Thursday, November 02, 2006
On the campaign trail with Michael J. Fox
I just got finished talking with Michael J. Fox. The actor-turned-activist is in Virginia tonight campaigning for Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb.

Fox has drawn criticism from some who are saying he's being used to spread a misleading message. I talked about that with him a lot this afternoon, and we'll air the full interview tonight on "360."

I've never met Fox before, but he clearly is committed to the issue of embryonic stem cell research. He arrived about half an hour before the interview was to begin and took a short nap in a hotel room we'd rented.

He's been crossing the country as he campaigns for different candidates, and it has clearly taken a lot out of him. Stress makes his uncontrollable movements worse, and as you can imagine, it's been a pretty stressful couple of weeks for him.

He's not complaining, however. If anything, he seems energized by the feeling that he is making a difference.

We got a call earlier today from Rush Limbaugh's chief of staff. I thought only candidates have chiefs of staff, but apparently not. Anyway, he expressed concern that in our promo for tonight's interview we were mischaracterizing what Limbaugh said about Michael J. Fox.

In the promo, we said, "Rush Limbaugh accused him of 'faking' Parkinson's symptoms...." The chief of staff seemed to think we'd said that Limbaugh said he was faking Parkinson's. We did not say that.

Limbaugh initially said Fox was either acting or intentionally hadn't taken his medication in one of the commercials he shot for a candidate in Missouri. Limbaugh has since apologized for that, but continues to say Fox is misleading voters. (Watch Fox's ad for the Missouri candidate)

Does Michael J. Fox accept Rush Limbaugh's apology? Find out tonight at 10 p.m.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 7:43 PM ET
I sure the hell hope Mr Fox hasn't accepted Limbaugh's apology. Did anyone accuse Limbaugh of faking his hearing loss? How about accusing him of capitalizing on his 'drug abuse' while promoting the War on Drugs? Tomorrow his people will use this as another 'Network War' against Limbaugh. How sad it must be to be him.
Posted By Anonymous Kelly - Cygent, Ohio : 8:15 PM ET

You know that saying about "walking a mile in someone else's shoes"...well until Rush and all other critics of Michael have experienced his daily battle with this debilitating disease personally, I believe they have no room to comment. If there is hope for a cure or even diminished symptoms through research then I believe it should be pursued with a passion. I imagine if a world renowned researcher announced that a cure for cancer had been discovered through using embryonic stem cells, there would be immediate action taken to insure that cure was developed.
Godspeed, Michael J. Fox and may all those critics "walk that mile" someday.....
Posted By Anonymous Zann Vickers Easterwood Martin, Tennessee : 8:30 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
I just saw a quick clip of the interview on the Situation Room. It really is somewhat startling to see how the disease has progressed..Whatever you think of the stem cell debate, no one could argue that Michael J. Fox is a man who has more courage than most of us combined..It can't be easy to let yourself be so exposed in such a public way..We're all entitled to our own opinions on issues, so the voters will decide on stem cell research..But Mr Fox can rest assured we heard him loud and clear..And I'd like to thank him for that..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif : 8:44 PM ET
My wife and I continue to cry for Michael J Fox and for the cruel way he has been treated by Rush Limbaugh. We are outraged by those comments. My wife has early stage parkinson's and our 6 yr old granddaughter has Juvenile Diabetes. We have supported Stem Cell research all the way back to when Christopher Reeve started his foundation and of course follow Michael since he was a little guy on TV. We give whatever we can for stem cell research and the comments and criticism of Michael so unerved us that we have given the foundation $10,000 and pledged more from the sales of my new book, in fact I have pledged all 100% of my proceeds to Michael. The hopelessly partisan guide to American Politics. We appeared on CNN International last friday night with Becky Anderson in London. It saddens us deeply to see how the disease has progressed, although Michael has had it for nearly 20 years. We pray for his family and Michael himself. Barry and Shelly Sinrod Delray beach Florida
Posted By Anonymous barry and shelly sinrod Delray beach florida : 8:46 PM ET
I'm sure that if Rush whats-his-name had the disease he would not be spewing his verbal diarreah over the airwaves. This bozo epitomizes all that is wrong with the republicans. I say keep it up Rush, and watch your party crash and burn come next tuesday.
Posted By Anonymous Paul in Miam : 9:00 PM ET
Thank you for giving Michael a forum that will be unbiased yet informative. I had an aunt who had Parkinson's and saw how that disease challenge her daily life. I'm glad that Michael has taken a stance to educate the public and pursue an active role in support of stem cell research. May God continue to give him the strength to move forward!
As a loyal viewer of yours, I know that you are the best qualified to have Michael tell his story. Thanks again Anderson for the continuing program excellence on 360. There is definitely not another show like it!
Posted By Anonymous SP, Villa Hills, KY : 9:00 PM ET
Fox is out campaigning on a real issue. Limbaugh and much of politics seems to rely on slander of one sort or another. I don't think Limbaugh's apology means anything, so there's nothing for Fox to accept. He should just go on campaigning for a good cause and Limbaugh can choose his words a little more carefully next time he's worried about how people are going to view his party in light of his comments.
Posted By Anonymous Seth S., Canoga Park, CA : 9:03 PM ET
I look forward to watching to watching your interview with Michael J. Fox. I admire the work he is doing to try to find a cure for Parkinson's disease. Even though his Parkinson's get the worst of him, he still goes on to try to raise awareness for the dreadful disease he has. I can see him as the next Christopher Reeves, fighting strongly for stem cell research. I hope that he and scientist can find cures for Parkinson's and other diseases.
How dear Rush Limbaugh said he is faking his symptoms. He must not have any apathy for others.
Posted By Anonymous Cassandra, Sugar Land, TX : 9:12 PM ET
I think that Michael J. Fox will accept Limbaugh's apology, but only out of the kindness of his heart. Personally, I don't think that Fox should AT ALL forgive him for such a thing. Who would really accuse someone of faking symptoms of Parkinson's?! Fox should be commended rather than criticized for all the work he has been doing to push for stem cell research and other important issues.
Posted By Anonymous Manisha G., Los Angeles, CA : 9:16 PM ET
Rush Limbaugh's remarks about Michael J. Fox were despicable and his "apology" sounded far from sincere. You never hear Michael bemoaning his condition, but you always hear of his tireless efforts on getting the word out about Parkinson's Disease.
Posted By Anonymous Fay, Vacaville, CA : 9:17 PM ET
Rush Limbaugh is a bottom dweller who feeds on the misfortune of other people.

If Limbaugh offered a sincere apology to Michael J. Fox, I'm sure Mr. Fox would accept the apology because that's the kind of man he is, a man of honor and dignity. That's something Limbaugh will never be able to understand because he hasn't evolved enough to know compassion and understanding.

The only good thing to come of Limbaugh's obnoxious behavior is that he's shined the light of media attention on Michael J. Fox's campaign to advance stem cell research.

I hope the voters recognize the major difference between these two men (Mr. Fox and Limbaugh) and support those political candidates Mr. Fox endorses.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 9:31 PM ET
Hey Anderson:
I can't imagine Michael not accepting Limbaugh's apology. He's learned dignity and forgiveness the hardest way there is, and I would venture to guess he is much more of a man than any and all of his critics.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Whitby Ontario Canada : 9:32 PM ET
Hello Anderson:
Sounds to me like Limbaugh should intentionally lay off his all his medication, as it's abuse has clouded his judgement and led him to talk yet again about something of which he hasn't a clue.
Posted By Anonymous Kristen A. Toone, Evansville, Indiana : 9:40 PM ET
You should've sent your buddy Oscar the Grouch to interview Limbaugh. Would have loved to see Rush explain himself to him. One garbage can mouth to another.
Seriously though I think what he was cold and thoughtless and should'nt be forgiven.
Posted By Anonymous Shannon Vancouver, Canada : 9:42 PM ET
Whatever side of the politcal spectrum you side with, Rush Limbaugh's remarks were insensitive and just plain mean. Attacking the person instead of the issue will never lead us to a cure for this disease that has affected so many of our loved ones.
Posted By Anonymous Kelli, San Francisco, CA : 9:47 PM ET
I would imagine that Michael J. Fox would like be home, every night, spending time with his beautiful wife and his beautiful children, rather than campaigning. I'm sure he'd rather not have been diagnosed with Parkinson's (especially at such a young age) or have the symptoms of his disease on display for everyone to see.

Maybe a cure for Parkinson's will not be found in Michael's lifetime, a fact I am sure he is well aware of. But he still tirelessly gives of his time so that those who are diagnosed after him have a better chance at a more "normal" life, or maybe even by that time, the drugs needed to keep the symptoms at bay will have been discovered.

So it really doesn't matter what concerns Mr. Limbaugh's "Chief of Staff" (really??) expresses regarding how his employer is portrayed on your show, because Mr. Limbaugh is again his own worst enemy - the video does not lie. I watched as he quite clearly mocked a man who has no control over what movements his body makes. Was Limbaugh being malicious or was he just ignorant of the disease and its effects? I feel it's pretty obvious it�s the former. Coming from a man who has his own demons, he has a lot of nerve (not the good kind) to publically mock someone else.

So as a final bit of advice, I'd like to quote Mr. John Lennon. The old adage of "treating others as you'd like to be treated" couldn't have been phrased better:

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
Better get yourself together darlin'
Join the human race
How in the world you gonna see
Laughin' at fools like me
Who in the hell d'you think you are
A super star
Well, right you are

- Instant Karma
Posted By Anonymous Joan, Lansing, MI : 9:53 PM ET
Why is this more about personalities and egos and "he said, she said" etc?

Focus on the facts of embryonic stem cell research, its track record, the moral aspect of it being a government expenditure and how it compares with adult stem cell experiments, NOT on who the heck will win this power struggle.

Thanks for giving us this 360 forum.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 10:14 PM ET
I do believe that Fox will accept Limbaugh's apology and continue with the campaigning; it seems to be such a waste of time to give such negativity as Limbaugh's the time of day- Fox has more important work to do and a more important message to deliver. I admire his character and conviction.
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth Morgantown, WV : 10:29 PM ET
Rush lacks the kind of empathy he seemed to need during publicity regarding his "medical" problem.

Empathy is, apparently, a prerequisite of courage.

Rush is a bully, all to ready to harshly judge others who disagree with him.

Has Rush ever said: "I disagree with this other fellow, but he is a good, decent upstanding guy and I admire him as a human being. We just disagree."

Rush, are you alone wise?
Posted By Anonymous Lee of Detroit Michigan : 10:31 PM ET

As I sit here and watch your interview with MJ Fox, my heart goes out to those that deal with this disease on a daily basis. Shame on Rush Limbaugh for the comments he made a few weeks ago. I was in utter disgust when I heard Limbaugh say this. Shame on him. Until he steps in other shoes who deal with this day in and day out, Rush should zip it. We all know of the personal issues that Limbaugh has gone through and for him to critize Michael Fox & offend those that have this disease, he has some nerve. Even I am insulted. But bottom line is that these are careless words that Rush used and I hope that every second that he's awake, he is embarassed and ashamed of himself. MJ Fox will be better of a man then you can ever be Limbaugh.
Posted By Anonymous Sejal Mukerjee, Wilmington, MA : 10:37 PM ET
This is why people like michael J Fox are stars. When his Hollywood career came to an end, he didn't stop living, Michael continues to move forward, fighting for people who may not have the power, to have an impact on serious debate on disease and serious illness. With that being said, I say, THANKYOU
Posted By Anonymous Claude Calgary AB Canada : 10:40 PM ET
Hello Mr. Anderson Cooper we all know that Mr. Fox is a good person. so he'll accept the apology of limbaugh.
Thank you Mr. Anderson for making us aware of this things because we are not familiar about this embryonic stem cell research. I have an uncle who has parkinson's well I think who is also affected about the diseases is the people who are also with him at home.
Posted By Anonymous Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 10:47 PM ET
Oh, Anderson no offense please. But I must point out Rush's fans know his having a Chief of Staff is part of his schtick. He's got the "Rush Wing in the Museum of Broadcast Communications" the "golden microphone", the "Al Gore Dommsday Countdown"...

P.S. his insult was directed at one person, but the apology being given to lots of people. John Kerry's insult was directed at thousands of troops, but his apology isn't receiving attention from CNN, nor is CNN asking viewers "will the military and the President 'accept' Mr. Kerry's apology
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 10:48 PM ET
yes with all this technology, why can't they create an artificial stem.
and we all know that all politician can't please everyone so keep them out of science.
Posted By Anonymous Robert, Hershey,pa : 10:55 PM ET
Thank you Anderson Cooper for giving MIchael J Fox the opportunity to speak. I do not beleive in killing babies, never have. Not sure what is all involved in the Stem Cell but we can do just about anything these days why can't they help people with Parkinson's Disease? I am sure there is a way to get around this.

My heart goes out to Michael J Fox and his family, and hope and pray something can be done to help him. And how DARE Limbaugh say he is acting. He is a jerk and obviously does not know about this disease. NO one knows what is in store for any of us in our lives, and look this movie star who has or had lots of money is just a human being trying to survive. How much money has he gone through since this all began. My heart still goes out to him and the family.

Thank you for being the reporter you are Anderson, you seem to get the message out there no matter what it is, expecially the Mexican border, I believe if Cananda can keep control of the border why can't we put a lit on it in Mexico? Sorry...Different subject, but two good causes here....


Mrs. Laura Baker
Orange, California
Posted By Anonymous Laura Baker, Orange, California : 10:57 PM ET
Ever since Limbaugh appeared on the public scene you've had to love him or hate him. Ever since Michael J. Fox appeared on the scene you had to love him.

'nuff said.....
Posted By Anonymous S. Rand Elmhurst, IL : 11:10 PM ET
I understand the need for balance in journalism, but the need to have both sides of an issue presented can give the impression that both sides are equally represented. Among the scientific community that is certainly not the case. It is interesting that the one scientist that you can find that suggests that embryonic stem cell research isn't as good because it has more potential is actually paid to say that by the Family Research Council. that sounds like public affairs than science. I don't know what his credentials are, but I am guessing it is somewhere well short of a PhD from Harvard.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin, SLC, Utah : 11:14 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Thank you for covering Michael J. Fox tonight. I was so saddened by the progression of his disease and at the same time inspired by his courage to step forward at such a personal difficult time. Bravo Michael for what you are doing for so many! God Bless you for the work you are doing. Rush, you should be ashamed. Of course Micheal will forgive- that's just the kind of person that he is. The question is who cares what Rush says? Why is American listening to a man like Rush to begin with when we have so many much better and higher choices? Thank you Anderson for giving Michael a voice.
Posted By Anonymous Gail Goodwin, Nevada City, CA : 11:21 PM ET
So Rush Limbaugh mocked & accused Michael J. Fox of not taking his meds before a speech? Who will Limbaugh be mocking next...tne terminally ill cancer patient...the MS patient...the handicapped children? Limbaugh was arrested on illegal drug charges & never spent one day in jail. He STILL continues with his radio show. THAT IS THE MOCKERY! Michael J. Fox believes in stem cell research & is willing to take a stand. He is a victim of Parkinson's Disease & is a brave person.
Posted By Anonymous Sally Jo Blakeman Wheelersburg OH : 11:27 PM ET
Anderson, thanks for asking about eggs used in in-vitro fertilization. Even though there may only be a few thousand available eggs, I continue to fail to understand why these eggs cannot be used for stem-cell research. After all, the eggs, if not used or made available for adoption, will eventually be essence die. At the same time, I am allowed to designate myself as an organ donor on my drivers license and in the event of brain death, can choose to donate any part of my body for medical research, to potentially preserve another life, or to assist someone have a better quality of life. I am left wondering why I have a legal right to this and do not have the legal right to determine that my eggs can be used for the same noble purposes. Then again, I have never understood how people who are adamantly pro-life when it comes to an embryo tend also be those who adamantly oppose handgun legislation and support the death penalty. Go figure? Once again, thanks for an interesting and informative segment. Good job trying to show both sides of the issues.
Posted By Anonymous Em Salt Lake City, Utah : 11:28 PM ET
As someone who was diagnosed with Parkinson's two years ago, I can assure Mr. Limbaugh that there is no such thing as "faking" ones symptoms. On the contrary, we do everything we can to minimize our symptoms so as not to attract attention, but rather to "fit in". I am purposely taking as little medication as possible while supplementing my regimen with yoga, meditation, Jin Shin Jyutsu, acupuncture and more. Hopefully this will delay the progression of symptoms and the need for stronger drugs. As a result, it may postpone the awful side effects of the drugs which Michael J Fox clearly struggles with. It's a constant challenge!
Posted By Anonymous Louise Eisenbrandt, Overland Park, KS : 11:47 PM ET
Hey Anderson~
Wow~ Thanks for asking the question about Rush Limbaugh's comments. I hope that there is a replay of the interview because I did not see it. ( i am at the Day of the dead in mexico) My opinion is " flush Rush" but he has issues. I would imagine that Michael J. would forgive, but i will wait until I see the interview. OK~ i look forward to seeing the interview when CNN replays it. Thanks so much and Love ya, from the south~
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 11:49 PM ET
I have a son who is handicapped and if Rush Limbaugh mocked him he would not need to worry about an apology. He is a bully and he needs to be dropped from the airways.

Limbaugh has a right to disagree with Fox, but not mock him. There is no excuse for what he did.

Excellent show, I am glad we are not letting what this bully said and did die. Especially for Michael J. Fox's sake and for the sake of the ill and disabled of the world. It is unfortunate Bush, Cheney and the others jumped on the airways with Limbaugh the past couple of weeks because they have only reinforced what he did.

Posted By Anonymous DD SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA : 12:54 AM ET
The Republican tactic to downplay citizens who stand up for themselves is irresponsible. Verbal apologies are cheap. Forward movement is the only true apology.
Posted By Anonymous Sama, Baltimore, MD : 1:05 AM ET
I always wonder why people make a big deal out of stem cell research and testing.

Without this research, testing and analyzing, there is really no other way to find effective treatments for medical conditions. This is how diseases such as cancer have a better survival rate compared to even just a few years ago.

By the way, it is hypocritical for anyone who takes medications to protest animal testing of any kind.
Posted By Anonymous Genevieve Matthews, El Paso, TX : 1:13 AM ET

Your interview with Michael Fox was very good. I grew up in a family of six and our mother, like Michael, was diagnosed with Parkinson's in her mid 30's. I can remember going from doctor to doctor, and hospital to hospital hoping to find some kind of medication or treatment that might cure the disease. As you now know, all the medical profession can offer is medication to treat the symptoms.

We kept hoping for a cure, but there is none. She fought the good fight until her passing at age 52. She had good days and bad days. She went from having the uncontrolable shakes to shear rigidity. She once said it was like being a prisoner in your own body. Like your Dr. Gupta mentioned she finally got to where she couldn't take the medication anymore because she couldn't swallow and all medication had to be given orally.

I support Michael in his endeavors. I now have a cousin who has the disease. I still keep hoping for a cure. Yes, there are some ethical issues to overcome and risks to be taken.

One day I hope that you will be able to announce that they have found a cure.

Posted By Anonymous Vince Reyes, Kearney, NE : 1:31 AM ET
Dear Anderson,

Thank you for the wonderful interview with Michael J. Fox. Although I am not a big fan of celebrity interviews, Mr. Fox proved to be a very articulate and thoughtful person. His passion in support of embryonic stem cell research is heartbreaking. Michael's tireless efforts in regards to this research are greatly appreciated. Important research like this, if successful, would most likely lead to treatments and cures for many other diseases and afflictions.

I hesitate to make any comment about that Neanderthal, Rush Limbaugh, except to say that he disgusts and nauseates me. Michael handled the questions about him as I expected he would, with class and dignity. Limbaugh's "apology" was a joke, but then what did we expect? I am not surprised that his "chief of staff" would accuse you of mischaracterizing what Limbaugh said about Michael, because that is exactly what Limbaugh and his cronies would do.

I was delighted that Michael came to Ohio to support my congressman, Sherrod Brown this week!

I would like to thank Michael for having the courage to show all of us what the suffering of Parkinson's disease looks like. Although I do not know anyone suffering from Parkinson's, I have great empathy for those who are forced to deal with it. I am in favor of any research that holds hope for people suffering from Parkinson's or any other disease or affliction. To deny them this chance would be a crime.

If, in the future, embryonic stem cell research proves successful, I wonder if those opposed to it now would refuse to avail themselves of its benefits, if they, or members of their families should ever suffer from diseases like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

Coincidentally, last night Ron Reagan discussed this same issue on "The Colbert Report." If you do any other segments on embryonic stem cell research in the future I hope you will inivite him on as a guest. As you probably know, he has been a strong advocate for this research for many years.

Lastly, Anderson, I would like to thank you for treating Mr. Fox with respect and patience during the interview. It was obvious that you had great empathy for him, but then, that is typical for you.

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 1:40 AM ET
Anderson writes: "If anything, he (Michael J. Fox) seems energized by the feeling that he is making a difference."
Anderson, I think you can replace the word "feeling" with the word "fact". Michael J. Fox has gotten people to talk about the issue, and for that, he has already made a difference. The current election isn't the issue so much as the momentum of public opinion that is building.
I hope everyone accepts Rush's apology. It might encourange him to apologize more often...which might lead to his thinking more carefully before saying things he might have to apologize for...which might...OK, maybe that's asking for alot of evolution in one lifetime; I'll stop there.
Love your show Andy.
Posted By Anonymous Julie San Diego, CA : 1:57 AM ET

I really think that Fox has better things to worry about than responding to comments made by ignorant men like Rush. The comment Rush made only helped create more media attention for the REAL subject at hand, that is: finding a cure for Parkinson's and using advanced technology like stem cell research. As long as there are people out there pushing for good causes, there will always be those who are quick to use their tongue and slow to use their intelligence. Rush is one of those men. But as usual, I am sure Fox will handle this situation with the grace and dignity that he has consistantly shown and inspired the rest of us with.
Posted By Anonymous Jenn Smith Roseburg, OR : 3:07 AM ET
Who in their right mind would listen to Rush Limbaugh? The man, in my opinion is a total mess. He should concentrate on finding a cure/rehab for his own problem. Who is he to judge Michael J. Fox? I believe that Limbaugh and all the other old timers who have been around too long and can no longer contribute to society's needs based on the present...should bow out, hopefully with grace...which Mr. Limbaugh obviously cannot do, as his mouth is still flapping and nothing intelligent is coming out of that mouth. I believe that Michael J. Fox is committed to the issue of embryonic stem cell research (and with, obviously good reason). On the other hand we have a corrupt GOP leadership (do I need to name him and his cronies?) in this country who preach outlandish moral concepts to the American people that they themselves, obviously do not follow. Stem cell research, in my opinion, should definitely be on the agenda as I believe it will eventually unlock the door to a cure for more than Parkinson's. As for Michael J. Fox....I hope he continues to speak out regardless of the closed minds that try to silence him.
Posted By Anonymous Moe, Liverpool NY : 3:21 AM ET
AC, Why do you continue to lie about Rush Limbaugh?? He has NOT apologized to M. Fox so STOP deliberately distorting the truth!! Rush NEVER accused MF of acting about his MS but you continue to report that falsehood! You are despicable, along with all of the other CNN liberal Democrat puppets! Report the TRUTH!!
Posted By Anonymous Christina in Chester, Va. : 3:33 AM ET
Hello, Anderson-

I appreciate as a journalist you wish to be fair in reporting the story, so you interviewed Dr. Prentice, speaking on behalf of the Family Research Council, to comment on embryonic stem cell research, in response to your interview with a layman, Michael J. Fox.

CNN always displays the speaker's name and the organization, with no further information.

On the one hand, Dr. Prentice is an acknowledged expert in the field.

However, had I known that the Family Research Council, on behalf of which Dr. Prentice is a spokesperson on your CNN broadcast, and according to their website, was originated in 1980 by, among others, Dr. James Dobson, currently of Focus on the Family, I would have taken his comments in a different light.

Just to consider the following quotes from that interview:

COOPER: But those 400,000 are not going to be utilized, by and large.

PRENTICE: Actually, most of those will be. The parents want them kept for their own family building. Some can be adopted, as Mr. Fox discussed, but the vast majority are being kept.

Dr. Prentice appears to actually suggest that these parents will bring to adulthood the vast majority of 400,000 more children, in order to build their own families. From frozen, or otherwise warehoused embryos.

Does he speak as a scientist, or as a spokesperson for the Family Research Council?

The answer would appear to be obvious and his conclusions not credible.

Please, Anderson, and CNN, when someone speaks on behalf of an organization, quote from their mission statement on their own website, just so us viewers will understand how many salt shakers to use?

And kudos to Michael J. Fox.

The doctor opposed has yet to make any case.
Posted By Anonymous Dave Callaghan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 4:21 AM ET
Yeah, the creeps on this blog are marching to the beat of the looney Democrat CNN puppets alright! I respect Michael Fox as a person with a horrible disease but come on folks! Politicizing diseases is low even for Democrats! For MF to say that one party cares for people with diseases and the other party does not is downright disengenuous and outrageous! Rush was correct: Anyone, including celebrities with diseases, who gets in the political arena for his or her cause is fair game to have their statements, etc. challenged! MF was challenged by Mr. Limbaugh about his knowledge of the Missouri stem cell amendment, which INCLUDES cloning, and thank God for Rush for getting the TRUTH out! CNN and the other network biased news NEVER report the whole story and that is unfair and just plain WRONG! (MF finally admitted he hadn't read the entire amendment.) Rush also challenged MF about his disease/shaking ONLY because MF wrote about manipulating his body/meds in his own book and because of his almost normal appearances on the tv show, Boston Legal! They were legitimate challenges. And, Rush did NOT mock or mimmick Mr. Fox in his studio, as CNN implied! He was showing his pod caster paid subscribers what he saw in MF's campaign ad. Why don't you zombies go to Rush's website and actually READ what he sent to Kati Couric on the MF subject and see for yourselves how she deliberately distorted Rush's remarks! Same thing with Anderson Cooper! Disgusting! I look forward to tuning in to CNN next Wednesday just to see the stupid looks on the Democrat puppets' faces when they lose AGAIN, because they cannot debate the issues. They only know how to smear and attack people. Sickening. I respect Michael Fox for what he and his family are going through and I wish him the best but Democrats and their supporters must realize that they are NOT untouchable just because they are Democrats! People can make up their own minds IF the whole truth is reported and that is where CNN falls short every time! Get your heads out of the sand the wake up people!
Posted By Anonymous Marie in Colonial Heights, Va. : 4:22 AM ET
Dear Anderson,
Thank you for your informative show on stem cells and moving interview with Michael J Fox. I appreciate the argument that both sides make about stem cell research yet you made no mention that there is research that is going on right now that would take an unfertilized egg and treat it with an enzyme that would trick it into dividing. That would provide stem cells and there would be no potential fetus to destroy. Like stem cell research in general this is also in its earliest phase but it should appeal to those whose concern is that scientists could be destroying a viable fetus. We should be supporting stem cell research because so many people would be helped.
Posted By Anonymous Frozan Walyzada Central Islip, NY : 6:26 AM ET
Hey Anderson,

Very human interview,thank you. As I was watching MJF talk,I had this knot in my stomach because it brought me back to my childhood,watching my granddad struggle with Parkinsons. But I also remembered the determinatiion he showed and I saw it in MJF's eyes. You can be a vicim of a disease or learn all you can about it and make it your "ally" and be pro-active about it.
My other grandfather was a chemist who did research for the Canadian government. There is competition in the research domain, you just have to read "The double helix" about the discovery of DNA to understand. I hope they can work together long enough to find cures soon.
As for Rush L., well,it's always easier todump on someone else than to look at your own pathetic life. Funny, he declined being on your show but made sure his "chief of staff"LOL! called you. Now, we wouldn't want to upset the man by misquoting him! If it's true that there is a sucker born every minute, there is a moron speaking every second! Or so it seems some days. MJF said it best. It's school yard bullying. We have to set our minds on the goal we want to reach and the hell with all the stupid comments. I respect MJF for standing tall and looking straight ahead and never letting go. It goes to everyone working in the shadow towards the same goals. And thank you to Dr. Gupta who always simplify things for us.
Have a good one,

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell Laval Quebec : 8:03 AM ET
Michael J. Fox is more of a man than Rush Limbaugh could ever dream of being.

Kudos to Michael for his passion, intelligence, and sincerity he is bringing to this issue.
Posted By Anonymous Dina, Nashua NH : 8:06 AM ET
I think that Michael should accept Mr. Limbaugh's apology,that he is a sorry excuse for a human being!!
Rush has been faking being an intelligent member of the human race for years, but he doesn't have to fake the symptoms of being an uneducated, uninformed spewer of vitrol. Why concern himself with the facts? Just make them up, and then expect to be taken seriously. Obviously, Rush is still on his "meds", but at least Michael has a prescription for his! Mr. Fox has showed extreme grace and courage under extremely trying conditions, and the main thing that he wants the people to do is think...make yourself familiar with stem cell research, and realize that the possibilities that exist may some day help you...or someone you love.
Posted By Anonymous Monique Mellon, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada : 8:12 AM ET

I must commend you. You did a beautiful job with this interview. It was candid, yet hit all the points that needed to be discussed, dead-on. Seeing Michael J. Fox was an inspiration; he's so full of courage and resolve, to get his message to the American public. And, it made me take more than just a second to appreciate my own life, how lucky I am. Thank you, as always, for covering "all the angles".
Posted By Anonymous Mandy, Boston ,MA : 8:13 AM ET
Thank you for the interview with Michael J. Fox. He is a great man as well as actor. He has a purpose and you gave him an opportunity to voice his purpose personally. It was a very informative interview.
Posted By Anonymous Gladys Peoria Arizona : 8:18 AM ET
I'm disappointed that the issue of embryonic stem cell research has been lost in the ruckus over Rush Limbaugh's comments. I'm disappointed that in discussing politics, it seems we never focus on the substance of the arguments, just the hoopla surrounding them.

That being said, while I feel for Michael J. Fox and his suffering, I'm also disappointed in how his ad misleads people. The Maryland ad for Ben Cardin does not distinguish between embryonic stem cell research and adult stem cell research. The ad simply says that Michael Steele does not support stem cell research, in order to make it seem that he does not care about people with Parkinson's Disease. However, the fact is that Steele supports adult stem cell research, but not embryonic stem cell research, as do most Republicans that I know of.

Again, by not distinguishing between these two types of stem cell research, political advertising, as well as media stories, do the public a disservice by not properly educating citizens and by unclearly defining the debate. While it may not change people's minds about the validity of embryonic stem cell research, at least it would frame the debate within the true facts, rather than false rhetoric. Perhaps then we could make some progress.
Posted By Anonymous John Jacobs, Columbia, Maryland : 8:37 AM ET
Anderson, I caught your interview with Michael J. Fox last night. I was so impressed with Fox and admire his courage even more. To go through what he does every day and not only not go stark raving mad but still hold on to his sense of humor is amazing and admirable.

I'm also cracking up about the call from Limbaugh's people. Like that pill-popping, law-breaking windbag has ANY moral leg to stand on.
Posted By Anonymous J. Minnick, Southampton, PA : 8:49 AM ET

Thank you for the Michael J. Fox interview, I just watched and was brought to tears. He has amazing dignity. What he said about stem cell research being Pro Life was absolutely correct. I hope that many people hear his message and vote in the upcoming election for Science and for research. Thanks to Michael and his tireless efforts to bring this message forward research for many diseases could go forward.
Posted By Anonymous J. Waters, England : 8:51 AM ET
After watching the piece on Michael J Fox and his obvious commitment to curing Parkinson's Disease, I have a whole new level of respect for this man. God bless him. My Father was inflicted by this disease and my sister also, what a heartbreaking way to live your life. My sister was very young when she was diagnosed with this disease and has had many struggles along the way. She was accepted into a study of a drug that would either make her have an unbelieveable turn around or would react in a life threatening situation. Unfortunately, she was one of the people that had a negative reaction to the drug.
For moral reasons, I am unsure how I feel about stem cell research, even tho I to may face this situation in the future. Its a subject that takes much soul searching and I give Michael J Fox a hand for being able to stand in front of a national audience and fight for what he believes in.
Once again, Anderson, you have stood out from the crowd and touched on a very volatile subject. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the American people, we all nn to make some serious decisions during this election.
Posted By Anonymous Terri, Spring Hill, Fl : 8:55 AM ET
As a family member who's watch Parkinson's kill someone you love, the comment by Mr. Limbaugh just proves how much of a moron he is. Mr. Fox will accept the apology because he is the bigger man and is human. God bless, you Michael J. Fox. I know the struggle you have, I wish you peace.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Strafford, NH : 9:01 AM ET
The interview was very difficult to watch. To see him in that condition was emotionally depleting because it was so obvious that he has completely exhausted himself for what he believes in. What an incredible human being he is, though. To put himself through all this, knowing it will only exacerbate his symptoms, is mind blowing. I don't think I would be capable of that.
I understand all the arguments for and agaist stem cell research, and I absolutely support it. I think you cross the line into playing God more when you try to determine which life is worth saving and which one isn't.
Michael J. Fox is an insipration to anyone who believes they can make a difference.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 9:22 AM ET
Anderson I saw your contemptable, pander toward Michael Fox.

You never challenged his lack of real knowledge of the Missouri Consitutional Amendment. You never challenged him as to the veracity of his presentation and whether he was "acting" just as he admitted of his testimony before Congress.

Limbaugh apologized because he got it wrong with respect to 'off his meds' vs. 'too much meds'

Fox is a serious guy and deserves his opinion. However when he enters the fray, he becomes just as much of a target for challenge as any other. That's what you and others don't either get or fail to admit because of your station's bias toward these issues.

Sorry, you are just another syncophant to the legacy of CNN. You could do better.
Posted By Anonymous Donald L. Deters, Edwardsville, Illinois : 9:26 AM ET
We have seen the character of two men. One showing grace while being trapped by what appears to be a hopeless disease speaking about hope and the quest for knowledge. The other, well, I'll take Thumper's advice: If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 9:36 AM ET
Michael J. Fox .. IS MY NEW HERO.. after doing a little of my own research on what he has been involved in and who with.. LET ME YELL THIS >> HE IS MY NEW HERO.All one has to do is look past his body moving and look into his eyes. The man is speaking from the bottom of his heart. HOPE CAN BE A GREAT THING!!! YES IM YELLING AGAIN
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Pflugerville, Texas : 9:55 AM ET
Great interview Anderson! I learned a lot from that segment regarding stem cell research. Thank you for reporting on this issue. Michael J. Fox was excellent and completely credible in his knowledge of the science and it has certainly opened my eyes with stem cell research.

I believe that religion should never play a part in the law and for anyone to actually think that scientists will now start cloning humans is ridiclous. What are we, as a society, really afraid of? I think people are only afraid of change. When we are comfortable, we don't want any of it to change. I want the change and I want it for the future of all children.
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 10:40 AM ET
Last night's show is exactly why I choose to watch "360". The way you handle interviews such as these, and topics as controversial as this, astounds me. I admire and commend you for your efforts to �show all sides�, something many networks and anchors overlook. You gave me the facts, instead of the politics. Fantastic show. Michael J. Fox is an amazing man, and I am glad I was able to see your interview with him.
Thank you for always holding people accountable, and for striving to show all sides.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel C, Chicago, Illinois : 11:49 AM ET

A lot of air space is being devoted lately to bias in the media--who shifts to the left or to the right. That said, I want to thank you for your fair, even handed interview with Michael J. Fox. While you showed great empathy for Michael and his disease, you showed both sides of the story and were respectful to divergent views. After viewing your interview, I could guess at where you stood on the issue, but would not have been able to tell with certainty. That is great reporting. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte D., Stockton CA : 11:56 AM ET
Anderson, thank you for your interview with Mr. Fox. I know so little about the disease and stem cell technology, and I appreciate the small bit of information I received. I know with the elections, you probably have other things going on at the moment, but I hope in the very near future, that you and your staff will have an opportunity to do a more indepth, investigative research and reporting on PD and stem cell technology so the public will continue to be educated on these topics. I also want to say that I admire the fact that Mr. Fox was unfazed by Mr. Limbaugh's remarks. In the great scheme of things, it's not important. What's important is we continue to explore technologies to treat incurable diseases and help people who have these diseases live better lives. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 12:31 PM ET
In this day and age, no matter what side of the issue you stand on, you must respect someone who puts his thoughts/heart out there for people to hear. Mr. Fox is speaking up, knowing he will get attacked, yet he still does it. He is talking about an issue. What a novel concept! Too bad our politicians don't understand that.
Posted By Anonymous DColeman Phoenix, AZ : 12:44 PM ET
Anderson, another great interview last night! Thank you for giving Michael a fair forum. Michael has a dignity and genuine niceness that the Rush and his ilk will never be able to understand.

Anyway, the controversy over stem cell research has brought this very important issue to the forefront at an opportune time: the election is only a few days away. I believe that anyone with compassion and common sense has to see that scientific and medical knowledge is a gift from God that should not be squandered by mere humans.

"There was once a flood, and the citizens of the town were asked to evacuate. The old man refused, stating "God will save me". As the water rose, the man climbed to the second floor. Rescuers arrived by boat, but he wouldn't go, again stating "God will save me". Rising water forced the man to his roof, and when the helicopter arrived, he again refused the help, repeating his mantra of "God will save me". Well, the man drowned. When he met God in heaven he asked why God didn't save him. God's response: "I sent an evacuation notice, I sent a boat, and I sent a helicopter but you refused my help."

Sometimes KNOWLEDGE is God's gift. We should make use of it wherever we find it. How arrogant people are to refuse the very thing they need when it is offered simply because it isn't wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a ribbon.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 1:29 PM ET
"thank God for Rush for getting the TRUTH out! CNN and the other network biased news NEVER report the whole story and that is unfair and just plain WRONG!"

...and the FOX network is right??? The hatred and lies spewed by the talking heads at FOX are despicable. Thanks goodness for other news outlets that are fair and reasonable.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 2:48 PM ET
As usual, people without ideas find it much easier to attack the messenger than to think deeply about the message!

Michael Fox is a decent man I'm sure who is living with a horrible disease but that does not immune him from truth finders like Rush Limbaugh. Rush opened the discussion up to its fullest, as it should have been from the get go, and all the kooks immediately jumped on the band wagon to insult and attack Mr. Limbaugh.

Mr. Fox told Anderson Cooper that he will campaign for either party, anyone who supports stem cell research. Interesting why Mr. Cooper did NOT ask him why he is campaigning for a Democrat who is AGAINST embroyonic stem cell research! Hmmmmm, a contradiction there? Just a coincidence that ALL of Mr. Fox'S candidates are Democrats?

People hate Rush Limbaugh for challenging them on the facts and that is wrong, pure and simple. If they would actually listen to his radio show just 3 times, their brains would begin to see the REAL TRUTH in politics! And they just might begin to see the whole picture! Our national security is at stake for God's sake.

Pres. Bush is not perfect, by no means but thank God he is an honorable and decent man who loves this country and its citizens with all his might and his # 1 priority is protecting American citizens. He has never disgraced the oval office, like his predecessor did and he does NOT deserve the hate-filled attacks that he has endured!

The loser Democrat Party had control of Congress and the oval office for decades and our country was suffering by their "do nothing and blame America first" policies. They are shocked that their "entitlement to power" was taken from them by AMERICAN CITIZENS and all they've done is whine and complain and use their disgusting smear attacks!

The Hollywood elites and the northeast elites look down their arrogant noses at the rest of the country and they pretend to care about the poor, etc. when actually, they are afraid they will be found out for the phonies they really are! Hmmmm, how many luxurious homes, jets, cars do they own? Those true "blue collar" Americans, yeah right. What hypocrits to attack Wal-Mart, etc.

What happened to the ole "it's all about the economy, stupid" in the days of Slick Willie? Our economy is terrific EVEN after an inherited recession from Clinton, the horrible 9/11 attack, the devastating hurricane season of last year and the war in Iraq! Pres. Bush's tax cuts did the trick but say good-bye to them and hello to higher taxes if the Dems take control!
Posted By Anonymous James in Chesterfield, Va. : 2:49 PM ET
Anderson, You seemed to want to jump out of your seat and help MJF, With your direction the interview was clear and direct. MJF was able to answer to the controversy over the use of embryonic stem cells, discarded eggs,and adult stem cells. By distinguishing the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells there could perhaps find a cure and also set up guide lines that would prevent the irresponsible use of these cells.....( On a lighter note, the monster's on Seseme Street didn't think you were "all that", your appearance was just precious. All in a day's work...
Posted By Anonymous Maritza Munoz San Jose Ca : 2:49 PM ET
Why would Rush Limbaugh put himself in enemy territory and go on the blatantly biased CNN puppet show with Anderson Cooper? Did you NOT see how Kati Couric slammed Rush's remarks just days earlier about the Michael Fox issue??? Mr. Limbaugh sent Kati "puppet" Couric an email with his views on the matter and it included FIVE paragraghs but Ms. puppet mentioned ONE sentence from his email, that's it, and of course she "selected" a sentence that fit her template!

CNN and all other newtwork news is totally biased to the kooks on the left, it is absurd! Thank God for talk radio, internet blogs and Fox Cable News for giving the rest of us the WHOLE truth in politics!
Posted By Anonymous Robert in Richmond, Va. : 3:06 PM ET
For the few Rush defenders that have posted here, you should realize that Michael J. Fox did not need to be grilled by Anderson for memorizing the amendment. He is pushing for scientific progress that will benefit humanity. "Dems", as one defender put it, have not stooped low and turned this into a political issue. The issue has already been political since the far right of the Republican party turned it into one to get votes from conservative christians. And Xtina, darling, you never seem to amaze. Why do you change the arguement to the John Kerry issue?
I'm feeling optimistic again about our country when I see polls that reveal increasing numbers of supporters for more intelligent and inclusive views on issues (and politicians), but it saddens (frightens) me to see a sizable group of the population who actually listen to a clown like Limbaugh and think the US is in a good world position these days. I pray for change this Tuesday, not just for Democrats, but for America to come back to its senses.
Posted By Anonymous Bob Goldie, San Francisco, CA : 3:25 PM ET
Politics is war, If Michael J. Fox thought this was not going to happen he did not think it through. Standing up for a cause is not always easy. If you put your name on a political party, someone from the other side will attack. With that said, I do pray for Mr. Fox and others suffering from this horrible disease.
Posted By Anonymous George, Birmingham, AL : 3:52 PM ET
Can't wait to see the show tonight. As a Missouri resident, I have seen the commerical several times (to say the least). If you have seen other interviews of Michael, I don't think he is acting. Now that the World Series is over, time to get back to the issues at hand that we get to vote on next week.

Looking forward to seeing the show again. I got a bit preempted in October following the Cardinals ride to become the World Series Champs.
Posted By Anonymous Mary H. St. Louis, MO : 5:53 PM ET
Pleased to see what a fine job Michael did on your show, Anderson. To those who doubted the authenticity of his symptoms, hope you are now educated. With regard to the "J" in Fox's name, he had to add this years ago when he was told by Actors Equity there was already a "Michael Fox" registered. Another issue, Canadians are not required to give up their citizenship when qualifying for U.S. citizenship. Case in point, I carry two passports. In today's celebrity crazy world, it takes a celebrity to command attention to so many issues facing us all. Little old Aunt Sadie, from Walla Walla, really would not get any media attention. Rush Limbaugh is one celebrity the world can do without!
Posted By Anonymous Mary Lou, Toronto, Ontario : 3:34 PM ET
Michael J. Fox should feel terribly betrayed by the inclusion of a religious spokesperson, David Prentice, under the guise of a dissenting scientist. The fact that you could not find a dissenting voice in the legitimate scientific community and chose to turn to a fundamentalist religious organization is appalling and wrongly leaves the impression that there is scientific dissent when in all likelihood there is little.
Posted By Anonymous Jim Clark, Winnipeg, Canada : 8:19 PM ET
Our scientists are responsible intelligent individuals. I find ethical concerns interesting, We have created Atomic Bombs, Chemical weapons, Toxic Chemicals, Cigarettes, Obesity, The Death Penalty, War, Global warming, we also euthanize millions of unwanted animals, the list goes on. Who are these people concerned. Stem cell research sounds like a viable avenue to help many talented living individuals. My goodness the political candidates are so nasty this coming election, they need to be quiet. What happened to empathy.
Posted By Anonymous Contessa in Louisville, Ky : 8:41 PM ET
Until Rush Limbaugh has experienced what this disease can do to a person, I do not believe he has the liberty (no matter how honest he believes his cause is) to make false accusations about Fox's condition. I have no idea if Fox was acting, however I have a hunch he wasn't, but the fact is that this affects millions of people each day. There are people who have to live with this constant naggging and twitch. Michael J. Fox was intending to rock the boat, and get humans stirring, and that he did.
Posted By Anonymous Stefanie, Lapeer MI : 11:23 AM ET
Okay, we've heard and seen so much of Mr. Fox tout the horn for the limits on science in America to be removed. So that they(scientists) can find new ways to help him and many others who are suffering from parkinson's disease. Is he really suffering? I ask. and I say this with tears in my soul. Is he suffering so bad that defenceless kids( human embryos or me and you) must die so this man can live. See, what I am seeing in your and everyone influenced by your country is a complete erosion of values and honor and dignity and sacredness of human life(other peoples human life). I say to Mr. Fox and I give him this ultimatim, will he sacrifice his own grown son's life so that he can stop 'shaking' is he so cold and selfish. I am not telling Mr. Fox to lay down and stop seeking to find a cure, but I am saying that murder is never justified. And who is to say that with research in this feild, a cure will be found for his disease? I say to Mr. Fox don't lead America into something potentially worse than the Iraq war through science. But remember and know that if you proceed in this course of action and lets say the scientists manage to get you to stop shaking, how can you sleep knowing that hundreds if not thousands if not millions of humans, people none the less defenceless babies died so you could go on antoher 10 or so years 'shake free'. Have a nice day!
Posted By Anonymous David Brown, Nassau Bahamas : 12:20 PM ET
Even if MJF and people offended by Rush don't forgive, this is still about our taxpayer money going for embryonic stem cell research. I know it; you know it, Anderson; and the American people know it. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - Chicago IL : 2:17 PM ET
Respect and compliments to Michael J. Fox for his courage and commitment to what he believes in.
Puts most of us healthy capable people to shame for not having such passion and the willingness to sacrifice time and effort to make positive changes in the world.
Posted By Anonymous LaiPengFoong, Penang, Malaysia : 3:50 AM ET
Rush is bucketed together with the likes of Jerry Springer, it's better for us all if we ignore him because he really is irrelavent.
Posted By Anonymous Norman Seattle Washington : 11:03 AM ET
Mr. Fox will forgive because he is not doing this for personal reasons. I am sure that he was not personally insulted because he realizes that Limbaugh is kind of a politician/ hybrid cross. He is more of a dirty mouthpiece for conservatives really. Conservatives like X-tina who pretend to be fair, no offense X. But seriously X-tina, your words,: "Why is this more about personalities, egos, and he said, she said etc?" Then you said "...his insult was only directed at one person but the apology being given to lots of people. John Kerry's insult was directed at thousands of troops, but his apology isn't receiving attention from CNN, nor is CNN asking viewers "will the military and the President 'accept' Mr. Kerry's apology?" Who cares about them, they don't have Parkinsons. Now you are making this about you and your politics. Here we go again.
Posted By Anonymous Kendall, West Orange, NJ : 2:00 PM ET
Anybody ever notice how most of the outspoken Republicans are from Virginia? Also, did anyone ever notice how emotional the tone of most of those responses are? Or how about the name calling?
Posted By Anonymous Ken, East Orange, NJ : 2:34 PM ET
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