Thursday, August 17, 2006
Some questions for JonBenet investigators
BOULDER, Colorado -- As I race all over this quiet and beautiful town at the foot of the rockies, following the latest developments in the JonBenet Ramsey case, I keep thinking about troubling questions.

They are questions that arose 10 years ago, when I first started covering this story, and they remain unanswered today. If John Mark Karr actually gave a confession, and if it is true, and if he is to be charged, authorities will want some answers to these questions.

Simply put: How did an intruder get into the Ramsey house? Police said at the outset there was no sign of forced entry, no footprints in the snow. Those assertions have since been challenged, and apparently a window was left unlocked, but the details still matter.

How did the killer navigate through this huge, labyrinth of a house in the dark to find his victim, brutally kill her, and hide the body without waking anyone?

Why did the killer leave a ransom note for a murder? And how did he know private details of John Ramsey's past and his finances?

The questions go on and on.

I'm sitting in a scorching satellite truck writing my story for tonight's "360" and suffering from deja vu. Once again, 10 years later, the story of this girl's terrible death is bringing more questions than answers.
Posted By Tom Foreman, CNN Correspondent: 8:51 PM ET
HI Tom,
In my area we had to endure the Michael Jackson trial..enough said..Please give us updates and facts but don't turn this into a three ring circus..Give the family the respect they deserve and please no speculation, no reality tv show coverage..Just facts this time..Good work as always, Tom..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 9:11 PM ET
Thanks for reporting the really important issues like the capture of a man who allegedly murdered a girl 10 years in Colorado. The trivial items like the wars in the Middle East, the state of our economy, or the threat of terrorism are trivial compared to your tabloid reporting. Please be sure to devote such nonstop full page reporting when and if they find the white girl who went missing in Aruba as stories like this can not possibly matter to anyone except the families involved.
Posted By Anonymous Jason Ward, Dallas, Texas : 9:45 PM ET
How? He came in thru that basement window while the family was gone, hid under a bed in an extra room across from JonBenets bedroom and after the family was asleep, he took her from her bed. The ransom amount and note? He was in that house all day while the family was out. He had seen a bonus check of Johns laying on the desk, the check was for $118,000.00 and change. He navigated the house quite well because he had hours and hours to explore it before the family's return that evening.
My question is the pinapple ... who fed her the pinapple that night? Her parents stated that they hadn't. Did he? Had he befriended the child before that night? More and more unanswered questions will surface as this goes on.
Posted By Anonymous Betty - Indianapolis, Indiana : 9:48 PM ET
Riddles of riddles. I hope the outcome shows that the JonBenet's killer is indeed the suspect in question. If not, I can't believe how someone would want this type of publicity. It's been ten years ago and I can remember the sadness I felt over this little girl's death. Ten years ago...yet it seems just like yesterday. So sad.
Posted By Anonymous Xavier, Phoenix, AZ : 9:51 PM ET
If his ex wife is correct and he was with her at the time, then why is everyone so fast to think he could have possibly had anything to do with this? I think someone would have questioned her prior to releasing the circus we have upon us with this story.
Posted By Anonymous Robert,Kamuela,Hi : 9:53 PM ET
As much I would like to see JonBenet's killer behind bars, I have some deep concerns that John Karr is not that individual. While his past appears to make him a prime suspect, I agree with you that IT JUST DOENST MAKE SENSE. Unless Karr has ties to the Ramseys that we are unaware of, I find it hard to believe he can supply us with answers to the questions that have been left unanswered for 10 years.
Posted By Anonymous D. Nolan Pensacola, FL : 9:55 PM ET
Ok- sherlock, oh, I mean Tom, we will be watching diligently and on the edge of our seats as CNN unfolds this mystery!! ;)
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann Taylor Nacogdoches, Tx : 10:28 PM ET
How quick we are to judge...I remember 10 years ago when the media had the Ramsey's nearly in the electric chair without any real evidence to support any type of implication of their guilt. Most of us jumped to the same conclusion as fed to us via the evening news.
I also heard recently that John and Patsy Ramsey were financially devistated over the years because of all the legal fees incurred while trying to defend themselves.
Negativity and stress can play an essential part on the well being of our physical body and I wonder if all of this played a part in weakening Patsy Ramsey, ultimately sending her to an early grave.
I truly hope that if Mark Karr is guilty, justice will be done once and for all.
Personally, my heart goes out to this family that hopefully they will find light and peace in this life; they sure deserve it.
Posted By Anonymous D Randall Cincinnati, OH : 11:05 PM ET
Tom: I agree there are way more questions than answers here. If his intent was to kidnap her for a ransom, then even if she was killed by accident as he says, why did he not take the body...why leave it in the house? I can only hope that this does not end up being a farse.
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 11:08 PM ET
Tom, is it the case itself or the media frenzy that's causing your deja vu? We are all guilty of bungling this case from day one. I'm talking about our assassination of individual character, both private and professional. Can we please stop for now? Thanks.
Posted By Anonymous Dan Moss Transfer,Pa. 16154 : 3:33 AM ET
Of course we don't know yet, but the single most questionable aspect of this case is why would an ex wife who even has had a restraining order against him seeing his children, lie and say he was without a doubt with her and the boys in another state that Christmas. Many other things as well. I just hope the DA hasn't jumped the gun and opened up these old wounds for nothing.
Posted By Anonymous Bev. Ontario. Canada : 5:37 AM ET
Please comment on whether or not a DNA sample has been taken from Mr. Karr, and if not, why not?

If the sample has been taken, please update as to the status and the timing of anticipated results.
Posted By Anonymous Doug S., Los Angeles, CA : 9:18 AM ET
The more we learn about John Karr, the more questions I have about whether he should really be a suspect. Obviously the man has serious and potentially dangerous issues with children, but could this be some kind of deranged fantasy for him? If his ex wife can confirm that he was with her the night of the murder, then the only thing that could prove anything will be DNA results. I think you're right-there are far too many questions left unanswered. It is yet to be seen if this man's arrest can answer any of them.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Baton Rouge, Louisiana : 9:23 AM ET
Tom I thought you did a great job filling in for Anderson; big shoes to fill! Keep up your good work, can't wait to see what you have for the show tonight...
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 9:37 AM ET

What scares you more, someone that is emotionally disturbed enough to have killed a little girl or someone that would have liked to?

BTW great job last night!
Posted By Anonymous Tikka Madsen, Seattle WA : 11:16 AM ET
I agree with you on the "more questions than answers" part of the renewed investigation. The more one looks into the this guy's confession, the more confusing this whole situation becomes. In my opinion, I think this guy is doing this for his "15 minutes of fame."
Posted By Anonymous Genevieve M, El Paso, TX : 11:46 AM ET
I would think that the news media would learn a lesson from this case. It's not right and it isn't legal to point fingers at a person(s) then print or broadcast that they are the ones who murdered their daughter. Freedom of speech is a great amendment to the US Constitution, but journalists need to be seeking honesty in what they choose to print or broadcast. It's not a matter of selling a paper, magazine or keeping high ratings. I think that the media should financially reimburse Mr. Ramsey for ruining his life and that of his family. After all, his wife is now deceased of cancer, that was probably caused due to the unbelieveable amount of stress she suffered. The police in Boulder, CO as well as the prosecutors need to apologize for poor investigative techniques used in this case. All they did was show the world they did not know how to conduct a murder investigation. All they did was contaminate the evidence they had. How disgusting!
Posted By Anonymous Mary Walker, Mooresville, NC : 11:51 AM ET
I'm sorry to be rude, but this is ONE girl who was murdered TEN years ago and this is all there is in the headlines now! Um, excuse me but there were just 27 people killed in yet another Iraqui bombing, and there are still all kinds of threats being made to airline flights, etc. Shouldn't this story just be a footnote, it feels like yet another distraction from reality.
Posted By Anonymous Sierra Neuman, Sunriver OR : 12:01 PM ET
Enough of the Ramsey arrest. I want coverage of the Michigan smack down of the President of the United States. JonBenet's death is tragic, however, the case ruled on affects the nation as a whole.

More on the smack down of the President and his criminal violation of the United States Constitution, please.
Posted By Anonymous Donna A. Reuter, Bremerton, WA : 12:11 PM ET
Get your yellow journalism on, you almighty gods of the tabloids!

Good thing the whole Israel-Lebanon thing has calmed down and all is quiet in the world so we don't have any distractions from the hard hitting reporting all about this sensationalized murder, what with all it's socio-economic ramifications and political importance!

I guess this "WHITE WOMEN IN TROUBLE" reporting sells ad space, but it'd be nice to see actually important news touched on, the stuff you guys learned about in journalism class, instead of 10 year old human interest stories taking top billing.
Posted By Anonymous Michael, Rochester, NY : 4:03 PM ET
The question should be asked of everyone...Why do we care?
Posted By Anonymous Brant, Madison, WI : 5:37 PM ET
PLEASE stop the non-stop coverage of this story! I am glad they ahve someone in custody. Now please get back to me if he is convicted or aquitted. I do not need to know every little detail of a murder case. This is news, to a point, but it is not worth 75% of a show. PLEASE do your jobs and cover things that are far more important to people's lives and leave this soap opera like coverage to Court TV. As always, I must go to a website that's "across the pond" to get my news coverage because every channel in America is, and here's the favorite word, SENSATIONALIZING again.
Posted By Anonymous Chris - Suitland, MD : 11:11 PM ET
I'm getting tired of the media's fascination with the JonBenet case. It's 10 years old and . . . important to put SOME focus on, but not as much as it's getting. There are more important stories out there . . . please stop putting SO MUCH focus on this case!!!! I'm going to stop watching your show if you do not put more balance in your news reporting.
Posted By Anonymous Lori, Fort Walton Beach, FL : 12:24 AM ET
For most of this recent ordeal, I have just wished the media as a whole would kindly spent this amount of news time and story line fill to point out the current, across the nation, plight of our children currently missing and this includes media sources such as Court TV, Jerry Springer and even short most wanted offenders in each and every local area while that CSI or Soap Opera show runs. Our media outlets have the power to help us all find a missing child; cable, internet and cell phone text messaging can be the next setting to help rebuild our own nation for a time in history lets work at home not in our neighbors backyards. The USA should no-longer police the world if we can not face the crime in this nation and join together to stop those who wish to harm us in our front yards.
Posted By Anonymous Jenni G., Byram, Mississippi : 10:43 AM ET
Why should we care? Would you care if it was your child that was taken from her bed and murdered in your own home?
Maybe the media has shifted its focus, but it continues to adequately cover the Middle East. Hell, Anderson was there for a month. But here's an update: it still sucks. Don't worry, the problems there will never end, so you'll always be able to get your fix.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Baton Rouge, Louisiana : 11:17 AM ET
I am outraged that this case has gone on for 10 years unsolved. Weren't the Boulder detectives trained for crime scene investigation? Also, with DNA testing so prevelant now, can't we obtain some from the suspect who committed suicide? That would either clear him or clear Karr. I admit, Karr creeps me out, but I have a weird feeling he just wishes he had done it. He seems like the type of sick mind that would fantasize these kinds of things. Horrible to even think about.
God bless JonBenet and her family.
Posted By Anonymous Jackie, Southlake, TX : 2:36 PM ET
I must have missed something, because I never did hear a definite confession from this suspect. A clear confession to me is: a. yes, I killed JonBenet or b. I murdered this little girl in the basement of her home or c. I was in the room with her and I strangled and killed her. I did not hear any of those comments. Did he write the ransom note before he killed her? Or did he write the note after he killed her? If his lawyer convinces him to retract his confession and the DA has to put him on trial and provide evidence of guilt, Good Luck with that.

Posted By Anonymous RD Rogers, San Diego, CA : 4:47 PM ET
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