Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Hot Links: Iraq Study Group findings
Posted By CNN: 10:35 AM ET
A sad set of commentaries of 'they just don't get it'. The Bush and Iraqi Study Group focus on politics, governance and defense, while the Iraqi people spoke to 'It's the economy, stupid' with the response to ending choas of 'give 'em a job'. The key to the Iraqi economy has been oil and turning over to Chalabi and no-biders has been a loser.

In the meantime we look at governmental fraud and waste while no one has addressed the need to restart the US Military so that it could send 400,000 well-equipped troops if need with enough in reserve to meet immediate and long term needs.

The diplomacy needs continue to point out the total ineptness of the Sec. of State to deal with global issues. To say she is a USSR expert is not an excuse for the continual failure in this area. Oops, girl it's a global failure to which we are adding Gates as SECDEF who is another USSR specialist.

No new plan, and no one to implement it to which you can add the ineptness and drain of a clueless Homeland Security Department.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 11:01 AM ET
It is really tragic that the disaster of Katrina and Rita brought forth so many scammers!
FEMA fell well short of many many obligations, but in all fairness there had to be a lot of pressure on them to get claims paid ASAP during and in the wake of the 2 hurricanes. There would have been little time to investigate to see which claims were genuine and which were fraud, and trying to collect what has already been paid out is an almost impossible scenario. So who pays?? The honest people and the innocent children of course.
It makes one wonder if it really pays to be honest.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 11:07 AM ET
The ISG report is fine in so far as it states what is obvious to everyone (or should I say obvious to everyone outside of the current Administration). The problem with the recommendations is that they should have been implemented two or three years ago. Given this administration�s history of arrogant unilateralism, just how are we supposed to get the international community to bail us out of the mess we�ve made? Why should Russia and China, let alone Iran and Syria do anything to help us now? As long as we are tied up in Iraq we are less likely to make trouble for them elsewhere. The Europeans might still be willing to help- God love �em-, but they lack the capacity. The Bushies spend six years burning our diplomatic bridges and then realize they need a regional conference� good luck with that.
Posted By Anonymous Michael, Harrisburg PA : 1:05 PM ET
Hi Anderson, I have not read the whole document but the arrogant and yappy George Bush probably will ignore it and insist on "stay the course". This war is the biggest mistake made by any U.S. president and history will not look kindly on him.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage Brooklyn Michigan : 3:34 PM ET
I don't see how this war can go on much longer, or at least a definate plan to end it. I just read where 10 more American troops have been killed in Iraq. There are also approximately 200 more young Americans hiding in Canada, shunned by their Country and families because they couldn't handle fighting this insane war any more. It is not in everyone's nature to be able to watch your buddies get blown up knowing that the next one could be you! I don't blame these young people.
At this supposedly peaceful time of year I hope there can be the promise of at least a plan to get all the troops home soon.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Scarboro Ontario Canada : 4:00 PM ET
I just got married to my Navy husband this March. He volunteered to go b/c he wanted to have a say so; either volunteer or be volunTOLD. He's been training for 2 months and I talk to him everyday. From what I recollect, the training is unorganized and I fear it is not preparing them for the current situation. How can Bush say he wants MORE troops deployed and then send my husband to a CONFUSING & UNORGANIZED training camp? If you ask for troops then be prepared to receive and train them! Now with this Iraqi Study all I keep asking myself is, "Will he and his friends still have to go this January?" If we're trying to "train" Iraqi soldiers to stand up and protect their own country THEN WHY are we still deploying MORE OF OUR US men as we speak!? How is my NAVY husband going to train an Iraqi soldier when he doesn't even seem to be getting proper training himself! It's a shame and I'll be POed if I end up a widow at 24! I would seriously blame it on Bush's pride. PLEASE MAKE A QUICK AND WISE DECISION BUSH! I volunteered with GOP campaigns and now I regret it. In fact, I'm disillusioned over all by politics. Everyone has pride but COME ON these are OUR MEN dying everyday! Have a heart "for our country". I've learned that "pride [DOES] come before a fall" and I'm sure a religious man such as Bush will understand this biblical saying.
Posted By Anonymous Miriam, McAllen, TX : 2:53 AM ET
I STRONGLY disagree that Mr. Bush "just doesn't get it". No one likes or wants war, but it's a necessary evil to fight Islamo-fascism, isn't it? Good intentions don't protect you from terrorist attacks; wishing and hoping aren't a plan for dealing with the stuff we went the through on 9-11.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 1:39 PM ET
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