Wednesday, July 19, 2006
'Tell the world we do not support Hezbollah'
The lobby of the Damascus hotel we're staying in is buzzing with activity 24 hours a day. Suitcases piled on top of each other, people falling from exhaustion in the seating area -- many of them evacuees who've driven the dangerous road from Lebanon to Syria, fleeing the bombings.

Phone lines are bad here and cell phone coverage is unreliable. Our main link with the CNN news desk is e-mail, so I visit the hotel's business center several times a day, e-mailing my producers and writing scripts. One man came in yesterday and ... breathlessly ... asked one of the hotel employees for a room for him and his five family members.

"All full," she answered.

"Not even one room?" he asked.

A lady walked over to him: "I'm checking out in two hours she told him. You can have my room."

"No, he can't," replied the hotel employee. There are dozens on the waiting list ahead of him.

This is what every hotel in Damascus looks like today. Lebanese, Saudis, Emiratis and others who had planned on spending a holiday or visiting family in Lebanon -- their summer plans drastically altered.

A Lebanese woman stopped me in the hallway. She and her two children made it out of Lebanon and were waiting for a flight to Dubai, where they live.

"You must tell the world we do not support Hezbollah. We do not support anyone. But my country is being destroyed by people using it as a battleground."

Her voice was trembling and her eyes teary.

And, relatively speaking, she is one of the lucky ones. The number of refugees without the money to buy basics, let alone pay for accomodation is swelling at the Syrian-Lebanese border. People are coping now, but for how long?
Posted By Hala Gorani, CNN Correspondent: 3:56 PM ET
Thats funny, 1 in several thousand doesn't support Hezbullah, and CNN went and found that one little person. Majority do support Hezbullah in Lebanon and many around the world.
Posted By Anonymous Kat, Fairfax VA : 4:39 PM ET
Someone must be supporting Hezbollah. They have seats in the Lebanese Government, so they are apparently seen as being legitimate enough for that.

Someone needs to get things under control in Lebanon. Hezbollah needs to turn the 2 Israeli soldiers over to the Lebanese Government. Some outside force needs to occupy Southern Lebanon and keep armed forces out of that area (the Lebanese Army apparently isn't able to do that). If those things start to occur, then maybe things can get back to normal. Until then, who can blame the Israelis for targeting Hezbollah and its supporters?

And Syria, Lebanon, and Israel need to come to a final agreement on Sheeba Farms, so there is no longer any use of it as a context for fighting.

(Has anyone commented on how Hezbollah captured Israeli soldiers a few years back and traded them for prisoners? Did that actually buy the Israelis any peace?)
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Vernal, UT : 4:40 PM ET
In a few hours I get to go home and look up casually in the sky at a plane going over as I water the roses in my garden. I can remember the first time a plane flew over after 9/11, and how strange that felt, watching it with odd anticipation as it passed on by. I live in a safe country (as safe as one can reasonably be) because some remarkable people several centuries ago were willing to put their lives on the line to start a country based on ideas: a glorious experiment. Because of that, I can come to a forum such as this and freely express my views - be they in accordance or not with others - and I will not fear any kind of retribution. Regardless of our failings or weaknesses, I'd rather not be anywhere else in the world but here in the United States of America.
Posted By Anonymous Rosie, Bryan, Texas : 4:41 PM ET
Dear Hala,
Why cant the Arab league call Hezbelloa and Hammas to order?,do they want their people to live in peace?.The Arab world is becomming an embarassment to humanity.
Posted By Anonymous Nkom E.S,Abeokuta,Nigeria : 4:41 PM ET
While sympathy is due to the woman interviewed, she must remember that the leader of her Lebanese government is to blame. After constant warnings of sanctions from several governments around the world, the U.N. security council and directly from Israel, this man has not but forth any effort to disarm Hezbollah. Lebanon has tyrants in it's northern region and terrorists in it's southern region. Something needed to be done. Remember the size of Israel - tiny compared to the large Muslim countries around it. Lsrael must defend itself. It has.
Posted By Anonymous David C. Ottawa, Canada : 4:45 PM ET
Towns, once bustling with people working, shopping, laughing & taking their children to parks & visiting. Now, in Lebanon & Israel there resides fear, tears, children confused,frightened clinging to their parent's. Parent's terrified for their offspring.
Peace is gone, laughter has been put on the back burner. Uncertaintly & feelings of terror have supplanted them.

Is this what good people want? What good Nation's want? The next Bell, could Toll for Thee, my friend. In your homeland, in mine.
Time for rational force to over-ride the terror, greed, religious zealousness. Good is GOOD, & Good should be the order of the day.
Posted By Anonymous Anne Lindemuth, Grants Pass, Or 97527 : 4:46 PM ET
The whole situation is breaking down really bad. You can see both point's of view from both countries. What bother's me is that innocent civilians and fuel and water depots are being destoryed. Hezbollah should suffer, not the innocent people there that are just trying to live. They have been dragged into this war unfairly and it is just sad.
Posted By Anonymous Jason, Houston Texas : 4:49 PM ET
Dubia with all it's wealth can't provide a exit for there citizens, there's something wrong with that picture. Why can't the Saudis get there heads together and help evacuate some of these people.
Posted By Anonymous Dave Winfield Quincy, Illinois : 4:52 PM ET
I wish you could tell her "we know its NOT the people, it's the government" or those in power. It's like that in most countries. My heart goes out to her and all whose homes and businesses are being destroyed; they didn't ask for this! But what can 'the people' do??
Posted By Anonymous Karon McCartney., Pollock, LA : 4:53 PM ET
Violence of this sort only breeds terrorism. Why must this innocent people suffer at the hand of egos? I do not want US troops in Lebanon just as the Lebanese do not want it. What is needed is a cease fire. This destruction must end, this violence must end. We cannot advance our own causes at the lives of others - That IS terrorism.
Posted By Anonymous S, Boston MA : 4:58 PM ET
Maybe if the 'refugees' had took it upon themselves to expel the terrrorists over the last 50 or so years they wouldn't have to spend a few days with out food r housing. We should not sympathize with those who are 'caught' in the middle of these messes, not once in the history of mankind has one of the situations occurred when the people stood up for themselves and prevented the terrorists in their culture from committing these acts. Shame on you for reporting a story in an attempt to make us feel sorry for the cohorts of terrorists.
Posted By Anonymous Brant, Madison, Wisconsin : 5:03 PM ET
This is yet just another example of the needs of the Few outweighing the needs of the many. This fight between Isreal and Hamas and Hezbollah is outright ridiculous. They've all been fighting for the same thing for hundreds of years. Isreal conceded and gave them gaza, and now its not good enough for hamas or hezbollah or whoever the heck they are? The Needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few, whatever happened to that?
Posted By Anonymous Bill Dietz, Erie, PA : 5:03 PM ET
Will we never learn. It's always the civilians that suffer the most in war. Governments make war, not the people. It seems to me that the majority of the world's population can and do live together in peace. It's the people in power around the world who justify war to the rest of us as a right to defend or it's to protect the people of the country. Every world leader including our president could care less about collateral damage. Yet they all proclaim a wish for world peace. I wish our leaders could get on the same page as the rest of us. Just because we can bomb the hell out of another country, doesn't mean we are right to do so. Whatever happened to sitting down and talking honestly with each other. I don't care if they are on some axis of evil list. How the hell can we understand someone or have them understand us if we are too stupid or don't have the guts to look them straight in the eye and ask what can we do to solve our differences.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Fairfield Iowa : 5:05 PM ET
To the lady from Dubai with two children who doesn't support Hezbollah:

I do not know how old your children are. I myself have two teenagers at home and one on their own.
If one of your kids was beating up the other one, would you not intervien? Of course you would. If you just turned a blind eye and let the one child beat up the other, you would be supporting the bully child.
By not standing up against Hezbollah, you have not only condoned their beliefs and behaviors, YOU ARE SUPPORTING THEM!
You allow them to set up barracks, rockets, arsenals right next door to where you live and then wonder why your house is damaged when Hezbollah is bombed. Israel is being civil enough to warn you that bombs are coming and you better leave. Hezbollah just fires rockets hoping to kill anyone. Killing Arab children who did not get any warning at all.
I hope the war (this is not a war. If it were a true war, your country would be in total ruins) carries out for as long as it takes to get rid of Hezbollah forever! Then you AND Israel can live in freedom from them.
You should be cheering Israel!
Posted By Anonymous Bob S., Dallas, Texas : 5:09 PM ET
How mean-spirited can we be? No one deserves to have her homeland destroyed or her children threatened, for any reason. I certainly would not be cheering any country that bombed my city to "liberate" me, no matter how I feel about my elected officials and the organizations to which they belong! Regardless of our personal politics, blaming the Lebanese victims of this war is cruel and unworthy of the American people.
Posted By Anonymous Marie, Los Angeles, CA : 5:20 PM ET
I'm amazed by the comments posted here!!!!
Why are you all surprised that people in Lebanon and Syria do not support Hezzbulah??
over 50% of us didn't vote for Bush but we all have to live with the consequences of his actions. We need to take a good look at our own government before we start thowing out blame to people who didn't have much choice in the government that they were given. Remember that the US had a major part in this too.....
Posted By Anonymous Reena, Phoenix AZ : 5:32 PM ET
For everyone on here who feels like they know everything that is going on and go on to say an opinion that doesn't really make all that sense. I am 20 years old from houston, TX. I am of lebanese origin, I have lived in lebanon when the civil war was going on and I got out in 1993 and went to kuwait. My mother, and her whole side of the family live in south lebanon. Let me tell you something, I have seen what most elderly americans have seen in their lifetime. I have lived through war, and no matter what your opinion is, you will NEVER know what it's like. When we say we don't support hezbollah, we don't. we aren't just saying that to get sympathy. What you don't understand is that hezbollah acts as if they have their own country, they do what they want and they are stronger than the lebanese gov't thus can't be thrown out. Some might support them because if it weren't for them, then isreal would have never left lebanon in 2000. But trust me, not alot of people support them, people aren't stupid over there, they realize that their families are being killed because of hezbollah. I can only talk to my mom and family through a kuwaiti cell phone that my aunt has and only through text messaging. I wish this situation on no one. I don't care of you are Isreali or an Arab, People are being KILLED. It kills me that the US won't tell Isreal to cease fire, they BOTH need to stop and look at the big picture. And a little message for the one person who said "so they found one out of a 1000 that does't support hezbollah" Are you lebanese? Have you been ever caught in a war zone? Have you lost a family member to war? I don't think so, so how about this, be open minded, just because you watch the news doesn't mean that you know what is going on, because trust me if you had a family member over there, your views would be a little different. We, the US, should have a stronger stand on this, we should be the mediators between them and stop this, it is huring alot of people and killing lots more.
F.S Houston, TX praying from my family in lebanon
Posted By Anonymous Fadya Houston, TX : 5:37 PM ET
my heart goes out to the people who do not support hezbollah or the israelites who seem bent on destruction. there has to be another way. israel should try diplomacy again, or have sanctions imposed until the bombing stops. there are too many civilian areas being hit, too many civilians killed or wounded.
Posted By Anonymous liz s .,hutchinson ks : 5:37 PM ET
Bob from Dallas ..

Chill out man..
The woman does not support anybody, is like saying you support democrats, or republicans, you have a say but not control of whom is elected.
In a democracy you have a say, but because you don't agree with the result then you can't complain, you have to wait for the next election and then you have a say again.

So Bob Chill out, she does not support Hezbollah as she said
Posted By Anonymous Bob from Pittsburgh : 5:39 PM ET
Hi Hala,
I think all of us from around the world don't know what to think anymore..The only way for peace to come to the Middle East is for hatred and bitter anger to end..Until then we are just all observers who feel for them but are powerless..Only they can live side by side in peace or war..Their decision..We as a Nation, I think can help the process along but at the end of the day, no peace will come until their public says enough is indeed enough..And means it..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 5:40 PM ET
The civilian casualties on the Lebanese side are over 300 whereas its only 29 on the israeli side.. Tells you who the terrorists really are and who are the victims of terrorism. Just in case you dont get the pun, I can clearly see Israel as the terrorist state here.
Posted By Anonymous Surendra Kumar, Toronto Ontario : 5:41 PM ET
This is the first person interviewed who said they did not support Hezbollah. Other women have said things like, "this is all because of two Jewish BRATS" (meaning the abducted soldiers--and ignoring the murder of 8 others.) Another interviewee said their children are taught to hate and fight Israel and the Jews. This seems to be the most prevalent sentiment among the Lebanese. I think most of them, other than the Christians, support Hezbollah entirely. May we have a poll?
Posted By Anonymous Rita, Upland California : 5:41 PM ET
Keep bombing Lebanon until these Hezbollahs leave. Lebanon supports the Hezbollahs and this is what they get in return. A bad deed deserves another.
Posted By Anonymous Anthony, Los Angeles, CA : 5:41 PM ET
hezbollah, hamasd---Iraqi insurgents----what else can they do but fight back the way they do----the bullies, Israel and the U.S are winning only "short term"--the world is against them----at one time I loved my country but I don't recognize it anymore---it is being run by idiots trying to win a losing battle----as harry belefonte said, "bush is the world most viscious terrorist"
Posted By Anonymous Brad Grant florida : 5:45 PM ET
we are witnessing the consequence of a silent majority normally reticent or even acquiscent of hersbollah's islamist propaganda. the hijacking of the democratic rights of the silent majority of the lebanese has yielded its worst results; hopefully the lesson would be learnt.
Posted By Anonymous pope chen brisbane australia : 5:46 PM ET
If you do not support the terrorist why do you allow them in your country
Posted By Anonymous richard, los angeles california : 5:48 PM ET
[Surendra Kumar] Just because Israel has lesser deaths does not mean they are the ones who are spreading the terror. Wake up !! It is Iran and Syria who are indulging in this game and using Hamas and Hezaballah for their one man game-ship. It is typical of rogue nations like Pakistan, Iran and Syria, do what you can, sit back, let innocent die and then exclaim, WHO ME ?? The international community has to step up and finish off these rogue nations for once and for all.
Posted By Anonymous India-Lover, Washington DC : 5:50 PM ET
Why not support Hezbollah when they are they only ones fighting for justice and liberation, and if it wasnt for Hezbollah Lebanon would not exist. The terrorist is Israel, which has already established an illegal military occupation with hundreds of apartheid settlements for Jews only. The US supports Israel in its genocide of the Muslim people, and until the world decides to give back the Palestinian and Lebanese people their human rights, Hezbollah will continue to fight for thier freedom.
Posted By Anonymous Yasi Sharifian, New York City, New York : 5:50 PM ET
I feel for the people of both Israel and Lebanon. I do believe while some do support Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups in the region, that many do not, and are indeed caught in the middle of an unwanted war. I imagine it's not an easy task for civilians anywhere to rise up against an armed terrorist organization, or individual, and we in the US have certaimly seen terrorist attacks by Americans on our own soil.
Posted By Anonymous Robyn, Seattle, WA : 5:51 PM ET
To the woman who doesn't support Hezbollah...

Someone does. As one blogger wrote, they hold seats in the Lebanese Government. Someone in Lebanon supports the ideology propounded by Hezbollah. It would be akin to me voting for a member of the KKK for Congress, then, when they lynch and burn someone, saying, "I don't support them." I know the KKK's ideology... I should expect them to follow through on their ideology.

The carnage and suffering on both sides of this conflict is horrific. However, this conflict has been brewing for 50+ years. We can only pray it doesn't escalate to a more global conflict, or worse a nuclear one.
Posted By Anonymous Derek, Glendale, AZ : 5:55 PM ET
Apparently "somebody" in Lebanon supports Hezbollah. The Lebonese people knowingly live next door to them in their apartment buidings, work with them every day at their jobs and then scream "innocent victims" when the Isralies retaliate for the terrorist acts commited against them. Give us all a break. You DO support them by your acceptance of them in your society, and if the Lebonese authorities can't eject them from your "guiltless" midst then you will see there IS someone just to the South who can and WILL relieve you of your burden. Get out of the way and SHUT UP!
Posted By Anonymous larry, Kenosha, Wisconsin : 5:55 PM ET
Why is it that 3 Israeli soldiers get captured and it is an international crisis, and yet no one says anything about the 9000+ Palestinian/Arab prisoners that Israel has detained without trial? Why does America allow this? It is hypocritical to our fundamental American values and uses a double standard. All life is equal. But in terms of American foreign policy, it sure doesn't seem that way.
Posted By Anonymous Thomas, Norfolk, Virginia : 5:56 PM ET
I do not support Hezbollah and neither do I support the brutality of Israel. They are both ROGUE STATES and the U N and the world needs to stop both of them. I support Kucinich's resolution for cease fire....the winds of hatered are blowing.Jo An Gaines
Posted By Anonymous jo an gaines honolulu, hi : 5:56 PM ET
Money, around and around it goes, where it stops nobody knows. If you're a true capitalist, you take the best buy and forget about it. Excuse me, another Honda has just passed by.
Posted By Anonymous Leonard. Loves Park, IL : 5:57 PM ET
The world wants peace. The terrorists have used children, women, and the old to hide behind. Iran, Syria, and these groups have terrorized both the west and their own people. The only way to stomp out terrorists is to route them out, isolate them, and never let them have any nuclear weapons under any condition. It is amazing that they continue hiding among the same people that have duped into believing they are supporting Islamic values. If these values are Islamic in nature, or not in Islamic nature, why haven't the masses had their say? Being silent only allows terrorists to thrive, grow, and build unto themselves a self serving madness. It is time for the free world to gather together, eliminate, root out and finally put an end to these devils. The world is weary of a select few radicals, hiding under the pretense of Islamic idealism, and the Islamic world must recognize, it is their very actions that aqllowed this devil to grow among them
Posted By Anonymous JoeM, Grand Rapids, MI : 5:58 PM ET
When an organization is part of your government--and your government says they cannot control them--it becomes clear that the "government" was just a front for the organization, the true governing body.

Electing your government is your support.

I know, that means we are to blame for Bush too.
Posted By Anonymous Jim Dupre, OKC, Okla : 5:59 PM ET
In the timeline of the current crisis that aired July 17th AC's associate noted that the current hostilities flared when Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers on June 25th. I don't find Hezbollah's actions justified; but, why was there no mention of the June 9th shelling of the beach in Gaza that killed 8 Palestenian civilians - mostly women and children enjoying a day at the beach? Perhaps this action by Israel ignited the current tinderbox... an ill-conceived shelling by Israel to try to prevent rocket attacks.

When creating a time-line, please incorporate ALL the lead up events. It would be helpful to explore how Hamas' reaction to the shelling is related to, or coordinated with, Hezbollah's current rocket attacks.
Posted By Anonymous C. Harrell - Indianapolis, IN USA : 6:55 PM ET
As a European I blame blind US support for Israel for the constant flare-up between Israel and the Arabs. Yes Lebanon specifically was not provoked, but the Arabs were by the Gaza offensive. Yes Israel withdrew from Gaza but then they kept bombing it as if to provoke. I think a more even-handed approach is needed from the US which seems blind to all but Israeli casualties and Israel propaganda.
Posted By Anonymous Karen Boland, Dublin, Ireland : 8:17 AM ET
Hezbollah is gaining symathy

Lebanese are grateful to Syria after all

The Lebanese government is impotent

Deception with Arab, US, and French positions for different reasons.

Israel is loosing on all fronts
Posted By Anonymous Paul .Y. Beirut, Lebanon : 8:18 AM ET
Tell the world we do not support Israel and USA Foreign Policy and its dual standard.
Posted By Anonymous Deepak, Rakhasthan, India : 8:20 AM ET
After reading all the comments, I was shocked do we live on the same earth, or are you from another planet. Who is the only country that is still occupy another country - and I don't mean USA - its ISRAEL, had you forgot Mohamed El Dora or what!!! wake up pepole. Or may be it is normal to kill other pepole, coz u americans who own Abo Gharib & Gwatenamo. I am realy shocked.
Posted By Anonymous Alaa, Dubai, UAE : 8:21 AM ET
Unfortunately, The woman's support or rejection of Hizballah doesn't change the fact that the entire northern area of our country is being constantly bombarded by Hizballah. The Lebanese won't do enything about it, neither will the UN, so we obviously must. Some food for thought for all of you criticizing Israel- why doesn't mister Nasrallah, the champion of the Shi'ite muslim cause, go fight his wars in Iraq, where dozens of Shi'ite muslims are being killed on a daily basis by other Muslims? where the holiest Shi'ite mosques are being exploded? Nasrallah - you're a hypocrite, and so are all of your supporters!
Posted By Anonymous E. Miller, Jerusalem, Israel : 8:22 AM ET
Well most of the comments are saying that quite a lot of people support Hezbollah so what is happening is correct. But really on ground how much is in hands of a common person.

As CNN is broadcasting , it does not look like that Lebanese goverment is having much of an option to control.

But the real question is if people know that syria and iran is supporting hezbollah then why not israel is directly going after the root ? Is it because that is more volatile issue to touch .

After this action , even if somebody is not supporting hezbollah , I think he will start supporting.
Posted By Anonymous Santosh , UK : 8:29 AM ET
Wow, so much has been said here I dont know where to begin. First I mourn, I mourn our losses and the lebanese losses. I think that only those that here, enduring the attacks can really know how it is, and I have seen my fair share of wars. I also mourn the media that so many times twist and manipulates the news breeding more hatred. For the woman who does not support the hezbollah, i beleive you, and I beleive that many like you dont either. but it is inconsequential. people here berate us for not sitting down to negotiate, but who are we to negotiate with? an organization whose only agenda is our annihilation? a government that not only hold reps from this organization but cannot control it? the UN that has stationed its innefficient forces for 6 years on your land failed to oversee or put an end to the continuous attacks on israel? Can anyone guarantee that if israel puts down its weapons down, this moment it will stop being bombarded? Don't we have then a right to defend ourselves? And to the person here who compared the number of fatalities on both sides and calls us aggressive: how do you quantify aggressive? how do you value one life over the other?Oh, would it be ok if we killed only 30 lebanese citizens? no, it wouldnt, because all life is sacred, and must be defended, as israel is trying to do. the hezbollah, for me has taken both israel and lebanon hostage since our retreat. if it weren't for them, both countries i beleive would be at peace by now, and i would be enjoying the beaches in lebanon ad voce versa, just like in Egypt. Whether hezbollah kidnapped 1 or 2 or 3 israeli soldiers is irrelevant, they have been and continue to bombard us with katiushas for years,and at some point enough is enough.I feel for the lebanese because i have grown up amidst these attacks, and it is hell, but what choice have we got? as much as i understand the plight of the lebanese people, i stand behind my gov's determination to safeguard its citizens safety. and i only wish we could unite forces to put an end to the hezbollah, but it has to start from within the lebanese borders.
And to the one that said that the israeli gov is not held responsible for its actions in Gaza. Well, i think you should read the news more diligently. We left gaza a year ago, we left gush katif at the risk of a civil war, we were on the brink of further advances towards peace, but what happens? the hammas set up camp and are now attacking further in the land. and yes were reprieved by the intl community for our attacks there, and to tell you something else, not only by them, but from within. i was the first to condemn our attack on the innocent citizens there, i was the first to blame the idf for making that mistake. but the point stands, we are want peace more than anything, we are willing to evict, fight , talk etc. but nothing is good enough and we still get bombarded by extremists. we have all currently entered a vicious cycle that god knows how we'll be able to put an end to. I mourn for yyour country and its children, and i mourn for my unborn child, who i hope will one day emerge to a peacful region. In the meantime, i hope our governments find some way to put an end to all of this and help rebuild israel and lebanon.
Posted By Anonymous Dana, Tel aviv, Israel : 8:30 AM ET
Hezbollah this and Hezbollah that! Is Israel innocent in all this? When Israel does wrong, for some reason, it never hits the news worldwide so that all people can understand how they like to function and how the US supports every move that they make. Back in the day, when Serbs were the "attackers", the US was more than glad to bobm the crap out of them. Why don't they do the same now to Israel? Since when does Israel care about two lost soldiers? All of this is just used as an exuse for Israel to bomb countries around it with the US's blessings of course! I feel sorry for the innocent people that happen to be in the way and get killed in their houses for doing....nothing! I am sick of all this.
Posted By Anonymous Bessy, NY, NY : 8:41 AM ET
I don't support Hezballah But i don't like the way that Israel is destroying Lebanon and Killing people right and left. What Hezballah did is wrong but the way that Israel replayed is even Worse. People should see the real picture of whats going on now in Lebanon the situation will not help Israel nor Lebanon but it is helping Hezballah right now with all the support its geeting from the public because what Israel is doing right now.
I hope this will end soon , I hope Hezballah leaves Lebanon, I hope i will not hear about any more distruction In lebanon. I hope ISRAEL will stop (Please stop). 2 Solders= One destroyed country+ Homeless people >5 million+ no food supply+ children Dieing.
Posted By Anonymous Ali , Kuwait : 9:01 AM ET

Please understand the Hezbollahs are not supported by the Lebanese government! In fact, even the United States government admitted in PUBLIC that their investigation reveals Hezbollah is supported (suspected to be supported)by Iran and Syria -- not LEBANON! It's like having a minor group in your country you can't control even when you do want to! It's like having a colony of ants in your backyard but your house is a peaceful normal home! It's like having the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines but the entire Philippines is not a terrorist country! It's like the US having Ku Klux Clan when the entire country isn't racist! SO don't blame the Lebanese people if the Hezbollah group chose to camp in their yard! And don't involve them in the fight against Hezbollah either! I sure want to end Hezbollah terrorists since they seem to be doing evil acts! But the Hezbollah headquarters are in the Southern parts of Lebanon yet Israel directed its wrath on Beirut International Airport! That act was an act against the country and its innocent civilians! How would you like it if someone burned your entire home if their only purpose was to kill the colony of ants at your backyard?????
Posted By Anonymous Jean, Manila, Philippines : 9:06 AM ET
I really fill sorry for that woman. As a mother for children, I can try and imagine how fearfull it can be to be with them in that horrifing situation. But!!! kidnapping those 2 soldier was only a trigger after suffering many attacs of bombing from Lebanon by hizbullah, some attapts kidnaping that didn't succide, many threats from hizbullah.
And what did the lebanise government did??? nothing.And who chose that government? Tha lebaniese. 6 years they let hizbullah collect amunition and get prepared for this battle, and the lebanies government didn't stop them. Did any of the people who condem israel ever stopped to think how can these terrorist respond for so many days of attacs??? They got prepared just for that for 6 years!!!
We didn't want that war! War is a bad thing! but we were forced into it. The situation of sombody aiming to kill you every second couldn't continue anymore, kidnapping the soldiers was the "the last straw".
Believe me, we do not sit in a rose garden, this war ruins economy, health, turism only when this country started "to raise the head" after intifada started (and that is for another debate). But this had to happen and with gods help we will achieve the goal of this stupid war.
May there be no death in any side any more.
Posted By Anonymous Avi Tal Jerusalem Israel : 9:06 AM ET
I can't believe the posts that I am reading! Do you actually think that the people themselves have any control over whether Hezbollah leaves or stays?? It's their gov't... just as it is elsewhere.

I tried to have a say right here in the US by NOT voting for Bush... but here we are today... fighting a war that we shouldn't. I don't have a say in what happens here.

And to say that they deserve this??? That's just evil. No one deserves to live in fear.. and have their homes destroyed. No one.
Posted By Anonymous Christine Weightman, Toms River, NJ : 9:08 AM ET
'Tell the world we do not support Hezbollah'. The Dubai Lady is courageous and I fully agree with her. By the way to those who are criticizing her I say the Dubai Lady is free to have her own opinion: remember we are a free democracy not a dictatorship (Syria) or a theocracy (Iran). So instead of criticizing her opinion I'd like to ask all those Hezbollah supporters in Lebanon following three questions:
1- Like the Lady my allegiance goes to Lebanon. What about yours? Is it going to Lebanon or to somebody else? If it is for somebody else then you're kindly invited to go there.
2- Hezbollah has democratically elected deputies in Lebanon but it is not having a parliament majority to decide by itself: you have not more than 25% representation. So you are not alone and you have no right to decide on the destiny of our country alone: the country is yours but it is also ours and the decisions have to be agreed upon collectively (majority votes). You do definitely the opposite: when the government has to take a decision your approval is a pre-condition; however when you decide on an issue you do not give a dam about others´┐Ż opinions: this is not acceptable and has to stop. It is your country but it is not only yours it is ours and the majority wants to govern it differently and with other methods.
3- From the times of Moses/Ali/Hassan and Hussein the world has evolved and progressed. People do not solve their problems anymore with hate, destruction and killings but by civilized discussions and convincing arguments and negotiations.
So my friends instead of criticising the Lady from Dubai, try to understand the above, try to make an auto critic, try to convince the others by valid arguments not by threats and killings and for God sake try to solve society problems without involving God in every stupid ridiculous detail. God is greater than that.
Finally the majority of Muslims today are neither Arabs nor Persians they are from India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places and believe me they are having a different approach than yours. So try to be as good Muslims as they are. Take Malaysia as an example: whilst it is a very modern country still the people there are good Muslims, keeping with traditions, hospitable and tolerant. Try to follow their example.
Posted By Anonymous CM- Nicsia, Cyprus : 9:47 AM ET
Here is a problem that goes back to WWI when the Brits promised Palestine to Jews and Arabs, then kept it themsleves and pulled out in 45. This problem seems to never get resolved.Its a pot waited to be stirred by anyone who wants to make trouble. America does nothing for its case in the Middle East with blind support for Isreal. How can America be credible in Iraq when she supports the tactics of Israel that border on terrorism. As America wades deeper into the morass that is the Middle east the deeper she sinks. Bush and his cronies will have us locked in regional war in no time. Also as Native American I have to have some sympathy for the Jewish people. We lost most of our homeland and they have lost and regained theirs. They surely have a right to defend what is now theirs, but bombing Beirut and killing civilians isnt going to help their cause either. Abrahams two sons need to start talking seriously.
Posted By Anonymous Brett, Oriskany, VA : 9:48 AM ET
I am married to an Irish citizen. An Irish citizen who grew up during the height of "the troubles," from Bloody Sunday till present he has witnessed a transformation between his homeland and the North. For hundreds of years the British had inflicted penal laws that violated human rights. The British placed laws that told you where and what you could live in, you couldn't own your own house or land,and even if you owned a horse with a value over 5 pounds you had to sell it etc... My husband grew up with numerous
bombings,killings,rapes,beatings,kidnap-pings, knee cappings, brutal sectarianism, and hunger strikes over the decades.
Having seen the war and devestation between the Arabs versus the Jews, the conflict is hauntingly similar to the one that was in Ireland. My husband and I strongly believe that if Ireland can find peace after centuries of violence, so can the Middle East. As Ireland knows, it is not easy to come by such a positive outcome, but with compromise (after all the Irish constitution states they would give up the 6 counties in the North), patience and concerned and caring intervention from the United States,Ireland is finally on it's way to an island free of long-standing sectarian violence.
Posted By Anonymous Amanda, Washington, D.C. : 9:52 AM ET
It's so sad that this is happening. I'm sure that most of the people in Lebanon and around do not support Hezbollah but this group has taken them to war unvolontarily. It's so sad that a sovereign government can't control their internal affairs and it's even sadder to see people supporting Hezbollah knowing full well that they did something terribly wrong for the people of Lebanon
Posted By Anonymous Melanie, Montreal, Canada : 10:07 AM ET
I am lebanese, and cannot BUT agree that Hezbollah is FAR from being representative among the lebanese population. After 20 years of civil war, an acute economic crisis and ongoing assassinations of the few decent leaders and personalities, people just want to live in peace! So let's put things in perspective: 2 israeli soldiers are kidnapped and as a reaction to this provocation Israel destroys the infrastructure of the whole country -already bankrupt- killing hundreds of innocent civilians and forcing half a million people to flee -ironically to another tyrant/neighbouring country- all this under the pretext that the lebanese government is responsible for Hezbollah! How fair is that??? It is a known fact that the lebanese government is weak and ...paralysed by terror (a small parenthesis here to ask who killed the former prime minister and why!)...Every sensible person on earth is against terror, and if Israel and its allies want to fight terror, why don't they attack it right at its source (we all know where that is)??!!! But of course, this would be an operation of a different scale, so might as well experiment in the lebanese "laboratory", after all, lives there have no value, and if anything it will even make some of the neighbouring countries happy!
Posted By Anonymous Leila, Honk kong : 10:08 AM ET
Wow, no wonder the world thinks American's are stupid--many of those who have posted sound ignorant and prejudiced. Having gone to a Jewish school and having a number of dear friends who happen to be Jewish I say the following with all due respect:
We have 2 major problems here: first the Lebanese government is fragile and extremely underfunded--the USA gives over $1 billion/year to Israel and only $40 million to Lebanon (with it's democracy in an infantile state still), many other countries mirror this. Hezbollah is essentially better funded than Lebanon--as much as the Lebanese people (and I believe that at least 75% are anti-Hezbollah) AND the Lebanese government don't want Hezbollah--they are essentially powerless to rid themselves of these people. Some will say Israel is doing them a favor--no a favor would be--let's put a coalition together and work with Lebanon to rid them of Hezbollah--not bomb innocent people in the middle of the night.

Secondly, the problem stems back the UN's creation of Israel in the first place. While it was essential to give the Jewish people a country what the UN failed to do was to work with the people who were already living there! Essentially the country of Palestine was wiped out and told, well you can still live here but you don't have your own soveign nation anymore--this is equivalent to the UN telling the native americans they can have their country back and the people of the US have to live here and abide by their way of doing things--we would have many citizens up in arms about this and basically a civil war. I do not begrudge the Jewish people their right ot a soveign nation, however at the same time I believe the Palestinians deserve equal treatment. Now, with over 50 years of disenfranchised people we have the formation of terrorist organizations all over the Arab world (because the displaced Palestinians scattered) and the US and Israel are pissed about it--well it's the bed we made...will we ever learn!
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer G, New York, NY : 11:03 AM ET
When you target civilian infrastructure such as bridges and power plants, that is no accident. That is not Hezbollah. Israel has the capability to conduct surgical ground strikes but they are too coward, just like the terrorists. And Israel also has the same guided and precision weapons that the US does because they get them from us. THAT IS WHY THESE PEOPLE HATE US. Because we help the Israelis whose idea of creating peach is to respond to makeshift rockets with missles. Israel has no idea about what a proportional response is. Nor do they care who they hit. They just shoot off a bunch of missles hoping they might hit a bad guy, but amongst every terrorist, their are hundreds of civilians who just want their homes back, who are tired of the macho contest. Israel and the US are doing hezbollah's recruiting for them. When we kill an innocent civilian, or hold a person without charge in violation of our own laws for that matter, we are creating a lifelong enemy in that person. Think about the plight of the Palestinian and Lebanese civilians and ask yourself "How would I feel" The answer is simple. I'd be looking for a little payback, using any means I could. Open your eyes and common sense. Israel is just as much at fault at hezbollah. The problem is that Israel has the power to wipe the middle east off the map. You would think they would step up and be the adult.
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Phoenix, AZ, USA : 11:26 AM ET
My Dear Anthony from Los Angeles:
Your statement "Keep bombing Lebanon until these Hezbollahs leave. Lebanon supports the Hezbollahs and this is what they get in return. A bad deed deserves another." is like kill all Germans because they are all Nazis. That's a simplistic approach. Please believe my Dear Friend that among all Eastern contries from Turkey (yr ally) at one extreme to Malaysia at the other end(more than 2 billion people) Lebanon is the most supportive, admirative and friendly to the USA. You have to understand that in Lebanon the Hezbollah (less than 20% of the population)is a proxy to Iran financed by Iran and backed by Syria. Why should 80% of the Lebanese population have to endure an Israeli/Hezbollah blackmail. Before making a loony comment try to study and understand history and politics and avoid superficial comments.
Posted By Anonymous CM - Nicosia, Cyprus : 11:33 AM ET
Everyone is saying how Israel is responding only to the two soldiers that were kidnapped at the border. What about the 8 Israeli soldiers that were killed in the same fight? And what about the 1200+ missiles and rockets that have landed on Israeli soil over the past 9 days?? Do those go unnoticed? Is that not enough? Israel may have many fewer casualties, but more than 1 million Israeli citizens have been displaced or are hiding in bomb shelters. We all know that if Hezbollah had the technology and ability, the Israeli death toll would be much much greater. Israel feels deep regret that Lebanon is the battle-ground for this war, the Israelis and Lebanese have enjoyed peace for the last 6 years until Hezbollah began gathering force. As for the airport, I agree that it was a devastating blow to the Lebanese people and should not have been a target, but I can understand how the Israeli military saw it as a threat as the fence for weaponry and felt it had to be destabilized.
Posted By Anonymous Sonia, Montreal, Quebec : 11:33 AM ET
Hi Hala:
I am really amazed at the degree of hostility from some of the Americans.
It does reflect the lake of empathy with the world problems and the extrteme ignorance with the background and history. How easy we could be harsh and judgemental.Then the American wonder why some people the world outside hate them.
This lady is not the only one who does not support HezbALLAH in Lebnan , but what can civilian in a very politically fragile country like LEbnan
Posted By Anonymous Nervana Manchester UK : 11:59 AM ET
I just could not believe what some people had to say, total ignorants, poppets of their diplomats. You are all looking into useless details and events. Stop talking about Hizbolla, Iran, Syria, Israel this and that, the problem is in Israel\Palestine conflict. all the animosity that we are watching now is because of that. You want to solve it and get rid of terrorism? give everyone their invaded lands back.
Posted By Anonymous Harout, Montreal, Canada : 12:46 PM ET
My heart breaks for this woman. While I believe Israel has the right to defend itself, this excessive force should be condemned. They are bombing civilian homes, airports and highways thus preventing the innocent civilians from leaving. For those of you who say it is the civilians fault because they "allowed" the terrorists to live in their neighborhoods and take over their government, are you really that ignorant? These people live in poverty you will never know. How would you suggest they fight a terrorist organization? Throw rocks and hit them with sticks? I exercised my rights and voted for Gore in 2000 as did the majority of Americans and yet look who is running the show. Civilians have no control over their government or who runs it, contrary to what some ignorant Americans believe, the 2000 election should have made that obvious.

The fact is our media is biased towards Israel and doesn't bother reporting the crimes it is guilty of. Both parties are guilty and shame on the US for perpetuating the violence by openly supporting Israel and doing nothing to stop this sactioned murder of the Lebanese people.
Posted By Anonymous Katherine, Woodland Hills, CA : 1:08 PM ET
Lets first agree on the basics:
1) Human lives are equal everywhere ( Lebanon, Israel)
2) The days that war prisoners spent are equal everywhere ( Lebanon, Israel)
3) There is a huge difference between terrorism and liberation movements
4) If UN and security counsel resolutions are to be respected, then they should be respected everywhere

Now let us see:
The Israeli forces occupies Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian lands and holds around 2000 Lebanese and +9000 Palestinians (including elected parliament members and minsters).

Some of these prisoners have been kidnapped from more than 20 years!!. If Israelis have the right to attack Lebanon to release their prisoners, then Hezbollah has the right to attack Israel to release Lebanese prisoners. In all the negotiations the Israeli's refused to release any of these prisoners. Even after the Israeli's withdrawal from southern Lebanon (except Shiba' Area) they refused to release them. Only through prisoners swap, Hezbollah was able to release Lebanese prisoners.

Hezbollah, Hamas are not terrorists, they operate in their lands towards an occupation force. They don't target civilians unless in retaliation to Israelis targeting civilians. it is clear from the death toll that from day one Israelis were targeting civilians and Lebanon's infrastructure. Hezbollah attacked mainly the Israelis soldiers, while Israel attacks peaceful villages, destroys Mosques, Churches and UN headquarters!!

In 2002, All the Arab countries offered Israel a peace agreement, in which, Israel withdraw from territories occupied in 1967 (in agreement with UN 242 resolution) and in return All Arab countries will establish normal relations with Israel and protect the Israelis from attacks. Israel refused this.

Hezbollah, Hamas has the legitimate right to free their prisoners and their lands.
Posted By Anonymous Moataz, Cairo, Egypt : 1:11 PM ET
Some of these comments show the level of ignorance that most americans have when it comes to world politics.I was in Lebanon and was lucky to leave on the 17th but let me assure everyone that millions of lebanese do not support Hozballah who is backed by both Syria and Iran. They were the only group that was not disarmed after the civil war and their power has been increasing ever since, so for all those who have stated their stupid remarks on this issue go get the facts.
Posted By Anonymous Jay, Virginia Beach, Va : 1:24 PM ET
Ya well when you see the hezbolah setting up shop. Do you report them ethier?
Ignorance isn't a defense in law. And it certainly isn't a defense for this lady. I say BS. She knows whats going on and doens't do a thing to stop it. So ....she reaps what she sows.
Posted By Anonymous Andrew, georgetown, cayman islands : 1:56 PM ET
Well, if you go to Middle Eastern news sources, you'll see that there are polls taken and now that Israel is thoroughly raping Lebanon, most Lebanese, even secular and Christian Lebanese stand united behind Hezbollah. It is evident now that it is fortunate that Hezbollah did not disarm because they are the only group that is defending their country. For those of you who actually believe that this Israeli aggression was initiated by the capture of two (TWO!!!) soldiers, I would invited you to partake in a little thought experiment. Imagine the military might of Mexico and the U.S are reversed. Now imagine that Mexico has a habit of abducting American fishermen and farmers along the border for years without any stated reason and never addresses American concerns for violations of sovereignty. Now imagine if two Mexican army soldiers were abducted by an American border militia group (we have plenty of them here in California)in order to negotiate the release of these fishermen and farmers and Mexico responded by bombing Los Angeles, Houston and Phoenix, killing hundreds or thousands of people, demanding the release of their captured soldiers. Would you be outraged? Would you consider this just? Would you believe the aggressor is honest in stating their intentions or would you think that it was just a pretext for another reason, say.. to take over your country? Who would you blame? And would you root for the people who are fighting back. I imagine the responses are not rooted in a universal application of principles of fairness. There is a racist impulse at work here that considers Arab lives worth much much less than Israeli lives.
Posted By Anonymous Sean, San Diego California : 2:10 PM ET
We don't support terrorists whosoever they are; state-sposored and state-led terror mus all stop, immediately.
Posted By Anonymous Ariel Mustaf, Toronto, ON, Canada : 2:27 PM ET
So called "Christian" Europe, from Russia to Western Europe, created the current mid-east problem by persecuting jews and making them feel threatened and unwanted. The League of Nations compounded the problem by partitioning Arab land and handing some to Israel, without consulting any Arabs in the decision making. Israel's creation made the Arabs landless. The Isreaelis should be re-absorbed into their european countries of origin, or re-settled in North America and Australia to bring peace to the middle east.
Posted By Anonymous Farouk, Toronto, Canada : 2:34 PM ET
I would like Sean to tell us what the "US" is doing to go after the "militia" group that abducted the soldiers. And lets not forget killing a few soldiers as well.

It is likely Hezbollah thought it could get in the news by mimicking what Hamas did. Maybe they thought they could take some pressure off Gaza. Maybe they even thought they could get some prisoners released (it worked once before). But I wonder if they expected what they got.

Can Israel stand another couple of weeks of this humilitation by Hezbollah?
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Vernal, UT : 2:48 PM ET
I don't condone any violence that ends in the taking of human life... but for a quick end to what could be a prolonged war, the Isralies seem to have the right Idea. Flyer the population, those who beleive in the fight stay and fight and those that don't, leave. when the fighting and killing are done come back... Or Unite as a whole and force those that would use your home to hide, out into the open. Don't let a person with an agenda of thier own ruin your neighborhoods, your cities, your lives.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Phoenix, AZ : 3:01 PM ET
Since many of you are not particulary informed, let me help you.
FACT: over 60% of Lebanese do NOT support Hizbollah.
Why are they in our government? Because of SYRIA AND IRAN!
Why can't we stop them? Because their WILL BE A CIVIL WAR!
Lebanon is being used as a battlefield once again and no one cares.
Why do you want innocent people to suffer? People who don't support Hizbollah, can't just get up and leave Lebanon...they have to live with it
Posted By Anonymous Kat, toronto, Canada : 3:33 PM ET
Arab land? The Jewish people settled that land thousands of years ago. Thoughout time the Arabs, the Christians, the Turks, the Brititsh, and even the Romans have battled for control. By that kind of thinking why not give it back to Italy or Turkey? Why don't you pack up and give Canada back to the Native Americans? Israel belongs as much to the Jewish people as it does to the Arabs. The problem lies in the religious intolerance of the Radical Islamic people, and until they learn to integrate into society like the rest of us, Israel has the right to defend its people just as I would expect our country to defend our own.
Posted By Anonymous Brandon, Des Moines, IA : 3:49 PM ET
The only way to stop this in my mind is for both sides to teach the children about peace. I dont think this will end untill a few generations of children can be civilized human beings.Everyone gets mad once in a while but you have to learn to forgive and forget.I dont believe everything the U.S.A. is doing but how come it is mostly peaceful in the western world.If the muslim world would send their children to canada and the states to live for a year they could teach the elders what peace is when they returned.
Posted By Anonymous joe k sarnia ontario canada : 3:57 PM ET
Farouk from Toronto,
You made an unbelievably uneducated response when you say that the Israelis should be re-absorbed into their european countries of origin. The Jews in North America and Europe are considered the diaspora... Israel is their homeland for a reason, and that is because that land is the origin of your people. I understand that this is not part of your belief system, but what you said is disgusting and offensive.
Posted By Anonymous Sonia, Montreal, Quebec : 3:59 PM ET
Does anyone question Israel for killing
innocent people in lebanon ? apparently they seems to have a open check book to do whatever they want to.. just don't get it
Posted By Anonymous Raj, Germantown, Tennessee, USA : 4:24 PM ET
A problem can not and will not be solved by the same sate of mind that created it. That waht we ahve been doing.
Stop Thinking. Stop Reacting.



It might seem we are not doing anything to help... but we are not anyway by how we have been doing it for ages.


The solution will appear. Civilizations rose and dissapeared. The Law of Nature can fix everything.
Look at how your body function and work without you even thinking about it.


I can react and blame but I refuse to play that game. By the way I grew up through the Lebanese war so I have not been sheltered from pain and suffering.
Posted By Anonymous Mouna, Kona, Hawaii : 4:26 PM ET
When we were attacked by Arab terrorists on 9/11, the US (rightly) attacked the source (Afghanistan) that harboured Bin Laden. When Israel was attacked by Hezbollah, it responded to the source (Lebanon) that harboured Hezbollah. Anyone that doesn't agree with responding to attack or suffers from victim syndrome, has no clue what that means and shouldn't post silly comments.
Israel is doing what it needs to do to protect its citizens. Too bad the Lebanese government couldn't do the same for their people by controlling Hezbollah. Nobody likes to see civilian casualties, but the people getting killed lived side by side with and supported Hezbollah. How innocent is that ?
Posted By Anonymous Eleanor, New York, New York : 4:26 PM ET
So does this mean that the innocent American's killed during 9/11 were to blame for their governments actions thus legitimate targets-as we lebanese are now?
Posted By Anonymous SH, Troy MI : 4:37 PM ET
As I write, Israel is bombing americans in lebanon with weapons made and paid for by the USA. The US has supported dictatorships in the mideast for 50 years, including, yes, Saddam and Iran. American citizens can choose to remain ignorant of these facts that the rest of the world knows, but they cannot remain immune to their consequesces.
Posted By Anonymous John in Greensboro, North Carolina : 5:02 PM ET
We are approaching the times were terrorist and irresponsible groups or dependent states will have, and worst will use mass destruction arms, by demand of their supporters and mentors.
At that time the actual problems will look like peanuts.
Its clear that the actual crisis has a strong link to the regime in Iran.
This will worsen as long as this kind of regimes will be tolerate
Posted By Anonymous antonio,Lisbon,UE : 5:08 PM ET
The woman is far from being a minority. Lebanese Christians do NOT support Hezbollah. Syria has been the root of problems since the 1970s when it sent its "peacekeeping" troops into Lebanon then proceeded butchering Lebanese Christians. I too grew up in Lebanon to the sound of missiles blowing up our neighborhoods EVERY night. I spent months in a shelter and saw death and violence, courtesy of Syria. Have we forgotten the deaths of Bashir Gemayel and Hariri? Syria selected Lahoud and nominated him president of Lebanon so they could pull his strings and dictate his every move. Let's not forget the past for it is shaping the present..
Posted By Anonymous Mona, Phoenix, AZ : 12:00 AM ET
My sympathy most definitely lies with the innocents within the Lebanese population. I, like people all over the world, have watched this way before it happened and my simple observation is this, If the Hamas and Hezbollah cowards have been formed for nothing but help for their peoples, why do the cowards hide among their own innocents they are sworn to protect? Surely some idiot within their gangs, someone had to have had a clue that this was going to happen. I guess the worst part is that the innocents I speak of are the same majorities voted these idiots into power knowing full well of their cowardly terrorist attacks of their armed wings. But seeing the destruction just makes me sick, especially since this is the militants they put gave a green light to by putting them in power.
Posted By Anonymous Daron McClain ; Bryant, Ar : 1:36 AM ET
Are we forgetting that this terrorist group killed over 200 of our Marines.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Nash, Knoxville TN : 7:25 AM ET
Tell the world we do not support Hezbollah... ???

The world knows that your government DOES... (support Hezbollah)...

Bring the INSTIGATORS to their knees...
Posted By Anonymous Jay T, Denver Colorado : 12:43 PM ET
My family is in Lebanon trying to flee the country. All I can wish for now is their safe arrival. Although they are in great danger, I agree with Israel's actions. I am very sad for the loss of innocent lives but I believe that if Hezbollah remains in Lebanon, much more innocent lives will be lost. They are a terrorist organization that has taken Lebanon captive and are willing to sacrifice the country and its people for a lost cause. I ask every Lebanese to use his or her imagination and think of Lebanon 20 years in the future with Hezbollah still in control. We will be no different than Iran and Syria or even worst. We are fed up fighting other people's war and we want peace. I am saying it loud because Lebanese are afraid and our leaders are cowards. Yes the majority of Lebanese do not want Hezbollah.
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Brussels Belgium : 2:46 PM ET
Most of you here have no idea of the structure of the lebanese society. Christians form about 40%, Muslim Sunnis form 30% and Muslim Shiites constitute 30%. Only the shiites mostly support hizbullah, the rest of us not only refuse to back them up, but also cannot wait to get rid of these dangerouse militants. But still the bombing that israel has been doing is unacceptable and inhumane. They are killing hundreds of civilians and destroying Lebanon's bridges and cities without affecting the hizbullah infrastructure. They should be bombing the source of the hizbullah danger that is Syria and Iran, and not the helpless Lebanese civilians.
Posted By Anonymous Jimmy, Beirut Lebanon : 5:27 PM ET
All these Lebanese say they do not support Hezbollah and want them in their country. You would think then that they would praise Israel for having the determination to do it.

When the dust finally settles, they should be a paper tiger and THEN the Lebanese goverment can do what they say they are not now capapble of doing. But I seriously doubt it.

Truth be told, after Israeli troops leave, the terrorists will be back because they really do have the support of the people of Lebanon.

Prove me wrong, don't let them start up again as an armed milita. Go ahead and stop making excuses. This will be your best chance to control your Country again.
Posted By Anonymous steven bourgon, Toronto, Canada : 8:12 PM ET
It's hard to blame the government of Lebanon when you consider that that government is made up of individuals with families of their own to protect. I guarantee you the first man who stands up to Hezbollah will get a bomb in his car or a bullet in his head. And the second. And the third. How brave would you be?
Posted By Anonymous c.morris, Los Angeles, CA : 3:56 PM ET
may God have mercy on us all. Humanity is slowly turning back the hands of time. No one knows the true suffering until they have trully lost something from this war. For those who speak, or type their comments from the safety of their own homes, others are not safe in their homes, due to fear that some Rocket, or bunker buster is about the rain down on them. If we choose a side, and say, he started it, or this side didn't agree to terms etc, then we are not any better then the countless nations that stand idly by and do nothing, the U.S included. if we do the math, this supposed war is very one sided, and we trully see which side that's on.
Posted By Anonymous ray, northride, CA : 4:37 PM ET
"(CNN) -- President Emile Lahoud has urged the Lebanese to remain united in the face of an Israeli offensive against Hezbollah and logistical targets in Lebanon"... (CNN)

I don't know... sounds to me like Hezbollah is getting a lot of support from the Lebanese people. If the President makes a statement like this, then how can anyone deny supporting a terrorist faction?

If the UN had been doing their job, Hezbollah would have been defeated years ago. The UN is part of the problem, never the solution.
Posted By Anonymous R. Quick, Adana, Turkey : 5:42 PM ET
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