Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Where should "360°" go next?
So we are back on the road. Tonight and tomorrow night, we will broadcast from Los Angeles. Then we'll take the show to San Francisco and Seattle for broadcasts on Thursday and Friday.

There's a lot of news to cover tonight -- President Bush visiting Iraq, Karl Rove breathing a bit easier, Tropical Storm Alberto moving through Florida. We also have a number of interesting stories out of California, including the debate over a national park that one Republican Congressman wants to use as a hunting ground for disabled vets.

We are planning some other trips for "360°" this summer and have been discussing a handful of possible destinations. I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions from you about places you think we should go. Any ideas?

On another note, I really appreciate all the e-mails and letters I've received from those of you who've read my book. I've done a number of book signings across the country in recent days and the response has been really amazing. Last week, the book went to number one on The New York Times bestseller list, which was remarkable, and I just wanted to say thank you.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 2:47 PM ET
Hi Anderson. I think it would be great if someone came to Cincinnati to discuss the racial tension. Since 2001 we havent had anyone really discuss the aftermath of the riots we had in the city- maybe people thought problems were resolved. With the rash of violence in the city this year- how much of its background is racial? Just someone with peace on their mind...
Posted By Anonymous Krista, Cincinnati Ohio : 2:55 PM ET

I think you should go to some of the areas in various U.S. cities that are heaviily populated by a migratory undocumented workforce (e.g., Forest Park, GA). Not the usual border towns, but the small clusters in places most Americans don't think about where INS/ICE periodically does sweeps. Get a sense of who's there, living conditions, how people "commute," etc.
Congrats again on your fine book.
Posted By Anonymous R., Atlanta : 2:56 PM ET
Come to the City of Brotherly Love! You could do a story on the Steak house here with a sign in their window stating patrons must 'speak english'. I'll reserve my opinion on people like this restaurant owner.

I enjoyed your book btw, very moving.
Posted By Anonymous m. long philadelphia, pa : 2:57 PM ET
Bring 360 to Canada, look @ the difference in health care here and in the US...and why canadians are healthier. Also look @ the border issues, and how the demand for passport entry will effect the Canadian/US economy. By the way, loved the book..am getting one for my dad for Father's Day too!
Posted By Anonymous Monique Mellon, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada : 3:02 PM ET
CANADA, CANADA, CANADA! I would love to see you take 360 to Toronto, Ontario in particular. It would be great because there are so many interesting stories you could cover up here. Also, you have many fans up north,who are eager to get their books signed by you! So please Anderson, if you go anywhere this summer, please consider coming to visit your friendly neighbours to the north! Need I say more?
Posted By Anonymous Kari, Barrie,Ontario : 3:08 PM ET
I would really love to see 360 do a show from the US-Canadian border, showing weak points of entry and how easy it is to get across. I think we need to seriously address the fact that 12 terrorists were captured in Canada a week ago, and that no terrorists have been caught in Mexico yet. So many anti-immigration proponents argue about our nation's security is the main factor in closing off the US-Mexican border, but what about the threat that could (and almost did) come from Canada?

Your coverage on the US-Mexican border was extensive and appreciated, but I want to know what Bush and his buddies are doing about the other border, the one terrorists might actually use to enter and attack the United States.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Baltimore, MD : 3:09 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

When are you going to do a book signing in Montreal or even Toronto (I could drive there)? You know Canada loves you too!

Speaking of Canada, that would be a place for 360 to go. Do something to improve US-Canada relations. We seem to be becoming the big, bad neighbor to the North these days.

As for other ideas, I don't have any specific places to offer but I do have topics.

How about doing something lengthy on mood disorders. They are really becoming the health issue of the 21st century.

Another topic dear to my heart is child soldiers.

Thank you for writing the book. It was a great read.
Posted By Anonymous Robin, Montreal, Canada : 3:11 PM ET
Anderson, I think you and your 360 team should go to Cuba. There are so many things there that could use your attention. Among other things, you could report about:

- The US naval base at Guantanamo base. The International Committee of the Red Cross is scheduled to go there soon, following deaths last weekend of three men held at the prison camp there.

- Today Florida's American Civil Liberties Union plans to file a lawsuit today to challenge a new state law that banks colleges from organizing and paying for trips to Cuba.

- On May 30, at the UNAIDS report, presented at the U.N. headquarters in New York, Cuba was highlighted as the Caribbean country with the lowest HIV-AIDS levels as well as for carrying out one of the most efficient programmes in the world to prevent the transmission of the illness from mothers to children.

Also, Cuba has many achievements in areas such as healthcare, education, scientific and technical re-search, culture and sports that you could report on.

Anderson, thank you for your book; I enjoyed it so much. Will you please add Boulder, Colorado to your book tour?

Boulder, CO
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 3:11 PM ET
No matter how much positive spin the White House puts on the President's "surprise" (yeah!) visit to Baghdad, I can't help but remain skeptical about the administration's intentions.

Who does that? What government feels like it can impose itself upon another without declaring some air of superiority? Similarly, what kind of person would show up to an event s/he wasn't invited?

To borrow from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, "I weep for the future."
Posted By Anonymous Christine; Gainesville, FL : 3:15 PM ET
Hi Anderson...I'm from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. I'd be very interested in a story on your show of interviews with both Americans and Canadians on their thoughts and feelings toward each other since 9/11 and their ideas of what we can do (lay people in both countries) to come together in this time of terrorism. Having done some travelling since 9/11, I really feel our two countries are somewhat divided now than we were before the attacks on that terrible day. I flew to Eastern Canada only four days after 9/11 and it was fascinating to see how differently people acted with one another than they previously did in situations of travel.

I also travelled to Huatulco Mexico this past February and was pleased to read your recent experience there was much the same as ours; very positive as far as the treatment we received from them. We were told though that they were not visited by many Americans and am wondering if you had heard much the same thing as that when you were there?

I read your book a couple of weekends ago. Bravo! We have a wonderful bookstore in Saskatoon called McNally Robinson who I'm sure would be more than delighted to have you as a guest in their store!!
Posted By Anonymous Carrie Adam, Saskatoon, Sask. : 3:17 PM ET
With the subject of alternative fuel on the forefront of people's minds, I suggest broadcasting from various American farms around the country. I would love to see reports on how government and farmers can work with each other to benefit in creating alternatives to oil.
Posted By Anonymous PM, in NY : 3:20 PM ET
I dare you to come to Columbia and Wrightsville, PA. They are on opposite sides of the Susquehanna River in southern PA. Could look at land use, urban renewal, eminent domain, shrinking industrial base, race relations, how to pay for education in face of increasing federal and state mandates and shrinking amounts of federal and state dollars.

I dare you to come here.
Posted By Anonymous S. Celley, Columbia, PA : 3:25 PM ET
Please come to New Orleans this summer and focus on some of the positive signs of recovery. There are people here working their butts off day and night on a hope and a prayer that someday their lives here might return to normal. Come focus on the spirit of New Orleans.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Smith, New Orleans, LA : 3:27 PM ET
In response to Sarah from Baltimore

Girl you need to get your head out of the sand, Toronto still a city where a lady can walk alone at 3:00AM and still be safe, now try that in Baltimore. The guys pickup in Toronto by the RCMP are wannabes, they were training on a paintball course in the US, they were caught smuggling guns from the US into Canada. If nothing they are a joke, the RCMP had them on their crosshair a long time ago. If anything the FBI and the RCMP have and should keep full cooperation, that alone will make Canada and the US safer. An allusion that you can close the border is a fantasy. The border is huge and would take an immense amount of manpower to do so, and then some more. Take a good look at the map.
Posted By Anonymous walt from Pittsburgh : 3:28 PM ET
How about Africa? AIDS, Genocide, Starvation, War. I can't think of anything more important. The entire continent could use more media attention.

Maybe you could fit some book signings in while you're down there. Make your book #1 on Amazon Africa. (Is there an Amazon Africa?) Just kidding.
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie - Lawrence, KS : 3:28 PM ET
You could do a show from Cleveland that addressed both border security with Canada and Ohio's major trade relationship with Canada, and of course, also talk about the major role that Ohio plays in politics and the upcoming gubernatorial election.
Posted By Anonymous Laura, Macedonia, OH : 3:29 PM ET
I think bringing "360" to Canada is a great idea! When I was in NOLA after Katrina someone asked me what Canadians thought of Pres Bush. I just said I don't answer for all Canadians. I think a story on the relationship between the two countries would be very interesting.

Softwood lumber anyone?

Passports? Boarding crossings?

Technology/Medical information sharing?

Just got your book today for my birthday, and I cannot put it down! I also saw you and your mother on Oprah, kudos to you both for your strength through difficult times.
Posted By Anonymous J Patton, Hamilton, ON CAN. : 3:31 PM ET
Anderson, once again it is hurricane season. Thanks for your coverage on Katrina and for going out in the field getting the story for us. Would you please come to Florida and discuss the economic issues of the property and casualty business. Many Floridians are leaving the state due to the rising costs of property insurance. Who is winning here? Will the state fund, Citizens Insurance, go bankrupt if we have a big storm? How can people protect their assets?
Posted By Anonymous Renee, Bradenton, FL : 3:33 PM ET
I agree, please come to Canada. There are many stories here that can be told, either in relation to the US or not (softwood lumber, free trade, culture, health care, politics, sports). Wherever you go, I hope you also don't forget to go back to "Keeping them Honest".

P.S. I don't have the book yet but loved the piece in Vanity Fair magazine
Posted By Anonymous Julie Regimbald, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada : 3:34 PM ET
Anderson, I think you should go to Texas this summer, and attend Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic. While there, in addition to hearing a lot of great music (Willie, Kris Kristofferson, Billy Joe Shaver and more), you could talk to Willie about his BIo BioWIllie, the clean burning, renewable diesel fuel replacement made from betable oils or animal fats.

Carl's Corner, a truckstop north of Dallas/Fort Worth, sells the biodiesel, which offers many benefits:

- it reduces carbon dioxied exhasut
emissions by up to 80%

- produces 100% less slfur dioxide
than petroleum based diesel

- reduces exhaust smoke up to to 75%

- smells better than diesel (like
popcorn or doughnuts)

- lessens dependence on foreign oil

Willie is opening up another Willie's BioDiesel
You could talk to Willie about his BioDiesel business, and the
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 3:35 PM ET
I think it would be insightful for "360" to take a look at the war against terror success stories. In particular, the international communities response against terrorism.
Posted By Anonymous Frank, Anchorage AK : 3:36 PM ET
I agree with Laura, do a show in Cleveland...what about water patrolling in our waters...Lake Erie right here...not far from the Canadian border..not far at all...
Posted By Anonymous Sherrry, Cleveland Ohio : 3:36 PM ET
As for "360 summer trips," I think you should go to the Darfur region of Sudan. I don't think the American media has really been covering the humanitarian crisis going on there as much as it could. I think it's a very important story to tell the world, especially since thousands have been killed, and millions over people continue to be dispalced from their homes.
Posted By Anonymous Sydnee, Washington, DC : 3:37 PM ET
Anderson, I think it's time for you to visit the Twin Cities. St. Paul, MN has the largest Hmong population of any city in the nation. An influx of 5,000 Hmong refugees arrived here in 2004. Local media have not done much on how these Hmong families are acclimating to the U.S. or, specifically to St. Paul -- a city whose residents are predominantly Irish Catholic. I think there is a story here on how local communities and the local economy have absorbed these refugees and at what cost. What is revealed could serve as a road map or lesson for other cities around the country.
Posted By Anonymous J. Anderson, Minneapolis, MN : 3:38 PM ET
Hey Anderson how about coming to Detroit, MI. Eventhough we are close to Chicago making it to a book signing there is impossible for most of us. So how about stopping by and signing some books?

Story ideas? How about:

Detroit shares it's border with Windsor Ontario and here is some Raw Data for you:

* The border between Canada and the United States is often called the world's longest undefended border between two countries.

* The Detroit-Windsor connection is its busiest point. The two main crossings locally are the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. About 9.4 million vehicles crossed the bridge last year.
We also have the largest Arab American community in the US within our borders. And the city where I live Warren, MI is going to be home to a new Mosque in the area.
And finally one of the hottest mid term elections is going on right here in Michigan's 9th Congressional District. The race is between the incumbant Joe Knollenberg and challenger Nancy Skinner. Nancy is the sole Democratic candidate for the race and is #1 on the DFA list.

Need more story ideas? Just ask, I have many more suggestions.

Anyway, have fun on the rest of your West Coast tour and don't forget there are people who live between the two coasts that would like to see you.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia , Warren, MI : 3:48 PM ET
Come to Youngstown, OH. This section of the Rustbelt has not seen the growth and prosperity that other parts of the country have. The city is not recovering well from the loss of steel mill jobs in the 1970's and now our areas two largest employers, GM and Delphi are in trouble. The crime rate is up, murder is on the increase again and there are 800 abandoned homes scheduled for demolition. We could really use some attention.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Youngstown, OH : 3:49 PM ET
"360" should tackle the heartland of this country, the mid-west including Kansas, Ohio, Michigan-if you read "What's the Matter with Kansas" it really explains why the conservative movement is thriving in the mid-west and Democrats are scratching their heads in befuddlement. Way to go on the book!
Posted By Anonymous Michele M., Reston, VA : 3:49 PM ET
Go to Africa and show the world more about the real problems of humanity. The suffering of men, women and children of Sudan, Uganda, Kongo, what is beyond of our imagination. We are so lost in our minuscule problems here and can't even start to imagine what is going on in another places. I would love to see more international and underriported stories on 360.
Your book is amazing. 100% personal and 100% professional at the same
time. Great job!
Posted By Anonymous Katalin, Austin, TX : 3:53 PM ET
Hi. I heard you on Charlie Rose's show awhile back saying that you planned to go to the Congo this summer to report on the violence there, and I look forward to how your reports will (hopefully) open some eyes and inspire people to take action. Also, Darfur and a series on AIDS and other diseases in Africa would be wonderful. It might be interesting to see a follow-up on race relations in South Africa since the end of apartheid as well as Rwanda, and how those countries have worked to heal. (I attended a wonderful lecture a few weeks back with Rev. Michael Lapsley, who works on reconciliation in South Africa and himself was the victim of a letter bomb; his program in Cape Town would be well worth a visit.)

You could focus on the environment and do shows that highlight problems and solutions that can be implemented on the individual, state, federal, and global level.

You could interview and tour with members of the 9/11 Commission to highlight their concerns and the lack of emergency preparedness in this country.

You could also do a series on poverty in the US and visit different areas: rural/urban, north/south, etc. You could highlight problems and also prgrams making a difference (and what about those programs might be replicable).

And you are always welcome, I am sure, anywhere affected by Katrina.

Congrats on the book! It was very moving and hopefully will help keep the failures of Katrina and the need to do more to help people on the front burner. I also bought Doug Brinkley's book (The Great Deluge) the day I bought yours, and would highly recommend it to your viewers who want to read more about the specific failures as well as some heartbreaking stories that go along with those statistics.

Wherever you go, I hope you and your crew (and everyone else, for that matter) stay safe. Oh, and for crying out loud, if you are in a hurricane and the CNN weathermen tell you to put on eye gear or get inside, you may want to listen to them!
Posted By Anonymous Norah, West Chester, PA : 3:53 PM ET
Anderson, I think you should go to some country that's going through a tough time, like Bangladesh in Southeast Asia...

And yes your book was just amazing, hope you would write another one...
Posted By Anonymous Tropa, New York : 3:55 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
I hear the weather in Iraq is lovely at this time of the year :). In all seriousness, you may want to consider taking a trip to Iraq and talking to the troops on the ground. Your reporting skills, which I admired greatly during the Katrina disaster, could be put to great use there.

I know people feel Iraq is all we talk about, but the talk lacks substance. The low-level Shia-Sunni civil war, the growing influence of Iran, the placement of our combat units in regions where they effectively have to do police work without the training or necessary resources and the need to re-involve the international community are all things that need more attention.
Posted By Anonymous Ana-Maria Gordon, Seattle, Washington : 4:00 PM ET
Hi Anderson!

With the start of the new hurricane season, once again the gulf coast region is getting attention.
There have been recent discussions about how save the dikes around Lake Okeechobee really are and what would happen if they would breach and not withstand the force of nature. I think you and your team should investigate into hidden problems and risks that lure in the state of Florida in terms of hurricane season preparedness.
What would really happen if a 'Katrina'-like hurricane would hit any low lying areas in the Sunshine State? Would the various government agencies react different than they had in Louisiana and Mississippi just because Florida is primarily white and in average much wealthier?
It would be interesting to do a comparison and run a 'worst case' scenario to reveal if Florida is really ready for the big blow and whether there really is a guarantee and level of confidence that a 'New Orleans'-like disaster cannot not happen here.

So, to answer your question, you should visit some of the wealthier areas in Florida (Miami, Naples, etc.) and investigate how ready they really are for a major natural disaster and what the expectations of the local governments and response teams really are in terms of federal support.
Posted By Anonymous Elke, SW Florida : 4:00 PM ET
Hello Anderson,

Congrats on the success of your very moving book.

Being a Californian native, I am happy to know you are bringing national attention to our local stories.

Thanks for bringing compassion and humanity to the media! I refused to watch any news show before you.
Posted By Anonymous Katerina, Los Angeles CA : 4:03 PM ET
Havre, Montana Why? It is right on the canadian border, so the people would have interesting views on border control, also a rural community, but with "right" views who aren't willing to challenge the right wing and do what is right. All around a very good bunch of people. I lived there for two years and found it amazing. I live in NYC now, more culture, but people there are more down to earth
Posted By Anonymous Gary Romero, New York, NY : 4:04 PM ET
Europe - particularly Germany - The immigration debate in Europe (particularly Muslim immigration to northern EU states) has some interesting parallels to the immigration debate in the U.S. - and the debate is not entirely outside the political fray of the World Cup - may be an interesting trip.

Posted By Anonymous Brussels/St. Louis : 4:05 PM ET
You should go to SE Texas. Focus on distructive hurricanes has been all about NOLA. There are many towns there that have been forgotten and may never recover.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Chapel Hill, NC : 4:07 PM ET
You need to do a story on "Street People in American Cities." Where do they come from, what led them to the streets? What about their families? Are they there out of choice or not. So many things to look into.
Or-another topic. "Whats happened to our Middle Class". How do everyday people with low to medium income manage day by day-year by year. Interview some "average" people and see how difficult it is to make it in the world we live in.

Or-another topic. I think we need to expose how Washington/Senators & Congressmen squander the tax payers money on trips, luxury items, personal items,etc. etc.etc. Its disgraceful.
Posted By Anonymous Sue, Charlotte, NC : 4:09 PM ET
One of the hot topics in our area at the moment is the news coverage that Tiffany Souers, the Clemson student that was murdered VS NiShan Huff, a honors graduate that was murdered. The racial tensions are boiling over. Tiffany, of course was a white well off young lady. Nishan, was a black educated young lady. Since Tiffany's murder we hear about it on local news, cable news, online, and in the local paper. NiShan Huff is barely getting a by line. Although the Greenville News is finally starting to give her front page coverage. I think this speaks volumes across the country. As I white person, I have noticed for years that news coverage does seem to cover the "pretty, young, white female" that are murdered, kidnapped, etc. I just think people don't want to either admit or deal with the race issues we have across our country. Growing up for the most part in the South, I am fortunate that I was raised to love and accept people for many different things and never base that on the color of skin. Also, the only thing I asked for as a birthday gift was your book. My husband bought it for my birthday. We are both huge fans. Thank you for bringing us the news...honestly! Thank you for "keeping them honest"!
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie, Greenville SC : 4:10 PM ET
Seriously, CLIMATE CRISIS and why the American governent will not sign on to Kyoto. Come up to Canada!
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA : 4:11 PM ET
AC, sounds like it's time for you to go back to Africa. As many of your bloggers pointed out, there are many interesting and *intense* human stories to be covered there--Darfur (war, genocide, starvation), Niger (starvation, AIDS, etc.), Congo, etc. As one blogger wrote, there is so much devastating poverty, starvation, death and despair going on in Africa right now... And, we FAT, selfish Americans just worry in angst over when and where our next Twinkies or burger and fries are going to be!! hahahaha!!

Hmmm.... Also, if it really did make #1 on the NY Times bestseller list, I actually might consider getting your book...
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Sacramento, CA : 4:15 PM ET
Philadelphia not only because of the Geno's Steaks sign, but also because of the increased violence in the city. Also, I'd love to know why the city is building condos downtown when the city has empty office buildings because the business taxes are so high.

Wonderful book--it was a moving, well-written read.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel D, Philadelphia, PA : 4:15 PM ET
I can't think of a better place than Africa and/or India. I think that the issue of AIDS in these countries is being over shadowed by other issues. Thousands of people are still dying from AIDS.

The West's inability to really help with the AIDS crisis along with poverty and feminine not only directly effects them but us. They see us has having a lack of empathy for them and that breeds hatred of us and the rest of the West. That in turns leads some to follow the terrorist that hate us. Africa is now a large breeding ground for new terrorists. It's a cycle and I think it's a connection that all Americans should be made aware of.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Tampa, Florida : 4:15 PM ET
You should definitely go to Africa. What they're suffering is way more important than anything going on in America.
Posted By Anonymous Laura, Greenville, Illinois : 4:16 PM ET
You should come to Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is the banking capital of the United States and I know a lot of people overlook it when considering possible terrorist targets. A terrorist attack here would be highly damaging the world economy. Also, I believe North Carolina has the fourth highest number of nuclear power plants, and a nuclear power plant attack would cause devastating consequences. I would really like to find out from what federal and local officials are doing to ensure our safety in this area.
Posted By Anonymous Despina, Charlotte, NC : 4:17 PM ET

I think the Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's)in the Midwest could use a spolight over its head. For all of the confinements that are built in "appropriate" places (using that loosely) there are a host more that are popping up in places no such operation should ever exist. It's an environmental nightmare. Specifically in Iowa, a LARGE chicken operation was recently built upon a man made sinkhole and has poisoned a nearby stream - one that leads to a major water source. The "Powers that Be" seem to have looked the other way. Come see the future of our streams, clean air, rolling hills and rivers as we know it. They'll soon be a thing of the past the way reckless industrial agriculture giants with deep pockets operate. The way matrix's and guidelines are written, our environment is in deep trouble. This is a hugely debated issue in the Midwest - I don't think I have ever seen national attention to it, beyond PETA's involvement early on.
Posted By Anonymous Kris, Castalia, Iowa : 4:20 PM ET
Anderson you gotta come to Music City!!! Not only is it one of the best cities in the nation (the "smartest" according to Kiplinger and "hottest" city according to Expansion Magazine), but there are endless topics available.

-Healthcare: A multibillion dollar industry here, Nashville is on the cutting edge of new technology, research, business, as well as politics.
-Religion: Commonly know as the buckle of the Bible belt, Nashville is home to thousands of churches and publishes more Bibles than anywhere else in the world. Combine that with almost as many adult book stores and strip clubs and you've got a recipe for drama.
-Entertainment: It's no secret that Nashville's culture is largely based on the music industry. That's actually one of my favorite aspects of this town. Although I am a minority here, I am not nor will I ever be looking for a record deal. I'll stick to singing to the drunks at Lonnies (the local karaoke establishment). I do enjoy that one can go out any night of the week and hear great live music. It's also quite easy to stumble upon a celebrity eating breakfast, at the bar, working out, or supporting community efforts.
-Immigrants and Diversity:
Few people know that Nashville is home to more Kurds than any other city outside of the Middle East. As with most cities in the US, the Latino, Indian, and Asian populations are alson rapidly growing. As Reginald Stuart (local writer) says: "Nashville is at a crucial juncture in its history. We are not yet a truly diverse city, but we are about to become one, and the real question is, Can we do it right?"

Need any more convincing?
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie, Nashville, TN : 4:22 PM ET
Possible topics and/or places for team 360 to go:
* Deeper discussion around energy, why we are not pushing flex fuel cars and E85?, and other alternative sources
* Congo (continued rape of women and President Kabila "response")
* Darfur region of Sudan (the tragedy continues)
* Explore Poverty in America and its affect on children
* Town Hall Meeting on Politics and the Voter - What is really important and to whom regardless of political affiliation?
And on a purely selfish basis - Brooklyn, NY (where NY begins! :) - to discuss the issues of eminent domain, "gentrification", stadiums, box stores, and the true meaning of neighborhood.
Congratulations on your book, as I said in an email to you a while back, I stayed up one night reading it so late --that it was early by the time I finished. Your BN booksigning earlier this month was a bit overwhelming - however, while I wasn't able to get a book signed for my tia, I ended up buying some books for my niece. LOL!
Best wishes,
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie H., Brooklyn NY : 4:25 PM ET
Head West!! I see a lot of Easterners' & I must throw my Albertan cowboy hat into the ring! Not that I actually wear one! A trip across Canada seems a great plan! Load up the CNN campers & make what would surely be one of your more scenic trips! Looks like there are quite a few Canucks who would enjoy seeing you, eh!!
It's great to see "Dispatches" doing very well!! I have been recommending it to anyone who will listen! Congrats again!!
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly,Edmonton, AB Canada : 4:25 PM ET
Do you like cows? You could always come to Plainview, Tx and see our great fiberglass cows...boy I tell ya when I came back from Russia I was never that happy to see those cows.
Posted By Anonymous Rita, Plainview, TX : 4:28 PM ET
How about into the inner city? Show the effects of poverty, crime, lack of a living wage and corruption by gov't & corporations is having on the country?
Posted By Anonymous Tom Vincent, Newport DE : 4:37 PM ET
Anderson, it was great to see you in Arlington. I truly love your book - have already read it twice - and hope you write many many more. I think you've probably got a book's worth (or more) of instructive and illuminating incidents in your Channel One years alone! Please consider sharing with us.

As for where 360 might go, I'm curious about the Arab world outside of Iraq. Why are they (figuratively) sitting on their hands? Why aren't our 'allies' in the region doing more? It frankly gripes me that American soldiers, especially American women, are fighting and dying to prop up the apparently misogynistic patriarchies in the region. Would love to know more about the culture and politics involved.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 4:38 PM ET
Africa. People say that Americans are just not interested in news happening in the rest of the world. Thats just not true! Every time I see a story on all thats going on in Africa I want to see more. Theres so much to uncover there, and so much to tell.
Posted By Anonymous Claire, Marquette, MI : 4:40 PM ET
Dear Mr. Cooper,
I wish you would come to Montana. Havre has streets underneath the city. Wolf Point has a very interesting stampede with many interesting goings ons. I bought your book and I would love for my kids to see that people such as yourself are real people also. If you came within 12 hours or so of Wolf Point, Montana, I would bring my boys to a book signing, ect. My middle son collects autographed books. I also checked your father's book out from the library. I am enjoying your father's book even more than your book. Someday when I can afford it I hope to purchase your father's book. I wish I could have met your father. I am also reading your mother's book, It Seemed Important at the time, but I am not enjoying it as much as your father's book. Still reading, shirley
Posted By Anonymous Shirley, Wolf Point, Montana : 4:42 PM ET
Anderson, Stay in the USA for the summer... The guy who wants you to visit the city of Brotherly love to check out the restaurant that only allows English to be spoken, How about checking out ANY establishment in South Florida and find out if there actually exists a place where English is the only language spoken... Can't be done...
Posted By Anonymous Sherry, Sarasota, Florida : 4:43 PM ET
Five words -- World's Largest Prairie Dog Statue [in western Kansas]
Posted By Anonymous Masy, Tulsa, OK : 4:45 PM ET
How about visting cities in the West such as Denver and Albuquerque that are suffering from drought, yet housing developments continue to grow? We have farmers here in Colorado who can't get enough water to save their crops, extremely high fire danger both in the mountains and plains, yet new developments with lush green lawns and adjacent golf courses keep getting built. Owning your own home is the American dream, but at what cost?
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, Parker, CO : 4:51 PM ET
Anderson - A spotlight needs to be put on the situation in Haiti. There is constant violence between the UN troops there and the Hatians; and like Guantanamo, people are being held in prison by the interim government without charges being brought against them.

Some of the heartbreaking and heartwarming stories in Africa were beautifully told in the "Film Your Issue" competition. You and your distinguished fellow jury members (including my personal hero Ben Bradlee) must have had quite a difficult job choosing the best among such an outstanding field.

Congratulations on your book. We just bought more for our Dads.
Posted By Anonymous Dee Renfro Houston, Texas : 4:52 PM ET
If you're interested in doing stories about the paranormal, you should visit historic Bucks County,Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia).

There have been numerous accounts of unexplained hauntings in dozens of the historical buildings located here.

In Philadelphia itself, Eastern State Penitentiary has been an interest to Ghosthunters for years and have been featured on a TV show that specializes in Ghosttracking.

Are you up for spending the night in one of these haunted places?
Posted By Anonymous Devon, Buckingham, PA : 4:52 PM ET
Anderson: You should do a series on West Virginia. I was born and grew up in West Virginia. I know that WVA will give you everything you need for interesting, meaningful coverage, as well as some important issues such as the mining problems. and the problems of strip mining which is destroying the countryside. You will love the wild beauty of the mountains in the spring, summer and fall, and the kindness and warmth of the people. My family helped settle WVA after the Civil War. For almost 100 years, they lived in a small town called Glenville right down the road from the Sago Mine. I used to spend my summer vacation (I lived in Parkersburg )in Glenville.
where there is now a branch of West Virginia University. My daughter was baptized in the same white church my family raised almost one hundred years before.

In watching your coverage,I realized again what strong enduring people those miners and their wives are and have written about them since.

Think about it. You certainly could get a week of great shows out of WVA. As an ex-television writer, I know the material is there.

Your book is wonderful. I read it last night, and it is very touching. Your empathy for people is amazing. Thank you for writing it.
Dorothy Terry
Posted By Anonymous Dorothy Terry, Chicago Illinois.llinois. : 4:53 PM ET
The Canada story is a great idea. I am in southeast Michigan and Ontario is a popular destination for us as it is less than an hour's drive. People go there for the casinos plus to visit the beaches along Lake Erie and Lake Huron and some of the excellent cities like Toronto. It used to be you just gave your place of birth at the border and let them know how long you planned to stay to cross into Canada. Now you will have to provide a PASSPORT. That is going to have a huge impact on the tourism industry between Michigan and Canada. Most people I know don't have passports because they don't travel to foreign countries. And to people in Michigan, Canada has never seemed to be a "foreign" country.
Another issue near and dear to us in the Great Lakes State is alternative/corn fuel. Several plants are either being built or on line. That will have quite an impact on our economy here. Talking to our farmers would be a great story as well...being able to sell corn to ethanol plants gives farmers another market....plus, what are our auto makers doing to be "green" and tap into the ethanol market?
Posted By Anonymous JR, Adrian, Michigan : 4:54 PM ET
Home Anderson.... just go home.

If you really can't quell your gypsy feet, come to Western NY state and check out border issues according to real people.
Posted By Anonymous Cat, Buffalo NY : 4:54 PM ET

I invite you and your crew to come and explore the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

In the Pacific Northwest, 360 could do programs about our complex and interesting geology, as well as our caffine culture. We have volcanoes, earthquakes and have had tsunamis. Life in a subduction zone is probably why we are soooo caffinated.

We are completely different than any place in the United States and you need to spend time here and enjoy the salmon and dungeness crab too!!!
Posted By Anonymous Donna A. Reuter, Bremerton, WA : 4:54 PM ET
Hey Anderson - I just finished your book this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a lawyer that always wanted to be a reporter or anchor, I found your spirit of journalism inspiring. As for where 360 should go next, I'd like to see what has been done for the Tsunami victims of 2004 in Bandeh Aceh. Much like Katrina is one of those stories that you have kept on America's radar screen, the utter devastation, relief and response to the tsunami victims has always troubled me. Out of all the pledged relief, concerts, fundraisers, etc., I'd like to see what's actually been done for these people. Your border and Katrina progress stories are always enlightening and disturbing in the same breath. Continued success with your book and I'm sure we'll all see you down here for a hurricane or two this summer.
Posted By Anonymous Felix, Tampa, Florida : 4:56 PM ET

I am sorry I did not get to meet you when you were in Naples last October but I was a bit busy with Wilma. I wanted to thank you for blasting the Gulf State politicians in the aftermath of Katrina. Well done!

Where should 360 go next? I'd like to see you look at the realities of the housing market. Down here we keep seeing bogus reports of overpriced housing but the so-called experts know nothing of the markets they analyze and broadcast through the media. Our properties continue to appreciate in the meantime. There is no "national" housing market. Yet everyone is trying to look at the whole United States and make an analysis, trying to fit pegs of all shapes into one standard hole. I get so tired of hearing that Naples is the most overvalued market in the country. Relative to what? Many of the properties here are owned by people who pay cash and who don't work when they are in Naples. Yet the supposed statistics look at median income for those who do work here and use erroneous median home prices by including the homes bought by our weekenders who arrive on private jets. I bought my home in 2003 and considered Naples to be grossly UNDERvalued! Prices have increased but they seem to have only caught up to where they should have been. We can't be compared to house prices in Timbuktu. The only comp markets in the country are West Palm, Boca Raton and South Beach- communities that offer similar lifestyle and ammenities.

Our market is but one example of how poor reporting has created a standstill between buyers and sellers. Reporters seem to think that any contact they make is a reputable source but no one is really looking deep enough into the variables. There is pent up demand that will have to enter the market before too long. Boomers have been trying to wait but their life clocks are ticking and they have dreams to fulfill before it gets to be too late. Look at today's Harvard study on CNN. It's the most intelligent report I have seen in a while.
Posted By Anonymous Rich Ahrens, Naples, FL : 4:57 PM ET
Anderson, go to Darfar and get us the truth about what is going on in Africa. No one wants to talk about this issue. There is not much being reported out of Darfar.

Tell average American citizens what they can do to help these women and children. Tell businessmen and women what we can do to help the cause. Tell us.....so we can tell our children.
Posted By Anonymous Steven, Bradenton, FL : 4:58 PM ET
The next time a hurricane heads for Florida, come inland. Everyone always makes a big deal about how rainy/windy/flooding it is along the coasts, but perhaps you could show how the inland areas fare. With all the retirement communities, many of them mobile or manufactured homes, how will they fare in a big hurricane?
Posted By Anonymous Jen, Lady Lake, FL : 5:02 PM ET
i think you should go somewhere and do a story on successful alternative energy living, wherever that might be, that is a current example of what could be happening in the U.S. were we a progressive. open-minded and less greedy society. Go somewhere there is a solution already working that is affordable for the average pretty broke person that encompasses everything from manageable utility bills to green cars. i don't know where this would be, but there must be a positive role model out there somewhere, perhaps overseas, Sweden or somewhere. there's a lot of negative energy put into this issue. i would like to see a positive example of how it can work NOW.
Posted By Anonymous susan, st. louis, missouri : 5:03 PM ET
Hi Anderson--

You could come to western NC to take a look at the the increasing debate over development vs. conservation in the mountains.

Or you could do an author talk at my library :) Loved your book, and enjoy booktalking it whenever I get the chance!
Posted By Anonymous Michele F., Hendersonville, NC : 5:03 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

While in San Francisco, please visit San Jose too. Its only a 45 minute drive. This city has the makings of a bestseller - corrupt politicians, undocumented workers, school closings and ofcourse our own hockey team.

Welcome to California and your book touched in more ways than one.
Posted By Anonymous Ruby, San Jose, CA : 5:04 PM ET
So, which will it be? Africa or Canada? Not all the danger, battles, etc. occur due to dishonesty or evil, you know.

Since you obviously live for the thrill of an adrenaline rush and the extreme high it produces, I think you should get to Oklahoma (or Texas( for the rattlesnake roundup, just as you've always wanted too. I'm sure it would give you a run for your money, though I doubt if CNN would think it a good idea!

No, I'm not being a smart mouth! Are you game?

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, Mo : 5:05 PM ET
I agree with Katalin from Austin. The media needs to report more on the human tragedy happening in Sudan. The atrocities can only be compared to the Rwanda genocide tragedy ten years ago. The global community needs to step up and help before the Sudanese population is wiped out. In the last three years, hundreds of thousands have been killed and two million civilians displaced. The attacks on the Sudanese have been nothing less than brutal and inhumane. Anderson, one of your best characteristics is your sincerity and the way your heart felt emotions shine through your reporting. You wear your emotions on your sleeves. This important characteristic cannot be fabricated and is something that few reporters over time have ever possessed. If anyone can make a difference and report the reality of this human tragedy it is you. No reporter can do this better than you.
Posted By Anonymous Louie Bonnecarre, New Orleans La. : 5:07 PM ET
How about somewhere in the Midwest. Ok, I know boring......

What could be the topic.

Well, in St. Louis there is a surge in downtown development. Tons of remodeling of old warehouses and buildings into lofts. City living is finally coming back. With the rising gas prices, I would think this trend would continue.

Farmers in the Midwest and their thoughts on the country using more Ethanol based fuel.

There is a movie being filmed here.

Ok that is all I could come up with for now.
Posted By Anonymous Mary H., St. Louis, MO : 5:08 PM ET
I think you should go to Gulfport, MS & New Orleans, LA. to see how life is after Katrina.
Posted By Anonymous Nicole Sellers, Church Point, LA. : 5:10 PM ET
You've spent a lot of time in New Orleans and environs since the storm. I'm positive you haven't worn out your welcome plus your continued broadcasts have kept the world's attention on that terrific area's progress and problems. I hope you'll do another visit this summer.

Another spot of great interest to me would be Siem Reap, Cambodia to fill us in on what's happening both good and bad to that wonderful part of the world - not only Ankor Wat but also Cambodia as a whole. Like Louisiana, Cambodia has played an important part in my life. A fascinating combination, if I do say so!!
Posted By Anonymous Tom Dawson, Pacific Palisades, California : 5:11 PM ET
Where have you been lately! John Roberts is a great reporter, but you're the namesake of the show, it's nothing without you. The book was great, by the way, and I'm happy to hear it's doing so well. As for trips, what about Eastern Europe? You never really hear what's going on over there. I really just suggest anywhere new and different. But if you feel like stopping by Pennsylvania, that would be great!
Posted By Anonymous Emma Russell, Downingtown, PA : 5:15 PM ET
Go back to New Orleans as much as you can. Go back to the Mississipi coast, too. Keep their feet to the fire.
thank you
Posted By Anonymous Shannon, Charlottesville, VA : 5:15 PM ET
Zacarias Moussaoui reportedly has said that he was surprised that he didn't receive the death penalty and now believes he could receive a fair trial (wanting the guilty verdict thrown out.) If he can believe that a fair trial is possible in the US, perhaps he and thousands of others can alter other assumptions they make about Americans, as well. Please consider exploring this topic; maybe, as Americans, we can help to end at least some of the senseless violence - one person at a time.
Posted By Anonymous pam, mcallen, texas : 5:18 PM ET
Perhaps you could visit some smaller towns, as in populations less than 20,000. The news media constantly speaks to the nation from powerful urban centers, it would be nice to seem some speak from a small town environment.
Posted By Anonymous Jon C., North Hollywood, CA : 5:18 PM ET
I would love to see you do an extensive story on the american indian, i know it's been done before, and there are more pressing topics; however, i have not seen a human interest story in a while regarding the american indians.
Posted By Anonymous d. las vegas nevada : 5:19 PM ET
I would like to more human interest stories concerning americans who have lost there jobs. This past year maytag , delphi and others have been leaveing our country at a high rate and my question is what happened to the workers.
Posted By Anonymous Dave Winfield Quincy, Il : 5:19 PM ET
Selfishly I'd say Boston, always some interesting political things going on and it's just a great place to visit in the summer-)

But I will agree with the Congo, what is happening to women there gets no media attention.
Posted By Anonymous Regina Chelmsford MA : 5:23 PM ET
Hi Anderson, Keep the spotlight on the mining industry and the governments role in mine safety. Australia and Canada are way ahead of this country in mine safety. "Keeping them honest", could find a way to speed up progress for our miners. The technology available today should be used to save lives, whatever the cost.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage Brooklyn MI : 5:27 PM ET
Go and cover serious news instead of fluff! Take on the Bush gang and bring them down to earn your place in history and restore integrity and heroics to journalism!
Posted By Anonymous Ed, Ellenville NY : 5:29 PM ET
Go places that do not have a hidden agenda. Just beautiful or unusual places in the United States. Leave the over seas places for you to go to on your vacation and then if interesting enough broadcast from there like you did last year in Niger. Go to small town America and explore the good and bad that are in that area. See what kind of a story you and your staff can come up with in an unknown area. Sometimes the small cities have the same problems that large cities have just a smaller scale. There is a big meth problem here in Central Illinois where I live. Also the unemployment is high. Come see what we are all about.
Posted By Anonymous Carolyn Bell- Danville, Illinois : 5:31 PM ET
Anderson, I read your memoir.For me it was heart wrenching. I was also fascinated with the details of how news broadcasters manage to bring devastating and difficult stories to air. Thank you for signing it in Chicago. I'm guessing it feels surreal or at least awkward to meet so many in such a short time. Hey it's just another experience you can write about in your next book. ;-)
If you want to go somewhere that hasn't been covered much in recent years, why not go to India? I'm reading The Cost of Living by Arundhati Roy. It came out in 1999. In it Ms. Roy describes what happens when nations, governments and corporations put so-called progress and development before people.
Posted By Anonymous Annabelle Echo, Chicago IL : 5:34 PM ET
I heard you mention a possible to visit to the Congo in one of your interviews. I do hope that you take 360 to that region. The human rights issues need media attention.

Have you considered returning to some of the places you wrote about in Dispatches? It would be interesting to see how the war-torn countries you covered early on in your career have progressed.

Congratulations on the success of your book. It was wonderful to meet you at the NYC book signing!
Posted By Anonymous Annette L., Alpha, NJ : 5:39 PM ET
hey anderson!
I hate to sound like I'm jumping on a bandwagon, but I think a show out of Toronto would be really great. Canada is bursting with people with something to say about what's going on in our own neighborhoods and those around the world.
some hot topics are violence (the recent terrorist arrests in toronto), big city vs. everywhere else, lol, as well as u.s/canda relations and canada's involvement, or lack thereof, in international crisis. please consider coming up here because you and the show are most definitely wanted.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah D. Toronto, ON, Canada : 5:49 PM ET
The deplorable living conditions in Haiti deserve more coverage. While Cubans who make it to our shores get a free walk, Haitians are sent back to terrifying conditions. 360 should do a report on this double-standard and the living conditions in Haiti.

P.S. Congratulations Anderson on the success of your book!
Posted By Anonymous Milena, Ft. Lauderdale, FL : 5:54 PM ET
I think (along with others) that returning to places you discussed in your book (such as Sarajevo and Rwanda) and seeing the changes would be interesting.

Looking at Africa (the good and the bad)would be interesting as well.
Posted By Anonymous S. Higbe Norman, OK : 6:02 PM ET
As much as we would love to have you visit Canada's west coast, I would like to see an update on how things in Rwanda have changed in the past 10 years. P.S. getting your book here in Vancouver has been proving difficult as every book store I go into it's sold out. Congrats
Posted By Anonymous Sarah Vancouver BC Canada : 6:40 PM ET
Ever since Jeff Koinange's story on the Congo aired a few weeks ago on 360, I've longed to see more stories about not only the Congo, but about other countries in Africa, as well. I am heartbroken at the thought that no one is telling the stories of these people and I can't get past the thought that if someone was, more Americans might be willing to help because of a better understanding of just what is going on in these conflicted countries.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel N., Milwaukee, WI : 6:43 PM ET
Go to Mexico, find out what they are doing about illegal immigration into the United States.
Posted By Anonymous Miguel, Phoenix, AZ : 6:50 PM ET
I believe Americans don't hear enough about the successes of our government. PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Program For AIDS Relief, which serves 15 impoverished countries, mostly in Africa, is an effective and inspiring program. PEPFAR is using American tax dollars, scientific expertise, and humanitarian motivations to save lives. PEPFAR deserves more news coverage so that Americans and people all over the world can see and know the value of America's good works.

I am a young American physician who works in Uganda on HIV/AIDS, and would be glad to see more coverage of this issue, and/or to participate in making it happen. Come to Uganda, 360!
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Mills, Baltimore Maryland : 6:50 PM ET
New Mexico. . .we have it all yet no one explores it. Immigration and border issues; government/military security issues; social, educational, economic and meteorological drought; a booming film industry; a booming Indian gaming/resort scene and the best chile in the country.
Posted By Anonymous Kay in Albuquerque, NM : 6:54 PM ET
How about Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have a great dining experience in Dallas. Latin fusion and Asian fusion are all the rage! Its known here that if a restaurant can't make it here then it won't succeed anywhere. (Chili's started here) All the amenities of a large city are here. We have the Mavs and the Cowboys. And we have of course our "issues." We have the divisive debate on the Wright Amendment that puts citizen against citizen. The FBI is crawling around Dallas City Hall. Fort Worth has been developing its downtown into a more modern liveable scene. Some 500,000 people converged on downtown Dallas to protest the immigration debates. Thankfully DART got them home.
The area is alive with GROWTH! Dallas is unique. Dallas is not your typical Texas city. Just ask Molly Ivins.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan S., Dallas, TX : 6:58 PM ET
Dear Anderson-

Please devote some coverage to South Central Farmers. Over 40 people have been arrested, an essential resource for the poor in south LA has been levelled, a sheriff has taken quasi-legal action only a week after reelection, and a greedy developer is laughing all the way to the bank. This is an increasingly tragic story.
Please help.

Posted By Anonymous January Nordman Altadena, CA : 7:14 PM ET
Democratic Republic of Congo
Posted By Anonymous Aisling Seine-Roche, Arlington, Virginia : 7:17 PM ET
Maybe it would be beneficial for 360 go to the Congo.

In the event that you go, I'd advise you to watch your head.
Posted By Anonymous Sayuri Lilly, Little Rock, Arkansas : 7:22 PM ET
US/Canadian Border in the Detroit Area. You can cross by tunnel, bridge and even a small Ferry up near Port Huron.
Posted By Anonymous Sheri, Birmingham MI : 7:25 PM ET
Anderson: My vote is the Congo and I hope you are still planning on going in July. I would like to see enough attention brought out on this story to stop the rapes of the women there. You need to put some pressure on the President and get him to step up and take charge of this situation!!! BTW...I enjoyed meeting you at the Chicago book signing. I loved reading your book and stories. Thanks for sharing your experiences with those of us who would never have the opportunity to visit the many, many places you have. Take Care!
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 9:17 PM ET
Three words... Viva Las Vegas.

No real particular reason, I just want you to come to my town. Come on, Anderson!! Show Vegas some love!!
Posted By Anonymous Eric, Las Vegas, NV : 9:37 PM ET
I think follow-up on the tsunami would be nice. It would be good to see how the areas effected are recovering and how the families are coping.
Posted By Anonymous Heather, Chantilly, VA : 9:41 PM ET
You should do a show on Asian Americans in the U.S. I rarely ever Asian faces on TV, sometimes I forget the fact that I'm Asian, because I don't see any in this society I reside.

This lack of representation is driving me mad and forcing me to consider moving somewhere else where I can actually see people of my own people in the media. Not that I am exclusive, I want some sort of equal representation that's all.

Whenever we do hear any comments on Asian Americans, it is either that we're not really American, or that we're wildly successful doctorss/lawyers and stealing jobs from the real Americans.

The truth is while many Asian Americans are indeed successful, we still do not see them occupying higher offices in both the government and corporate world. We also see a severe lack of unity the way the Black community and even the Latino community represent themselves.

In addition, poverty among Asian Americans and Asian immigrants (illegal or legal) are extremely high in many parts of the country, but I've never come across a single article/report talking about that.
Posted By Anonymous Kai. Missouri City, TX : 9:54 PM ET
The Congo. This really needs to be discussed more. I just know if 360 focues more the this story something will be done or at least more people will know what really is happening there. It would be interesting to see how their upcoming election at the end of July ends up. I think it would be wonderful for 360 to be there for that. Just a thought.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel-Albuquerque, NM : 10:43 PM ET
Why don't you go to Shangri-la or Brigadoon for a change? If you take a well-deserved vacation, sure hope it's good!
Posted By Anonymous Carol B. Frederick, MD : 1:00 AM ET
Hi Anderson,

Can you take us to Alaska? - it would be great to watch you and your entire team cover the Alaskan wildlife refuge.
THere is known to be a rich harvest of oil in that region and would definitely serve as a wild temptation to greedily destroy every bit of the animal habitat in this refuge. Even under dire straits, oil should not be a priority over the natural habitat of animals. This refuge needs to be preserved and oil drilling would be criminal, at the expense of nature's wildlife. Only a madman would want to wreck this wildlife refuge.
It would be great to see you Anderson, and your team in the Alaskan wilderness.

And congratulations on your book getting the top spot on the New YOrk TImes bestseller's list. I am very happy for you.
There was also a comment on some vague magazine about you marketing your book on the AC360 show, but I thought that was simply ridiculous. I wish my book could have gotten such marketing coverage.
You are a fascinating writer, I like your lucid flow of language and though I have about a third of the book left to read, your experiences have been unbelievable, almost surreal I must say. Now I must finish the rest of your book.

I wish you had a book signing in SFO, since I live in Fremont, just 45 minutes away. So I suppose there wouldn't be any opportunity to meet you one on one, but I'm sure there will be other times.

As always with love,
A dedicated reader,

Posted By Anonymous Rekha, Fremont, California : 1:17 AM ET
Have you ever been to Japan? Everyone have to separate garbage according to type in order to reduce it here. What for???

Abnormal weather comes from global warming.
You "360" can make everyone awake to the importance of saving energy.

Come to Japan and you can enjoy some funny Japanese TV programs :)
Posted By Anonymous Yukako,Japan : 2:32 AM ET
After reading several of the postings, I can't help but think that us westerners need to have a more selfless view. Afterall, there is a world outside our problems. That said, I think Africa is a perfect candidate for AC360. However, I do have one request if the show remains stateside and that is the issue of drilling in the AK Wildlife Preserve. Is it necessary? Do AK residents approve or not? What are the facts?
Posted By Anonymous Heather, Washington, DC : 4:08 PM ET
You should try to come to Las Vegas. There isn't much controversy here right now, but it's a great town! It's a very open and accepting city that deserves more credit.
Posted By Anonymous Gianna, Las Vegas, NV : 4:32 PM ET
Northern Uganda...I just returned from my first trip to Africa and spent some time with 2 humanitarian workers doing research in Northern Uganda on how the war is affecting the children in the area. The LRA rebel group conflict is still burning after 20 years, hundreds of thousands displaced and in limbo, thousands of children walking every night to save themselves and their family from ruin...time to cover it.
Posted By Anonymous Lauren, New York, NY : 4:41 PM ET
I think you should go to Paris to follow up on the rioting that occurred at the end of last year. Was anything leared from that and has anything changed?
P.S. Your book was awesome!
Posted By Anonymous PattyS, Lancaster, PA : 4:42 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Annabelle is right. Go to India. You can find a lot of interesting topics to address. Oh, BTW, if you do need a guide, let me know.

Congratulations on your book. It is very good.
Posted By Anonymous Sonu Torappa, New Orleans, LA : 4:44 PM ET
You could do "360 does a 360". You know...circle the globe. A stop here, a stop there. 36 cities in 36 days...something like that. Cover all the interests posted in your blog. National and international.
Posted By Anonymous Annette; Upstate New York : 6:04 PM ET
Go to Congo show how almost 4 million people died in 8 years, and relief fundraising efforts raised 50 times less than the Tsunami
Posted By Anonymous B. Abiola, Boston Mass : 6:08 PM ET
I am wondering if you could travel to some communities and interview soldiers who have returned from duty in Iraq. I was not in favor of us going to war in Iraq and I have never been in the Armed Forces but, I have great respect for our soldiers. I am in awe of men and women who leave behind their loved ones to fight for our country. The other day I was at a park with my kids and I saw a young couple with a young child. The man had lost his leg from the knee down and he was hobbling around on crutches. Although I didn't talk to him I couldn't help but wonder if he had lost his leg in Iraq. So many of our troops are returning home injured, some so badly their lives will be forever changed but, we never seem to hear about them. For the service they have given us I was wondering if you could let them some of them tell us how their lives are after returning home?
Posted By Anonymous Cathy, Fairfax, VA : 7:38 PM ET
Clearly this warrants a trip to the Chapel Hill area. I mean, there might not be a lot going on around here but I certainly could use the company.

On a serious note, go to Africa. Lord knows there's enough to cover there. I can't go myself, so I need to live vicariously through the show.
Posted By Anonymous Rhonda, Chapel Hill, NC : 8:32 PM ET
What about Ache province in Indonesia. There seems to be very little in the news about the recovery after the tsunami.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Toronto, Ontario : 8:59 PM ET
India would be a great place to go. What happens there has a huge economic impact upon the US; outsourcing of US jobs, etc. Also, the economic disparities are horrendous.
But at the same time, if you are going for what will get the highest ratings, then stick with the US. Explore issues such as gangs (MS 13), poverty, education, healthcare.
Massachusetts recently passed a bill that makes health insurance mandatory for everyone. When I am eligible for medicare, there will be no such thing. Healthcare in the US is in crisis and is becoming 2nd rate.
Posted By Anonymous Bonnie; Boston, MA : 9:31 PM ET
Visit one of the most charming cities in the country - Charleston, South Carolina.
Our city has endured Revolutionary War and Civil War battles, the earthquake of 1886, and suffered the devestation of Hurricane Hugo in 1989.
Charleston can serve as a great role model to the city of New Orleans as they begin to rebuild their historic city.
Plus, a book signing event would be great!
Posted By Anonymous Susan, Isle of Palms, South Carolina : 12:33 AM ET
Hello Anderson,

How about Vietnam? You could go back to Vietnam and report on how it has changed since you were there after Yale.

I haven't bought your book yet but will get it soon. My husband and I are very impressed and moved by all your national and overseas reports. Don't forget to take some time off and enjoy summer. Best.
Posted By Anonymous VL Doran, Somerville, MA : 8:17 AM ET

Come to Miami on your way to Africa. We've got crime, drugs, immigration issues, currupt politicians, hurricanes. And, you can have a book signing event at B&N. All in the same day.

I loved your book.
Posted By Anonymous Romina MIami, Fl : 9:04 AM ET
I think you should go to Germany or Croatia. Both would be interesting stories. Germany is facing several challenges associated with economic reforms and immigration issues. Croatia-for how far it's come economically in the last seveal years. How it came from war to a major European vacation destination.
Posted By Anonymous Erica, Alexandria, VA : 9:20 AM ET
Hi Mr. Cooper, I appreciate all the work you do and how you are straight forward and honest. WE need more of it.We also need more attention on the working poor in this country. There are so many people in "middle class" America who have no health insurance,and struggle to put food on the table.There are no programs if you are hard working,tax paying and honest.I live in a Philadelphia suburb and it may look nice but we struggle to hang on. Have a nice summer:)
Posted By Anonymous Claudine Whiston-Leontaras, Swarthmore, PA : 10:54 AM ET
I think that folks in Congress need a reality check on 2 items. First, they need to see and hear, on CNN, what Everyman (the former Silent Majority) thinks about them, the war in Iraq, the economy, etc. Secondly, they need to hear what the military men, on the ground in Iraq, think about the war. I spoke to a Marine recently and he finally ventured an opinion, after 2 tours in Iraq. He said that the troops over there think that Bush is getting bad info, but respect him for his determination to follow the generals' advice. The boots on the ground want the freedom to get the job done so that all that has been accomplished will not be undone. In addition, they feel that Congress needs a reality check...they need to hear the words of the men and women who are dealing with mutiliation, blown apart bodies, a hidden enemy, etc. AC360 might want to go and talk to those troops and learn about their determination, restriction, horror, the stress under which they live and function. Show this on CNN for all of the world to see. Then, perhaps, running the war will return from the realms of Congress and the bleeding hearts, and return to the generals, officers, NCO's, and soldiers who are living it. The last person to wants to go to war is usually a man who's been there. But, the first person who wants to do the job correctly is the man who's been there. AC360 needs to walk a mile in their boots for this country to really know what's going on.
Posted By Anonymous Susan Parke, Rehoboth Beach, DE : 2:31 PM ET
At least four children have been SHOT in Memphis during the past two days, two of them fatally--and these were in three separate incidents. Jackson and Little Rock see fit to declare emergencies over their crime levels, but Memphis' mayor says he has no intention. This mayor, Willie Herenton, is in his third term as mayor, and the crime level has increased every year.
New Orleans is not the only one with the bad crime. Come to Memphis. Come to Detroit. Come to St. Louis. Talk about the terrible crime problem that exists among the black populations in the midsection of our country and continues to get worse.
Again, FOUR CHILDREN SHOT IN TWO DAYS...but this is not a state of emergency?
Posted By Anonymous Anna Bolton, Memphis, TN : 12:45 AM ET
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