Thursday, November 09, 2006
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Posted By CNN: 10:00 AM ET
I just want people to realize this is a victory for Moderate Republicans. The party has gone back in time with its conservative idealogy in the last 4 years...Bush forced his own party to vote the way it did. This larger Democrat watchdog will keep the Republican party from crumbling. Before, Bush was going to take the party to such fundementalism and failure. Now, there's still some hope to have a Republican win in 2008--and maybe a few candidates who care about the economy and diplomacy more than proselytizing faith and weak traditions.
Posted By Anonymous Rob Blevins, Campbellsville, KY : 10:15 AM ET
I think the outcome of this election should be called a 'win for the people.' I congratulate the great American people that didn't allow any of the negativity from this campaign to get in the way of what they wanted and what they felt was right for them.
I think they should take Rumsfeld's resignation as their first reward with hopefully many more rewards to come.
I'd also like to thank CNN and all it's journalists and political correspondents for a wonderful job of covering this election. They made things much clearer for me.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 10:49 AM ET
I hope this change in control can offer some hope for the things that have gone horribly wrong while Congress was controlled by the Republicans. Enough of this cowboy mentality. I consider myself an Independent, but when it comes to social issues, I lean to the left, although I think a TRUE Democrat has become a relic. I hope this new Congress protects the reproductive rights of women and helps to clean up this mess in Iraq. I also hope they remember Hurricane Katrina. These are the issues that have affected my support. Everytime I watch the U2/Green Day video of "The Saints are Coming" I get chills. To see the way it should have happened in New Orleans vs. what really happened is haunting. When had our govenment failed us to that extent? Foreign countries get more help than New Orleans got. It will be remembered as one of the darkest periods in my life-as well as 9/11. But Hurricane Katrina was a wake up call. Government failed at every level and it should never happen again.
As for Rumsfeld? I think he's demented and I celebrate his departure.
Thanks, CNN and Anderson Cooper. You will always be my main source for news.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs : 10:59 AM ET
Shouldn't you have addressed the stories you were following yesterday before putting up a new list? Or did I miss something...
Posted By Anonymous Sue, Oakland, CA : 11:10 AM ET
I'm so proud of American voters. They sent a message loud and clear that "staying the course" just doesn't work anymore. The oil companies will now face regulations and stop hoarding billions of dollars while middle class America suffer, pharmaceutical companies will no longer have guaranteed larger profits and our seniors will get the medicines they need without having to starve, the federal minimum wage will be raised for the first time in 9 years and our goverment will once again be a two party instead of a monarchy of Republicans. It seems as if President Bush is finally listening to the PEOPLE and not his corporate buddies. We sent a very LOUD message and lets hope the changes keep coming with one of the first being sending our troops home.
Posted By Anonymous Katherine, Woodland Hills, CA : 12:19 PM ET
Bush's post election speech to the press said it all. His cute and funny Texas rhetoric which I believe helped him get elected as a "good "ole boy" is still his smoke screen. It is not so cute and funny anymore. It is clear by the stories that you have posted that Bush does not have a plan and is a liar. Anderson was so right last night when he compared the Rumsfeld ordeal to "good job Brownie". This may not be Bush's first rodeo but he is full of Texas bullcrap. Clearly the Iraq war is a disaster and they don't want us there. Other countries don't respect us. In the many countries I have traveled to in the last few years, everyone want to talk about Bush, and not favorably. Yes the GOP took a thumpin' but lets hope the democrats have a plan to go forward in a positive direction and can go "hogwild". I'll be tuned in tonight. This is a very interesting time!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 12:49 PM ET
Gov. Vilsack and Christie would be a refreshing change on the national political scene. I got interested in the Gov. because he spoke well about education and healthcare in 1998. Although, I haven't been in Iowa for three years, but I know when an 'ugly issue' arose, he investigated immediately, made changes and continued oversight without playing verbal games. Christie caused a ripple with her first inaugral dress, but quickly settled into her 'book-reading' visits to Iowa Schools. A real hands-on read, read with your family, and free books in kids hands program.

Mt. Pleasant is a small Iowa town with a college with Methodist roots, a huge library, AmTrack and an Old Thresher Reunion just down the road from the Maharishi University. A place where you'll find people playing ball on a summer night.

It is interesting that he is not as well known as other potential candidates. Is that because he's spent his time getting a job done, not chasing the spotlight?
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 12:56 PM ET
I have watched Ed Bradley for many years and feel as if I knew him personally. His stories always seem to hit the heart of the matter. I could sense that he put all he had into each story he did. He will truly be missed.
Posted By Anonymous Donna Archibald, Lawrenceville, Georgai : 1:16 PM ET
What I find absolutely amazing is that the military will LIE to recruits, manipulate them, give them impossible assurance, just to make their quotas....Yet to this day, if an openly gay person walks into a recruiting station ready to sign up to fight and die for their country, they are turned away. It is shameful, and it is sad.
Posted By Anonymous Dalton Newsom, Los Angeles CA : 3:44 PM ET
I sure hope y'all liberals haven't screwed us. I don't scare easy (20 years in USMC), but Pelosi and company scares me to death. I think we are in for some very rough times for the next few years. Maybe ya'll better buy a gun.
Posted By Anonymous Gene, Hamilton, MS : 4:15 PM ET
Blame is not in order. Understanding what happened is. I will never again vote for one party for all three houses. I will also vote against anyone that takes away any freedom that I have as an American. The religious right is scarry and just like most radicals aligned itself with one party trying to take away my freedon and ability to worship how I see fit throught the republican party. They need to wake up and understand three are many Americans who will not stand for it. The republicans became the party of the religious right. Forgetting that Regan republicans wanted less government, less taxes, not more.
Posted By Anonymous bonnie, fairfax VA. : 12:51 AM ET
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