Monday, November 20, 2006
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Posted By CNN: 11:17 AM ET
Kissinger: disagree with his "we need to separate ourselves from the civil war..."

why is public opinion so set against vistory in Iraq, so quick to abandon the quest for freedom for the Iraqis, why wouldn't the public want Iraq to be free of dictatorship. Yet you have the same public admonishing our leaders for "not stepping in to Darfur" . What do people think is going on in Darfur that's any different from Iraq? Shouldn't we help both Iraqis and Africans living under tyranny?
Posted By Anonymous DH , Lake Barrington, IL : 11:52 AM ET
I've been saying for over a year that I thought lawmakers would try to re-enact the draft. But somehow, I thought the Republicans woul dbe the one to do it, to support their war. I didn't think it would be a Democrat calling for it.

Having more troops available and a larger army would not discourage officials from military action. On the contrary, it would encourage it if they knew they had the troops.

Get real. If Rep. Rangel feels so strongly, let him sign up to go to Iraq and get killed.
Posted By Anonymous Bill W, Coatesville, PA : 12:28 PM ET
I feel that a person who has been executed gave up all rights when they were found guilty... I'm just curious, who is benefitting financially from the organs being transplanted from evecuted criminals?
Posted By Anonymous Sherry Sarasota Fl : 12:51 PM ET
Rangel riles them again. Although I think that the all volunteer Military is a noble endeavour, the practicality of it in war time is being demonstrated. It has created a group of malingerers in the 'decider group' who have continued to justify poor decisions while the few, the proud and the highly mobile are moving in and out of the same territory without gain. It would seem that all those US military trainers' time would have been better spent training US draftees than training Iraqi volunteers.

In desperation Rummy is gone, but Gates could be a worse choice. History tells us that he and Condi were in the thick of the glory days of Iran Contra. Now, we are aware of Condi's testimony to aluminum tubes and mushroom shaped clouds. How, reliable was her testimony getting Gates off the hook them?

Condi and Gonzales have from day ONE been in the thick of the planning. The lack of success, globally has to be apparent to even those who wish not to look beyond the flag waving. APEC was a collosal failure with Russia and India bribed to gain a thin look of support, while Iran was moving in announcing a Summit with Iraq and Syria. Pres. Bush's 'overnight' in Indonesia was cut short to a quick, fly in with a hasty exit to the safety of Hawaii.

The option of more deployed troops is not a real option with the current level of readiness. It is time for hard choices, not continued justification of losing policies. Those heavily invested in the no-bid contractors in Iraq and related Mega-corps that are making huge profits just aren't getting it. Those who are investing blood, sweat and tears are.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 12:53 PM ET
The Chinese organ trade was covered by 360 not that long ago. The fact that they are actually accepting responsibiliy is a start, let's just hope it doesn't end there.

I made my feelings known the first time, therefore I still consider it despicable,and a terrible risk for those making such a "purchase".

There was a comment made back then suggesting a change of mind if one had a relative or someone close who needed that second chance. Well, I'm about as close to me as anyone can be. It's still something I would never do. Nor would I "buy" my way to the top of the list. Don't say it doesn't happen, we can all name names.

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 1:11 PM ET
What if the executed person was innocent?
Posted By Anonymous Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 1:20 PM ET
For the record Rep. Rangel served from 48-52 and was deployed to Korea.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 1:25 PM ET
So, 90% of China's transplants come from executions. Foreginers are willing to pay big bucks to get them. China is concerned that their medical people are profiting from this...I though life was supposed to be priceless?
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 5:23 PM ET
Looks to me like the real fraud is Barrett himself. How irresponsible is it for the university to keep him on their staff. He should first be fired and then forced to write letters of apology to each of the victims' families.
Posted By Anonymous David Frishkorn, Columbus, OH : 6:11 PM ET
Some people are under the illusion that "free speech" is the right to say anything. It isn't, and it never was.

Free speech is the right to speak in a reasonable manner about something with a factual basis to it. It is not the right to rant, which is more the province of mental health than law.

While there is much to be said about 9/11 both historically and philosophically, what this good gentleman is doing is nothing more than indulging himself at his student's expense. Hardly the actions of an academic.
Posted By Anonymous Lorne, Boston, MA. : 9:55 AM ET
Yes, the Bush Team is dangerous and deceitful and dirty. However, I will not blame 911 on them.
Posted By Anonymous Ann, G"ville, SC : 10:30 AM ET
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