Friday, July 14, 2006
Finding a way into the Middle East
We made a call mid-day yesterday for Anderson to miss last night's show and fly overnight to the Middle East. With some airports and bridges in the region bombed, our choices for point of entry were limited. Getting "in" for us presented some of the same challenges the U.S military faces in creating a plan for the 25,000 Americans who live in Lebanon to get "out."

So where precisely will Anderson anchor from tonight? At the moment, it's totally unclear. He and his crew will move their satellite uplink to the best possible place to tell the story tonight.
Posted By David Doss, "360" Executive Producer: 9:40 AM ET
When John Roberts anchored last night, I assumed AC was on his way to Lebanon. How could he not report from a war zone? Wouldn't that be like asking him to stop breathing?

I for one am happy to see him out from behind the anchor desk. He's much better in the field, as long as he & his crew can stay out of harm's way.
Posted By Anonymous Fran, Plano, TX : 9:54 AM ET
Nevermind the best possible place to report in the Middle East. How about the safest locale for Anderson and the crew? While I can appreciate reports at the occurrence, isn't the typical 360 viewer sophisticated enough to allow their imaginations to see past the obvious? The picture is crystal clear outside the danger zone, without placing others lives in jeopardy.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Chicago, IL : 10:03 AM ET
Stay safe!
Posted By Anonymous D.Coleman Phx, AZ : 10:04 AM ET
This is the result of the "war on terror"and how it has given Isreal the "precieved right" to protect it's homeland. I have a friend who just returned from the Marine Corp. and tells a different story on how the troops really feel about what is going on in Iraq. It is sad to see the damage done to this young brave soldier and how many more will there be.
The only reason the death toll is in the 2,500+ and not higher is based on the advanced medical teams and treatment, but LEAVING THE YOUNG SOLDIERS PERMANATELY DISABLED AND FACING SEVERE MENTAL HEALTH.
Posted By Anonymous Rick Rosio-Bewes, Missoula Mt. : 10:06 AM ET
Just PLEASE keep them safe. I would rather watch Anderson from his safe spot in NYC than for him and the crew to be in such a volatile situation. This seems like the most uncertain time to be there.
Posted By Anonymous Paige B., Austin, TX : 10:23 AM ET
Putting himn on the road is the only way to maintain any ratings at all I guess. His replacement does a much better job anyway, sign of the future I bet....I'll also bet you won't post this....
Posted By Anonymous Rick Anderson, Fayetteville AR : 10:32 AM ET
I hope Anderson is able to tell the story from a safe place tonight. When he tells the story, I hope he tells it from both sides. Lebanon has been a country of progress and growth until the tragic killing of Hariri, and even then it was able to successfully evict Syrian forces from the country. I worry much of that hard-earned progress will be lost.

Israel has abandoned the diplomatic process, escalated the situation, killed innocent civilians, and targeted the Lebanese government, which isn't responsible for Hezbollah actions. Israel cannot expect Lebanon to control Hezbollah when Israel cannot control Palestine. Even the US cannot always proactively prevent terrorists working within its borders (e.g., McVeigh and the Unabomber).

Too often, these stories are painted as if Islamic terrorists control every country - but Lebanon has many other religions represented. I think American viewers might be interested to know that Lebanon is 39% Christian (see CIA World Factbook). So when Anderson tells the story, I'd like him to focus on how irresponsible and dangerous Israel's aggression against the Lebanese government is, and how scary it is for all of the innocent people living in Beirut.
Posted By Anonymous James, Orlando FL : 10:41 AM ET
Well hopefully you will put him Beirut.
Posted By Anonymous Nick, NYC : 10:46 AM ET
Anderson, we'll be praying for your safety while you are there. thanks for bringing the people in the most important news in the world right now.
Posted By Anonymous B.P., Los Angeles CA : 10:47 AM ET
Keep him safe. The news from there is not worth the loss of Mr. Cooper. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous B.Segard Ocean Springs MS : 10:53 AM ET
As dangerous as it is for Anderson to to go to that war-infested are, I suppoise there will be no stropping him.He seems to thrive on this particulal kind of bradcasting. I'm sure though its a big boost to the troops to have him there. I imagine that is part of his Strategy, All I can say, is "stay safe and healthy, and whatever you do don't get SHOT
Posted By Anonymous Bev.Whitby,Ontario CACADA : 10:53 AM ET
I wish Anderson and his crew safe arrival and return, I hope his passionate way of delivering news will touch the hearts of the fighting parties and stop the war, we need more peace, love and understanding in that part of the word, I am sure he will contribute somehow to that.
Posted By Anonymous Basma Ishak, Springfield, VA : 11:00 AM ET
I'll be tuned into 360 at 10:00 p.m. sharp tonight. When I heard about the bombings I had no idea of who or what was a Hezbollah and was wondering what was different about this chaos than all the other chaos that tends to reign in the Middle East but after reading the CNN explainer page "What is Hezbollah" I woke up real quick and I'll be checking 360 to get a much better understanding of the escalating situation in the Middle East. I'll never really understand why the Middle East seems to be in a constant state of chaos and war. That region seems to never know peace.
Posted By Anonymous Alisa, Atlanta, GA : 11:04 AM ET
Please, please be careful, all of you!
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 11:05 AM ET
This war has now escalated and one can only imagine the future acts of the extremists regarding this. I hope all CNN employees stay safe while they are in the middle east!
Posted By Anonymous Nicki F., Calgary, Alberta : 11:09 AM ET
I am glad to hear that Anderson is going to report from Lebanon, I hope he will be able to educate the viewers about Lebanon. Many folks here do not know that there a difference between Lebanon and Hezbollah. They do no that Leganon is the only christian country in the Middle east with more than 50% popultion of christians. I just hope he will bring some statstics about the country because from what I saw on other blogs and discussion boards, people really have no clue about what is going on there!
Thanks and God bless!
Posted By Anonymous J B, Baltimore, MD : 11:09 AM ET
It's great that the CNN reporters are so focused on getting the story out, that they are willing to go to such dangerous extremes. I'll be thinking good thoughts that Anderson and his crew stay safe and sound.
Posted By Anonymous Kelli, San Francisco, CA : 11:10 AM ET
The Middle East is a very scary place these days and our journalists are putting their lives on the line more and more. It's a fine line to walk. When is the risk too great? Stay safe Anderson!
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Des Moines, Iowa : 11:12 AM ET
I hope Anderson and the entire '360' crew will find a safe place to broadcast from tonight. As much as the viewers value the reports that '360' can provide while in the Middle East, I'm sure we all put a much higher value on your lives. I hope you all stay safe and I will be sure to tune in tonight at 10.
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly Miller, Lancaster, PA : 11:21 AM ET
My thoughts and prayers are with Anderson and his team as he enters this dangerous zone. I'll be watching tonight!
Posted By Anonymous Anneliese, Gaithersburg, MD : 11:26 AM ET
Anderson and the 360 Team, please be safe in Isreal. I look forward to the broadcast.

Annette LaCanna
Alpha, NJ
Posted By Anonymous Annette L., Alpha, NJ : 11:28 AM ET
May God bless them, and keep them safe from harm.
Posted By Anonymous Hilda Winnipeg,MB : 11:30 AM ET
I think that is amazing that he, still, continues to travel to risky places, putting his life in potential jeopardy, while pursuing his passion for important world news and reporting. As a recent viewer (I've been watching your show for the past year), you take great efforts to report ground-breaking news stories without the sensationalism other networks seem to incorporate.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa, Buffalo Grove, Illinois : 11:34 AM ET
Well that's a dedicated news anchor if I'v ever heard of one! Thousands of people are desperately trying to find a way out, whereas you guys are desperately trying to find a way in. Try and stay safe
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Millbury Ma : 11:43 AM ET
Hi Anderson and 360,
Stay safe out there..I think I'm like most viewers when I say, thank you for the pounding of the pavement journalism that you do..This upheaval in the Middle East needs to be reported live and on the ground..Thank you..My prayers go out to you all..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 11:45 AM ET
Thank you for keeping us posted. There is much concern among Anderson's viewers for his safety. Although your entry didn't alleviate those concerns it's nice to have some information.
Posted By Anonymous Phebe, Phoenix, AZ : 11:46 AM ET
Anderson and crew:
Please, be safe. I cannot begin to tell you how brave and dedicated I think all of you are for going to the Middle East in order to keep us abreast of the situation there. I admire your integrity in the search for the truth. Keep up the good work!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Leigh Anne, Kansas City, MO : 11:46 AM ET
Land in Syria if you really want to be in the "front row" in days to come.
Posted By Anonymous Eco Author Chris Eldridge, Harriburg PA : 11:55 AM ET
Dear Anderson,

I hope you are all safe. Please be safe. I know it is important to know what is going on in that area, but, not in the face of danger.

Good luck and God speed
Posted By Anonymous Sonu, T, New Orleans, LA : 11:55 AM ET
We all wish him and the 360 crew well and most of all please be safe.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel-Albuquerque, NM : 12:00 PM ET
I hope he gets there and stays safe to reveal the story.
Good luck and thanks for all the efforts!
Posted By Anonymous Tina S, Surprise, AZ : 12:06 PM ET
Hey Anderson and Crew:

Keep your heads down low! I will keep you and the rest of the CNN crews that are in harm's way in my thoughts.
Posted By Anonymous Donna A. Reuter, Bremerton, WA : 12:07 PM ET
It seem that this is what Anderson really wants to be doing. I hope his report from the middle east contributes to the end result of peace. God bless him and his crew and keep them safe.
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann Nacogdoches, Texas : 12:09 PM ET
Kudos to Anderson. He is always where the action is. Where does he get the energy? He is exactly what CNN needs. Anderson stick with the good folks at CNN and never ever move to the evil Fox news. We trust your name and we trust CNN's coverage
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Atlanta, GA : 12:10 PM ET
To James,

What are you smoking, precisely? A Syrian stooge is the Lebanese prime minister, and Hezbollah has not only seats in their parliament but two seats in the cabinet.

The Lebanese government openly accepts Hezbollah, so when Hezbollah commits an act of war, too freakin' bad. If the Lebanese don't want Hezbollah around, their military is 10 times the number of people Hezbollah has.

Islamist terror groups DO control just about every country in the middle east. And just last week, President AhmanInsaneHitlerWannabe of Iran had their leaders all over for a conference in which he declared "he basic problem in the Islamic world is the existence of the Zionist regime, and the Islamic world and the region must mobilise to remove this problem." Not a week later, Hamas and Hezbollah (both on Iran's money) attack Israel.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

I'll also note that Israel's actions are VERY proportional. Rather than indiscriminately lobbing rockets at cities, they make precision strikes on the road to Damascus and the airport to prevent Syria or Iran from trying to slip more weapons and agents into the country.
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Houston, TX : 12:16 PM ET
As a working journalist I appreciate Anderson Cooper's willingness to travel to the places in whcih the news is happening, as opposed to reporting from behind the safe confines of an American studio. One learns so much more talking to people on the ground than can be gleaned from wire service reports, satellite-linked interviews, or from "experts" with agendas.

Be safe, but thanks for being willing to take on this assignment, Anderson.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Brooks Toledo, OH : 12:17 PM ET
Anderson and Crew: May God protect you all and may we all someday realize the gift of life which happens just once.
Posted By Anonymous June Bollier, San Bruno, CA : 12:19 PM ET
Anderson Cooper,the whole crew of 360 and to all the innocent civilians in there will be all in my prayers. Please keep them in a safe place and still capture the story of the people. But please don't risk their lives.
Posted By Anonymous Maria Christina Bucalan, New Orleans, Louisiana : 12:20 PM ET
I admire any journalist and crew willing to put themselves in the middle of the action to get the story.

Looking forward to Anderson's broadcast.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Kansas City, MO : 12:25 PM ET
I wish the crew and AC well--I hope they stay safe.
Also, AC please tell both sides of the story! The only news reports I ever read are about the plight of Israel.

Looking forward to this evening's broadcast.
Posted By Anonymous Sheri Short, Toronto Canada : 12:27 PM ET
I'm looking forward to the broadcast. Anderson is at his best "in the field". Stay safe, but continue to "keep them honest". Americans are weary of being lied to.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 12:32 PM ET
Keep on guard and please stay safe. America needs and loves you!!!
Posted By Anonymous Trisha, Cleawater, FL : 12:34 PM ET
Anderson, please stay safe.

And I, too, would like to see a clear picture of Hezbollah v. Lebanon (not one and the same, as others have pointed out here). I have friends and family who are Israeli, Lebanese, and loved ones who live in other parts of the Middle East close to the conflict zone, and this whole situation is heartwrenching for me to watch.
Posted By Anonymous Kabijo, NYC, NY : 12:34 PM ET
To Anderson, his crew and all the journalistts in the Middle East this is for you:
"Almighty God, strengthen and direct, we pray, the will of all whose work it is to write what many read, and to speak where many listen. May we be bold to confront evil and injustice: understanding and compassionate of human weakness; rejecting alike the half-truth which deceives, and the slanted word which corrupts.
May the power which is ours, for good or ill, always be used with honesty and courage, with respect and integrity, so that, when all here has been written, said and done, we may, unashamed, meet Thee face to face, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

--From Saint Bride's Church, London

Stay safe and come back soon.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia Warren, MI : 12:36 PM ET
Take care over there Anderson Cooper and crew in what is supposed to be the Pearl of the Middle East , May God grant the Lebanese people the courage and patience during these difficult times. When is the madness going to stop.
Posted By Anonymous Marianne Madjarian , Toronto Canada : 12:38 PM ET
I knew when the show came on last night and I saw John Roberts, where Anderson and his crew were heading. That is one reason I watch 360, Anderson and his crew go anywhere to get the news out. Stay safe our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Posted By Anonymous Sandra Belvin Richmond,VA : 12:41 PM ET
Any reporter can bring the info to us, why does Anderson have to be there personally? Here's hoping the Cooper Crew gets in, gets the info out, and returns safely.
Posted By Anonymous Kay T, Phoenix, AZ : 12:41 PM ET
I hope that Anderson and his crew stay safe. What is happening is crucial. It can go eather way. The whole middle east can suffer over this. I knew for years that this day would come. It was so evident. I just hope that it won't spiral down to fast. Anderson, we need for you and your ability to report the news to stay with us for a long time. Be careful, please. I have a nasty feeling watching what is happening right now. If you know the history of those two countries and the role of Iran and Syria through the years...scary to think what could happened. We are about to see the true face of evil. It's gonna be a hot summer!

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell Laval Quebec Canada : 12:46 PM ET
I watch CNN for accurate news, not to see fellow Americans put themselves in harm's way. Please stop sending them over. There are enough Americans in danger without sending even more for our entertainment and informational purposes. It just doesn't make sense.
Posted By Anonymous Noelle Muscatello, Cleveland, Ohio : 12:48 PM ET
Many people are praying for Anderson and the CNN crew in the Middle East. May the angels bring you home safely!!
God speed!!
Posted By Anonymous Loretta, Tampa, FL. : 12:53 PM ET
Although being fully informed of the events unfolding in the Middle East is of upmost importance to all of us, it is certainly not worth the life of any of your personnel and especially Anderson! Please use common sense in all your decisions.
Posted By Anonymous Ellee, Fargo, ND : 12:54 PM ET
It was certainly no surprise that Anderson would be heading to Beirut, it's something regular 360 viewers pretty much expect from him. I'm looking forward to his reports from the region, I enjoy him anchoring from the studio, but he's particularly great when he's out in the field. I hope he and all of the other CNN reporters there stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Fay, Vacaville, CA : 12:55 PM ET
Our prayers are with you Anderson..

Christ is coming!.... Read Ezekiel Ch 38,39 It's also in Revelatoins..
Are you ready?

Please stay safe ..God Bless
Posted By Anonymous Wayne H, Toronto, Ontario : 1:00 PM ET
Anderson must be the only commentator with his own show that has the courage to travel to a war zone in order to get us the story! I don't see big mouths like "tucker" or "scarborough" going over there. Based on what I read in "Dispatches" I realize that Anderson thrives on being in the middle of a conflict, but I think he has done his time in the field. David please don't let Anderson take any unnecessary chances, it is not worth it. He has already proven himself to be a top notch reporter! We will be watching of course, but we can't wait to see him back at the desk! Be careful Anderson!
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann, North Royalton, Ohio : 1:00 PM ET
Good Heavens! Did they have to go?? Now that Anderson's popularity has grown, I'm sure his chances of becoming a moving target have become riskier. AC needs to get promoted to Exec. Producer so he doesn't have to do that type of reporting anymore. We look forward to having Anderson and the crew home safe, sooner rather than later.
Posted By Anonymous Luz Romero, Torrance, California : 1:04 PM ET
I knew last night when he was not at the anchor desk, he must be on his way to the middle east.

Thank you Anderson for your constant desire to get the full story. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your crew, please be safe and return home soon.

God Speed!
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Mesa, AZ : 1:05 PM ET
Try to find out/follow up on last nights story about the Lebanon captives and why they took the Isreal soliers to begin with - not that it's right.
Please keep Safe!! America needs and Loves you and the 360� crew.
Posted By Anonymous Trisha, Clearwater, FL : 1:08 PM ET
It appears that Isreal has used the legalization of anti terrorism to cement it's response to the partialy
justified harrassment of neighboring arab countries of the islamic religon majority. What Isreal does not realize, or maybe they arrogantly do, is that this recontinuation of warfare will eventually engulf the middle east region,mainly with Syria and Iran, and possibly Egypt. The interesting question is how long will it be until the usa is dragged into the fight.
Posted By Anonymous Caridad Staten Island, New York : 1:28 PM ET
Well thank goodness we have an unbiased professional reporter going to cover the story in the Middle East. I hope Anderson is able to make it to Beirut. He's been there before. He knows the country and will be able to show how much damage the Israeli's have done. There's no excuse for bombing Lebanon's infrastructure. An Infrastructure that's been rebuilt times and times again with the publics money as well as international donations, loans and grants. Lebanon has worked hard to stand back up on it's feet. If everyone clearly knows that the Lebanese govt is totally worthless when it comes to controlling Hezballah then why is it that no one is stopping Israel from it's continued destruction of Lebanon. Go after those persons/gvts responsible for fueling hezballah and providing them with the financial backing. UN resolutions are great but if they're not realistic goals..then what's the point. To ask the Lebanese army to disarm Hisballah is to ask Lebanon to go through a civil war again. Somebody needs to speak up. What's the deal? what are we waiting anyone out there? The murder of Israeli civilians is wrong also but the Lebanese gvt is weak and are still puppets of the Syrian regime that is supposedly no longer present. Hezallah needs to be expelled from the government and Lebanon all together and the only way this will happen is with the international community's backing including the Arab countries. enough is enough. stop using lebanon and destroying this country. Just leave us alone so that we can live in peace and prosper as we once did. The true Lebanese know who they are and they are NOT hizballah. Stay safe Anderson & crew. Please report as you see it.
Posted By Anonymous Lebnan ya watani, Dallas, TX : 1:33 PM ET
Yes, I also hope Anderson Cooper, his crew, and all other reporters stay safe (I just saw John Vause wearing a protective vest for the first time since he's been there, so that doesn't bode well). But I also hope that the people of all of the countries involved stay safe. So much stupididty and stubborness from the leaders on all sides, but it is the people of the countries who pay with their lives.

How much did the US contribute to this powder keg by our actions in Iraq? How much did we contribute to it by neglecting peace talks between Israel and Palestine? We had the chance to be a broker of peace (or, at least, a broker of something better than this), but our focus--if you can call it that-- was elsewhere.

There was a lot of hatred in the region even before we invaded Iraq, but I am sure it didn't help. Violence begets more violence.

As the situation in Iraq and even Afghanistan deteriorates even further, what did we get for our actions? Thousands of coalition soldiers dead and wounded and many more thousands of innocent people dead and wounded. Sectarian violence that threatens to involve other countires in the region. And for what? Do we feel any safer? After watching what the Bush administration (and, yes, the local and state governments) let happen during Katrina, a disaster we could predict, I have zero confidence in the Bush admin's ability to keep us safe.

We need to demand a plan for Iraq with specific goals, steps, and dates for recruiting and training Iraqis as well as rebuilding the infrastructure. And we need to send peace envoys-- perhaps a bipartisan crew of people like Colin Powell, Madeline Albright, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton-- to the Middle East before things get even worse.

To everyone: Stay safe! World War I was triggered by one assasination; I hope World War III won't be triggered by one kidnapping.
Posted By Anonymous Norah, West Chester, PA : 1:33 PM ET
It wasn't terribly surprising to here that Anderson and his grew were off to the Middle East. If isn't a disaster, it has to be a war. I am counting on Anderson to provide a objective and balanced view of the ongoing strife in the middle East. Godspeed Anderson and stay safe.

I think the U.S. and Israel have lost the moral high ground in these types of crises, with their "right to defend themselves". When all you can come up with is using a cannon to to kill a mosquito, Israel's motives are truly suspect. I'm not so sure that the Middle East situation is as complex and difficult to find a solution as the US and Israel pretend. The basic problem is the lack of respect for the right of Arab peoples to live decently. Economics talks louder than guns. If they really wan't to get rid of Hezbollah, then support the democratically-elected Lebanese government to rebuild a strong national economy so that Hezbollah is not the only one supporting the welfare of over 1/4 million Lebanese.
Posted By Anonymous Robin, Montreal, Canada : 1:34 PM ET
This is going to be informative and interesting. Just the quote about "some problems" to the north gives a real-life flavor to the myriad complexities of the situation. I'm looking forward to following your journey, Anderson. Also - I appreciated your extensive coverage of Katrina.
Posted By Anonymous Heather Brandon, Austin, TX : 1:42 PM ET
People need to understand that this escalation in the Middle East was not a result of Lebanon's actions; it is a result of Hamas' activity in Southern Lebanon, which is primarily Palestinian. To bring this full circle, the Palestinians are in Lebanon due to the creation of the Israeli state at the end of WWII; they are pushed out to Lebanon, Syria and other countries in the Mid-East living in shanty-towns along the border waiting for the day that a Palestinian state is going to be created so that they can move back into a Palestinian state.

For Israel to hold the country of Lebanon responsible for the actions of this group along its southern border is completely irresponsible, along with their bombing of the international airport, the main road to Damascus and now power plants that provide electricity to the real citizens of this beautiful country know as the Switzerland or Paris of the Middle East. As some of the other writers here are obviously aware, Lebanon has a huge Christian population (approx 40%), along with a very peaceful Muslim population that wants nothing to do with Hamas.

Why must the innocent people of Lebanon suffer such heavy-handed actions from Israel? Because they are backed by the superpower of the world know as the United States, which was the only country that was against voting in favor of a UN resolution to classify Israel�s response as too heavy-handed. These are the types of actions that cause the US to lose credibility not only in the Middle East, but also among European countries. This type of policy has and will never be successful and will haunt us in years to come. The United States is awesome, but as a superpower it must act in a way that is responsible and just, and what Israel is doing to the infrastructure of Lebanon is NOT responsible and just and must be classified as such. The US must follow a policy that is righteousness, as this is the only way that it will earn the respect of the entire world and develop a comprehensive and consistent international policy towards peace and democracy.
Posted By Anonymous HT, Tarzana CA : 1:46 PM ET
I will pray for Anderson and his team. Please stay safe. I will be watching the show tonite.
Posted By Anonymous Terrie Ford Colonial Heights,VA : 2:05 PM ET
Obviously there is a problem in that part of the world. The REAL problem is how every eye sees the problem. Basically, Iran and Syria and all of the extremists in the Middle East have been trying to turn Lebanon into another Muslim country controlled by Syria and Iran and eliminate Israel. Ironically, the Lebanese Christians have been paying the price of death just to able to live. There is a big portion of Muslims in Lebanon who share the same opinions as the Christians, however, Syria and Iran are doing a great job in controlling those people. No one should die weather a civilian or a soldier. Israel should get out of Lebanon and work with world leaders to dissolve Hizbollah. Lebanon's government must be GIVEN THE CHANCE to govern it's people. Christians and non-extremist Muslims are paying the price. Israel and Palestinians should deal with their issues on their grounds and leave Lebanon alone.
Posted By Anonymous Harb Harb, Dallas TX : 2:10 PM ET
Mr. Doss, one of these days Anderson will want to take 360 to some hot spot on the map and I want you to say "No!" That said, best wishes and prayers to AC and his crew while in the Middle East. More prayers for all the civilians in the region whose lives are in jeopardy.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Philadelphia, Pa : 2:11 PM ET
Isn't it amazing that all of those who keep asking for "an unbiased view" are themselves already biased? I'd also like to see an unbiased view - one that shows how Hizballa started this whole thing and has been raining rockets on sovereign Israeli territory (not disputed territory) ever since.
Posted By Anonymous Stanley Tee, Toronto, ON : 2:20 PM ET
I've been watching the coverage so far on what is now dubbed "crisis in the middle east." The repeated video footage of the ariel assault on lebanon by Israeli forces, something keeps bothering me about this. Where is CNN getting the footage of Isreali Jets bombing away?
Posted By Anonymous M.S, Denver, CO : 2:44 PM ET
Pulllleeeze, people! STOP IT with the over-dramatized "Anderson-philia"!! You're all kind of disgusting and embarrassing! You put yourself in harm's way or in danger, you're gonna get hurt. If Anderson Cooper (or members of his crew) dies or gets hurt--so what! Who cares! He and his crew have it coming to them for being foolish enough to put themselves in danger. Anderson and crew, listen: you ARE NOT MARTYRS. Why don't they pack it up and get out of there?!? Duhhh!! Please stop this dribbling nonsense, all. This kind of overhyping and overdramatizing in our culture is a major problem and embarrassment.
Posted By Anonymous Spabba Gangha, Reno, NV : 2:58 PM ET
What the hell is wrong with you people at CNN and the media??? We're sick and tired of hearing about all the BS in the middle east!! To hell with all of them over there! Let them kill each other off, finally, that would be a good thing. End of conflict, period. Good riddance! We don't want to hear about them, so stop covering it, thank you. How about some stories about Nature and natural environments. Stop covering stupid humans (homo sapiens).
Posted By Anonymous Somo Hagura, Washington, DC : 3:05 PM ET
By a quick viewing. More than 2/3 of the comments here are from women. AC, I think you have some groupies on your hands when you get back.

Good Luck, but you can count me out of that group.
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Palisade, CO : 3:48 PM ET
To Spabba,
If you read Anderson's books you'd know EXACTLY why he went! By the way, Anderson and his crew know they aren't Martyrs - get a grip!
Posted By Anonymous Julie, London, ON : 3:51 PM ET
To Bob:

Please don't resort to ad-hominem attacks that only polarize positions and prevent real discussion. The reason I urge 360 to present the "other side" is not because I am biased or smoking anything. It is because I have loved ones in the region and I know things aren't always as straightforward as they appear. Although Hezbollah initiated the conflict, destroying Lebanese infrastructure only further inhibits a developing country's ability to assert control over groups such as Hezbollah.

I know there are Hezbollah representatives in the Lebanese government - but that is a result of the fact that Lebanon is a democracy with elections that are run pretty fairly. As a result, minority parties can gain representation in Parliament (it is not too different than ultra-conservative or ultra-liberal platforms having representation in the US Congress). This is a cost of democracy in the Middle East. If we respect the democratic process, we will recognize that change takes time and we need to be patient and diplomatic.

I don't know what the answer is and I sympathize with all of the innocent civilians on both sides of this conflict, but I know the answer is not blanket immunity for all of Israel's (or anyone else's) actions in the region. I also know it saddens me to hear stories of a Lebanese grandmother and grandchild killed in Israel's "precision" attacks. I just think it is important to humanize what is happening in both Israel AND in Lebanon.
Posted By Anonymous James, Orlando FL : 4:55 PM ET
I hope that Anderson and his crew stays safe. I will admit I am a bit worried because other journalists have been hurt/killed in recent times.
Posted By Anonymous Genevieve M, El Paso, TX : 4:58 PM ET
Is the life/injury of a journalist worth getting a "story"? CNN already had people over there reporting on the war. These individuals are much more atuned to this country as they've been there for a while. I'm sure ABC news doesn't think the "story" was worth almost losing the life of Bob Woodruff.
Posted By Anonymous Wynona, San Diego, CA : 5:01 PM ET
Destruction of the Zionist State..
Sworn and stated agenda of Iran and Syria. Lets not forget the beginning of the state of Israel. All the Arab states united to destroy Isreal. They warned all their people to flee Isreal so they could come in and Kill The Jews. The Arabs left, and Isreal went on to kick the *^%&(** out of the Arab league. Hence there exists all the Palestinian refugees. Isreal will not let them back in. For good reason. Hezbolla is just a proxy for Iran. Hamas a proxy for Syria. Both who would like nothing better than to Kill The Jews and, all financed in large part by Iran. The last time Hezbolla kidnapped Isrealis, Isreal had to cough up 400 people to get 3 back. These are people involved in terror attacks, not innocent Lebonese. I don't think Isreal is going to go down that road again. I don't blame them. I think war is unavoidable as long as the Arab nations keep up there Nazi idea of exterminating the Jewish people. It will devolve into at war with Iran, Syria and ultimately draw the US in. Some may say that Isreal's response is heavy handed. Put yourself in their position. Isreal is surrounded on 3 sides by Arab nations bent on their destruction, although Eqypt is openly active in the destruction of Isreal, they did engage in prior attempts to "throw the Jews into the sea". I truly feel sorrow for all the civilian in mideast who have to suffer the consequences of their extremist government's actions.
Posted By Anonymous Robert Cotati, Ca : 5:09 PM ET
I will be watching and hoping that all prudent measures are taken to ensure the safety of Anderson and his entire crew. I trust that, if he has the opportunity, Anderson will present his viewers with a more balanced treatment of the situation than any other news organization. He has earned that trust since 360 started and, I hope, will continue to report on the tough issues in a way that will continue to justify my trust.

That being said, I think a lot of people in the US could benefit from a different point of view than the traditional "always side with the so-called 'little guy,' Israel." Israel has, in recent years, become more and more the aggressor in many ways - this recent lunacy in Lebanon being the most blatant and overblown response in a long string of knee-jerk reactions. I still will not forget the Israeli reaction to what took place in the refugee camps in Lebanon; old men, women and children being brutally slaughtered, and ordinary Israelis celebrating their government's role in it. Israel had best tone down it's rhetoric and take into account their own inability to control JEWISH extremists (wouldn't it be nice if Rabin was still alive??) - those who live in glass houses probably shouldn't be tossing the grenades and rockets, eh?
Posted By Anonymous Nancy Krempa, Davisburg, MI : 5:55 PM ET
I understand the decision to send Anderson Cooper and his crew to the Middle East. How do you make to decision as to when to send him home?
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Chicago, IL : 10:40 AM ET
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