Friday, November 17, 2006
'Comic Relief' on Katrina, politics and Mickey Mouse

This video is from tonight's "360" and features the comedians of "Comic Relief" -- Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. They got together with Anderson to discuss politics, comedy and why they are raising money for Katrina victims. A full hour with these comedians airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET.
Posted By CNN: 1:01 PM ET
Hey Anderson, can't wait to see the hole hour tonight. Last night was hilarious. I adore Robin Williams. He is unpredictable and I love that. You were funny to watch also. After a while, you didn't even try to do the interview,you just surrended to the laughter. It was great to see.
They are doing a great thing but after 14 months the fact that they have to raise money,still, for the region is unbelievable in the U.S.
"The ability to laugh out loud is the sign of a great soul" by Jean Cocteau.

Lots of laughter for all at CNN and the other bloggers.

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell LavalQuebec : 1:27 PM ET
I saw the clip on last night's show. Can't wait to see the rest tonight! Four of my favourite people!
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 1:51 PM ET
Hope they can raise a bundle for Katrina victims. A special thanks to Robin for his trips to entertain the troops.

Hey, do ya' suppose somebody could play a match game and send some of the trailers from Hope to Reigelwood? How silly of me. I bet there's just too much red tape and regs to help the newly homeless.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 2:10 PM ET
Hey Anderson, I hope you found a way to get a word in somewhere with Whoopi, Billy and Robin. I left the video player up and the video after Comic Relief was Glenn Beck with Benjamin Netanyahu. I don't usually watch Glenn Beck, but I am tonight. Barbara
Posted By Anonymous Barbara Orchard Park, New York : 2:27 PM ET
I am so glad that Whoopie, Robin, and Billy are bringing 'Comic Relief' back and even happier that they are doing it to help raise money for Katrina victims. It will be a great hour on AC 360 tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Melissa Brandt, La Crescent, MN : 2:29 PM ET
I can't wait to watch tonights 360. I know that alot of people will help as best as they cna to rebuild Louisianna. Thank you for keeping Hurricane Katrina alive... Joanna
Posted By Anonymous Joanna Parker Millsboro DE : 2:39 PM ET
I enjoyed seeing the clip last night and on the blog. This is a great thing that Whoopie Goldberg, Robin Williams, and Billy Crystal are doing. I hope they raise lots of money and continued awareness for Katrina victims. It is so nice to see Anderson participating. Robin Williams dominated the interview as usual. He is so funny! Is he ADD or on something? Anyway, I love it. I will be out tonight so I will have to record it if I can figure out how.!?!? I look forward to seeing the comic relief interview. Thanks 360. We should NEVER forget this tragedy.
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 2:46 PM ET
Hey Anderson;
With these three very talented comedians working on it, I can't see how Katrina's victims can help but get the spotlight back on them and their need for further aid. Add the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to the mix and maybe hope will turn into a plan for them. Its good to see you back promoting this cause again Anderson.
Thank you
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 2:50 PM ET
I am thankful that Comic Relief has come to the aid of Katrina victims. The state's Road Home to Recovery Program is sitting on billions of federal dollars since July: only 26 people out of the 75,000 plus who applied have received one dime. Keep in mind these are people who worked, had insurance, and still lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Katrina destroyed the lives of middle class people as well as the poor. I guess if we can't depend on our political leaders to distribute the aid money, we need Whoopi, Billy and Robin. THANKS GUYS!
Posted By Anonymous Mike Smith, New Orleans : 3:11 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
I'm looking forward to the episode this evening with one of my favorite comedians, Robin Williams. I think that it is great that they are raising money for the Katrina victims. Anderson, please don't let the public forget about those people that are still in need of assistance down there.
Posted By Anonymous SP, Villa Hills, KY : 3:51 PM ET
No matter their ups and downs in life, these three continue to be the best of my generation. I cannot wait to see the full hour tonight. I saw Robin on The View today, not even Barbara Walters could rein him in. I wonder how Anderson will do. At any rate, bet Anderson had a blast!
Posted By Anonymous Em, Salt Lake City, Utah : 3:57 PM ET
Although these celebrities do good charitable and philanthropical work and works, which I applaud, I think it's a shame that we allow individuals to accumulate such disproportionate wealth in our *sick* culture of celebrity in this country. And people are dying of starvation, malnutrition, AIDS and other illnesses, while these folks sip their $1K bottles of champagne or wine, eat caviar and drive in cars that cost more than many people's homes. Celebrity wealth is DISGUSTING, and an insult to us all. Shame on us for collectively supporting it.
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Sacramento, CA : 4:55 PM ET
The interview was hilarious. These are three of the most brilliant comedians ever. They're legends. It's so great that the Gulf Coast and New Orleans continue to get support. We are so grateful to the rest of the country and now to these remarkably talented people. Robin Williams is a genius. He is absolutely amazing!
And thanks to Anderson Cooper for keeping his promise. He has done more for Louisiana and Mississippi than all of those politicians who promised so much and haven't come through. Thanks for always keeping them honest. You've got a lot of "Anderfans" in Louisiana!
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 5:14 PM ET
I was wondering if 360 were planning to follow up on the Tsunami and how communities in the affected countries were rebuilding there lives. I understand that many of the pledges of international aid did not come through.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Canterbury, UK : 5:33 PM ET
360 should come down for the New Orleans portion of the Comic Relief show! As someone who has worked almost nine of the last 13 months away from home both in MS and LA, I am thrilled to see that Comic Relief is going to be assisting the Gulf Coast.

I'll wave at the cameras tomorrow night!
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, New Orleans, LA : 5:46 PM ET
I'd really like to know your honest opinion concerning the rebuilding of Katrina's damage. Based on the 100% how much do you think has been completed,and how much is left? Personally, I wonder if it will ever be 100% done, as so much is left to ruin, again, while the next stage is contemplated.

When you said you would never let us forget, you gave your word and you have kept it. Everyone knows this, but sometimes it's hard to believe there is still truth out there!

Do you ever get the chance to visit your family members when you're down there? How neat that you found them that way!



Did you see "Good Morning, Viet Nam"? You know Robin is the only one that gets to talk!!
Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 6:04 PM ET
Thank you, for reminding people and for raising awereness for the victims of Katrina. That little segment of tonight's 360 was great, I can't wait to see the whole show tonight and get some laughs(its one of the best medicines).God bless you for your kind heart. Whoopi, Robin and Cristal are hilarious. It'll be a good show.(ps.nice little laugh anderson)
Posted By Anonymous keira p. Boston, Ma. : 6:43 PM ET
Why would anybody begrudge these entertainers or any others a good life making lots of money? I'd be willing to bet they have all done their share over the years giving to charities and doing charitable work that we never even hear about. I very much doubt that entertaining is an easy job, they have many ups and downs just like everyday people do.
I for one appreciate what they do and I'm glad they're well paid for their devotion to their craft. Many times over the years without entertainment many of us might have sunk into deep depression, so we should just watch and enjoy and leave the jealousy behind.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Scarboro Ontario Canada : 6:57 PM ET

They say a good dose of laughter can ease any pain and who better to provide us with lots of laughter than Whoopi, Billy and Robin. I hope they raise millions for the victims of Katrina! I'm an early days SNL fan and to see the 3 of them still in rare form entertaining together is magnificent. Godspeed guys, and may your effort bring forth much success.
Posted By Anonymous Zann Vickers Easterwood Martin, Tennessee : 7:03 PM ET
I know I'll be in the minority here but I want to comment on this anti-celebrity thing. First of all, what if the celebrity wasn't seeking celebrity. Anderson has definitely achieved celebrity status, or at least close to it. He has the attention (and more)of hundreds of thousands of people. People are interested in him and what he has to say. But I don't think anyone thinks he has sought it out or asked for it. What are you supposed to do in this position, tell people "hey, stop liking me"?

And you have to look at the other side of it. Yes, they make insane amounts of money, but they make it because we go to the movies, buy the books and CD's etc. Are we supposed to have no entertainment or joy in our lives because it might make someone rich?

It seems to me being a celebrity is being in a no-win situation. If you never hear of them giving to charity, then it is assumed that they don't give; hence, they are selfish, egotistical and self centered. However, if they give and people learn of it, then they are accused of only doing it for publicity. Finally, when they are buying expensive wines, cars or paying large amounts for personal services like getting their hair done or whatever, this provides employment for a lot of people.

I think it's easy for us who are not as well off to say "if I were rich I would give to the poor and I would give all my money away and not spend it on myself. It's easy because we dont' have it and don't have to "put our money where our mouth is." We really don't know that we would do all these unselfish things with our money. We'd like to think so, but we really don't know. Now if someone wants to give me about $20 million, we could try and prove it scientifically! Anyone?

*ducks to avoid the tomatoes being thrown at me*
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 7:31 PM ET
Now you are laughing Mr. Anderson Cooper! what a great show! thank you AC360 this is one of the greatest show of AC360!
Posted By Anonymous Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 10:42 PM ET
Oh my gosh! I am watching you ad Whoope and Billy and Robin and I am just completely so glad you did not censor these observations! I was never so proud to hear the phrase, "you probably can't use this" and realize you left it in for me to hear!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Ginger Harris, San Diego, CA : 10:45 PM ET
People listen to you, and since last August you've presented yourself as an advocate for the Gulf Coast.
In the interviews tonight, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams mentioned power (electricity) in the 9th ward. Unfortunately, the whole city is suffering a power issue. The local electrical company's parent company (based in Arkansas I believe) refuses to bail out the group in New Orleans/Southern Louisiana (I don't know if it's the same in Mississippi and Alabama). This despite federal funds which are tied up somewhere between Washington and the areas in need. The many areas of New Orleans are dark, not because they lack working power, but because everyone is SICK and BROKE from paying THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS a MONTH for electricity. (Could you do a "keeping them honest" piece on this? Please?)
Posted By Anonymous Sara, New Orleans, LA : 1:23 AM ET
I enjoyed watching tonight show. Robin Williams was hilarious as usuall. However Whoopi raised a good point regarding why this administration does not do anything to rebuild the Goulf cities.It was also heartbreaking to see an old man all alone trying to rebuild his house. I think people sent a clear message on election day hopefully the administration listens to American people and starts working on important issues like war, health care, social security and Katrina's victims.Keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Sara , YorbaLinda ,CA : 1:35 AM ET
Great show tonight! After airing the "teaser" clips last evening, I was looking forward to seeing the entire interview. Thanks for the laughs....I needed that!
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 1:48 AM ET
Dear Mr. Anderson,

I have always been a great fan of Whoopi, Billy, and Robin and I truly admire what they are doing to help the victims of Katrina. However, I wish to share with you my beliefs on the matter.

Some people say charity starts at home and I agree. I know there's Darfur, Palestine, and all these places that need assistance; but don't you feel that it's easier to help out a place that's near than one that's a few thousand kilometers away? Also, with all the aid and funding that the US has been providing to these places, it's very sad and annoying to see that good deeds have been interpreted as meddling by some of the local citizens of the countries that it has been helping.

Look at the soldiers that we have been sending to Iraq to help rebuild the country, if we could just send them all to New Orleans instead to rebuild the place, I am sure the city would have been half complete by now (maybe a bit too overstated but the idea is there), plus the fact that there would be no fatalities.

A country is like a human being and the states, its internal organs. If one part is not well then the well being of the whole body will definitely be affected. A doctor must cure himself before he can treat others.

America is a great country and the citizens even greater. You see that from the way people rose up from the 911 incident, the way they support charities for places and people hit by calamities, the way they give up their lives in order to help and protect others who are not of their own kind, and many many more. Unfortunately, some people just never see the good in other people and I guess that�s why the world is what it is right now.

I hope that the victims of Katrina will finally get the help that they badly needed from the donations that will be collected from Comic Relief. Good luck!
Posted By Anonymous C.L. Wu, Penang, Malaysia : 6:04 AM ET
Great show last night. I never laughed so hard. Can't wait to see the special, Whoopie, Billy and Robin do such a great job and the cause is a special one. As someone once said - We must never forget.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren Mi : 6:52 AM ET
Will this be replayed? I unfortunately missed it.
Posted By Anonymous Wanda, Ottawa, Canada : 8:31 AM ET
Yippy! laughter for a great cause!

Anderson has a great smile:)

Robin Williams is my favorite actor. I remember back in the late 1970's that as a kid I used to watch his TV comedy series: "Mork & Mindy", in which he plays an alien (Mork from the planet Ork)from other space landing on earth. In his TV-character he spoke "alien ga ga language" and greeted in alien language: "Nanu nanu" and when he cursed he would say: "shutbug"
:) :) :)
Posted By Anonymous Ratna, New York, NY : 9:06 AM ET
Are these comedians going to bring up the fact of the misuse of some of the money sent already?? While the vast majority of victims used the money wisely, many did not and we are disappointed. We gave to them in their hour of need and what did they do? There are always some in every crowd who take advantage.
Posted By Anonymous Nikki, Dodge City, KS : 10:40 AM ET
I'm writing this the day after the interview is shown. I can't wait for Saturday's show! These three are really a riot! It was nice to see Anderson laughing a lot; at one point he almost fell off his chair and had tears in his eyes. He's been covering a lot of serious stuff, it's just nice to see and hear him laugh with gusto. Robin Williams, he's too much. I just love him. Thank you for the interview and I look forward to the Saturday show!
Posted By Anonymous Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 11:01 AM ET
Hi Anderson
Your show last night was all I had hoped for and more. Whoopi, Billy and Robin did a great job with their mixture of comedy and serious talk about the aftermath of Katrina. They are true professionals and so are you, I don't know how you managed to stay composed in the light of some of Robin's craziness. It was fun to see you break up though, especially after all the seriousness of the news lately. I can't wait to see Comedy Relief tonite. You did a great job of promoting it and I'm sure Katrina's victim's will greatly benefit from the show tonite and your show last night. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 11:25 AM ET
I have a question in regards to all the money raised for Katrina survivors, of which I am one, my fellow Americans dug deep into their pockets to help, but who is watching the bank where all this money is stored. How is it funneled to us, the victims. With the widespread devastation along the Gulf Coast, all my neighbors and friends, I do believe someone would have mentioned that they received monies from some of their fellow Americans. Can you shed some light on this process. Also the next time your in New Orleans ya'll should ask to be taken to Lake Catherine, this is an area of New Orleans, part of the 9th ward, this nine (9) mile island has been totally destroyed. The homes that were there are now somewhere in either Lake Pontchartrain or Lake Catherine.
Posted By Anonymous Katie, New Orleans, LA : 11:33 AM ET
Watched the show last night and it was great. Glad to see there are people still trying to help Katrina victims.360 has always kept this story alive and that is one of many reason,s I love Anderson so much.It was also great to see Anderson laugh so much last night. Keep up the GREAT work, we all love you and the show.

Posted By Anonymous Sandy Belvin, Richmond,VA : 11:56 AM ET

The show was funny and sad.
Bittersweet comic relief.
Now what can I do to help out?
Posted By Anonymous Cata, West Jefferson, NC : 12:00 PM ET
Thank you Whoopi, Robin, Billy and Anderson for keeping the subject of Katrina recovery ALIVE through Comic Relief. I left Gulfport yesterday. I feel like I didn�t talk to enough people, photograph enough damage, or stay long enough to substantiate the mammoth amount of destruction still unresolved.

As I left Mississippi, it was perplexing to see more FEMA trailers toed on the interstate as well as the hive of unmarked �white� cars, trucks and SUVs convoying toward the Gulf coast cities.

I need to laugh. I look forward to Comic Relief tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Sharon D. , Indianapolis : 8:16 PM ET

Watching the special on Friday night really filled me with a sense of joy and a sense of sadness. "Katrina fatigue", as you mentioned, can only be felt by those who were victims. I'm glad someone is keeping the focus on a story that inherently affects all Americans.

Also, I nearly lost it with the comments that Robin made, mostly the Ryan Seacrest comment. Thought you were gonna fall out of the chair! I nearly fell off my bed! "So, how do you like Vegas?"
Posted By Anonymous Jamie Trull, Philly : 10:37 PM ET
Oh! I see now... Comic Relief is on TV right now and... all I have to do is simply call 1-800-528-1000 to donate!
Cool. I can actually help out afterall!

Yah know, I don't really listen very closely to what is being said on the ole TV. Sorry Anderson! I'll really try to listen to your TV show next time!

I just like to watch the colorful moving pictures flashing on the screen. I'm so very easily entertained.
Posted By Anonymous Cata, West Jefferson, NC : 10:49 PM ET
I watched Comic Relief last night, Nov. 18, until I was so turned off by the language and all the bleeps. How is it that Paula Poundstone can do a whole show without one vulgarity and be very funny, but Robin Williams who has such a brilliant mind needs to wear a codpiece and make obscene jokes. I'm fed up.
Posted By Anonymous Rita Rig, Middletown, NJ : 12:02 PM ET
So laughing makes us healthier. I guess we are all a little healthier after watching the 360 special on Friday. I am a whole lot healthier after watching Comic Relief 2006 Saturday night. Great show. Great cause.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Glen Burnie MD : 1:16 PM ET
I have to agree with Mark from Sacramento, CA. Although it is a person's right to earn a living and with that work to perhaps accumulate wealth, but to live in the way they do is disgusting with all starving and other indignities going on right in the United States of America.

We do not need to hear coverage of OJ Simpson and Tom Cruise's wedding, thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Missy, Fairfield, Connecticut : 3:54 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Thank you for keeping the spotlight on this tragedy. Laughter is the best medicine.

Fondly, Tracey
Posted By Anonymous Tracey Bethlehem, PA : 3:59 PM ET
I started watching the Comic Relief last night but had to change to something else because I don't think "Hate" is very funny.
Posted By Anonymous Mary Horowitz, Montgomery, Alabama : 5:29 PM ET
Anderson and crew!
I watched the full hour the other day and I was just on the floor laughing. Some of the jokes kept me laughing all weekend. It was well done. It was really great to have the three of them together with Anderson. You felt everyone's personal connection to the situation, and they were able to find the humour in the midst of such tragedy. We all end up looking for the bright spots or the irony to help us get through the tough times. The sit-down was thoughtful, thought-provoking, and entertaining. I think it was a much needed change of pace in regards to Katrina, and a sigh of relief that it all hasn't been so easily forgotten.
I always feared that what Whoopie pointed out in reagards to Disneyland/world was true, and this hurricane was proof of it; special interests take precedence over people's welfare and safety. It's a sad reality seen the world over. It's also true, however, that Americans are generous people who know how to come together to help those in need. Good job, guys.
Can you please air that special edition in full again at some point, if you can? I'd love to tape it. Good times...
Posted By Anonymous Sarah Anne, Toronto, ON, Canada : 9:15 PM ET
The actors/activits who work so hard to lend us their time and their voices are and should be applauded! In considering "Katrina" alone, our current government (i hope y'all voted!) is responsible or irresponsible for so much that has gone undone... I would like to see their personal wallets, some full of oil revenues, opened and donations made toward Katrina and/or any other project to relieve human suffering. While Whoopi, Billy and Robin, Anderson, too have some personal wealth, they have all demonstrated time and time again, THEIR support of these and other causes! Bless you and Thank You!
Posted By Anonymous Lori, Gaithersburg, MD : 9:34 PM ET
Great interview, Anderson. It was a very entertaining hour of television, indeed. My favorite momemt, though, was the Ryan Seacrest/Brokeback Moutain comment by Williams. What a killer.
Posted By Anonymous Emily, St. Paul, MN : 11:05 PM ET
It was refreshing to read and see this clip.It was absolutely breath taking to see so much laughter, heart and just making the best out of this oositive jestour for these unfortunate america people who ......yrd were basicly left to fend for themselve of what was not only left of there homes but of salvaging of what was not only left of themselves emotionally but hudgely finanscially.How sad shows us all just right how deep the financial problem is.To think they offered them 11% on the dollar value of there homes.Leal steally if you ask me.Now how many are still paying for homes that they have not nor ever will live in again.Sad just really very sad.I pray Gods blessing apon all three of these indaviduals who have a life too but put it on hold to bring this enormas pain on many of the camunities in that area to the FORFRONT which is needed,badly.Many have been screwed over so bad they may never recover or get past the anger this caused in your people.God bless all who come and go from this blog
Posted By Anonymous Teri,Newmarket,Ontario Canada : 6:40 AM ET
although i donated $100 to the red cross right after Katrina hit,after watching the video footage and some of the interviews last night and seeing how little has been accomplished,i managed to scrounge up another cnote to donate again
I did so even after realizing that 1.5 billion was stolen,wasted and mismanaged the first time around.I commend Comic Relief for their next years goal to collect funds to benefit the plight of the beloved pets who should have never been allowed to suffer and perish either.
sure,ill have to cut back on some of my meds to make this donation again but i still have it better than most of the victims there and as a former long time resident of eastcoast of Florida,i know what it's like to weather hurricanes and face losing it all.
Posted By Anonymous Hugh Jass,Prescott,AZ : 7:28 AM ET
Although I loved the show, and I like Robin Williams work he is just too much. I would love to have heard what Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal had to say , who are in my opinion just as funny as Robin Williams and seem to have something intelligent to say. If anybody else were aloud to speak for more than 20 seconds, I would have watched the whole thing. I couldn't take Robin Williams anymore.
Posted By Anonymous Loren Ottawa Canada : 8:29 AM ET
Applause for Robin, nothing evers stops our social consciousness, within the first 5 minutes of "Comic Relief" he acknowledges how tough it is to come straight from "rehab" right into a show,,,,
Posted By Anonymous Rick Ash, Taft TN : 8:41 AM ET
Hey Anderson, what a treat it was to watch you 'trying' to interview Robin Williams. I haven't seen you that light hearted for a very long time. You did a great job,and I'm sure people will stand up and take notice and contribute to the still devastated Gulf Coast and Katrina's victims.
Keep laughing, it does help.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Scarboro Ontario Canada : 9:27 AM ET
Raising money for Katrina victims is too little, too late. What grinds me is that these celebrities like Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal are just figuring out now that the victims of Hurricane Katrina need help. Where were they at the time when those people in New Orleans couldn't get out? these celebrities with their millions could have taken every Bus, Train, or car to get those people out of New Orleans and give them some water and food. That hurricane showed everyone's true colors and that the people of our nation are selfish and our nation as a whole should be ashamed.
There is a family from New Orleans that moved in next to me. They do NOT want to go back to New Orleans nor do they want to remember Katrina. They have a new life here in Michigan and are moving forward and they refuse to look back. I applaud them for that. The parents refuse to let the children watch your show because of the Horror those children went through during that hurricane. Enough is enough.
Posted By Anonymous TracyLyn, Shelby Township, MI : 9:51 AM ET
I think the comic relief show was terrible,and it could have been good,to vulgar and to many bleeps.Bill M.,and his anal sex joke was sick.
Posted By Anonymous Linda Harris,Hayden, Idaho : 10:11 AM ET
I agree. With all the charity work that celebrities do, I wonder if it is done out of the goodness of their heart, or if it is done for the publicity.
Posted By Anonymous D Hallyburton, Valdese, NC : 10:37 AM ET
Leave it to these three wise, funny and compassionate individuals to try and help when our pathetic "leadership" has once again fallen down on the job. Shame that our president/government is so inept and unconcerned about the suffering of so many of society's most vulnerable. Ah, what else would we expect? Got to fund that big war after all. God bless all who take up the cause for the downtrodden. We love you, Billy, Whoopie and Robin!
Posted By Anonymous Barb North Liberty, IA : 10:58 AM ET
As Katrina victims still sleeping on the living room floor of our battered house, we are insulted and infuriated that we Mississipians are STILL forgotten and neglected. But, why should anything be different now: all the media focus has been on New Orleans since the day Katrina made landfall on the MISSISSIPPI COAST!!!

Shame on all of you!
Posted By Anonymous Jeffrey R., Hattiesburg, MS : 11:18 AM ET
I watched the ac360 special and the Comic Relief benefit. Very funny and well worth the attention for such a good cause. Keep the focus on the Gulf Coast..As Mickey Mouse might say.."Hey there, Hi there, Ho There, "it's" as welcome as can be."
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 11:24 AM ET
Anderson and the entire 360 crew, Thank you for your special on Comic Relief. I would not have realized it was airing had I not seen it on 360. Comic Relief was hilarious,but the pieces I found most memorable were the one on Lassie and Billy Crystal's tribute to the displaced musician. Sadly, I wonder if Mr. Bush will ever "dig it"
Posted By Anonymous Audrey Washington,Pa : 3:49 PM ET
Hey Anderson! One of the best 360's I've every seen but so sad that Katrina victims' cries remain unheard by the government officials who supposedly promised to "get it done". So afraid that Whoopie hit the nail on the head. You do, indeed, have the strength of 1,000 bulldozers my friend. I'm looking forward to your next probing visit to New Orleans and Mississippi. This is a huge stain on the flag of a country that I love so much.
P.S. Love to see you laugh!
Posted By Anonymous Mary Lou, Toronto, Ontario : 9:27 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

Loved the laughs and it was great to see you in splits! Let us hope all our laughs catch on to Katrina and provide for some relief from the sadness out there.
Nice change from the serious reporting Anderson. Could definitely feel a shift in the atmosphere. It was great to see Billy, Whoopi and Robin at their best. However I didn't quite get the Ryan Seacrest and "Brokeback Mountain" thing.
Laughter is the best medicine.
Posted By Anonymous Rekha Raman, Fremont, CA : 5:56 AM ET
Thank you for giving attention to Comic Relief. It justs seems as though this trial will never end. But as someone said once, we are like Blanche DuBois depending on the kindness of strangers. As for the families who want to forget, I understand, but we can not. To accept what happened to all of the citizens on New Orleans and move on, is not acceptable. Perhaps in a year or two they will be able to talk to their children about it, but you can not start a new life while ignoring the old one. And if you keep your voice silent on this issue, what happens the next time something horrible happens? Who will speak for you then?
Posted By Anonymous Ruth, Metairie, LA : 8:26 AM ET
Hi, Anderson
Although I did think the show had its moments of candor, I think overall there was no need for the amount of cursing and sexual comments. I watched the reply on HBO, uncut and uncensored, and kept waiting for the real comedy to present itself.
I love these 3 stars that hosted but why did there have to be soooo much inappropriate talk?
Posted By Anonymous Dottie H., Nashville, TN : 8:40 PM ET
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