Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Alleged con artist baffles police ... and me

Esther Reed, an alleged con artist, may have been spotted in a northern California restaurant.

The story about Esther Reed, an alleged con artist, really is a strange one. It's strange, not just because so many of the details are bizarre, but also because her motives are so mysterious.

Reed, who was born in Montana, had officially been missing for about seven years. But this summer, police in New York City came across her. The catch is they didn't know it was her at the time.

Esther allegedly had stolen another woman's identity. She used the identity to get accepted at Columbia and Harvard Universities, despite the fact she herself was a high school dropout. Esther apparently got her GED and took the SAT on her own, and did so well, she was admitted to both schools.

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Posted By Gary Tuchman, CNN Correspondent: 3:09 PM ET

how in the world is this NEWS? What about the turtle pace of the recovery process in New Orleans or the two border patrol agents in New Mexico who are in jail for doing their jobs? Wouldn't your time be better spent concentrating on events that affect the country as a whole!!!
Posted By Anonymous Michele M, Reston, VA : 3:46 PM ET
Reed seems to be an intelligent con and able to fool so many people.It's scary to know such a person is still at large.I believe such people can do anything to get their way around and I hope she is caught before she harms anyone.
Posted By Anonymous Priya Junnarkar, Fremont, CA : 4:31 PM ET
Gary ... you have the most interesting assignments, if your not being ignored by polygamist, your in a sewer, or chasing phantom girls who still identities so they can go to college. Keep up the great work!
Posted By Anonymous Marcy, Mobile, AL : 4:37 PM ET
yep aparently she was soo good she got caught! What suprises me is that she managed to ge ther GED and even made high enough scores to be accepted to two very nice universities!
And not to mention that she is pretty cute. And BTW how hard is it to baffle the police...really?
Posted By Anonymous chris Orlando, Florida : 7:45 PM ET
This story really is interesting, I hope that we get updates as to what this woman's intentions are or were. Personally I think she has the makings of a spy.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Portland, OR : 1:27 AM ET
Is Esther Reed her confirmed real name. The name shuld be well known to Revolutionary War Era enthusiasts.
Posted By Anonymous Abd' al-Wahid Columbia, SC : 10:07 AM ET
Big friggin' deal! Just put her in jail for identity theft and go on to something more important. This is fluff reporting at its worst.
Posted By Anonymous A. Roy Olson, Tucson AZ : 12:29 PM ET
In a post 9/11 world that we live in today. One would think that a con artist like Reed would be caught by now. Well I'm keeping my eyes open for her.Good job on covering the story.
Posted By Anonymous S.Smith, NY. NY : 2:15 PM ET
This story is so bizarre.
Posted By Anonymous Pam, St Louis MO : 2:58 PM ET
Sounds like she has a mental illness.
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Orlando, FL : 3:03 PM ET
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