Monday, July 17, 2006
Rocket hits with a crushing thud
It's been a busy morning in Haifa. I'm in a van right now, coming back from the scene of a rocket attack.

We were actually covering an earlier rocket attack when the sirens went off yet again. We all had to run for cover. It's an odd sensation -- waiting for a rocket to hit. At a certain point, the sirens stop and you hear the impact. A crushing thud.

This one was probably a mile or so away. We ran to our van and got to the blast site a few minutes later. The rocket hit a small apartment building in a residential neighborhood.

When we arrived, rescuers were removing an elderly lady from the rubble of the apartment building. She seemed stunned and scared. Someone lifted her onto a gurney and she was taken to the hospital.

There are casualties on both sides of this conflict, of course. Lebanese authorities say more than 150 Lebanese have been killed, several hundred wounded.

How much longer will this go on? That's a question a lot of people here are asking.

Sitting here in this van, trying to catch my breath after running to yet another blast site, nothing seems certain. Both sides acknowledge there is likely not a military solution to this conflict, but political solutions seem far off.

Israel may find it hard to come up with new Hezbollah targets they can successfully hit in Lebanon, so perhaps the bloodshed will lessen as the week goes on. But as long as Hezbollah is willing and able to lob shells deep into Israel, it is likely the attacks on both sides of the border will continue.

Tonight, expect extensive coverage from the region. While I'm in Haifa now, we may head elsewhere for tonight's broadcast.

Already, Neil Hallsworth, my cameraman, is digitizing the footage we've shot. We'll start editing the rocket story in a few minutes while driving in the van.

That's it for now. I'll try to blog later today, depending on where we end up.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 11:03 AM ET
This is the third blog that Anderson Cooper has posted about the crisis in the Middle East and I am still waiting for CNN to live up to its "fair and balanced" reputation. Apart from marginal comments about Lebanese and Palestinian victims, his coverage has largely focused on Israel. His bias his obvious and disappointing.
Posted By Anonymous Adelle, St. Lucie, FL : 11:16 AM ET
I heard you on the cell phone talking to Miles this a.m. Must of been a frightening experience for you and crew.
Anderson please don't take chances. Try to keep out of danger. There seems to be no immediate solution to this, and those poor people suffer because of it.
Stay safe. All of your fans in the States are very worried, and its always a relief to see you on T.V. or see you blogged.
My prayers are with you.
Stay safe.

Posted By Anonymous Jean, St. Charles, Mo. : 11:20 AM ET
Hi Anderson and the 360 crew,
All we can do is hope a solution is found very soon. My heart goes out to these people and the children my prayers are with them as well as you and your crew,stay safe. Will be watching the show tonight. Take care
Posted By Anonymous Sandra Belvin Richmond, VA : 11:28 AM ET
Hey Anderson,
I like your reporting but how about visiting Lebanon and seeing the destruction going on there.
Shortly after our Prime Minister gave support to Israel they killed 7 of our people...collateral damage. There appears to be a lot of collateral damage in Lebanon and Gaza.
I'm afraid I'm finding it hard to feel sympathy for Israel.
Posted By Anonymous Adrian, Calgary, Canada : 11:36 AM ET

You and your crew are doing a really great job covering this conflict. I've watched all the coverage since last Friday and although it is really hard to watch it is a story that has to be told.

While many networks are just giving out facts and the same old stories hour after hour CNN seems to take a differet approach. Eventhough you do replay many of the segments time and again CNN also brings in the human element into the equation. The phone conversations with stranded Americans like the one during 360 last night put a human face on the conflict and make it seem more real.

I can remember my parents and grandparents talking about Edward R Murrow reporting during the London Blitz and how he stood on rooftops watching the German planes fly in. At that time they only heard the words via the radio and had to imagine the visuals. Today we are a very visual society and the fact that you and all of the CNN reporters to cover the stories both with audio and video brings it closer to us and let's us see and feel what the people in the Middle East are experiencing. In my opinion you are one of the Murrows of our generation; you go beyond the call of duty so the world can see the truth.

I have learned much about the Middle East and its people from your reports, but please Anderson be careful we don't want to lose our Murrow. Take care, I am sending prayers and good thoughts to bring you and your crew home safely.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia Warren, MI : 11:37 AM ET
You, your crew, and all involved in this conflict are in my prayers. Be safe on your journey. You're doing an amazing job. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Toni Durango, Colorado : 11:39 AM ET
Hi Anderson,
It seems like the nightmare in the Middle East will never end..Year after year it goes on and on..When is enough,enough? I guess we outsiders can't answer that question..Only they can..I pray exhaustion hits them sooner rather than later and they all go back to the table..Yes, talk is cheap, but at the end of the day, it's really the only hope left..And it's a hope hanging on by it's fingernails for dear life..I want to believe it's never too late..Take Care..Wear that helmet and Vest,Anderson.
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 11:42 AM ET
I held my breath a few times during your broadcast on Sunday. Thanks to you and your crew for taking the risks that bring us closer to understanding what is happening in that region. Looking forward to tonight's show. Stay safe and good luck.
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina, Reno Nevada : 11:45 AM ET
There is so much history between the opposing sides in the Middle East, the hope for peace is lost for the people who live there. I've never been able to understand why mankind is so determined to be at war with itself.

All of the reporters who go into these war torn areas to bring the story on the ground to the outside world are to be commended.

Be safe, Anderson...
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 11:46 AM ET
Gezz, hell of a job you guys have. I'm just sitting here in front of a computer all day. Not running to yet another blast site. Dear Lord!!
Take care guys and thanks for the updates.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel-Albuquerque, NM : 11:48 AM ET
In response to the individual who said Anderson's reporting is focused mainly on Israel. Could it be because that is where they are located and they haven't been able to reach the border yet? Personally, I vote for staying out of harms's way.

My prayers are with you guys.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 12:12 PM ET
My compasion and prayers go out to all the innocent victims, but the bottom line is as long as Lebanon harbors terriost they will reap the I can't really feel to sorry for the Palestines....they ask for it and they will recieve it...if they want peace they should stop attacking Israel.......Israel has come along way and has endured the violence of the hating neighbors for too long now.....In my opinion and I believe others they have went beyond their long=suffering for too long.....
Posted By Anonymous Ish,Prairieville,Louisiana : 12:13 PM ET
Anderson and Crew: It almost makes me ill to think you are putting yourselves in such harms way. I realize that someone has to do the reporting and as we know it seems to be in your blood. Just think how you and your buddies would feel if one or all of you were hurt, either physically or trumatized for good. However if you must be there you must,all I can do is pray (along with many others) for your safe return.
Posted By Anonymous Bev.Whitby,Ontario,CANADAA : 12:17 PM ET
Hi Anderson, you are in a important mission in Israel. Thanks for the information, I live in Guatemala.

Luis Lima Sanchinelli
Guatemala City
Posted By Anonymous Luis Lima, Guatemala, Guatemala : 12:21 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Naturally, when people hear that I'm from Lebanon, they tend to think that I support Hezbollah; however, I believe both sides are to blame.

Peeople feel sympathy for Israel because Arab nations tend not to support them, but that is hardly a reason to provide extensive coverage of that area.

I must agree with the first comment; you're showing a very biased opinion in favor of Israel, and that is definitely not what viewers want to see. We want the news, and your opinion is hardly a concern to many of us.

I wish you and your crew all the best.
Posted By Anonymous Leah, Toronto, Ontario : 12:22 PM ET
I can't imagine living in a place where war is commonplace, where it's something that one gets desensitized to. Thank you for bringing the story to us. You are the great storyteller of our time. As always, your courage and love of humanity are evident in the midst of this conflict. All those involved are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and get home soon, Anderson. You and your crew are doing an amazing job. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.
Posted By Anonymous Ana Pitt, West Memphis, AR : 12:31 PM ET
Hi Anderson!

The special you did Sunday night was wonderful. I am looking forward to tonight's show. Once again you have done an excellent job staying cool and reporting the story in a high-stress situation. Please be careful and come back safe.

Keep up the great work! You are such an inspiration.
Posted By Anonymous Ashley, Louisville Ky : 12:32 PM ET
hi anderson cooper,
i am planning on going to israel this week, i hope i'll have the chance to meet you there. yesterday i saw you're show for the first time,its just incredible. i lived for several years in israel and you explained exactly how people feel and react towards these situations.God bless you. To Adrian from calgary who wrote a blog against israel:lets not forget that hezbollah started this crisis not israel , as a country caring for the security of its people like the canada and the U.S it has the right to defend itself at anyprice!
Posted By Anonymous nessim , montreal canada : 12:32 PM ET
You said "It's an odd sensation - waiting for a rocket to hit". Imagine being the people that live there, having to sit and wait, daily, for the rockets to hit. Hoping that they don't hit their homes or their families homes. Waking up everyday wondering if this will be the day that the rockets stop, or the day that they DO hit home. Maybe even waking up to the sound of the sirens. I can't even begin to imagine the terror filling the innocent peoples hearts, or even those of you and your crew.

I was watching Fridays broadcast and I saw the way you reacted when a car pulled up in back of you. You seemed frightened, as if cars were a rare sight. Of course, in the "ghost town" you were in, they were. I will of course be watching tonights broadcast, wishing you luck.

You say that the elderly lady, whose house was hit by a rocket, seemed stunned and scared. The word 'seemed' wasn't needed. Of course she was stunned and scared, that is a given. She may have been relieved though too, that she wasn't killed.

Be careful out there.
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Millbury, Ma. : 12:35 PM ET
I am glad you are bringing us the story,we just want you to be careful and don't do anything crazy. We need all the good reporters in 1 piece. Be careful and keep your head down,please!!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Barb,Marion(Cedar Rapids),Iowa : 12:36 PM ET
Anderson, thank you for blogging as often as you are. The quick and personal feedback on what is actually happening there is very much appreciated. I worry for the innocent people caught in the middle of this mess and of course I am concerned for the safety of you and your crew. Please take care.
Posted By Anonymous Tish, Ames, IA : 12:39 PM ET

While I fully understand that it is next to impossible to report from Lebanon, how about reporting ABOUT it? Lebanese authorities "say" 150 have already died? Like it may somehow be untrue?
Lebanon is almost destroyed... It took Israel 5 days to destroy what Lebanon spent over a decade working on.
And unlike Israel, Lebanon does not have a country jumping to its aid, aka USA, to fund it and help it rebuild. The destruction is, unfortunately, there to stay...
Lebanese people are constantly depicted as barbaric extremists wanting to wipe Israel out of existence. Believe it or not, the vast majority of us are not like that.
I, personally, am against violence of all forms, directed towards the Israelis or the Lebanese. I find it most appalling that President Bush, the leader of the "free" world actually excuses any country's actions in this war.

Enough with the innocent civilian deaths... Hopefully there will be a cease fire soon, as we have all lost too much already...

The majority of people in the middle- east want peace, because we all deserve it...
Posted By Anonymous Nadine, Ottawa, Canada : 12:39 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Great coverage & i'm really trying to educate myself on all of this to not be bias. Keep up the great work. You and the crew KEEP YOUR VESTS ON & come home safe!!!

Peace on Earth!!

Anne Rudolph
Posted By Anonymous Anne Rudolph Collingswood, NJ : 12:43 PM ET
CNN has the most dedicated reporters I have ever seen. Everyone covering the crisis in the Middle East has put themselves in harms way in order to cover the story and all of you look absolutely exhausted. I hope everyone on the CNN crew knows that there are many of us who are not only praying for an end to this conflict, but for their safe return as well. Seeing you, Anderson, as well as other CNN reporters wearing vests and helmets is worrisome not only for your safety, but for the lives of the innocent civilians who may not have the same protection that you all have. For the sake of the world I hope that this conflict can be brought to a peaceful end, however unlikely that seems to be. Please stay safe and thank you for continuing to cover this story from "all the angles."
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly Miller, Lancaster, PA : 12:45 PM ET

It seems that every time there is a crisis in the world, you are there, giving us the whole story. This crisis in the Middle East is no exception. You reports from Israel have put faces and names with this latest crisis and made it more real for your viewers. You and your crew please keep yourselves safe.
Posted By Anonymous Ashley, Louisville, KY : 12:46 PM ET
I disagree with the comments the coverage is biased toward Israel. I watched both Friday and Sunday's show and there are reports and reporters all over (Beirut, Syria/Lebanon border, Jerusalem, etc.) What I found interesting is that the Hezbollah (Party of God) is now launching missiles in Nazareth (Land of God). A bit ironic don't ya think? Did not see much reporting on that...was there a lot of damage? Thanks AC and stay safe....
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 12:53 PM ET
As long there is occupation, there will be bloosshed.Israel has to realize that lies dont help.We are out of Gaza but has made Gaza virtual prison for Palestenians,cutting off them from basic neccities of life.there is no Military solution to this conflict.
Posted By Anonymous Khan Mpls MN : 12:56 PM ET
This all started with ONE SOLDIER but remember, this is a 2,000 year old war and it will never end. Why? Religion, my friends. And don't play with hearts, minds, and beliefs, strong beliefs. Neither side will EVER give up. Both are wrong, but are right.

To all of the junior media critics out there, maybe the reporting is focused on Israel because they are actually in Israel. Perhaps if they were in Lebanon, they would report more on Lebanon. Before throwing out your "fair and balanced" critique, stop to give a little thought (just a tiny bit is all that we ask for) to the context from which the reports are coming.
I think that Anderson and his crew are doing a great job. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Salt Lake City : 1:09 PM ET
Israel has a long history of defending itself to the utmost of its military capabilities. Every country that has invaded them, attacked them or otherwise harmed them, has borne witness to the might of the Israeli Military Machine.

They know what awaits them if they take action against Israel, yet they insist on doing it over and over and over. And they must pay the price - kidnapping 2 Israeli soldiers without provocation deserves a swift response, period.

The fact is, this is a 2,000+ year old fight that no one can stop. When Cain killed Abel it set up this fight. The only thing that will stop it is Armageddon. I had hoped I wouldn't be here to see the "end times"...seems I might be after all.
Posted By Anonymous Kris, in New England : 1:09 PM ET
To Adele and Adrian and others claiming 'bias' - are you watching the coverage, or just reading this blog? Because Nic Robertson and Aneesh Raman are filing extensive reports from Lebanon. Anderson's writing about Israel because that's where he is. Duh.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 1:09 PM ET
The sad truth is, the jihadists can do no wrong, while the Israelis can do no right. Let me explain: to a jihadist, both victory and martyrdom against the "enemy" is glorious. On the other hand, if the "enemy" strikes back, he's a nazi criminal; if he doesn't, he's doomed. Go figure.
Posted By Anonymous Laszlo Nagy, Budapest, Hungary : 1:10 PM ET
Even in the individual, conscious observation of neurosis is the means to its end. Great work, be safe.
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Columbia MO : 1:11 PM ET
There is no right and no wrong to a region of the world that has never had peace and probably never will in our lifetime. Killing fellow human beings is just flat out wrong. Everyone needs to take ten steps back and look at the world for what it is - a planet composed of mainly water - land that everyone seems to claim is theirs and biological beings - humans being the worst and most destructive of them. Please be careful out there AC.
Posted By Anonymous Luz , Torrance, CA : 1:11 PM ET
I feel terrible for all the people in the middle east. I hate the people who Hijack Islam and try to use it for their own greed and hate. I think there are many people on both sides getting killed and it should stop. The countries who have these terroist or so-called resistance fights need to clean up the act. I personally feel Isreal is going too far, but then again, If I had to look over my shoulder ALL the Time I probably would have enough too and unleash the dogs of Hell on my enemy too. lets put this in a little perspective too, do you think the USA would really do this, look at the strike on the marine barracks in Lebanon and that was FAR MORE THEN the 2 soliders. I think the Hezbollah should be disbanned and unarmed and i think the USA needs to send a very clear picture to Iran, and Syria, the people of the US are getting tired of the BS over there and you are "Waking a sleeping Giant", we ALL know what happened last time the Giant was awaken... Grow up and learn how to live with each other and forget the BS religion crap.
Posted By Anonymous Dennis,Merrimack, New Hampshire : 1:12 PM ET
To the one who was oncerned about "balanced" reporting (i.e. Adelle, St. Lucie, FL : 11:16 AM ET) I would suggest you try Al Jazeera - - I think it would meet your needs.
Posted By Anonymous Dallas Ft Collins, CO : 1:13 PM ET
Anderson and Crew,

I am really frightened about what is going on over there. I have an 18-year-old cousin in the Israeli army and her younger brother is not far behind.

Please stay safe over there!
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth, Bothell, WA : 1:14 PM ET
Anderson, I'm looking forward to tonight's report. You and your crew are brave souls for venturing into such a volatile area.
I do wish that Israel's actions in the crisis received more scrutiny. Granted, Hezbollah appears to have started this particular event, but Israel's response is over the top. If you can get into Lebanon to show more of what is really happening there we would have a more complete view of the situation.

Take care of yourself.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 1:14 PM ET
I am appalled at my country, the United States, for supporting Israel and allowing this TOTALLY disproportionate retaliation and ILLEGAL collective punishment against Lebanese civilians.

It is utter rubbish that it's worth killing dozens or hundreds of civilians, wounding many hundreds just to get at a handful of criminals.

Israel sows its own destruction or at least guarantees a new generation of hate-filled orphans, widows and bereaved parents.

When will Israel or the US learn? You don't get peace by being exponentially worse than your enemies. Savage and irresponsible.
Posted By Anonymous John, Boston MA : 1:14 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I've enjoyed your perspective on life in Israel, but I'm beginning to feel that this coverage is one-sided. What about Lebanon?
Posted By Anonymous Julia, New York, NY : 1:14 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

To you and the crew..First and foremost..STAY SAFE!

I realize that it's probably easier and safer (if that's possible) to be in Israel rather than Lebanon. But, I must agree with some of the other comments regarding the coverage seeming to be a bit biased. It may not be intentional but it does come across that way. And, I'm just an American Mom with no ties or family in either place. I feel for the people in both countries (except for Humas and Hezbollah) but not much for their governments.
I am also angry that yet again our government has failed it's people by not setting in motion "some" plan on the first sign of trouble there to get it's citizens out. My heart broke for the parent of that child who sent a frantic email begging for help to get out of Lebanon that was read on CNN this morning by Tony Harris. I don't know why after Katrina any American would be surprised that we are truly on our own when we need our government the most. I would sure like this to be reported on more. I realize that because of our government everyone hates the American's and that it's more dangerous for us in this situation. But, shouldn't that be all the more reason to expedite a plan quickly to get the American's out!

Thank you and your crew again for your bravery and willingness to always head toward the most dangerous. But, please remember that we have come to respect you and CNN for truly balanced coverage. We really need and want to see both sides always.
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Atoka, TN : 1:15 PM ET
How about you do a few reports from Beirut. There is more people dying there. or is it you rather talk about how a missle hits a EMPTY HOME!!!!
Posted By Anonymous ahmed, phila, pa : 1:16 PM ET
Anderson, thanks for keeping us updated. I'm looking forward to the coverage tonight!

This is such a no win situation, both militarily and politically. And I don't know if sending Condolezza Rice to the region is the answer either.

I hope you and your crew are safe. Please keep in touch if you are able.
Posted By Anonymous Sheryn R, Pohatcong, NJ : 1:17 PM ET
It's a shame things have escalated to this point. It's also a shame that the human race is still at the stage where hurling bombs at each other is considered the 'best' way to resolve a situation (thankfully, not by everyone). I have to agree that both sides are to blame though--kidnapping those soldiers should never have happened, but Israel's extreme response is unfortunately dragging in (and harming) too many people that didn't have anything to do with it. We should be way beyond this behaviour.

Please be careful out there, Anderson. Best of luck to you and your crew for a safe return.
Posted By Anonymous Dave Sumers, Tinley Park, IL : 1:18 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

I love your show and your reporting. I really wish you would visit Lebanon and give the world the Lebanese angle to this story and just how helpless the Lebanese government really is.

Lebanon has always been caught in the middle of Middle Eastern politics and the global community battles each other in this country that has been devastated and rebuilt so many times. One day, I'd love to go back to my homeland and be able to visit the tiny village my father came from. I'd love to know when I can even begin to plan such a visit.
Posted By Anonymous Liz, NY, NY : 1:19 PM ET
For those that feel Anderson is focusing his attention on Israel, I remind you that, he's reporting what he sees and experiences. (He'd be doing the same in Lebanon, had he been able to make it there.)

And, while a great reporter, he's not a one-man-show. It's called team coverage. Thanks also to Nic, Aneesh, Ben, Christiane, John and the others for their great work as well.
Posted By Anonymous Barb, Cleveland OH : 1:19 PM ET
It seems pretty self-centered that Israel doesn't mind risking the lives of the 25,000 Americans, 40,000 Canadians, and many Europeans in Lebanon when these countries support Israel so much financially and militarily. They already killed a German family and several Canadians. According to Israel's logic that would mean Germany and Canada could now bomb all their power stations, airports, and infrastructure until the fighting stops. This response is completely unjustified, and should be condemned by the US and the UN.
Posted By Anonymous Stacy Boston,MA : 1:19 PM ET
Thud, the USA is responding with it's SOP mode so evident after Katrina. What is this day 6+ and US citizens are stranded? Still waiting for Gen. Honere and Adm. Thad Allen and the National Guard to come to the rescue. Can't blame this one on Nagin, Blanco and 'old heck of a job'. Guess in about a year or two will get one of those 'books' with the blue and red covers that come from the 'after action reports' to white wash the whole thing without solutions or at least ones that are funded.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista, ar : 1:23 PM ET
I am an American with Western and Northern European ancestary. Some people would call me a full blooded American. With that background, now I want to say it seems to me by far most of the reporting, not necessarily from Anderson Cooper, from the news media is given from an Israeli or American perspective. Anderson I hope you can interview and report on the average people in Lebanon. When I see a big guy beating the **** out of a little guy I want to know why from both perspectives. Please help me learn the 360 degrees (the full story) Anderson. Thanks for your efforts.
Posted By Anonymous John Wright, Minneapolis, MN : 1:26 PM ET

"The Media" is a powerful weapon that's been used in this war. Please use your share of it to the advantage of peace (not necessarily justice). Please don't incite or exploit heightened feelings in your reporting. Promote peaceful de-escalation of violence, and a logical mature approach to resolving the current conflict, away from the machismo and blindness of leaders. And don't try resolving the 60 year-old Middle-East Conflict right now. Leave that for later. For now, simply don't add more fuel to the fire.

Be safe!
Posted By Anonymous M. Khalil, Redmond, WA : 1:27 PM ET

Stay Safe! We know what rocket blasts look like by now. If you have to miss one in order to ensure your safety - then miss it!

Thank you for all of the wonderful work that you do!
Posted By Anonymous Wendy, Clinton, Maryland : 1:29 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

You guys are doing a great job over there. Keep up the good work and keep your vests on!

As per all the anti-Israel comments (especially those coming from Canada...I'm ashamed) what people seem to forget is that Israel is a tiny little country slammed between huge arab countries. Not to mention the fact that many of these countries leaders have called for the destruction of the "Zionist State". I realize that Israel doesn't play around when they are attacked...But think about it, Israel isn't even big enough to stretch from Niagra Falls to Detroit. I can't blame Israel for coming out strong. They can't afford not too. They have a right to protect their country and their people. These people have to deal with terrorists walking down their streets everyday and try to blow something up!

Regarding the comment about Harper supporting Israel and then 7 Canadians being killed. Think about it! They are attacking Hezbollah terrorists...they are at war. Unfourtunatly sometimes the wrong people get killed. It's not that Israel is trying to attack regular citizens, touristsm, etc. It just happens. All that being said, I don't ever hear people geting all up in arms everytime a Hamas terrorist or a Hezbollah terrorist attacks a school bus, or a outdoor cafe, or a hotel lobby, or something else in Israel.

Anyways Anderson, You're doing a great job. Stay safe and let get the real truth out!
Posted By Anonymous Matt, London, Ontario, Canada : 1:31 PM ET
Hezbollah was wrong in unilaterally initiating action against the Israeli military targets. It is wrong now in bombing civilian targets in Israel but is pursuing a tit for tat approach given Israel's bombing tactics.

The Lebanese people, those that went down to the streets last year in our Cedar revolution, have been trying to demilitarize Hezbollah. However, this takes time. Now it may never happen and I am confident Israel will not succeed.

Israel's disproportional and illegal (according to international law) attack on the Lebanese civilian population and other soft targets is morally reprehensible. Shame on Israel for destroying repeatedly Lebanon, the only other country in the Middle East which can claim to share democratic and liberal ideals. Shame on her for applying double standards. Shame on her for killing our babies. The only thing Israel is doing is radicalising another generation of Arabs. Shame on America for not being a force for good. Shame on the west for allowing this to go on. Shame on the Arab nations for being too cowardly to stand up for their sister Lebanon.

What has been accomplished? Hezbollah is an elusive enemy with replaceable infrastructure. How is the destruction and vandalisation of Lebanon's power plants, civilan ports, gleaming new airport and our expensively built roads going to help destroy Hezbollah? The Lebanese people is dying.

Stop the insanity, both sides. then sit down and negotiate. Let's stop paying with our people's blood for the stupidity of vain and arrogan leaders.
Posted By Anonymous Kamal, London England : 1:31 PM ET
To those who suggest/believe that this is a 2000+ year old war.. it actually isn't, nor is it a religious one.
This war has its roots in the 20th century, and is about land. The conflict is about the palestinian and other arab people were forcefully removed from their homes by israel when the israeli state was created.
Posted By Anonymous AQ, Chicago : 1:31 PM ET
Good luck over there, one thing I dislike about american media is it's extremely filtered to the point where there is no news, as far as the figthing that will never stop as much as people want peace preferably the US and Europe because it benefits us and only us for "gas + money = Our Involvment. They will constantly be killing each other for that land and it wont stop, I soon beileve that syria and Iran will get involved which in turn we have to seeing as we are israels ally because we gave them that firepower. Thats when its gonna get bad the U.N is useless in these times anyway so i highly doubt a cease fire. Keep the info flowing and give us everything we should know Anderson not everything they say we should know.
Posted By Anonymous Josh, Harrisburg, PA : 1:39 PM ET
We watch every night. We're concerned about your safety, but are so appreciative of your enlightened approach to the news. Thank you for traveling so far into harms way to bring us the truth. Keep that vest and helmet on. Stay safe. You're the best!!
Posted By Anonymous Susan, Atlanta, GA : 1:44 PM ET
Hi Anderson and 360 Crew,

I wrote earlier on an earlier blog. I had a friend in Haifa that I had emailed and was waiting to hear from. Thank God, I finally heard from him, and he and his family are doing o.k. He must have been scared for his safety, as the message was very short without details.

I think that what you are doing, reporting how the civilians, soldiers, and everyday people feel and face in a war zone is very important, more important even then political facts and fights. You are showing first hand the terrible tragedy that is war. People need to know what war really involves, the loss of life, the loss of emotional well being, the destruction, so that they can understand that war needs to be prevented through every means possible. My mom and dad grew up in World War II, and to this day, they still tell me stories of fear from their childhood. It leaves permanent marks, and God wouldn't want us to do that. Each "body" is someone that God loved.

Please take care and stay safe. Anderson, my whole family read your book and we liked it. We think you need to spend some downtime sitting around the kitchen table with regular folks. It's hard to come away from seeing all of that and not have it get to you.

Keep up the good work 360 Crew!
Posted By Anonymous Jill , Ann Arbor, Michigan : 1:45 PM ET
The solution is simple. Just give the Jewish people the land they want. Then leave them alone. That is all they want, that's all they have ever wanted. If not, they will fight till the end of time. Different factions have tried to wipe them out for thousands of years. It will not happen! Just give then their liitle piece of the pie and leave them alone, then it will be over !
Posted By Anonymous Mike R. Palatka, Florida : 1:45 PM ET
Does anyone realize that Israel will stop the attacks if Hezbollah will return the kidnapped soldiers? It's that simple for the time being!
Posted By Anonymous Michael Shaw, Fort Worth, TX : 1:56 PM ET
Are Lebanese Civilians, human beings in CNN's view?
Is their life worth the same value as an Israeli life.
If the answer is no, then you have not yet evolved from your superiority complex.
If on the other hand, the answer is yes, then WHY DOESN'T THE U.S. MEDIA GIVE THEM HALF THE COVERAGE THEY ARE GIVING ISRAEL?
Posted By Anonymous Ahmad, Dearborn,MI : 1:56 PM ET
So what do we do when Russia and China get involved in this mess? "Nuke em"! Then they nuke us. Then everyone else with the capability starts nuking. It makes all of these divine squabbles meaningless if there is nothing left to fight for or defend. Why is there so much hatred in the world? Nobody is innocent!
Posted By Anonymous Stan M, Baton Rouge, LA : 1:58 PM ET
Anderson & 360 Crew

I find it hard to believe that after the world's most powerful leaders sat down for a G8 meeting, several days in duration, no kind of action has been taken to ease the tension in the Middle East. Once again we have seen that actions taken by political figures are more and more restrained by political correctness. Nothing is being done because one country doesn't want to offend or possess a different view than another on how to resolve the issue. Nothing gets done.
As for the United Nations: they are still doing nothing! Everytime an international crisis occurs the security council meets and they deliberate and never seem to do anything. A true figure head, nothing more. They must take proactive measures to relieve the region from distruction.

To you and your crew stay safe while you are reporting. Your service provides the world with a inside perspective and it allows us to keep up with world issues, right before our eyes.
Posted By Anonymous David C. Belleville Ontario Canada : 2:09 PM ET
It would be interesting/useful to see a chart or statistics showing the number of attacks from each side, going back to before the kidnapping. How many missiles were being fired before that point? How many now? I presume Hezbollah thought it could take a page from the Palestinians and get back in the news. Well, they're back. (And what Palestinians?)

Someone needs to get the people together in one room that can finalize the Lebanon/Israel/Syria border issue. They say that is why Hezbollah is attacking the Israelis. If the border issue is finalized, will Hezbollah go away or, at least, stop the cross-border harassment? Perhaps.

As for attacking Beirut, etc., I can see some logic in thinking that there is no reason for all Lebanese to sleep quietly if they are allowing attacks from their territory. But there are also probably too many shi'ites in the area to think that Hezbollah can just be disarmed or convinced to just go away.

Ah, well, back to the 80s.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Vernal, UT : 2:20 PM ET
In case you people haven't noticed, it's not possible for a person to be in two places at one time. For all you know, maybe he'll visit Lebanon next... or maybe not. If you look around, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find plenty of bloggers in Lebanon. Go read those if it makes you feel better.
Just because he's not suiting your agenda at the moment doesn't prove any sort of bias one way or the other.
Use your head people.. jeez.
Posted By Anonymous James, Denver, CO : 2:27 PM ET
One of the weirdest parts of watching this crisis unfold is the reaction of certain Christian sects, who are anticipating The Rapture. They're torn between human empathy at the suffering and thrilled excitement at the prospect of meeting Jesus at last.

I experience a similar dissonance when hearing them talk about their plight - I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 2:28 PM ET
Dear Mr. Cooper and my fellow posters,

As a Muslim who lived in Haifa, I think it is absolutely terrific that you are making an effort to see what is really going on in this crazy region of the world. All we get in most media outlets are either stock of military operations or pictures of bombs going off from a long way away. it is nice to see somebody in journalism is actually there and witnessing these terrorist attacks first hand.

It has become very en vogue as of recently to blame more developed and civilized countries for all the problems in the world. We're adopting a type of blame the victim mentality that is really upsetting. Instead of feeling sympathy for the Israeli civilians who are dealing with these constant attacks by a terrorist nation within a nation, the media seems instead to want to ignore it because of the relatively low loss of life. One country values the lives of their people enough that they provide bomb shelters and air raid warnings, go after kidnapped citizens, and attempt to create a safe buffer zone while the other seems to only care about inflicting as much carnage as possible. The Israeli's are using targeted weapons to attack legitimate military and terrorist targets while Hezbollah launchs unguided missiles at civilian cities in an attempt to cause as much murder as possible. And yet most people believe that Israel is the villian. It is simply baffling to me. The use of such rockets shows a distinct and murderous disregard for human life. They aren't targeting military infrastructure, i.e. power plants and airports, nor are they targeting military forces, instead they are just launching them at random against civilian populations.

If Lebanon truly cared about the lives of their people, instead of parading there casualties around on network television, they would prevent them. Prime Minister Olmert has made it quite clear that this entire conflict would stop if they release the kidnapped Israelis, stop the terrorist rocket attacks, and deploy forces to keep the Hezbollah from starting another conflict. Right now Lebanon is only interested in being "right." Hezbollah launches its attacks from amongst civilian populations in order to use the Israeli's morality against them.

It has been said about the Palestinian people but it is true also for the Lebonese it would appear: "The violen ce will only stop when they love their children more then they hate us." Please stop using innocent civilians as a shield and weapon, Hezbollah. Islam is the religion of peace, and you are making all of us Muslims look bad.
Posted By Anonymous Hamsah Kahn, Long Grove, Illinois : 2:53 PM ET

I think why you are getting so many comments about not reporting on Lebanon is because YOU are not there. They forget that you are part of an excellent TEAM who is doing there best to give us unbiased coverage.

Keep up the good work.

360 staff stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous Remy, North Adams, MA : 2:53 PM ET
You are doing a great job at reporting this story, considering what is going on around you.

Please be safe, my thoughts are with you and your crew at this time.
Posted By Anonymous Jenn, Toronto, Canada : 2:57 PM ET
Adelle- "Fair and Balanced" is a Fox News slogan, not CNN or Anderson Cooper's. You are welcome to change the channel back to Fox, where they are probably covering the Natalie Holloway story.
Posted By Anonymous Catherine -Smyrna, GA : 3:04 PM ET
It boggles my mind that some of the CNN viewers are claiming that CNN is biased towards Israel. As those of us who have watched CNN for years know, nothing can be further from the truth.

Before Israel moved back to the International Border in Lebanon in 2000 and unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005, critics of Israel blamed her occupation of those areas as justification for terrorist attacks. CNN reported the news, giving those critics every benefit of the doubt conceivably possible.

Now it seems that in order to be a one-sided critic of Israel one has to be either totally ignorant of the facts or one who cares little whether or not she even exists.

In past years only supposed narrow-minded apologists for Israel claimed to deaf ears that it was plainly obvious that her enemies wanted to completely destroy her. The events of the recent weeks has made it clear for all the world to see, and, unfortunately for them, Hamas and Hezbollah are not giving organizations such as CNN much to work with here in terms of any moral authority to justify their actions.

And speaking of ignorance, Israel is not targeting civilians in their raids in "tit for tat" measures but rather rocket launchers and terrorist infrastructure.
Posted By Anonymous SamuelG, Toronto, Canada : 3:05 PM ET
Neither Israel nor Hezbollah have the moral high ground on this conflict. Both have committed atrocities in the name of their own causes. They both antagonize one another (e.g., Israel regularly invades Lebanese airspace or bombs Hezbollah positions. In turn, Hezbollah reacts by firing rockets at Israeli planes, most of which miss their target and land in Israel, to which more military actions (by Israel) occur as a response). The Lebanese and Israeli people are both suffering. However, Israel, the more powerful of the two nations is systematically destroying Lebanon.
Posted By Anonymous Gilberto, Los Angeles, CA : 3:16 PM ET
There will be few "winners" here. Israel built a wall to separate itself from the Palistinians as a means to stop suicide bombings by Hammas, so Hammas dug a tunnel under the wall and attacked an Israeli guard outpost. In the process, Hammas kidnapped an Israeli soldier. Israel immediately attacked Hammas to (1) attempt to gain the release of the kidnapped soldier, and (2) teach Hammas that they cannot use similar tactics without fear of reprisal.

Shortly afterward on another of Israel's borders, Hezbollah initiated an attack against the Israelies. Hezbollah and Hammas probably did not coordinate their strategies, but in the Middle East "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" (which explains why the Syrians and Iran both can support Hezbollah - although both countries are Islamic, Iran is Shia and the Syria is Bathist/Sunni; in Iraq, these two groups are trying to kill each other, but when it comes to facing a common enemy such as Israel, they can work together). So, Hezbollah chose a moment to make an attack against Israel which (1) gives Israel a "two front war" problem to solve, (2) helps Iran by taking most of the attention away from the current nuclear proliferation issue, and (3) enhances Hezbollah's reputation among many of the jhadists in Lebannon. Hezbollah controls two cabinet seats in Lebannon, and more than 20 legislative seats (Lebannon is a country composed of many groups, including Lebannese Christians, non-jhadist Muslims (who have a working relationship with the Christians), a few Jewish people, and jhadist Muslims (such as Hezbollah) who are dedicated to the eradication of Isreal). Like any political group, Hezbollah "plays" to its constituency (the Lebannese jhadists) and to its benefactors (Syria and Iran).

What should Israel do? Any miscalculation could mean the end of their country. The present Israeli leadership derived its historical perspective from leaders like Moshe Dyan and Ariel Sharon, who believed that the military response to an attack must be massive to deter a future incursion. From Israel's perspective, it is far easier to "hit too hard", than it is to lose their country.

So, Hammas and Hezbollah will lose militarily because Israel has superior firepower. Hezbollah may lose politically because Israel could punish the the Lebannese in the south so much that, rather than rally Muslim support in Lebannon, Hezbollah's actions may get partially blamed for the war damage. I have already heard talk that Hezbollah should not unilaterally have started the war without coordinating its actions with the entire Lebannese government (the Israeli response could, in fact, give the Lebannese government the incentive to disarm Hezbollah per the UN's earlier request). On the other hand, Hammas may be better equiped to rally the Palistinians against the Israeli response, simply because Hammas represents more of a homogeneous group of people than does Hezbollah, and because the Palistinians exist without much hope for improvement. Their version of hopelessness, passed down through the generations, must surely make Hammas's recruitment efforts much easier than if the Palistinians had some real hope for a homeland.

Obviously, Israel will not "win" the public relations campaign because the world will view their responses as disproportionate to the initial events that set things in motion. The only "winners" may be Iran and Syria, either or both of whom can receive public relations "credit" for eventually "persuading" Hezbollah to disengage. Hard to imagine, but someone unduly influenced by Iran's next moves with Hezbollah might eventually miscalculate during the upcoming nuclear proliferation negotiations, and wrongfully conclude that Iran's President Ahmadinejad is a rationale leader with no interest in a nuclear weapon.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Birmingham, AL : 3:42 PM ET
When I watched the Sunday 360 edition I couldn't figure out why Anderson stood on a hilltop. Isn't that a perfect target? True, we got a nice view and I'm sure the area was a safety zone in the first place. Also, I know it's important to state the locations of your reporting and the maps are great, but do you think they should be kept low profile? The sirens and booms were in the distance so I hope CNN's safety precautions will continue. Next time Anderson, could you please fasten your helmet strap?
Posted By Anonymous KayT., Phoenix, AZ : 3:42 PM ET

Some of the comments I read on your last blog suggested that your reporting is �one sided�. I think people are forgetting there are several other journalists covering these crises from all sides. Besides I don�t think you can be two places at the same time or can you?

I did not think it was fair to characterize your coverage as "biased" or "one sided"

We look forward to your next broadcast.

Stay safe,
Posted By Anonymous Hanna, San Francisco, CA : 4:00 PM ET
Hey Anderson and crew;

I'm sure by now you've heard they "mic" the President saying "sh_t" today in conversation with Tony Blair.

I'll bet you guys are saying that (on or off the air) every time you hear what you describe as a "thud"!

You are indeed the "Edward R. Murrow" of our times. Stay safe and don't go in and/or stay out of Lebanon!! How the "sh_t" can a country be run with a government full of puppets and a terriorist organization (literally) calling the "shots".
Posted By Anonymous Julie, St. Louis, MO : 4:07 PM ET
Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, North Americans should be worried. Our counterparts seem to be increasing in number while I don't see much back-up from other countries. I'll just sit and pray for peace.
Posted By Anonymous Tony, Staunton, Virginia : 4:16 PM ET
It saddens me to hear what is going on around the world today. I would like to say that I will keep you and your crew in my prayers for a safe return. Godspeed.
Posted By Anonymous Emily, New Orleans, LA : 5:01 PM ET
Thank you to you and your team for the incredible coverage you are providing, all of us CNN junkies appreciate the risks you are taking. No other news channel has provided so much live coverage and aired programs providing both sides the opportunity to speak freely of the conflict. Can�t wait to see what news and stories will be on tonight�s show. Keep your heads down and have a safe journey home.
Posted By Anonymous Cindy, Seattle WA : 5:11 PM ET
I understand that the "desk job component" of all news anchors often happens by accident and at heart, you are all true reporters. I also understand that being in the field ultimately results in better and more accurate reporting, but please know that by inviting you into my living room each night for the past several years has made me (and a great deal of other viewers I�m sure) feel a little bit invested in your well-being and safety. So, on the one hand, thank you for years of superb journalism but, on the other, be safe out there (you and your crew), many prayers will be sent for all the brave men and women putting themselves in harms way to bring us true and up-to-date accounts of the turmoil in the Middle East. We all look forward to your broadcast tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Alexis, Redlands, CA : 5:50 PM ET
Good Job, CNN, Anderson Cooper, and all the rest of the reporters doing the job.

As to the "disproportionate response", one wonders how disproportionate it would seem if the rockets were coming out of Mexico and hitting and killing people in San Diego - of if the Mexican border guards turned the other way while drug dealers came over and kidnapped our of our troops.
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie, Richmond IN : 6:03 PM ET
i think i am in denial about what's going on. i can't believe we have to see history repeats its self. one think i want to point out is that so far 165 lebanese had died and 24 from isreal. it is obvious that lebanon was not ready for this but in someway isreal was. no matter where and what the numbers say, people dying, children are dying and it is not fair for them.
Posted By Anonymous Hana, Salem NH : 6:32 PM ET
we live in key west and this holy mess is making our hurricanes look like a minor inconvenience. we have a saying here..."one human family". we all treat eachother with respect no matter what the politics. i sure wish the rest of the world would figure it out.

keep your head down, anderson. you're one of the good guys.
Posted By Anonymous mary o'shea, key west, florida : 6:37 PM ET
hi Anderson
I talk to my sister in haifa, with my ill mother, they are scared from the situation, put they are more afraid of what is going on in lebanon,
lots of people got killed the images of dead children, are more to be concern about, than few rocket in israel
we need, peace, we need it now, more than ever.
Posted By Anonymous Rolla, los angeles, CA : 7:25 PM ET
very informative and scary. Good luck in your endeavors to bring up-to-date news.
Posted By Anonymous Tillie Schwartz, 1 Dogwood La. West Nyack, NY : 1:04 PM ET
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