@Renee, you give us all hope! Loved your comments.

Randi, thanks for the nice break in the 'heavy' news of the night. I've often commented to AC360 that after 2 hours of intense news, it is nice to have a break for a laugh, or at least a chuckle. Getting Anderson to blush and not make eye that was VERY funny. I didn't think anything would make him squirm.

I just had to say that Anderson couldn't wait to get on his since the 'interchange' was technically over, does that make him a democratic or republican?
Posted By Anonymous Pixie, Muncie, IN : 7:33 PM ET
I would hope that all my extremities would be too busy to be emailing.

Of course I have slept with some real duds that made me wish for something more titillating, such as an instant message from another lover.
Posted By Anonymous john schubert san francisco ca : 7:39 PM ET
Randi, interesting piece.
What? e-mail?
If he is really boring, I'd grab a book.
Posted By Anonymous Peace, Boston, Ma : 9:08 PM ET
It was so funny when Anderson was blushing, poor guy, couldn't keep his face straight. nice job Randi!
Another thing, if he's really boring, what about a video game(for me), getting to the point of emailing, you must be already bored!
Posted By Anonymous Peace, Boston,Ma : 9:22 PM ET
I meant to say @Mimi, you give us all hope!
Posted By Anonymous Pixie, Muncie, IN : 9:28 PM ET
Randi - I wasn't surprised at seeing Anderson blush, what I want to know is how you sat there and reported this story in front of him without blushing? I know I couldn't.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 9:56 PM ET
Hey Randi,

No, it's not deep,serious news, but we could use 2 minutes of laughs. Some people are so consume by their little technological gadgets, that they might have difficulties communicating with humans. So maybe, they are e-mailing each other during sex!!?!
That would never cross my mind to do it during sex. Than again, have you noticed the vibration mode on a cell phone....?????LOL
Randi, it was funny. Oh, and Anderson. Red really goes well with your grey hair. To bad they changed your desk, you could't hide under it. We could see you!!!

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne R.Laval Quebec : 10:49 PM ET
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