Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Getting personal with Katyusha rockets
We've spent the day so far along the Israel-Lebanon border. It's amazing how quickly you get used to the sounds of shelling.

A couple days ago, I couldn't tell the difference between incoming and outgoing fire. Now, it's obvious to my ear.

We came upon a Katyusha rocket that had struck along the side of the road. It had created a trench about 80 feet long that was still on fire when we got there. The rocket was half-buried in the ground.

It was a strange moment. There was no one else around. There were no fatalities. And no one was injured. I guess emergency personnel had more pressing matters to attend to.

We then went to the local police station and took a look at the bomb squad's arsenal of rockets they've recovered. Some of these Katushyas are filled with ball bearings that scatter on impact, as Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported last night. The launchers themselves are rather basic devices. I'm always amazed by the simple methods humanity has devised to kill one another.

In this border area, the mountains are literally on fire. Rockets have landed along the forested slopes and huge plumes of white smoke fill the sky.

Tonight on the program, we'll show you what these Katyushas look like up close and how Israeli authorities are trying to deal with the seemingly endless supply of them that Hezbollah has at its disposal.

See you tonight.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 1:42 PM ET
"It's amazing how quickly you get used to the sounds of shelling."

That's just plain scary.

I won't tell you to stay safe because everyone else will do that for me;) Does all of the viewer support fuel you in some way? I am thinking it must.
Posted By Anonymous Lily, Vancouver, BC : 2:06 PM ET
Rockets filled with ball bearings? Sometimes, I wonder, if a person were to pick one up, fill it with medical supplies or food and shoot it back, if that would give them a little bit of guilt and shame them into stopping this all together? The ultimate in "turn the other cheek". Just a thought. Nothing else seems to be working over there. Perhaps a little guilt would do the trick!
Posted By Anonymous Jill G., Michigan : 2:11 PM ET
Can you compare the Katusha to the weapons on the other side of the war field?
Posted By Anonymous Sarah Boston, MA : 2:14 PM ET
"I'm always amazed by the simple methods humanity has devised to kill one another."

Sometimes I think we won't be happy until we're back to slashing one another with bone knives.

But it does seem like news coverage is accomplishing something. While any number of dead and injured is too many, this conflict has (so far) seen a very small number of casualties. When you think that there were over a million casualties at the Battle of the Somme and less than 3000 (Americans) killed in Iraq so far, the trend is clear - people are less likely to accept massive casualties, whatever the cause. I don't think a Gallipoli could happen today. Which is a good thing.

You guys are doing great work over there. But I'm looking forward to the day when you can sit in a studio and interview a writer, or a scientist, or even a movie star again.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 2:19 PM ET
Anderson and crew- Wow! You guys really get in the middle of the action. . . . Looking forward to the report tonight. Stay our of the line of fire!!!
Posted By Anonymous Bill Summers, College Station, Tx : 2:23 PM ET
The Katyusha rocket is an inaccurate weapon that is fired at cities and other population centers with the sole purpose of killing people indiscriminately. They are no different from the German V1 and V2 rockets of WWII which coincidentally, were and are referred to as terror weapons.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Austin, TX : 2:33 PM ET
Last night's show scared the crap out of me. For some reason the shelling in the backgroud brought it all home. Thanks for staying objective and making the crisis over there real over here.
And don't get too personal with those rockets, please stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Kelli, Clayton, NC : 2:34 PM ET
I feel as though I have a better understanding of the history, the motivations and the challenges of the people in Lebanon & Israel because of the thorough 360 coverage.
I also appreciate last night's look into Iraq's current status.
Thanks, as always, for bringing us all angles.
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina, Reno NV : 2:34 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Yes, humanity can find all kinds of ways to kill each other...The ball bearings thing surprised me..It all is just exhausting..Back and forth..On and on..I guess HATE is more powerful than reason..It feels very hopeless at times..But I believe in never saying never..A bit of a Pollyanna? YEP..Take Care..Stay safe
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 2:38 PM ET
To Anderson and his crew.. Thanks for all your hard work. Please stay safe..
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, Richardson, TX : 2:43 PM ET
Hi Anderson- Sounds like you all have an "extra scoop" when it comes to taking risk. ok- maybe you are all simply crazy but I can't wait to see the report tonight. Stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann Taylor Nacogdoches, Tx : 2:43 PM ET
They are definately low tech weapons. Inaccurate and unguided, basically they are just little SCUDs, point and shoot.

In world war two, the Soviet Army used truck mounted Katyushas to great effect. They may not have been accurate, but they were fired in volleys, I believe twenty at a time. In flight they tended to spread, raining destruction over a very wide area.

But, one rocket killing a friend or family member, or striking your house, is just as devastating as twenty.
Posted By Anonymous Adam Bell, East Palestine Ohio : 2:44 PM ET
"I'm always amazed by the simple methods humanity has devised to kill one another."

What a statement Anderson! We can translate that statment to killings here in the states! I really don't understand the minds of those who choose to kill, and it is just a way of life for them.
Posted By Anonymous Annie, Nashville,TN : 2:52 PM ET
Hi Anderson. Seeing that car that was damaged by katushya rocket ball bearings in Sanjay's report was eye opening. I had just assumed they were regular rockets. I am also amazed of the simple methods humanity devises to kill each other. Unfortunately, as technology makes war easier to wage, we are left with less of a reason not to do so.

As always, stay safe. Will you and your team be coming home soon? You seem to always be the first one there and last one to leave.
Posted By Anonymous Stacy, St. Louis, MO : 2:55 PM ET
I'm trying to imagine a rocket falling in my little neighbourhood and it being so inconsequential that no even stopped to put it out. I can't. It only adds to my suspicion that what many of us consider "regular life" is in fact a lot closer to living fulltime in Disneyland.
Posted By Anonymous Claire Colvin, White Rock, BC : 2:55 PM ET
Anderson, I've always wondered how you guys know what places are safe to set up so you can do your shows/broadcasts. I would think you would be vulnerable anywhere, or is there a place dedicated for journalists that are "off-limits" for firing katyusha rockets and the like. Anderson and team, please be careful and please come home soon. This conflict can go on for months; there must be a way to get up-to-date reports of the conflict without you guys being there the whole time. I pray for your safety everyday. Take care and God bless,
Posted By Anonymous Beth, Edmonds, WA : 2:56 PM ET
So, how do you tell if the rockets are incoming or outgoing at first sound? For what length of time from launch to contact, do they emit their "signal". In other "non-war" wars, there have been many pieces of weaponry that have not detonated and often brought about hazards later, so will that be the case with these? I'm not too familiar with these packages of death and destruction and have to admit I'd rather let you guys do the up close and personal bit. I'll stay here, worry and pray for you.

As for the ball bearings,I became too familiar with those long ago. Thank goodess these pieces of garbage aren't the terrorists we thought they were.

Sorry the conference didn't work out this time, I just hope and pray no one agrees to a cease fire as long as the situation remains the same. There's not much that will convince me Hezbollah isn't getting some outside help.

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 2:59 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Thank you for your excellent journalism!
Can you go over where these rockets come from and who supplies the materials for making them? I read that Katyusha means "little Katie" in Russian and that the design comes from Russian rockets. Also I've read that Iran supplies these rockets, as well as the funds/materials for making them. Is this true? Thnx.
Posted By Anonymous Samantha, Nashua, NH : 3:00 PM ET
you know anderson, i really appreciate that you are trying to be as fair as you can in relaying the news to the American people. You have great ethics and i wish you would have taken a different perspective on the Lebanese border. I think you will see a different view. I watched you during the Katrina disaster, but I think crossing the border to Lebanon, you feel no safety. You will feel despair and breath the air of fire, burnt tires, the smell of burnt is a much different view.
Posted By Anonymous Angela, Houston, Texas : 3:00 PM ET
Looking forward to the program tonight. Many of us who watch 360 every night are certainly praying that you and your CNN collegues stay safe while you bring us the latest on this conflict. Thanks for the intelligent and insightful reports and the blog posts that give us a true sense of being there.
Posted By Anonymous Christine, Canton, OH : 3:00 PM ET
I have been following the Crisis in the Mid East very closely and thanks to 360 I believe I am getting an accurate account of the events. I hear the reports on the injury/ death count on both sides, but what I fail to understand is even though these Kaytusha rockets are inaccurate and can only go "so far", wouldn't the sheer mathmatical percent of rockets fired from Hezbollah make the injury and death count for Israel higher than it is? (Since it is obvious from the reports they have so many.) And if Hezbollah is being funded by Syria and Iran, why aren't their weapons as destructive as Israel's? (Especially given Anderson Cooper's astue remark about such simple devices engineered and used to kill one another.) I am not on Hezbollah's side by any means, but I guess what confuses me the most is this: if Hezbollah is being funded by Iran and Syria, additionally being a major politcal force in Lebanon (so powerful that the Lebanese govn't can't overthrow it and the UN can't control it), and considered to be a Terrorist organization with such a powerful, disciplined military, why is the battle so one sided-the one side favoring Israel? Perhaps I have missed something along the way in the coverage, and the answers to these questions have been answered.
Posted By Anonymous Tracy: Somerville, NJ : 3:04 PM ET
Very sadly it became the reality in Israel. These rockets hit you in your car, in your house, at work, walking in the street...It bured all the beautiful north forests killing the wild life and all is black now.
Its not aimed at soldiers nor at military bases but cities, people and residents.

The world loved Israel on the golf war when missiles hit the country every day and Israel kept silent...people will always love the weak. It's sad many Lebanese lost their lives as well, but this is a war of survival and thats the reality of war. I dont remember counting the dead became such a sport in the media, not even on Iraq war. Not fighing back may have meant the extermination of my country instead and I wouldnt like to see that.
Posted By Anonymous Moran, Tel Aviv : 3:06 PM ET
Anderson and crew:

If there is one moment I look forward to in the evenings after returning from long days at work, it's when I get to see you guys on the frontlines, doing your best to convey to folks round the word a balanced perspective of the war from all sides. Good job - keep it up! Might I suggest that you also cover another angle of the conflict - the war as seen by Israeli Arabs, numbering in 1000s, and in cities closer to the conflict, such as Haifa and Nasariya? Thanks very much.
Posted By Anonymous Samir, Washington DC : 3:08 PM ET
Thanks for the update from the border. It was amazing to see you conduct the round table(a great idea by the way) with all the other journalists while the guns were firing. And a huge thanks to the staff and producers for listening to the ideas coming from this blog. It is just one of the many things that keeps 360 fresh and ahead of the pack.
Stay safe. . blah blah blah. You know the rest. Keep the insights coming and remember that what you do out there every day does make people think and respond from all sides of the story.
Posted By Anonymous Jill, Hedgesville, WV : 3:31 PM ET
It amazes me that these 60 year-old, low tech weapons still inspire a tremendous amount of fear, and get a lot of press coverage. The Katushya rockets were used by the Red Army against the Nazi's in WW2; the Scud is a replica of the German V-2; and even the RPG used by the insurgents in Iraq is similar to the Bazooka. One would think that these low-tech, inexpensive weapons would no longer be effective in modern warfare.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, San Francisco, CA : 3:33 PM ET
"I'm always amazed by the simple methods humanity has devised to kill one another."

In America, we are not used to the fact that killing and being killed is a way of life. We have had the wool pulled over our eyes and shun out death. It happens people and believe it or not, we all have it in us to do the same for what ever motive we choose. This war will not just abrubtly end because we want it to or we are sick of seeing all of the death. This fight and hatred has gone back centuries and has no real end in sight. Only passive measures to quell it for a couple of weeks, months or maybe, even years. You did not see Isreal telling us to use constraints on Iraq or Afghanistan did you? It is their war, America should stay out of it and let what ever anger and strain that country and Hezbollah have toward each other and get some work done!
Posted By Anonymous J. B. Hamm, San Diego, CA : 3:37 PM ET
I really enjoy reading the blogs. It has really helped me to be interested in what is going on, and it brings to life the realities of war. We can watch it on TV, but reading about it from your pen (fingers) makes it more understandable and real. I have checked out other news programs, and AC360 gives us more and gets more into the nitty-gritty of what is actually happening. The correspondents getting into the hard to reach places, and bringing us the agles from all sides is what makes all the difference. It is much appreciated! Thanks
Posted By Anonymous Mel, Manchester NH : 3:41 PM ET
With regards to Claire's comments about Disneyland, I can totally understand. I grew up 5 miles from Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Most of Florida is master planned communities much like Disneyland with beautiful landscaping, multiple golf courses, the ocean, fishing and lakes. We have beautiful schools and towns. Many things in Florida are brand new just like Disneyland.

I often question myself and say, "Am I raising my children with an accurate view of the world?"

My initial trip to NYC seemed strange for me when I read RE ads listing pre-war coops. What is a pre-war cooperative I asked my husband?

My point here is we are live our lives based on our personal, very unique situation. I ask myself, "How can I balance a Disney World lifestyle vs. current events?" What can my children learn from war, if anything? What do I tell them? What can I learn?
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 3:49 PM ET
We noticed on last night's broadcast that you are no longer flinching as rockets launch near your reporting position. After these missiles - what? How long do you think it will be before Tel Aviv will be targeted or Jerusalem? And, do you really think Hezbollah will honor any kind of ceasefire when there is no compelling incentive for them to do so? Their leader himself has stated their highest value is not life, but death. Watch your caboose, AC! We want all of the CNN crew to get home in one piece.
Posted By Anonymous Leslie, Los Angeles CA : 3:52 PM ET
I heard a report about the Katyosha rocket that went through FOUR INCHES OF CEMENT!! Really? How about the israeli missile that went through a 12 STORY building...

Does anyone else see the irony in your reporting, so-called objective journalism!

It's a shame, really a shame.
Posted By Anonymous Alicia in San Diego : 3:55 PM ET
I would like to respond to the questions posted by Tracy from Somerville, NJ. To your first question: why is the number of fatalities lower in Israel despite the fact that they have endured over 1400 katioshas in the past two weeks, is that, accustomed as were are to war (unforunately), most citizens have either fled the cities or are currently residing in shelters (since this all began to be more accurate, most of them without conditioning, electricity or functional toilets, each housing over 20 people with childre, babies and the elderly). as you will note, most of the citizens killed and injured were those that were outside, either working (coz many are poor and still need to make a living) or on their way to visit loved ones in the hospitals that have shifted their entire facilities to underground shelters in the hospitals.
To answer your second question, concerning the weapons posessed by the hezb, the answer is formed of two clauses: first all the weapons transfered to the hezb. are smuggled into lebanin, a fact that would make it difficult to transfer say an airplane for example, second, i would not underestimate the "surprises" that nasrallah has promised us. We have already proven that they have aquaired long range missiles able to reach the center of israel, and the fighting conducted today that killed 8 soldiers, the weapons and artillery they used in their ambush, shows that they are not only operating in a site they know very well, but they have differnt types of weapons and bombs that even the israeli army does not dare use. And to your final question: yes you have missed something, but you are not alone to miss it, I too missit as the whole worl i beleive. We all see what the news shows us, this war has in fact shifted into a media war, and we cannot underestimate the phsychological power of the media, and at times its subjectivity. I doubt many in the world realize how many "fugitives" there are in Israel right now, who have fled their houses and jobs, not knowing how they will feed their children tomorrow. Few know that those residing in shelters are suffering from the spread of diseases brought on by being locked in the same , hot, humid shelters for so long; they dont even have open store or banks to but food, or how much economical damage to the country this has wrought. Few know how many elderly people and those to poor to flee are stuck in their houses without food or medical aid, and how many more don't even have shelters in their areas, as they pray their house wont be the next target. Many do not know this because i am sad to say, it is not reported. i have failed to find reports (as that shown on the last show) that address the destruction caused by the katiushas, the houses, cars, streers and fires that have eaten all the forestry around. make no mistake, a katiusha is just as deadly as ny missile. I fear that our international explanation abroad still demands improvment...I hope i managed to answer your questions, I am sure there is more to be said that more proffessional people than me could add. But that is all for now.
I hope this all ends soon, terrorism, war, and death and we can all start to pick up the pieces that have shattered
both countries.
Posted By Anonymous Alma, Tel Aviv, Israel : 4:08 PM ET
Thanks for keeping us updated. I was watching you last night and heard the rockets going off behind you, you did not even flinch. how are you able to get used to this? In most of us there is something that makes us jump to loud noises, I don't think I could stand there. Please continue to stay safe. I would like to see you report on more of the human side of this conflict like the children. God knows they have been thru so much this past two weeks and do not understand what is going on. This is why I like your reporting because you have a compassionate side to you, you follow your heart.
Posted By Anonymous Terrie Ford Colonial Heights,VA : 4:10 PM ET
Why can't the patriot missles knock down these Katushyas? Have the Israelis any other remedy for them?
Posted By Anonymous Kevin LaHiff, Tarpon Springs, FL : 4:13 PM ET
I am wondering why the UN failed today...How come I never have heard that IF hezbollah released the kidnapped israeli soldiers, THEN we could have an immediate cease fire...
Posted By Anonymous Aymi, charlotte nc : 4:29 PM ET
Can you imagine using a $2000000 (or more) Patriot missile to shoot down a $1000 Katyusha? We would be bankrupt in a week. Indications are that the Patriot can't hit the short-range Katyusha, anyway.

I was thinking a Phalanx 20mm gun could work, but I'm sure there are some issues with it. It is used on ships at sea where, I'm sure, there aren't so many neighbors around to be concerned about the gun firing at a target. On land, though, the shells you fire are going to hit somewhere downrange. Still, that might be preferred. And I presume a blownup missile is better, even though the metal from the missile will still impact somewhere.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Vernal, UT : 5:08 PM ET
"Can you compare the Katusha to the weapons on the other side of the war field?".....
I guess they can't or they won't.
FACT is the weapons the Israeli have are WAY MORE devastating that these WWII rockets.
What about the phosphorus incendiary and vacuum bombs that Israeli are using and their
devastating results. NOBODY seems to take notice and news Media do not report it at all.
What about the Money and Military help that Israel gets from the USA on a yearly basis:
Why? Why do we have to endorse their actions?
It comes down to:
This is MY MONEY, I am a taxpayer and I DO NOT agree with my government
giving these vast amount of money on a regular basis to a country that
I DO NOT benefit 1 cent from it.....what a facade !!
We have young people that can't go to college because families don't have enough money,
senior citizens that can barely sustain themselves with the SS pensions and on top
of that have to pay for their medications.
What do we get from Israel? I mean as a business man I would expect a return from my money.
Where is it? What do they do with my money? buy more weapons? if so.
Does that makes me a supporter of this current war with Hezbolla?
SOME people in this country might support them and will keep sending OUR money overseas.
But I DO NOT and I wish there was a way that I could stop my contribution, whatever that
comes down to in dollars.
If people had the Decision making power instead of just a small group, I believe this world
will definately take a turn for the better.
I demand a return of my money.
Posted By Anonymous kraqus, San Francisco, CA : 5:29 PM ET
There is no solution to Katyusha rockets, they are not stoppable other than by crushing the hezbollah. IT's sad the civilians are dying in Lebanon, but they are not the target of the IDF... On the other hand Hezbollah targets civilians, hospitals, shelters and even Israeli arabs... That is sad!
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Toronto, Ontario : 5:35 PM ET
Someone suggested arm the rockets with medical aide to make the enemy feel guilty- I have a better plan

Fill those nasty boys with dog or cat excrement ( cannot use the 4 letter word beginning with "s" I am sure here) and give them the message loud and clear that THIS WAR STINKS

I have a dog and cat that could keep you well supplied!!!
Posted By Anonymous Barb North, Winona MN : 5:37 PM ET
I am amazed at the humanity and ethics of the Israeli's. Rockets rain on them indiscriminently for years, maiming and killing civilians and their response is to take out a building here and there. If someone shot at something like that at me, I would make sure they never shot a second time. I would probably level the entire area from which the shot came, just to make sure I got them. If the source were Syria or Iran, the hit them both abd kill the source. If you have a cancer, you have to remove some of the good tissue along with the cancer to make sure you get it all
Posted By Anonymous Lyon Kunin, Montreal Quebec : 6:00 PM ET
When will the weapons used by Israel be discussed or are the craters left too big to fit on a camera angle?
Posted By Anonymous Thomas, New York, NY : 6:01 PM ET
Unfortunately, both sides appear to be lobbing everything they have at one another with wanton abandon. Since Israel has more sophisticated, accurate and deadly weapons (supplied by the U.S.) which are absolutely destroying Lebanon, the weaker Hezbollah is doing what it can to inflict maximum damage and pain to the Israeli people. Bottom line: Both sides are suffering horribly. However, Israel´┐Żs supposed response to the kidnapping of its soldiers by Hezbollah is absolutely shameful and will have serious long-term consequences which will impact it, the U.S. and other countries around the world. We need balanced reporting on the root of the issues that have caused all of this (e.g., Arab-Israeli conflict, unprovoked and frequent Israeli incursions into Lebanese air space, Hezbollah responses and its original formation to fight Israeli occupation, etc.). The U.S. needs to distance itself from Israel if it is ever going to sway the Arab view of the West as its friend. I agree that Israel has a right to exist (and it does), but it also needs to treat the Palestinians as equals and not as second class citizens. I have a strong feeling that in the coming years Israel is really going to suffer because of its actions in Lebanon and may be really fighting for its existence (sad, but true).
Posted By Anonymous Gilberto, Los Angeles, CA : 6:05 PM ET
Thank you again for the comprehensive reporting from the frontlines.
Sure looks very scary.Just stay safe and please don't forget to call your Mom and reassure her that you are fine. I bet she's very terrified for you!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 6:06 PM ET
Dear Anderson,
Thank you so much for your reports. Even though I don't like the content of what you are reporting, it is important to hear. The world is a scary place right now, I can only hope that somehow leaders unite to stop the violence. If they would only work together instead of working against each other, stop being so selfish and work for the good of the world as well as for the good of their own country. Thank you for everything you have told me.
Posted By Anonymous Beth Wilson, Erie, CO : 6:26 PM ET
Anderson and crew:

I had posted on your site earlier...I always wonder why people always look at conflicts in terms of a narrow Christian - Jew-Muslim, Zionist-anti semite, liberal-conservative, left wing-right wing prism. Bombs, whether they are Katyushas or U.S. made, injure, maim, or kill - irrespective of race, religion, or political ideology. Hence my earlier post on getting the Israeli Arab perspective - If peace, prosperity, and control of one's detiny is indeed the objective, Isreali Arabs are most likely to demonstrate just their humanity, and not their background. This is the voice that that needs to be seen to understand that when things are cast either in strictly Israeli or Palestinian terms, the "other" can always be demonised, stripped of human worth, and killed. The eternal rule is, violence begets violence...nothing is ever gained through violence.

Can it really be true that over 90% of Israelis want to destroy "terrorist infrastructure" once and for all, without realising that they are eventually signing their own death warrants as well? Can it really be true that "all the Muslim world," as often claimed, wants to see the destruction of Israel, without realising that "victory" will be but ephmeral among the untold misery caused? Or are these all images, words, and interpretations that the media choose to show - and which only radicalise populations on both sides?
Posted By Anonymous Samir, Washington DC : 6:27 PM ET
It was disturbing to hear the shells last night. Although Your courage to report from the frontlines is impressive, I think it's time you return to New York. When will we see you in pinstripes again?
Posted By Anonymous Joanne, Northampton, MA : 6:42 PM ET
Re: the above comments about the UN's usefulness - should the UN even be there? They couldn't keep the peace in Rwanda or Kosovo. I think they are going to go the way of the League of Nations because right now they're weak, ineffective and corrupt.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 6:42 PM ET
I strongly disagree with Kraqus from SF's comments about "giving money to a country that I do not benefit one cent from".

You are either with the terrorists or against them. Israel and U.S. are allies against terror. What price is too high to fight terror, then? I'd gladly give more in taxes to bring down these monsters once and for all.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 6:50 PM ET
Yes i agree with you Anderson how amazing are those simple methods to kill one another but what about the chemical ,phosphoric and other strange weapons that israel is using now by targeting "deliberatly"
the lebanese civilians and properties ? we need you to focus please on this angle. and once again keep safe and God Bless
Posted By Anonymous Carmen. Rio,Brazil : 7:00 PM ET
On tonight's program can you stop showing the war death count with the Israel flag next to their civilian casualties and the Lebanon flag next to their civilian casualities? It's like showing football scores where the team's logo is next to the team's score.

These are real actual people dying. I have no doubt since the journalists are in the front lines, they realize it more than anyone. But for the producers of AC360 to show the number of deaths of fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons; with numbers next to their respective country's flag is just....well it's just sick!
Posted By Anonymous Trudi, Roseville, MN : 7:40 PM ET
The "fighting...over there" is the same as the fighting here, no different from the violence here, but in degrees.

It's more comfortable for everyone to stand back in disgust, pretending that it has nothing to do with them, but who are we kidding?

Until everyone can see that the death of any man as the death of their own father, brother, uncle and the death of any child is the death of our own child, wars will continue, famine will continue...until it reaches our own front door.

Alarm, disgust, horror about the death and distruction "over there"'s all drama and pretense and so superficial when war is really all around us, evidenced in the way we treat others either in our homes, our work place or in passing.

Who is willing to lay down his arms...first?
Posted By Anonymous Anne, Malibu, CA : 8:43 PM ET
Thanks for the interesting albeit tragic and sad reports on the ME. We have to keep the focus on Israel's long-overdue move to fight back. I truly believe that there really are good guys and bad guys in this.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 9:19 PM ET

I'm far too impressed to articulate a civilized blog statement right now.

At the risk of sounding like a news junkie, I always look forward to the angles AC360 presents viewers, so thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Wendy, Dresden, TN : 9:29 PM ET
War is something that almost everybody is afraid of. While everybody is trying to get out of there, you guys are doing the opposite. It is amazing the job you are doing covering this disaster; putting your lives in danger to bring the most accurate information to people like me, that before this had no idea what Hezbollah was.

I see you every night to catch the updates on the war, and I do pray everyday for the end of this and all conflicts around the world. Peace is free, war is too expensive and is horrendous to see how human beings kill another human beings.

Anderson, please...stay safe!
God Bless you all!
Posted By Anonymous Yisel Vilar. Miami, FL : 12:53 PM ET
The trigger for this war was the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers on Israeli land.
Hezbollah could assume the response would be military rather then diplomatic.
The close ties between Hezbollah and Iran suggest that the timing of the kidnapping was orchestrated to deflect world's attention from Iran's nuclear arming and the devastating consequences it has for the safety of the world.

Letting dark regimes like Iran to prevail means we are leaving the future of our children in the hands of fanatics with access to atomic weapons.
Iran is much more dangerous than Iraq used to be. I hope US will have the courage to deal with it.
Posted By Anonymous Jane, Miami, FL : 7:07 PM ET
In the midst of all this horror I am numb the US took the stand that a cease fire was inappropriate at this time - It only reaffirms my belief as well as countless others across this planet that this inept US administration is so very good at starting wars and so very bad at diplomacy! Surely - the "most powerful country in the world" can do more than play cowboy at the G8 and recite concerns and apprehensions to yet another part of the world increasingly bathed in blood.
Posted By Anonymous Sally, Corvallis Oregon : 8:09 PM ET
Unfortunately, in the midst of all of the confusion and the searching for answers of why there are so many conflicts going on in the world, the simple truth of the matter is the fact that the leaders of the Muslims have declared a jihad, a holy war, against all of those who are not of their religious belief.

We will continue to have war and terrorism until the leaders of the Muslim world call a sieze fire or call off their jihad.

That's the problem short and clear!
Posted By Anonymous Theodore Bennett, Lake Tahoe, Nevada : 9:22 PM ET
Anderson and crew,
Don't you think it's about time to get the hell out of Dodge? You may be brave over there but you're scaring the hell out of me here!Please be careful and come home soon!
Bert Piper
Bremen, Ky.
Posted By Anonymous Bert Piper--Bremen, Ky. : 1:28 AM ET
This is aimed at comments made by a viewer called "xtina". Your view is myopic at best. As a Christian of lebanese decent, who stayed up nights until family safely returned to the States from Lebanon, I strongly oppose your shoot first ask questions later attitude. I agree with isreal's right to defend, but not to commit over 500 counts of serial murder.
Posted By Anonymous Samar, Charlotte, NC : 3:08 PM ET
Can you now appreciate why Hezbollah
cannot be allowed to succeed? The
ramifications of this particular
chapter extend far beyond what is
happening at the moment. We are fighting not just for our lives but for our children's lives. My son will
enter the IDF next year and my wife and I pray to G-D that he does not
have to fight in Lebanon. We want our
children to come home, not to be martyrs. This is why Hezbollah is the most dangerous enemy you can face. They
are true believers. This ideology must
be defeated.
Posted By Anonymous Marc Norman Ashdod, Israel : 3:14 PM ET
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