Thursday, December 14, 2006
Hot Links: American Christianity

Editor's note: Tonight's show looks at the following question: What is a Christian? The links above contain tons of material on this subject.

Posted By CNN: 9:42 AM ET
A Christian is someone that follows Jesus the Christ. In the way they live and act; the problem is they are hard to find. The people that call themselves Christians today would be more like the Sadduces and the Priests of Jesus day. As one Famous man said long ago;"Jesus I like, it's the Christians I can't stand". True today!
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia Verdell, Hinesville, GA : 10:13 AM ET
A christian is one who views the Bible as the inspired word of God, as the absolute truth, beneficial for teaching and guiding mankind (John 17 verse 17.) More is required of true christians than a mere confession of faith. It is necessary that belief be demonstrated by works and examples. Born as sinners, those who become christians repent, turn around, dedicate their lives to God, to worship and serve him, and submit to water baptism. The main identifying quality by which true christians are recognized, is the outstanding LOVE that they have to each other and all human beings, christians or not.
Posted By Anonymous Liz Walters, Howell, NJ. : 10:23 AM ET
I think both of the above comments bring out some important points. I'm a Christian, and let me tell ya', it's a tough life style to live in today's world, very difficult. I have experienced hateful things from both non-Christians and fellow Christians alike. That's because a Christian is an imperfect human being, as is a non-Christian. It's a lifestyle about overcoming that which is within you, letting God's loving spirit help change you. Some are farther along than others, but we all have to start somewhere. That is why we have to try to be patient with one another, and that is very hard to do. That's why belief in the divinity of Christ is essential to Christianity, because only a divinely inspired, loving response could overcome all the bad that is in the world. There's some bad stuff out there, and it scars us terribly. We all need some help outside of ourselves. Not all Christians are alike, and there is a tendancy now to toss them all into a group, just as some think all who practice Islam are terrorists. It's not an informed way to look at this faith, and I just wish people who sometimes strive to be a little more understanding.
Posted By Anonymous Jill, Pittsburgh PA : 10:46 AM ET
A Christian is someone believing in, or belonging to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Glen Burnie MD : 11:22 AM ET
There may be links with tons of material on this subject but ultimately the authority on this issue is God's Word, the Bible. Many who say they are "Christians" do not live up to what that name represents. Reminds me of what Gandhi once said: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." True Christians do not only believe the Bible is God's written word but its principles affect their life, decisions (big and small), goals, morality. A Christian imitates Jesus Christ's conduct and viewpoints to the best of his or her ability. At John 15:19 Jesus himself said that his followers would be "no part of the world." In fact, John 6:9-15 indicates that when Jesus was here on earth, upon seeing that he could feed the masses with five loaves of bread and two fish, some wanted to make him a political ruler or king. What was Jesus' reaction? He "withdrew again into the mountains all alone." Can that be said of those whose clergy and other members are involved in politics, or whose lives are largely built around materialistic and fleshly desires? Furthermore, at John 13:35 Jesus said: "By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves." Love would identify true Christians. Can that be said of religions who claim to be "Christian" but whose members kill each other because they have opposing political ideologies or other conflicting agendas? True Christianity has such faith that is accompanied by works.
Posted By Anonymous Mariela Solis, New York, NY : 12:11 PM ET
A Christian is someone who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior. In doing so Chritians get to go to heaven to be with God when they die. In other words, having eternal life with God in heaven. This is by the grace of God (a gift) and not by what you do. Preferrably Christians do their best to follow God's commandments, but this is not always the case. Christians still get to go to heaven whether they are good Christians or not. This is a brief and to the point analysis. There's more to living a Christian life, but the main thing is accepting Christ as your Lord and savior.
Posted By Anonymous Stacy Tanner, Folsom, CA : 12:16 PM ET
A Christian is a person who believes that jesus Christ is the son of God and inspite of all the sins we commit (ie;lying, gossiping, hatred)we know he still loves us. We can always depend on his love no matter happens in our lives.
Posted By Anonymous Tina Hudson Gary Indiana : 1:54 PM ET
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