Wednesday, November 08, 2006
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Posted By CNN: 1:44 PM ET
I'm glad Rusfeld is "staying the course"...right through the exit!! What a great news day.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 2:06 PM ET
Just wanted to say your coverage last night was awesome. You can tell you all where working so hard. There is no network like CNN Congratulation on a wonderful night.
Thank you,
Anthony Guiliano
Posted By Anonymous Anthony Guiliano Allentown PA : 2:12 PM ET
keep up the awesome work! Last night was great, and fun to watch a diffrent type of format. It looked fast paced and interesting!
Posted By Anonymous Marcy, Mobile, Alabama : 2:14 PM ET
It's now time for the Democrats to explain their plans. I look forward to finally hear their solutions. Good job on the coverage last night, but can't an anchor at CNN get a chair. I was exhausted just watching people STAND for hours. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 2:23 PM ET
Hey Anderson - I thoroughly enjoyed CNN's election night coverage. As usual, the content, commentary and analysis far surpassed the other networks. Great job with your own interviews with the CNN correspondents and contributors as well. Can't wait until '08.
Posted By Anonymous Felix - Tampa, Florida : 2:26 PM ET
I'm one of those not sure what to make of Nancy Pelosi as you stated in your article, but I know that this is a great advancement for women.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Pavageau, Napa, CA : 2:26 PM ET
There was a reason why he was called "The Prince of Darkness". Rumsfeld, thanks for being a quitter.
Posted By Anonymous Ken, West Orange, NJ : 2:38 PM ET
You all did a outstanding job of reporting election results last night. You must be tired! I am very happy with the results nationwide but I am dissappointed in my own state, Texas. . . once again seeing red. None of the candidates I voted for won. Either I am an "oddity" for a Texan or I am the "kiss of death" if I support a candidate. In reality both. Oh, well such is life. I am looking forward to tonight's 360 coverage. ~Thanks for all your hard work~
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 2:42 PM ET
So, Rumsfeld is a quitter now. If you get an interview with him, would you mind asking why he didn't feel like quitting other things- like, war and torture?
Posted By Anonymous Sharla Jones, Buckeye, AZ : 2:49 PM ET
Thanks for the wonderful coverage of the elections last night! I enjoyed the many different perspectives of all the political analysts and up-to-the-minute results from all over the country. It's amazing to me that the Senate is down to the wire; I can't wait to hear the final results from Virginia. The people have spoken! They want change. I agree that the main issue for a lot of people is Iraq, and this was discussed at length last night. What's interesting to me is only one person in the program commented on how Katrina (the way Mr. Bush handled it) and the Foley scandal made an impact on the results. Personally, I'm not surprised; people have been angry for a while. And now Mr. Rumsfeld has resigned! The news just keeps getting better! Thanks again, CNN, for an outstanding job! I'll be tuning in again tonight!
Posted By Anonymous Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 2:52 PM ET
What no Britney Spears!! :-P
Posted By Anonymous Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 3:02 PM ET
Your coverage was awesome! Interviews and analysises were so great (special congrats sto Candy Crawley and John King). I've really appreciated this so special night. Thanks CNN!!!
Posted By Anonymous Delphine, Paris. France : 3:18 PM ET
First off, great coverage last night! CNN really does have the best political team! I would love to hear your take on the Rumsfeld resignation and the reactions from across the political spectrum. I think we're in for a wild ride these next 2 years!
Posted By Anonymous Kelli, San Francisco, CA : 3:20 PM ET
Another interesting topic would be a report on how many voting problems/issues happened yesterday. Also, what was the voter turnout? I was suprised that even out West, we had long lines at the polls. American's are ready for a change and it's beginning to show. Shame on Larry King for his comment that California didn't have anything important on the ballot. Mr. King, what ballot were you reading because mine had some very important issues for the state of California.
Posted By Anonymous Sue, Oakland, CA : 3:23 PM ET
Great coverage last night, I only tuned away for our local election results. So much breaking news today and it seems to be coming fast and furious. Now that the Dems are in control and the Speaker is going to be a woman it looks like the country will get back on track. It's been a long, hard road and still so much to do, but it can be done.

Positive vibes to all in power in the US government.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia Warren, MI : 3:39 PM ET
The coverage last night was wonderful. I must agree with some of the other bloggers in that it appeared that only Lou Dobbs had a seat, and all the other anchors stood for hours. As a teacher I stand almost seven hours a day everyday, and I can tell you my feet hurt at the end of the day. I can only imagine how tired you all must have been. I look forward to the presidential coverage in 08.

People really want change in this country. Change is a relative word I know. Anderson brought out the question what is meant by change. What do the people really want? I believe that people want better for their families, better for people who have degenerative diseases that will end in death, and better for the soldiers fighting in Iraq.

I believe that now are the true hard times for our country, becuase things are so out of control, it is really going to be difficult to see change in two years. If the soldiers come home from Iraq, which I am sure will be the Democrat's plan, I am not sure that will bring peace or democritization to the region. It is going to be much Iraqi blood spilled over there before peace prevails. The question then becomes, was the war in Iraq worth the bloody aftermath? Another question that arises is have we, United States, deterred future terrorism on our soil as well as American installations around the world by this war or have we only encouraged it? Democrats, Republicans, and Independents will have to deal with this issue for years to come. It will be very interesting to see how the Democratic House adn Republican Sentae deal with the issue.

Stem Cell Research was also a very divisive point in this election, once again pitting the Christian Evangelicals against Progressive Christians and non Christians alike. The point at issue I believe is creating a blastocyst (early embryo) then removing the cells from the embryo to produce organs that could possibly save the lives from already living people with degenerative diseases is somehow amoral. There is a slight hint of amorality in the idea that a blastocyst has to be created and then destroyed on the face of things, but when you peer deeper into the issue if the blastocyst is being created to save the life of someone who will die, shouldn't we try to save those who are already living? Of course there will have to laws created to ensure ethical treatment of the blastocysts as well as the patients with degenerative diseases. There should be some testing something to try to save these people. Micheal J. Fox is a father of four children, if the possibitility is out there for his life to be saved, shouldn't we atleast try?

These and so many more issues are what I believe are on the minds of people. Change is not necessarily in leaving a moral base, but change is in tapping into ideas that may help us live better and be better.

I hope that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House are able to work with the Republican Senate and President Bush in dealing with the hard issues. I hope at the end of the talking and rhetoric (not bickering and fighting) Americans will feel and be able to point out improvement in their lives and livelihoods. The job is enormous, but needs to be done.

Again Great Coverage!!

Madeliene Bolden
Posted By Anonymous Madeliene Bolden, Atlanta, Georgia : 3:46 PM ET
It is now time for the Democrats explain what they are going to do. Guess what people; they are not going to change much. They don�t have the balls. They are all talk.
Have you all realized that you elected people to represent you but did not have any plans or care about the issues that are important to you? Are you all blind? Have you lost your mind?
Posted By Anonymous Russell, Plainivew, NY : 3:48 PM ET
First of all, I stayed up until 2h00am
and I wake up at 5h30am!! Great coverage CNN. I was thrilled to learn about Rumsfeld's resignation. I'll be watching with interest what will happen in the next 2 years down south.
I hope you will talk to Michael Ware on AC360. I can't wait to see the expression on his face!
A neighbor from the north
Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell Laval Quebec : 3:54 PM ET
Wow! woke up this morning elated than i've ever been in months/years and proud to be an American more than ever. The phoenix has risen and proves that a nation that speaks with "one voice" can and does make a difference. No, American democracy is not perfect; but it is the closest that the world will ever know or we Americans will ever be a part of. Your coverage last night was nothing short than extraordinary.
Rummy's departure is a little to late but hey! as they say in Canada ;)
Posted By Anonymous Martyne Aime, New York, NY : 3:56 PM ET
The Republicans got what they deserved. This comes from a Libertarian who voted Republican much of the time. I'm tired of seeing the Republicans behave more like liberals when it comes to fiscal policy, scandals and illegal immigration. They squandered a huge opportunity the last 6 years and many of the people that put them there have spoken. The Republican party needs to distance itself from the religious right and get back to being more fiscally responsible. Perhaps this opens more doors for the Libertarian Party. And, the Dems better not go soft on national security or it will bite them in the rear in a couple of years. The thought of Nancy Pelosi running the house repulses me as she is a rich liberal that has no idea what it's like to compete against others for a paycheck. It's easy to give away the store when you want for nothing. I'm not wild about the Dems running the 2 houses, but it may be the best thing for our republic in the long run. It might send a message to the conservatives that they need to put together a cohesive national agenda that serves the interest of middle America and not themselves.
Posted By Anonymous Van P., Alpharetta, GA : 3:57 PM ET
Rumsfeld is gone! Further affirmation of the existence of a Supreme Being! Who am I kidding? He quit before he had to deal with a Democratic majority. Quitter, quitter!
Posted By Anonymous A. Roy Olson, Tucson AZ : 4:11 PM ET
Thank you Thank you Thank you...No Britney! She files for divorce on the big voting day, and who gathers more interest? Even my 17 year old could care less about Britney's marital status...
Posted By Anonymous Sherry, Sarasota Fl : 4:13 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

What a night! Just watching the three classiest men in news (you, Wolf, and Lou) on the same stage was a treat!

I agree with previous comments; it was exciting, yet tiring to watch. I was exhausted by the time Wolf signed off early this morning. My compliments to the reporters in the field who worked tirelessly through the night. The coverage was fast paced and informative; I didn't even think about changing channels, however, I did have "The Daily Show/Colbert Report" on in the other room.

Could anyone have predicted such a cliffhanger of an ending, the undecided race in Virginia between Allen and Webb? You made my night when you announced that my congressman, Sherrod Brown, had won his senate race; we are still celebrating!

Good news about Rumsfeld, but it is obvious, based on his "speedy replacement," that Bush saw this one coming no matter what he said last week.

We have a good beginning, but now it is up to all of us to keep these new reps and senators "honest." Let's make sure that they address the failures of the Bush administration that they complained so much about, such as the debacle of Katrina and the plight of the middle class.

Thanks again to everyone at CNN for the great coverage, I'll be looking forward to tonight's discussions.

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 4:20 PM ET
It was an abrupt surprise when I got home from school and saw the speech that President Bush was giving about Rumsfeld's resignation. I think it was a good because the defense of the US needs a change. It is quite an accomplishment for Rumsfeld to be the longest in office for Secretary of Defense and I applaud him for that. By the way I thought that Anderson did a fantastic job last night on America Votes 2006: good job 360!
"Across the country and around the world", AC360...
Posted By Anonymous Joanna Parker , Millsboro, DE : 5:04 PM ET
Last night was proof that our system of government by the people works. I am interested to see if the Democrats are going to be able to do what they claim they will in the next two years. I'm realistically agreeing with whomever it was last night who said he thought we'd be gridlocked. The Republicans still hold half the Senate, a decent percentage of the House, the Presidency, and many appointments on the Supreme Court. The balance of power across three branches still looks pretty tilted to me. And many of the Democrats elected are very much like moderate Republicans in ideology. I believe the message was fairly clear in the House that America wanted some changes. I just don't see it happening based on the amount of Republican control that exists in DC overall. And as for Rumsfeld's resignation, I hope it means changes in Iraq. But this replacement is a Bush appointee, and I highly doubt he'll veer too far off from whatever the president wants. Hate to be a killjoy, but reality is reality. And I do believe the next two years will be quite interesting to watch.
Posted By Anonymous TA Cheramie, Berwick, LA : 6:46 PM ET
I'm on sensory overload w/ all this news! How long into the night did you go, Anderson? I had to bail out on you around 1am to get up and keep the economy going. God Bless America
Posted By Anonymous xtina - Chicago IL : 7:44 PM ET
I thoroughly enjoyed CNN'S election coverage last night. All the political team excelled. Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper went above and beyond the call of duty last night, in their calm and careful reporting of the results. Keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Liz Walters, Howell, NJ. : 7:44 PM ET
Ok I'm guilty of commenting before reading those linked articles.. now that I have, may I say that Nancy Pelosi appears nice, but where did I just read that "people in the television business who appear mean on the surface are often nice, and people who seem nice on the surface are often insidious underneath." Maybe the same can be said about politicians...?
Posted By Anonymous xtina - Chicago IL : 7:51 PM ET
My family is so happy with the results of the elections. We would hope that George Allen would step down gracefully but do not believe it is in his nature to do so. I wanted to comment on why so many of us decided to vote straight democrat. My reason was simple. No one party should control all three houses. What I saw was corruption at its finest and no accountability. Now maybe someone will listen to the voices of America. Hopefully we can all choose this countries destiny not just a small group.
Posted By Anonymous bonnie Fairfax, VA. : 7:58 PM ET
Absolute POWER has shown what it can do... Rigging elections... The outing of CIA operatives without any repercussions... The destruction of our very constitution as our rubber stamped congress bent over and granted the president an authority a dictator would certainly enjoy... A phony war led by an oil tycoon that has now clamed more lives than 9/11 where hundreds of billions (which could have been used to secure our ports and airlines) has been sadly sent into an abyss (stay-and-pay) where the only results have been more people that hate us... Little if any meaningful investigation into the utterly botched KATRINA investigation... The suppression of global warming data... "Secret prisons" and "torture" like as in the former Soviet Union???

Under Clinton our relations with NK and Iran were at least stable and starting to thaw. Labeling these two countries (which had nothing to do with 9/11) as the "axis of evil" was the direct cause of North Korea testing a nuclear weapon. Thanks George!
Posted By Anonymous Eco Author Chris Eldridge, Harrisburg PA : 8:05 PM ET
Great team coverage last night. Congratulations all around.

I would, however, like to see a total of the number of on-air minutes given to the two Republican commenters compared to the two Democratic commenters. There for a while I thought it was the Bill Bennett show.

The good news keeps coming with Rummy's resignation/firing. Of course he went out as arrogant as ever saying that those of us without his superior intellect just couldn't "get it".
Posted By Anonymous Dee Houston, TX : 8:20 PM ET
Our nation has spoken and if it were ever true the world is watching and waiting.

The burden of the future is upon you. As children, each of you had dreams to do something great, all children do.

So this is your chance, but know this—

You'll never keep all of your voters or cronies happy. The creator isn't going to speak through you and most likely will do so in spite of you.

Stay clear of such burdens.

Respect creation by respecting all people, the world and your nation.

You want your party to shine then be forewarned— one greedy politician takes
everyone down, one stupid comment can ruin your career or at the very least
make you look incompetent. Longevity will allow your party the opportunity to appoint great judges and make great changes.

It's not about the political career, your ego, or the machine. It is about rolling up your sleeves, about listening, staying in touch with reality and genuinely caring about all people. It's not about ensuring that the rich get richer, or that you get richer.

The respected are always in demand, always admired, always rich in some way. Do a great job and you won't have to force your way of living on anyone— the light of a transparent Democracy will draw them to you.

Great campaign coverage CNN!
Posted By Anonymous Trish Diienno, Wilmington, DE : 8:42 PM ET
This change, the result of the elections, will definitely keep the attention of the rest of the world...
Posted By Anonymous Bruno Santos, Lisbon, Portugal : 9:07 PM ET
Great Coverage A/C and the CNN Team!

Way to go Dems.!

And to the Republicans, I'll quote Livy:

"Vae victus" - Woe to the vanquished.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Katy, TX : 9:08 PM ET
I feel like more coverage is owed to the ten undecided House seats, especially in my district (GA 12). The Burns/Barrow race has been extremely fascinating, especially with the recent redistricting of the area.
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, Savannah GA : 9:10 PM ET

Engaging information infused with cutting edge coverage that's what you guys provided for us last night.
I'm glad it's all over! The phone calls, the junk mail, the door to door propaganda and the media blitz of mud slinging.
My mind keeps going back to your recent trip to the Congo and Sudan. If the $ spent on politics in America could have been used to provide food, water, clothing, medical care and shelter for those people just think of all the good we Americans could have done. Instead we threw it in the trash and hung up on the prerecorded messages.
I just wish we could all go back to being Americans--and stop being Donkeys and Elephants---Why can't we get past the label of a specific political party and work together for a better America. Now that the political decisions are made let's decide to do something positive in the world we live in..
Posted By Anonymous Zann Vickers Easterwood---- Martin, Tennessee : 10:16 PM ET
It started with Jack Cafferty's Broken Goverment, to read the Crawl, said it all. It energized voters, and I can't wait to see Susanne Malveaux,Dana Bash, Zain, Wolfie's Blog girls, and the rest of the Best Political team in action 2008. You blew Fox news right out of the water.
Posted By Anonymous Claude Calgary AB Canada : 11:08 PM ET
There are many people who are cheering that Rumsfeld is gone, but I don't really blame him for the job he did. I blame the people who nominated him, confirmed him and let him continue as Secretary of Defense after the problems were obvious and he offered his resignation. I will cheer when we get rid of everyone in government who selects officials for how much money they have donated or their standing in their party instead of their qualifications.

I don't see Gates as being the most qualified person for Secretary of Defense and I hope he doesn't get the job. Experience in the intelligence community isn't the same as experience in the military community and selecting someone solely for their experiene relating to Iraq is short-sighted and is hardly getting a new perspective on operations there.
Posted By Anonymous B. Anderson Des Moines, IA : 11:19 PM ET
I am now as uneasy as I have ever been with our government. I see comments hear from people saying they don't know what Pelosi is about, but support her because she is a woman. I see comments from the libertarian who says spending was out of control.I see comments calling Rumsfeld a quitter. Well, to address all three issues, I am an 37 year old African American female and I am scared. I voted Republican yesterday for the first time in my life since the age of 18. Democrats have the most proven record of spending and entitlements. I am also an educator and I see the total debilitation of my race because of entitlements. Who actually thinks the Dems will spend less? I had been raised to believe Dems were more diversified, but as I grew older and saw Blacks turned into a permanent underclass by welfare, subsidized(free)housing, and disability or survivor benefits from TAXPAYER social security, I came to see that following the Dems like sheep is not beneficial to Blacks, we never question them. As for the issue of Pelosi, it is just as disheartening to hear liberals pump her up as the Speaker without investigating her politics just because she is a woman. It is so sad that our country has come to this. I saw John Murtha on your show and he said policy is decided by the President, not the Secretary of Defense. You did not call him once on the contradiction that Dems(including Murtha)have been calling for Rumsfeld's resignation as if he were in charge of policy.I saw a response from a few who called him a quitter. Are you stupid? He is being sacrificed because the President is now trying to appease people like you, who will alsways criticize, no matter what. Our country is going to hell in a handbasket.
Posted By Anonymous Cecilia, Houston Texas : 12:37 AM ET
The Dems are coming, and Rummy decided to " Cut and Run".
Stay the course, stay the course...why quit now, there is no HONOR in that!
Now is the time for SEPUKU. Show honor for your disgrace.
Posted By Anonymous Angel Piedad@Chula Vista, CA. : 1:16 AM ET
Good riddance to Conrad Burns. I have an urge to sing "Happy Trails to You" I'm sure the wild horses have that urge too (considering he's the one that started the whole mess 'sneaking' in the slaughtering of protected horses)
Posted By Anonymous Kathy McCoy, Wichita, KS : 1:35 AM ET
I'm looking forward to your continuing coverage of embryonic stem cell research. First getting thru Congress (2/3 majority) hopefully and the ongoing update of that research. After so much hard work campaigning with Dems, I would imagine Michael J Fox is hopeful. It would be nice to have a follow-up interview with him.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Wichita, KS : 1:45 AM ET
I love your show! I really liked hearing you last night talk about how the president basically lied to the American people when he said earlier this month that he intends on having Rumsfeld stay till the end of his term, and then just yesterday say that he's been planning with Rumsfeld for about a month or so on the topic of replacing Rummy with someone else. Possibly costing his Party the elections and the trust he still has with some of the American Public!
Posted By Anonymous Carlton Hurdle Jr, Piscataway, NJ : 9:53 AM ET
Anderson: Congratulations on the superior coverage of the election last night. You and the other journalists and correspondents did a stellar job. I switched to Fox at one point and they were all so depressed I quickly turned CNN back on for the rest of the night.
I have to say that Mr. Bush seems to have a lot of underlying anger about the results, but I guess he's having to eat an awful lot of crow right now because something finally came along that he had no control over. I think that will be his main diet for the next two years. I really believe that if the Republicans had maintained the majority in the house and senate Donald Rumsfeld would still be Secretay of Defennse.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Scarboro Ontario : 12:07 PM ET
I'm sure that I share the same sadness as all of Ed's fans! I will miss his poise, his desire to tell the truth, and friendly laugh!

RIP Ed...
Posted By Anonymous Amanda, Boston MA : 1:14 PM ET
I was shocked to hear the terrible news of Ed Bradley's death. May God bless his family through this ordeal.
Posted By Anonymous Linda Baltimore, Maryland : 2:47 PM ET
Well it's over for us in Virginia, to my surpise it ended without a recount. Allen may not have been the terrible person I thought. Thanks Allen, we are happy that you are able to move forward and allow us to move forward as well.

Webb will be a wonderful addition to the US Senate. We are looking forward to his service.
Posted By Anonymous Bonnie, Fairfax VA. : 12:45 AM ET
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