Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Hot Links: Polygamy, Iran
Posted By CNN: 11:11 AM ET
Jeffs and the FDLS: AC 360 reported several times about the 'gross' amount of fraud involving this 'cult' applying for and receiving government entitlement payments and laundrying money through several large construction companies. Sen. Reid at one time requested federal assistance to eliminate the FDLS. Although no one would want to see a replay of the Waco siege, has there been any attempt to cut off the 'illegal' sources of funding to this group? Or like the Drug Lords, does Jeffs just continue to run his 'empire' from inside the Purgatory Jail?
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 11:35 AM ET
I have a quick comment on Jeffs and FDLS. I am reading right now "Under the banner of heave" by Jon Krakauer,about sects and especially FDLS. It is discusting. I can't read a lot at a time, I get angry. I hope they stick it to him. And someone should do something about his followers who also abuse young girls.
I recommend that book, it is well written and it is an inside look like i've never found anywhere else except with Anderson's pieces on the guy and his loony bunch.

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell Laval Quebec : 1:59 PM ET
The United States need to get out of the war in Iraq. I know that it would be a terrible mistake for us to leave on a drop of a dime but the troops need to come home soon. By soon I do not mean tomorrow but in the next weeks or months. President Bush has a wonderful dream for Iraq to have freedom but, for him to realize for his dream to fail must be heart breaking. When do you think a majority of the troops will be sent home? However, that is good news to hear that Warren Jeff is getting locked up because he is a horrible person that needs to be punished for his misleading teachings. I'll tune in to watch AC360 tonight...
God Bless
Posted By Anonymous joanna parker millsboro DE : 2:38 PM ET
Jeffs should be treated like any other child molester, because that's exactly what he and his followers are. I hope he does a significant amount fo prison time and that the young girls whom he pressed into sexual slavery get the psychological help they will undoubtedly need.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, San Francisco, CA : 3:57 PM ET
The government knew about this a long time ago. Why is the reaction too late? Demage has already been done. Jailing Jeff for 2000 years is not going to heal the already injured victims.
What about the people still practicing polygamy? What is the government doing about that?
Simply ask Jeff to explain and how will he help resolve the issue
Posted By Anonymous Milton Anchorage AK : 3:59 PM ET
I am happy to see nation-states within the Middle East beginning to establish a new rapprochement. However, I contend that the Government of the United States needs to see the dynamics at play within Iraq, Lebanon and state status for the Palestine�s.

The US keeps blaming Syria with respect to the political turmoil in Lebanon. I contend that the US must turn all their allocated attention for Lebanon towards Hezbollah. A shadow government that has publicly stated it wants the present government removed. What better way to destabilize Lebanon and the region whilst having the world blame, rightly or wrongly, a third party.
Posted By Anonymous Geff, New York, NY : 5:48 PM ET
Warren Jeffs continues to haunt me. He's the worst kind of criminal; just smart enough to fly slightly under the radar. I just hope some too-smart lawyer won't be able to plea bargain him out of doing time.
Posted By Anonymous DH - Lake Barrington , IL : 6:44 PM ET
It's really upsetting to see this oppression of these young girls within our own country. And its funny how we continue to stereotype and accuseother parts of the world for oppressing their women and forcing them into marriage.
Posted By Anonymous SN, Boston, MA : 8:53 PM ET
Even though this might seem to be a racist comment, but I have a hard time to believe that Syria or Iran, especially Iran, are having a serious conversation with a Kurdish President from Iraq. Neither Syria nor Iran have warm feelings for the Kurds. So how serious are these meetings with Syria and Iran?
Posted By Anonymous Ramsi Hashash, Willmar MN : 9:21 PM ET
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