Thursday, November 30, 2006
Hot Links: Iraq pullback
Posted By CNN: 11:54 AM ET
"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." That is what I'm reminded of when I think of Al-Maliki leading the Iraqi troops and trying to run that country with the mess it's in. Of course I guess he's no less suited for his job than Bush is for his.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Scarboro Ontario Canada : 12:21 PM ET
Two 'my way or the highway' guys that both need to spend more time cleaning up their own houses, instead of embarking on the crusades. To W this one American who thinks that you are the one who just needs to understand that somebody has to put the bombs and guns down first for peace to have a chance. In the mean time, you need to give your military what it needs, instead of tearing it apart. So far, all we've seen is the creation of rubble and ill-will and treating those who disagree with you as either stupid or anti-American or godless.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 12:44 PM ET
Well, it is no surprise to most of us that the Iraq study group wants us to pullback. Apparently, it was a shock to Senator McCain and President Bush. I would have liked have seen the expression on their faces when they heard the news. Talk about a photo opt.!
Pope Benedict seems to be doing a good job in Turkey. Was the Pope's visit to the Virgin Mary's home skipped last night on 360 because of the breaking news about the Iraqi study group report? I had several interruptions myself so it is possible that I missed it. If you did not air it, could you please do so on tonight's broadcast? I was very interested in hearing that story. Thanks so much!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 12:56 PM ET
aloha: With Al Sadh having the biggest Army and now is threating to form his own coalition, what chance does US have to send more aid to Iraq, which those that are already against the goverment can use to continue their civil war. If Al maliki thinks he can controll the out come by June 07, he is fooling only himself. Vrspy buzz Baer Kailua Kona hi.
Posted By Anonymous Buzz Baer Holualoa HI : 1:39 PM ET
He (the pope) said all Christians should "renew Europe's awareness of its Christian roots, traditions and values, giving them new vitality."

There are no christian roots, only offshoots and withering branches. The religions of Europe before the christians arrived are the roots. Early christians knew this; why else would they have usurped the major sabbats and 'christianized' them?
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 1:39 PM ET
a couple of years ago, bush & company felt they must interfere and SAVE terri shiavo-because LIFE is so precious! I guess the lives of innocent IRAQI women & children dont matter much. I dont believe that they care about my son's life either- HE IS A AMERICAN SOLDIER!
Posted By Anonymous pat hallgring highlands, nj : 1:43 PM ET
Has anyone asked Michael J. Fox if they can borrow his time machine to get out of Iraq?
Posted By Anonymous Chris Manchester, NH : 1:46 PM ET
Why in my Lords name would you send more troops to the Middle East. We Christians did not control it during the Christian wars. Nor will we control it now. Those people see everone as a infidel. That is bread and taught to them since birth. We started most of this by trying to establish a new Jewish State. I am not saying we should not protect the state of Isreal ,but to say we are trying to spread Democracy is Not living in the real world when it comes to Arabs. That is just a fact of life that our Relious Right is blind to. I am a Christian ,but I feel like our best bet is to stenthen our borders,and what goes on in this country. I really thought my U.S.A. was biger and more inteligent to let a Cowboy take us to war in a sort of a family feud. Bush administration was obsessed with over throw of Sadam . We are the ones who needs our asses kicked for being afraid to voice our opinions. Nuf said.
Posted By Anonymous J. Hudson , Knoxville , TN : 2:05 PM ET
America walked right into the trap and because of a President, who does what HE wants. It's as if he listens to no one because HE knows better. Even if he acknowledges an error, he will follow up by defending the error. We are now in a no win situation.
Didn't we learn from the French backing out of Viet Nam, then the U.S. backing out of Viet Nam, then USSR backing out of Aphganistan? The American invasion has triggered a civil war, probably several civil wars in the region, I pray we have not triggered Armeggedon.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Petee, Mount Vernon, Ohio : 2:14 PM ET
We must win this war. Too many lives have been lost to not win.
We must let the Military fight to win.
Posted By Anonymous Tom McCool Port Orchard, Wa : 2:16 PM ET
As an Officer in the Navy, I will hide my name but not my disappointment in this administration. I have never understood why we always have to be involved in everyone's business. Superpower, what does that mean? I feel like I used to know but feeling really unsure now. Now it feels like we're just bullies.
We went into Iraq looking for WMD's (which were never found) now after the fact we are still there? Why? If we went into a coma right after the Presidents speech about the reasons for going into Iraq and then woke up years later and asked why are we still there, what answer are we going to give? People are dying, and for what freedom and democracy for who Hamas? Bring our military home.
I am not a fan of the draft but maybe if the governments own children were over there maybe they would work this situation differently. I say give the Iraqi government 6 months than pull 80% of our military home.
I have 60 people working for me on a ship and they are worried that the next causality will be them or someone close to them. What do we need to do either as Officers in the military or as citizens of this great country to stop this stupidity? Please I hope someone has some answers. Disappointed but proud to serve.

LT John Doe
Posted By Anonymous John Doe Norfolk, VA : 3:39 PM ET
First the US was misled by the Al Qaeda that Iraq had chemical and biological weapons and that it had planned to lay its hands on those WMDs And the BUSH administration took it seriouly and invaed Iraq !. The US with all its wherewithal ,pintelligence set-up failed and played into the hands of Al Qaeda. Now they blame the Iraqis for the mess created by the Americans.The situation is flued and may deteriorate further. The one solution is that US should engage both Iran and Syria which are fomenting sectarian divide and abetting and aiding the militias. Even assuming the Bush sends in more troops as he stood for " stay the course", it may not contain the sectarian war. And any immediate withdrawl may further weaken the PM Al Mailiki.The other solution is to hand over power to any radical leader like Al sadar, the shiite fire-brand who is having his Army and a force to recken with large following. The US "strategists at Pentagon" wants succeed in their war against terrorism , make Iraq as a base by installing a friendly and pliant government to fight against terrorism rather than allowing Baghdad to become a sanctuary for the Al Qaedam, which is already well entrenched.

Remember that those who are anti-West and more so against US will gain greater clout , survive and rule the roost than the propped- up ones in the Middle East.
Posted By Anonymous A.SESHAGIRI RAO, 1214, CNCORD CITY, CA.. : 4:01 PM ET
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