Monday, June 26, 2006
Too much Angelina Jolie?
Anderson is in New Orleans today. For tonight, he's working on a piece on an alarming uptick in crime in New Orleans. (We also have a piece from correspondent Randi Kaye about Mayor Ray Nagin's 100-day plan and how far along the city is or is not. Yes, "We're keeping them honest.")

We've been talking a lot around here today about the bust of alleged terrorist wannabes who were associated with the Sears tower and the question of what is or is not entrapment and the perhaps even more dicey question: When is the right time for authorities to intervene? In other words, when does angry "talk" really constitute a threatening plot? We'll have more on this later in the week and would love your thoughts on it.

Also, we've taken a few hits from established media critics for our Angelina Jolie/World Refugee Day coverage. My view? They need to get lives. We had a significant and large viewership for both hours we produced last Tuesday. Yes, the Angelina interview was woven into both hours, but so, too, were thoughtfully reported pieces from CNN's Christiane Amanpour from Darfur, Jeff Koinange from Congo, Dr. Sanjay Gupta looking at the medical crises that inevitably follow the chaotic migrations of displaced populations, and Anderson from his time in Niger.

As for Angelina, she is absolutely a world-class celebrity AND she's made 20 visits as United Nations special ambassador to refugee camps around the world. She is informed, sincere and passionate about the subject. If interviewing her gave us an opportunity to shine a bright spotlight on a critical issue facing the world, then I'd like the chance for Anderson to interview her again.

Meantime, take a look at David Carr's column taking a shot at us in today's New York Times. Let us know what you think.
Posted By David Doss, "360" Executive Producer: 6:02 PM ET
Initially, when I heard Angelina Jolie was going to be on 360, iI thought-this sounds more like a story for 60 minutes; I watch Anderson Cooper and CNN for NEWS, not Hollywood news. But, after learning she had contacted CNN to do the interview, how in the world could they turn it down? If I was her, I would want to speak with a reporter that I KNEW whould take me seriously, and not focus on the celebrity gossip, which is what Mr. Cooper did. I would not suggest, however, that it is made a habit of CNN to speak to celebrities unless it DOES relate to world issues.
Thank you for an inforamtive program.
Posted By Anonymous Melissa Fleming,Creston, NC : 6:40 PM ET
David - I was inspired by Angelie Jolie and her forthright attitude concerning world refugees. She not only donates a substantial amount to this cause, but, spends time meeting the people that are affected. The reports from the Congo and Darfur were especially potent and made me realize that I too must become more involved with helping these people. Anderson's interview was adept and you could see how his previous journalistic experiences have affected him. Do not let some jealous media cohorts deter you from bringing this important subject to your viewers' minds.
Posted By Anonymous Sue, Laguna Niguek, CA : 6:47 PM ET
Hi David,

Sounds a mite like sour grapes to me. How is it not news? I understand the entertainment value due to the high profiles of Cher and Angelina, but the subjects they brought up are news.
The scores of women and children being raped in Congo is news. The crisis in Darfur is news. Famine in Niger is news; the fact that some branches of our armed forces don't want to spend money to protect the lives of American soldiers -- that's news. Where else do we hear about these things? More importantly, if we don't know about them, we can't take steps to stop them.

For example, why hasn't the international community put its collective foot down with regards to the rapes of innocents in Congo? Why is it allowed to continue? Why does our government continue to support ruthless dictators who live amongst incredible wealth while their people starve?

This is news. The lives of our fellow human beings is news. Shame on us all the day we stop caring enough to at least watch and try to understand and do something to help.
Posted By Anonymous Jeana, Los Angeles, CA : 6:48 PM ET
I enjoyed the entire 2 hours, and am madly in love with both Angelina Jolie and Anderson Cooper. (They should do a movie together! It was a story that had to be told. I was very touched and very heartbroken. I can`t remeber the last time I cried that hard. Thank you for airing such a wonderful piece. People need to be informed when others are suffering, and what they can do to help. Big thanks to Angelina and Anderson Cooper for the kindhearted people they are!
Posted By Anonymous Ada Liberatore Wind Gap Pennsylvania : 6:55 PM ET
I hope Angelina does ALL her interviews with Anderson Cooper. Both are class people, and anyone who has followed their careers knows it. AJ & AC are a perfect fit, and together they can double their impact on the issues that really matter. It was a great interview on topics that cannot be taken out of the mainstream. I hope it was the first of many to come.
Posted By Anonymous tricia, syracuse NY : 6:58 PM ET
So you can't do a piece about world poverty and refugees without the lady who is famous for lip-locking with her brother ?! Give me a break! Pick some truely humanitarian people who have spent the whole adult lives raising these issues; I'm sure there are at least a few dozen out there...don't 'cha think?... versus some nit-wit who is using her sexuality (yes're hooked on those lips and boobs!) and star power to get even more publicity for herself. Give me a break...but beter yet, give me some great coverage with REAL people.
Posted By Anonymous Angela, San Jose, CA : 6:59 PM ET
I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Angelina Jolie. Her passion for helping children as well as being a U.N. Ambassador is a vibrant, beautiful aspect of this powerful and beautiful woman. Too much Angelina, no way!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Bonnie Troop, Redding, CA : 7:01 PM ET
I think it is great that celebrities are willing to invest time, effort, and money to help out those that are less fortunate. I have never travelled to that area so I had no idea (till that episode) how dire the situation is for those refugees.

As for Cher, she did not go on AC360 to promote herself. I am willing to bet that other viewers were as shocked as I was to see the "shell" of the helmet our soldiers use! Anyone who has worn a sports helmet knows that there should be padding inside to keep the helmet on properly. The purpose of a helmet to prevent (at least lessen) truama to the head and the ones shown on the program certainly were not up to that task.

What chaps me the most is their mocking of Anderson. I remember when he started his career at "Channel One." I was a senior in high school when he first reported, but even then, I knew that he was "not like the rest." I often wondered "why is he in those dangerous areas?" AC has certainly "paid his dues" as a journalist and that is why he is respected by so many.

Also, there is nothing wrong about being funny, kind, and caring humans, which is what the people at AC360 are.

I completely agree with you Mr. Doss. The article is a cheap shot to slam this program (AC360). In reading the article several times, I also noticed that it has no merit behind its accusations of "sensationalism." David Carr's article is nothing more than a pathetic attempt at a hand slap.
Posted By Anonymous Genevieve Matthews, El Paso, TX : 7:01 PM ET
I am completely outraged to hear about David Carr, New York times comments about the interview Anderson had with Angelina Jolie!! What does it matter if a person is a celebrity if it helps the cause of starving children and rape victims!!! Kudos to both for a great job and probably a LOT of help for our less fortunate countries!!
Posted By Anonymous Bev. Ontario, CANADA : 7:03 PM ET
I understand the concerns about the blurring of borders between news and entertainment. But it does make me check my memory: haven't I seen the New York Times include links for their readers to support worthy causes? If I am remembering correctly, it seems hypocritical of them to question the same action on the part of another news organization that "got the get" and used it to focus on a part of the world that, unassisted, will continue to present problems that affect the entire world. More stories on Africa can only benefit us all. If Angelina Jolie is the best way to get that information out, so be it.
Posted By Anonymous Carolyn, Pittsburgh, PA : 7:06 PM ET
You said it in the intro: Too much Angelina Jolie. I know what the reporters contributed, I keep up with current events, and actually know a little history. I just don't think she gave that much info. We didn't see that much in the way of actually doing "for". We know the conditions they live in, we can only guess how much pain, physical & mental, they suffer. Sorry, it was flat out boring for a great part of the time.

I'm not impressed by any celeb that idolized simply because of youth, beauty, tough attitude---I could go on and on, but you see, that would be BORING!

You might however, want to think twice before you tell your viewers (most of them very loyal) just how "wrong" they are if they disagree with you. Starts to sound too much like authority gone to heck in a handbag.

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, : 7:10 PM ET
I thought Anderson's interview of Angelina Jolie was pertinent, informative and potentially of great benefit to bring attention to a subject that sorely needs it. But, the title of this blog entry is "Too much Angelina Jolie?" To that, I have to answer a resounding yes. A few subsequent airings of the initial show would have been great and reached an audience unable to see the original. But to show it again on Friday night was inexcusable. Then, it seemed to be on CNN every time I turned on the TV over the weekend. In summary, great show but too many repeats.
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann, Honolulu, Hawaii : 7:10 PM ET
I watched the interview with Anderson and Angelina Jolie and was very impressed by the content. I thought the whole show was very informative and done with class on Anderson's part. As promosed (per the promos) it was about world refugee day..and you kept your promise. If there is a celebrity that is TRUELY sincere in their cause then I think it should be aired, as long as the interview stays with the cause and does not go into the promoting of movies, gossip etc. I think CNN has done a terrific job of keeping focus on the issues and then integrating celebrity causes when it is news worthy.

Keep up the good work Lou Dobbs and Anderson Cooper!! You are both terrific and much appreciated!
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Mesa, AZ : 7:11 PM ET
Re the Jolie interview; it was an excellent piece, well-integrated with external reporting. It certainly started a lot of conversations about what individuals can hope to do in the face of seemingly intractable problems. That said (and this may be outside your control), the promotional materials didn't exactly convey the true gist of the show, and many of the critics 'reviewed' the show based SOLELY on the promos. I'm thinking here specifically of the Scott Collins hit-piece in the LATimes. A.) that's a helluva way to write a review and yet B.) promos ought to be a little more characteristic of the show they're promoting.

Re. the 'terrorist' wannabes, or as I like to call them, Wag the Sears Tower... I'd like to see some reporting on how the news gets manipulated into covering these stories at times favorable to the administration. I know you can't completely ignore a 'major arrest', but on the other hand, some context about the true danger and the possible motives authorities may have for over-stating them would certainly be useful to viewers.

I expect now that the 'boy who cried yellow alert' thing isn't working so much for them any more, we can expect to see an increased number of 'terrorist' arrests, particularly the closer we get to November. I'd be glad to send you a grain of salt or two to use with these 'breaking stories' if you can't find any locally, heh.

But seriously, the show's been great, media critics not withstanding. Keep it up.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 7:18 PM ET
I love the interview with Jolie. You stayed to the refugee crisis and not so much her personal life, which is exactly what it is HER PERSONAL LIFE!!! She shed alot of light in my eyes about this crisis, and I am sure the eyes of millions more were opended because of her! Great job Anderson and Jolie! The world needs many more of you!!!
Posted By Anonymous Tina Hough, Munford, TN : 7:18 PM ET
I, too, was skeptical at first because I wonder at celebrities' motives; however, Ms. Jolie did a fine job, as did Anderson, and I enjoyed the program.
Posted By Anonymous jane hutton, blue mound, IL : 7:19 PM ET
I would rather watch Angelina over our ughhh President Bush any day. She is awesome. I already donated money, if she can do so much we sure should be able to as well. Best
Posted By Anonymous columbus, ohio : 7:22 PM ET
The recent arrest of alleged terrorists in Florida is highly suspicious. Bush & Company are "expert" manipulators of public sympathy and brainwashing of Americans. Remember how often Bush/Rove/Cheney/Rumsfeld "cried wolf" whenever public opinion indicated that Sen. John Kerry would win the 2004 presidential election? It's almost election time again, and the Gang of Four are at their old tricks again: deception, distortion, lies, attacks, threats in order to continue their track record of stealing elections. Hopefully, Americans won't be gullible this time around, and will ignore Bush & Co.'s attempt at another massive "mind control" cabal.
Posted By Anonymous H. Malone; Seattle, Wash. : 7:23 PM ET
I enjoyed the entire interview with Jolie. In fact, I watched it twice! I learned a great deal about Africa. Mr. Carr is full of himself & needs to watch more CNN so that he can truly find something worthwhile to write about in his little column.
Posted By Anonymous Jay Handley Rogers, AR 72756 : 7:23 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous WJMILES AP, PA : 7:23 PM ET
My initial concern about the Angelina interview was that it would be too tabloid. I was glad that it was not and as a whole I enjoyed it. However, I hope that the interview with Cher the next day is not indicative of a celebrity interview trend.

I enjoy the blend of news and entertainment in Mr. Cooper�s show. I am also glad that someone is continuing to focus on the Gulf Coast.

And please, we do not need another interview with Angelina.
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Wakefield, RI : 7:27 PM ET
Ok, I read the Carr column. I see nothing but cheap shots and sour grapes. Anderson Cooper is EXACTLY what this country needs right now, as is Lou Dobbs, my new superhero. Finally, someone is telling us the truth. For those who still need the truth wrapped in flag-waving smarmy hype, go watch Fox.
I'll stick with CNN.
Posted By Anonymous Margaret, Thousand Oaks CA : 7:28 PM ET
What is more important than helping others? Who can bring as much attention to an issue as a celebrity? Many individuals give of their time, money and talents to those who need help, however, if CNN was interviewing someone who no one had heard of, how many more people would be tuning in and educating themselves to what goes on outside our country. Travel for business or pleasure in these same countries seldom takes you to areas where you need to concern yourself with land mines or starvation. What I find pathetic is that David Carr wasted space on an article complaining about how another news agency covered an important issue. His time would have been better spent finding an "expert" who doesn't do Pilates (does Angelina and who cares?) and educating his audience as to what they can do to help.
Posted By Anonymous Sandy B. Ahwatukee, AZ : 7:29 PM ET
That is why youth do not watch or read the news, and that is why people who have lives with things going on in them do not watch the news. I have lots of more interesting things to watch and listen to than negative comments. That is why I don't watch FOX news at all. They are loud, they don't give their guest a chance to speak, and very rarely do they have anything positive or informative to say about anything. I thought the Angelina Jolie interview was great. I always wondered why they were so fascinated by her, and now I see.
Posted By Anonymous David Williams, Greensboro, NC : 7:33 PM ET
Mr. Doss,

I'm fifty-four, and so I fit (barely) into the demographics (of the watchers of the Angelina Jolie, etc. interviews) mentioned in David Carr's column.

What Carr doesn't get is that change is the only constant is our world.

I grew up with news "authorities" such as Walter Crokite. When CNN debuted, I became an avid viewer. Now, I obtain my news through the Internet, AC 360, and two daily newspapers, The Oregonian and The News-Review. All of these news sources reflect stylistic changes in reporting that mirror the Internet's impact on media as it moves from mass communication to niche communication distributed by diverse networks.

I do not care about Angelina Jolie's personal life, but I am thankful that her presence on AC 360's special drew more attention to Africa and the problems of all refugees.

Also, I'm not a big fan of chatty anchors or reporters. What I admire about Anderson Cooper is that he shows up where few dare to venture and reports with a level of consciousness that few dare to commit to record.

I can't say the same for David Carr.
Posted By Anonymous Susan Jordan, Roseburg, Oregon : 7:33 PM ET
"When does angry "talk" really constitute a threatening plot?"

Why not ask David Carr?
He seems angry enough for all of us.
Posted By Anonymous Tikka Madsen, Seattle, WA : 7:33 PM ET
With all due respect, Mr. Doss, I have a very full life and am a very intelligent person. However, I feel that the program did not need the amount of promotion that Anderson himself did on other CNN shows as well as the infomercials, not to mention repeating the show Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. It simply reeked of tabloid, not becoming of Anderson, 360, and CNN. Save the details of Shiloh's birth, whether or not Brad was in the room, for some other venue.

I watch 360 every night but turned it off 10 minutes into the Angelina show last week.

Anderson's work on 360 last Thursday night was exceptional. He is a talented anchor, and his performance of that night was exceptional.
Posted By Anonymous Missy, Fairfield, CT : 7:39 PM ET
I think the New York Times is jealous that Angelina didnt contact them. What she does is courageous and selfless. She gives of herself unlike her piers who care about shopping and their toy dogs.Atleast she is doing SOMETHING, I never see senators , governors or even presidents getting their hands dirty.
The humanity that Angelina Jolie and Anderson Cooper posses is extraordinary.
I have seen Anderson do things he didnt have to when he was reporting on Katrina , he gives of himself and asks for nothing in return and that is something to be respected and admired.
Posted By Anonymous Jane Fagley Trucksville Pa : 7:41 PM ET
Let's face it, we are a nation that thrives on celebrity like a growing addiction. If celebrity status can be used to bring attention to the growing crisis of international poverity, famine, and conflict, then I am all for it. It is along the same lines as celebrities testifying before Congressional Committees regarding issues about which they are passionate. If celebrities can bring legitimate information to the public, then they should not be criticized for using their celebrity to highlight important issues that concern all of us.

Most newspapers don't put these issues on the front page, and Americans are lolled into apathy. Globalization and immigration has ensured that these issues are no longer a third world problems that we can ignore for much longer. Cooper and Dobbs aren't doing fluff pieces. They are bringing attention to complex stories that would otherwise fade away due to most American's quick fix mentality and short attention span.
Posted By Anonymous Anne Marie Tan, Pleasantville, NY : 7:43 PM ET
The Angelinea Jolie interview was repeated far too many times during the 360 program. The other news stories were overshadowed and probably lost viewers. Angelina Jolie does excellent work but I couldn't watch after hearing the same interview over and over.
Posted By Anonymous Ilona Kay Gebhard Albuquerque New Mexico : 7:45 PM ET
Mr. Doss,

The only time somebody like David Carr comments on "AC 360" is when the show is not the ordinary every night show. This was a "special", not the norm. All of the other media critics also seem to be taking shots at what they see as too much celebrity and too little hard news. If they watched the show more than once or twice (and I think the Cher interview coming the day after the AJ interview was an anomaly) they would realize that 90% of the time Anderson is a hard news guy and his staff work their butts off to do real news stories that do not get commented on by people like them. Mr. Carr would not be commenting on the show if it weren't for Angelina Jolie. The fact is that he would have STILL criticized Anderson if he had asked nothing but questions about Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and vials of blood. The critics will never be satisfied until Walter Cronkite comes back, ie NEVER.
Posted By Anonymous Allison, Atlanta, GA : 7:47 PM ET
I don't particularly care for Jolie as an actress, but I admire her for using her voice for such a worthy cause. Anderson's interview was informative and I was very proud that he asked the IMPORTANT questions, not the tabloid drivel that I'm sure she's accustomed to.

I hope Anderson can someday interview Clay Aiken, another celeb whom I admire for his work in Uganda with Unicef.
Posted By Anonymous Jay, Chicago, IL : 7:47 PM ET
Quite frankly, the interview with Jolie was just another celebrity trying to say to the world "look at what great things I've done" - totally self-centered. Does Jolie have a problem in helping out the everyday America? Has she toured New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area? Areas that still look like war zones. Areas where people still have no place to live and are living in trailers. You know the old saying "Charity starts at home".

Oh, and as far as the NY Times article - right on the money. CNN has totally lost its mission and its soul. Bring back the days of Ted Turner when the news was the story.
Posted By Anonymous Paula Caldarella, Dunwoody, GA : 7:48 PM ET
Unfortunately for most of America, they wouldn't be aware of world/social issues if it weren't for celebrities like Angelina Jolie speaking about it. Whether anything is done is a whole other issue. I saw the interview and it was nice to see it be more focused on her work as an UN Ambassador then her personal life.

I did read an article in yesterday's LA Times about how this $42 t-shirt her newborn has been wearing is now all the rage among new mothers. Sales of the shirts her children wear went from 2 sold per day to 50 a day. Maybe these wannabes will be a little more socially conscience because Angelina's doing it and do something about the atrocities they hear about.
Posted By Anonymous M. Wong, Van Nuys, CA 91405 : 7:48 PM ET
Anderson is ALWAYS tasteful and classy, and so was Ms. Jolie, as well as glowing. Couldn't have had a better interviewer or a better one to interview, especially if it helps starving children and abused people. Congrats to both and CNN for having the smarts to put them together, there'll be less hungry people soon because of it!!
Posted By Anonymous Gail, Newfoundland, Canada : 7:52 PM ET
Amazing, some buble headed hollywood starlet of the day, mumbles about starving kids and rapes and we are supposed to drop what we are doing and do something.

But our president stops the rape rooom sof Iraq, feeds the people and gives the a democratic governemnt and we are supposed to hate him.

Schism? I thought so.

Maybe if he got some breast implants, did a few liters of botox and wore a wig, people might take him seriously.
Posted By Anonymous Rod Walker, NY : 7:56 PM ET
While I respect what Angelina is doing, this much of anything is too much for me.

Oh and add Brittany Spears to the list!
Posted By Anonymous Robin, Omaha, NE : 7:57 PM ET
Wait a minute - this was in the New York Times?

Are we sure he actually wrote it? I seem to recall they had a bit of an issue with reporters making stuff up or just grabbing stuff off the wires not too long ago....
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Jacksonville Florida : 8:00 PM ET
For substance Anderson Cooper does the job and does it well. He asks the questions which are on my mind. I am not a fan of Angeline Jolie, but I respect her enormously for being touched by human suffering and trying to help.
I watched Anderson Cooper throughout the Tsunami and hurricane Katrina. If it were not for your coverage and a few other channels I believe misery would have compounded into more misery. The truth of it all was very painful but it needed to be told passionately. I don't need a stick figure to chant the news but a human being to say what they are seeing. Keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Laura Alves, Marblehead, Ma : 8:05 PM ET
It was refreshing to see a "star" use their influence the way Angelina has. In today's star obsessed society, AJ personifies what a public figure can do. I am sick of the Paris Hilton world where a person can be famous for nothing. AJ understands that her status can make a difference, and she had the smarts to know, that Anderson Cooper is the only media representative that could deliver her message honestly and with as much passion as she has. It was a great interview and I hope it was not the last.
Posted By Anonymous Jenny, Rochester NY : 8:06 PM ET
I think the criticism is deserved. When CNN jumps on the bandwagon and starts bringing celebrities on to spout their views they cant claim to be any better than "Entertainment Tonight!" I am baffled at our countries obsession with celebrities anyway. I almost fell in the floor laughing when I believe it was Charlie Sheen was on TV spouting off conspiracy theories about September 11 and people were actually listening to him! Have we totally lost our minds? CNN should stick to what its supposed to be... a news organization.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa JAX FL : 8:07 PM ET
I didn't know what to expect from the woman who drank Billy Bob's blood and kissed her brother, but it appears she's done a lot of growing up since adopting her children. I was very impressed. I thought it was a really informative program. The only thing I was frustrated with was that CNN keeps re-showing it - it seems every time I go to watch CNN, it's on again. As far as celebrities speaking about causes, I don't understand why people think they should shut up - do they give up their First Amendment rights when they become celebrities? Some people in this world are star-struck, and if a celebrity can get those people to pay attention to a good cause, that's okay with me.
Posted By Anonymous Rhonda, Redlands, CA : 8:08 PM ET
CNN should be proud. Just think how many news organizations envy you. You got the very first interview, and you used it wisely. Read the article in the New York Times. It praised the interview. Good job Anderson. Beware some in your own organizatiion might even be jealous of you.
Posted By Anonymous Dina Streets, Seatt;e. WA. : 8:14 PM ET
The Angelina Jolie interview was terrific. It totally raised consciousness re the plight of the refugees. It made me sit up and pay attention, It made me feel grateful to be where I am, it made me wonder what we all can do to help. I wondered this morning if some of the "Buffet-Gates" money couldn't help....I watched the interview twice and could watch it again.
Posted By Anonymous Carrie Crotty Antigua West Indies : 8:16 PM ET
I agree - too much Angelina Jolie. I watch CNN for news not to hear the good works of Angelina Jolie. Couldn't you find somebody who has devoted their life to helping these refugees? Just by naming the show Angelina Jolie her motives and motherhood says the show was about her and not about World Refugee Day.

This was more like a Barbara Walters interview.

I am a devoted 360 viewer but feel this time you guys blew it.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy - Chicago, IL : 8:19 PM ET
I think the interview itself was amazing. It went well passed my expectations, and overall I think it was a great idea. The only thing I wish was that you guys would have taken out the whole "motherhood, brad" thing out of the titles. While I think it was a legitimate question to ask about being a mother, it kinda seems like you guys pushed that part of the interview a little too heavy and it made it seem like you guys were just luring viewers with the celebrity of her, rather than her cause.

Critics that are calling you guys the "Celebrity News Network" and stuff like that, they obviously missed the entire point. The bottom line is that you guys managed to talk about refugee's - whether it be with Angelina or not - and at the end of the day you guys helped more people by putting up this story than any of these critics will help by attacking you guys for it.

I have no problem with celebrity interviews if their causes are right, but I don't think I would have put Cher and Angelina back to back. That was a little sketchy. And if you guys do more interviews like that, I'd prefer if you guys tried to stay away from the topics that tabloid magazines want to cover (i.e. - how brad is doing, etc.). Even if you talk about stuff like that, I think in the titles and promo�s you should keep it a news item, not a personal one. If you guys portrayed this story only as a news item, rather than a celebrity item, I think it would have had less of a backlash for these vultures - or critics. Whichever word you prefer. And I�m not gonna lie, 2 hours of the same segments repeating each other was kinda long. But I think the stories you guys tied into the interview were fantastic, and I think people should do nothing but congratulate you guys on the successful attempt to put this crisis in a very personal point of view.
Posted By Anonymous Andres - Las Cruces, NM : 8:21 PM ET
In the words of Shakespeare, David Carr needs to "stop scratching the itch of his opinion, making himself a scab..."
Posted By Anonymous Carrie Crotty Antigua West Indies : 8:26 PM ET
I'm not an Angelina fan,however, I was open minded to the interview. I feel she is genuinely committed and passionate in her feelings for the immense suffering in Afica. I had heard that the interview was to be rebroadcast on Saturday night and was
very disappointed to see if aired again on Friday night and as someone
has already said, everytime I turned to
CNN throughout the weekend. For me, I would have desired to have CNN news
back and hope in future interviews, this might be a consideration.

A good interview, great job Anderson,
but please, let's not put the cause but
rather Jolie on the back burner, enough!
Posted By Anonymous Sue ,Wauchula, Florida : 11:55 PM ET
Personally, I am tired of all the Jolie/Pitt crap. It's good that she's adopted a couple of kids, and wants to adopt more. But, what about themillions left behind? How is she and Brad specifically financially helping any of them? Her two adoptions just reek of baby buying routines. Put your 'stupid income for what you' where your mouth is, Angelina. That includes you too. Brad. Set up a foundation, like Bill and Melinda Gates have done. Don't just talk the talk. You have to walk the walk as well. I'm also tired of the photo-ops of Angelina in various areas of the world. Take action, get your hands seriously dirty. Live among them for awhile. Then, you might just appreciate your 'stupid income' a bit more. And all of this applies to ALL celebs, no matter genre, or industry. Put your 'stupind incomes' where your big mouths are that you constantly shoot off, trying to make yourselves look good. We don't want to hear it, we want to SEE it.
Posted By Anonymous Sheri Pascua, Beaumont, CA : 12:52 AM ET
Too much?

People are still dying, are they not? By the thousands, all over this broken world. Untill sensless deaths stop, 3 times, 10 times, a 100, it will never be enough. But it's infinitelly better than nothing.

I come from a war zone, and a hurricane. People like Andersoon Cooper and Angelina Jolie, Doctors Without Borders, and all those nameless faces on the front lines of humanitarian efforts are the only chance this world has. What they both do will never be too much. Repeat it over and over and over again, until it sinks in. I can only thank them both for using the recognition of their names to give faces to the tragedies that would otherwise go unnoticed. People just dissapear, crimes against humanity are just glossed over, forgotten. They both fight the tide of faulty memory, they refuse to let all those deaths be forgotten and ignored.
Posted By Anonymous Petra Rocic, New Orleans, LA : 1:12 AM ET
Too much Angeline Jolie? Well, yes, Anderson, a whole week of it, and more than once per day? Yes that is too much. Way to much.
Posted By Anonymous yvonne pennink, cary, nc : 1:14 AM ET
I for one am sick of hearing about her and brad. They set a poor example for the younger generation. Have a bastard kid and not even plan to get married. I believe a lot of the people out in Hollywood set the wrong example for our kids. Just have sex and babies and don't think about getting married.
Posted By Anonymous Cindy Shipp,Cinti, Ohio : 2:03 AM ET
I must admit, even before David Carr wrote his column, I thought it was odd when Angelina Jolie mentioned about which race would fit in best with her children. But I give her the benefit of the doubt, which I know can be difficult for opinion columnists. However, I TOTALLY agree with David Carr, regarding his position on Lou Dobbs. In fact, previously I have repeatedly complained, in e-mails to CNN, about Lou Dobbs being CNN's Bill O'Reilley. I'm glad to see I'm not alone on that particular viewpoint!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Wichita, KS : 2:07 AM ET
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Seems to me that just about everyone these days has an opinion to share, and that's fine, but it's not necessarily going to be the truth. Many people are willing to run their mouth, but not enough people are willing to lend an ear and listen to TRUTH, and the truth is the truth whether it comes from "joe nobody" or "super celebrity X".
I found the special to be informative and hope that the air time extended to it was useful in reaching more people, more people who need to listen up.
Posted By Anonymous Christina Reynolds Yonkers, NY : 2:19 AM ET
poor CNN....if ted turner were dead and in his 24k sarcophagus,he'd be spinning over what its become...i hope andy cooper devotes as much time and adulation towards a true African native woman thats charcoal black with buck teeth a big bone thru her nose and ears....and doesnt have her own private jet stocked with food that can fly in and out of the country
if Angie wants to do some real good,she should send her money to LoUIE Dobbs whose dusting off his bluejeans for his night job as a brick layer for the USA version of the Great wall of China thats taking place along 2000 miles of our borders.we cant save our own country and we worry about so many others..those that made so much money here should return it to grass roots people,Americans....lets save ourselves and then we'll worry about the Dobbs/Maher in 2008
Posted By Anonymous Hugh Jass,Prescott,Arizona : 2:51 AM ET
Angelina Jolie is a great role model and has a great passion for her cause. She doesn't care about what people think, isn't about trying to promote her next movie. She sincerely cares about helping people. She could easily just give money, but that would be too easy. She goes out there and sees for herself the suffering these people live with on a daily basis. It must be heartbreaking to see this firsthand. Anyone that has the nerve to criticize her for using her "celebrity status" to get help, obviously have no desire to see the true need these people have. She is a special person and people should recognize that her deeds are from her heart.
Posted By Anonymous Cody, Honolulu, Hawaii : 3:03 AM ET
I found Anderson's interview with Angelina to be incredibly powerful. I believe it did more to further world awareness (and diffuse the Hollywood image) in many ways that may otherwise have just blended into the rest of a newscast. I learned more about Angelina than I was aware of, and the interview heightened my awareness of issues in Africa in a way I will remember. Bravo and Brava to Anderson and Angelina.
Posted By Anonymous Shane, Minneapolis, MN : 5:44 AM ET
Sounds like NYT's is pissing in the pool. They should spend more of thier column space talking about how to help the ravaged in Africa and less of it on critisizing those who are trying to help.
Posted By Anonymous william callahan, boston, MA : 6:02 AM ET
Movie stars should look around them and see the people that put them in the spotlight, help pay for the fancy clothes, cars, homes, etc. I have pity for the problems in country overseas....but as one person stated..."Charity begins at home"....Angelina/Brad get over yourselves....poor example for young people...Tom Cruise/Katie....hope you are forever off the radar!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Delores Smith, Charlotte, NC : 6:19 AM ET
Who cares about her, her baby, or any of Hollywood idiots? I don't think it is news at all. If nothing was printed about them, we would be better off.
Posted By Anonymous Forrest Jackson, Cartersville, GA : 6:54 AM ET
I have to say I agree that the Jolie thing was a bit much and that she is straddling the line between self-promotion/redemption and believable charity work. There are many atrocities and civil rights issues in Africa that are also being disregarded in favor of the celebrity involvement.
I think CNN should stick to news with perhaps a brief mention of Jolie's or other celebrities' work, but nothing more.
Frankly, I'm tired of her. Many people do charity work with far less recognition.
Posted By Anonymous Susan, East Haddam, CT : 7:30 AM ET
If CNN was spending its time covering Ms. Jolie's baby or her relationship with fellow thespian Brad Pitt I could see getting tire of her coverage.

Instead Angelina Jolie is using her masive celebrity status to bring attention to the very serious problems of world poverty, immigration and healthcare, or lack thereof, in the third world. Thee are more than laudable causes that are usually put on the backburner whenever the press manages to catch Britney Spears or Linsay Lohan shopping or President Bush mentioning gay marriage or flag burning.

Thank you Angeklina Jolie for bring attention to something that actually matters.
Posted By Anonymous liz, Montgomery, AL : 7:40 AM ET
I have to agree- I miss the old CNN days when it was actually news. I can tune into MSNBC if I want this type of coverage. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck......There is no news anymore- evidence in full by the appointmen of Katie Couric as CBS anchor.
Posted By Anonymous Meredith Narvine, Little Rock,AR : 7:48 AM ET
Yes too much Angelina and too much Nicole the networks especially the 24/7 news shows run everything to the ground because they have nothing else to fill in the time. Larry King is the worst - he interviews the same old has-beens over and over, if I see Tammy Fay Baker on there one more time I am going to quit watching CNN all together. I love Lou Dobbs give him more time and a raise.
Posted By Anonymous Bob Limbaugh Orlando Fl : 8:15 AM ET
Enough already about Angelina Jolie and what she is doing for publicity in Africa. There are thousands of people who are working or have worked in the Peace Corps and don't have the millions and the mansions to go back to in the States. Why don't you do more stories on regular people contributing instead of someone who is obviously trying to take advantage of her celebrity status and has started another "let's save Africa" trend? If she was truly trying to help, she'd be more concerned with solely getting the funds than dealing with CNN interviews and all the other publicity she's gotten from this. I guess having her baby with Brad Pitt didn't get her enough press. I expect more from CNN and Anderson Cooper (who is a great reporter that should be interviewing more substantial people than Angelina Jolie). I can't take anyone serious who feels bad for a few months while being in Africa knowing all the while they will be returning to their multi-million dollar lifestyle in the near future. Perhaps she just feels guilty, but unless she drops everything (including her pampered lifestyle) and continues to help the African people for the long haul after the cameras go away, I can't see how she even comes close to warranting the attention CNN decided to give her.
Posted By Anonymous Mitchum Carter, Indianapolis, Indiana : 8:17 AM ET
i agree with the opinions expressed by many . it was a great interview and i commend on anderson's job. some of the reports in africa really touched me and i hope it does the same to others . let's hope that seeing the sufferings of these people will make the world realise that it's high time to act on these issues and not keep on talking abt it and doing nothing. Great job, anderson, keep it up and let the world know it though yr voice.
Posted By Anonymous sonia rajkumari, munich, germany : 8:44 AM ET
With respect to NY Times' comments about Anderson Cooper's interview with Angelina Jolie -- take it for what it's worth. Some newsmakers want to make news, not report the news. Perhaps focusing on the plight of Africa rather than on the celebrity status of Angelina Jolie would have been too much of news rather than making the news. Keep up the good work Anderson -- from a Puerto Rican in New Hampshire who gets the news from CNN. Mrs. Sanders
Posted By Anonymous Mrs. Sanders from New Hampshire : 8:49 AM ET
I thought Angelina was a perfect way to show the refugee problem. I believe it puts a beautiful person on the front lines with these people, instilling in all of us that this is a real problem, and we need to get involved. Just watching the same thing on the news would not have/ has never made the impact that your coverage did. As for David Carr, I'm sorry he feels you have varied from straight reporting, this is all a fine line, but would he have felt the same had Angelina's name been Jane Doe? Then, on the other hand, would we have been so eager to watch it, had her name not been Angelina Jolie? Whatever, it was a great way to enlighten the masses about these problems. It was great! Thanks,
Posted By Anonymous Susan Nunn, Pearce, AZ : 9:10 AM ET
What a case of sour grapes....
Posted By Anonymous Ajit Dash, Cambridge, MA : 9:15 AM ET
YES1!!!!!! Please move on to something more important in the World!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous wendy rutledge, Shelbyville, Ky : 9:23 AM ET
Too much Angelina Jolie?
Posted By Anonymous Dave G. Cleveland, OH : 9:23 AM ET
Aboslutely too much Angelina. Her public relations prowess is shinging through. While she is to be commended on her activities and activism in Africa, she nonetheless exudes a self righteousness and self importance. She takes herself way too seriously...and clearly Anderson takes her too seriously too.
Posted By Anonymous Andrea, Washington, DC : 9:26 AM ET
Totally enjoyed the whole two hours of the interview. It was sincere, honest, informative and inspiring. It is good to shed light on these issues and to see people are dedicated to making a change. These are real issues and situations that we as Americans do not have to deal with on a daily basis in our own lives. I think seeing the suffering and angusih that is going on in other parts of the world should make us all more appreciative of our own lives and open our hearts to helping those in the situations. I think Anderson and Angelina are great examples of what we as human beings need to be doing to help in whatever way possible to help in the world arena. Keep up the good work!!
Posted By Anonymous Connie Weekley, Kansas City MO : 9:33 AM ET
Yeah well he has a point sort of. But what's his beef with using a "news" show as a platform to promote the world as a community which is what I think your coverage does. And we are. When members of our community - family - are starving, being raped and killed in a genocidal manner isn't that news? We are constantly bombarded with news stories about rape, killing, kidnapping and on and on the list goes. The difference is that on your show many of the stories are about pain on a huge scale and there is an idea forwarded that maybe we should all be doing something about it. Bravo!
Posted By Anonymous Marty, Melbourne Florida : 9:34 AM ET
MOst media critics are jealous because they didn't get "the" interview. And people who are upset are usually upset because a "celebrity" is taking on an issue. I have two comments on this point. 1) A celebrity is a person, regardless of status, so they are allowed to have personal views and charities. 2) Get over yourself. Celebrities can do more than wear pretty dresses and have great hair. Let them be human! If she were talking about Vera Wang or Guici it would be okay. But don't let her actually bring up an issue that matters! Hiss. We might have to stop being entertained! NO! In the past people complained because celebrities had so much, yet they gave nothing back. Now that someone is giving back, it's a crime. Maybe Angelina Jolie will finally help put some of this madness into perspective. Or maybe the people from Team Anniston are just still upset to listen.
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth Hartman, Travelers Rest, SC : 9:36 AM ET
Any network/magazine/whatever which features Angelina Jolie is one in which I have no interest. I agree with a previous commenter that CNN has now gone into the quarters formerly habituated by the likes of Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood etc. I can hardly bear to watch CNN now that the quality has deteriorated so much. Jolie's interest in this is purely self-promotional. Don't these people have enough attention already?

One of the saddest days of my life was the day when I realized that the 'C' in 'CNN' now stood only for 'Cooper'.

Aaron Brown, where art thou?!?!?!
Posted By Anonymous Nancie, Newfoundland, Canada : 9:37 AM ET
It's posters like "Angela" that lower the IQ of any discussion they enter. People like her simply cannot get over themselves and their cynicism and view anything objectively. If you can get past the "boobs and lips" (try, you can do it) you'll that Angelina is actually a pretty good actress (See "Girl Interrupted" & "Gia"). Oh, and she's also adopted two children from rather dire circumstances in developing countries in Africa and SE Asia. Lastly, she gives a third of her income to charity. Gosh, what a horrible person.
Posted By Anonymous Grace, Chicago, IL : 9:42 AM ET
All for more more stories on those who are willing to do something to confront tragedy. As for the story Anderson Cooper is working on for tonight, you should have some people look into past crime rates in New Orleans. I am not certain that there really is an "uptick" in crime. The FBI's Uniform Crime Report does not fully support the basis for moral panic that is coming to a head brought on by Mayor Nagin and will be continued on as usual by the media. Murder rates have spiked more in other areas of the country besides New Orleans. I understand that it's important to keep bringing attention to the plight of New Orleaneans, but not at the cost of baseless fear.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Philadelphia, PA : 9:44 AM ET
I read allthe comments but so far Anderson got a tumb up. I think people need to be aware of what's happening around the globe and if it means using Angelina's status so be it. Who cares about her personal life? She is doing a noble thing by helping people in need and she deserves the crown.
Keep up the good Anderson. You are the star of CNN. You brought me back to watching the 10 pm news.
Posted By Anonymous Nogaye, Nelson PA : 9:45 AM ET
It amazes me that people who criticize Angelina and AC about their interview, actually believe they have a leg to stand on???? So she's a big star with a mission? Why put them down for bringing attention to crucial conditions going on in our world? She has a mission from the heart and she's doing a heck of a job. And AC is doing equally a great job. Why is it people say bad before they say good? Why can't we just be glad to have someone with a big profile bringing attention to these travesties? I know there are a lot of regular people doing great things to, but let's face it, being famous puts it in the forefront quickly. Don't hate her for being famous, beautiful, rich and trying to do good. Lighten up....and try doing some good makes you feel good....even if you're not Angelina.

Go Angelina and AC GO!!!
Posted By Anonymous Tanya , London, Ontario, Canada : 9:49 AM ET
Sorry, but I have to agree there has been overkill on Angelina. I also really think AC is a nice guy but he is on way too much. I miss Aarron Brown.
Posted By Anonymous Barbara Medina, El Paso, TX : 9:54 AM ET
Yes, too much Angelina! Too much self-aggrandising, too much celebration of/by Anderson by Anderson. BLECH!
Posted By Anonymous Emily K, NYC, NY : 10:04 AM ET
Anderson Cooper did a wonderful job as usual,but Angelina Jolie is no Princess Di. Her remark about being so tired from breast feeding did me in. Most ordinary mothers do it all the time,She and Brad Pitt deserve each other,She is the nut that carried vials of blood around her neck.
Posted By Anonymous Ruby,Bowling Green,Ky : 10:10 AM ET
Bravo to David Carr.
He hit the nail on the head. About time someone revealed that the Emperor has no clothes.
And Angelina is just a dopey actress. no more.
Posted By Anonymous Louisa, Newton, MA : 10:12 AM ET
You said it sister!
Posted By Anonymous doug. Philly , PA : 2:35 PM ET
I do not believe that the solutions to spend this money should be complicated. We, the citizens know what we need.The difficulty will be telling people "no" to certain demands. The administration in new orleans tends to get nothing done by trying to apppease both sides of an issue. In general terms I feel the money should be spent along these line.

50% of the money should be spent on infrastructure in order to rebuild a world class city with world class services. Included in this would be a diversity of housing in order to accomodate a diverse population.

25% of the money on education, in order to develop a school system that new orleans deserves. I believe that it will help to empower the city for the future.

25% of the money on crime and fire fighting. Nobody will want to consider new orleans a home if these services are not supported. We need to exceed the level of protection before Katrina. To restore them would be a woeful failure.

I believe that within these general categories the admininstration can establish a blueprint for the future of new orleans
Posted By Anonymous erik van haaren, new orleans louisiana : 11:19 AM ET
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