Tuesday, October 24, 2006
If Dems win: Grand plans or gridlock?
Listen to President Bush and his political team these days and their closing argument for the final two weeks of the midterm election campaign rings clear: Elect the Democrats, the White House says, and get a weaker war on terror and higher taxes.

"The voters out there need to ask the question: Which political party will support the brave men and women that wear the uniform when they do their job of protecting America," is one way Mr. Bush has framed the issue in recent speeches.

The Vice President echoes that, and what you might call the White House pocketbook pitch. Says Mr. Cheney: "If the Democrats take control, American families could face an immense tax increase and the economy would sustain a major hit."

Lost in that pointed rhetoric is this reality: Even if Democrats take both the House and the Senate, Mr. Bush will be president for two more years and could use his veto to block any Democratic legislation. Even Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean concedes Mr. Bush could ignore the Democratic agenda if he so chooses, especially calls for a plan to bring the troops home from Iraq.

"We're not going to be able to change the policy overnight," Dean told CNN on Tuesday. "That's going to require a new president."

Winning one or both chambers of Congress though would give Democrats a major policy platform, to push for:

  • raising the minimum wage
  • repealing Bush tax cuts for upper income Americans
  • revisiting the new Medicare prescription drug benefit
  • and using the tax code or other incentives to make health care more affordable and accessible.
"If the Democrats win the Congress they will have a seat at the table, they will have a voice in policy but the president still has the veto," former Clinton administration aide Michael Waldman says.

For Democrats, one challenge if they retake the House, which even many Republicans see as a distinct possibility, would be to pick and choose their fights with the White House. Some Democrats who are in line for committee chairmanships for example have talked of impeaching Mr. Bush, or in the past have urged Republicans to join them in issuing subpoenas for administration records on issues ranging from Cheney's energy task force to defense contracts to Halliburton and other firms.

Mindful of the risks of alienating voters with partisanship, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, according to top advisers, already has told senior Democrats she would draw a sharp line betweeen legitimate oversight and investigations that could be cast as partisan witchhunts.

Waldman put it this way: "Revenge is a bad idea. It's a bad idea and the public doesn't like it. Oversight is not only a good idea, it's what the public is demanding."

We're tackling this subject on tonight's show, so we'd like to hear your thoughts. If Democrats are able to win one or both chambers of Congress, how much will they be able to get done?
Posted By John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent: 5:22 PM ET
Hello John~
Pres. Bush asks,"Which party will support the brave men adn women that wear the uniform when they do their job of protecting America." our current administration is totally out of touch with reality. For those of us who have lost loved ones in the Iraqi war ( I lost a cousin ) we still ask, " why and what for?" Economy?, Taxes?, The Bush administration has given the U.S. the worst years in our history. I will take my chances and vote for a democrat or anything but a republican. I want to send a message. It reamins to be seen how much can they can get done if Democrats are able to win one or both chambers of Congress, but lets hope they can stop the downward slide this country is on. Have any of you checked out the Texas Governor's race? Pretty entertaining. We have an Independent Jewish man named Kinky Friedman running who is a humorist and friend of Willie Nelson. He has quite a few followers. Kinky would certainly shake up Texas! Let's hope there are quite a few shake ups in this election!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 6:20 PM ET
"and using the tax code or other incentives to make health care more affordable and accessible."

Does the DNC pay Mr. King to do their bidding? This whole thing is a fluff piece
Posted By Anonymous Scooter, Houston, TX. : 6:28 PM ET
There is too much animosity for anything to be accomplished even if the Democrats win both houses. The Bush administration, however, has left itself open to legitimate criticism, what with all the rampant hypocrisy and shoddy military "leadership." But Bush will exercise his veto power at every turn with a Democratic Congress. Plain and simple: Bush needs to go.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 6:30 PM ET
You're right in that Mr. Bush will be President for 2 more years and could veto any Democratic legislation, but obviously, it's better than nothing. Even if the Democrats don't get much done in the next 2 years, they still have 2 more years after that (if the
Democrats win the White House), and hopefully, it will make up for time lost. They have to think this way, always hopeful and never giving up. Take care,
Posted By Anonymous Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 7:02 PM ET
Gridlock is all we are going to get. However it is worth taking a chance to throw out the "money changers" that just pocket the money it seems and are happy with the staus quo. They (and I urge ALL Americans)need to ask themselves this question- is there a firm plan to get your debts paid off? The answer will most likely be no. Why? The corrupt government we have seems so highly to believe in the lie called deficit spending and entitlements again with NO regard to being a lowly "public servant" themself (i.e. you are only paid minimum wage here as a "rep"in DC - deal with it).It seems to be Ok with everyone to borrow money at such an inflated rate with ZERO regard to the future consequences. Our economy seems to be run by economic "gains" in jobs that pay us public servant rates with the minimum wage all while paying the stockholder the profit that used to go some to the worker. Now the CEO gets the praise and raises thru stock options. Very few companies these days seem to even have a single top exec. that started at the bottom of the rung.It used to be feasible to take care of the bottom rung while the CEO simply got what was left.I believe it could still be done even in a "world economy". Too bad we had to become a "world economy" and decide not to take care of the "lowly worker"and expect them to live on a commumist-type minimum wage supported by our (I use this word loosely) "democratic" government under the term "capitalism". I will vote in 2 weeks and see what happens. In the mean time looking ahead 2 years on a personal note the only debt I will have left will be a car and house payment. America we still have the option in 2 years to "clean house" if we choose with a new President that is not so big on party line politics and riding on daddy's coattails. Please get out there and vote November 7 even if gridlock is what we get.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Fort Wayne, IN : 7:23 PM ET
Gridlock would be better than the 'lemming' government we have now. I just keep hoping that we can hold on long enough to get the leadership our troops deserve and send a message that We Have Three Co-Equal Branches of Government for a reason. That we can send a message that we elect folk to represent us, not sell out to the highest bidder on K Street. That we elect you to work, not fund raise. That you have to earn the right to keep your seat.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista : 7:30 PM ET
The current Congress doesn't have a great record for getting things done. I don't see how it can be any worse.
Posted By Anonymous Nancy, Los Angeles, CA : 7:43 PM ET
So the Democrats win and the policy changes. What happens if the leftist press, especially CNN, cranks out a win and the country has a major attack, hopefully not, who will win. Will the country hold the Democrats responsible and doom the party for years to come.

No matter what the criticism, our country has been through 5 years with no major attack. When will CNN and others realize someone up till now is doing something right.
Posted By Anonymous John Carter / Glennville, GA. : 8:14 PM ET
I think the Democrats are the ones completely out of touch with America. I hope they loose House and Senate, so they can rebuild that party, it needs it. I would like to have better choice when voting. The Democratic leadership have let this country down!
Posted By Anonymous Sam, Houston TX : 8:18 PM ET
Karl Rove - you either love him or you hate him, but he's right - As much as we hate Congress; this election is decided at the local level...our congressman/woman isn't the problem...we tell ourselves that every election cycle...it's the other bums, but not our bums...and every city, every county, every constituency, this repeats itself everywhere..."oh no, not our guy...." and when it's all said and done, the Republicans will do what they do so well...play the fear card, the terror card, the economy card, and withdraw the "stay the course" card. I don't blame Karl Rove? I blame us; that's right, you and me! Every election cycle we fall for the same crap, yet again, and then we analyze to death what happened, I'll tell you what happened, we got made fools yet again...why? Because we let them play to our prejudices and biases and our hyprocrisy, yet again. That our fault...the voters fault...you don't like Congress, then suck it up and get informed and get educated on the bigger picture....but that's exactly what they do not want you to do...stupid is good, fear is good, hyprocrisy is good, and when 5,000 Americans are dead in Iraq, maybe 10,000... don't blame Congress! Blame yourself for being stupid enough to fall for the Karl Rove's crap, yet again! That's right; it's not the economy stupid, it's the voter's stupidity stupid!!!"
Posted By Anonymous Bill Berry, Opelika, AL : 8:39 PM ET
John - You forgot to add to your list:

- block more oil refineries from being developed

- ignore persons coming into this country illegally

- give constitutional rights to terrorists

- weaken intelligence gathering
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 8:45 PM ET
You can almost feel the cloak of accountability beginning to descend upon the GOP. Mr. Bush might technically sit at the head of the table still but the dinner guests now will hopefully possess a larger degree of moral integrity than their terrible predecessors. Out with the trash!
Posted By Anonymous nathan, junction city ks : 9:06 PM ET
Our system of government, set up by the founding fathers, is designed with built-in checks and balances. The balance of power, as it stands today, has eliminated it. This is not to say that one party that controls both congress and the white house cannot police itself, but this administration has manuvered its way around the system. The most important act we can do as a U. S. citizen is to correct this imbalance. Send a message, we are taking back our govenment.
Posted By Anonymous Cindy Carpenter Charlotte, NC : 9:24 PM ET
Okay lets say as it has been said before. But it took the Republicans just two short years to become corrupt whereas it took the democrats over forty years. what does that say about the character of the Majority of Democrats versus the so called morale crusaders in the Republican party? But then it may be easier to ignore the rampant waste of lives and money in country and Iraq, all the while creating more terrorists to boot. Of course the only way we will truly know the depth of corruption that has occurred is to oust the Republicans so we can find out and try to save what has been lost. Not to mention, ending the tax cuts that favor the rich and corporate slime-balls running our nations capital.
Posted By Anonymous Dan, Hillsboro OR : 9:26 PM ET
Gridlock would certainly be better than allowing right-wing Republicans to hijack (note the terrorist allusion) our country and our rights more than they already have.

Whatever your political persuasion, I hope you all will vote and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You can call/e-mail folks to remind them of the date (and even poll locations); arrange car pools to the polls (especially for the elderly or for people for whom it is hard to travel); watch friends' kids while they vote; etc. If you run or own a business, you can consider setting up a schedule that allows people time to vote, with an extended lunch hour, late arrival, or early "dismissal" time.

I took a photo a few years ago when I was still voting in Harlem, New York City. The photo is of a sign that says "Vote Aqui" ("Vote Here" in Spanish) and was hung--without irony, I believe-- on a trash can near the polling place. Given the outcome of that election, perhaps I should have taken the sign as, well, a sign...

Humor aside, I hope nobody considers his/her vote trash even with the concerns about electronic voting machines and national parties trying to stop people from voting in certain areas (I have an ex-boyfriend who was monitoring the polls elsewhere in Harlem in 2000 for the Democrats; he-- more centrist than I am-- at first approached the Republican poll watchers as bipartisanly and friendly as possible, but became absolutely repulsed at how they tried to intimidate and throw out the votes of legitimate voters).

I do think we need to "drop out" of the electoral college before the next presidential race. Abolishing this would mean that votes for national elections really would be weighted equally (funny how, when I moved from New York to Pennsylvania before the last presidential election, my vote actually held more sway in this purple state). The EC made some sense when it was established, but not so much now.

Posted By Anonymous Norah, West Chester, PA : 9:47 PM ET
How much could a Democratic Congress accomplish with King George II still ensconced as HM? ... Not enough! I'd like to say more, but I could now legally come up "missing" for it ... you know - the whole "if you aren't for us, you are against us" mentality.
Posted By Anonymous Joan, Lansing, MI : 9:49 PM ET
If Democrats gain any control at all, Americans need to hold on to our wallets. Don't let them fool you that only the rich would get a tax increase. If you make a decent dual income, you will be hit with a tax increase. The Democrate think that households that make over $75,000 year are wealthy. Think about that before you vote.

The Democrats would like nothing more than to control the drug companies by legislating the cost of prescription drugs. To top that off, Democrats want a government controlled health care system like Canada has. That sounds like a good idea hugh?

I don't think the government needs any more money from Americans. The goverment should find more unique ways to give it back to the people. When have any American people been satisified with how the government uses OUR money.

Vote for consertative values everyone. You'll be glad you did.
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Osceola, IN : 9:59 PM ET
They might not manage to get much done, but they might be able to prevent some really harmful legislation. Like turning funding for the sciences over to the church.
Posted By Anonymous Ronit, New York, NY : 10:12 PM ET
The American people have had enough of George Bush and the do nothing congress. They want change and the Republicans are going to pay the price on November the 7th. You can stick a fork in them. They are done like dinner. American people will not be fooled again. Too bad this did not happen in 2004.....
Posted By Anonymous John Kostas....Ontario Canada : 10:40 PM ET
Yes. The Democratic Party is supposed to win. Even if they win both houses, it should be known to all that the democrates are human beings and they know exactly what is happening in Iraq. They know about taxes and health care especially for low income families. They will surely take care. It is not an entirely new party all together
Posted By Anonymous Mil, Anchorage AK : 10:44 PM ET
To Michael from Ft. Wayne:

Look at your withholding taxes today and make note. If Democrats take over the Congress, you shall be subject to more income taxes. Wait a few months, then look at your withholding taxes again. Cry on someone's shoulder. It's call re-distribution of wealth and Democrats are the best at it.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 11:04 PM ET
I think the politicans should take a 50% pay cut and allocate that money to the military. It is a shame that our miltary has to pay for a lot of thier uniforms and such out of their own pockets while putting thier lives on the line.
Posted By Anonymous J. White NY : 11:11 PM ET
Republican or Democrat
They sit up there and chew the fat-

We cast our votes
And put them in,
They wave their flags
Then say, "I win"-

All the while
They're making choices
That never reflect
The voter's voices.

How quickly forgotten,
Promises made
While shaking hands
At the hometown parade.

Now they're in Washington
And no one will ever know--
How they vote
Or where they go....

Votes only mattered
When they needed to be elected
Now it seems okay
If voting is neglected.

They are all so busy
Sleeping in and shopping,
Spending lobbyist monies
While doing some bar hopping.

It's really quite unsettling
What American's must endure--
Those we trusted and elected
Now feeding us "manure".

I don't think it matters
Which party we vote in--
They don't know where they're going
And can't remember where they've been.

The Donkey and the Elephant
Unreliable to say the least
Really hard to determine
Which is the more worthless beast!
Posted By Anonymous Zann Vickers Easterwood Martin, Tennessee : 11:12 PM ET
John--this doesn't really pertain to the current blog, it has to do with the failure of the DEM party. I was active in the GOP in IOWA (county central, caucus chair, district and state convention delegate until the Pat Buchanan religious right finally took it over) and switched to the DEMs because I believed in Vilsack. County, District, State-delegate/platform comm.

The DNC has no idea about coming in and rallying a base. You have a combo of suits on cells from the elite east with the Clinton plan. They are insulting and have no clue that they turn off those they should rally, instead of bully.

The worst is the Amnesty Plank. They should also not micro-manage the platform at the district-state level with the 'really liberal college professor gang'. If the platform gets changed at National, so be it. They just don't get Iowa Stubborn and that Grinnell and Iowa City are on the fringe on some issues. Talk healthcare==forget amnesty. Talk education and VA. Check it out Iowa doesn't walk, talk, dress or eat what they want to ram down Iowa's throat. Not only Iowa Stubborn, but Iowa Proud.

You want to get momentum: Come to Iowa and listen. We are a state of order.
99 counties with the seat centered so a wagon could travel from any point in the county to the seat and back in one day. talk energy and common sense.

Pass it on: If your not ok, then I'm not ok. Get organized, get culture, get over yourself.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista : 11:16 PM ET
Yes, it's true President Bush can veto a Democratic Congress, but Bush also won't have a Congress to rubber stamp everything that comes out of the Executive branch.

It's time for voters to restore the check and balance system to the U.S. government.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 11:56 PM ET
i hope the democrats win the house. i don't care about the senate we need one house to be held by the party not in power. if the democrats win the house at least we will have some checks and balances in our policies. right now the GOP does just what bush says. they don't care what the ramifications are. we have forgiven men for torturing people site unseen. we are america and we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than those we fight. wether it's another country or terrorist we must be better than them or we become them.
Posted By Anonymous larry kraus farmersville ill. : 11:56 PM ET
With Pelosi and Reid setting the agenda we better get right hand drive vehicles. Agreed Iraq was a mistake but I don't see the leftist liberal crowd with any great ideas. Neither party, but especially the Democrats, wants to deal with major problems such as immigration, social security, and MEDICARE. I just cannot fathom the liberal agenda.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne, Seoul, Korea : 12:06 AM ET
Hi John,
You've asked the million dollar question..I think it's safe to say that whoever wins on November 7th, will immediately be placed on the losers hate list 12:01am on the 8th. So, on that cynical note, I'll end with an upbeat thought.."Some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield." Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 12:16 AM ET
I think your two choices are in much need of a third: THE BALANCE OF POWER. Without the Democrats controling at least one of three branches of governemnt there is NO checks and balances. This is crucial to our very democracy. Not to mention FOLEY, the republicans have deliberately suppresed valid investigations into the inteligence leading up to the war and played down Katrina to the point that nothing was ever EVER done. Is that right?
Posted By Anonymous Chris Eldridge, Harrisburg PA : 12:40 AM ET
Perhaps they'll use such a platform constructively- for impeachment. After all these years of secrecy and abuse of power, paramount moments including the downings street memo and the enron debacle with all bush/cheney connections, we the people deserve acounatibility. Adequately served, it would be through unimpeded investigation, and impeachment, prosecution, and arrest where necessary. This is bad government and no one stood up for us - not even American media - when it was important.
Posted By Anonymous Dan Reale, Plainfield, CT : 12:46 AM ET
Maybe that toe-stubber Bush will try to veto his own impeachment. I wouldn't put anything past that guy and his daddy's money machine. Gridlock, on the other hand, is still far better than brain-dead... which is where we're at now.
Posted By Anonymous Rick Dallas Texas : 1:29 AM ET
People who are democrats should be purchasing their blue tie collection or blue dress shirts to show your political affiliation. To Rush I hope you tune into positive news at Daryn Kagan.com , because that comment about Michelle J Fox was outragious and you still need help.
Posted By Anonymous Claude, Calgary AB Canada : 1:31 AM ET
The general opinion of the people is that Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress have placed us in a disastrous war with no end in sight. Without question, the world is now a more dangerous place, and our folly with Iraq has even emboldened North Korea and Iran to proceed with developing weapons of mass destruction - ironically our reason for invading Iraq.

It is odd to hear Republicans raising concerns about Democrats raising taxes - when the reality is that the American people are going to have to pay for this disastrous war. Have we forgotten that our national debt has been restored thanks to the war in Iraq? The next Congress will have the difficult task of figuring out how to close the pandora box that has been opened by the war (Saddam had kept the conflict between Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds under control - albeit through atrocious means), and how to avoid spreading the conflict to the rest of the Middle East (fragile Sunni-led countries with Shiite majorities) with dire consequences. The criticism by the State Department official last week hit this very issue.

People are angry since our government has created a nightmare, and "staying the course" for the past years has only resulted in greater numbers of soldiers and Iraqis being killed and a conflict that threatens to engulf the entire Middle East. We are concerned about terrorism, but the sad fact is that instead we are creating thousands of terrorists on the streets of the Moslem world by our actions. We have also frustrated Americans and foreigners alike with our attempts to screen out terrorists. Our heightened security has frustrated every traveler with their loss of privacy and personal rights, and only delighted our enemies with our increasing alienation from traditional allies. Have we forgotten the missed opportunity that existed after 9/11 when the global community expressed outrage and presented a unique opportunity for working together against terrorism? Bush ignored this opportunity and focused on pursuing his war against Saddam Hussein - when it was clear that there was no connection between 9/11 and Iraq. The next Congress needs to restore some of that global collaboration since we now need our global partners to help us figure out how to close the pandora's box. Sadly, we did not take heed of the lessons learned in Bosnia where a truly global effort avoided the perception of any country acting as the military occupier - something that is clearing drawing the hatred of the Iraqis.
Posted By Anonymous bf San Diego, CA : 1:55 AM ET
Those kind of misleading and divisive comments by the ruling party are exactly why this country is on a downward spiral. The consistent sloganeering to set neighbor against neighbor has done more harm to a "united" states than any outside group could do. As tempting as it will be for Democrats to give Republicans a taste of their own medicine (8 years of non-stop investigations of the Clinton administration and the last 6 years of constant suppressionn of any criticism), I hope Democrats can rise above it and show a true mark of leadership. It's about time to stop the fear-mongering and pitting American against American that's been the true dubious accomplishment of this administration.
Posted By Anonymous Beth Harris, Ventura, CA : 3:42 AM ET
Yes it will be a difficult 2 years for both the House and the Senate, and the country as a whole, mainly because of the fact that the present Republican House and Senate have given the President to much power and no oversight.We need officials that are willing to put their political games in a closet and take care of what is best for America. No matter who wins this November, they need to bring the truth to light and impeach those with no ethics and who have lied to the American public about a number of issues, such as the Iraq War, and the mismanagement of funds or should I say Tax Payer Dollars.There needs to be accountibility, and no one should be bared from prosecution, including the President.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Lewisville,TX. : 6:26 AM ET
If the dems come to power in the house and senate they could begin impeachnemt proceeds for Mr. Bush. Bush and his team lied and decieved the American public to bring us into war, is that not a high crime and misdemeanor? As far as iraq is concerned, Bush and Gen.Casey say it will take 12 to 18 months before the Iraqis are ready to take over. Does anyone remember Vietnamiztion? Anything the Dems can do will be better than whats being done now.
Posted By Anonymous Brett, Oriskany, VA : 6:29 AM ET
"No matter what the criticism, our country has been through 5 years with no major attack. When will CNN and others realize someone up till now is doing something right."

John, I guess you value this self-contruct of safety more than the supposedly 'unalienable' rights given to us by the Bill of Rights. I wonder when people are going to realize that losing your rights [read: Patriot Act, legalization of torture, and negation of Habeus Corpus] under this or any other administration is more of a threat to this country than any personal, terrorist group or country (Osama, Al Qaeda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.) Don't buy into the fear mongering propaganda of this administration, the only thing to really fear is this administration itself.
Posted By Anonymous Jacob, Colorado Springs, CO : 6:34 AM ET
Gridlock is good, folks. Things work a lot better, for the average American, when neither party is in complete control.
Posted By Anonymous W.D.Russell, East Liverpool, Ohio : 6:48 AM ET
Good Morning All,Don't worry the Democrats will not win either house
Posted By Anonymous Young,Bernard J. Germany : 6:49 AM ET
I doubt very much that anything will change drastically no matter which party takes the most seats in the upcoming election. Our humongous public debt, our totally unbalanced trade policies, (I tell my grandchildren to learn Chinese!)the stalled Iraq War, illegal immigrants who cross our boarders with impunity, etc. would need men of principle and determination to solve. Neither party gets it!! Our congress and those aspiring to this office are a band of individuals devoted to special interest groups. There isn't one with the honesty and will to do any better. Their appearances before the news cameras are staged with all the aplomb of a Hollywood production.I totally fear for the next genereation of Americans.
Posted By Anonymous JaneM, Alachua, Florida : 6:53 AM ET
I'd rather take a chance on something new than allow the current administration to keep the countryon the wrong track.

It is the Republicans who are out of touch. Their entire administration is of, for, and by the wealthy. Every issue is decided on that basis:

- They won't block illegal immigration because cheap labor is good for business.
- They won't raise the minimum wage or make businesses accountable for our retirements or our healthcare, because of the costs and impact to the bottom line.
- They give tax cuts to the wealthiest individuals and vote pay raises for themselves, though.
- They have us in a war costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars - debt that our great grandchildren will be paying for. While guys like Cheney make millions on it.
- And all the while, they use wedge issues like gay marriage to divide us, and the fear of terrorism to make us think we have to vote for them.

Its time to change. We may not know what the Democrats will do, but we do know what the Republicans will do - continue to rob from the poor and give to the rich.

Had enough???
Posted By Anonymous Bill Wible, Coatesville, PA : 7:30 AM ET
Gridlock is better than what we have now. Besides, the members of the current admnistration need to be ousted and tired for their crimes against humanity and the constitution. There is a big stench coming out of the White House and a purge is greatly needed.
Posted By Anonymous Yvan Cicic, Sarsdale, New York : 8:31 AM ET
A question I'd like explored is, "Will the President use the veto, or will he continue to use signing statements that state whether or not he will comply with the law he has signed?" The President has not always agreed with the Republican Congress, but he has used signing statements rather than be seen to disagree with the Republican Congress. Will that change? Will he use the veto if Congress has a Democratic majority? And will he stop using the signing statements? The Boston Globe has been reporting on these for quite a while now.
Posted By Anonymous Ann Danby, Quincy, MA : 8:51 AM ET
I hope that the Democrats take back both the House and the congress and go against Bush the way the republicans went against Clinton. It is time for Reality-Based Blue state control of this country. I see the total disaster that the Bush administration has been. Bush is only good for the top 10% of the wealthy people who control this country. It is high time for Blue state revenge and Bush Co. will pay.
Posted By Anonymous scott p, nyc, ny : 8:56 AM ET
John, I cannot believe how bad of a president Bush has turned out to be and he can only blame himself. He may himself be a good person but he has allowed himself to be handled like a puppet by the likes of Rove and Cheney.

As for the Dems getting anything done if they win both houses. If they are smart(and not greedy) they will use the next two years to show the true colors of the Republicans. They will probably not get much done but they can try and just let the Republicans vote against them. Those votes and surely Bush's vetoes will be ammo they can use in '08. The Republicans did this very same thing with the body armour votes.

As for impeaching Bush, as much as I would love to see that happen, nothing good will come of it. The Republicans have already divided this country like never before and it is time we all start working together, we have enough enemies outside our borders without fighting ourselves.

Posted By Anonymous Tom, Cleveland, Ohio : 9:03 AM ET
The Democrats have rolled over and taken it on the patriot act, the war, the economy, and the environment for the past 6 years. If they have a majority, all it means is that the Republicans won't be able to do as much damage as quickly, but the Democrats won't get anything progressive done as they claim. But hey better Bush as a lame duck than a daffy duck.
Posted By Anonymous Frank, SD, CA : 12:49 PM ET
I would just as soon vote for the Devil than an Democrat! Oh thats right they are one in the same. Repealling the tax cut will hurt middle class Americans more than Upper Middle class. I read CNN to get my blood boiling everyday, keeps me energized to stump for the GOP!!!
Posted By Anonymous TS, Coastal SC : 12:50 PM ET
It is true that if the Dems take the House and Senate, W can veto legislation. The reverse is also true if W wants something passed. Both will have to work for the good of this country and not for agendas.
Posted By Anonymous Randy Frey, Cincinnati, Ohio : 1:14 PM ET
First and foremost, the President has to be held accountable by Congress for his decision to go to war with Iraq. A Democratic Congress would ask the tough question: why did the USA invaded a sovereign nation that possed no imminent threat to our national security? They would get to the truth of the matter, which the present Republican Congress has avoided doing.
Posted By Anonymous Patrick, Mercer Island, Washington : 1:23 PM ET
One thing that the Dems really need to do once they take congress, is send some real aid to the Gulf states. This is important for three reasons.
First, it is a moral imperative that we take care of our own.
Second, the Bush administration let down its own biggest supporters. The Dems need to show them what compassionate government is really all about.
Finally, because to really do something to aid the Gulf States will mean confronting the issue of global warming head on, and that - not Iraq or North Korea - is the most important issue of our day.
Posted By Anonymous Elaine Bergstrom, Milwaukee, WI : 1:36 PM ET
It's no wonder we have such a divided country right now. The Republicans say they don't want Democrats telling them what to do and the Democrats don't want Republicans telling them what to do. Whatever happened to Americans leading Americans. We trust our elected officials to go to Washington to make America a better place for everyone. Compromise, understanding, patience.

Our democratic republic works and functions best when we have a separation of power and oversight. By having one party controlling the whole shabang, we have created a monster that has been unconcerned with the lives of ordinary Americans. The race to hold or gain power has created an atmosphere of hatred and shelfishness that has trickled down the ranks of power to the electorate. How the hell can we teach Iraq the importance of democracy and freedom when we seem to have lost it for ourselves?

The Constitution of the United States has protected our way of life since 1779. Now, we have one side trying to infringed upon those rights guaranteed to us and one side trying to protect those rights. If anyone has a problem with someone wanting to protect our rights by saying that's giving rights to the terrorists, read those bills that's been passed before making judgement and critizing. Those bills include not just a terrorist, but Americans too. Fact is, anyone of us can be detained and put away and we have no right to our contitutional rights under the Terrorism Bill just signed. " But I'm not doing anything wrong, so why should I care". An innocent remark over the telephone or in an email could be the trigger to a nightmare we didn't think could happen to us.

We all need to quit blaming the other side, spreading fear and spin or plain old lies and start paying attention to what our elected officials on both sides are doing. Then and only then can we make an intelligent vote that supports the needs and concerns of America as a whole with compromise, not force.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Fairfield Iowa : 1:54 PM ET
Even if the Democrats do take back control of the House, Senate, and even the Presidency, they will not accomplish much. The economy will stay the same, terrorists will still try to kill us, and the partisan politics will continue. Especially on the left. There are very few non-partisan, fair-minded Democrats left in Washington. They all seem to hate Republicans and President Bush. And just want to be back in power rather than geniunely make the average American's life better.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Richmond, VA : 2:15 PM ET
If the Democrats win, we will all be in trouble. They are so hate filled since losing the 2000 and the 2004 election that all they want to do is do away anything good that the republicans have accomplished. The major press, both the network television and the major print media are so leaning left it is pathetic. The Bush tax cuts would be done away with. There would be a pull out in Iraq. They would try to impeach Bush. Iran and North Korea would both become worse.
Posted By Anonymous Lin, Baltimore, Md : 2:19 PM ET
The country needs a check on the president. A government run by one party has resulted in the mess we are in right now . . . not only in Iraq but N. Korea, Iran, environment, social causes, finances, etc.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Hillsbor, NH : 2:21 PM ET
I'm a nonpartisan voter. I like to vote based on the candidate's stance on particular issues that concern me. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out that our current state of affairs is a direct result of these "wild-west cowboys" that have taken over the U.S. government. George Bush is a horrendous president and he has disgraced our country and the Republican Party. I'd be much more open to having a Democratic office at this point. Heck, it can't get any worse then it is right now.
Posted By Anonymous Warren, Malvern PA : 2:34 PM ET
Congress needs an enima to clean house. This rubber stamp regada has pushed the US into the highest defecit. The president is now trying his best to grand stand and make us forget the last five years of failures. The lies, deaths in Iraq and he still is so out of touch with the US.
Posted By Anonymous DR Steve Rhodes Hamilton : 2:38 PM ET
Not much. This president will be in no mood to compromise. Look for more bitter "investigations" by the House as the next two years drag on.
Posted By Anonymous mark in phx az : 2:39 PM ET
Democrats can maybe get some good done by impeaching Bush/Cheney and starting investigations. The Republicans are already afraid of this, and rightly so, as a number of them will surely go to prison if justice is served.

Already we are hearing the impeachment issue being framed as "partisan", "revenge", "divisive", "petty", etc. It is nothing of the sort. The President has broken his oaths, as have many congresspeople, and deserve to be held accountable. It is an issue of justice, not partisan politics. That some of us hate Bush on a personal level does not de-legitimize punishing our officials for high crimes. Justice is supposed to be blind.

Allowing Bush to serve out the remainder of his term would put the final nail in the coffin of our once just, democratic society. If you think Bush has not committed any impeachable offense, then what would he have to do for you to support impeachment?
Posted By Anonymous Mike - Santa Barbara, CA : 2:42 PM ET
I have been happiest when the Executive and the legislative branch have been the opposite parties. Nothing gets rubber stamped into law.
I hope we all remember the political ads and what most of these people will do to get into office or stay in office.
Posted By Anonymous Sherlock, Phoenix, Az. : 2:50 PM ET
I think(hope) that Dems. would learn from the mistakes of the Republicans and try to govern by consensus rather than by bludgeoning oppenents. Afterall, isn't America supposed to be the Shining Light of Democracy?
Posted By Anonymous Alex D. Chapman,Jr. Ville Platte,La. : 2:56 PM ET
Well, when will the public become aware of the vindictiveness of Ms Pelosi. If the democrats win the house you can rest assured there will be heightened bickering. Ms Pelosi as speaker of the house Hmmm!!
Posted By Anonymous rich alta loma ca. : 3:07 PM ET
The Democrats can never do as bad a job as the GOP on issues like minimum wage, real health care, immigration, the deficit and social security reform. I hope the White House last minute scare tactics does not fool the people one more time. Care to visit Iraq anyone?
Posted By Anonymous Mervyn E. George, Little Rock, Arkansas. : 3:29 PM ET
If they raise the minimum wage, do the rest of us on salary get increases too?
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Kingston, NH : 4:00 PM ET
I just have one word if the Democrats take control of both sides....

Posted By Anonymous John R. Denver,CO : 4:04 PM ET
It's funny how those Republicans who like to spout off about "5 years and no new attacks" never remember to mention that Clinton presided over more than 8 years of no new attacks after the 1993 WTC bombing. Must just be an oversight....
Posted By Anonymous Kenny, Tallahassee, FL : 4:10 PM ET
Vote Democrate and watch are country fall to ruins! Mark my words, higher taxes, more goverment control over our daily lives, etc.
Posted By Anonymous JB, MN : 4:45 PM ET
A person of average intelligence should understand that the Democratic repeal will hurt the middle class. More taxes will be taken out of your check and taxes on about every bill you pay will be higher.
Posted By Anonymous DH - Lake Barrington Ill. : 6:45 PM ET
Higher taxes are sometimes a necessity. The military could use more money across the board. How many Americans are aware that the Air Force is cutting 40,000 people over the next couple years due to budget constraints? The Army is experiencing budget shortfalls leading to a great many difficulties. If the current administration is so determined to win the War on Terror, why don't they provide the proper support to the military they are so eager to use?
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Alaska : 4:56 PM ET
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