Friday, July 14, 2006
Israeli woman: Just 'some problems' up north
Our team just landed a few hours ago. When you fly into Tel Aviv, you have to ask passport officials not to stamp your passport with an entry visa. A stamp makes it much more difficult to travel elsewhere in the region.

We are planning to go into Lebanon tomorrow, but right now, we're driving north toward the Lebanese border. I'm writing this on my blackberry as we race to the border town of Nahariya. Around 200 rockets have hit northern Israel so far. Nahariya has taken direct hits.

During the short time we were in Tel Aviv, things seemed normal. At the airport, several Israelis came up us to say they were annoyed that their relatives had canceled plans to vacation in Israel.

"Tell them Tel Aviv is fine," one woman said to me. "It's just up north where there are some problems."

"Some problems" is something of an understatement, but it's telling, I think. This is a land used to war, used to struggle. The people here find themselves fighting on two fronts and military reserves have been mobilized, but life goes on.

I remember in the mid-90s, when I was in Jerusalem, and a suspicious package had been left at a bus stop. The street was quickly cordoned off. The bomb squad appeared and blew up the package.

All the pedestrians on the street applauded, and immediately, life on the street resumed.

"What else can you do?" a man said to me. "What else can you do?"

Editor's note: Anderson Cooper anchors live from Israel, tonight, 10 p.m. ET.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 1:16 PM ET
Telling everyone what you see out there is very important. Most of us don't know the conflicts and maybe don't even understand why but I will be interested to hear your report tonight as to ALL sides of the issue.
Posted By Anonymous Nicki F., Calgary, Alberta : 1:31 PM ET
Wow, sounds like you and your crew are having quite the adventure trying to get to the action. Is there any new news on how they plan to get all the foreigners out of Lebanon? Stay safe, and good luck, don't take too many chances.
Posted By Anonymous Kelly, Pleasanton, CA : 1:35 PM ET

I am continually amazed by your hard work and the way you put yourself in danger to take to report the news.

Please, please be careful and return home safely. It's not worth it to me if you get injured while you are there!

Boulder, Colorado
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 1:38 PM ET
I guess your producers now know where you are. Great to hear from you, stay safe and can't wait for the show tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel-Albuquerque, NM : 1:41 PM ET
I think the morale of hte people living in the area is just amazing. They've been living in strife for years, to a point where hearing of these attacks is part of their daily life. It's horrible, but it's true. I only hope that peace will come to them soon. On a separate note, to you and your crew, please stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous Pooja, Iselin, NJ : 1:42 PM ET
We have been watching war on TV thesedays.I am sick and tired of war scene.I can not understand what Israel and Arab think.They should do battle of words.Basically building Israel in Middle East is the biggest fault.Situation is too strict.Hence If Arab don't accept Israel,Israel should move to Asia. Japan has been suffering
population decrease.So I want and hope Japanese government accept Israel citizen in the future.
Posted By Anonymous Haji,Aichi Japan : 1:47 PM ET
Anderson, I'm really looking forward to all of your reports from the region. The work you and all of the reporters do to keep us informed is greatly appreciated, especially given the risks involved. Stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Fay, Vacaville, CA : 1:49 PM ET
This just goes to show that you get a much different perspective from someone who is actually there, as opposed to being on the outside, looking in. Thank you for giving us this perspective. But stay safe, please!!
Posted By Anonymous Heather, Colebrook NH : 1:52 PM ET
Ha! You are using their downplaying to downplay;)

(And we appreciate it)
Posted By Anonymous Lily, Vancouver, BC : 1:53 PM ET
Thanks for giving us that insight. Usually when you hear about something on the news you don't think people in that country would be so blase about it. Please be safe!
Posted By Anonymous Lin, St. Louis, MO : 1:54 PM ET
So glad to hear from you and your crew. It seems like all h--- is breaking loose all over the world at once and this time everyone is playing with fire.
But as you said life goes on there. Watching the videos from Lebanon and seeing everyone trying to go about their every day life is truuly amazing and a bit scary. We take for granted the peace and stability we enjoy hear, but to see people who have to deal with war every day and children who have not known war is truly amazing - they live each day to the fullest and as if it were their last. Life such as it is for these people is precious and they seem to value it more than we do. There isn't much more they can do except pray and hope the bombs and shellings stop soon they truly are the faithful.

And to you and your crew God speed and stay safe - come home soon.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia Warren, MI : 1:54 PM ET
Hi Anderson, I now know what you meant, when you wrote in your book, reporters/journalists are racing toward what everyone else is running from. Take care and stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage Brooklyn Michigan : 1:55 PM ET
as usual, you and your crew put yourselves at risk to report the truth to what is really going on in the world. I think that it is a sad state when an entire region can be so apathetic to war. It's tragic for such a beautiful land to be so violent. Be safe and thanks for your service to the American people. You are a good man.
Posted By Anonymous Kirsten, Portland, OR : 1:55 PM ET
Stay safe. Come home in one piece. American media needs you, America needs you.
Posted By Anonymous Melissa Saratoga Springs NY : 1:56 PM ET
Anderson: God speed to you and your crew. Your journalistic objectivity is all at this moment. Too much of the Mideast reporting is framed by official government viewpoints. I know we can count on you to report the human suffering as you see it�be it Israelis forced into bomb shelters or Lebanese cut off from the outside world by the loss of their commercial airport. Ask where the reason is in all of this. Ask how long-term peace is fostered by policies that only engender more hatred. Ask if governments must continue to be reduced to the level of violence by which terrorists live. Ask if this is the end of diplomacy. Ask if every rocket fired�from whichever side�isn�t one more retreat from what we owe our children. Ask away. Be safe, one and all.
Posted By Anonymous John, New York, NY : 1:57 PM ET
Again you are racing toward what others want to escape from. I cannot understand that mind set but I, like the rest of you viewers, wish you God's speed.
Posted By Anonymous Phebe, Phoenix, AZ : 1:59 PM ET
I am looking forward to your reports to gain much more insight into the situation. You and your crew stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Pittsburgh, PA : 2:01 PM ET
I know how much you like this type of reporting, but please stay safe. Do not take any chances. We do not know what is going to happen in this region in the near future.I will pray for you that God will keep you and your team safe and return home safe.
Posted By Anonymous Terrie Ford Colonial Heights,VA : 2:02 PM ET
Mr. Cooper I find it quite interesting to hear the local reaction to the situation.

Once in Lebanon, I'd love to hear what some of their citizens think of the matter.
Posted By Anonymous Kristofer, Chicago, IL : 2:02 PM ET
Anderson, keep your edge, your wits, and your head down.
Posted By Anonymous jen Maumee, Ohio : 2:02 PM ET
Isn't sad that the people of that region have learned to accept the violence as a part of their daily ritual? I give them so much credit. I pray for a swift resolution but don't know how realistic that may be.

Please stay safe! And thanks for all your hard work!
Posted By Anonymous Annette L., Alpha, NJ : 2:04 PM ET
kudos Anderson .
I wish you could be in a position to resolve this too critical middle East issue .You are simply great .
Posted By Anonymous Rupa Dhar, Boston ,MA : 2:04 PM ET
Mr. Cooper,
Understanding that every generation has its issues, is a way to grasp what is going on our world. However, it seems as though evil is strong and the good is weak in these times.
I pray for your safe travels and world peace.
Posted By Anonymous Roberta, Lake Forest, CA : 2:09 PM ET
While praying for peace I am noticing a feeling of futility. A desire for the problem to just go away. Almost an appreciation of the battle hoping that maybe one side will just kill off the other or maybe that they will mutually annihilate one another. I'm loosing empathy for the innocents caught in the middle. Maybe its sensory overload from years and tears of hopefully following the developements in the middle east and world. And our government mystifies me. We won't talk with anyone unless they conform to our notion of how they should behave as a prerequisite. The approach seems immature. In the meantime threats grow, more die and the world's safety and economy teater in the balance.
Posted By Anonymous Marty, Melbourne Florida : 2:14 PM ET
Anderson, as you report the news from the area, please keep in mind that the majority of Lebanese, as well as northern Israel,are under the joug of militants funded by external entities seeking to keep the area destablized to support their own goals.
Posted By Anonymous Gabriel, Miami, FL : 2:15 PM ET
What I would like to know is who/what is supplying all the weapons, rockets, explosives, etc. these "non state actors" are using. Just who are the major suppliers in the world arms market, both officially and in the black market? Can we "follow the money?"
Posted By Anonymous Ellen, Talent, Oregon : 2:16 PM ET

What is the US doing on the diplomatic front? We have had improved relations with Lebanon recently. How does Israel's military offensive impact those developments? Please be safe. The American public needs your reporting!
Posted By Anonymous Mary Beth Gagne-Risden Naperville Illinois : 2:17 PM ET

You and your crew continue to put yourselves in danger to put a familiar face on another escalading world event. Thank you for your thoughtful, empathetic, and accurate reporting. Can't wait for 360 tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Ashley, Carson City, NV : 2:17 PM ET
Oh dear the poor Israelis are being hit by some penny rockets causing a handful of casualties while they reign terror by air, land and sea. What a brave little nation Israel is, all those children they murder would have surely grown up to be terrorists so better to kill them now.
Posted By Anonymous peter costello melbourne australia : 2:18 PM ET
"Just a problem in the north", well my co-workers said, "what do we care?". When they are paying $4.00+ for a gallon of gas they will. Anderson, and the crew at 360, keep the journalism real, as you always do, stay safe, and thank goodnes that there is finally a journalist out there working here in the US to be real, to the point, get the story and most importantly the truth. Unlike all these plastic anchors that don't want to get dirty, AC is right in the middle of it with both sides of the story and I for one have faith that I will get the truth from him.
Posted By Anonymous M.Dixon, Philadelphia, PA : 2:19 PM ET
Thank you for reporting from this risky area. We need to understand the politics of this conflict. I am anxious to view your program tonight. Hopefully, your report will educate and exasberate this to a peaceful conclusion. God bless and watch over you and your crew until your safe return.
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann Nacogdoches, Texas : 2:21 PM ET
Anderson please don't take any chances and get in harms way. Its a scarey situation and I wish you weren't over there, but I know you wouldn't want it any other way. Be SAFE and come back to the states safely.
My prayers go with you for a safe trip. Anxious to see your show tonight and know you are o.k.
Posted By Anonymous Jean, St. Charles, Mo. : 2:23 PM ET
How sad is it that there are places where people are accustomed to living with constant warfare?

This is the mindset some people would like us in the US to become accustomed to - I hope I never have to get so blase that bombs going off are just another event in the day.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 2:23 PM ET
Mr Cooper, what is the feeling there regarding Isreali forces being able to handle this warfare happening now? Is it felt that the US or UN forces will help repel Palestinians "pouring in" through the Egyptian/Isreali wall border?
Posted By Anonymous Jolene Lea, Richmond Hill, GA : 2:30 PM ET
Bruchim Ha'baim, Welcome to Israel, Anderson. It's just another day.
Posted By Anonymous Shayna, Jerusalem, Israel : 2:30 PM ET
I have a good friend in Haifa. This is the first time, for me personally, that I have ever known a civilian actually living under attack. I emailed my friend to ask what people there are really thinking and feeling about it all, but haven't heard anything back yet. It puts a much more personal touch and sense of urgency on how such conflicts really impact the lives of everyday people. I have a sense that the events unfolding in front of our eys are part of something much bigger and horrific to come. I wonder if the whole world will be drawn into this? I really hope that I am wrong. The state of the world reminds me way too much of my gradeschool days when we talked about nukes and how to hide under our desks, as if that would really help.

Take care, please stay safe, and help where you can.
Posted By Anonymous Jill, Ann Arbor, MI : 2:34 PM ET
Thanks for covering this.

For all of those, especially younger viewers that don't understand, I hope that 360 or CNN can do a piece on the history of the conflict so that it can be better explained. It can be confusing and it would be good to clear up some of the more convoluted parts of this story.

Thanks again and stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Tampa, Fl : 2:38 PM ET
Why is it that in the CNN story it is reported that "Israeli woman and grandchild killed" and no effort is made to personify the dozens of innocent Lebanese that have been killed by Israeli forces since this conflict began? 10 times as many Lebanese, many of them women and grandchildren, have been killed without much emphasis from the western press. The job of the press is to report the news, not distort it.
Posted By Anonymous Jay Chen, Pasadena, California : 2:39 PM ET
Reporting news of this magnitude could so easily be done from behind the anchor desk, but thankfully there are reporters like you who don't see it that way. I want to say that I appreciate the trouble you go to, often putting yourself in harm's way so that America can see the truth of these situations from the comfort of their living rooms.

Thanks for what you do and all of you, please stay safe!!!
Posted By Anonymous Rebecca, Oklahoma City, OK : 2:39 PM ET
Just some problems?! As an American, it is hard to wrap my mind around having to deal with interruptions like this in daily life.

Siniora called the crisis a "controlled war". I will be interested in seeing in your broadcast tonight how controlled it really is.

Anderson, trust your gut and be safe!
Posted By Anonymous Mel, Tupelo, MS : 2:39 PM ET
I must commend the Israeli People for their tenacity and courage. It's such a shame that people who desperately want to be left alone and live in peace are constantly being harrassed by the extremists. Israel will prevail and my prayers are with her brave people.
Posted By Anonymous Brian, W.Bayshore,NY : 2:40 PM ET
Looking forward to you reporting from the Middle East tonight. It's amazing to me that the locals don't seem to be to troubled by what is going on. Hoping you and all of the 360 staff stays safe and out of harms way. Be Careful!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, Monroe, Connecticut : 2:41 PM ET
I would really appreciate it if you would give us a truthful, unbiased, (balanced?) appraisal of what is happening in the Middle East. There are two sides - please go beyond the "pity me" pictures and tell us how it is. I turned off Geraldo and the other leading pathetic actors a long time ago
Posted By Anonymous Dave R, Merritt Island, FL : 2:43 PM ET
The Lebanese are dealing with the consequences of a choice they had made. Lebanese people demonstrated many times i nthe past two years demanding that the 20,000 Syrian troops deployed to Lebanon be sent back home, and they even pleaded to the West to force the Syrians out igonring the fact that these troops where their only protection from Israel. Now they appreciate what the Syrians did for them, Lebanon has a very small army that is incapable of retaliating to Israel's attacks and now the pay the price for the bad choices they made and for biting the hand that had fed them for many years
Posted By Anonymous Saleh, Washington Dc : 2:43 PM ET
You have some serious courage, being in a town that's been hit with over 200 rockets. Actually, you have courage just to be willing to go to Israel at all during this time. I want to express my gratitude to you and your crew.

With that aside, I just want to comment on the entry. The fact that the Israelis are annoyed over their relatives decisions shows just how ready they are to stay with their daily schedules. Maybe it's for the better, though, that their relatives don't visit. Imagine if something horrible happened to the plane they flew in on, or the airport. I mean, you can't be too careful nowadays. Not many places are safe anymore, sadly. But, the man was right, in times like these there really is nothing you can do but try to get by and make the best of the situation.

I just want to stress for you all to be safe again, though you hear this alot. You're not invinsible and are in as much danger as the rest of Israel....and the world for that matter.
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Millbury, Ma. : 2:45 PM ET
Let's see were "racing" to the border. Really? Truly? Racing? Your observation is that the Israelis are stoic. That's it? That's the news? You need to calm down a bit and not go "Geraldo" on us. What we need from you are what you are noted for: facts and thoughtful perspective. Stay safe, you crazy person..
Posted By Anonymous Craig Cook, Sterling, VA : 2:51 PM ET
Thanks for your dedication ... this is a serious conflict and your accurate timely reporting is invaluable.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Chester Springs, PA : 2:54 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
As an Israeli living in Tel Aviv and enjoying your show very much, let me say - Take care up north, it's dangerous there and when you need a break, come down to tel aviv and hang out with us!
Posted By Anonymous Gidi, tel aviv, israel : 2:56 PM ET
It would be great to see your team show some of the suffering on the Israeli side as many concider this conflict a one sided one. Stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous Mini , New York, NY : 3:01 PM ET
please show both sides of the you always do.I am noticing that the Lebanese civilian caualities are not making the news but the Israeli deaths-far fewer-are making headlines.I hope you are allowed to be honest.I wonder very much what your take is on this...or at least what your neutral stance will reveal!
Posted By Anonymous anne,boston,ma : 3:02 PM ET
I am a lebanese americcan father living in Sacramento , CA.My wife and 2 kids are visiting family in Sidon in southern Lebanon, they are stuck there very frightened and isolated, i called the american embassy and registered them in case there is an emergency evacuation for american citizens, they said there are no plans yet, my 10 year old daughter sent me a 3 word chilling email: "dad please help us". I do not know what to do, my family is in the middle of a war and i am here unable of helping them
I hope if anderson cooper succeeds in getting to southern lebanon, may be he can pass by sidon and get in contact wih my family, and to tell them to hang in there.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Ramsey, Sacramento, CA : 3:33 PM ET
Just out of curiosity...whats the Male/Female ratio of people who commented here?

Anyway, I believe that CNN is a American organization biased towards Israel. And it shows in this post.

""Some problems" is something of an understatement, but it's telling, I think. This is a land used to war, used to struggle. The people here find themselves fighting on two fronts and military reserves have been mobilized, but life goes on."

Maybe you should talk to some Palestinian women while you are there.
Posted By Anonymous Ezra, Dayton, OH : 3:46 PM ET
Maybe you should have the VISA stamped on your passport to show that you support the Israeli right to exist and to further efforts of those in the region that need to fully normalize relations with Israel under the standards of WTC. Normal relations mean recognition, eliminating boycotts (Are the Saudi's listening) Normal relations does not mean blowing up buses or attacking Israeli territory.
Stand up and stamp your passport.
Posted By Anonymous Yogi, San Rafael, CA : 3:47 PM ET
They blew out the power

The Israelis have cut the power off to Beirut. LAU is running now on a backup generator. The entire area near me is paralyzed. There are no students on campus except for the SINARC students. Word on the street is that Anderson Cooper is on his way here... now we ALL KNOW that when AC is on the way the situation is not good.

I heard the bombings all night and the planes flying overhead all night. I don't think it's something that you can get use to ever. We are working out an evacuation plan. Now we can go to Byblos (we have the option) but from what I hear the streets are unsafe. However, we're doubtful that Israel will bomb during the day. The only positive thing is that in byblos we won't hear the bombings and we'll be about an hour out of Beirut. The Israelis are getting closer. I hear last night that the Dutch Embassy came and got the dutch citizens out already. The dutch students that were here are gone.

America is still working out a plan (of course! all talk! surprise, surprise!) I hear that there is a ship coming but in all honesty... they couldn't even get the people out of New Orleans... can they really do it in Beirut? I'm sorry... I'm so tired. Not much sleep last night. People are calling me on the phone and freaking out. I turned off my phone because it keeps me calmer. (Thank you Cliff for listening to me this morning !!!) If I need to contact anyone it's charged and I have access. Plus, right now I'm more nervous about my cell phone bill. It's going to be close to a thousand dollars... I swear. Inshallah! I have also lost all access to AIM so if you've been talking to me online... well, we're out of luck now (as can be expected). The internet connection may go soon too. Nothing is certain.

Since there is no power we may not have access to food or anything outside of campus. The shops are closed and the streets are clear. It's that eerie silence that I can only compare to those days post 9-11 when everyone in NY was like "Okay? What now?"

I think I will get on the bus and go to Byblos for the time being. At first it was mandatory but now we have the option because half the people want to go and half don't. Everyone here claims to know people who have "special contacts" and give advice what to do... half the advice is to go and the other half is being advised not to go.

People are screaming, fighting, crying and arguing with the administration and constantly on the phone with the UN, State Department or anyone else that can help us but it's pointless. It's the students that are freaking out the faculty is doing their best at keeping everyone calm. I do not envy Mimi's position or anyone of their positions right now. Everyone just needs to calm down because we're stuck for the time being. The people in the US have no idea what is going on. I don't care if there is intelligence, tv, news, cameras etc. unless you are here experiencing it first hand there is no possible way or no way anyone can be an "expert" on the situation.

So, I'm off to Byblos. I think that's what is best right now. We've been told to pack enough for a week. I have everything packed already with 2 suitcases... essentials and non essentials. I'm leaving my nonessentials in Beirut. (Sorry, but ya'all may not be getting the gifts I got ya!) haha. Oh well, we will be back though in Beirut as soon as possible to pick everything up... inshallah.

By the way... my arabic test was cancelled until Monday. If worse comes to worse classes will resume in Byblos on Monday. I will update as soon as I can. In the meantime also check out my friend Josh's blog:

He is here at SINARC and is going through the same experience.

posted by Ashley @ 12:41 AM 2 comments

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Posted By Anonymous ashley marinaccio lebanon : 3:53 PM ET
The rate at which this conflict has escalated is truly mind-boggling. When Israel began their withdraw from the Gaza Strip I was optimistic that at least one of the many conflicts that seem to be continuously brewing in the Middle East. I think this is the first time that I can remember being genuinely fearful of the world in which we live. What is most surprising to me in all of this is the resiliency with which people in Israel, Lebanon, and other conflict-ridden countries show in continuing to live their lives. I hope that you and the rest of the CNN crew stay safe and I'm glad to see that your Blackberry works even in the midst of war.
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly Miller, Lancaster, PA : 4:04 PM ET

Kudos for you and your crew. I will be looking forward for your show tonight. I hope you bring objectivity just as Larry King did yesterday cause sadly CNN has been downplaying the casualties and the horrors inflicted on Lebanon. A comment on what the Israeli lady told you, people on both sides of the border have been sadly suffering from this unending war. Hopefully, world leaders will for once try to broker a long lasting peace .
Posted By Anonymous Dana, College station, Texas : 4:06 PM ET
Didn't Lebanon and Israel have this conflict 1982.
Posted By Anonymous Marla Gaspard, Irving, TX : 4:08 PM ET

I am sorry to hear your family is stuck there. I hope they make it out safely, or that this ends soon.

I am really worried that this is going to lead to a widespread confrontation in that region or even another World War. I just have this feeling, with all the tension in the region already, American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, I think it's going to get out of control real fast. I hope I am wrong.
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie Zinn, Queen Creek, AZ : 4:17 PM ET

I have to agree with Craig from VA: you are a little crazy. Please, please, please focus on the facts and some insight into the history of why this keeps happening would be great.

The area of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Palestine are ripe with historic significance. Many of us go there to pray and feel more connected to our God. Why are there so many conflicts focused in this area? It seems to be a magnet for strife.
I'm looking forward to some great reporting from you and your team.

360 staff, stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Remy, North Adams, MA : 4:19 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
It is incredibly disappointing to see Israel act in such a harsh and unjust fashion. If any other country were to act in the manner in which Israel has conducted herself we would see UN sanctions and if it were to an allie that doesn't receive $100 million a year and free use of our military equipment than they US would be there with bells on. I hope that your amazing reporting will shed light to those whom are ignorant to the actual facts of the situation. Be safe we need your brilliantly honest and ethical reporting to continue.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Arlington, Virginia : 4:20 PM ET
Born on a Navy base in 45, I've watched the mess grow as we've kissed them goodbye and welcomed them home. Flown the flag and tied a yellow ribbon and built a memorial. Alas, The downward spiral of humanity while the world is warming. Follow the money--that should be self-evident--illegal drug trade and human trafficking with China the banker. How do you settle the dispute over land when three major religions hold title 'from God' to the same land? That battle manipulated by those who seek money and power. While you watch the rockets' red glare, remember our troops caught in box canyons with rusty, dusty equipment and a handful of antidepressants while 30% of the Iraqi oil that is getting pumped is going on the black market. Check which ports are prospering while our Navy guards their sea lanes. Stay safe and report the big story.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista, ar : 4:24 PM ET
We should just bomb the Middle East with a few nuclear bombs and put an end to all the strife and conflict once and for all. Good riddance! Peace and calm, finally!
Posted By Anonymous Ben Ho, Miami, FL : 4:48 PM ET
I totally understood the comment the lady made about "it's just some problems up north"
We live in Los Angeles, and watching all the fires burn around us is scarry, but we too say "it's too far for us to worry about"
So it may not be war, but we too shrug and relax as long as the fires don't reach our homes.
I have a lot of family in Israel, and worry about them now that yet another conflict has started out there.

Thank you for covering it and giving us first person look at what's going on there.
Posted By Anonymous Miriam, Los Angeles, CA : 4:48 PM ET
I really appreciate the risks you and your crew take to bring us the latest news from the Middle East. Please be careful! Remember-it's not worth your lives.
Posted By Anonymous Emily, Jonesboro, Ga : 4:50 PM ET
Please Anderson be balanced when reporting the conflict there . I feel CNN and other media outlets only interview Israeli point of view and not the other side. The American public is ignorant to the atrocities the Israelis have placed on the Palestinians. Please be forthright with your viewers.
Posted By Anonymous Mark Zecca West Hollywood California : 4:52 PM ET
Keep in mind that it's Lebanon that is being hit the hardest here. I hope your reports won't start with the 2 Israelis that haev been killed (not that numbers make any difference, a civilian death is a civilian death), and add the 60 Lebanese civilians at the bottom of the article.
I am truly hoping that at least one CNN journalist will start being a little more objective about what it is that's going on here - who it is that's suffering for some wider policy excuses. It's disgusting!
Stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous Anna, D.C. : 4:52 PM ET
I was reading the "Letters From Readers" in yesterday's Newyork Times about Bombay Train Blasts and surprisingly tow muslim readers were talking about "Justice" and till it is not delivered, World will face the wrath of Islamic Terrorism. I wonder is that what is the psyque of the Moslems that they have to find a reason to condone the inhuman acts around the world? Not a single moslem has condemned the hardship Israeli's are facing to deal with constant terror from Hamas and Hezbollah. They keep looking for "Justice". Can they provide the Justice to their own brothers where they are incharge? The proof is in pudding ,Shia's start killing Sunni's and vice versa. My request to Moslem brothers is to get real and try to find a peaceful solution rather than tacitly support the Mass Murdere's like Bombay Train Bombers, Al-quaida, Hamas and Hezbollah. This is about time the Islamic People remember about their ancestors who have made coontributions to all human beings in Science, Technology, Literature and Arts and Forget about these merchants of "Death"
Posted By Anonymous Sam, Charlotte NC : 4:52 PM ET
It was difficult to read your tone - are you impressed with the resiliency of Isrealis to go on with normal life during war, or disappointed that anyone could trivialize, compartmentalize, and generally ignore something that is causing, seemingly without end, such suffering in the region? No matter WHO is to blame, the fact of the violence, without end for so many decades, nay centuries, in this region, sickens me. Where does humanity go, when it can so easily be bypassed by one's limited sense of community and caring?
Posted By Anonymous VIrginia Bradshaw, Houston : 4:54 PM ET
Israelis are targeting Hizballah in Lebanon. Hisballah is being protected by the Syrian Army that's left in Lebanon -- most Lebanese people want the Syrian Army out - they won't leave. Syrians are being financed by Iran. This is not so much an Israeli vs. Lebanon war as an Israeli vs. Extreme Islamist war - as well as a right to exist. We in America are fortunate - most other countries have experienced war on the home front - we have not.
Posted By Anonymous Rosie, Bryan, Texas : 4:58 PM ET
I could not sleep last night after watching the news reports from Lebanon. I take this to heart...and wonder how people can live with death and terror all around them. When Anderson reports from war savaged countries, he makes it more real and does not just report it, but is through it... Too many of us cry over the "latest 'well televised' tragedy" because it is in our face, but quickly forget the one before,and the one before that. Becoming more well-informed has made me a better person...and I thank CNN for that!
Posted By Anonymous Laura Bezich, Haddon Township, New Jersey : 4:59 PM ET

Hope you can visit Lebanon to get a full picture! I know its like a mission impossible with no airport or port open to land in, bridges to cross, and even roads to get into the country! But stay Safe, and Honest,...
Best Wishes & God Bless
Posted By Anonymous Gabby Trad, Oklahoma City, OK : 4:59 PM ET
We are here near Haifa telling you that Israel is here to stay.
It is time for Lebanon to clean up its street from terrorists. Either they run the rats out of their holes or we'll do it for them.
You turn the other cheek once.
I'm sorry dear student you are sitting in the dark - Go tell your government to make sure no one disturbes my son's sleep !
People in Israel live by one simple rule: Live & let others live.
But when you don't play by this rule. Watch out.
Fare well Nasralla.
Posted By Anonymous Yaron, Haifa, Israel : 5:01 PM ET
Anderson, I for one am greatly relieved to see Israel finally respond in a reasonable fashion to years of outrageous provocation: "reasonable" being the operative word. In medicine, if there is an aggressive cancer in the region, it is therapeutically reasonable to be clinically aggressive in response - to excise it or to surround its perimeter and attempt to destroy it, hopefully with minimal damage to healthy tissue. Israel is attempting something analogous with Hezbollah whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel. Make no mistake - Israel is responding sanely to its insane neighbors.

Be careful out there!
Posted By Anonymous Leslie R. Los Angeles CA : 5:04 PM ET
After the horror and devastation of the Holocaust in WWII, the Jewish nation have made it their priority to regain their land of Israel, and the temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed by the Roman prince Titus with his Roman army in A.D. 70. Not until 1948 have they re-established the nation of Israel and Jersulaem. And since then they have vowed to NEVER let it go, EVER, EVER, EVER...AGAIN!! We can bet on it! And they are

This land was originally inherited to them, promised to their father Abraham and to his children, the nation of Israel, and it will never be taken away from them again, even though as had hard and stubbornly-persistent as their Arab neighbors will murderously try. And they are definitely does belong to them, and they should never let it go. May God supply them with grace to endure.

As of this time, there still is no temple re-built in Jerusalem yet. I believe they will wait for a time when they will be able to have enough stability in the region to be able to re- build it again. Will it be sooner or later, after the recent escalations of violence, we don�t know yet? But it will be very obvious that nation of Israel will never give up and will want peace even more now than before.

Anderson, thanks for your tenancity and courage. Please be extremely careful! And I am looking forward to your report tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Loma Linda, CA : 5:08 PM ET
Anderson, I have become a huge fan of yours and admire your ability to constantly put yourself in the face of danger. I must admit I am not a fan of CNN, as I believe its media coverage is very biased, however you are the jewel in a brainwashed media playground. I never grew up in the strife that you speak of, yet my parents� vivid memories and their distaste for their own country paints enough of a picture. It's nice that we constantly hear an Israeli's point of view and are perpetually reminded of their two-people loss versus our barely-mentioned 50+ people loss; however I look forward to hearing about this in true 360 degree fashion - Lebanese, Palestinians and Israeli's alike - uncensored. I hope I am not disappointed. Good luck and be well.
Posted By Anonymous Dana, New York City, NY : 5:17 PM ET
Our government is weak and spineless for not calling out Israel for what is an extremely excessive use of force on the WRONG PEOPLE. If, just once, we stood up and told Israel that it could not do these types of things (and this is not to say that the other side CAN), maybe something would change. Nothing will ever change if we keep giving them the green light and then trying to appear as the "honest broker" that we sure as heck aren't.

People in Israel live by one simple rule, just as Yaron says, but it's not the rule he claims. It's "kill everything that threatens us". Israel and its people have had a tough history, but at some point you have to move beyond your history, or you're going to keep repeating it forever.

I want to repeat a comment from an earlier poster that I think is really important. CNN disappoints me. Anderson, if you really want to be the hero some of these people here are fawning over, tell all sides...

Why is it that in the CNN story it is reported that "Israeli woman and grandchild killed" and no effort is made to personify the dozens of innocent Lebanese that have been killed by Israeli forces since this conflict began? 10 times as many Lebanese, many of them women and grandchildren, have been killed without much emphasis from the western press. The job of the press is to report the news, not distort it.
Posted By Anonymous Ty, Leith, Scotland : 5:28 PM ET
Woohoo!!...Anderson Cooper to the rescue!!...That should surely lower the volume of the fighting!!

I look forward to this latest test of CNN's objective reporting standards from this never-ending trouble spot of the world.

Let's see if Anderson will succeed to convey to us all the extent to which each party in this conflict values human life and the efforts they make to attempt to minimize the tragic deaths of innocent civilians on BOTH sides and, conversely, which may strive to maximize human pain and suffering and use it as a tool to foment hatred and intolerance of others who are different than they.

I look forward to the day when the latter embraces peace even if it is only for practical purposes because they have no more bullets in their gun....but then again, if they do not value human life, even their own, will they EVER be able to live without war?

The madness continues......
Posted By Anonymous SamuelG, Toronto, Canada : 5:32 PM ET
I want to say upfront that all civilian deaths from both the Lebanese and Israeli sides are a equally disturbing, unfortunate and inexcusable...

Did anyone see the comment from "Miami, FL : 4:48 PM ET" in this blog (including CNN)??

It is a shame that "the most trusted name in news", ie CNN, only reports about the 2 deaths in Israel (again, no death should be underestimated), but fails to report about a family of 6, a family of 11, a family of 12, and another 40 civilians, which have lost their lives in Lebanon. Only one person killed by the Israelis so far is actually from Hizbullah...

Israel wants Lebanon to control Hizbullah (which is a reasonable request), and is holding the Lebanese people responsible for Hizbullah's actions. I am not sure how destroying Lebanese airports, dozens of bridges, power plants, ports, phone lines is going to make the Lebanese govmt more powerful in facing Hizbullah???

Hoping that Anderson can do a better job than his colleagues at CNN and be more objective. Let your conscience be your guide.... Take care out there
Posted By Anonymous Joe A, Texas : 5:41 PM ET
Please bring some attention to the students who were studying in Beirut. They are still there with no way out. Our embassy has revealed no plans for their safe removal. My daughter is @ Lebanon American University.She was in Beirut Campus now in Byblos. Ashley Marinaccio is her name. She wants to have safe passage home. Can you help to bring attentio to this, thereare more kids too. Please!!
Posted By Anonymous Valery Butler,Red Bank New Jersey : 6:06 PM ET
No matter what your political view may be, the attitude of the Israeli people is the focus on Anderson's entry.

Knowing their modern, Western culture firsthand, I can tell you they are a resilient people. Israel is no stranger to violence, but it's people know that life cannot be wasted worrying about events that are our of your control.

The Israelis' attitude is essentially the Hebrew phrase, "Ye'yeh ma sheh ye'yeh"--Whatever will be, will be.

For them, there is no reason why the nightclubs of Tel Aviv and Herzliya should not be filled with dancers or the beahes of Eilat with vacationing families.

As for cities like Nahariya and Tzfat, they are not about to fade away. Just as soon as the situation becomes safe, their residents will resurface from their shelters and live their lives just as they had before.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin, Maryland : 6:12 PM ET
Anderson your records speaks for itself. Good to have you at the other end of the Globe. Atleast, we are assured of what is happening on the grounds out there. As always, your safety is our concern. Remember thousands of people around the world are waiting for tonight's 360.
Posted By Anonymous Peter, Washington, DC : 6:12 PM ET
What several posts above don't realize is that it is standard practice for the terrorists that attack Israel to surround themselves with civilians, using them as human shields, so that when Israel has no choice but to attack those that rain rockets upon Israeli cities, the terrorists insure there are civilian casualties and can cry to the media about it. The terrorists are, sadly, masters at PR.
Posted By Anonymous David, New York NY : 6:17 PM ET
My question is when will the world force Hezbollah to stand down? Beside starting the war, they are targeting civilians. It seems that our Russian and French friends say only Israel uses excessive force, why not equally apply that to Hezbollah? Are they held to a different more barbaric set of standards? How can the world say Hezbollah is legitimate when they don't take orders from the Lebanese govt.? Is Syria and Iran going to be allowed to propagate this war?
Posted By Anonymous Abel Cherry Hill, NJ : 6:47 PM ET
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