Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Mel Gibson: Audience hissing 'not my problem'
Posted By CNN: 6:47 PM ET
I just watched the Mel Gibson clip. Do I agree with his rantings? No, of course not. But he's right about one thing. The bottom line is he's the only person who will have to live on a daily basis, with the consequences of his words. Some people will forgive him and others never will. That's as it should be. We all have only OUR lives to live too. People's opinions on this have already hardened into granite. Nothing he could say or do will chip away at that. Time will tell..I'll mind my own business, I don't have time to mind his..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 7:12 PM ET
Mel Gibson is a public figure and what he said during his drunken tirade was unacceptable. Entertainment, like politics, can brand someone for a lifetime based on one public action or statement, and Mel is feeling the punch. He will constantly be reminded of what he did and one seemingly good movie isn't going to erase any of it, at least, not yet. (I, personally, think the movie looks interesting). Who knows when the public will forgive him, but it looks like he's accepting the consequences.
Posted By Anonymous Aruna Rao, Minneapolis, MN : 7:18 PM ET
I know Mel Gibson is trying to move on but he doesn't seem genuinely that sorry for what he said, even if it did happen six months ago. He said he would meet with Jewish leaders but now he is saying that he has no obligation to do so? Just because it's in the past, Gibson thinks people will forget about it. His new movie may get great ratings, but that doesn't mean he can slip away from his racist remarks. I used to be a Mel Gibson fan but now he seems somewhat cold.
Posted By Anonymous liz y toledo, oh : 7:28 PM ET
Hopefully Mel does a better job at answering the questions, this clip makes makes him look like a high priced celebrity who needs a reality check.
Posted By Anonymous Barb Kozlowski, Phoeniz AZ : 8:29 PM ET
It's good that Mel moved on, it must have been hard being under attacks for the last 6 months and really nothing he can do can change people's minds about what he has said. the important is that he is working on his alcohol problem and trying to avoid making similar racist comments in the future. Everyone deserves a second chance, nobody is perfect and so judgement should start from within, when one overcomes their own defaults they might be more entitled to judge other people's.
Posted By Anonymous J.Russel, kentucky, ma : 8:32 PM ET
Everyone talks his racist comments but has he ever apologized for his misogynistic, sexist ranting?
Posted By Anonymous Dee Houston, Texas : 8:51 PM ET
I fail to understand how not being willing to share and help others with your personal journey to healing is helpful. Mel talked in a way that seemed at least to me to be arrogant and condescending to Anderson and that does not help me to have any fond thoughts of him.
Posted By Anonymous Christine Hunt, Aurora, Ontario, Canada : 9:01 PM ET
In the preview clip of this December 13th Mel Gibson interview, Mel seems very annoyed and defensive. Did Anderson stray from a prepared set of questions? Why would he be so defensive and angry? Just looking at his body language - and the way his eyes wander arrogantly, as if he can barely tolerate the attempt to interpret Anderson's questions. It's amazing, and facinating. You can actually hear someone on Mel's interview set sigh in response to one of the questions asked. Did Mel have an advisor, publicist, or lawyer off camera? I cannot wait to see the full interview. This will be a good one.

Posted By Anonymous Jeb J, Santa Barbara, CA : 9:30 PM ET
Anderson, we all say things that we dont mean! I wonder if Mel will do another movie with Danny Glover?
Posted By Anonymous Claude Calgary AB Canada : 10:01 PM ET
It's seems logical to ask Mr. Gibson about the animosity the public has for him due to his disgusting anti-semitic rant while intoxicated. However, question-after-question about it is not only a distraction from new information, but makes the interviewer look like he has an ax to grind. I clicked on the video to hear the director's take on his film, Apocalypto, not to have him burnt at the stake for anti-semitic remarks that he made and apologized for. If we are going to have this type of scrutiny than perhaps we should have Senator Robert Byrd on about his active membership in the Ku Klux Klan or revisit Senator Lott's comments about Strom Thurmond being elected president.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Schaefer, Shelby Township, MI : 10:41 PM ET
Apocalypto I saw it yesterday It told me way to much info about the history of man and the hopelessness of life. Some how I cant accept thats it all ok because good prevailed. Especially (do not want to give anything away) the piece of land between the corn field and the forest. Still on a rating I rate it another great movie by Mel and a well told articulation of that era

Note: Listen with respects to Mel's publicized belligerency and verbal err. Mr Mel Gibson, I forgive you, I love you, I pray for you, be at peace.
Posted By Anonymous Timothy Doyle, Palmdale, CA : 10:48 PM ET
I just watched Anderson Cooper's interview with Mel Gibson and all I can say is Mel Gibson is one arrogant
SOB! He's not sorry at all! The rabbi is apology doesn't make it go away!
Posted By Anonymous Deborah Deel Christiansburg, VA : 10:49 PM ET
Wow. Mel Gibson seems incredibly hateful, manic and rude. I may have actually called him a few bad names out loud while watching the interview. He didn't seem to answer a single one of the questions our favourite intrepid reporter posed.
Posted By Anonymous Kara, Toronto, ON, Canada : 10:50 PM ET
What is wrong with Anderson? I saw you interviewing Mel Gibson. You did sound like an AIPAC member. I remember you asked iranian President questions about Isarel. Really tough questions and your comment was you live in a country where you have freedom of speech. well mr Cooper, have you ever asked Mr bush tough question? Has your network asked any qestion during war in stead of beating war drum ? Never. it was a cheap shot asking Iranian President about Isarel to get close to Jewish lobby. Good work. You will never know what true journalism is. Watch Ted Coppel for few times; may be you will learn something.
Posted By Anonymous Biddut Dallas,TX : 10:50 PM ET
If Mel Gibson truly wants to show he is sorry and it is not true he can prove it and take a profound story of the terrible holocaust and put it into one his earth shaking films!

Take the profits and give it to the most needing people in society and show he gives and never takes away! He would be able to show the tradgedy of the Jews and bring the profound views to shift the opinions of many about his own values that reside within himself!
Posted By Anonymous RayB Everett WA : 10:50 PM ET
I agree with Mel Gibson, He is doing his part, these things take time. Will the media stop beating a dead horse just for ratings. By the way i would not have hissed Mel. Saw his movie last night, thought it was great! He is a gifted director.
Posted By Anonymous Frances Wescott North Hills Ca. : 10:53 PM ET
What Mel Gibson said tonight was an absolute one for one statement anyone in Alcoholics Anonymous program says to everyone else. Its not my life, I moved on for my self, I can't help them if they didn't forgive me. How dare he say that he moved on and not care what others think? Both my grandfathers are dead because of people like Mel Gibson! Until he makes ALL STEPS necessary to be forgiven, he can't count on being forgiven, neither by his god or anyone else's! He must show us his involvement in our community and careful extensive studies of our culture and immersion in our culture. He should spend some time in Israel too.
Posted By Anonymous Max, Los Angeles, CA : 10:53 PM ET
Mel Gibson's responses were much more genuine than Anderson Cooper's questions. I cannot help but feel that Mr. Coopers questions were based more on pol results of Mr. Gibson's past behaviour than they were of the quality of his present movie.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Hodanish, Jackson,NJ : 10:53 PM ET
Anderson, i've always liked your reporting, but your interview with Mel Gibson tonight was awful. Honestly... why ask those questions after all this time has gone by? Why? Does it really matter anymore? Can't you move on from it? Because most of us have, but apparently you haven't. Mel has answered everything he has needed to answer in past interviews, and yet you are still beating dead horses. Perhaps asking him questions that are not involved in drama, scandel, agendas and negativity would have drawn a much more creative, interesting interview.
Posted By Anonymous Eric Graham, Denver, Colorado : 10:56 PM ET
Mel Gibson answered all the questions months back, who gives a s... and forget about it. who says anything good when they have been drinking? at least he wasnt driving the wrong direction down a major freeway on pain killers and dope.
Posted By Anonymous jeremy austin tx : 10:56 PM ET
I saw Mel Gibson's movie last night and thought it was very provocative. It was not nearly as violent as most other movies made today. Nobody hissed. Our local movie critic wrote a most scathing article about the picture and about Mel Gibson that I thought was a personal attack. I think it's time to stop trying to destroy Gibson and get on with life.
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth Warren, Charlotte NC : 10:57 PM ET
AS Mel Gibson said on Anderson's program
tonight his struggle with perjudice is his personal journey and one that he has to resolve for himself. Sometimes the media meddles too deeply into the psyche
of public persons just because they are public persons and that is newsworthy but
in the end, we all have perjudices and all have the sacred right to privacy.
Posted By Anonymous J Latorre NYC,NY 10032 : 10:58 PM ET

Mr. Cooper's interview (12-13-2006) with Mr. Gibson was most enlightening. That Mr. Gibson responded to Mr. Cooper in such a defensive manner when his actions belie contrition, suggests to me that Mr. Gibson has failed to understand the gravity of his bad behavior. I am grateful that Mr. Cooper was unrelenting and am sickened by Mr. Gibson's recent displays.


Adam H. Klein
Chicago, IL
Posted By Anonymous Adam H. Klein, Chicago, IL : 10:58 PM ET
Tiresome and redundant questions by Anderson but Mel did a good job of deflecting them. Yes, Mel Gibson said some ugly things and blames them on a serious drinking problem that he obviously has. But he can't make those who have it in for him, believe him when he says he's sorry. It happened and it was very unfortunate; but hopefully he's getting sober so let's all move on, just like Mel says he's doing.
Posted By Anonymous DR, Rowayton, CT : 10:59 PM ET
Boy, I'm glad the only thing I ever do when I'm plastered is call ex-boyfriends in the middle of the night. I refused to see "The Passion of the Christ" because of the reaction it was getting and now I'm very glad I didn't waste my time on it. And I won't see his new movie either. In fact, I'll probably never see any of his work. Mel Gibson is a seriously arrogant S.O.B. He obviously suffers from delusions of grandeur combined with massive amounts of narcissism. Be a real man, Mel. Admit that you're a raging antisemite and in your own words..."move on."
Kudos to Anderson for standing up to him.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 10:59 PM ET
mel gibson is an out and out anti-semite and does not deserve a platform
to express his ideas.his apology is
most insincere and we hope his movies
are not attended by any decent people!
Posted By Anonymous s.zambrof pompano,Fl : 11:02 PM ET
Although Mr Cooper had time to prepare for the Gibson interview and Mel did not have that luxury Mel was more eloquent, professional and distinct in his objectivity whereas Mr Cooper was relentless in trying to incite by raking old coals into the fire. If Mel Gibson were truly anti semetic there would be more than one blip in his long standing illustrious career in the public eye.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Simon Steamboat Colorado : 11:03 PM ET
Mel was drunk, he could have hit someone and destroyed a life. Anyone's life: Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Unfortunately, CNN only concerns itself with the insults of a drunken man that may have hurt someone's feelings. Where is your judgement and reason ?! Would you rather be put in a wheelchair or have somebody tell you you stared all the wars ?? As a non-Jew I feel a bit sidelined if you get my drift.
Posted By Anonymous Alex, Gilbert, Arizona : 11:03 PM ET
I'm disappointed in Mel's response to Anderson's questions. He came off as self-centered and arrogant. It's all about his own recovery and not about who he may have offended with his past remarks. I guess one does not have to show any compassion for past behaviors when one's movie is #1.
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 11:04 PM ET
The interview left me with the impression that Mr. Gibson still has plenty of work to do to curb that arrogant attitude of his.

And he's right, he can't control people's opinions of him anymore than he apparently can control his mouth.

Once I would have praised him for his body of work, now all I would say is, "Shame on you Mel Gibson."
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Kansas City, MO : 11:05 PM ET
The External Realism of Art: Apocalypto and Mel Gibson

It is obvious that certain people in Hollywood and in the various media still make it their business to critize (compare crucifiy) Mel Gibson. There exists a certain objective reality however with respect to his films, in this instance Apocalypto. It is this objective reality that they seem to ignore. Apocalypto is a great work of art: it is a great film. Its greatness stands alone on the screen. It will be watched for generations, as will the Passion of the Christ.
These insistant negative Hollywood/media types will soon regret the personal effort they muster to knock down Mel Gibson. They must accept that a reality external to their gripes exists. They should relax, get comfortable and sit in the amazing time machine called Apocalypto, excursions that Hollywood created.
Posted By Anonymous Frank Greco, Toronto, Ontario : 11:06 PM ET
Spoken like a man who is in recovery and trying to stay sober! Keep on keeping your side of the street clean Mel. The past is gone, deal with today people. Let's not subside in anyones past transgressions! We have bigger issues to deal with in this world.
Posted By Anonymous Maria, Town of Tonawanda, NY : 11:07 PM ET
I couldn't believe Mel Gibson's interview today with Anderson Cooper compared to his first one with Diane Sawyer 6 months ago. Mel Gibson appears to continue to have this hidden hostility towards Jewish people, except it didn't feel so hidden today talking to Anderson Cooper. You can really feel this hatred in him. 6 months ago he appeared remorseful for his actions and willing to do anything to make up for it, I bought into his apology. His attitude today was one of caring less about making amends or what anyone thinks, especially the Jewish community. His original apology now appears clear to me, it was all about clearing the air before the release of his new movie. I forgave Mel Gibson 6 months ago(have always been a fan of his) and had plans to see his new movie. After this interview, I will never see another movie from Mel Gibson....he appears to have some serious bigotry issues. Well, how can you really blame him, look how his father is.
Posted By Anonymous Ilene Austin Texas : 11:08 PM ET
It was interesting watching this interview. Mel Gibson was very evasive on answering the questions about his comments 6 months ago. It makes you wonder...was he being evasive because he really is trying to better himself and is truly apologetic or was he being evasive for the simple matter that he just doesn't care? I guess everyone will agree that despite all of this he is truly talented in his field of work.
Posted By Anonymous Isabel, Mt. Vernon, NY : 11:09 PM ET
I was disappointed in Mel's response to Anderson's questions. He appeared very self-centered and arrogant. It's all about his own recovery and not about who he may have offended by his remarks. I guess one does not have to show any compassion for past behaviors when one's movie is #1.
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 11:10 PM ET
I watched your segment on Mel Gibson, I am a recovering alcoholic of 22 years and as far as the interview is concerned it is necessary for the public to know that when someone makes an apology for a wrong he/she has done it takes time for forgiveness. Only my actions as an alcoholic can prove that my apology is sincere...forgiveness takes time and I hope that everyone can understand to give that person time to prove his or her wrong doing has taken a change for the better. So Mel Gibson's actions, in time will let everyone know how sorry he is for his grave mistake while under the influence and when that time comes I hope that the public and all concerned can forgive him. It takes so very much courage to admit ones wrongs and it takes even more courage to forgive. I believe that Mr. Gibson has learned a very valuable lesson here and maybe we should too. Good luck to you Bravehearted Gibson, and good luck to us to learn forgiveness.
Posted By Anonymous Charlene, New York, NY : 11:13 PM ET
I can't believe CNN is also trying to crucify one of the greatest Actor/Director of our time
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Pelham, New York : 11:14 PM ET
Obviously Mr. Gibson's recent history of a DUI is a negative on his record. But it is a private issue and should be looked at as one. Why is everyone jumping on the anti-Mel bandwagon? Why don't we look at why certain factions are jumping at the opportunity to kick someone when they make a human mistake. Mr. Gibson should be commended for bringing the "Passion" story to everyone to watch and make their own opinions. He made this movie out of love not out of negative aspirations. The movie should make everyone look inward for improvement and not outward for criticism. It is unfortunate that certain factions use Mr. Gibson's shortcomings as a platform to elaborate on their own personal agendas. Focus more on agendas and what or whom is behind them and less on human error.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Aurora, Illinois : 11:28 PM ET
I was sorry to see Mr. Cooper in his relentless attack on Mr. Gibson. Trying to incite and crucify once again one of our greatest talents.
Focus more on agendas and what or whom is behind them and less on a man strugling with his inner demons like so many others. Incredible how we haven't changed with the passage of time. We consider ourselves better educated, sophisticated and above the rest in human history, yet we are still burning/hanging/crucifying/stoning people that can't pretend. Oh! we have improved alright, instead of the spectacle of killing an idividual in a town square, we are now using the media to expose our(stoning)and other dirty deeds globally, instantly and repeatedly to nauseum in view of millions of people. Look closer and more carefully. Mr. Cooper (who has the appearance/pedigree of the perfect messanger) either also has a personal agenda, or he's simply almost dangerously naive.
Posted By Anonymous Susan, Gladstone NJ : 4:03 AM ET
Although I don't approve Mel Gibson's personal views on specific issues, I don't understand why Mr.Gibson should apology for his opinion? We live in democracies and everybody should feel free to express his/her opinion. Moreover, celebrities are celebrities and actors, singers etc, obviously say something more, even if its absurd. We should not judge them so hard; everybody reserves a second chance indeed. And so Mel Gibson reserves it too.
Posted By Anonymous Nikolaos Mottas, Paris - France : 4:51 AM ET
I do not find Mel Gibson appealing. But he does have charisma, a dangerous thing. Such men have led us astray for unspeakable acts always.
Posted By Anonymous ricki, Pasadena, CA : 5:07 AM ET
After seeing the full interview, I am left with a different impression than I was after seeing the clip. In the clip, Mr. Gibson comes off as extremely arrogant and defensive. But it seems more likely that he was expecting questions to center on his new film, and was extremely offended at the direction Anderson turned the interview. When Anderson persisted, I believe Mr. Gibson became angry - and that is what everyone is confusing as hatred and anti-semitism.

It also seems abbreviated. Funny how it just kind of "ends" right after that exchange. I wonder what really happened? (images of a pissed off Gibson ripping out his mic and walking off camera come to

Maybe that's when the publicist (or, rather more likely, former-publicist) ran in to save the day and stop the entire ship from sinking.

Posted By Anonymous Jeb J., Santa Barbara, CA : 5:43 AM ET
anderson cooper, you basically showed how useless you can be. i'm sure you've never been drunk and said stupid things or better yet any one that has a few too many to drink and blurbed ridiculous comments. Mel is a great actor, director, producer and a humanitarian. You should make yourself a bit more useful and dig deeper into issues that truly need to be raised.
Posted By Anonymous john, Las Vegas, NV : 5:52 AM ET
I liked and appreciated very much what Mel Gibson had to say about his movie and about how people view his personal life and thought he handled himself well. He showed courage, and integrity and responsiblity for himself - and also for the bigger picture - the state of our civilization. I also appreciate his honesty and hope.
Posted By Anonymous Peg Hughes, Sarasota, Fl : 5:56 AM ET
I watched Mel Gibson's interview. I liked his "arrogant attitude" as some have caled it. It's time, the media and others move on with their lives and leave him alone. As he said "There is more to life..."
Posted By Anonymous VA, Minneapolis, MN : 6:33 AM ET
I found the Anderson Cooper interview with Mel Gibson very interesting. Mr. Gibson is typical of many celebrities these days. Forgetting that they are entertainers we are constantly barraged by their political opinions just because they have the ear of the media and feel that their opinions should be something we follow in addition to their movies and television shows. However, when they do occasionally mess up as Mr. Gibson has, they don't want to talk about it and it is none of our business any longer. When one puts themself out there for opinions, everything you do is under the microscope. Thank you Anderson for not backing down and continuing to ask the hard questions.
Posted By Anonymous Julie, Reston, VA : 6:54 AM ET
I expected more from you, Anderson. The Anti-Semitic dimension to the story was six months old. I prefer to take Mel at his word on the healing from his ugly, hurtful, verbal attack. Everyone in the office I work in, Jews included, are tired of watching the media dredge up this silly episode to get ratings when Americans are dying in combat. This hurt your credibility as a journalist as far as I'm concerned. It was clear that you wanted to cause fiduciary harm to Mel and his business interests (Apocalypto) by focusing more attention on the anti-semitism. Focus some of that righteous indignation on the real Anti-Semitic threat taking place in Iran. And you people are wondering why your long-time viewership is abandoning you? I don't want CNN to provide me with my Jerry Springer fix, I know where to find that.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff C., Los Angeles CA : 6:55 AM ET
I think Mel has the wrong attitude. His beligerant behavior is only going to isolate him more. I was completely put off and I will not be going to see any of his movies anytime soon.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 8:06 AM ET
CNN should stick with reporting and instead of interviewing celebrities. Are we low in the ratings game? Haven't you learned from the Angelina Jolie interview? There are some of us who are not interested in actors and actresses who are trying to get publicity for their movies or humanitarian efforts.
Posted By Anonymous Jo Jo, Tampa, Florida : 8:21 AM ET
I agree with the comment that not enough attention is being given to the fact that Mel Gibson could have killed someone as he was driving drunk. But, his angry drunken rant about Jews was obviously a manifestation of his true feelings. And worse, he's a well respected celebrity. Just like the pope's comments, his will get way more attention than the average person's. And hate breeds hate. Alcoholism isn't an excuse for prejudice. And that kind of hatred is what drives maniacs like the KKK. Think about that, Mr. Gibson. I think you need to take a trip to see a concentration camp and reevaluate your mindset.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 9:06 AM ET
"He who is without sin among you, may cast the first stone" It was obvious from the interview that Mel is sick and tired of every interview being twisted into a borage of questions about some remarks he made while in an intoxicated state. He has apologized and is dealing with this on a level that no one else can understand without being in his shoes. Ask about the movie, that is why he was here for the interview.
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Hudson, WI : 9:08 AM ET
Honestly 360, I would really rather have watched a piece on what's going on in New Orleans. How are the insurance companies treating people? Are they being fair? Which companies are the worst? Are more schools open? Are more hospital beds available? Is the suicide rate still higher than normal? How were people able to vote in November? But please don't tell me about those trailers sitting in Arkansas again unless you go after the agency for purchasing trailers that their rules say can't be used in a floodplain area.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Elliott - Chicago, IL : 9:09 AM ET
After listening to the interview with mel Gibson, I am now positive I will NEVER watch a movie that he is associated with. He is a PIG.
Posted By Anonymous Cindee, Minneapolis, MN : 9:14 AM ET
Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, it does not "make" you do anything that isn't already part of you.

If deep down you want to let loose and have a good time, alcohol will have you dancing on the bar. But alcohol can't make you dance on the bar if you didn't want to.

So, if deep down you really don't like your boss. . .watch how much you drink at the Christmas party.
Posted By Anonymous Renae, Appleton, WI : 9:33 AM ET
How many times does Mel need to apologize for this? I felt that Mel was obviously blindsided by these questions that shifted to him being a racist, who wouldn't take offense. Mel is an outstanding member of society, who cares what he says when he's had too much to drink, everybody has made a mistake and said something they should've of, but it's blown out of proportion like he is some Nazi sympathizer or something. Shame on you Anderson for bringing this ridiculous story back to life. Mel is right, he can't control how others view him or should he care if they make their assumptions about him based on comments he said when obviously he wasn't in the right mind.
Posted By Anonymous Kris, Chicago, IL : 9:57 AM ET
I'm glad Anderson asked Mel Gibson questions about his past commens. Blog comments show how hypocritical our society is. Would everybody let Michael Richards get away with the same answers as Mel Gibson? Maybe Richards was on medication or something else too, would that make as good of an excuse? Or it's appalling for everybody to hear racist remarks towards african-americans but that' ok if it's aimed at jews? Seems it's more politically correct to express (and feel) hatred or dislike of some race groups and not others.
Posted By Anonymous a.z., nyc : 10:03 AM ET
Mel Gibson, like hundreds of millions of others in the world, was angered and disgusted by Israel's carnage in Lebanon and Palestine. Most of those demanding an apology from Gibson are active supporters of this carnage. It is they who owe the entire international community an apology.
Posted By Anonymous S. Orr, Seattle, WA : 10:26 AM ET
I watched the show last night and all I want to know is why do we forgive adulterers and not people who speak before thinking? People make mistakes all the time. We're human! It's okay to lie and cheat on your spouse but you cannot be forgiven for something you said while being drunk. You've never said anything you regretted? He learned his lesson. Move on Anderson.
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 10:35 AM ET
Hey Anderson,

All I have to say is when you are a public figure, a certain responsability comes with it. Not about your personal lives, but about what you can say publicly.

When a public figure says inappropriate comments, we learn about it, get offended or not, but talk about it. And that it strikes a debate is a good thing. We need to talk about these issues as societies. But to be on the case of one person..for one person saying something racist there are hundreds of others thinking and saying the same thing or worst. THAT to me is what we should focus on.
Anybody who says something stupid should own up to it, make apologies but not try to make excuses. There is a difference. Me, I have a problem with irresponsable people. So, you have to own up to what you do and assume consequences for your actions. But we all come to the table with our own issues and values.
I will not go see the film simply because it is not my cup of tea. NOt because of what he said, even if I think it was irresponsible. Of course he took a drop in my book but it will not influence my decision to see one of his movie if I feel like it.

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell Laval Quebec : 10:38 AM ET
Dear Anderson,

Yesterday was a rough day for CNN anchors! First, poor Wolf was attacked by Ahmadinejad's "bosom buddy" David Duke, and then you got the rude treatment from Mel Gibson.

Did he really think that you were only going to ask him about "Apocalypto" and not about his drunken tirade and its consequences? After all, you are a CNN anchor and not Ebert or Roeper.

He mentioned that the incident happened six months ago, and that he had "moved on." However, he sounded like he was still harboring some major hostility. I wonder if he would have given Diane Sawyer the interview in October if he wasn't releasing a film in December?

Gibson had some interesting observations about the demise of past civilizations, but when his "stupid side" kicks in he loses all credibility.

I am glad you didn't let him intimidate you. Thanks for an "interesting" interview.

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 11:07 AM ET
In my opinion we all as human beings can be judgemental and critical of others and even racist at some point. In the U.S. more than any other place, we all have a different belief system, come from different backgrounds and have different cultures. I think is very easy for anyone of us to point fingers when someone in the spotlight makes a mistake and stumbles. I think rather than critizicing we should look within ourselves and judge our own lives and try to live our life according to God's will, and then we may start to see a change in our society as a whole and in our surroundings. I think we should live Mel Gibson alone, I believe as a person he has contributed tremendously to our society, why can't we see the good in others and focus on that rather than on their mistakes? I don't think there is anyone out there shom has not made mistakes in the past and felt terribly sorry about, and just as anyone of us deserved to be forgiven back then (and mostlikely will need forgiveness again and again, cuz noone is perfect and we're always making mistakes), this guy deserves a fair treatment as well. We should stop acting selfrighteous and become a little bit more humble.
Posted By Anonymous Yaneth, Newark, NJ : 11:10 AM ET
I was not impressed with Anderson Coopers continuous bombardment and references to a sad personal experience that Mel Gibson had, admitted, repented and is working on. Makes me feel the Jewish owners of all the major TV news networks need to work on forgiveness. Lets get beyond this and allow everyone to fullfil their talents in a fruitful manner.
Posted By Anonymous Lori Davis, Idaho Falls, Idaho : 11:34 AM ET
I was not impressed at all with Mel Gibson last night. He came across as arrogant and self righteous. I agree, how many times does this guy have to apologize but he is not very convincing with his apology� and he's an actor!!??!!
Posted By Anonymous Rachel,-Albuquerque, NM : 11:46 AM ET
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