Thursday, November 09, 2006
Remembering Ed Bradley
Today we learned that a remarkable journalist has died. I was actually at "60 Minutes" in the middle of a screening when they got the call that Ed Bradley had died from leukemia.

I didn't know Ed personally. We'd only met once in passing, but I think all of us who watched him on "60 Minutes" feel like we knew him.

He was a trailblazer who started working for CBS in Paris in 1971. He then went to Vietnam and also covered the war in Cambodia. I remember watching some of his old reports when CBS re-aired them on their short-lived cable channel. He always got close to the action and, in fact, was wounded in Cambodia by a mortar round.

Ed Bradley had been at "60 Minutes" for 25 years, and it's hard to imagine the program without him. He was a scrupulously honest reporter, and always seemed to be a truly decent man.

He listened to those he interviewed, and the conversations were real. I recently saw the piece he did with producer John Hamlin profiling Muhammad Ali. There is a great moment when Ali pretends to fall asleep at a meal and then surprises Ed. The whole table breaks out laughing, and watching at home it was hard not to laugh along with them.

It is hard to believe Ed Bradley is gone.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 12:25 PM ET
Beautiful kodak moment! God be with him.
Posted By Anonymous Adlide St. Fleur, Miami, Florida : 12:47 PM ET
Ed Bradley was indeed a stalwart in his field and appeared to be a gentle and honest human being. American has lost a precious gem.
Posted By Anonymous Liz Walters, Howell,NJ : 12:47 PM ET
Ed Bradly was a consumate journalist. It was always more about the story he was telling than it was about him.

They just don't make them like that any more.

Posted By Anonymous liz, Montgomery, AL : 12:49 PM ET
I have watched 60 Minutes for as long as I can remember and always enjoyed seeing Ed's pieces. He always seemed to be a real gentleman.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Lake Worth, FL : 12:51 PM ET
Many years ago Ed Bradley did a piece for 60 Minutes on a deaf marimba player. I could feel Ed's enthusiasm and awe through the television screen. It was a wonderful segment and I've often remembered it. May he rest in peace.
Posted By Anonymous Kathleen, Shreveport, Louisiana : 12:52 PM ET
I grew up watching Ed Bradley. It was shocking to learn of his death this morning. Ed Bradley was one of the best.

He will be missed.
Posted By Anonymous gloria Moy, New York, NY : 12:53 PM ET
Be still like the grass on a melancholy summer day
Be still like desert shrub.

Be calm and you will hear your loved one speak, in the stillness, in the calm, their love resounds.

If you are still this promise I make, you will hear the voice of your loved one helping you along your way.
Posted By Anonymous Angie, Washington DC : 12:53 PM ET
I send my condolences to his friends and family. This day and age, being 65 years old and dying seems young to me.
Posted By Anonymous Katayoun, Houston TX : 12:53 PM ET
Sad, very sad. He was the best story reporter around. I loved his voice, as well as his angle on things. See you in the next life, Ed.
Posted By Anonymous Brad, Brooklyn, NY : 12:53 PM ET
He was one of the few voices in journalism that spoke for the jazz world. This is a tremendous loss.
Posted By Anonymous Peter La Barbera, Sun City CA : 12:55 PM ET
There are few television journalist who carried "trusted" into their media. Mr. Bradley was one of those few. We have lost a valued perspective and human being.
Posted By Anonymous tom : 12:55 PM ET
Ed Bradley was amazing, he will be greatly missed.
Posted By Anonymous Pamina, Pittsford, NY : 12:55 PM ET
Wow, what a big loss to the TV news family. I remember watching Ed Bradely on 60 Minutes since I was a kid. 60 Minutes is part of our weekly routine and it will be sad to see it go on without him. Great tribute to him Anderson, very eloquent.

Posted By Anonymous Kelli, San Francisco, CA : 12:55 PM ET
Prayers and thoughts go out to Mr. Bradley's family. He will truly be missed. There were very few journalist who made me want to just sit an listen to what they had to say because I felt it was THE TRUTH. Mr. Bradley was one of those journalist. May God bless his spirit.
Posted By Anonymous Gloria - Houston, Texas : 12:55 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
What a terrible loss. I have watched 60 minutes for years and always enjoyed the way he interviewed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. The world of news sure has been losing some great people. I hope those coming up will have the same mindset. Listen and report the facts. And keep your sense of humor, it will always be needed to bring the good out of any bad situation. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton Calif. : 12:56 PM ET
Mr. Bradley always seemed like a good man to me. I always enjoyed watching his reports on 60 minutes. He was an outstanding journalist, an as a Leukemia survivor I was sad to hear of his passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Posted By Anonymous Larry K Louisville, Ky. : 12:56 PM ET
I too truly respected Mr. Bradley. He was instrumental to so many journalists in the true meaning of the word "journalism". I didn't know he was battling this disease, and I feel he left us in the dark. I hope his family knows, America mourns the loss of an amazing man.
Posted By Anonymous Mari Corrigan, Flint, MI : 12:56 PM ET
Thank Anderson for your reflection on Ed Bradley's life. I think we will all miss seeing him on 60 Minutes with that dapper earring and contagious charm....
Posted By Anonymous Lauren, Washington, DC : 12:56 PM ET
Beautifully said!
Posted By Anonymous Becky, East Fairfield, VT : 12:56 PM ET
The world has lost one of the greatest reporters of all time. Ed Bradley wasn't afraid to ask the hard questions or to take the calculated risks in seeking the truth. He had a very engaging personality and made you feel as though you were apart of what was going on. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. I feel like I have lost a grand uncle who made the news a lot more personal.
Posted By Anonymous Kim, Los Angeles, CA : 12:57 PM ET
Do we know how long Ed Bradley was ill. This comes as a complete shock to me. I haven't watched 60 Minutes in a long time, so I don't know if his illness was sudden or not. He will be missed and honored in my prayers.
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Tampa, FL : 12:57 PM ET
Mr. Bradley,
Was a remarkable human being and news reporter. I remember growing up and watching him cover the news for CBS and was fascinated at seeing a Black man in a position of trust in getting the facts out to the American public. He was a great person to watch and his face on CBS News will be sorely missed by all who either new him personally, or watch him on CBS 60 minutes .
Posted By Anonymous Stewart Basnight, Mill Creek Washington : 12:57 PM ET
I feel as if I've lost a friend. Thank you, Ed, for years of hard work, decency, and top notch journalism.
Posted By Anonymous Allison, Maitland, FL : 12:58 PM ET
I'm so sad to hear of Ed Bradley's passing. He was an extraordinarily classy journalist, and his interviews (especially the one that Anderson cited with Ali) always revealed the essential humanity of his subjects.

He will be sorely missed.
Posted By Anonymous David Greene, Maynard, MA : 12:58 PM ET
This is a sad day for all of us who admired Ed Bradley. 60 Minutes is a program I respect highly, and Mr. Bradley was a man for whom I felt repect and affection. He reported with honesty and sensitivity, and I will miss seeing him on Sunday evenings.
Posted By Anonymous Mark Petts, Cheverly, MD : 12:58 PM ET
He was one of my favorites on "60 Minutes". His reporting was always honest and on target. I am saddened by his passing. Rest in Peace, Ed.

Posted By Anonymous Susan K. Gosser, Arvada, CO : 12:58 PM ET
Thank you, Mr. Bradley. Blessings to his family.
Posted By Anonymous d. murray Glastonbury, CT : 12:58 PM ET
Rest in peace!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous R Jones, Yonkers, NY : 12:58 PM ET
Funny you mentioned the Ali story because I was thinking the same thing before I read down that far. He was a staple on 60 minutes that I've enjoyed for years. If we could all work like he did with passion and being genuine............we'd all make huge contributions to this world and leave it a better place like Ed Bradley.
Posted By Anonymous John, Dacula, GA : 12:59 PM ET
Never exploitive or sensational, Bradley's understated, deliberate style revealed his moral compass, a moral compass much of his audience shared with him.
Posted By Anonymous R. S. Columbus, OH : 12:59 PM ET
I loved listening to him, he will be missed. my prayers to his family.
Posted By Anonymous cherokee, evansville, in : 12:59 PM ET
The world will certainly miss Ed Bradley. My heart goes out to his family and those that were closest to him.
Posted By Anonymous Kerry, Atlanta, GA : 12:59 PM ET
Ed Bradley amongst all of his accolades remained one thing, diligent. His reporting was insightful and most importantly genuine. We will all miss Mr. Bradley, for his pursuit for the truth in a day that reveals very little. May God bless you Mr. Bradley and your family. You will never be forgotten, thank you for leaving behind a journalistic foreward that is every bit of inspiring.
Posted By Anonymous T.K. Woldu, Asheville North Carolina : 1:00 PM ET
Ed Bradley was a true gentleman. The stories he reported on were interesting and "real". Ed Bradley was "real". 60 Minutes will not be the same without him. My prayers and condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Seidl, South Bend, IN : 1:00 PM ET
I'm in shock....such a great journalist. I will miss him, his smile and his wonderful interviews.
Posted By Anonymous Linda Stark, Pittsburgh, PA : 1:00 PM ET
So sorry to lose another great guy. My prayers will be with his family. God Bless.
Posted By Anonymous Lori Steel, Atlanta GA : 1:00 PM ET
I have been watching 60 minutes for the last twenty years and had always enjoyed the stories that Ed Bradley reported. He was a great storyteller and most of all a great human being all around. He will greatly missed.
Posted By Anonymous Norma Herrera, Anchorage AK : 1:00 PM ET
Mister Bradley was not pretentious and it showed through his memorable interviews with average people. I enjoyed his work and he will be missed for sure.
Posted By Anonymous Tony, Montreal, Quebec : 1:00 PM ET
Being a 58 year old, I've watched Ed Bradley for a long time. He was one cool guy in the way he presented stories and made sure the viewer got the point. God speed, Ed.
Posted By Anonymous Rich Krekeler, Dallas, Tx : 1:01 PM ET
I feel like someone I have known forever and trusted has died...and he has. Condolances to those near and dear to him.
Posted By Anonymous Ann Charleston, WV : 1:01 PM ET
Well said Anderson. Ed Bradley always seemed like a reporter you could trust. I always enjoyed his stories and felt that they were balanced. Such a classy guy...I'll miss him.
Posted By Anonymous Diane, Long Island NY : 1:01 PM ET
Thanks, Anderson, for putting in words what all of us who did not know Ed personally would have said.

It was always a pleasure listening to Ed's reports and interviews because you knew they were sincere and to the point. This, to me, is the epitomy of news reporting. We have all suffered an immense loss.
Posted By Anonymous B Fabregat, Overland Park, KS : 1:02 PM ET
I grew up watching this great man during his early years and during recent interviews. He was quite a brave and direct interviewer and reporter. He will be well missed.

Shephard Family Enterprise
Detroit, Michigan
Posted By Anonymous Nicholas W. Shephard - CEO/President, Detroit, Michigan : 1:05 PM ET
I enjoyed watching Ed Bradley on TV for many years. I give condelence to his family, friends, present and past 60 Minute Associates. He will be missed.
Posted By Anonymous Letha Roberts, Medford, : 1:06 PM ET
Over the past 5 years we have seen a major shift in Journalism. Real American Journalists are either dying or retiring and society is at a lost. Ed Bradley was a very important man in the Journalism industry and he will be missed. For the next 10 years Journalism and news broadcasting will go through a major shift. With the rise of technology, overexposed celebrities and the internet the classical news anchor is almost a thing of the past. I hope upcoming news broadcasters will learn from people like Bradley, Murrow, Cronkite, and other past journalist. As a 25 year old woman my generation is up at the plate and I hope we hit a homerun. Ed Bradley we will miss you.
Posted By Anonymous Candice Dallas,Texas : 1:06 PM ET
He seemed a gentle man for a giant in journalism. He had a trusted voice and a familiar face. Blessings to his family.
Posted By Anonymous Alison, Houston Texas : 1:07 PM ET
And can anyone forget his wonderful profile of Lena Horn? Mr. Bradley had the set of elements common to the best broadcasters -- the capacity to ask the hard-as-nails questions when called for, the willingness to let his subject shine through appreciatively, and the wisdom to know when each was appropriate. He will be missed, indeed.
Posted By Anonymous Becca, Charlotte NC : 1:07 PM ET
Ed Bradley was the keynote speaker from my 1982 graduation from Howard University. His profound words of wisdom, his class, and his grace were an inspiration to all. The world has lost a phenomenal star.
Posted By Anonymous Angele Johnson, Atlanta, GA : 1:07 PM ET
I'm 40. I've been watching 60 Minutes since I was a child. I loved him. He was what a journalist should be. Thank you Ed, for all you've done, and all you've shown us.
Posted By Anonymous Megan, Minneapolis, MN : 1:08 PM ET
May he rest in peace.. he will be missed.. thank you Ed for all you've given to us in the years..

May peace comfort your family
Posted By Anonymous Lin, Quincy Michigan : 1:08 PM ET
Mr. Bradley will be missed...the words honor and genuine come to mind when I think of him and his reporting style.

Millie Garner
Posted By Anonymous Millie Garner Hollywood, MD : 1:09 PM ET
As a sociologist, I was pleased to read comments that focused on Mr. Bradley's accomplishments rather than his race. He will be remembered for what he contributed to ALL of society.

Thank you Mr. Bradley.
Posted By Anonymous Cat Steinhauer, Levelland Texas : 1:09 PM ET
I'm so saddened to learn of Ed Bradley's passing. He was always very respectful and didn't let his own opinions shape a story. That's a quality that is becoming very rare in journalism today. My deepest sympathy to his family. Rest in peace, Mr. Bradley.
Posted By Anonymous Leslie, Waxahachie, Tx : 1:10 PM ET
One of the best his field. His sincerity and passion for his work came across the television screen to the audience.
Posted By Anonymous Isabelle Toronto Canada : 1:10 PM ET
Thank you Mr. Bradley. You have left your journalistic imprint on all who have watched your reporting.

Your level of professionalism is a marker that all news media should strive to emulate.
Posted By Anonymous Pam, Cleveland OH : 1:10 PM ET
A great journalist and a great asset to "60 Minutes". This many knew how to talk to anyone, no matter if they were heads of state or entertainers. May God be with him and his family at this time.
Posted By Anonymous Simone, Rockville, MD : 1:11 PM ET
I will miss you and will smile in the future when I do just that! Have a great life on your 2nd time around Eddie!!!! Carlo
Posted By Anonymous Carlo Lombardo, Rochester MN : 1:11 PM ET
This is just another sad reminder of the importance of joining the National Bone Marrow registry. You can save a life.
Posted By Anonymous Enibieni, Ann Arbor MI. : 1:11 PM ET
This is a very sad moment for me. I've grown up with an affinity for newscasters, and the loss of Ed Bradley is tragic. His wit and no-nonsense honesty will never be forgotten.
Posted By Anonymous Brooke Z. Toledo, OH : 1:12 PM ET
This is such a loss for 60 Minutes and their viewers, he will be missed.
This is such a shock, we have lost such a great Jounalist. He will be missed. God Bless his family...
Posted By Anonymous Ellie S Castillo Houston Tx : 1:12 PM ET
Indeed he was a great man. I will remember his calm strenght that you felt watching him. My toughts are with his family and co-workers.

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell Laval Quebec : 1:12 PM ET
He will be greatly missed by people of every race. He never played the race card because he didn't need to. That will be apart of his legacy.
Posted By Anonymous Cyndi, North Carolina : 1:13 PM ET
Mr. Bradley will truly be missed. He was a true inspiration to many and an excellent reporter. I watched 60 Minutes because of him.
I wish his family peace during this trying time.
Posted By Anonymous LeVar, Washington, DC : 1:15 PM ET
My love and prayers go out to the family of Mr. Ed Bradley. He could report a story and would make you feel as he did. His voice would touch your soul. We as a country will mourn the loss of Ed. As our prayers go up let blessing come down and comfort this family.
Posted By Anonymous Jakki, Columbus,Ohio : 1:15 PM ET
I am in shock. I truly liked watching 60 minutes because of Ed Bradley. He will be missed.
Posted By Anonymous Rita Derstein, Hatfield, PA : 1:16 PM ET
I'm an U.S. Army African-American journalist and Ed Bradley has been one of my mentors since I've been in uniform. He's made me proud and made me want to tell the story better so people could relate to the men and women wearing serving our country. I've said when I retire, I'm going to put my earring back in my ear just like Ed did. He was a true news icon and legend and will be an example for many African American journalists to emulate.
Posted By Anonymous Master Sgt. Donald Sparks : 1:24 PM ET
I am also very sad to hear of the passing of Ed Bradley. 60 Minutes will never be the same. He is and always will be one of my favorite journalists along with Walter Cronkite.
Posted By Anonymous Marion Alexander, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada : 1:25 PM ET
My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Bradley's family. I enjoyed watching him on 60Minutes, I loved his voice-it made me pay attention! And he was a good looking man! God Bless.
Posted By Anonymous Sonia A. Dallas,TX : 1:25 PM ET
What a most decent man, Mr. Bradley will surely be missed
Posted By Anonymous Wayne Hooper, Baltimore, Maryland : 1:25 PM ET
As a fellow journalist of color and avid "60 Minutes" watcher, I am saddened to hear about Ed Bradley's death. It's a sad day. He will be missed. Rest in Peace, Ed.
Posted By Anonymous Elle - New York : 1:26 PM ET
Ed, thank you for the many great stories and interviews. The interview with Tiger Woods is one that really stands out. If there is a hall of Fame for excellents in Media, you should be in it. I am positive my Grand Mother and Father will Great you at the Pearly Gates of heaven. Thank you for being the person you were. Loved you bro!
Posted By Anonymous Claude Calgary AB Canada : 1:27 PM ET
This was a man with true charisma. As a teenager,I saw Ed B. as a "smooth operator". His JAZZ knowledge base,was extreme, he will always hold a place in my heart.
Posted By Anonymous Zuri St. Louis Mo : 1:28 PM ET
I will miss Ed Bradley. 60 Minutes will not be the same without him. His passion for journalism really shone through from his character and many accomplishments. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to watch and learn from him over the years. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Posted By Anonymous Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 1:34 PM ET
I remember in the mid '70s, he anchored the Sunday 11:15PM newscast. I was impressed then, and never felt I had a reason to doubt his impartiality to tell an accurate story. He seemed ageless, and will be missed.
Posted By Anonymous James, Asheboro NC : 1:38 PM ET
A gentleman in every sense of the word.
Posted By Anonymous Ron M Balto,Md : 2:19 PM ET
I can't bear the thought of no longer hearing his soothing voice announce "I'm Ed Bradley" at the intro of "60 Minutes" Sunday night.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Charlotte, NC : 2:21 PM ET
In addition to being a great journalist, Ed Bradley loved good music, and he loved New Orleans. Many outside of New Orleans do not know how much he loved our City and our musicians, but he was known to appear at many a Neville Brothers show, often coming on stage to sing with them. He also made numerous impromptu JazzFest appearances, on stage with various artists. I met him once at a private party where Jimmy Buffet and the Nevilles were playing, he was totally in his element there. He will be sorely missed, beyond the world of journalism.
Posted By Anonymous Larry, New Orleans LA : 2:28 PM ET
What a loss for the media world. He was one of the best!
Posted By Anonymous Glorious, Dublin, CA : 2:29 PM ET
Why do I feel as if someone in the family has died today? I felt the same way when I learnt the news of Peter Jennings death as well.

It is probably because men like Bradley and Jennings built that sense of honesty and integrity on us while we were growing up. They would tell stories like my dad would - except I could only touch Bradley and Jennings through a TV glass.

Journalists like Bradley is the reason why politicians keep themselves clean in serving this great nation !
Posted By Anonymous RJ Singh, Hopewell Junction, NY : 2:33 PM ET
Words cannot express the grief that I feel having learned the Ed Bradley has gone the way of all mankind. Ed was really the only reason that I watched 60 Minutes. He was gentle kind-hearted giant in news realm. My thoughts and prayers are with his personal family and his CBS family. I believe he has gone from labor to reward and his works does follow him. To all who read this be blessed.
Posted By Anonymous Les Talley, Washington, DC : 2:33 PM ET
I'm a 53 years old Afro-American male and I grew up with Ed on t.v. and he was one of my 'role model'. Very sadden that he has past. I pray for God's strenght for his family and many of us who loved him.
Posted By Anonymous Jerry L. Marshall, Jr., Houston, Texas : 2:36 PM ET
What a sincere man in his reportings. i never miss 60Minutes and certainly he will be missed,elegant , eloquent and composed, just like teh Jazz he loved
Posted By Anonymous David, Barbados,West Indies : 2:37 PM ET
Ed Bradley was a great reporter and will be missed!! He was in touch with the people and real issues that concerned those people. May God bless his wife and family.

We salute for a life and job well done!!
Posted By Anonymous Gwendolyn Unoko, Baltimore, Maryland : 2:42 PM ET
My heart is broken but my spirit is lifted because he seemed to live such a rich, full and textured life. How could we not be happy for him as he meets his Maker able to say "mission accomplished"? His enthusiasm for life was contagious and revealed itself in his work. I have such vivid memories of watching him on television and being utterly charmed. RIP - Mr. Bradely
Posted By Anonymous Nikki, Washington DC : 2:43 PM ET
Ed Bradley was one of the best. I grew into a "junior" senior citizen watching him and he was a model for all of us. Tears do little but they come so easily when someone like him passes.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Pollock, Winchester, Va. : 2:48 PM ET
Ed Bradley was one of the best journalists on TV and he will be sorely missed
Posted By Anonymous Scott Kashian Chicago IL : 2:52 PM ET
I am very saddened about the loss of Ed Bradley, who happens to be one of my journalism heroes. During my collegiate days in the 1980's as a broadcast journalism major, Bradley was a person I really emulated, a pioneer for aspiring Afircan-American journalists. The broadcast journalism world will never be the same without Ed Bradley.
Posted By Anonymous Sanders Jackson Meppel, the Netherlands : 2:53 PM ET
I am truely sad to know that Mr. Ed Bradly has passed. I am an African American man working in a conservative white collar environment. I struggled with my ethnicity in my work environment and found encouragement when Mr. Bradley pierced his ear. It was great to have such a universal figure as an example. I too now wear a gold stud. Not because of Mr. Bradley, but seeing his on television made others much more comforable with it. I will tell my daughter of Mr. Bradley to insure he will not be forgotten.
Posted By Anonymous JB, Sheffield, AL : 2:53 PM ET
Ed Bradley was a class act and a brilliant man. His contributions to the fields of journalism and broadcasting are boundless. He will truly be missed. Blessing to his family and friends. RIP, Mr. Bradley
Posted By Anonymous Cyndee, Phoenix, AZ : 2:56 PM ET
From Lena Horn to Tiger Woods, Ed was JUST THE BEST!
He will be missed, but I am not sure that we will not see a report from Ed in the future from Heven.
"Now cracks a nobel heart. Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest".
(From Horatio's farewell at the death of Hamlet, his dear friend).
Posted By Anonymous Jim Goodwin, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. : 2:59 PM ET
Ed will be missed, It is hard to think of watching 60 mintues without his news pieces. What a great lost, May he rest in peace
Posted By Anonymous Rosie Soderlund Goose Creek SC : 3:02 PM ET
God speed on your great new journey!
A class act all around.
Posted By Anonymous JR, New York NY : 3:02 PM ET
A real gentle man! May he rest in peace!
Posted By Anonymous Traci, Indianapolis, Indiana : 3:04 PM ET
I sure am sad about Ed Bradley's death. He was a good reporter and seemed to be so cool. I love it that at his age he wore an earring. He will be greatly missed. Karen Adams
Posted By Anonymous karen adams, Union, SC : 3:06 PM ET
I was saddened to hear the news of Ed Bradley's death. I can think or many stories that touched me on 60 Minutes but the one that I recall now, especially touching, was Mr. Bradley's interview with Tina Turner, both are long time favorites of mine. I will miss his reports.
Posted By Anonymous Dorothea, Meadows, TX : 3:07 PM ET
wow He was a icon, an excellent man first and journalist....being from philadlephia he made you proud, you never heard any scandles or anything negative about him, and the way he looked at those he interviewed you could tell he was really listening to the person he was interviewing
Posted By Anonymous linda brooks from philadelphia pennsylvania : 3:11 PM ET
Ed Bradley was smooth when reporting. He never got hot-headed and he listened keenly to every comment being made. He will be missed
Posted By Anonymous Ingrid, Miramar, Florida : 3:12 PM ET
Only Mr. Bradley could reassure his interviewees comfortable enough to say what they were uncomfortable saying. For example, the "second dancer" in the Duke Rape Investigation. Through her tears, her true colors were shown.
This Pioneer, made an African-American proud to be Black. He also gave us the confidence to be all that we can be, with hopes we sould only appear on 60 minutes for something we wrote, did, or something we would do which would later be wrote about.

Rest In Peace Mr. Bradley, you shall be wrote about in the books of History....
Posted By Anonymous Tamarah Owens, Durham, NC : 3:12 PM ET
This is very sad news. Ed seemed to genuinely care about every interview topic and subject.

I'm a media cynic and there are few whose opinion, perspective, and delivery get my attention at all -today I lost one such professional. If Ed Bradley said it, I believe it period.

His calm, cool, measured style was entirely disarming and I believe this allowed us viewers at home to hear and see more of his subjects.

Ed will be missed. He probably forgot more about quality journalism on his way to work than most in today's media will learn in a lifetime.

Sympathies to his family.
Posted By Anonymous rob, ft. lauderdale, florida : 3:14 PM ET
Such is life, at one point death will take over. such as the cruel death has cut short the life of Mr.ED
Family and friends not let your heart be sad for did for his country which no one can do
Posted By Anonymous Michael Norcross Ga : 3:19 PM ET
A very sensitive piece about Ed Bradley. What a trailblazing career he had. My condolences go out to his family. The news world has lost a great one. Ed Bradley will be sorley missed. I hope you elaborate on his life tonight on 360, as only you can do. Thanks AC~
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 3:21 PM ET
What a sad day. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Bradley family.
Know that earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal.
Posted By Anonymous Hazel, Beaufort, SC : 3:23 PM ET
I always made a point of watching 60 Minutes when Ed Bradley had a piece airing. It won't be the same without him. He was a unique voice, a fine reporter and a gifted interviewer. The list of his career accomplishments says it all. Watching his reports, you always felt his full engagement in the story he was telling -- he drew us in and enriched out understanding with solid journalism, honestly reported and gracefully told. I will miss his voice and his example. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
Posted By Anonymous Anne, Dedham, MA : 3:24 PM ET
Other than my Dad, Ed Bradley is the only other man who I wanted to pattern my life after. He was a gentleman and class act.
Posted By Anonymous Roger, Brooklyn, NY : 3:27 PM ET
I have just now learned the news that Ed Bradley died. Also I just learned that he had been battling leukemia. I have grown up watching Ed Bradley and the 60 Minutes team and he will be surely missed.
Madeliene Bolden
Posted By Anonymous Madeliene Bolden, Atlanta, Georgia : 3:38 PM ET
I had just come from my uncle's funeral when I found out this terrible news about Mr. Bradley. I feel that I have lost another one of my family members. I have two families, one is my blood family and the other is my journalistic one. Cronkite, Jennings, Rather, Brokaw, and the 60 minutes crew, all brought the news into my home throughout my life. I absolutely had (and still have) to be home on Sundays at 6pm. Ed Bradley was awesome at what he did. The way he interviewed wasn't pushy and interruptive like it is today. He was truly a class act and will be sorely missed.
Posted By Anonymous Keisha R. Kansas City,MO : 3:43 PM ET
RIP Ed Bradley. He was one of the best. His wonderful interviews were one of the finest parts of 60 Minutes. Loved his quiet humor, his intelligence, his dignity and the twinkle in his eye!
Posted By Anonymous Annie, Fort Bragg, California : 4:02 PM ET
We all will truly miss this fine man and his kind manners. He made everyone that was interviewed, that he was truly interested in what they had to say. He really had the ability to listen and not be critical.

Ed Bradley was one of the best!!
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann, Hugo, Minnesota : 6:43 PM ET
An amazing man. One of the best interviewers to ever grace the screen. He will be missed.
Posted By Anonymous Brian-Salt Lake City, UT. : 2:31 PM ET
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