Friday, November 03, 2006
Michael J. Fox talks to Anderson

Posted By CNN: 11:33 AM ET
It was a very well done interview. Thoughtful questions and not sensationalized at all. I was pleased with the tone and learned a great deal. Thanks AC360 and Thanks Michael J.Fox. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 11:53 AM ET
Great job Mr. Anderson Cooper and to the staff and crew of AC360 atleast now I have idea about embroyonic cell research and I think Mr. Fox is not only thinking for himself but for the future medical science and for us also. thank you so much!
Posted By Anonymous Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 11:55 AM ET
I watched the entire interview last night. I admire Michael J. Fox for what he is attempting to do for everyone who may benefit from fully funded stem cell research. All of the campaigning and interviews must be taking a great toll on his body, but as he said several times in the interview, this issue is more important than any individual.

When people vote on Tuesday,I do hope they consider the candidates position on stem cell research. I know I will.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 12:01 PM ET
I watched the entire interview with incredible admiration for Michael. I have been a fan of his for years, and he was incredibly humble, respectful, and most of all passionate. I too needed more information about this topic and have changed my view as a result of the information I receved last night. Many thanks to Anderson and to Michael for edcuating the viewers.
Posted By Anonymous Donna C Salem Ma : 12:07 PM ET
Thank you Anderson for a very sensitive, informative and well-done interview. Between Michael and Dr. Gupta and you I now know 90% more about stem cell research than I did before. All Michael's work is taking a toll on him and I hope he intends to rest and build himself back up soon. I'm sure with all the information we got from you guys, people will be able to make a positive decision about voting for this research. Michael has maintained his star quality and has greatly improved the chances of much better treatment if not a cure for the terrible toll Parkinson's disease takes. Take care.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 12:20 PM ET
What a lovely interview. You are so gracious and your genuine kindness shines through. Thanks for posting the video for those of us who missed it. It kept stopping bu think it is my internet connection in Mexico. Please keep it posted (Mr. Blog Producer) so I can view it again when I return to Texas.God bless Michael J. Fox. He has tremendous strength and courage. I wish him the very best. ~Thanks again so very much~ It was a very touching interview~
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 12:30 PM ET
Excellent and eye-opening interview. Great job as always AC360.
Posted By Anonymous lLiz Walters,, Howell, NJ. : 12:31 PM ET
I have Essential Tremor.

Four years ago I went to a Neurologist because my right hand was shaking. As my grandfather had Parkinson's, I was concerned that maybe I had it too, even though I was only 27. Actually, my father, sister, and an aunt (possibly more relatives) all have the shaky hand too- and none of us have Parkinson's. If you go read the definition of Essential Tremor.... never mind, I'll sum it up- it means "we don't know why you're shaking".

What I have is very, very minor compared to what Michael J. Fox is going through, but I can imagine. He is incredibly brave, strong, and admirable for the stand he is taking. I just wish that there were other ways to help combat this.
Posted By Anonymous Sharla Jones, Buckeye, AZ : 12:36 PM ET
Great interview and show Anderson. Although, I've favored stem cell research for so long now, last night's
program only confirmed it's value once
again. I pray that the raw data numbers
turn out to vote. I also pray that the
negativity and lack of understanding of our President and other nay sayers
fall on deaf ears. Thank you Michael J.
Fox for your tireless efforts. God bless you!
Posted By Anonymous Sue Jackson, Wauchula, Fl. : 12:37 PM ET
I am a 33 yr old nurse, wife and mom of a 3 and 6 yr old. Diagnosed last year with young onset PD. I loved your interview with Michael J. Fox last night. He talked a lot more about what PD is really like and how it affects daily life. I also really liked the fact that he states how lucky he is to have all the support, flexibility in his schedule that most average people with PD do not have. While I have a lot of emotional support, I do have to work, take care of my two young children, and try and keep up with housework while struggling with activities of daily living. My day is very unpredictable and I have good days and bad days. Working is a struggle everyday. Sometimes just getting out of bed everyday is a struggle. Brushing my teeth, fixing breakfast, taking a shower. These are things most people take for granted. I have to consciously think about each and everything I do until the meds kick in. Then, I try and do everything I can do in that small window until the meds wear off again. I admire Michael so much for showing the world what it is like for those of us who deal with this disease everyday. I have hope everyday that a better treatment is on the way. I continously search for ways to raise money for research and will continue to do so.

Jennifer Parkinson
Simi Valley, CA
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer Parkinson, Simi Valley, California : 12:41 PM ET
Very educational. I really appreciated having Dr. Gupta there to explain it in layman's terms. Good job!
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 12:46 PM ET
Michael neglected to discuss the caveat in the Mo. amendment that allows for cloning. Isn't that unfair to cover up from voters?
Posted By Anonymous Steve , Peoria Ill. : 12:48 PM ET
We shouldn't be concerned so much with the controversy of Rush Limbaugh insulting someone. That's not news. If people say they care about fairness, why isn't there more talk about federal funding being used for this disease and not for other diseases?
Posted By Anonymous DH Lake Barrington, IL : 12:52 PM ET
While I couldn't catch the 10 p.m. broadcast, I set the alarm, and caught the 1 a.m. re-broadcast. I thought the interview was very well done, and appreciated that it was respectful. I particularly appreciated Mr. Fox's comments about the need for a conversation, and Anderson's comments that there are good and honest people with different opinions. The science and medical backgroud material was also helpful... I had been wondering if Mr. Fox's motor movements were more the result of dyskinesia from the medication or from progression of the Parkinson's. He is clearly a strong and passionate advocate for himself and others with Parkinson's. Thanks also for the info. about stem-cell research.. I have a clearer understanding now.
Posted By Anonymous Vicky, Ottawa, ON, Canada : 1:00 PM ET
As a young person diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, I know first hand how incredibly hard it is to open up about having Parkinson's.

I thought that Anderson Cooper's interview with Michael J. Fox was the best one I have ever seen. Michael J. Fox's eloquent words, deep respect for opposing views while trying to educate the majority of people who support embryonic stem cell research in the face of adversity proves yet again that Michael J. Fox is truly a class act.

Michael J. Fox's deep commitment to finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease has motivated me help raise awareness of this horrible, debilitating disease by volunteering on a campaign for a congressional candidate, Sherrod Brown, who is a supporter of stem cell research, and fundraise for Parkinson's research as well. I have been met with an overwhelmingly positive response to my diagnosis of Parkinson´┐Żs as well as my fundraising efforts.

A special thanks to Anderson Cooper and Michael J. Fox for this incredible interview, it has opened the eyes of so many and, in turn, has propelled me to do everything I can to help the millions of Americans suffering from Parkinson's.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Zweifel, Seville, Ohio : 1:06 PM ET
I find it disgusting that Rush Limbaugh would attach someone with a disease on a personal level about things the disease causes. How inhuman and totally tasteless.
Posted By Anonymous Genny Smith, Loveland, Colorado : 1:26 PM ET
This interview really broke my heart for a number of reasons. Michael J. Fox is such a special person, and so humble as well. I admire him for using his fame for such an important cause. I know the whole celebrity thing has pitfalls, but it's people like him that use it to its fullest advantage-to help others. I also have to compliment Anderson Cooper. In just about every interview I've seen him do, his compassion is obvious as well as his keen intelligence. He's pretty much the reason I pay so much more attention to the news now.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 1:40 PM ET
Dear David,

I have just finished reading all the comments to Anderson's post last night. I hope Michael gets a chance to read them so that he will know how much support he has out here.

Thanks for taking the time to illluminate this issue for all of us. This is the type of story that makes "360" so unique.

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 2:00 PM ET
I was so excited when I saw the previews for the interview a few days prier to the interview with Michael J. Fox. I am a strong believer in stem cell research, a fan of Michael J. Fox, and even bigger fan of AC 360 so it was the best night of my life. I thought the interview went great and I hope it opened up people's eyes not only to stem cell research, but to Parkinsons. Contrary to what people may think, Michael J. Fox is the face of Parkinsons and it seems he is the only person who has opened up the worlds eyes to the disease.
Thank you Anderson. You made my week and possibly even the rest of my year.
Posted By Anonymous Melissa Brandt, La Crescent, MN : 2:18 PM ET
The interview last night that Anderson did with Michael J. Fox was very well done. The whole hour was very imformative and I learned alot about stem cell research. It was great of CNN and 360 to devote the whole hour to a subject that maybe not a lot of people know all the details about.
Posted By Anonymous Amanda Breeden, Wichita, KS : 2:25 PM ET
Hi 360,

After I sat and saw Fox last night, I thought, Chris and Dana Reeves fight has carried on. We have Fox working for those of us who believe in endless opportunities, who believe in science and who believe in life time learning.

Those of us who believe in a moral compass and those of us who wish to find the truth even if it is scary and uncertain and uncomfortable.

Thanks 360 for feeding us news about endless possibilities and for opening our hearts, souls and minds to learning. Thanks for inspiring us with Fox.
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 2:50 PM ET
Last night was simply awesome , Mr Fox was incredible but Andersson was at his best , he was so good that he was scary.....Anderson do not be so good kill so many hearts...

the selected questions were great...though i was waiting to hear mine....
Posted By Anonymous Rupa , Boston ,MA : 3:38 PM ET
Anderson, I thought your interview with mjf was great. It had been a while since I had seen mjf on tv and honestly, it was painful to see him in such a deteriorated condition. It was a service to us all to see how important research is to those in need.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 3:40 PM ET
Thanks for this very informative interview. Of course, as French, I'm not concerned with your tuesday's vote. But I'm very concerned about stem cell research. I've learnt a lot with this interview. Thanks to AC 360. Such a great job as always.
Posted By Anonymous Delie, Paris. Frabc : 4:47 PM ET
While I respect Michael J. Fox for his tireless work for a cure for Parkinson's and for putting himself out there for all to see the reality of the disease, I still believe that there just isn't enough evidence to warrant legalizing embryonic stem cell research. I asked the question yesterday on the blog if embryonic reasearch were made legal was there evidence that a cure could be found. And from what all of the experts and even Michael himself said it seems to me that this just isn't the case. It seems to be just another avenue that they are willing to go down no matter what the consequences may hold for the future. Because in reality stem cell research may not even hold a cure for this disease. I don't understand why they don't just use adult stem cells, get money from the government for that research, make advancements in that field and when it shows great promise for a cure then maybe bring back the embryonic research debate, then they would have more to stand on..and it could possibly change some peoples views because they would have the evidence that the embryonic research is the next plausible step for a cure. As of now that just doesn't exist.
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 4:52 PM ET
Rush may be questioning Michael's sincerity but the public appears to believe him. But Michael did continually say in the interview that the thing is the issue, not his treatment by some radio talk show host. Michael is over it, now people using the insult as a debating point perhaps don't know the facts. Let's look more at the implications of legislating such a sensitive amendment at using aborted embryoes and less at someone's feelings being hurt. Thank you anyway for the interesting interview.
Posted By Anonymous Julie South Bend, Ind. : 5:04 PM ET
The abuse that Michael J. Fox is putting up with from that radio station host is beyond its reaching point and needs to stop.

Like Michael said, he doesn't even know this person and why would it come to this point to where this host of this radio station make uncalled for remarks about this kind of thing. It's uncalled for and un-American.

I just hope that this radio station host that is making a big thing over this someday regrets what he has done and put this awesome person through.

The radio station that this man works for should fire him, unless he owns the place... He should not be allowed to make those comments about MJF.

Thank You
Posted By Anonymous Benjamin, Canaseraga, New York : 5:04 PM ET
As usual you did a great job of letting the story tell itself. It would be a good thing if you took the story into the present and reported on the special care needed and not received by most PD patients. Some for instance, do not have the uncontrolled movement like MJF but have bradykinesia which will cause them to freeze in mid-stride and you can do nothing but wait it out, it could last minutes or hours. Check out the story of Millie Kondrake the journalist wife who had something called Parkinson's Plus: plus shaking, facial spasams, freezing etc... few caregivers or Doctor's know how to alleviate their suffering. This would help to further educate the public.

P.S. I am from New Orleans, thanks for sticking with the story of Katrina.
Posted By Anonymous Cindi Nelson, New Orleans, LA : 6:39 PM ET

The interview was so touching. I watched it last night and have reviewed it again tonight as it had made it's way into my thought process on and off all day. Watching Micheal at times just struggling to stay in his chair was heart breaking for me. None of us can truly fathom what a real hero he is to bring this issue to the front lines while risking his own dignity and health. I am humbled as I watch him to think of how little I tend to appreciate my own good health. I suppose it's like many other things we have no true appreciation for them until they are gone and then things tend to be put in perspective.
Michael is impacting the world for strides to be made in advanced science issues. We can all play the "what if" game forever----but we must remember--What if there is a cure just over the horizon waiting for us to find it? What if we don't take the time to open our eyes and look for it?
What if the cavemen hadn't chiseled that squared off rock into a circle? We all deserve quality of life and if Parkinson's patiens can have that through stem cell research then "so be it".
Great interview Anderson, what a wonderful opportunity for you to meet such a hero in the battle against Parkinson's.
Posted By Anonymous Zann Vickers Easterwood Martin, TN : 7:33 PM ET
Michael J. Fox is one of my favorite people in the world.
I admire his perseverance on fighting for stem cell research.
It was refreshing to see Michael's point of view on his disease, and the scientific perspective on Parkinson's.

This was a great interview. Thank you, Mr. Anderson Cooper.
Posted By Anonymous Lucy, Palo Alto, CA : 11:16 PM ET
I agree with "Steve": Why should politicians force us to spend our tax money on something with which many citizens disagree. Why not look at alternative sources of a cure? Any finally, why are politicans not addressing that "cloning" clause?
Posted By Anonymous S. E. --Sterling, Va. : 12:41 PM ET
I think that Michael is an extraordinary person and I have been a fan for years. However, I feel that the whole issue with all of the love letters sent to your blog show the detrimental slope our society is taking. Society does not respond to anything unless a celebrity endorses or opposes that cause. Also, you said during the interview that Michael had admitted to going off his meds for congressional hearings but now that is not an option. I believe that, but how was anyone (including Rush) to know that without being told. We have all seen Michael without his symptoms being so prominent before in public appearances, so it would stand to reason that when he did that ad, the public would think he had went off his meds again. That is logical thinking, your thinking is that you can use this to hurt Republicans. I have nothing against his campaining, I do have something against being misled. Isn't that what you liberals are complaining about now in reference to the GOP? Why couldn't he say in the ad that his medications have stopped working and that is why he is supporting stem cell research? Nothing wrong with that, but he did not. Again, I love you Michael and I wish you the best, but politics in this country are brutal. Don't get in it if you need protectors like CNN to defend you.
Posted By Anonymous Cecilia, Houston Tx. : 7:49 PM ET
We debate the morale issue over the right to take a life to fight a battle, when we freely send our military to fight a battle in Iraq, with no morale issue for their life.
Who our we to play God to decide which life is worth more.
Posted By Anonymous Richard-Freeport-Pennsylvania : 8:07 PM ET
Thank you for the interview. I have Lupus (SLE) and Sjogren's Syndrome and I could benefit from this, after all I am entitled to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness.

I want to educate people who are against stem cell therapy. The embroyonic cells are collected from cells that are created in a lab, in a petrie dish, not by any act of natural procreation. These cells are not removed from a pregnant woman, contrary to popular belief.

The donors are people who ignore God's desire for them to adopt a child that needs parents and their love. This is God's Will and He is being ignored by adults' continued selfishness and the children who need parents are being neglected once again by adults. What about the welfare and well-being of these orphaned children? Do they matter to anyone? What about their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Remember, IT DOES TAKE A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD! Do not ignore children who need parents.
Posted By Anonymous Donna A. Reuter, Bremerton, WA : 12:05 AM ET
Thank you for posting the interview on the site, I was not able to watch the original broadcast of the interview and am glad I was still able to catch up with this story. I was very impressed with some of the answers Mr. Fox gave to the viewers questions, while I consider myself to be stand closer to the "pro-life" side of politics, but I have to say, Fox's response to one of the viewers questions regarding abortion and stem cell research. When he said that allowing the research IS a pro-life stance, I really couldn't think of any reason why that statement was wrong. The unborn are being terminated everyday at this present time there is nothing that can be done to stop it and we certainly cannot bring back the unborn, if the goal of pro-life advocates is to preserve life, why not use the stem cells? The pro-life hostility towards embryonic stem cell research makes me think of a jilted boyfriend screaming at his ex, " If I can't have you no one can!" if pro-life advocates continue to fight against this, it will be as if they are saying " they unborn didn't get to live, so neither do you." and that seems kind of sick to me. I have always said that if it wasn't for the abortion issue I would vote democrat, but now, it would seem that they are more interested in preserving life than my own party. Looks like I'll be doing alot more research before election day. Thanks again for interviewing Fox, and replaying it on your site!
Posted By Anonymous Naomi Mac Millan, 23, Island Park NY : 9:32 AM ET
Even if we don't forgive Rush, even if we call a moratorium on all things Rush, even if Rush is thrown out of the country, this is still about embryonic stem cell experimentation being paid for by our tax deductions.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 2:19 PM ET
I just fininshed watching the video on this site and have to admit I am choked up. This was a very touching interview and a subject I will pay a lot more attention to in the future. Thank you Anderson for bringing this and other equally important subjects to the viewers. Good luck to you Michael. I'll do what I can to help. Take care.
Posted By Anonymous Tracey Bethlehem, PA : 11:02 AM ET
After watching the interview and of course reading your blog here I've come to two conculsions. As a journalist you don't present the facts of this situation at all and you must only post the responses the pat you on the back.

No one wishes Mr. Fox anything but the best and hopes he can recover. But the fact of the matter is he did write a book and state that he does adjust his medication when he was trying to make his point, i.e. the senate hearing. Which is all the was said about him, wh
ether he did the same thing for his commerical. You didn't even mention that fact.
Mr. Fox then started out stating that only embryonic stem cell research would solve his disease. When in fact there is no evidence presented by anyone that embryonic stem cell research is the best way to find a cure. Then he changed his message to just say stem cell research, as did your report, which does have some success and is supported by the President and most of Congress. But again, never mentioned. They are other items also but it's pointless to mention them here.

As a journalist you seem to want to present only the version of the story you want people to here or see. That is the complete problem with CNN and most news outlets. But as for you being a provocative alternative to the eveining news, sorry, just not making it.
Posted By Anonymous Randy Apple, Lima, Ohio : 11:45 AM ET
Thanks Anderson Cooper, for the very thoughtful and in-depth interview with Michael J.Fox. Your interview was very open and insightful, and I admire Mr.Fox for stepping up the publicity in the cause to find a cure for Parkinson's disease for sufferers such as himself and the million or so others who suffer from this very debilitating illness. Congratulations to Anderson for this special hour dedicated solely to this wonderful interview which speaks mostly about bravery and courage in the face of so much irrational negativism, that seems to slow down plausible solutions to an improbable but possible cure to one of the most humiliating neurological illnesses man could face. Bravo to Anderson and his dedicated team to bring to light the true face of Michael J.Fox...speaking of courage!
Posted By Anonymous Rekha Raman, Fremont, CA : 3:07 PM ET
I hope Michael J Fox did decide not to take his medication during his interview. It now shows how horrible a disease this really is. We can't just continue to mask to problem with Meds only, we need to find cures.
Posted By Anonymous Chuck Pearlman North Palm Beach, FL : 1:22 PM ET

Once again, job well done!! It was the best interview that I have seen with Michael. Whether you are reporting from Afganistan or sitting in a room with a celebrity, you are able to bring out what the story really is about. Thanks to Michael for being so honest and a continuing class act. Oh, that could go for you as well Anderson!
Posted By Anonymous SP, Villa Hills, KY : 7:49 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
even though I think that the stem cell problem was better covered than usual, I felt that some of the real dangers were all but mentioned briefly. For example, Michael J. Fox very quickly mentioned that he is against "egg farming". This is something that I believe needs to be explained more to the public and why this is a major issue. I for once would like to see suggestions on how to prevent this IF stem cell legislation is passed.
Thank you
Posted By Anonymous Sylvia, Huntingtion, NY : 10:49 PM ET
This was a fantastic interview. I am a leukemia survivor and no one knows the day-to-day struggles, unless they have sat in your seat. Michael J. Fox is trying to help establish a future where people don't have to be in that seat...we need to suport that even if it doesn't touch you right now. Work for a cure. Thank you Anderson for a great job.
Posted By Anonymous Susan King, South Windsor, CT : 1:01 PM ET
I'm sorry to say I did not get to see this interview. Michael J. Fox is incredibly brave to stand up to the right wing, and especially to a hatemonger like Rush. And to all of those who oppose this research, I say this: Number one, we won't know how useful this research may be unless we DO it. Number two, would you be opposing this research if you had a loved one suffering from Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, diabetes, etc? I'll bet your tune would change in a hurry.
Posted By Anonymous Linnea, Bloomington, MN : 9:35 PM ET
Either you support abortion or not, embroyic stem cell research or not, please support Michael J. Fox for his vast conribution in the movie industry.
By supporting him, other people who are suffering from such a disease can be healed in the process.
A lot of people all over the world will benefit from this.
If those embryos are not used to cure people then what are you going to be used for? Why do you allow people to donate their organs? Why can't you ask mothers of the embryos to decide either to donate them or to throw them away
Posted By Anonymous Milton Anchorage AK : 12:38 AM ET
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