Wednesday, November 15, 2006
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Posted By CNN: 10:20 AM ET
When if ever is Iraq going to be Iraq's responsibility? I can understand that American troops can't be just whisked out of there all at once, but things are not getting any better, in fact in light of yesterdays mass kidnapping and possible Government involvement, its sounding more and more like an impossible situation for the Military to solve never mind succeed at. They have done their best (American troops) for 3+ years now. Isn't it time to start bringing them home. I admit I don't know a lot about it but doesn't it just come down to logics?
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 11:05 AM ET
Re: the "get out of Iraq " video link:

Im sick of our soliders being shields for their "militia", but that doesn't mean we have to run away from a difficult situation. Everything hard-won is difficult before it is easy. Since when does the U.S. shy from facing up to evil? You can't fight these wars in a politically correct fashion. There's no rationale when you're dealing with psychotics. Why would the U.S. run away only to embolden terrorists? Let's let the Defense Dept. do their job and quit being negative when we hear it's getting tough.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 11:32 AM ET
To xtina.........
You are sick of your soliders being shields for their "militia".......really? who invited them to go there and be shields......your rulers greed took them to iraq....they didn't go there for some noble cause. they went there to robb that country, to get their oil and for all this purpose they butchered iraqis with enormous cruelness. And US is not shy for facing evil? who is the evil? those who are being killed in their own home or those who crossed seas to get there and robb that country....what you ameriacans think of yourself and the rest of the world? are they fool?
Posted By Anonymous asiya, tempe AZ : 12:10 PM ET
Again, we have the assumption that there is central control of Iraq by a functioning government. The omnipotent accessment that a Civil War is not in progress because the Decider decided and a military victory is achievable continues. Meanwhile, we continue to put forth the notion that capturing Osama will have an impact. We have Saddam, and if they can find a new, strong rope they want to hang him. Another winning bench mark. Meanwhile, Iraq continues to churn and burn with the Pentagon having visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. NO FEAR. Gates has the experience to purge the records.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch we have the sovereign USA being held hostage by a woman whose entered the US twice illegally using a fake SS number to gain employment at an International Airport protected by Chertoff using her anchor baby to manipulate the whole 'issue'. Let us not forget that a least two Churches are involved in defying federal law. The best is the walled Vatican that has already proclaimed it is above the law. History repeats as the Vatican under Pope Gregory XVI brought Gen. Santa Ana (Remeber the Alamo) out of exile to fight against the US in the Mexican War to protect their gold flow. YeeHa. Will the IRS change the tax status of these 'politcal' groups?
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 1:42 PM ET
RE: Deportation of Church Squatter

I read the report in USA Today to make
sure I was on the same page and it reads exactly as I thought it would.

The woman "hiding" in the church should be deported! Wasn't her son's health the reason she wouldn't leave from the very beginning? After all the leeway she's been given and considering her son JUST RETURNED from Mexico I'd say her problem had been solved. If she didn't want to leave him here alone, she should have gone to Mexico with him.

Let's find that smart kid who was offered free education at one of the worlds best colleges but had to admit his parents brought him here when he was very young. There didn't seem to be a problem deporting him. Seems to me common sense works better than "book learning" in these cases.

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 2:14 PM ET
So, we are now finding that the Jihadist movement is more influenced by online activities than by the leaders of Al Qaeda. This is very interesting. I also read the article on about how more young women are interested in joining the Catholic sisterhood because of online blogs, chats, etc. Too extremes influenced by the same World Wide Web! I wonder if the Catholic nuns and the radical Islamists would consider participating in a joint online chat room or blog. Now that's a concept! You simply can't underestimate the power of the internet these days.
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 2:31 PM ET
What can Robert Gates achieve in two years?

It depends on his motives as secretary of defense.

It has been said that Mr. Gates's appointment as secretary of state is a daddy is coming to the rescue bailout of George Bush's unpopular stance on the Iraq war. George Bush Sr's shadow has always loomed over the son's presidency from previous appointments to the cabinet, to capturing Saddam Hussien. George Bush Jr's major policies either morphed into something else (weapons of mass destruction in Iraq), fizzled into oblivion (Compassionate Conservatism, bringing the country together), or - for a lack of a better term at this moment - exploded in his face (Donald Rumsfeld).

Daniel Bartlett, the White House Counselor, believes that Gate's appointment is not a move toward pragmatism, but just another move in the scheme of things. Conservative ideology, according to my understanding of this article, will still be in play with the war in Iraq.

If Gates is confirmed as secretary of defense, and he becomes another conservative idealogue spouting war at all costs, trumpeting stay the course, we will fight until we win, fighting is the answer, more troops in Iraq, and many many more sound bites, we will return to partisan fighting and locked views on the war. Gates will be no more effective than Rumsfeld and people will call for his resignation. In two years, the Iraq war will still be a major political issue placing Democrats in a prime position for taking the presidency in 2008. Ideology is not smart at this juncture.

Pragmatism is a better choice. It is to my understanding that Gates did not like Rumsfeld's policy, and was outspoken in his disapproval of Rumsfeld's policies. If this is true, then Gates will work against the current condition created by Rumsfeld, and create philosophy and later policy that we can all understand and point to as either exemplary, satisfactory, or sufficient for our troops in Iraq.
If pragmatism reigns in the Office of Secretary of Defense, the two parties can work together and bipartisan solutions can help our situation in Iraq. If this is the case, Gates will achieve a lot in his two years and possibly position a Republican toward gaining the presidency in 2008.

Fred Kaplan states at the end of his piece, "To be a visionary is one thing; to have visions is another." I totally agree. We need a visionary at this time. We need to save American lives in Iraq. We need to clearly define what is victory and defeat in Iraq. We need to create a plan to move us toward victory if that is such a thing or settle and move out.

Whatever happens though, it needs to happen without conservative ideology.
Posted By Anonymous Madeliene Bolden, Atlanta, Georgia : 4:14 PM ET
The key to peace in the middle east is solving the palestinian israeli conflict. Without a solution to that issue there will be terrorism after terrorism and war after war. Our government needs to act more like a neutral mediator between these 2 groups rather than supporting israel unconditionally. The problems we have with Iraq, Syria and Iran are all related to our support of israel in the israeli palestinian conflict. If we can solve that issue then we can get the help of the syrians and the iranians in iraq, rather than having those two countries undermine our efforts.
Posted By Anonymous Kristian, Sebring, FL : 7:14 PM ET
The only realistic IRAQ solution is having a coaltion of Muslim Forces.
Posted By Anonymous Hassan....L.A. California : 6:45 PM ET
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