Friday, November 10, 2006
Hot Links: Some stories we're watching today
Posted By CNN: 9:28 AM ET
Just reading your headlines of stories that you are watching made me tired. But I know they're important and appreciate that you've given us the links to read. On that note..Happy Friday to all. There's some good news. And Happy Veterans day weekend. Thank you Veterans for your service. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 11:20 AM ET
Looks like some interesting pre-Veterans Day topics tonight on 360. Did you know your link about Foley changed to a log-in? Someone didn't like you posting that one! Happy Friday, and I hope all of you @ 360 have a good Veteran's Day and great week-end. I know I will. Thanks for keeping us informed. I don't know what I'd do without you!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 1:08 PM ET
I bet the Pentagon generals are scurrying around. These incompetent baffoons are even more responsible for the mess in Iraq than Rumsfeld and Bush. I have a son in the military, *in* Iraq (and another one just returned) and I simply do not trust these desk jockeys with his life or safety. I am basically a moderate to conservative voter and I and my entire family voted a straight Democratic ticket on Tuesday. We want investigations and trials and the wholesale firing of the whole lot of these fools and monsters. Are we bitter and still angry and out for revenge? You bet! And we still want our pound of flesh. We want our troops out of Iraq and home immediately.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Brooks, Eugene, OR : 1:13 PM ET
Okay so you put the Military Dad's rant on about the generals, how about this Military Mom's rant about the administration. The military and the administration wants you to think Cindy Sheehan is the only anti-patriot. Ha, and as to the National American Legion and VFW they certainly don't reflect what the local members think about this mess. Support the troops with the leadership they deserve. Gates is just a hail Mary to come in and cook books and play CYA. Maybe with the cavers on the Armed Services Comm out of power the money will go to the troops, not the corporate sponsors of the WH team.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 3:12 PM ET
I will never understand how the Leader of a Country can keep advocating a war that is so unfair to his Military. These troops have to fight first: enemies not even in uniform, so how do they even know who is who. Second: An enemy that has so respect for human life, even their own, thus suicide bombers. Third: Roadside bombs, at every turn and corner, fearing loss of limb almost as much as death.
This war has got to leave psycological scars even if they are lucky enough to survive.
I think all of these troops should receive the Congressional Medal of Honour!
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 8:46 AM ET
Why is this war being allowed to go on?? Every day it just gets worse and worse, the dealth toll is staggering not to mention the serious injuries.
I can't imagine that we would consider retreating a 'cut and run' tactic. I'm sure that Mr. Bush does just want to save face, even at the price of the lives and futures of so many young Americans. I feel badly for the Iraqi people but when does it become each country for themselves. How can Americans be expected to accept the mind set of Suicide bombers when it's their own that are paying the price.
Let us just hope that this latest election can at least start the road to ending this war in whatever manner is acceptable. Then let the healing begin.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Scarboro Ontario : 9:29 AM ET
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