Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Honor killings persist in modern Turkey
Posted By CNN: 1:41 PM ET
Stop domestic and child abuse in the USA. Stop human trafficking across our borders and through out the USA.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 2:03 PM ET
First of all, thank you for the great program you did last night. I enjoyed watching it, as always. The reader named Jimmy says "You talk about reporting this and that can you report on the true god of Islam, and what goes on, in their heaven." I am not the speaker of Muslims, but I myself as I Muslim, tell him what I believe. There won't be "virgin" girls for Muslim men. There will be female AND male servants. There will not be sexual act, so stop dreaming about it. I don't think it will be a place that you only sit and play hymns with harps. I am sure that there will be Kingdom of GOD, and people won't mock, judge, harass and kill each other. No one really knows what it will look like for sure, but it will definitely be a better place than the world we live in, full of hatred and ignorance. It is described beautifully in Kuran as well as in the Bible, and it sounds like a physical place like we are in, but who knows, only GOD?

Regarding, honor killings....I watched the show carefully yesterday since I am a Turkish-American. The first woman on TV was Kurdish. She was NOT speaking Turkish. She spoke Kurdish. I am not trying to be divider, but Turkey's 15% is Kurdish, and honor killing is more common between Kurds, so this application is not a common practice of Turks. Honor killing is an ignorant tradition especially common in the Eastern and in the Southeastern Turkey.

One last thing, while honor killings may be shocking to Western societies, it was very shocking to me when I first came to the US and watched some shows about "teenage pregnancies" and little girls looking for the father of their babies thru paternity tests on TV. This is something Turkey doesn't have (at least yet). In the villages, there are some arranged marriages, abductions, elopes etc, but not like this. Turkish (and the most Eastern people) give big importance their family names and reputations (including Asians, bringing shame to one's family usually results in death, even sometimes suicide, hara-kiri). I believe Eastern people tend to be more emotional than Western, and this is not exclusive only to Turkey. Of course, nothing can be more stupid than killing a person because she is raped, but the only solution to that is educating those people. Turkish government is doing its best to bring education and health to those people. 89% of Turkish people are modern. Did you know the literacy rate in Turkey is higher that a lot of countries in the world, including the US? Most Turkish people are university educated because it is affordable since public universities are free. Turks speak Turkish, not Arabic and they don't ride camels (it's been asked me several times).

The problem (and actually privilege) for Turkish people is that they do and at the same time don't belong to either West or East. They are too modernized and Westernized for Islamic countries, and for West they are "Muslims" to be stayed away from. When it comes to entering EU, who cares? Turkey has a young and educated population, and Europe is getting older. It would be "their loss" not to accept Turkey, not Turkey's. Actually instead of fearing from Turkey, they need to utilize it as a "role model" for other Muslims. There is a (fast) growing Muslim population in Europe, and hey!...Muslims in European countries even wear burka, and they are more radical than moderate Turkish Muslims. You can't ever see a Turkish woman wearing a burka.

I like watching your shows. I believe they are as illuminating as they can be from an American's lenses.
Posted By Anonymous Nida, VA- USA : 2:15 PM ET
I watched your coverage of the honor killings in Turkey with alarm and your coverage of the minute Christian population in Turkey who welcome the Pope. You fail to mention that much of the dimunition of the Christian population is due to the genocide by the Turks of 1.5 million Christian Armenians during the last century and escape of others. Perhaps you do not know that the Armenia nation back in the early 4th century was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its national religion which Armenians have held to with tenacity until now. I don't know how you can cover "Religions in Conflict - Muslims and Christians" without incorporating the history of Armenians in their ancestral home in Southeastern Turkey.
Posted By Anonymous Madeline DeAntonio, Encino, CA : 2:16 PM ET
So, how many women and children are suffering under Jeffs and the FLDS? How many other similar groups are functioning in the USA? Does the Catholic Church and Evangelicals still preach staying in marriage no matter what? I guess the Vatican is considering condoms.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 2:29 PM ET
There's no HONOR in these killings. Until that message is heard loud and clear by the people doing it, then it will continue. I'd say our best chance for it to stop is expose it Over and Over again in the media. Plus lock the killers up for life and throw away the key. Let them rot in jail and ponder the "Honor" of that..
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 2:31 PM ET
It is unbelieveable that women in Turkey are murdered for divorce, comitting adultry, or being raped. I am so glad I don't live there. I would be a gonner for at least one or more of those offenses! Did I hear the woman in the interview (last night on 360) say that she tried to overdose on pills which were vitamins??? I suppose that would be possible but not probable. Still, it is bizarre that women in this culture are thought of as property and not human beings. How could a "good name" be more important than someone's life? To exist on such a beautiful planet, the world is truly a strange place. It was Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote," The world is full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." Yet, in many cases we as humans choose to create our own hell on earth. I believe that humans have failed miserably in our stewardship. God help all those who have to suffer. I pray that those who have the power will treat others with kind hearts and hands. This report is really disturbing.
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 2:34 PM ET
Yes as unfortunate as it is, there are some thick headed people everywhere. Yet, there were many things on the mass scale to talk about Turkey, and you pointed out to a minor problem. This is like focusing on David Koresh as "the most influential religious figure in the U.S." while you are airing in China, a little misleading, that`s what I am saying. I would rather prefer you go and take a break in the night clubs in Istanbul, visit some Anatolian civilizations museums, talk to university students about their expectations etc. Knowing how talented you are, I am a little disappointed I should confess by the work you have done in Turkey. Wish you all the best.
Posted By Anonymous Osman, Denton, TX : 2:42 PM ET
Great report! In general, I am a great believer in tolerance and acceptance of different cultures, religions, and life styles. However, the Islamic "tradition" of Honor Killings crosses the line. This barbaric practice is the type of thing that keeps the Muslim community at odds with the West.

I'd be curious to know what punishment there is for men who dishonor the family?

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 3:18 PM ET
Mr. Anderson
You wite with your name tag

" Be honest about what you see, get out of the way and let the story reveal itself"
perhaps you should add some thing like
" when considering muslims, choose the story among hundreds, which make the impression of islam more negative"

How can we expect good from you, you are FROM CNN........
Posted By Anonymous Asiya , Tempe, AZ : 3:45 PM ET
Oh Boy, these women (also in India or elsewhere where these crimes or barbaric acts are committed) are treated like or below animals. Even if they want to change, take a stand, speak their minds, defend or even think or trying to escape, they know that they'll be crushed, raped, killed for being a LIVING HUMAN...Is the focus on the husband's needs: obey without questions, clean, feed him like a king, have sex and procreate, man, that's not the life I would like to live here in Canada. I still like to think that I am a real, breathing human being, not a dog or a cow. Thanks AC for your indepth reports, very much appreciated! Josee
Posted By Anonymous Josee (Montreal, Canada) : 4:38 PM ET
In response to Osman (Denton, TX):
Maybe honor killings may seem minor to you, being on the outside looking in. Perhaps you should read some more about this very old 'tradition' and you'll learn that thousands of women in about 12 different countries are killed each year. Actually, there can never be clear number as many of the cases go unreported.

Thank you to the 360 team for going places and talking about things that most other news programs won't touch. They're all too hung up on what Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are doing.
Posted By Anonymous Sheri S. Toronto, Canada : 4:39 PM ET
Betty Ann Nacogdoches's comment shows how ignorant Americans are and the problems with highlighting problems in Turkey that are not mainstream problems. They are taken out of context. Implicit in Nacogdoches's comments is a view that Turks are all backwards or barbarian�s or something. Wouldn�t she be surprised if she went to Turkey and found out that most Turkish women are more liberated then their American counterparts. I bring up this point knowing that people like Ms.Nacogdoches will never go to Turkey to see for herself because validity just dosent matter to her. Sorry if you don;t like my tone but you are insulting a whole group of people in a way that is not merited. When i visit Turkey and people ask me what type of barbarian;s have their children shooting each other up into swiss cheese I always point out that these children where raised in a dysfunctional environment. Did you ever stop and think that maybe some people in Turkey are not raised in the best situation and these problems occur in only a small part of the population. No. You quickly assume that it is the status quo. How INSULTING.
Posted By Anonymous Kenan Ozdamar, Miami Florida : 4:44 PM ET
I recently read about the murder a few years ago of a 13-year-old girl named Sait Kina.It was an "honor killing" where her father told the police, "I fulfilled my duty." This took place in or around Istanbul, where supposedly contemporary and ancient culture co-exist. Progress?
Posted By Anonymous Carol B., Frederick, MD : 4:46 PM ET
I don't think I see the honor in " honor killings ". You would think that the woman's family would step in to help. It is a sin that women are still treated like this around the world. The coverage has been awesome these two nights. I'm amazed at all of the info you've put together! Thanks for all of your hard work. Please be safe.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 5:21 PM ET
To Kenan Ozdamar~
I apologize for offending you. I realize that honor killings are the minority in Turkey. I have visited many countries but not yet Turkey. I do plan to visit Turkey and I have many friends who have visited there and love it! I know that there are all kinds of injustice to humanity around the world, including the U.S., and I believe that each and every act is deplorable. Again, I did not mean to insult you. My apologies. Take care~ Peace
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 5:52 PM ET
I remember there was an incident a few years ago when a Muslim man in New Jersey cut off his daughter's head and carried it around the neighborhood shouting about how is family's honor had now been restored. The daughter had made the horrible sin of eloping with a non-Muslim boy, if I remember correctly. Although I believe all religions have their good points and their dangerous ones, Miss Asiya and others like her who complain about too many negative stereotypes of Islam must not be too aware of the hadiths, which often advocate violence. We don't hear too much about moderate, peace loving Muslims because violence seems to be inherent within the belief. I would love to see people care about people, and all religions disappear. But us athiests are the "bad guys", right?
Posted By Anonymous Bob, San Francisco, CA : 6:11 PM ET
Well the good news is that Turkey has passed laws outlawing these practices and are finally calling it what it is - murder. Gangsters and thugs everywhere, throughout history, always seek to justify their bloody deeds. "Honor" killing just sounds like another justification from people who don't want to own up to or change their bad behavior.

Of course these men never stop to ask the question of why their wives might want a divorce, or have an affair or want to run away from them. Considering that these women have most likely been raised to be accustomed to a much more traditional family lifestyle, conditions for them must be very very bad.

Where I come from, men love, respect and take care of their women. If some other man were to rape one of them, it would be HIS head they'd be after, not hers. Thankfully they understand the true meaning of honor and family.
Posted By Anonymous Holly, Norwalk, CT : 7:53 PM ET
Taking another's life shouldn't be debatable, regardless of any given reasons (honor killing or otherwise), religion least of all. Isn't life created by God? Isn't God love?
As long as there are reasons that killing is justified, we won't be rid of it in this world.
So we've got to make a choice, everyone of us.
Do we choose "killing" as a needed way of life? Or are we going to choose to love, respect, accept others and be at peace with one another?
Ignorance is an excuse. Awareness can be taught, so teach.
Posted By Anonymous LaiPengFoong, Penang, Malaysia : 5:54 AM ET
I doubt that honor killings are mandated by the Koran or Islam. More likely they simply flow from evil in the hearts and minds of certain men, akin to serial killers that roam the U.S.
Posted By Anonymous George Levy. Chicago, IL. : 9:25 AM ET
This is for Bob, in San Francisco and all the religious people of the world, I am a proud athiest that belives that the only valid religion is: do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you, Am I bad?
Posted By Anonymous Maryte, Deltona, Florida : 8:12 PM ET
When there are so many positive and more representative things to report about Turkey, I am totally appalled by Anderson Cooper-360's color piece about "honor killing" (November 29, 2006). Turkey is a country of 7o million plus people with so many things going for it. It is, as your commentator USC scholar Reza Aslan put it, a shining example to the rest of the Muslim world, and to the world in general, of moderation, of democracy and of separation of church and state. When there are so much more positive and interesting things to report on to describe the Turkish people to the world, Anderson Cooper-360's decision to highlight an obscure, criminal practice by an infinitesimal percentage of the population lowers CNN to the level of tabloid journalism.

Let me prove the point to you. Would we Americans feel that it is a fair representation of America if, say, the French media, in New York to cover a Papal visit, were on prime time to digress into an in-depth piece about the practices of polygamist sects in Utah and describe how they force 12 and 14 year-old American girls to marry within the extended family, etc..

Wouldn't we wonder what polygamy in Utah has got to do with the Papal visit in New York? And, what has polygamy got to do with the U.S. population in general? We certainly would resent the French journalists for creating the wrong impression to the world that something as obscure and criminal as polygamy is somehow a defining characteristic of our country.

There is no excuse. The "honor killing" piece was a low point for responsible journalism. It was shamefully unworthy of CNN to take such a cheap shot simply for its sensational value and for the sake of a higher rating. People of Turkey deserved better.
Posted By Anonymous USCTrojan, Palm Springs, CA : 11:54 AM ET
To be sincere, the fact that the americans are the people covering more on what is happeneing in islamic countries esepcially the "negative" sides, i never trust in their words as they like to justify themselves as the "safest"...BE REAL GUYS!. Why dont they tell us more on what is happening to their country and more about there plans to minimise there peace keeping mission" in iraq and other islamic countries...wake up America.
Posted By Anonymous Halima,Nairobi, Kenya : 2:52 AM ET
Islam remains the only mainstream religion where everything is sacred, except human life.
Posted By Anonymous Robert King, Cary, NC : 10:25 AM ET
One of the many striking events of honor killing is that so many women support this just as they do female genital mutilation in some African nations. To the mothers of these daughters, for God's sake wake up. Do you not love your daughters? If someone were abusing my daughter I would protect her. Why do some fathers and mothers allow husbands men to abuse their daughters? Daughters are an extension of our selves. My daughter is on equal footing with my son. So many cultures do not allow women the right of being a human being, just property.
Posted By Anonymous Bonnie, Fairfax VA : 9:17 PM ET
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