Tuesday, December 05, 2006
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Posted By CNN: 10:45 AM ET
I was almost shocking to hear Dr Gates admit that the US was NOT winning. I sincerely hope the troops had been told this ahead of time! Imagine if all along they'd been told they were winning, then learn this from the confirmation hearings on television.
This must be so disheartening for them although I'm sure they had an idea.
I pray for them all.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 12:26 PM ET
On Dr. Gates~ the U.S. is not winning in Iraq~ DUH! And really, this is no surprise to our troops, just ask them. All of the soldiers I know want OUT! Of course I can't get the opinion of my cousin because he was KILLED there! But, I can make an educated guess what he would have said.
God bless James Kim. I hope they find him alive in the wilderness so he can reunite with his family. What an amazing story. I pray for a happy ending.
Thanks for bringing us these fat free hot links! (In Texas hot links are completely different )
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 12:52 PM ET
The Iraq Study Group and Gates come from the same ole gene pool and so far the Senate Comm. hearing is the totally standard go-along questioning. The measure that seems to be missing is the 'loyalty' issue of troops and politicians in both the USA and Iraq. The 800 lb. gorilla in the room is what the Iraqi people hit the on the head in the latest poll: It's the Economy Stupid. The oil should have been the goal not Baghdad and it was outsourced and left unsecured. Markets and jobs are gone.

Gates well entrenched in the CIA is totally scary since failed intel was what got us into this mess in the first place. Again, Gates in his testimony goes to the Iran rhetoric which goes directly back to the failed and illegal Iran-Contra mess. It should be noted that Sec. Rice testified to get Gates out of that little deal. It seems we are staying in the same old circle of failed policy and thought filling the same ole deep pockers. Do I hear thoughts of Bunker Bustin' Iran dancing in their heads? Just what kind of war heads are we talking about using?

I say to all the Committees get back to basics, where is the plan to rebuild the US Military. For want of a nail.......
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 1:37 PM ET
It does not surprise me that Robert Gates admitted that we are not "winning" in Iraq; what DID surprise me in his testimony, is that he unveiled the current administration long term plan for Iraq: to build and man an Air Force base there. Here in California we are faced with multiple base closings, affecting the state's
"Homeland Security" and the economy of each community that loses its military center. Now, in another boon for offshoring resources, Mr. Gates tells the future: that the new jobs for US contractors are overseas, not here where we need them. Furthermore, we will be mandated to pay out our tax dollars
to these offshore jobs in Iraq. Our local economy and national economy can not afford this plan. My vote is to not confirm.
Posted By Anonymous Kate, Bakersfield, CA, USA : 1:39 PM ET
As CNN reported today, defense secretary nominee Robert Gates answered, "no sir" when questioned by the Armed Service Committee about winning the war in Iraq.

I could remember CNN reporting Baghdad's first attack and the anti-aircraft flairs shooting into the air in full color. It felt like a Pandora's Box was opened and it could not be stopped. The provocative spinning of the propaganda from the Bush administration had won.

I remember my niece explaining to me how she stepped off a plane in Kuwait in the middle of a sand storm, fled to bunkers all night long during raids, and endured the wrenching heat of the Middle East because of the full uniform requirements. But the most disheartening aspect was the will she wrote to make sure her two-year old daughter would be taken care of if she faced her demise. She was there at the first deployment.

It also brings back my memories of prayers for American soldiers in Vietnam as a teenager.

Wake up! The spin has turned to mud.

How do we answer the soldiers who have fought and the soldiers that are still there risking their lives?
Posted By Anonymous Sharon D., Indianapolis, IN : 2:53 PM ET
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