Friday, November 10, 2006
Some resources for veterans
Post-traumatic stress disorder

DOD 24-hr hotline: 800-342-9647
Military OneSource

Family counseling

Strong Bonds
DOD 24-hr hotline: 800-342-9647


National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
NCHV hotline: 800-838-4357


Department of Veterans Affairs
Hire Vets First
Military Job Zone
Posted By CNN: 4:05 PM ET
al quieda is measuring the drapes in sadams old palaces
Posted By Anonymous ricky atlanta ga : 7:25 PM ET
Thanks for posting the resources for veterans. How very thoughtful and helpful. This is one of the reasons I watch 360~ You CARE! ~
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 7:59 PM ET
Dear 360 Staff:

Thank you for posting this information. I appreciate it when you provide actionable items that relate to the news.

I recently started working as the student advisor at a program for low-income learners, some of whom are vets. I will share this info with them next week.

I am also very much looking forward to Monday's program on returning soldiers. We need to see more about how the lives of our soldiers is altered by their experience-- whether or not they are wounded physically-- and what we can do to help support them. And what is the status of protective gear/armor (including the anti-IED device that Israel has but we don't) for our fighting men and women?

What are some of the warning signs of post-traumatic stress disorder that families can look out for? How can they work with soldiers who might need help get over the stigma of counseling? How can they help support them at home? I hope you will have Dr. Gupta-- who is so good at explaining this stuff-- talk about this and other issues on Monday.

I would be especially interested in hearing how any programmatic cuts have meant a harder time for vets. What can we do to better support them?

On this veterans day, I will pray for our troops, and for peace. I will also pray for the family of Mr. Smith of Leavenworth, KS, who shared on the 360 Blog that his son-in-law was killed in Iraq a few weeks ago.

Again, thank you for this posting.

Posted By Anonymous Norah, West Chester, PA : 8:29 PM ET
These help lines are great and they reach out to those in crisis. Not to diminish the need for these, but I wonder how many returning Vets dealing with 'disquieting' conflictions could be reached with a blog that was secured and limited to combat Vets only. Anonymous access codes to chat or read what others are saying might catch some who fall through the cracks during the first year or so when they are facing the period of adjustment to home. I think of the 'homeless' vet you had on 360 dealing with the paper work that can be overwhelming especially for brain injury/PTSD, and no place for free access. Thank goodness he should get full disability, but the aloneness he faces should be helped, also.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 1:47 AM ET
It might be interesting to know if amoung those who experience PTSD after being back for 7 months, are facing another deployment, which triggers the memories.
Posted By Anonymous Vicki, Oshkosh,WI : 11:30 PM ET
Good report. Just one question. How many of these services extend to National Guard and Reserve? I remember a local TV station interviewing a guard wife at the airport saying something like, "It's time for him to get home, because I'm tired of doing this alone." It was a real shock to hear this comment and it has stayed with me.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 11:47 PM ET
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