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What should Anderson ask?
On Thursday, Anderson Cooper is scheduled to interview Michael J. Fox about politics, Parkinson's disease and stem cell research.

This is your opportunity to tell Anderson what he should ask. Leave your suggested question in the comment section below or e-mail your question using this form.

And tune in Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET to watch the interview.
Posted By CNN: 5:29 PM ET
Ask him, when he learned he had the disease, were they any resources to help him with questions, education and emotional support? If there were not, what would he like to see changed/improved for people who are diagnosed with the disease in the future?
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 6:07 PM ET
I would like to know why Michael gave up his Canadian citizenship.
Posted By Anonymous Jacquie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada : 6:16 PM ET
I am appalled, that people that do not have this disease that Michael J. Fox has could possibley make a terrible statement, that he was exaggerating his symptons, and if there is any possible cure for his disease, or other diseases, the stem cell research is of great importance to all people..
Posted By Anonymous alice groom, lecanto, fl.. : 6:18 PM ET
I would love to know if Hollywood has been as supportive and helpful in the fight as they are with other illnesses..Strong support? or Not..Thank you Michael J. Fox and family..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 6:19 PM ET
Not a question, but just tell MJF that as a nurse with an advanced degree that understands,'step over', I totally admire what he is doing. Now, if we could just get the opposition to real research to accept real science we might have a chance to stop the suffering.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 6:20 PM ET
What is your personal response to the political ad controversey? Do you just shrug your shoulders, or does it honestly get to you?
Why is stem cell research advocacy your most important goal?
What other political work do you do?
How has your family handeled your illness over the years?
How have things changed for you since you were diagnosed in '91?
How did the media respond to you going public about the disease?
In what direction would you like to see America go?
What political action do you think would benefit the country?
What are your feelings and opinions on gay marriage, the war in Iraq, and Kerry's latest comments?
Posted By Anonymous Emily, St. Paul, MN : 6:23 PM ET
How about asking him to read the entire amendment before he decides whether to support it or not. Or does the fine print not matter?
Posted By Anonymous Christie Hampshire Polo, Missouri : 6:25 PM ET
Ask him if he has read the amendment yet. (he stated in an interview that he had not read it before filming the commercial.) And ask him if he agrees with and is aware that the in the fine print of the amendment is a protection clause for cloning.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - Chicago, IL : 6:30 PM ET
Anderson, I would like you to ask MJ fox, how long after he learned he had Parkinson's disease until he retired from being an actor? I am looking forward to seeing your interview on Thursday!!! AC360 the best news show!
Posted By Anonymous Joanna Parker, Millsboro, DE : 6:31 PM ET
Hey Anderson~
You always land the coolest interviews. I would you to ask MJF what he thinks about the comment from Rush. I am sure he will be polite though. I wish Michael the best with his Parkinsons. He has done a fantastic job of bringing attention to this disease. He rocks, and so do you!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 6:35 PM ET
Question: Michael - do you believe the current administration would like to silence you if they could?
Posted By Anonymous Scott, San Diego, CA : 6:37 PM ET
I would like to know if Micheal is still in contact with any of his co-stars from "Family Ties" and if there are still reruns from that show.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 6:37 PM ET
Does he know why people oppose destroying an embryo for stem cell research that may have the potential to save many lives, but do not oppose destroying that same embryo in a fertility clinic?
Posted By Anonymous JD, Salt Lake City, Utah : 6:43 PM ET
Ask Michael Fox, if there has been any further research into the cluster of Parkinsons diagnoses and/or medical problems that occurred around the show he was on in the early 80's, I believe "Leo and Me" but I could be wrong. There was a handful of people who worked on the show who all contracted supposedly non-contagious diseases.

Also, ask him how he deals with Parkinson's in his everyday life, are there good days and bad days?
Posted By Anonymous Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 6:45 PM ET
The Back to the Future series of films dealt with the notion that choices - even insignicant ones - made in the past can have beneficial or detrimental effects on the future even to the point of creating two entirely different worlds. Looking at the stem cell issue currently, ask Fox to explain what the future looks like from two scenarios: one where we make the right choices vs. one where we make the wrong ones.
Posted By Anonymous David, Colorado Springs, CO : 6:47 PM ET
How do you feel about Rush Limbaugh after the remarks he made about your political ad?
Posted By Anonymous Kevin, Danville, KY : 6:50 PM ET
Let's ask him why people like Rush and others are so opposed to stem cell research when they have been silent all these years on the same "embryos" just being thrown away. If they believe in-vitro is ok and have never said anything else about then why now?
Posted By Anonymous Bob, NY, NY : 6:53 PM ET
Did Mr. Fox over medicate to amplify his condition. A common practice my step mother used on a routine basis to get sympathy until caught. I really do not want to take anything away from the suffering imposed by Parkinson's disease, but upon watching Mr. Fox I was so reminded of living with a Parkinson�s sufferer and the state of being over-medicated.
Posted By Anonymous D. Torres, Encino CA : 7:00 PM ET
I would like to know why MJF thinks that stem cell research is so much more important than all the other kinds of research?
Posted By Anonymous Sharla Jones, Buckeye, AZ : 7:02 PM ET
I recently saw him on the "Actor's Studio" He looked so tense, does trying to controll his symtoms of Parkingson cause him pain or soreness?
Posted By Anonymous Jan, Glendora Ca. : 7:03 PM ET
PD research includes drugs, genes, and stem cells. All research projects are monumentally complex and do not appear to be close to a cure. They all mention stopping the progression of the disease. I would ask Michael which research group he thinks is closest to curing, preventing, or stopping the progression of the disease. (drugs, gene research or stem cell research.)
My father had PD and my brother has some form of it so I am mainly interested in the gene research.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage Brooklyn MI : 7:06 PM ET
MJF often makes fun of his symptoms. I would like to ask him how has making fun helped him take his illness less seriously and perhaps cope better with it?
Posted By Anonymous Tarsel, N.York, New York : 7:07 PM ET
Did Parkinson's disease prematurely end his run on Boston Legal? Last time we saw him, his character was leaving to get a lung transplant and then, all of the sudden, they killed off his character without a final appearance by Michael J. Fox.
Posted By Anonymous Sean, Cincinnati, OH : 7:10 PM ET
I am all for stem cell research and trying to eradicate terrible diseases, whether through traditional medicinal means or through holistic natural ways. I do not know all that much about Michael's disease, but I would just be interested in knowing if he had "timed" his medicine wearing off, or chose not to take his medications for the "emotional effect". As with many other issues, I would be more interested in seeing the benefits that stem cell research have already provided rather than the "negative" consequences of not forging ahead with such research. In this regard, I think Michael should show the positives of what has happened from the research, what is on the horizon, and what might be in the distant future. God Bless you Marty McFly!
Posted By Anonymous David, Fair Lawn, NJ : 7:12 PM ET
why embronic stem cell research and not umbillical stem cell research? I do not agree with using stem cells from embryos but would support if the cells we derived from stem cell donations from the birth of a child (umbillical cord blood). There are hundreds of babies born every day and most cord blood is thrown away, why not save it and use it. You will not be crossing the ethical boundries that is keeping people from supporting stem cell research on embryos.
Posted By Anonymous Angela, Boston,MA : 7:13 PM ET
My first thought was why does he feel that stem cell research is the only path to a cure for PD since he is so passionately backing those politicians who support it. Why not focus that passion on drug development or genetic research? It would also be interesting to get his viewpoint on whether stem cell research does in fact lead to human cloning and unnecessary destruction of life. How does he think those issues will be controlled if stem cell research gets passed. Thanks.
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 7:15 PM ET
I have no questions for Mr. Fox; please just tell him "Thank you." He's a terrific example of a single individual making a positive difference in the world. We need more people like Mr. Fox, and fewer 'nattering naybobs of negativism' - the ranks of which Mr. Limbaugh has evidently joined.
Posted By Anonymous Kris Weeks, Phoenix, AZ : 7:19 PM ET
Please relay to Michael that I admire his fight and all of the work he has done to promote research for this disease. I, personally, have had to watch a person close to me that had suffered with this disease. I felt so helpless and it hurt to see the frustration of this individual as the disease progressed. He underwent several procedures in hopes of a cure or the chance to reduce the effects of the disease. None of these procedures worked, and the medications that he was required to take to control the effects of the disease was amazing.

The comments indicating that Michael is faking must be from individuals that have not had the opportunity to do their research and/or stand back to watch how this disease progresses.

Michael, stand tall and keep doing what you are doing. The citizens of the US need to know how this disease affects individuals and their families.
Posted By Anonymous Sandy, Lincoln, Nebraska : 7:20 PM ET
To please ask MJF - What specifically the research will do and how it can improve diseases such as Parkinson's? I realize this is general, but I guess what can stem cell research do that current research isn't already doint? Those of us that are voters that aren't in science don't understand these things and it is important for us to understand when we are voting. Thanks!
Posted By Anonymous Teresa - San Francisco, CA : 7:22 PM ET
Does Michael consider himself a political person? Has his medical condition caused him to more politically minded than he was before?
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Chicago : 7:23 PM ET
Anderson, please ask him, what is the most frustrating aspect of living with the disease (for example, with asthma, it's the wheezing, etc.), and how does he deal with it on a daily basis? Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 7:28 PM ET
Why do celebrities think that they are so important that regular people really care what they have to say about politics?
Posted By Anonymous Ryan, Portland, OR : 7:45 PM ET
Is he exaggerating his illness, in order to get sympathy? I guess he is also pro cloning!
Posted By Anonymous R.Gracia Flower Mound, TX : 7:47 PM ET
I would like to know what Michael's views are on adult stem cell and blood cord stem cell research both of which are showing more promising near term results. Why do you support embryonic research when other viable alternatives are not morally offensive for some and show more promising results?
Posted By Anonymous Kevin B, Columbus, OH : 7:51 PM ET
Please ask Michael if he has full support from big pharmaceutical companies, especially biotech companies such as Genetech, Amgen. If yes, in what way? If not, why not? Please also ask Michael if he has tried to ally with Nobel prize winners in medicine. Michael and his family has my full support because I had 1st experience with Parkinson. My father suffered from it for more than 8 years while I was a teenager 35 years ago. Every time I think of my father, it breaks my heart. Please push this stem cell research issue as hard as possible. This is a key issue that can win the votes of swing voters.
Posted By Anonymous Candice, Lafayette, CA : 7:58 PM ET
Ask him if he thinks it's ethical to trade the life of one for another.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, San Francisco, CA : 7:58 PM ET
I would like Anderson to ask Micheal why he is so dead set on embryonic stem cell research and not on adult or blood cord research? Does embryonic seem to offer more for a cure for Parkinson's or are they all the same? Does he believe that a cure would be found in his lifetime to help him if they allowed embryonic stem cell research? Or is all of this just a shot in the dark to try anything to find a cure?
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 8:35 PM ET
My grandfather had Parkinson's disease, he developed it in his 50's. Now my uncle has it, he also developed it in his 50's. I am interested in knowing if Michael's doctors have any idea why he deveopled it at such a young age and if Parkinson's disease runs in his family, as it does mine. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Jenn, Tampa, FL : 8:47 PM ET
Please ask Mr. Fox to explain the process of stem cell research (including benefits to present and future generations in disease prevention and treatment). I'd also like to know what he as a survivor of this disease finds most promising about stem cell research for his own future health. His thoughts on pro-lifers suppressing life by denying this research and its potential to save millions (including him) would also be interesting to hear.
Posted By Anonymous TA Cheramie, Berwick, LA : 9:07 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Thank you for allowing us to participate in the discussion of this important issue. Here are my questions:

1. Is Parkinson's Disease a hereditary condition?

2. What are the most difficult obstacles people with Parkinson's face in their everyday lives?

3. What is particularly challenging for families who care for someone with Parkinson's Disease?

4. Why does he think that the Republican Party, the Christian Right, and others who claim to be so "pro-life" are so willing to allow people to suffer because of their stand against stem cell research?

In my opinion, these individuals should show more respect for the people who are living and suffering with these diseases in this world at this moment and less about some cells that will never have a future. Thank you.

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 10:01 PM ET

I would ask MJF, what new research is going on with umbilical cord stem cells? I would also ask him why he believes people fear this subject so much.

I have researched this issue since 1999 and have both my children's stem cells cryo-genetically stored. The politicans never talk about these types of stem cells.

Millions of these stem cells are disposed of each and every year. Why can't parents donate their children's stem cells to better research? Is this politically incorrect?
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 10:08 PM ET
Heres a couple of questions for Michael: Do you always run off at the mouth before you know all the facts? '(hadn't even read the entire amendment before he started speaking out)and secondly, Who really gives a rats ass what the entertainment industry says about anything except entertaining.
Posted By Anonymous John C. Peterson, Riverside California : 10:14 PM ET
Hi. Here are my questions for Michael J. Fox:

How does Mr. Fox explain his disease to his kids now and when he was first diagnosed? What advice would he give others who are sick (either with a terminal disease or a debilitating one) about explaining their illness to children in different age groups?

I heard a clip of him yesterday about how hard it is dealing with this even though he has excellent access to healthcare. What advice would he give-- based on his own experiences and that of others-- about advocating for what people need? What resources are available to help?

How can people get the government to take action and what do we need to urge our representatives to do?

How does he cope during particularly bad days? Has he discovered ways, in addition to the medicines he takes, of lessening the severity of symptoms?

What does he miss most about his life before his symptoms became more severe? What does he appreciate most about his life now?

How has his concept of himself changed as his disease has progressed?

I will say a silent prayer for him and others affected by the disease, and for a cure.

(FYI: The medical Web site I give out most as a resource is It is through the National Library of Medicine and has excellent links to well-respected resources and informative articles. I have tried searching for some pretty obscure diseases for some of the students with mulltiple disabilities I have taught, and I have always found great info there. This would be a wonderful resource for your viewers; so much so, that you might have them all carving Cooper's likeness into pumpkins.)
Posted By Anonymous Norah, West Chester, PA : 10:46 PM ET
I feel that MJF was one of the pioneering celebrities to use his status to gain government access to an important issue needing attention.

What does he think of the celebrities that followed?
Posted By Anonymous Aruna Rao, Minneapolis, MN : 11:37 PM ET
How common is it for a young person to be diagnosed with Parkinson's disease? Also, best wishes to Michael and his family.
Posted By Anonymous Carol B. Frederick, MD : 11:45 PM ET
I love Michael J Fox .Since family ties, back to the future and all the movies after that. He brought out the innocent side of hollywood that has been lost today.I have heard that embryonic stem cell research has had no good results but adult or cord blood has had fairly good results.When I think of the embryo I think of a new life just begining a life that could have been healthy and happy or not, but at list would have had a chance to make it in the world we live in. I cant say I know what its like to have an incurable disease, I have seen many loose their lives to cancer and AIDS and I know that if I was in the same situation I would do anything to find a way to survive, to find a cure which honestly, is a selfish quest. Science is great look at how far we have come but are we pushing it too far.A lot of people have problems when animals are being used in labs.Do you want us to turn the other way when it comes to an embryo?. This is destroying a life in its very first stage. It may look like nothing at first but after nine months look at the end result.We look at the life span of butterflies and we think wow how beautiful. If we destroyed the first stage of a butterfly we would never experience the beauty.What we fail to realize is the minute we are born we start to die.If its not a disease, it may be an accident or an evil act of another human being toward another. We are not mortal, we live in an imperfect world. What we need to do is respect life even when it seems soo insignificant such as an embryo. We spend so much time chasing life that we forget to live it and share it and enjoy it.We forget that we have no control over it. There is no science that can control LIFE and its end result. Its an experience that once started cannot be stopped, there's no going back. My question is simple, what if you did find a cure with these research and tomorrow you die from a spider bite or an accident on your way to work. Then what ?
Posted By Anonymous Valerie G, Hesston KS : 12:01 AM ET
Would Mr. FOx ever consider running for public office? How would he handle pressure from conservatives about stem cell research? What would Mr. Fox ask/tell George W. Bush if he met him face to face?
Posted By Anonymous Eddie S., El Paso, Texas : 12:08 AM ET
I want to ask Mr. Michael j Fox If the bill does not pass in the United States, would you go to China to use stem cells? As you may already know some people are going to China because they are doing stem cell research and parkinson patients are doing much better!
Posted By Anonymous Ariya, Honolulu Hawaii : 12:45 AM ET
I'd suggest you him what his hopes and dreams are--for himself, his family, the country, or the world. What would he like to see change?
And ask him why he so admired Michael J. Pollard that he decided to adopt his middle initial. :)
Posted By Anonymous Lesley-- Oakland, CA : 1:14 AM ET
In embryonic stem cell research, the embryo does die during stem cell extraction and I guess that�s what the controversy is about? Am I correct?

Is the dealth of an embryo murder? I have no idea. Does Michael think so?

But I personally believe the pros outweigh the cons IF there are strict regulations around who can perform it � and to make sure it is not exploited beyond what medical benefits it can offer.

I admire Michael�s courage and great spirit and wish him luck and good health

Posted By Anonymous Shehan Jayawardena, Middletown, CT : 1:18 AM ET

I would love to hear the following question asked of Michael J. Fox: If you could teach Rush Limbaugh - and the rest of America - one thing about Parkinson's disease, what would it be?
Posted By Anonymous Ronit, Los Angeles, CA : 2:07 AM ET
I was very interested to hear in an interview with the Dixie Chicks that when a women chooses invitro-fertilization, she provides a large number of eggs. Apparently most of the eggs will never be used. The Dixie Chicks indicated that these eggs could be used to assist with stem cell research but women are not allowed to donate them. Does Michael have any information about this issue? I was surprised that a women could not choose to donate her egss and wondered what happened to them. Are they eventually destroyed? Can they be used to assist with stem cell research?
Posted By Anonymous Em SLC, Utah : 2:43 AM ET
I would second the question posed by Kevin B. Columbus, OH. I offer Mr. Fox my support, prayer and admiration in dealing with his disease.
Posted By Anonymous Elaine Suhre, Alhambra IL : 3:15 AM ET
Please ask him how he feels about the value the current administration places on a stem cell versus the lack of value they place on the lives of our troops fighting overseas. Personally, I don't think a stem cell has a soul. Why should a stem cell be given more protection than a living, breathing, conscious human being?
Posted By Anonymous Julie San Diego, CA : 4:48 AM ET
Hey Anderson,
I would like to know how his kids are dealing with it. I grew up with a grandfather with Parkinsons. As a very young child, it scared me to see him, but I got used to it and it became a way of life. I remember my grandmother put newspaper on the floor around the table because when he would put salt, it would go everywhere. But he insisted on doing as much as possible by himself. Are there some things MJF can't do alone?
I remember a few years back he had a surgery to his brain to help with the tremors. Could he have another one?
Finally, what wording would it take to make sure that there wouldn't be any abuse with the stem cells research and would be use only for advances to help or cure illnesses?
Thank you for doing an interview with him and respecting your viewers by asking us what we want to know.

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell LavalQuebec : 8:01 AM ET
I understand that Michael is no longer a "full time actor". How does he spend his time now? What activities does he enjoy with his family? What accomodations have they made for his illness?

Coping with an illnes such as this requires an enormous amount of patience, both for the person with the disease and for the family and friends.
This is true whether the patient is well known, or a neighbor down the street. We should all be grateful that Michael is willing to call attention to the need for research, in spite of the criticism of those who thrive on creating controversy and ill will.

I have a great amount of admiration for Michael. I sincerely hope people will get over the negative publicity generated by the stem cell research opposition, and realize that the knowledge required to discover cures is as much a gift from God as life itself.

My best wishes to Michael and his family.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 8:57 AM ET
Anderson, Please consider asking Mr. Fox what it is that inspires him, or gives him hope? Does he have any advice for those newly diagnosed with this illness?? I am an oncology nurse who often finds the most encouraging, inspiring, hopeful comments are those made by my wonderful patients. Looking forward to the interview (and also your Sesame Street appearance!)
Posted By Anonymous Judy, Hatfield, Pa : 9:28 AM ET
My grandmother died from Parkinson's Disease. I have an aunt that also has been diagnosed with the disease. Have there been any new developments for treatment or breakthroughs, and if so, why dont they discuss it more openly to offer other family members and the public?
Posted By Anonymous LA - Scottsville, KY : 8:16 PM ET
I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in my forties and know that every action that MJF takes and every word he speaks on behalf of this disease will place him under public scrutiny. I know, too, that this scrutiny will cost him something--at times, more than he can afford to give. But I want him to know that people who have Parkinson's and their families and friends understand the sacrifice he makes and are deeply grateful. Even if his efforts did nothing for Parkinson's research, they will lead some people--maybe even Rush Limbaugh--to grow in spirit through awareness and compassion for the world around them. Could MJF's sacrifice have any better outcome than that?
Posted By Anonymous Bonnie Brightman, Boise, ID : 10:26 PM ET
I have watched the Michael J. Fox commercial on stem -cell research. We
are all aware of his disease. I have always have been a fin of his. However, in this case, he only told half the story. His blatant use of his disease for political use is in excuseable. When he was on "inside the actors studio", he begged the audiences indulgences after he took a pill. He came back after a few minutes and he was fine. So, Michael,
if this commercial was not just for political gain, why not wait for your pill to "kick-in". My comments will not affect the election one way or another, but, you have lost a fan.
Posted By Anonymous Dave - Pardeeville - Wisconsin : 10:29 PM ET
To Deb in Richmond, VA:

RE: "I sincerely hope people will... realize that the knowledge required to discover cures is as much a gift from God as life itself."

Beautifully put!
Posted By Anonymous Norah, West Chester, PA : 11:08 PM ET
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