Monday, June 19, 2006
One-on-one with Angelina Jolie
When Angelina Jolie came into the room, just four days after returning from Namibia, she was alone. No handlers, no entourage. True, elaborate precautions had been made to make sure no photographers followed her to the hotel where we met, but there she was, by herself, walking into the hotel suite, smiling, ready to talk.

There are a lot of ridiculous stories circling on the Internet, spread by alleged "insiders" who claim that CNN or its parent company Time Warner somehow paid for the chance to talk to Angelina. These anonymous "sources" claim that People Magazine and CNN had some kind of joint deal to secure rights to photos and the interview.

I have no idea what People Magazine did or did not pay for those photos of the Jolie-Pitt family. It's been reported they paid as much as $4 million, which was donated to a variety of charities in Africa, but I have no way of knowing if that is true or not. What I do know is that CNN did not pay anything -- directly or indirectly -- to get Angelina Jolie to sit down for an interview.

So why did she do it? And why talk to me?

Both are valid questions. I'm sure there were plenty of news programs requesting interviews with Angelina Jolie. The truth is, mine wasn't one of them. They called us. I was told that they were aware of my interest in Africa and knew that as a broadcast we have devoted a lot of time to reporting stories from the continent.

Tuesday is World Refugee Day. Angelina Jolie was interested in discussing the plight of refugees, so we sat down to talk about what she has seen and learned in refugee camps around the world. She had no movie to promote, no product she was pitching. In fact, I have no idea what her next movie is and we did not discuss any upcoming films. There were no ground rules. I was free to ask whatever I wanted.

A lot of celebrities have causes and show up to talk about them when cameras are around, but the truth is that Angelina Jolie knows what she is talking about when the subject is refugees. To use a cliche, she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She has traveled to some 20 countries over the years as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and she says she donates one-third of her income to charitable causes.

I'm not sure what I expected before I met her, but to say I was impressed would be an understatement. She is smart, funny, self-deprecating, and intensely passionate about her children and her work on behalf of refugees.

Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, you will hear Angelina Jolie talk about some of the experiences in refugee camps that have changed her life. Yes, you will also learn about Angelina's family -- Maddox and Zahara as well as Shiloh Nouvel -- but the focus of the interview is the plight of refugees. During the two-hour program, we will take you to the frontlines of some of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

It's going to be an interesting broadcast, and I hope you watch.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 12:21 PM ET
I had my doubts about Jolie, but as you've noted, she has certainly "walked the walk" so to speak. Good for her. Maybe her good deeds will inspire other Hollywood Haves to give a little more to the Have Nots who are struggling to survive under unfathomable circumstances.
Posted By Anonymous Dianna Williamsburg, VA : 1:11 PM ET
I really appreciate that Ms. Jolie uses her celebrity to give light to the plight of refugees. There is no better work than that of helping those without a voice. What a wonderful example to show her children!
Posted By Anonymous Pam Weise, Lincoln, NE : 1:20 PM ET
I was fortunate to see Angelina Jolie speak at an event in 2003, and she was just as candid and genuine then as it seems she was during this interview. It's a shame that more celebrities don't use their power for good.
Posted By Anonymous Leigh, Austin TX : 1:21 PM ET
Thank you for reporting about what a passionate and intelligent woman Angelina Jolie is. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Audrey Hepburn years ago during one of her trips to South America, and it was her heart and intelligence that most caught my attention. She was a fantastic role model. I see Angelina Jolie as another incredible and powerful role model, who can speak for those in need and bring attention to areas with a tragic and horrific level of human development.

Thanks to you and your team for covering those same areas, and for bringing what is sure to be a great interview to the television. I look forward to hearing you both.
Posted By Anonymous Gigi, Miami, FL : 1:22 PM ET
It is great to know that our celebs are making the difference that we would like to see from our world leaders. I am greatful that Bono and others can see and think out of the box and do more than their part.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Chicago, IL : 1:23 PM ET

Thank you for addressing this. I have read many of the so-called "insider's" reports on the internet about how you bought the right to interview her, and I wasn't buying it. I'm not surpised they called you; it was such an obvious fit.

I've never seen any of her movies, but I was impressed to learn that she gives 1/3 of her income to the causes she believes in. Sure, she makes a lot of money, and giving away 1/3 of it leaves her with a lot, but still, it's nice to know some people but there money in causes they believe in.

I'm looking forward to the show. Thanks.

(p.s. How about coming to Boulder, Colorado, for a book signing?)
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 1:27 PM ET
I think she is amazing. I understand that she has some help raising her children but as a mother of three I appreciate how demanding that alone is. She has managed to take on the challenge of making "real" change and not letting her family life falter in the process. In fact they seem to be thriving. Congratulations to you, and your family.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Washington DC : 1:28 PM ET
I really doing agree with you in that she probably did talk to you because of your interest in Africa and what you have seen there as a result of your work. I'm African, I lived there for the first 15 years of my life,and moved to the US 6 years ago. To see the continent get so much attention for it's good side for once is a long awaited acknowledgement. I've read your book Anderson, and I was very moved by the fact that you took the time and had the decency to represent my people for who they are, and not the mistakes that a minority of the population has made. You have done this not only for the African continent, but for many unheard nations as well. I do believe that Ms Jolie saw in you what many of us do, which is the ability to show genuine concern for others. I hope your interview tomorrow evening gets not only has millions of people watching (for the sake of hearing about her baby), but will also inspire dialogue all over.
Posted By Anonymous Nana Aboagye-Agyeman, Queens, NY : 1:30 PM ET
It's so refreshing to see a journalist who is focused on the real stories; not just the celebrity gossip. It is also so wonderful to see a celebrity using their status, such as Angelina Jolie, to help others who are in such great need. My hats off to you both..
Posted By Anonymous Todd, Fredericksburg VA : 1:33 PM ET
It is so nice to hear about good things in the news and the selflessness that stars like Jolie posess. It especially humbles me to hear that Jolie donates alot of her earnings and time to those that are in need of it more than herself. I have gained more respect for her in the past few months and feel more stars should follow her role. I am tired of seeing stars talk the talk to promote their public image and hope that more will follow in Jolie's footsteps.
Posted By Anonymous Nicole, Columbus, OH : 1:34 PM ET
I really appreciate the way she has used her celebrity to focus attention on such a significant issue. It is a lesson the Hollywood, the media moguls, the papparazzi and the news can all contemplate. For the most part I have stoped watching US news broadcasts since Michael Jackson's court pj appearances. Watching European news you actually learn something even with the translations! American news is all about celebrity and perpetuating the dumbing down of America. At least she is a celebrity who has managed the silliness to the benefit perhaps of the poor and destitute children of Africa. Thanks!
Posted By Anonymous Susan Lavine, Washington, D.C. : 1:35 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Great job, as usual. People like Angelina deserves that time on TV. I wish I had the money she has and do what she is doing.

Anderson, thank you for being the reporter I would like to be.
Angelina, thank you for being the Ambassador I always dream of being.

Highest regards to both of you,
Buthayna Taha
Posted By Anonymous Buthayna Taha, Farmington Hills, Michigan : 1:35 PM ET
Nice to see that the focus here is very worth reading as to her discussing the plight of refugees as what she has seen and learned in refugee camps around the world. Yes she is human just like all the rest and too bad her work here and is not being focused. As class as you are Cooper I am sure you will bring it out and be direct as to your own experiences.
Posted By Anonymous AV - NYC : 1:46 PM ET
Does she offer any solutions for the refugee crisis or is it just another smiling face?

- Born in India, grew up in Middle East, working in the USA
Posted By Anonymous Vinod, Auburm AL : 1:49 PM ET
Two of the most impressive - and, in my opinion, inspirational - people in media today in the same place at the same time? I will definitely be going out of my way to watch. I'm sure the conversation will be interesting.
Posted By Anonymous A. Akeju, Bronx, NY : 1:57 PM ET
The absolute horror of the plight of refugees worldwide, but especially in Africa is known, but dismissed. If a tragedy of this magnitude were taking place in North America or Europe, it wouldn't be tolerate for an instant due to vested corporate interest. In third world countries, unless there is substantial economic interest involved, the tendency has been to sit back and observe until the situation becomes so vile and so public (take Ethopia in the 80's) that countries are forced to act.
There are still a few voices crying out in the wildernes for all people of conscience to take a stand. When we allow the pain and degredation of one person on this earth to occur, we diminish our own humanity. I applaud Ms. Jolie, and her efforts to bring the refugee crises to the word's attention. Now the real challege will be to get the required measures in place to alleviate some of the suffering.
Posted By Anonymous Marie Cheeney, Lewiston ID : 2:00 PM ET
Why would anybody be surprised about stories like those?
Any person who tries to do good, will draw a lot of negative ire.
Posted By Anonymous W.D.Russell East Liverpool Ohio : 2:39 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
It's nice to hear in our "sell it to the highest bidder" society that Angelina approached CNN and you specifically to bring awareness to Africa and that there were no restrictions on the interview. Putting aside all the tabloid gossip, it is admirable that she visits the people and areas in need and gives back for what she has received. I believe we all have an obligation to help others - no matter how big or how small - whether we help one or many. I look forward to the show tomorrow night.
Posted By Anonymous Nickie, Chicago, Illinois : 2:47 PM ET
I am continually impressed with this woman. She seems to be a beautiful human being both outwardly and inwardly. Its refreshing in this time and Society.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel Ascione Winter Haven, FL : 2:52 PM ET
In the refugee population, it might help to highlight the plight of pregnant women, young mothers and children. It would be great if the program in some way shows what efforts are being made toward helping these people and what impact this is having on them. Also, please present suggestions on what the general non-celeb Americans can do to help.
Posted By Anonymous Narmada, Belcamp Maryland : 2:52 PM ET
I enjoy a celebrity news story as much as the next person, but many times when I look at the "most viewed" stories in news websites, the majority of the time it's something about Tom Cruise doing something crazy and not about what's really going on.

However, I would rather read about A celeb doing something worthwhile with their time and not about what they said about this person or who changed their religion. Angelina is a true role model. I read somewhere that doing what she does also gives something positive to the tabloids to write about instead of something negative. She doesn't just randomly donate money to causes to look good. She genuinely cares about people and the work she does shows her true compassion for he less fortunate.

I agree with Chris from IL. World leaders don't seem to be getting the job done, but at least someone is working on it who's in it for the cause and not to just look good.
Posted By Anonymous Sara, Hartford, CT : 3:04 PM ET
It doesn't suprise me about the rumors on the internet. I'm sure all the networks and big stars here hoping to land that interview. Good for Angelina for choosing Anderson and CNN! This is an important issue, and with Anderson covering the story, it will get noticed.
Posted By Anonymous Kelli, San Francisco, CA : 3:05 PM ET
Good afternoon.
As I am sure the interview is completed, I only wish to express my hope that the interview is indeed, about the refugees, the various humanitarian tragedies, etc. that face Africa. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not focus on her children, relationships (other than UNHCR). Let's have an intelligent, thought provoking, learning experience with this interview. Frankly, I don't care about the rest, other than wishing her well and kudos on her hard work on behalf of these important issues.
Keep the focus where it deserves and needs to be.
Thank you
Posted By Anonymous Mary L., Boston, MA : 3:09 PM ET
Shouldn't the focus here stay on World Refugee Day and Angelina's message? I don't think the average person cares to read about the in-fighting and power struggle of billion dollar media conglamorates. The press has way too much power already. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Tina - Chicago, IL : 3:10 PM ET
No matter what cause she represents, an interview with Angelina Jolie has the appearance of show biz. Anderson, you have a reputation of no non-sense subject reporting, this does not add to that reputation. You have dropped a notch in my respect for you. Remember the line "....nor the appearance of".
You standing in a 50 mph wind reporting a hurricane when you could have done the same report from inside a studio was "hokey" but at least it was a real 50 mph wind. Movie stars indulgences are not real news except to readers of People Magazine.
Posted By Anonymous Walt Partin, Chico, TX : 3:38 PM ET
It's no surprise she chose you Anderson. You've done a fine job of helping to focus attention on the world's biggest story - critical needs in the developing world. This focus is sorely lacking in most coverage and almost non-existent at networks like FOX. Jolie (and Gates and other's) humanitarian efforts are largely ignored in favor of celebrity coverage but you work to rise above that. Thanks.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Hunkins, Talent, Oregon : 3:44 PM ET
I would much rather see an interview with "common" people who may not have millions of dollars to donate but who use their time and energy to help others in need.

I have volunteered 2-3 days a week at a homeless shelter in Baltimore County for 6 years. I hand out utensils and napkins, take down and put up chairs, serve food, pass out toiletries, and get everyone ready for bed. I have also helped Habitat for Humanity over a dozen times in the past three years.

I am not rich, I am not famous, and I am not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I like to think that I do my part.

Have fun with Angelina, but don't forget that generosity is not limited to the very wealthy or the very gorgeous.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Baltimore, MD : 3:54 PM ET
Angelina Jolie is clearly making a difference in our perception of Africa. She doesn't just speak about the problems the continent is facing, but also of the beauty of the place and its people. She clearly loved the time she spent in Namibia and speaks highly of the care she received while giving birth to Shiloh. Yes, Africa needs help, but it also deserves admiration. Thank you Angelina for reminding us of that.
Posted By Anonymous Nina Frank, New York, NY : 3:55 PM ET
I think what Angelina is doing to make us aware of all the needs of some of the poorest countries in the world is very commendable. I applaud her and wish her and her family all the best.
Posted By Anonymous Theresa, Tallahassee, FL : 4:02 PM ET
Like many, I'm sickened by today's celebrity brand of bile in the guise of political "activism," a la Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand and the Dixie Chicks. But it's refreshing and promising to see the likes of Ms. Jolie and George Clooney taking a different tack, using their public image and wherewithal to draw attention and spur immediate public action to specific humanitarian crises the international political community has had little impact on (or interest in). I hope other celebrities will take note, shut up and take action.
Posted By Anonymous Randall Seefeldt, Indianapolis, Indiana : 4:04 PM ET
Are you kidding me? She walks the walk? Until she relenquishes her status quo, governed by glitz and assauging wealth (which is a safe haven to keep one foot in philanthropy and one foot in a cushioned reality), then I do not consider her a savior to any cause. It would seem that a vested interest in her own spirtual well being would preceed any motovation to sit in the role of ambassador. To have a hollywood actress educate the masses on third world epidemics is more of an indictment against our priorites as people and telling of our warped sense of compassion upon a country that needs somebody that is acquainted with the pain of being homeless, rejected, and downcast... not just for 1 month but for years. While the homeless fight to survive in adverse conditions, their loudest spokesperson
is living in mansions worth millions?
You can donate all the money you wish, but people are looking for a savior who will sacrifice in spite of money, not because of it.
Posted By Anonymous Joel L, Minneapolis, MN : 4:18 PM ET

I appreciate the work that Ms. Jolie has and is doing around the world to help those less fortunate than many of us. My only issue is how CNN is using her name to sell advertising for your show that night (ie your header on your blog). I am sure that CNN is selling commercial spots for the interview for a pretty penny, and it would be nice to see CNN take 1/3 of that money, specific to this interview, and send it to charity. My guess is it wouldn't happen. What a great gesture to Ms. Jolie that would be.
Posted By Anonymous Dr. Jim G., Barrie, Ontario, Canada : 4:26 PM ET
I'm afraid that I do not applaud celebrities who take on causes as much as everyone else on this blog. With the disposable incomes celebrities have and the free time their careers give them, their "sacrifices" are no more laudable than the John Q. Public who works 50-hour per week desk job and volunteers a weekend for Habitat for Humanity.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Prairie Village, Kansas : 4:27 PM ET
These celebrities who wish for us to view the plight of the world are to be commended for their big hearts. My only question is why no celebrity seems to be concerned about the millions of hungry children in this country? Or those who can't find work, who are abused, etc. It seems as if it's not 'fashionable' to be concerned about our own people.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Memphis, TN : 4:39 PM ET
It is just sad that is takes "celebrities" to bring awareness of world issues to allot of people but if that is what it takes then more power to the celebrity status. Not a huge fan of Angelina but I will watch the interview to find out what she has been doing in Africa since every time I hear her name I change the channel. I have to admit I was shocked that Anderson got the exclusive but now it makes sense. She is a fan, admires his work and knows that he will not "hit below the belt" with stupid celebrity type questions. Also I am happy because I know the ratings will go through the roof. I know Anderson, you could care less about the ratings but this is the "bread and butter" and just means CNN will keep you around longer which is great news for us non-celebrity fans.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel-Albuquerque, NM : 4:40 PM ET
No publicity is bad publicity and these causes need publicity. I don't think it matters who the messenger is...Jolie , or anyone who has a way to bring attention to human suffering. I think Jolie picked Anderson Cooper because she thought he'd give her cause a chance. That was a good dicision. I'm looking forward to learning somethings in from this interview.
Posted By Anonymous Ariel H, Paris , France : 4:43 PM ET
Everybody has ideas of how they'd help people if they had money, but most would agree that they would secure their own future before helping others. It seems to be this is all that Angelina has done. Good for her. Don't we all want to give our children things. Most forget about the helping others part. It seems Angelina has not. Good for her again. I only wish that more celebrities, who live the good life and provide for their future, would open their eyes and see what they could be doing for others. Does a person's motive really matter if what their doing benefits people and doesn't hurt them? I look forward to the interview.
Posted By Anonymous Brandy Viars, Gulfport, MS : 4:50 PM ET
Thanks for not referring to Maddox and Zahara as her adopted children... just as her children. The adoption occured on one day, after that, they were just her kids. It's rather annoying to hear the media constantly refer to Angelina's adopted kids or Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman's adopted kids... like they are somehow less their children. So thanks Anderson. Minor point, but means a lot to those of us who are adopted or have family or friends who are.
Posted By Anonymous Karla, Orchard Lake, Michigan : 4:59 PM ET
My comment follows the same line as Kathy in Memphis and it applies to my country too. I know there is a lot of suffering in Africa but some of the governments there ignore the poverty and spend millions in residences, palaces, limos et let the food from other countries perish. I am sorry but I donate for people in need that live close to me. This way I can directly see the benifits.
Posted By Anonymous Marc, Ottawa, ON, Canada : 5:03 PM ET
Hat's off to those above who too see this as yet another disgraceful attempt at addressing issues of 'the plights of refugees'. I see this as an attempt for ratings, the hollywood hype and idolization masked by a noble subject. I sincerely hope this attempt at helping those in need is sincere and heartfelt, and most importantly; I hope there is resolve as the outcome of the interview. I'm skeptical, I fail to see how an interview of a hollywood celebrity will materialize into helping hands to those who need it. I'd sooner hear about the Sarah's of Baltimore than the Jolie's of Hollywood Studios.
At 10PM EST tomorrow, we'll find out either way.
Posted By Anonymous Gary, Vancouver, BC : 5:09 PM ET
It angers me when I see comments like this

"No matter what cause she represents, an interview with Angelina Jolie has the appearance of show biz. Anderson, you have a reputation of no non-sense subject reporting, this does not add to that reputation. You have dropped a notch in my respect for you."

Lets not forget that Angelina Jolie was named by the UN as Goodwill Ambassador. She is doing a lot of good work for children around the world who desparately need help, regardless of their job or station in life.
Posted By Anonymous Kelly Irby, Pleasanton, CA : 6:56 PM ET
For as much hype that is surronding the lives of Brad and Angelina, I can honestly say I think it's great for her to express her concren for refugess all over the world by doing a national interview. Especially, when you are used to celebrity interviws promoting a film, or so on a so fourth it's just a nice change of pace from the hollywood glam that is slapped in our face everyday...
Posted By Anonymous Shair, Minneapolis MN : 9:59 AM ET
Hi Anderson, I am a big fan of yours. I will be honest I am not a fan of Angelina's, but I am interested in why she has put so much time and energy into traveling to see and to help refugees, she is an intriguing person and since you will be conducting the interview, I certainly will be watching. I will also be buying your book! Have a wonderful day.
Sincerely, Lauren M.
Posted By Anonymous Lauren Mocarski, Fort Myers, FL : 12:32 PM ET
One need not applaud the messenger to get the message. Whether one believes Angelina Jolie is selfless or self-serving, any opportunity to educate and inform should be embraced. Let us remember, please, that the focus of this interview are hungry, hurting and frightened people with no way of speaking for themselves.
Placing a name to the voice is secondary to the voice itself.
Posted By Anonymous Carmen, Vancouver, Canada : 5:49 AM ET
I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, however I think it was amazingly unselfish and caring of them to donate the money they got for the first pictures of baby Shiloh to charity/charities. It is obvious that Angelina is very passionate about the refugee camps in various countries. The fact that she visits the camps so often, shows her true intent. She seems to be a genuinely caring individual. I have totally changed my mind about her.
Posted By Anonymous Lynette Cihacek, Mansfield, Texas : 8:09 AM ET
I loved this show. The melange of thoughts and notes about her experiences from Angelina, historical logs and notes from Anderson and Sanjay Gupta, and the on-site reports from Jeff made for compelling viewing. I don't think I blinked for the two hours. The dedication of all these people to covering (or rather, un-covering) and highlighting the plight of these people is compelling and heart-warming.

Thanks for a fantastic show.

To the comments of those who've complained about AC360 choosing to do this show with a celebrity as a mouth-piece instead of the "common folks", I submit that they are missing the point of the story: the show is not about Jolie or the other "beautiful people", it is about the refugees. At least, that's the way I got it.
Posted By Anonymous Leena S., Cambridge, MA : 9:00 AM ET
I was disappointed with this program. The message of compassion was great, but I felt the program was poorly produced. First, it was NOT about Ms. Jolie, it was about world refugees. Since many portions of the interview were re-released and then played multiple times in the two-hour program, it did not have as much impact or interest.

I was expecting a two-hour interview with Ms. Jolie. My expectation would have been tempered if CNN had advertised this as a program about refugees with commentary from Angelina Jolie.
Posted By Anonymous Heather- Albany, NY : 9:02 AM ET
I'm very dissapointed that you devoted part of your episode to more of this woman's self-publicity. Everytime she does these programs she never informs us of the facts and what is needed to help. She publicizes her efforts and how much she gives in an effort to make herself look like a saint to distract from her immoral lifestyle. She's no different than any other celebrity using charity to clean up their image. I'm really dissapointed that people have fallen for her act and continue to give her good publicity. She couldn't buy the kind of PR she gets by exploiting third world kids.
Posted By Anonymous Lynne Ann Arbor MI : 9:31 AM ET
It's a good thing US citizens are no longer homeless, experience hunger, and living in poverty!! It gives people like Jolie the opportunity to give 1/3 of their salary to third world countries. I realize it's her money to do with it what she wants but let's not put her up on a pedestal and canonize her.

If her and Pitt were not an item would this have made Anderson Cooper?
Posted By Anonymous DCC, Buffalo, NY : 9:34 AM ET
Everyone! Would you listen to regular Jane or Joe Smith talk about the suffering in Africa? Would millions of people have tuned into to Anderson's Show for a "nobody"? It is because Angelina is a celeb that we watch! And those giving her a hard time about giving more money, how much do you give? Do you really need that new plasma TV, pair of shoes and outfit, 10 DVDs, and Starbucks everyday? A little money goes a long way in countries like Africa and India. Critics, how many hours a week are YOU volunteering at your own child's school, local homeless/abused women's shelter? Are you reading to children after school? You tell celebs to put their money where the mouth is and their time too. What about the rest of us? Even the poorest of us in the US is rich compared to most all of the rest of the world. We want water we turn on a faucet instead of drinking water that doubles as a commode.
Posted By Anonymous Rhonda, Washington D.C. : 10:04 AM ET
I was speechless after seeing your interview with Angelina Jolie. I think I cried most of the time. I've never liked seeing anything having to do with children in need because I get very emotional, but this interview was different and I will try to do my part in helping financially.

one more coment...I think Mr. Cooper is the greatest and one of a kind. Thanks to you and Angelina Jolie. May God Bless you both and your families.
Posted By Anonymous Janie Ballesteros, Brownsville Texas : 10:56 AM ET
The show last night, was amazing. It opened my mind, eyes, and heart to the evil that has come upon these people and the need for true help they so desperately need. I Have realized how blessed I am, and that whatever problem I may be going through it is nothing compared to what these people have to deal with everyday. We are a selfish nation, self indulgent, and spoiled. Instead of focusing or time and energy in reading more about the problem going on in Africa, we buy gossip magazines about rich and empty lives that instead of wasting their money in yachts and clothes should be giving it away to those in need. As for Angelina Jolie, She is an inspiration to me, because of her work I want to do more and be involved. If I could write to her and tell her what a difference she has made in my life I would. But I doubt it would get to her. As for you Mr. cooper, there should be more journalist like you, because of you the story of these people's life is being told, you have inspired me to be part of that. Thank you. keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Martha Soriano, Union city, New Jersey : 10:57 AM ET
I agree partially the guy that said the charity work from normal people is just as important than that done by engaged celebrities. It is true powerful media people can do a lot more, and that's why we need to encourage these personalities to keep doing what they do, because they can reach a lot more people than the rest of us. I don't think it is necessary to idolize celebrities or bash them for what they do behind the cameras. I support anyone, famous or not, that wants to make a difference in this sad world. And it's obvious that Angelina Jolie has her heart in the work she does. And that is a great thing.
Posted By Anonymous Vanessa, Herriman, Utah : 12:23 PM ET
I watched the show and if more who had the ability used what were abnormal paychecks to help with these children we would be a wonderful world.

How anyone can know of the poverty, illness and abuse visited on a child and do nothing is a crime unto itself.

Angelina Jolie is a person who all should admire. While the press is so busy with her personnel life maybe this report will help others realize that it does not matter what she does in private. She cares about children, she fights for them. Anyone who can learn from this woman is lucky, anyone who uses what they learned is a Godsend.
Posted By Anonymous Susan Carrion, Lomita, CA : 12:34 PM ET
I can't believe the hate and anger in many of the comments above regarding Jolie's status. Would you rather she did nothing good with her millions? She has found a way to help and she is doing it. Wow, you people are full of anger. Maybe you'd like her to be another Paris Hilton who offers less than nothing to this world in spite of her millions, or Lindsay Lohan who only poses for pictures in $1000 dresses but is only interested in herself? Wake UP!
And as far as the Dixie Chicks are concerned - where is it written we no longer have freedom of speech? We used to be able to criticize the administration - Bob Hope built a career on it. Since Dubya got in the White House, he has made us ashamed to be Americans and makes fun of anyone who disagrees with him. That's just plain smarmy.
Anderson - show was great. Keep up your good honest work.
Posted By Anonymous Margaret, Thousand Oaks CA : 12:43 PM ET
As huge fans of Anderson Cooper my wife and I were happy to see Angelina Jolie chose CNN and Cooper to get her message out.

Movie stars have a lot of influence in this country and can start a trend just by wearing a particular brand. Let's hope Ms. Jolie fuels a few new trends such as adoption (whether in the U.S. or abroad), empathy for third world countries and the fight for justice for all citizens of the world.

Hero worship in the U.S. is too often heaped (undeservedly in my opinion) upon movie stars. I think Angelina Jolie is a hero in the truest sense of the word.

And Anderson is no slouch. Keep telling us the truth in your own inimitable style and you will also change the world. There is hope for all of us. Thank you!
Posted By Anonymous Rob Myers, Reno, NV : 12:54 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

I decided to post after reading comments here and seeing the show. I too am not a big fan of star interviews or what cause they support. The stories in Africa are heartwrenching but, there are children straving everywhere in the world here too. I understand that awareness of the problem should be made but, is there going to be a special interview with star who is battling the problem here?

As I watched the show I could not believe that so many kids are dirty, hunger, and left behind by their parents and families. Those children did not ask to be born into this. Being a parent is a very hard and under rated job, but it is a choice and previlege.

I also see it as that the "stars" have the resources to go to different places, most don't. But, on the other hand they never have to worry about that for their own families. It should humble them but for how long?
Posted By Anonymous Hoops, Alliance, Ohio : 12:56 PM ET
Great job last night by all! What can the people of Africa do for themselves? I really did't know too much, and still don't know a lot about their problems?
Posted By Anonymous Fran Levittown, NY : 1:05 PM ET
Thoroughly enjoyed the show with Ms. Jolie and was very impressed by her poise and commitment to the cause. Using her fame to get our attention (like Audrey Hepburn before her) and then rolling up her sleeves, digging in, devoting time and putting her money where her mouth is. After seeing Britney Spears cry about herself, it was heartening to see a once renegade like Angelina transformed into an elegant crusader.
Posted By Anonymous B Williams, Dallas, TX : 1:06 PM ET
I watched the show with Angelina Jolie, and I was both charmed and astonished at what she has accomplished and seen. I was shocked at the sories about the amputee camps, I didn't know about them. Because of your show, I will learn more and see where I can help the most. I applaud Angelina for her hard work and dedication to refugees. They truly have an Angel on their side, one who speaks for them. Thank You
Posted By Anonymous Cindy Cunningham, Mascoutah, IL : 1:07 PM ET
Dear Anderson:
Thank you for such an intense and passionate interview with Angelina Jolie. I felt attached, disturbed, sad and many other feelings. I also felt trusting knowing that there are individuals like yourself and Angelina who are on the frontline.
When Angelina responded that she was breastfeeding earlier in the day and she was tired but she pulled it together because of her feelings towards her mission, I was moved by her honesty. Thank You!
Posted By Anonymous christopher Murdie, West Hollywood, CA : 1:12 PM ET
After reading some of these comments I am truly amazed at the lack of intelligence and compassion. I think it was an excellent special. CNN had to attract (2) specific viewers, one who is celebrity obsessesed and wants to hear the details of someone elses' life and the other who is concerned with things such as human suffering and children dying, and I think CNN did a great job addressing both crowds. Ms. Jolie is to be commended for what she is doing to help. Would I have watched if it were a regular Joe Smith on the show? Absolutely because contrary to the popular belief that Americans are selfish and celebrity obsessed, there are many of us who are not only concerned about those in need but who are doing their part to help. I am glad that someone who has access to a high disposable income chooses to these countries that I cannot afford to fly to, and allows me see first hand what is occuring outside of the US. Critics are quick to criticize Angelina Jolie for being a rich actress and question her motives but commend Anderson Cooper who is a Vanderbilt? Both have had silver spoons growing up but they have made the choice to use their fame and wealth for causes greater than themselves and I commend them both. Thank you Anderson and Ms. Jolie for bringing awareness of such human suffering to our living rooms. Also, what Ms. Jolie said about how we are spending billions of dollards on a war but nothing to prevent future wars in countries that are in dire of need of help was so right on. Mr. Bush needs to stop protecting his precious oil wells and take a look at what is happening in the Congo.
Posted By Anonymous Katherine, Woodland Hills CA : 1:12 PM ET
I really enjoyed the interview last night. Ms. Jolie looked so happy and calm. It's good to watch an interview thats not focused on the actor so much, but what they do with the many gifts they have. She's a very powerfull,beautifull,and amazing person. Thank you Mr. Cooper for giving people the chance to see how well she is doing.
Posted By Anonymous Shelley, Orlando, Florida : 1:16 PM ET
I've never watched your program before last night, but your interview with Angelina Jolie was great. It was really nice to see how gratious you were during your interview. I watched the whole two hours. It was informative and quite devastating to watch. Women and children, especially the children, in these countries need our help. I agree with Ms. Jolie about complaining about our lives, being tired, not having the energy, etc., compared to the people in all these regions. To endure what they've had to endure and continue to endure is phenomenal that they continue without complaint. I appreciate your efforts in informing the general public about the plight of so many people who need our help, any way we can help. Thank you Mr. Cooper. Thank you Ms. Jolie.
Posted By Anonymous Marianna Worley, Springfield, Ohio : 1:19 PM ET
I am astounded at the people that are criticizing Angelina Jolies motives. Im not particularly a fan of hers. But I believe she is sincere in her charitable work.

First of all - it seems from the years of clips of her talking about refugees and visiting 3rd world countries - that she was doing this long before Brad Pitt came in the picture. I dont think she is just trying to promote herself or her image.

I think she is a person who has millions of people obsessively focused on her personal life - and instead of crying about the unwanted attention - she is at least trying to draw some attention to legitimate social issues. Lets face it - some people only tuned itno the interview to hear about her personal life. And they got a dose of information about Africa. Hopefully it made them think a little about charity in Africa or here at home.

As far as the people who seem to resent the fact that she gives her money and time to third world countries instead of the US - well if she doesnt - who will? Are we just supposed to let people in other countries be mutilated, raped, die a slow miserable death of starvation? Are they not fellow human beings - even if they dont live in the US? Are the only human lives that matter - the ones in America?

I do understand your feeling that charity begins at home. But I also believe that there are millions of americans who feel the same way you do and pour their money and time into charitable organizations in the US.(And yes -some are probably millionaires like Angelina) And there is a great government in America that tries to help people (Even if it is imperfect at times). We have good government, good people working to relieve suffering here. Of course we havent totally eradicated it. And not everyone is doing their bit to help. But we are in 100 times better shape than Africa. Cant we spare Angelina's income to them?

We all contribute to the charities that touch our lives. I contribute alot to cancer research - because that is personal to me. She has traveled in the third world and that is personal to her. I dont think ANY charitable giving should ever be condemned just because its not going to the cause or country of your choice. If there is suffering somewhere of innocent people, and someone is doing something - even a tiny bit to relieve it - I am all for it.

As for anyone who thinks a third of her income is not enough, considering how much money she makes...well I would like to see you do the same! Id like to see someone on this blog who is making 60K a year decide they are giving 20K of it away. A person could still live very well on that.....Im sure there are plenty of people who watch CNN that fall into that category.

There are ALOT of millionaires in America - MANY who make more money than Angelina. Think of the CEO's alone. And most of them probably make significant donations. But I think few of them contribute 1/3! And thats their right - they earned the money - they can do as they please with it. Im thankful for anything anyone is willing to give.

Is Angelina overpaid? Probably. But so are alot of people. Sports stars, the studio exec of movies - who make alot more than the film stars..the list goes on.

You dont like her because of her personal life? Fine, thats anyones perogative, theres no need to become a fan of hers. But that doesnt mean she is incapable of doing any good works. History is full of people who did good works and had questionable personal lifes. Heck the average, everyday American's world is full of that.

I just think its unfortunate that whenever a public person does anything good with their life or money - there are millions ready to scorn and tear it down. No good deed is ever good enough, ever sincere enough for some people. That is unfortunate.
Posted By Anonymous Erin, Atlanta, GA : 1:20 PM ET
Rhonda in took the words out of my mouth. I looked at the UNHCR website last night the U.S. govt donates a substantial amount of tax money to refugee relief. However, the donations from individual citizens were pitiful(about 430,000)when compared to the amounts donated from individuals in other countries. I was extremely surprised. I am rationalizing that we have donated less in the last few years because we are taking care of our own..Katrina,Rita, etc. Even so, it seemed like a surprisingly small amount given our lifestyles. Maybe we are just jaded because we have all seen one too many Sally Struthers commercials. Who knows? Having had the opportunity to work directly with refugee's that have been resettled in the United States, I do encourage others to actually get involved with a resettlement is an amazing experience.
Posted By Anonymous Mary Tooele, Utah : 1:20 PM ET
I was very impressed with the show last night. I had not intended to watch it because I thought it was just going to be another "fluff" story about a controversial Hollywood star. I was so incredibly wrong!

I love the way that the interview with her was only part of the story, interspersed with stories by seasoned journalists and statistics provided by the United Nations.

And I was also very pleased to see that it included information on American issues as well. The piece on the detention camp for youth in Arizona was shocking. I did not realize that such things existed here as well. Send back kids to Gautemala who were only trying to see their guest-worker Boston parents after 7 years apart? Unbelievable! And we consider ourselves a civilized country? What happened to Family Values?

Congrats to Anderson Cooper and the CNN staff for an incredibly moving documentary.
Posted By Anonymous Marley - St. Louis MO : 1:21 PM ET
I can honestly say that I have never been a big fan of Angelina Jolie, but I did watch the interview just to see how it went. I was actually very impressed with her. She knows what she is talking about and she does "walk the walk". I think that it is great that she does put so much into helping all the people in Africa that she does. Being a celebrity has its advantages when it comes to money and even though she has it she does understand that she can't save them all. When she talked about the first child that she had met that died and that she felt quilty because she couldn't save him I thought that showed what kind of woman she was. Also it was weird when you were talking about the 2 boys in the hospital that died when you were there( I can't remember the exact names and spelling)that was the part of your book that I read earlier in the day. This interview has changed my mind about Ms. Jolie as a person, probably not as an actress, and I hope she continues to help with humanitarian awareness worldwide.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa, Front Royal, VA : 1:21 PM ET
All I can say is respect is due when a person takes a stand with passion and matching rhetoric. Ms. Jolie didn't have to come on the show. She didn't have to share anything to 'our inquiring minds'. She shared her life, heart and passion and I applaud her efforts.
As the rags continue to spew the same gossip. Your show continues to lead to pack to set the record straight.
Posted By Anonymous Nicole, Philadelphia, PA : 1:24 PM ET
People might have alot of bad things to say in regards to Angelina Jolie but I am not one of them. She has always marched to the beat of a different drummer and that is what makes her appealing. She is gorgeous, intelligent and philinthropic. Her children will be so proud of all of her work when they are old enough to understand what their mother has done not only for them but for countless others. To be as selfless as she is, is truly amazing. How could Brad not be attracted to that?
Posted By Anonymous Shonese, Chandler, AZ : 1:45 PM ET
An amazing show. Very well done. As I went to bed last night, went in and kissed my kids on the forehead...and thanked God that I am 99.9% sure, I will make it to and from work today with out being grabbed and gang-raped, and that my children WILL have food to eat, not just one meal, but all day. It made all the "problems" that we think we have seem like nothing.

Bless her, for being out there, bringing us pictures, and stories, and putting faces on these horrible human rights violations. WHEN are we going to stand up and stop what is happening DAILY, HOURLY, and every minute in the Congo and places like that??!

I will never forget the faces of the women in the hospital that had been viciously and brutally was almost like they were empty. Then to see the women singing I will not be broken...oh my God that was inspiring.

We selfish Americans should be ashamed of ourselves.

I was glad the program focused on refugees, and just had commentary by Ms Jolie. I was afraid it was only going to be baby pictures.

And to the person who said "would you have watched if Mrs Smith was on the show" I would have, but I care about it already. Most, probably WOULDNT have...but if ONE person tuned in b/c of Angelina has been changed by the violence in Africa or the other refugee camps...then it was WORTH IT. This problem does not get the attention it deserves. And if it takes a celebrity...regardless of their morality or personal lives, or your opinion of get the word out, so be it. Conviential media sure isn't doing the trick.
Posted By Anonymous Valerie, Jackson, MS : 1:55 PM ET
In regards to this comment from Lynne Ann Arbor MI: Everytime she does these programs she never informs us of the facts and what is needed to help.

Can you put a link on your site with resources on how people can help?

I admit, I watched because it was Jolie. I have not been a big fan of hers, however, I was interested in hearing what she has been doing in Africa. It is refreshing to see a hollywood celeb, actually take action to help other people with the "ridiculous" (as she puts it, and i agree), amount of money she makes.

I am concerned though as I see celebs donating a lot of time and money to Africa which is very much needed, but what are they doing in the USA? Granted we are spoiled here, but there are many problems right here that could use help also.
The show has inspired me to look at Local charities or volunteer things I could do to help out my own community.
Posted By Anonymous Cherie J., Omaha, Ne. : 1:58 PM ET
I was skeptical about Angelina's "activism," which I felt she seemed to wear like a badge of self-promotion. But this interview revealed a contrary strategy: she is using her image to promote awareness. This is incredibly admirable.

I worry, however, that "awareness" itself somehow suffices for activism. There seems to be a sense at times that if we simply "know" or "realize" the dire conditions that people the world over live in, we can somehow assuage some of the guilt. Watching your show last night has the danger of becoming, consequently, a benevolent, philanthropic act in itself.

What the show lacked was a gesture beyond "awareness" and "watching." Most of us can't donate 1/3 of our income, nor do we have the relative means to do the kind of work Angelina can do with her income and career. It would have been nice to devote a portion of the interview to talking about how ordinary people of average means might contribute to the crisis.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah Klock, New York, NY : 1:58 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Excellent show last night..All I can say is if some viewers chose not to watch the Angelina interview and program because they thought it would be fluff..Well, they missed a good program..Fluff, it certainly wasn't..Thank you for the program..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann , Buellton,Calif. : 2:05 PM ET
Shame on CNN for relying on celebrity accounts of war and poverty. How about Anderson interviewing actual refugees and political leaders? Let's hold the leaders of these countries responsible and accountable.

Where did the journalists and news go? Are there no ethical standards, oh wait nice ratings to go with Jolie hot pink lipgloss.

PR is NOT NEWS. Brangelina go home.
Posted By Anonymous Josef, San Diego : 2:07 PM ET
The show last night was just incredible. The show was not about Angelina Jolie at all! It just surprises me how people are still stuck on Angelina and not on the stories that were being told. The poster above is so right is saying that nobody would have watched this show if plain Jan or Joe would have been interviewed by AC. This was a great, actually a very smart and intelligent way for AC to get people's attention. It worked!!! Angelina is using her star status to divert people's attention elsewhere unlike most celebrities who roam around making and breaking up with each other. If paparazzi's are going to follow you, you might as well have them follow you to places like these to bring awareness to people around the world. Maybe celebrities like Paris Hilton.....and whoever, the media cannot get enough of, should start taking this route and use their star power to bring more awareness around the world. It certainly is not the celebrities fault if for some reason they attract more media attention than others, but to use that power to good use, like Angelina is doing, that is what makes her different than the rest of them out there. Instead of reporting the American people on what movie they played, what sitcom they appeared in, who they broke up with, who they got engaged with, who they kissed this week and the following week, wouldn't it be great to be able to divert the media's attention on issues like these that are going around the world and put more pictures on issues like these on the cover of the magazines?

Great job Anderson. You are certainly the best!!
Posted By Anonymous SKC, Omaha, NE : 2:15 PM ET
The show last night was just incredible. The show was not about Angelina Jolie at all! It just surprises me how people are still stuck on Angelina and not on the stories that were being told. The poster above is so right is saying that nobody would have watched this show if plain Jan or Joe would have been interviewed by AC. This was a great, actually a very smart and intelligent way for AC to get people's attention. It worked!!! Angelina is using her star status to divert people's attention elsewhere unlike most celebrities who roam around making and breaking up with each other. If paparazzi's are going to follow you, you might as well have them follow you to places like these to bring awareness to people around the world. Maybe celebrities like Paris Hilton.....and whoever, the media cannot get enough of, should start taking this route and use their star power to bring more awareness around the world. It certainly is not the celebrities fault if for some reason they attract more media attention than others, but to use that power to good use, like Angelina is doing, that is what makes her different than the rest of them out there. Instead of reporting the American people on what movie they played, what sitcom they appeared in, who they broke up with, who they got engaged with, who they kissed this week and the following week, wouldn't it be great to be able to divert the media's attention on issues like these that are going around the world and put more pictures on issues like these on the cover of the magazines?

Great job Anderson. You are certainly the best!!
Posted By Anonymous Sushma KC, Omaha, NE : 2:16 PM ET
Hello Anderson,

Thank you for doing the interview with Angelina Jolie, and it was great to see her use her celebrity to bring attention to this issue. I don't watch your show normally, but I and others of my friends tuned in because we are interested in this issues and the work Angelina Jolie is doing.

Who cares if she has a messianic complex...if it's helping the plight of millions of refugees around the world to be addressed in the mainstream media and to bring faces, names, and experiences to the faceless, I think it's great.

The people in positions of power and influence have to speak about injustice in the world. Joe Q Public does most of the tireless work. That is the way the world works. Angelina knows that and good for her for using the tools at her disposal to get people's attention on something most of the developing world is not in daily touch with.

30% of her income goes to charity. Since she is very rich, that is not going to crimp her lifestyle, but hey, that's a significant amount...she can give her excess; how many of us are giving ours??

My only criticism of the show is that it was not a straight interview and lots of it was repeated. It was very frustrating to stay up until midnight re-watching certain clips and not seeing a cohesive begining, middle, and end to the interview.

Thank you Anderson Cooper and Angelina Jolie for all your efforts.
Posted By Anonymous Yolande Muller, Middletown, CA : 2:16 PM ET
To Heather in NY: If you want to watch that type of interview I think you chose the wrong show. Maybe Entertainment Tonight is more up your ally. As regards to the show last night I think it was produced excellently. I was actually worried it would be a whole 2 hours of only Angelina but of course, 360 would not do that and the show was stellar (I can�t believe I had doubts but you proved me wrong so thank you). I loved that fact that the program talked about all different issues in Africa and not just what Angelina is doing. The program talked about Darfur, the Congo, Anderson's trip last your to Nigeria. It was just a wonderful viewing experience. No other show out there has done so much as mention maybe 2 mintues about what is happening in these places but 360 did. Bravo, Bravo. Please keep doing stories like these.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel-Albuquerque, NM : 2:18 PM ET
I walked away from the show last night sickened but inspired. I shifted my focus from Angelina, whom I admire, to the ongoing crisis and inhumane behavior in Africa. If Angelina does anything, it's that she is a phenomenal role model for girls and women to speak out and "do something" and is single-handedly carving out new territory in Hollywood, putting others to shame. She's crafty as she uses her fame to promote causes. Smart woman. I will go on now, using Angelina as my inspiration to assess my own resources, and determine how can I help.
Anderson, you are terrific, yourself. Thanks for a wonderul eye-opening show.
Posted By Anonymous Julia, Chicago, IL : 2:41 PM ET
I am a huge fan of Anderson Cooper, but the "interview" with Angeleina Jolie was not the least bit interesting or informative. The tone of the interview was so fawnnig that it made everything Jolie said seem self-congraulatory. I just didn't expect Cooper to be so taken in by celebrity.
Posted By Anonymous Mari Tampa, Florida : 2:54 PM ET
I don't have anything prolific to say, I just wanted to say Thank you for the program last night.

It was hard to watch, but necessary.
Posted By Anonymous Julie, Redondo Beach : 3:14 PM ET
Dear Anderson, I think I agree with Rhonda from Washington D.C. No one pay attention to regular Jane or Joe.For example, you visited Africa during 90's. You talked about starvation, malnutrition, war and no one pay attention to your report. However, when Angelina Jolie is talking about it that is different. what is about celebs that make us forget the cause? You even wrote about your experiences in Africa in your book and I think that is more unique because you notice them many years ago when you weren't famous!
Posted By Anonymous Sara, Yorba linda, CA : 3:28 PM ET
Great show last night, Anderson. I was very moved, and learned a lot. Thank you for continuing to bring focus to that continent.

I'm not a big Angelina fan, but I was impressed by her efforts.

I don't know anyone who gives 1/3 of their income to causes they believe in.

Thanks again.

(p.s. How about coming to Boulder, Colorado for a book signing?)
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 3:29 PM ET
I find this interview maddening. Yes, it is great that Angelina can spend time, energy and money trying to make these peoples life better. But how can you not ask the obvious question? When are these people going to stop bringing so many children into a world of hunger and violence? These people can not even provide for themselves much less babies! Miss Jolie's smiling face, or her lobbying policy makers here in the US, in no way makes any necessary cultural changes in Africa. These people have to realize the cause and effect of their own actions!
Posted By Anonymous Margaret Shelton. Florence, SC : 3:30 PM ET
My second comment. First comment was actually sent before there were any...and before the show. Guess it wasn't PR correct.

Really, what ever it takes to get people to know what happens in this world is good for me. must be frustrated by CNN's insistance on such hype before air time. Especially the headline 'Terrifying' - referring to how Angelina found child birt. It was clearly sensational for the sake of a headline. Having read your text then and now seeing the interview, sad that Ms. Jolie is probably thinking 'they're all alike' at the base.

Hope this one makes it.??
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Vitale, Los Angeles, CA : 3:51 PM ET
It is great what Jolie is doing, but both yourself and Ms Jolie failed to address the fact that many Niger-ians are filthy rich. These rich Niger-ians never search for money to give away. Neither the government policies were discussed. Moreover, the kids that were photographed were smiling with full cheeks, indicating health, they did not seem to lack food. You should go and see the Ethiopians who have nothing to eat and are living in destitute and some children are even converting to Islam to get food.
I think you went along with Jolie to a great extend without questioning the facts on the ground. But this is understood you were mesmerized
Posted By Anonymous tony smith - New York : 4:13 PM ET
I have to admit, I was very skeptical of this interview. Mainly because I get tired of celebrities joining a cause for a couple months, then abandoning it. Angelina Jolie surpised me. She is a very intelligent, well-spoken woman who knows her stuff. You can tell by the way she speaks that she actually cares about the people of Africa, and will do anything in her means to support the cause.
Posted By Anonymous Kelly, San Francisco, CA : 4:18 PM ET
I watched 360 last night (first time) and I was so struck by the plight of the Congolese women and children refugees. I'm a 29-year-old professional woman, and am amazed by how many people my age don't know what's going on in the world (including myself, sad to say). The story of those women being gang raped over and over again for days on end, and then being mutilated... how can this possibly exist in our world today? As Americans, we pride ourselves on such things like advancements in technology... Do you have the new Sidekick or IPOD? and concern ourselves with always wanting more... never satisfied with what we have. These people have nothing... except their hope. As Americans, where are OUR priorities? People are more interested in Paris Hilton's new song, then they are in the everyday harsh reality that people like the Congolese refugees face. What happened? When did we lose sight of what's truly important? We HAVE to do something! We must help these people... in whatever way we can. We are the most powerful country in the world, and we CAN do something. Each and every one of us has the power to do something meaningful with our lives--to say we made a difference. I know that we must restore some of the humanity that our world has lost. I'm not sure how to help or exactly what to do, but I know that I plan to take action in some way. Mr. Cooper, thank you for your story, and caring enough to share it. Thank you for your honesty.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel Yates, Dublin CA : 4:18 PM ET
Great show last night. I do think it was a bit "kissy", or "self-congraulatory" per the other blogger. It was informative but the questions were not the normal Anderson Cooper I have been used to seeing. AC please go to Boulder, CO for a book signing to make Linda happy. Thanks again 360.
Posted By Anonymous Lark. Little Rock, Arkansas : 4:21 PM ET
The post from Josef in San Diego made an excellent point. The real interview scoop would be to put the leaders of these countries on camera. Where are they? Make them accountable for the brutality and keep them honest about their plans for improving conditions and the lives of their people.
Posted By Anonymous Tina - Chicago, IL : 4:38 PM ET
The AC Blog has definitely taken a turn toward �another� direction. Whether Jolie is doing what she claims she is doing is one thing. Photos depict she is and are evidence that she has spent time in 20 poverty stricken countries as ambassador to UN. It all seems like a nicely funded school project. Lucky for her she has the money to support her causes. Her heart being in this??? Her heart has been in a lot of other things too � the more radical the better for her. Bringing awareness of the atrocities to another demographic of our society is definitely a benefit. (Maybe it will move people do get involved � we could sure use volunteers within our own cities). But let�s all face it people. Hollywood is Hollywood. You can take a girl out of Hollywood, but you can�t take the Hollywood out of a girl.
Posted By Anonymous Louise, Los Angeles, California : 4:51 PM ET
Mr. Cooper-
I found your interview with Ms. Jolie to be thought provoking and genuine. While I am somewhat fascinated by her lifestyle and curious about her personal well being, I respect the fact that both of you chose to stick to what was important about the interview. That being, World Refugee Day. I realized, afterward, that I didn't know nearly as much as I thought I did, and I didn't think I knew much to begin with.
I admire that Ms. Jolie seemed genuinely humbled by the things she's seen and people she's met. In today's world it's easy to become jaded and not allow these types of things to affect us. I think it's refreshing that she chose to let it in and allowed it to change her.
She's right, she does make a ridiculous amount of money for what she does. However, she is smart enough to use that to the advantage of her cause. There is no requirement that says she needs to spend any of her money or her time on this mission. The fact that she chooses to use that crazy salary, in part, to adopt her children and to aid so many others is commendable and worth every penny.
So thank you for a great interview and pass on to Ms. Jolie that I wish her all the best in all her endeavors, both public and private.
Posted By Anonymous Marge McElver Coeurd'Alene Idaho : 5:12 PM ET
Yeah because CNN can make leaders of countries do whatever they want. Sorry but its not that simple....
Posted By Anonymous Steve Sams, Houston TX : 5:28 PM ET
After reading the above comments - and having watched [most] of the interview, all I can say is "Oh, come on people". Let's accentuate the positive and do our best to eliminate the negative. Whatever, the basis for the interview and regardless of status, wealth or fame; the idea is to shine a spotlight on those who are, not even less fortunate, but it seems beyond hope. I cannot begin to imagine the lives of those in that kind of dire need. Whatever, anyone is doing be it Hollywood, the press or the individual - KUDOS. As for caring more about people on this continent who are more close to "home". This is all well and good, but those who live here still have the hope of change or improvement as opposed to the refugees, some of whom have been living in those camps for years (if not decades). Let's not put each other down for doing what we can - at whatever level we can. Thanks to Anderson, Angelina and John Q. Public for your continued efforts - whether in the local soup kitchens to the most remote regions of the world. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS.
Posted By Anonymous Nicole, Greenbelt, MD : 5:35 PM ET
It is with great sadness that I read through all the commentary. Every person has a right to live out there personal life as they choose without the worlds ire. Who are we to judge anothers choices are we so perfect? Angelina Jolie donates 1/3 of her income and countless hours of her time to humanitarian causes and to find anything negative in that is shameful. Instead of picking it apart ask yourselves what can I do?

Anderson thank you for all your insightful reporting on these issues and the poverty in our own country.
Posted By Anonymous Elissa , Elkridge, Maryland : 5:48 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Good job, as usual, and I like the blog.

No human is flawless, no human has not made a mistake, no human has no regrets.

When I look at another human, I look beyond the "bricks and mortar" into that "beyond," what represents the "soul." What I see in Angelina and your face is a lot of good coming through. She has never had a more beautiful reflection than she has today. Just because you are both physically beautiful... well, that takes some work too.

For those who critize, please forgive. Look beyond the physical and into the soul. And, so what if there's some marketing behind this? This country wouldn't be where it is today without the free market and without the generosity of corporations, businesses, celebrities, etc.......... One thing I've learned is that to make a lot of money, one has to work hard! Another thing I've learned is the more you give away, the more you get back in return--be it your money, time, or energy.

Thanks for your insight, and I look forward to reading your book. I will send it to you to sign and hope that you'll send it back.

Keep up the work, and thank you for giving your energy.
Posted By Anonymous Mary, Naples, FL : 5:51 PM ET
I missed the interview and can't seem to figure out when it replays... anybody know? Thanks!
Posted By Anonymous Beth, Seattle, WA : 5:53 PM ET
i'll admit i watched because of angelina jolie, it was advertised everywhere on tv. and the net. i am glad i tuned in because i learned so much that i didn't know about the devastation in Africa. It was very informative and well-rounded broadcast. i'm glad someone like angelina jolie can use her celebrity star power to get others to focus on the issue of what is really going on in the world. She shows that not all hollywood is bad. She was very smart and knowledgeable about Africa and refugees. Great interview.
Posted By Anonymous Ayomide Kaya, San Diego, CA : 6:03 PM ET
After watching the special last night, I will never take the things I have in my life for granted again. I am healthy, have money, and my children will all live past their first birthday.

Thank you for showing us that we are so very lucky to have been born in America.
Posted By Anonymous Cindy, Seattle, WA : 6:16 PM ET
Regardless of whether or not I admire Ms. Jolie, I appreciated the attention brought to the plight of people in Africa. I do believe Ms. Jolie was and is sincere in her desire to help and I applaud that effort just as I applaud the efforts of many other people who are quietly helping and sending aid in a variety of ways. I would like to comment on the content of some of her interview however. Several times I noticed and was very offended by her use of the Lord's name in her comments in an inappropriate way. I would ask that CNN respect the listening audience who are offended by this use of the Lord's name, just as they protect the audience who are offended by the use of vulgar language. Thanks.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Traverse City, MI : 6:33 PM ET
The Interview will be replayed on June 24 and June 25 at 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm on both days.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Toronto, Ontario : 9:04 AM ET
Posted By Anonymous ANN WHITE.. LONDON ONTARIO CANADA.. : 7:07 PM ET
Well, Anderson, I really like you, and I really like Angelina, but I have to admit I have been thinking, Good grief, does he have a crush on her, or what? Every time I turned around, there she was again.

Other than that one little detail, I think you're a great reporter, I love your show.
Posted By Anonymous Terry Mitchell, Portland, Oregon : 7:35 PM ET
I couldn't watch after you ran the same interview with Angeline Jolie for the third time. The first time hearing the interview was interesting as were the other reports but once was enough. Ms Jolie isn't the first to give birth and hearing her experience over and over took away from the important thesis: saving Africa.
Posted By Anonymous Ilona Kay Gebhard Albuquerque New Mexico : 7:55 PM ET
No one else will say it so I will - I'm utterly exhausted hearing about this woman and her children. There are many problems around the world, in particularly in the USA. I wish we could keep our eye on the ball and work to improve our homeland before we go out and solve the world's problems.
Posted By Anonymous Colleen, Los Angeles, CA : 8:02 PM ET
Enough. Nobody cares.
Posted By Anonymous Jared, Phoenix : 8:24 PM ET
The interview was very informative. I think sometimes we, as human beings, tend to think that the most horrible acts of violence towards human kind have have already happenned and recorded onto some history book ... in reality I think there are still horrible things being done to human beings across the world.
Posted By Anonymous Katie, Louisville, KY : 11:52 PM ET
Out Of Africa--

"man" stands up in africa. "man" over populates africa. "man" flees africa because of wars and disease. "man" spreads to europe, asia, americas.(through a stone in the lake, and watch the ripples expand)... This problem is ongoing, and will continue until we can easily order a McCongo burger. You know what I mean. Its unfortunate, but its geological time we are dealing with. This problem will always be...especially after we leave this planet to colonize space. Seriously, why would governments want to save a "lost" cause...when its impossible to save. Its easier to 'create' a new sterile and healthy and 'perfect' environment in space and other worlds. Sad But True. (RE: Stephen Hawkens Reccomendation to colonize space).

Ps. Ms. Jolie Is Real and Sincere, the naysayers are closeminded. We all regret parts of our youth, if not regret, then are atleast embarrassed by small portions of that...or atleast we should be! Its a pity that most Americans would not watch a show about refugees, unless Angelina was a part of the programming. I have to admit, I may surf channels otherwise.
Posted By Anonymous Brian K Burgess, Cherokee, North Carolina : 9:38 AM ET
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