Thursday, August 17, 2006
JonBenet murder mystery far from solved
A man named Raymond Donovan, who was President Reagan's secretary of labor, was implicated in a long-forgotten scandal early in the 1980s. Many years later, Donovan was totally vindicated, but he and his family had suffered enormous embarrassment, legal fees and heartache. On the day Donovan was cleared, he said, "Where do I go to get my reputation back? Who do I see about that?"

The Ramsey family today might be asking the same question. Six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was murdered on Christmas night of 1996. It is difficult to imagine a greater horror for any family to endure -- the brutal death of a beloved daughter, followed by years of suspicion that they were the ones who killed her. In 2003, they were officially cleared, after DNA tests on JonBenet Ramsey's clothing showed trace evidence of an unknown male -- but not any member of the Ramsey family. By that point, the case had largely disappeared from public view, destined, it seemed, to remain an unsolved mystery.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, came the charges against John Mark Karr, who was arrested yesterday in Bangkok. In a bizarre and chaotic press conference, Karr made damaging admissions -- that he was present when JonBenet died, that her death was accidental, and that he was not "an innocent man." In New York, the Daily News summed up the new developments with a banner headline -- "SOLVED!"

But maybe it's time to put to work some of the lessons from the Ramseys' ordeal. The case is not solved. Karr has not been convicted of anything. No physical evidence has been made public that ties him to the crime. His confession has not been corroborated. In a peculiar press conference earlier today, the Boulder district attorney, Mary Lacy, seemed to claim that her own investigation had a long way to go and that the only reason she ordered the arrest was that she was concerned that Karr might flee or abuse his young students in Bangkok. Those are worthy goals, but they don't prove that Karr killed JonBenet.

No one is more impatient than a journalist. We want our stories resolved -- SOLVED! -- as soon as we learn about them. But in this case, of all cases, it's a good idea to take a deep breath, wait for the charges, the evidence and even the verdict, and then make up our collective minds. Enough reputations have already been unjustly destroyed in the wake of this young girl's death.
Posted By Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Senior Legal Analyst: 3:06 PM ET
You are exactly right... Once a reputation has been ruined, almost impossible to fix... Though shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor... God instructed us not to spread stories/lies about others. Why? Because no matter how hard you may try, you can't recant to every single person who heard the lie... It plants a seed, that will grow and flourish in some people, no matter how much evidence there is to dispute the lie...
Posted By Anonymous Sherry... Sarasota, Florida : 3:28 PM ET
I have a feeling that this might turn out to be a sick man looking for attention. There are too many questions now to make any sort of legitimate judgment.
Posted By Anonymous Ross - Richmond, VA : 3:31 PM ET
"Innocent until proven guilty", welcome to America! This should also have been the mantra for the Ramsey's.
Posted By Anonymous Laurie Sparks, NV : 3:45 PM ET
He did know facts that were not released to the public by police. But what is worrisome is that no one is showing a connection between him and the Ramseys. How did he know JonBenet and how did he know how to get to her in her home?
Posted By Anonymous Lori, Manchester, TN : 3:45 PM ET
I agree. There is not information coming through to the public that connects this man with the crime. Whilst I hope they have found the monster who did this, I can't shake the feeling that this guy is seeking the fame that an admission of guilt draws.
Posted By Anonymous JK, Houston TX : 3:45 PM ET
Thank you for standing up against yet another "rush to judgment" by the media. There are many details that suggest this man had nothing to do with this murder, yet virtually all the stories today still give the impression this man committed the murder. For God's sake, he lived in another state. He said he was obsesses wit JonBenet. How could he have been when she was alive? The Thai Policeman said that Karr said he drugged JonBenet--yet the autopsy showed no drugs. Why isnt the media attacking this man's confession, rather that parroting it?
Posted By Anonymous Lannis Temple, Austin, Tx. : 3:46 PM ET
I really feel badly for Mary Lacey, it seems like she dropped the ball and the press just ran with it. She claims the case is still in the early investigative stage and its not helping things that this guy Karr is blabbering all kinds statements and confessions about it. I'm shocked that he is #1 not handcuffed, #2 being paraded around in front of the press, and #3 no mention of a lawyer which I thought was a must, does this not mean anything he says can be thrown out in court?
Posted By Anonymous Bev. Ontario. Canada : 3:49 PM ET
Amen to that. To further complicate matters now his exwife is claiming he was in another state with her at the tie of the murders and that he had researched her death extensively. I feel there is often too much demand to release 'evidence' to the public. With all the information released and no supect in sight, wanna be criminals can make a case for themselves. I just hope that when all is said and done they are SURE that they have the right guy!
Posted By Anonymous GDenise, Topeka, Ks : 3:51 PM ET
Excellent article, very well written, and very true. It's unfortunate that her mother is not here to share the recent news.
Posted By Anonymous June, Mahwah, NJ : 3:51 PM ET
Something smells fishy here. How did this man get into the house? How did he know JonBenet? You're right about one thing there's alot of questions that need to be answered.
Posted By Anonymous Scott Loveland Oh : 3:51 PM ET
I hope for the sake of the Ramsey family, that Karr can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the man that murdered JonBenet. I have to say as someone who has followed the case I did believe that the parents were in some way involved and today I feel a bit of guilt for that attitude. I don't think that the Ramsey family will ever be able to remove the stigma of being suspected for so long. There are still many questions to be answered and the one thing to remember is that none of those answers will bring back that little girl, but those answers might help erase a bit of her family's decade old pain.
Posted By Anonymous Abby Knoxville, TN : 3:51 PM ET
I agree with the previous comment. I DO NOT believe this man is the killer. I think he's looking for his 15 minute spotlight
Posted By Anonymous Mauro, Olathe, KS : 3:53 PM ET
I think the press is jumping the gun by putting this man all over the news. There is no hard evidence at this time that links him to the killing. I agree that he appears to be seeking attention. What a shame, if he is the killer, that Patsy was not alive to see the truth come out.
Posted By Anonymous Susan Pekin, IL : 3:55 PM ET
"JonBenet murder mystery far from solved" ... Or "The Media is Going to Milk This for as Long as Possible".
Posted By Anonymous Noah, Los Angeles, California : 3:55 PM ET
Couldn't agree with you more...Let's let the system work....Plus I'm sure there is alot more to come out that we will be suprised by.....
Posted By Anonymous Terry Peck, Dumfries, VA : 3:55 PM ET
I wonder if a public apology would be appropriate AFTER the official investigation comes to a close. An apology from the major news organizations that depicted the Ramsey family as suspects and created theories of their guilt on TV. Accountability is a trait not shared by many in News, only a few attest to their past investigative assumptions. I believe that reputations of the press should be put on the line in this case as well.

Posted By Anonymous Chad, Kansas City Missiouri : 3:58 PM ET
Don't rush to judgement too quickly, there have been many cases where unbalanced individuals have attempted to interject themselves into a historic event. John Karr's admissions sound too contrived.
Posted By Anonymous Rob, Rochester NY : 3:58 PM ET
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person who thinks we should approach an analysis of these events with a healthy dose of skepticism. The details of this confession don't ring true, nor do they square with the evidence as it is known. This looks to me like nothing more than a sad (probably mentally ill) man confessing to something he didn't do, while the news media pounces on anything that looks like a "new" development, and the true culprit continues to hide in the shadows. Are we so desperate for an "event" that we have lost sight of the need to distinguish between truth and lies before we announce that a case is "Solved!"??
Posted By Anonymous Anne Marie, Port Huron, Michigan : 4:00 PM ET
This recent "news" reminds me way too much of the movie "The life of David Gale."

Maybe these people (the suspect, the professor and maybe even Mr. Ramsey) have all plotted to exploit the media to prove their point of unjustly convited someone publicly.

Even if that is not the case, it would be a worthy warning me thinks.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Reading, PA : 4:01 PM ET
Yes..i also think its just a person looking for attention. I also think people are still looking for someone to pin the blame on and get this case resolved.
Posted By Anonymous Sando, Milpitas Ca : 4:02 PM ET
Wouldn't a bit of elementary investigation confirm or refute what the ex-wife said? ATM, credit card and cell and landline phone records would place him in Alabama or Boulder. If the DA didn't confirm this, she either didn't have enough time or isn't too bright.
Posted By Anonymous David, La Jolla CA : 4:19 PM ET
Some comments have been made about Karr's appearance today in Thailand, and how the DA here may not be handling things well. Right now, Karr is under Thai custody and jurisdiction. Nothing she or anyone else can do to keep the Thai's from showing him publicly, and allowing Karr to make his bizarre statements. I am sure the DA would rather not have any of this happening. I have to believe the DA moved on something more than just some e-mails sent by Karr. I would suspect some handwriting samples could and would have been obtained, since they have been tracking him for months, and they have been able to do some comparisons to the ransom note. Having said all that, it is intriguing if Karr is the guy, how did he get access to the house, how did he move around, and how in the world did he come up with an amount of $118k, which just happened to be the exact amount of the bonus. What I also find ironic is how so many of the press and experts that did feel the Ramsey's were guilty, are now coming out on the other end. At least I can be honest and say I was one of those who felt the Ramsey's were either guilty or had some connection to the murder. In closing, one would think the announcement and appearance of a suspect would clear up a lot of things. So far, the emergence of Karr has only raised a 1,000 new questions and answered none. Unreal...
Posted By Anonymous Mike - Charlotte, NC : 4:23 PM ET
So many are howling "the media has not released any solid evidence he is linked to the crime". Don't you think that is being kept for a prosecuting attorney to bring up in the trial, and is not out there for public consumption before the trial takes place? I agree with those who say "let justice take its course". That's what the justice system is for. The media will only prejudice any potential jury by disclosing any and all evidence before a trial.
Posted By Anonymous Betsy Wichita, KS : 4:24 PM ET
Bravo! To say nothing of a woman's untimely death before seeing her child's murderer brought to justice.

While I cannot say I'm convinced this man perpetrated the crime (he could just be an obsessive maniac), I can say that this case has been tragic at every turn and it is high time some resolutions were achieved - and the Ramseys publicly vindicated once and for all.
Posted By Anonymous Dianna, Williamsburg, VA : 4:24 PM ET
What is the deal with his ex-wife claiming he didn't do it?
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Syracuse NY : 4:25 PM ET
Hi Jeffrey,

Great article. This is a lesson for all of us. We are a society that makes up assumptions then turn them into conclusions.
Posted By Anonymous Rick, Clearwater, Florida : 4:26 PM ET
This story is perfect in light of the current situation of the world-- instead of focusing on the conflict in Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, instead of looking at the fluctuating oil prices, the very low presidential ratings, etc. why don't we put the public spotlight on some loony man in Thailand who claims to be Jon Benet's killer? It seems that the media is doing what it does best: diverting attention from the realities of the world and what's really going on. This guy is delusional and far from reality. Let's get back to focusing on the "real" issues!
Posted By Anonymous Rosia Warner, Boulder, CO : 4:36 PM ET
I don't get this "He wants his minute of fame". He didn't goto the police and say "I did it". The authorities went after him, after investigating him for months. Only after they arrested him, did he start with the admissions. Just because he didn't deny it, doesn't mean he's didn't do it and is just looking for fame. It's been 10 years. Sometime people can't live with the guilt anymore and when confronted, confess. I think that's what happened here. Our society seems too wrapped up in expecting a denial and really don't know what to do when a person acually does confess.

Second, about the lawyer. Remember, they are in Thailand, thus they(Thailand) are the ones initially handling the arrest, until they hand him over to the US. So I'm not sure how they handle things over there.

Personally, I never like to think someone is guilty before all the facts come out. However, when a person admits to it, I'll tend to believe them.
Posted By Anonymous Chuck, Danbury CT : 4:39 PM ET
I agree that something is really fishy here. Why would Karr's ex-wife speak out on Karr's behalf to claim Karr was with her on the night of the murder (especially after Karr had already confessed)? Why are the Colorado DA and Mr. Ramsey admantly insisting that this investigation is just beginning? Why does the autopsy of Jon Benet show no signs of drugs or alcohol in her system yet Karr claims he drugged her? Something seems terribly amiss here.
Posted By Anonymous Dan, Albany, New York : 4:40 PM ET
Let me get this straight. The media all but convicted the Ramseys 10 years ago in brutal, relentless coverage. Now a guy admits to killing JonBenet, and this journalist wants to hold off any judgement? How backwards is THAT?

The bottom line is that this journalist is correct - people SHOULD be presumed innocent until they are proven guilty (except OJ, who even the jurors said was guilty after inexplicably pronouncing him innocent). But I find it ironic that a reporter from the same station that crucified the Ramseys in the press now wants to hold off judgement of the best suspect this case has had. And journalists wonder why mainstream media is in a downward spiral...
Posted By Anonymous Jon Miller, Sharpsburg, GA : 4:42 PM ET
My husband and I lived in Colorado during the original media frenzy surrounding the Ramsey family. A six-year-old child was murdered: That was all that was important then, and that's all that is important now. The police and D.A. need accurate, compelling evidence to convict this suspect. Speculation about the case is nothing but chum for another tabloid feeding frenzy.

Posted by Susan J., Roseburg OR
Posted By Anonymous Susan Jordan, Roseburg, OR : 4:42 PM ET
I skipped out of work this morning to hear Ms. Lacy's press conference. I didn't expect to hear anything new, but I wanted to show up. It was a beautiful day, sun shining, mountains in the background. They had the press conference on the grass across from the Justice Center, by the creek, with bikers, joggers, kids playing.

The whole media scene is really something to see, the satellite trucks, dishes, antennae, all the reporters and camera crew, cable everywhere. I got asked a few times by reporters if I had a comment, but passed. A few anti-war protesters were there hoping to get their anti-war posters on t.v. Very resourceful, I thought. The DA's office, Sheriff's office, a guy from Homeland Security there were introduced, and everyone thanked everyone for all the hard work in finding this guy and arresting him.

I felt Mary Lacy was covering-her-rear a little bit, i.e., "I'm not saying he's the one, but I'm not saying he isn't, either. So don't blame me if we get it wrong." She took a few questions, but didn't give out any real information. This is a big case. So many mistakes were made last time around, they really want to get it right this time. Files are sealed and no one's talking. They changed the locks on the Justice Center, and all the password codes were changed. They don't want to risk anything being stolen or misplaced this time around.

Mary Lacy commented on how much work had been done and how much more there was to do. I got a little concerned when she said that in a case like this you like to complete your investigation first, but that sometimes, events happen that make an arrest exigent. So I wonder what happened in the last 48 hours that made them arrest him now. Time will tell, I guess. He won't be brought back until next week. In the mean time, I will deal with the cables and trucks and difficulty in finding a parking spot when I have to go to the Justice Center.

No news of DNA, but if he is guilty, I hope his DNA matches, and this can be the end of it. It would be good for the Ramsey family, and Boulder, if this could be put to rest, without a sensational trial.

Boulder, Colorado
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 4:43 PM ET
I, too, have questions regarding this man and his confession! If he wrote to Patsy, was a handwriting analysis done to see if the handwriting matched up with the ransom note found? Just to many what if's to get excited!
Posted By Anonymous Marla, North Pole, AK : 4:43 PM ET
The media may be making assumptions by saying this case is solved but it seems to me that many people are making assumptions that the police are at fault or that Karr is just looking for his 15 minutes. Perhaps everyone should take a step back and wait for the justice system, as flawed as it can be at times, to produce the evidence and hopefully convict.

In the meantime, with all that is going on in this world perhaps it is nice to believe that some bad men can be caught.
Posted By Anonymous Dan Smith, Springbrook Alberta Canada : 4:43 PM ET
You are absolutely right! For all we know he could be trying to gain attentio,; he could be fooling the whole world right now. We shouldn't jump the gun, we should take our time with this delicate situation. Justice will prevail!
Posted By Anonymous Candace, Fort Mill, SC : 4:44 PM ET
Personally the Ramsey family seems all to eager to clear their name immediately. I do not for one second think this person killed her or wrote that ransom note. The media is much too quick to jump on something as true and spread it everywhere. Something about this whole things screams foul.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer S. Phoenix, Arizona : 4:44 PM ET
Hi Jeffrey,

First of all, I always enjoy watching you on CNN. You're one of the most articulate people in the news business. Regarding this extraordinarily high profile case, my common sense tells me that the Boulder DA already has the goods on Mr. Karr. From what I understand, the authorities have been trailing him for months and therefore, could conceivably have collected all of the DNA evidence, fingerprints, etc. required to nail this guy. I sincerely hope that is the case and that the whole thing doesn't turn out to be an unfortunate hoax. I NEVER for one second thought that either parent could have done such a brutal murder on a precious child that they obviously adored.
Posted By Anonymous Laurel, Goldens Bridge, NY : 4:55 PM ET
This column is a breath of fresh air. Karr's story doesn't seem to jibe with what we've been told about the circumstances of the murder. This case seems far from solved.
Posted By Anonymous Bill DeJong, Wayland, MA : 5:02 PM ET
Does the press substantiate anything anymore? It seems that they will publish or repeat anything that they are told. It is stories like this that make me question what the value of the press is anymore and if it should still continue to receive the protection under the Constitution when it does not check facts before publishing.

This is an excellent article and I am pleased to read that so many people are questioning Karr's confession.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Salasek, Ft Collins, CO : 5:04 PM ET
There are some famous cases that were "solved" after the police said the suspect knew details about the case that had not been made public, but it turned out that the confessor just played along and told the cops what they wanted to hear. If the DNA matches, he's guilty; if not, he's just a nut case.
Posted By Anonymous Walt S, Washington, DC : 5:07 PM ET
Funny that many members of the media and law enforcement were willing to point the finger at the Ramseys without sufficient evidence, but here a man admits to the crime and people are quick to reserve judgment and not make rash accusations. Seems like we've got it a bit backwards. Could it be that our society is so used to being lied to we can't trust anyone?
Posted By Anonymous Kris F. Seattle, WA : 7:22 PM ET
What a bunch of hypocrites!! The overwhelming number of posts here give a big hooray to a supposed idea of "let the story play out before making a judgment," but then most can't help but add their judgement of "but look at the holes in his story," "what about the exwife," "how could he possibly know them." For 10 years this has been the dominant story in Colorado and so many people would say, "oh, it's the father," "oh it's the mother," "oh, it was the guy that played Santa Claus." To all of them, I would always say, "maybe, who knows, there's no way that I do." There was one posting that got it right, "JonBenet murder mystery far from solved" ... Or "The Media is Going to Milk This for as Long as Possible". It is in the Media's best interest to generate as much controversy and interest in this as possible.
Posted By Anonymous Shawn, Denver, CO : 7:47 PM ET
He wasn't looking for fame, for goodness sake. He was leading a secluded life in Thailand! The authorities had some reason for seeking him out. I don't think they just picked his name out of a hat. I am sure they did a little homework before going to all this trouble. And let's just imagine that they did pick him randomly, how convenient for them that he is going right along with it all and not denying the crime!
Posted By Anonymous Sheri, New Orleans area, Louisiana : 8:06 PM ET
Was there really a "rush to judgement" re: the Ramseys? An "umbrella of suspicion" was understandable considering the circumstances of the case -- and still does. They could not have seemed more suspicious -- nor the "ransom note" more unbelievable. That the family was involved was assumed because it was the only reasonable conclusion. People now seem eager to absolve them, but the evidence pointing to an intruder is almost negligible -- and no more persuasive than the clues to conspiracy in the JFK assassination that have kept people running in circles for over forty years. Eliminate the unlikely possibility of an intruder and you are left with three people left in that house that night -- Jon-Benet's parents and her 9-year-old brother. Then think about what might have happened, however improbable -- because these other avenues of inquiry are basically impossible.
Posted By Anonymous Michael F., Santa Monica, CA : 8:14 PM ET
Wait. Let me get this straight, Mr. Toobin: You're asking for restraint from the press and public for a man who admits his guilt in Jon Benet Ramsey's death? Where were those calls for restraint when the press and public were excoriating the Ramseys?

It's days like this that force me to my knees to thank a supreme being I'm no longer in the journalism game.
Posted By Anonymous Andy, Birmingham AL : 8:47 PM ET
How insensitive have we become as a nation....let's backtrack and fast forward for a minute..your kid is brutally murdered and you and your wife are convicted - without trial - globally. The exhibit class throughout though of course I wonder if they are guilty - a guy is nailed in Thailand and actually admits he was with her - and we are still questioning the reality of this all. Sensationalism at its finest - let this poor guy morn the death of his wife and let him wallow in the arrest of the murderer of his daughter and as he has said - let the courts do their job. This poor guy - Mr. Ramsey - I hope he is on major medication - I could not hold up to the scrutiny and tradgedy he has faced.......
Posted By Anonymous Leslie - New York NY : 9:08 PM ET
As an attorney, I cannot believe that the arrest was made without some evidence to tie him to the place and time of the crime. If, as he has been portrayed, was a researcher of this crime he surely would have known that the offical autopsy report showed no drugs in her system. Why then would he state that he used drugs on her?
Posted By Anonymous Sal Indomenico, Chicago, IL : 9:12 PM ET
I often wonder at what point the Press might begin awaiting a truly "Guilty" verdict before deciding to
Bandwagon Assassinate a person's reputation for
the sake of sensationalised viewer ratings.
Remember Richard Jewel's nightmare experience?
It appears, after following today's coverage of
what appears to be a fiasco, the Press has learned
nothing. Reporters are desperate to try to reach a
conclusion about John Mark Karr's guilt or
innocence, replacing evidence with speculation.
Enough already: Time to report what is KNOWN
and PROVABLE rather than unsubstantiated conjecture. Patience is a virtue. Gossip is not.
Posted By Anonymous Rex, Manitou Springs, CO. : 9:16 PM ET
I'm amazed how quick the media upholds the guilt of this guy. The Ramseys were tried over and over for the past 10 years. Karr will get his day in court and the truth will come out.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff S., Elwood, Indiana : 9:16 PM ET
I'm glad to see someone else is a suspect in JonBenet's murder. I was always uneasy with the idea that her parents did it. There was absolutely no evidence that either of them were abusing her... and by the way, child abuse by a parent almost ALWAYS precedes that child dying at the hands of a parent. Her brother was never a real suspect, either, so that leaves an outside intruder. It's actually quite plausible, if you think about it. I've read that there were something like forty keys to the Ramsey house floating around out in the community, so it would have been easy for someone to have gotten his hands on one. There's much more I could say, but I'll leave it at that, in the interests of time and space. For a plausible explanation of the intruder theory, I would recommend "The Cases That Haunt Us" by John Douglas.
Posted By Anonymous Linnea S., Bloomington, MN : 9:33 PM ET
I could never imagine that Mr. or Mrs. Ramsey could harm their beautiful child. I have a strange feeling that this is a disturbed person who is looking for attention. God help him, if that is the case. And, God help him if it isn't.
Posted By Anonymous Julie, Swansboro, N.C. : 9:38 PM ET
I agree that the case is in fact NOT solved, and he should get what he has now asked for.
Posted By Anonymous Amber21, Red Level Alabama : 10:04 PM ET
No sign of forced entry, nobody hears a thing, no tracks in the snow. Karr has information on the Ramseys. Karr said he witnessed the murder and that it was an accident... was somebody else there with him and JonBenet? Somebody that had access to the home?
I'll stop here.
Posted By Anonymous S.E. Sokol, Fort Lauderdale, FL : 10:11 PM ET
I personally think this guy is lying through his teeth. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life in a Thai jail and found a convenient way to get back to America; Admit guilt in JonBenet's murder and get a free ticket home. That way he could take his chances in an American prison system. From the looks of him, he won't make it long.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Atlanta, GA : 10:16 PM ET
They apparently have DNA evidence from JonBenet's body; if so, DNA will tell the story. However, it has been 10 years since they collected that DNA and it does de-grade. I hope it's preserved properly.
I feel sorry for the family and always did; they were convicted in the press right from the get go. Now Patsy is dead and John Ramsay has lost everything. It's a real tragedy.
Posted By Anonymous Linda Winkler Canadaf : 11:03 PM ET
Any good detective worth his weight in salt would tell you that someone in that house was involved. Look at the facts and this guy if he did the crime why did he have to leave a ransome note? Did he kill her and then take time to write a note? How did he know about the exact amount of money the Ramesys had just received. We still do not know the true.
Posted By Anonymous Tracy Dixon, Fayetteville, NC : 12:57 AM ET
I apologize in advance for sounding cynical. But FINALLY, here's a professional journalist who wants to wait and report the real facts instead of reporting as fact whatever information, true or not, is available and press or air time! Thank you Jeffrey Toobin!
Posted By Anonymous Debra, Vancouver, Washington : 10:51 AM ET
anyone who has watched an episode of Law and Order SVU can tell you this guy didn't do it. He's looking for his 15 minutes. Just look at the footage and see the smarmy look on his face. He's doing all he can to not smile and show how much he's enjoying all the attention.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Buford, Lummi Island, Washington : 5:21 PM ET
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