Wednesday, December 20, 2006
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Posted By CNN: 10:57 AM ET
Goldman Sachs paid Lloyd C. Blankfein, its chairman and chief executive, a bonus of $53.4 million in 2006, the highest ever for a Wall Street chief executive.

Too bad the board of directors doesn't see fit to put this money to good use for the good of mankind rather than for the good of one man.

That money could do a lot toward helping people in Dafur or elsewhere.
Posted By Anonymous Susan Sawatzky, Spokane, WA : 11:27 AM ET
RE: "Bush: We need more troops"

We're going to need to start a Draft.
Posted By Anonymous Jim Hanley, New York City, NY : 11:33 AM ET
Just listened to the Bush end of the year epithany speech which came down to the same matra of non-solutions. From Iraq to Foreign Policy to Illegal immigration: No Change. We're still stuck on stupid. Hey, how about the secure ID's. Hey, George it ain't working and the what's you just need to understand.

The only glimmer of hope is verbalization that we do need to rebuild the military to meet the challenges.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 11:38 AM ET
I am so happy to hear that the streetcars are starting to run again. I was in the French Quarter this past Saturday, and the city seems to be busier. I haven't seen the worst parts, but it was so good to see the downtown area bustling like I remember. People were shopping and they seemed so genuinely happy. It was a fabulous day to be there. The sun was out and it was pleasantly warm. What a unique place New Orleans is. I've missed it.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 11:44 AM ET
Either Mr. Bush has lost all sense of reality to the extent that he doesn't care what the rest of America thinks, or he knows something the rest of the country is not privy to. Those are the only reasons I can think of why he is so persistent on 'winning' a seemingly 'unwinable' war.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 11:50 AM ET
What are the additional military numbers from our allies for this surge of military force President Bush wants to implement?
Posted By Anonymous Sharon D., Indianapolis, IN : 12:56 PM ET
Sorry, Sharon. Allies? We are basically down to Great Britian and that is getting iffy. You can't play the Arrogant Decider Without a Plan and keep friends. Not working and playing well with others has a price, especially when you squander national treasure to keep you corporate buddies' pockets overflowing. Oh, ya we bought India with Nukes even though they haven't signed the non-proliferation treaty. We'll sell them some airplanes and get mangoes while they are trading through the back door with China.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 2:08 PM ET
Every day, Gis are dying in Iraq. They are just numbers, and mentioned in passing. Meanwhile, 3 grown men leave their families, and climb a mountain in the middle of winter, an insane act, and CNN floods the airways over and over! Where is the sense in this?
Posted By Anonymous Robert Pinto Brazil,Indiana : 5:17 PM ET
Bush's statement that we need to send more troops to Iraq is simple evidence of what I Have believed his whole term: he is a buffoon. His dad won the election for him and he wasn't smart enough to surround himself with good people when he realized he wasn't smart enough to fight his way out of a paper bag let alone be President. How many of our troops dying will be enough for him? And what are they dying for? Really, when you get down to it? I was born during Vietnam and this reminds my parents and everyone I talk to that was alive during that time of it. Maybe I just don't know enough about it but I do know that kids going to die for the benefit of those in Washington is wrong. If Bush had sons I wonder if things would be different...............
Posted By Anonymous Beth Ferguson, MO : 10:14 PM ET
Illegal Immigrants able to receive Social Security $$$, why? (Our law-makers and newspapers don't seem to understand the word Illegal)
Posted By Anonymous Carol,Ontario, California : 2:11 PM ET
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