Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Kidnapped, nearly executed in Iraq

CNN's Michael Ware has been covering the war in Iraq since it began, and has watched Baghdad spin out of control.

In September 2004, on Baghdad's Haifa Street, U.S. troops were battling supporters of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former leader of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Zarqawi's fighers captured a Bradley fighting vehicle during the battle. When Michael heard that al Qaeda in Iraq had claimed the area as its own -- even plastering its banners on the street -- he went there to see for himself -- and that's when he was caught by al Qaeda fighters.

Michael was in New York last week, and Anderson talked to him about that terrifying day. Their full conversation about events in Iraq airs tonight.
Posted By Chuck Hadad, CNN Producer: 4:47 PM ET
I have always been impressed by Michael Ware's work. He knows more than many other journalists about the middle east and explains it all so the rest of us can actually understand some of the complexity of the issues. Great job!
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 4:59 PM ET
Hey AC: Takes a lot of guts and balls to go there knowing that you can die or be kidnapped anytime of the day. My hats off to him for his very good work as covering war specially there. Gotta be fearless, Man!Thanks Michael Ware and to all correspondents from CNN or other networks who risk their lives for reporting these stories and to all soldiers who choose to serve, protect and try to bring back peace and mainly to die for their countries.
Posted By Anonymous Josee (Montreal, Quebec) : 5:21 PM ET
I greatly admire Michael Ware ! He's incredibly knowledgeable, eloquent and I appreciate his straightforwardness. He must be of an quite intrepid nature to keep going back to a volatile and dangerous place like Iraq.
I find myself worrying about his well - being and that of all the other courageous journalists in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Does CNN provide some kind of psychological support for their journalists ?
Reporters see so much violence , they must be haunted by it when they come home!
A huge "thank you" to all the brave journalists out there and may they stay safe.
Glad you're showing the whole interview tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Minou, New York, NY : 5:38 PM ET
Hi Chuck,

I've seen the interview that Anderson did with Michael, We can't even begin to imagine the heart pounding fear he experienced when he realized that he had been caught by insurgents, how he sustained himself while wondering if he would live or die in a gruesome manner as other reporters have is remarkable to say the least, what I saw from the interview was edited and brief. I know when Michael reports from Iraq I'm getting a clear understanding of the true nature of sectarian conflict and violence, his take is from within, the integrity of his reporting is unquestionable and truly brave.

Posted By Anonymous Maritza Munoz San Jose Ca : 5:49 PM ET
Hi Chuck~
I am so impressed by Michael Ware's fortitude. He should know that he is appreciated for putting his life on the line to tell the world what is happening in the middle east. Thanks Michael Ware! I will be watching the interview tonight with great interest and admiration.~
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 5:51 PM ET
Thank you for Michael and thanks to Michael for his coverage. Although Arwa hasn't been through all that Michael has, when they speak I listen. Somehow, I put them in the same category as I put our military as 'heroes'. I also worry about their well-being, along with our troops.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 5:55 PM ET
Thanks for airing the whole interview tonight. What I saw earlier was so compelling. I admire Michael Ware so much. He is brave in going to a war zone to report, and he is even braver when he tells it like he sees it. He has been speaking the truth longer than any reporter over there, not mincing words.

I look forward to tonight's show.

Linda, Boulder, Colorado
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 6:07 PM ET
I'd always heard about what happened to Michael Ware, but never actually heard the whole story until last week with Anderson's interview. I have so much respect for Michael, and any other journalist who is willing to go into a war zone, knowing that they can be killed or taken hostage at any time. Thanks CNN for letting Michael speak.
Posted By Anonymous Chris San Diego, CA : 6:40 PM ET
Hi Michael, You're a great reporter. I bet not too much rattles you after that terrifying experience. Take care.
Posted By Anonymous Carol B., Frederick, MD : 7:58 PM ET
Please be careful, the story is not worth losing you!

Take care and god speed.
Posted By Anonymous Marcy, Mobile, AL : 8:00 PM ET
Thanks Michael. I am really impressed by all of your work.
Posted By Anonymous Praiz284, Asheville, NC : 8:02 PM ET
Sometimes its feels like we know what is going on in Iraq - sectarian violence, death, rape, etc. Stories like this put words and images to those statistics. I look forward to watching this interview tonight!!!
Posted By Anonymous Shruti Bala, Glendale, AZ : 8:05 PM ET
I saw this story on PBS "FRONTLINE" I thoroughly enjoy watching Michael Ware as he reports stories that greatly impact our world. Is he single??
Posted By Anonymous Marilyn, Dallas, Texas : 9:01 PM ET

I am so glad that that Michael escaped death that day. To hear him speak made the hair stand up on my arms. What a close call. A diffent group of people in the mix and the outcome may have been different. I am looking forward to Michael's continued reporting from Iraq. It is too bad that that the Bush administration doesn't hire him to give the straight scoop on what is happening there. Perhaps if he worked for Fox they would believe him. Given Wolf's interview with Cheney I don't think CNN is in the administation's good graces. Good. They are not in mine. Thanks for the great reporting.
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte D, Stockton CA via Kona, Hi : 9:17 PM ET
Hi Chuck,
Michael Ware is quite a character. It would appear that he's had a very intense life while covering Iraq and I agree with others, that he always tells the story so that it's crystal clear and in plain English..or is it Australian, I'm not sure? But my point is, he's a darn good journalist. Something tells me Hollywood will be calling soon, his life is what screenwriters dream of. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 9:25 PM ET
Michael: Your story is incredible. You probably were suffering from PTSD after your release and found it difficult to leave your room. I can't believe you went back to Haifa St. You are like a cat, curious and with nine lives. Please don't use them all up in Iraq. Take care over there and you are doing an amazing job. Cindy Peace in Windsor, Ontario Canada
Posted By Anonymous Cindy Peace, Windsor, Ontario, Canada : 9:37 PM ET
We often overlook the fact that journalist face extreme danger to afford us the comfort of a bird's eye view, while we have a cold drink in our favorite chair. We'll keep praying and thanking god for you, we appreciate you and all others just like you!
Posted By Anonymous Clive Hurlock, Orlando FL : 11:13 PM ET
Thank you so much for doing this special with Michael Ware. There are no other reporters that I would be willing to watch for virtually an hour, just talking about the war with pretty much only a black backdrop. There is no other journalist that I trust more than Michael Ware. You know he's bringing you the truth. Keep up the amazing work Michael, and stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous Mary, Asheboro, N.C. : 11:35 PM ET
Really very facinating interview with Michael Ware. What an extraordinary man. I say Michael Ware should run for President!
Posted By Anonymous Sita Mehta, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada : 11:46 PM ET
Thank you so much for airing such an informative interview. I watch and read news from Iraq every day, but "the 4 wars" interview gave a whole new understanding to the situation. Congress members and every American should watch that interview. I hope CNN will replay it for more to see.
Posted By Anonymous Paul Hrabal, Reno, NV : 12:06 AM ET

I just watched your Wars Within with Michael Ware. An EXCELLENT production! Congratulations to you and your producer!

Thanks for all you people at CNN do and I am going to say prayers for Michael Ware and all the rest of the people at CNN who put their lives at risk to report the stories which we in the free world need to know about.

Thank you!
Posted By Anonymous Tony, Gettysburg, Pa : 12:07 AM ET
The Michael Ware Interview was phenomenal and should be seen by everyone in our country! Thanks to both of you for really having your act together - complete with
THANK YOU!!- John and Barbra/ Dallas Texas USA
Posted By Anonymous John and Barbra Kauffman/Dallas Texas USA : 12:16 AM ET
Michael, your interview tonight carried a very serious message to all of us. Thank you so much for being the messenger..regardless of how disturbing these contents be. Your a 1st class journalist and your honesty shines through. Be well...and once again THANK YOU FOR THE HONEST MESSAGE.
Posted By Anonymous Helen E, Spencerville, IN, USA : 12:17 AM ET
It was quite an education watching your interview with Michael Ware this evening. Breaking down the Iraq War into the fundamental four hidden wars puts a lot of understanding on why the current situation in Iraq is in chaos.

Thank you Michael Ware for your coverage and understanding of the Middle East, Iraq and Iran. Excellent journalism! The interview in itself is a documentary of the breakdown of the region.

I can understand Michael's reluctancy to validate any current proposed solutions to the overall war. It is too complex and too complicated to just "surge" with force or diplomatically or politically influence the factions involved in this nightmare for US forces.

My view and understanding of the Iraq War is now clearer because of Michael Ware's interview. Thank you Anderson and AC360.
Posted By Anonymous Sharon D., Indianapolis, IN : 12:18 AM ET
Men like Michael Ware make it worth waking up in the morning. He helps me understand why it has been said that the english language can convey things with great precision and clarity. i used to be in love with ted koppel but now i only doodle michael ware's name when i daydream!
Posted By Anonymous peggy, white river junction, VT : 12:43 AM ET
I saw the broadcast tonight and it was very impressive. Michael's ordeal is an incredible story, but where is the rest of the video wherein he explains the "Four Wars" taking place. NOW THAT was a fantastic analysis that isn't explained at all by anyone else. Do you have that video? Is the transcript available?
Posted By Anonymous Kevin Babbitt, Portland OR : 1:32 AM ET
After watching reporter Michael Ware on the 360 show tonight I'm more convinced than ever that he should not return to Iraq under any circumstances, he knows to much and has really made himself a target. He has given us a solid picture of whatis really going on there, but I feel that he will be in mortal danger if he returns to Iraq.
Posted By Anonymous Pamela Shellmire Los Angeles, CA : 2:54 AM ET
I have watched the Michael Ware interview with Anderson Cooper on 360 and I have to say it was the most intriging as well as informed telling of what is truly going on over in Iraq! While I have always enjoyed Anderson Cooper 360, I have to say he has truly topped his program by bringing such detailed information to people, the American people who on the most part have not totally understood what is really going on over in Iraq. We don't know because we can only comprehend what is being told to us through the media and much of it is either misinformation, blown out of perportion leaving us all with no truly clear informed knowledge of the situation!! I have to say I was literally glued to my TV waiting for the commercials to end and the interview to return wanting to know more and what would be said next. I would love to know how I can obtain a DVD of this interview as I want to share this with others of my family so they can have the knowledge I was able to obtain on the true situation of Iraq and the "Hidden Wars"... We often knew of Tribal warfare, but this allowed us to know in depth of just how they feel about each other, the players involved from within and whom else is involved such as al Qaeda and Iran and what Tribes they back. I am absolutely impressed with the knowledge that Mr. Ware has and shared with us this date. If possible, please let me know how I can obtain a DVD of this Interview...
Posted By Anonymous Franne, Charlotte,NC : 3:11 AM ET
Thank you Michael and Anderson for this piece. It confirms
the oh so darkness of this war and their is no light at the
end of this because there is no end. My God what have we done.michael, I pray for your safety.
Posted By Anonymous michael salmons,san jose, Costa Rica : 3:23 AM ET
First of all, I think Michael Ware is an incredible journaliste.
I watched him tonight and I feel I understand, finally, what's going on in Iraq. I was surprised though that when asked what he thinks the solution should be, he could not think of one that did not involve more bloodshed. I feel there is a simpler one. Just think; where does all this muslim anger come from? what's feeding them with so much hatred that they turn into these almost inhuman, blood thirsty, violent creatures.
I am very much surprised that there was no mention of Isreal in this interview. With all the focus on Iraq war, the mother conflict is completly forgotten. If there were a fair resolution between Palestine and Isreal, Al Qaida would have no reason to exist and the world would be slighty safer for all of us.
When we have a headache, we do not put bandaid on our head, we treat it from the inside.
Al Qaida will erase itself if it had no reason to exist at least I hope so.
Anderson, you're great too!
Posted By Anonymous Laleh Hashemi, Vancouver B.C. : 3:56 AM ET
Michael Ware's interview on CNN (Iraq: The Hidden War) was a true display of a contrast between the humble ignorance of Anderson and the intellectual honesty of Michael. Michael should be commended for his meticulous reporting of the brutal facts of today's Iraq. It was interesting to watch Anderson's double personality in attempting to balance the needs of his trivial audiences on the one hand, with his public accountability on the other. No person of reason can trust the media and CNN on matters concerning Iraq. CNN's broadcast of Michael's truncated interviews is the height of all hypocrisy. A country built on over 3,000 years of human civilization is destroyed by the invasion. The dignity, integrity, societal fabric, and honor of millions of Iraqis was wiped out, perhaps permanently, by an illegal, inept, and absurd occupation. CNN�s productions should always be inspired by what the U.S. media excels at: trash. You must stay away from the types of Michael Ware if you wish to survive in the business of trashy television. The tragedy in Iraq is simply too colossal and too grave to be covered by CNN's commercial interests.
Posted By Anonymous Michael, Salt Lake City, Utah : 4:42 AM ET
Hi Anderson & Micheal
That was an excellent but chilling interview last night!
First of all, Micheal Ware if a very brave man to come forward and tell this story. I can only guess at what he's been and is stll going through. What he seems to be saying is things have so deteriorated in Iraq that the Government is damned if they do and damned if they don't! For the first time I'm starting to understand what a no-win situation it is over there. It is so volatile that whatever decision is made is a toss-up.
I would not want to be 'the decision-maker'. Thank you both.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 5:26 AM ET
Michael Ware is an incredible journalist and human being. Thanks, Anderson for bringing us his harrowing story.

I must admit that it made me smile when you asked him "Are you crazy"? Coming from you, I found that rather humorous. (On the other hand I am glad that you are not quite that anxious to go in where angels fear to tread).

Godspeed Michael. Your reporting and knowledge of the area are unparalled. Please be safe, and thank you for all that you do to keep us informed. I look forward, as always to your reports. Honest and factual. What CNN stands for.

My very best to all of you.
Posted By Anonymous Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 6:26 AM ET
Wow!!! What a story!!The thing I like about Michael's reporting is that he breaks it down so it is easy to follow and understand.
Posted By Anonymous Barb Kozlowski, Phoenix, AZ : 7:01 AM ET
That was a FANTASTIC interview last night! Michael- you are amazing. Keep up the good work and please stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Pamina, Pittsford, NY : 7:40 AM ET
Thank you, Michael. Now, I understand exactly what is going on in Iraq. Can I get a transcript of the full interview?
Posted By Anonymous Patricia Gibson, Gulf Breeze, Florida : 9:00 AM ET
Awesome interview... the set up is very good, in a dark room and the map of the middle east in front of the speakers... And Michael Ware is fabulous. I respect him very much and like it a lot. Good job!
Posted By Anonymous Fernando, Durham NC : 9:07 AM ET
I was so impressed with Michael Ware in his interview with Anderson last night on 360.

It is clear he understands the real situation in Iraq, and I appreciate him sharing his observations.

I finally feel like the truth has been revealed and for the first time in a long time I feel more informed.

Keep safe Michael.
Posted By Anonymous Michele Goncalves, Bridgewater NJ : 9:23 AM ET
You should send a copy of this interview with Michael to every congressman and senator. Maybe after listening to this all will see what a waste this war really is.
Also show this in primetime and market it so every American can see and hear what is really happening!!!
Posted By Anonymous Leo, Milwaukee WI : 9:30 AM ET
Last night the 1 hour conversation between AC and Michael Ware was incredible , overwhelming and mindbogling too at the same time .The analysis was so very intense and powerful , it proves why AC 360 is the best in the business .

Though the painted picture is bleak , I enjoyed the show thoroughly .It baffles me that America can afford to pay their attention to other simple topics while most of her young and talenteds are suffering along with a majority of the world so many of them being innocent and children for nothing they did , we do not care about the seriousness of the issue and it never had to be if not for our President's ignorant policy .I wonder how the great American intelligentia can talk about other things instead of putting all their mind and effort to anything else but to fix this entire region . We have to come out with something ....we broke it.
Posted By Anonymous Rupa , Boston ,MA : 9:32 AM ET
So the Iraqis are now insurgents into their own country. How absurd to call them Iraqi insurgents.
It just shows how brain washed the reporters in Iraq have become.
Posted By Anonymous Toby Munk Carbondale CO : 9:44 AM ET
I came in on the "Iraq: The Hidden War" hour at 2:15am, and I was riveted. Finally, I got the comprehensive, definitive explanation of this modern black hole that is Our Latest Iraq War. I hope you & CNN realize the importance of this hour, and replay it many times as a standalone show this week. After watching it, no one can say, "We didn't know."
Posted By Anonymous Kenneth Ruppel, Elmont, NY : 10:41 AM ET
Wow. See this is why 360 is talked about and i stay up to watch it! You guys report and you go into the heart of the action, sadly at great risk to your lives. You might have seen or heard of some FOX morning show reporters actually taking time out of a broadcast and 'reporting' on a Fox full page ad bashing 360. Well, I'm muslim and I learn a great deal from this broadcast! Different loyalties of different insurgencies vs al qaeda and what they are all pining for. On Fox, i heard "america vs insurgents aka al qaeda" which couldn't be further from the truth. Keep up this amazing reporting. Michael Ware needs to win some awards and please be careful, you guys are one of the only real sources of news coming out to America!
Posted By Anonymous Shoaib, brookly NY : 10:47 AM ET
Quite a riveting experience for Mr. Ware. I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of CNN'S reporters/journalists. Tuesday night's interview was informative, educational and should be made into a documentary. Keep up the good work AC360 and CNN. You are definitely the "GOLD STANDARD IN JOURNALISM."
Posted By Anonymous Liz Walters, Howell, NJ. : 11:17 AM ET
The hour with Michael was the best discussion of what's really going on in Iraq that I've ever seen.

It's too bad that the people in charge of actually running the war don't seem to have the same understanding of the forces in play that Michael has, and it's pretty clear that they're not listening to voices that don't say what they want to hear.

It sounds like nothing short of the hundreds of thousands of troops first suggested has a chance of stabilizing Iraq. While I'm pretty sure this administration won't even consider it, is it too late to get the UN and other nations to commit to a serious LARGE-scale peace-keeping effort?
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 11:24 AM ET
Michael Ware, your courage is incredible. I really like your work and especially like to hear you speak because i get that you're speaking with sincerity and mean every word you choose to say. I'm so glad to hear your story. Please please keep safe, you are very much appreciated and best wishes all the way from Malaysia.
Posted By Anonymous Ong Pei Yee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : 11:27 AM ET
I have to wonder why he was released?
Could it be that he has become a weapon for the terrorist. Personally, I believe Mr. Ware is in need of psychological help....he's insane, supports the terrorist and as far as I'm concerned can live with them.
Posted By Anonymous Paul Thompson, Smoot, West Virginia : 11:30 AM ET
Andersons interview with Michael Ware was one of the best that AC360 has ever done. Michael's knowledge of the conditions on the ground in Iraq and his ability to express the complicated relationships and "hidden wars" speaks to the intelligence of the people of America and the World who know that the Bush administration's version of this war is twisted and biased to justify and support their continued beligerance of prosecuting it in a manner that will only lead to failure. The Bush Administration and Congress, who voted him the powers to go to war, have created a reality for the Iraqi people and the rest of the World that is far more horrifying and dangerous than Saddam's tyrannical reign. They should all be tried for war crimes against the Iraqi people and all of humanity.

Michael's lack of optimism for Iraq, the region and hence the World is truly frightening but I do not doubt his assessment for a moment. Maybe Bush needs to take a trip to Haifa street.
Posted By Anonymous Robin, Montreal, Canada : 11:39 AM ET
Hey AC, I have been impressed by Michael Ware's reporting. He is brave guy. I would like to see his interview again. Please re broadcast the interview.

Posted By Anonymous Hardesh Marwaha, Toronto, Canada : 11:53 AM ET
When I saw the segment last night, I was saying to myself that was very dangerous of what he had done, but at the same time I had envied him for his braveness. If I had half of his courage on my life, I would be satisfied. God Bless.
Posted By Anonymous Selena Birmingham Alabama : 12:18 PM ET
Dear Anderson and Chuck,

Thank you so much for showing the entire interview with Michael Ware. It was even better than I had anticipated it would be! I felt as though I was listening to a history lesson given by a very articulate and engaging college professor with the passion of a seasoned reporter. Michael has the ability to effortlessly captivate the viewer's attention. Although his account was frightening, it made a lot of sense. I thought I had a fairly good understanding of the war in Iraq, but I learned a lot from this interview.

You should show this on the weekend so that people who missed it can have the chance to see it. As I mentioned in my email on Friday, the "Charlie Rose" like setting was perfect for this "intimate" interview.

You should encourage Michael to post on the "360" blog once in a while; I think the viewers would be really interested in reading his observations and opinions. I know I would.

I suggest you send copies of "Iraq: The Hidden Wars" to every member of Congress; maybe then they will have a real understanding of what is going on over there.

Bravo Anderson!
Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 12:23 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous ANTOINE, NEW YORK : 12:23 PM ET

Thanks so much for last night's airing of Michael's experiences and opinions. I have learned so much about what is actually going on in Iraq and in my wildest imagination I would never have conjured a story even close to these truths.

Mondays show was quite touching. I'n sorry, maybe I'm too sensitive. I cannot help but cry. To see these vets and their families makes me angry all over again. The severely burned hurts worse. Their pain doesn't end quite as quickly as some others.

World leaders need to put their ambitions somewhere other than "you got it, I want it. There must be a way to place the leaders in a "first step" rule. Take out the hotheads, follow with some of their family members, and see how far it goes.

Idiots! Unfortunately, we'll always find something to fight about won't we. Man really is the most dangerous animal, isn't he?


Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, Mo : 1:06 PM ET
Brilliant coverage by Cooper/CNN and incomperable courage and knowledge of the history and conflict by Ware. One could only wish that idiots like Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice, et al, might now understand why the war they have started will niot finish well and only exposes America and the world at large to even greater peril from radical Islamist terrorism.
Posted By Anonymous Robert Burns, Vancouver, WA : 1:23 PM ET
Hi AC, I watched the Michael Ware interview at the 3a.m.rerun of your program and was transfixed by the unbelievable knowledge and courage of this eloquent reporter. Your interview and his explanation of the situation in Iraq and Iran was clearer and more in-depth than anything I've heard on the subject from all other sources. I suggest CNN forward copies of the interview to the Bush White House and Congress so THEY finally understand the reality of their decisions. They could never again plead ignorance.

Well done Michael Ware and Anderson Cooper...We will continue to pray for your safety.
Posted By Anonymous Peggy Spivey, Blountville, TN : 1:29 PM ET
Thank you for a very compelling hour of television. Besides being an extraordinarily brave person, Michael Ware is an outstanding reporter with the amazing ability to convey the true nature of a complex situation with historical context and intellectual and emotional clarity.

The production was even more powerful because of its simplicity -- two people having an intelligent conversation around a map -- and yet, vividly creating a sense of immediacy, danger, and painful truth.

I agree with the other bloggers. This program needs to be repeated and more people need to see it.
Posted By Anonymous Susan, Aiea ,HI : 2:50 PM ET
Last night's second hour was fascinating!! They took a very complex subject and made it understandable. Thanks for the clarity. (This coming from someone with a B.A. in Political Science.)
Posted By Anonymous Fran, Dallas, TX : 2:52 PM ET
I watched this last night and found it fascinating. I just hope that all of the would be presidential candidates were listening. Thank you both, for your courage and honesty.
Posted By Anonymous Nicole, Lakewood CA : 2:57 PM ET
Thank you for airing Anderson's interview with Michael Ware in full. It was both informative and sobering. I now have a clearer understanding of just how inextricable the situation on Iraq is. If there is a light at the end of this tunnel, it is very dim and a very long way off indeed.

Michael, I look forward to reading your book later this year. Stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous Dannie, Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada : 3:00 PM ET
Your interview with reporter Michael Ware last night was incredible. I felt like for the first time I actually knew what was going on in Iraq and, as I suspected, it is worse than we think. I think every American should watch that interview, along with the administration and Congress. Thank you so much for enlightening me.
Posted By Anonymous Pat Sobleskie, Milton, Florida : 3:13 PM ET
WOW! Great report! Hope to see more like it.
Posted By Anonymous Sam, Brook Park, Ohio : 3:16 PM ET
Hello Dear Anderson,
Michael has an excellent vision about Iraq. He is a very honest reporter. I think he may have a solution to the Iraqi situation but did not want to express his view. The best solution for us is to leave Iraq. The Iraqis will be able to find a better solution to their problems. Once we leave, all other evil forces will go away; otherwise, they will be fighting us for centuries. Please inform the Bush administration to stop invading countries for looting their oil under the pretexts of spreading liberty and fighting terrorism. Let other defenseless nations live in peace and propserity and go after the real terrorists. Thanks
Posted By Anonymous Adil Mouhammed; Springfield, IL : 3:16 PM ET
I truly believe that Michael Ware has given the most honest, riveting assesment of a horribly complex human tragedy, with last nights report on the "Hidden Wars in Iraq". I must admit that I was indeed surprised at the eloquent and well articulated reporting being broadcast for all of America to see and hear the unbaised truth at long last! I will indeed seek a transcript. Now that I have learned the full scope of the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation and destruction of 10's of thousands of innocent lives all in the name of "Regime Change", "Preemptive Strike" and so many volumes of duplicitous rhetoric and propaganda. I commend Mr. Ware for his courage in the face of so much death and violence. I indeed pray that somehow this breaks through to some of our politicians that the real story has now been told, and their hollow speeches are now falling on deaf ears. Now let us unite in developing a real plan.
Posted By Anonymous Briton Crozier, Charleston, West Virginia : 3:31 PM ET
Michael Ware is the only reporter on any network, that gets out of the greenzone,and gets the story himself, not just from U.S. Army briefings.His coverage brings to mind the brave reporters we had in Vietnam. He looks a little worn down, I hope he can remain safe, and keep telling it like it is.
Posted By Anonymous Dave, Ocala, Florida : 3:33 PM ET
Thank you for airing the full interview with Michael Ware on: "Iraq: The Hidden War" last night. Anderson did a great job sitting back and letting Michael educate us on the War in Iraq: past, present and the future.
I feel as if I heard the straight and truthful story of what is really happening. Much better than the biased coverage given by the Bush administration. I am fortunate to be able to view the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) News. They are not bound by the restrictions from President Bush. I also feel priviledged to receive CNN and watch AC360 nightly.
Thank you, Michael, for this insight into the Iraqi War.
Thank you, Anderson, for informing us (the public) on this "education" along with the many other lessons we learn from you nightly.
Kuddos on Monday's program and asking the hard questions of Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain about why our government didn't fund the Center for the Intrepid or the Fisher Houses at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. I'd like to know if the government will step up and build a rehabilitation center for veterans now that it has been shown to be possible? Then you come back the following night with this great interview with Michael. Keep up the great work!
I hope to see a rebroadcast of "Iraq: The Hidden War," in the near future!
Posted By Anonymous Patricia, South Lyon, MI : 3:40 PM ET
I missed the show.But reading about it makes my hair stand straight.You are one brave soul and god bless you !!
Posted By Anonymous Priya Junnarkar , Fremont , CA : 4:36 PM ET
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